Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 38

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Episode 38

A place suitable for Jeonggwang

Unhak was becoming more and more uncomfortable as time passed.

This was due to the composition of the elder cotyledon of the Hwasan faction and the elder cotyledon of the Jongnam faction.

“You can’t change your mind? “Penga has no chance of winning.”

“You don’t change ships even though the outcome is obvious. “I hope you don’t feel sorry later.”

Unhak smiled bitterly without realizing it.

‘Before the death of Jincheonma, the source of all evil, when the Murim Alliance was in charge, they were in agreement… … .’

Now, they are just petty people who use coaxing and threats for the benefit and power of the monks.

As I looked at their greedy faces, I became curious about how my own face would appear to others.

‘I guess it’s still okay.’

It can’t be said to be clean, but it probably hasn’t deteriorated to that extent.

‘haha. You had arrogant thoughts. ‘I’ll have to ask Jeong Gwang.’

He would tell me honestly.

To be extremely honest.

‘… … ‘Maybe there’s no need to ask.’

Unhak got up from his seat and made a fist.

“The main gate will keep the agreement with the Peng family. “I’ll just go.”

“Hmm. I understand the meaning of Kunlun well. “You will definitely regret it.”

“See you at the Murim Alliance. “I wonder how it will turn out then.”

At that time, Unhak was trying to take a silent step.

The Volcanic Sect Taoist rushed in.

“Elder! “We’re in big trouble!”

“conflict! What a fuss! “Don’t panic and tell me what’s going on!”

“West, Xi’an quarter… … No, the Xian gunner was seriously injured!”

For castles on the border, such as Cheonghae Castle or Gansu Castle, the castle lord holds full authority and responds promptly to invasions by foreign powers.

However, the provinces in the central plains were different, and they created three organizations called Seungseonpojeongsasa (承宣布政使司), Jehyeonganchalsa (提刑按察使司), and Provincial Command Sasa (都指揮使司) to handle finance, judiciary, and military administration respectively. I put him in charge.

The bastards who were called the Xi’an Commanders in front and the Xi’an Four Bunds behind their backs were the heads of these three organizations that controlled Shaanxi Province and the sons of the wealthy.

Cotyledons and composition frowned.

There is a reason why a motherf*cker is a motherf*cker. It was because their fathers were half-hearted.

My head hurts already as I think about how those hard-to-please old people will run wild all the time.

“There’s no way they would have fought among themselves. “Who are you arguing with?”

The Hwasan disciple carefully answered Cotyop’s question.

“Well, that is…” … They say they are two young Taoists… … .”

The Hwasan disciple trailed off and glanced at Unhak.

Unhak suddenly felt goosebumps all over his body. It was because an image of her smiling brightly appeared in her mind.

‘Seo, really?’

Jayeop and Gusung, who were looking at Hwasan disciples and Unhak alternately, smiled in remorse.

‘Are you a Kunlun Sect disciple? ‘That sucks.’

‘Just try being tormented by those dirty old men.’

The two shouted at the volcano disciple at the same time.

“Whatever the reason, you make people who don’t even know martial arts do that! “That too in Shaanxi Province!”

“You made fun of us! Hurry up and say it! “I don’t know who it is, but I won’t forgive you!”

Unhak looked at Hwasan disciple with a stern face.

The volcano disciple closed his eyes tightly and answered.

“It is said that the main text and the disciples of the Jongnam sect did that!”

“… … .”

“… … .”

People tend to laugh when something is too absurd.

The current cotyledons and composition were like that.

“haha. “Sason is playing a very interesting game.”

“haha. “He’s just an amazing guy who always entertains everyone like this.”

“But it’s a bit excessive.”

“That’s right. Sangwon, Stop talking now. “Who committed such atrocities?”

Hwasan disciple Sangwon looked at the two old monks as if asking what they were saying, and then opened his mouth with a stern expression.

“This is so true. The main text and a disciple of the Jongnam faction assaulted the Xian magistrate… … .”

“conflict! “Who would say such nonsense!”

“What kind of guy are you? “I’m going to turn my attention right now!”

“… … That was the case with Jeomsoy and the customers I saw right next to the bar. People on the roadside also testified. Two young monks wearing blue and white robes like the main text and Jongnam… … .”

