Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 37

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Episode 37

Drinking water immediately

While Zheng Guang was dumbfounded looking at the Huashan Sect, the Huashan Sect was bewildered looking at the Kunlun Sect.

‘What kind of gi is so luxurious?’

‘Making a conduit out of sapphire! ‘Is there too much money!’

‘The sword hilt and sheath are golden! Surely it’s pure gold?’

No way. It was plating.

No matter how pretentious the lord of Cheonghae Castle was, he was not stupid enough to spend money like that.

Jaeyeop, the leader of the Volcano Sect Taoists, narrowed his eyes.

‘The energy it gives off seems to be similar to that of the Kunlun faction… … ah!’

There was a face I knew.

“Infinite Buddha. “I see you here, Unhak-do.”

“It’s been a while. “It feels like twenty years.”

“ha ha ha. I almost didn’t recognize him. “Has your spiritual intelligence become clearer?”

Unhak looked down at his outfit and smiled bitterly.

Is there any Taoist monk in the world who dresses like this?

‘So the volcanic faction was on alert.’

As I was about to make a joke, people wearing white uniforms came out of the guesthouse.

‘Jongnampa (終南派)?’

An old Taoist monk was shocked when he saw Unhak and joked.

“Uh-huh! The noble crane of Kunlun has come down to this world. “How have you been?”

“Thank you, I am well. What do you think of Gu Gusu?”

“I have nothing to do, so I’m just wandering around eating food.”

“I didn’t know Hwasan and Jongnam were so close.”

“haha. “The Four Seas are the same province. Isn’t it natural for us to live in the same province?”

Unhak shook his head inwardly.

‘There’s something there.’

Just as two tigers could not live in the same mountain, two large clans could not get along well in the same castle.

‘Did they join hands in the Murim Alliance matter?’

It was surprising, but it meant little to Unhak.

“It was nice to meet you. “I have to find a place to stay, so I’ll see you later.”

Jayeop and Gusung exchanged glances and then pulled Unhak towards them.

“What are you saying?” “Let’s have a cup of tea at the tea house.”

“If it’s a place to stay, this guesthouse is good. “It is a place run by the secular family of the text, but it is very quiet and clean.”

“I don’t want to cause trouble.”

“