“Oh my gosh! Are you going to keep polluting my ears?”

“What on earth are you thinking saying such nonsense?”

The Senate was mortified.

I’m just relaying what I heard, so why should he listen to this?

At that time, the sound of cotyledons reached his ears.

-You stupid guy. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, why did you keep your mouth shut when Unhak of the Kunlun Sect was next to you?

-Well, that’s why I glanced at you earlier… … .

-You should have done the whole sound! Electric sound!

-I was going to wink and give a message, but the two of you insisted… … .


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-Shut up! Where are you talking back!

Tears came to my eyes from sadness.

‘Damn it. Sangwon, you can’t cry. ‘He’s really this old guy.’

Jayeop was a nasty old man who made it his habit to yell, press, and squeeze.

In recognition of the season, he was in charge of important duties at Hwasan, but the disciples under him were dying every day.

Unhak, who roughly guessed the situation, muttered to himself.

“Huh. Whatever the reason, they make people who don’t even know martial arts do that. And that too in Shaanxi Province, where the headquarters is located.”

This was a slight change from what he had said earlier when he was urging the Senate, thinking that it was the work of the Kunlun faction.

Cotyledon and Seongseong, whose faces were red, gave power to Unhak and dragged Sangwon away.

Unhak also moved immediately.

‘There’s no way he could have done something like that without Hwasan and Jongnam going crazy. But if it’s a concentrate… … No. Even though that child may be a little quick on the feet, there’s no way he did it for no reason.’

He was right. When I asked a person on the side of the road, I found out that the Xian Temple was trash among trash.

He immediately ran into the guesthouse where the Kunlun faction was staying and searched for Dajjagojja Jeonggwang.

“Jeong Gwang-ah! “Which room is Jeonggwang in?”

“ah! Sasukjo. “It’s in the third room upstairs.”

“Jungwoo. Be honest. Are you sure the concentrate is inside and not outside?”

“That’s right. “None of the disciples in the text left.”

Unhak’s body disappeared and appeared in front of the third room upstairs. After taking a deep breath for a moment, he opened the door with trembling hands.

His eyes widened as he checked the room.

“Sasukjo, are you here?”

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I hope you knock a few times and open it.”

It was Baek Seung-moo and Jeong Gwang.

Unhak sighed in relief and nodded.

“okay. I made a mistake because I was in a hurry. “Get some rest.”

He scolded himself as he closed the door and walked away.

‘Muryangsubul. What can I do if my faith is so weak? There is no way he would do something like that, no matter how much he is addicted.’

Rather, I felt more sorry because I was busy taking care of Baek Seung-moo, who joined the company late.

‘for a moment. Still, isn’t it concentrate?’

Unhak’s new form shook and reappeared in front of the door it had exited from earlier.

Jump up!

“Sa, Sasukjo?”

“Oh really. “Please knock on the door and open it.”

“… … “You really didn’t do it, right?”


“It’s about beating up young men called Xi’an Sasu.”

Unhak’s sharp eyes turned to Baek Seungmu. After confirming that he had turned white, he turned his gaze back to Jeong-gwang.

“Looking at the crew, I can guess roughly. “Did you do it?”

A normal person would have sighed, thinking that it was all over.

But Jeong Gwang sighed for a different reason.

‘I guess I’ll have to teach him the martial arts that makes his face thicker.’

When I thought about it, it wasn’t there.

Well, then you can just make it.

“How can a priest endure such a scary glare?”

“… … “Have you really never done anything like that?”

“Of course not. “Who on earth is Xi’an Commander?”

Jeong Gwang was honest.

Because what he hit was not the great young men called Xian Sasoo, but the pieces of shit called Xian Four Bundles.

Unhak’s expression, who had been glaring at Jeong Gwang for a while, relaxed.

Jeong Gwang’s eyes were really clear and clean.

‘haha. What can a person who is a ruler of a state do not trust his son?’

Unhak comforted Jeong Gwang’s shoulder.

“I get it. I said something for no reason. “Go down, eat, and get some rest.”

When he left, Baek Seung-moo urgently sent a message.

-execution. Is it really okay for this to happen?


-You’re fooling Sasukjo. If the death penalty hits the Xian gunner and says no… … .

-I know Seo-an people, but I don’t know those kids.

-… … Let me correct you. You hit Mr. Xi’an, right?

-When did I?

-… … yes?

-They hit my fist.

-… … That kind of sophistry… … ha. Aside from that, isn’t it true that you lied and said you were Hwasan and Jongnam’s disciple?

-Priests. You were with me right? Why do you keep misrepresenting the facts?

Jeong Gwang quietly argued with Baek Seung-mu, whose mouth was wide open.

-I was going to tell the truth that it was the Kunlun faction. First, the reason I asked if you knew about Gupailbang was because I thought you might not know the text because this is Shaanxi Province and you are not a martial artist, but Jeomso.

-Jumsoiga Ho, are you a volcanic faction? Jongnam faction? In this case, why didn’t you call it Kunlun Sect?

-Because it’s annoying.

Baek Seung-moo was strangely convinced.

If it was a concentrate, it was natural.

‘The Kunlun I dreamed of was not like this… … .’

Jeong Gwang added to the confused man.

-I also didn’t like Hwasan and Jongnam.

-… … You’ve only seen it briefly, but what didn’t you like so much?

-This guesthouse. I came to an ancient city like Xi’an, so does it make sense that I have to sleep in such a shabby place?

-What on earth does that have to do with anything? … .

-You came to stay here because of them.

* * *

When it was late at night, Jeong Gwang lay down on his bed.

“Ugh. now. Priests.”

“… … “Are you sleepy?”

“Not sleepy? ah. “Let’s go to the courtesan?”

“… … “I’m going to sleep right away.”

Baek Seungmu closed his eyes.

I tossed and turned for a long time, but I couldn’t sleep.

Then I fell asleep.

Jeong Gwang pointed out the blood transfusion.

Normally, I would have knocked him out by hitting him on the back of the head, but I found it admirable that he kept his mouth shut even when Unhak interrogated him, so I watched him.

Jeong Gwang was trying to sleep and looked out the window.

An annoyed look appeared in his eyes.

“It’s that human energy from earlier. “How did you find out about this place?”

Jeong Gwang’s body disappeared and appeared on the roof of a distant pavilion.

Standing there was the handsome young man I had seen in Xi’an Ilmi.

A solid line formed on his mouth.

“Are you here?”

“Why are you watching secretly? “Not politely.”

“For your sake, I had my subordinates who were there testify that Hwasan and Jong-nam hit Seo-an-sabun. “But you’re being so cold to me.”

“Isn’t that because you also gain something?”

“That’s right. But the biggest reason is because you are fun. “I had no idea that it was the Kunlun faction that has become so famous in every corner these days.”

“Cheonghae Castle is a rural area.”

“ha ha ha. It’s also fun. “You are the True Jade Dragon, right?”

“But. “How do you know?”

“ah. Don’t be mistaken. You’re not that famous yet. “I know because it’s me.”

The young man who tapped his chest looked closely at Jeong Gwang’s face.

“They said he was just as handsome as me. Hmm. “Is it a difficult situation?”

“I thought you were just being rude, but you have no conscience.”

“What? Are you saying you are better than me? Hahaha. “It’s really fun.”

The young man may have found it funny, but Jeong Gwang was ridiculous.

‘Is this guy from that group?’

A disease in which one is overly proud and easily goes beyond one’s own limits.

No matter how I looked at it, it seemed that way.

‘It’s impossible to treat, but it doesn’t work.’

In his previous life, he was the best doctor in the world, and he is still the best doctor in the world.

Since it was a disease that even he could not guarantee a cure for, a pity as small as a speck of dust arose.

If it had been him in his past life, he would have beaten him first, but it was only possible because he was imprisoned in the mountains for nineteen years and was influenced by the principles of the Kunlun Taoists.

“But who are you?”

“This is the rearguard of Sima Lian (邪魔聯).”

“Samaryan? “Is this the one that the evil black men made by bringing together the four factions and the central demons?”

“okay. “You knew.”

“I heard you were planning to make it a few years ago.”

“Hehe. “It was formed not long ago.”

“It’s so warm. “But why did you come to see me?”

“I would like to make a suggestion.”

“What is it?”

Hu Yujin’s expression became serious.

“Come to Sima Lian. “This suits you better than your political faction.”

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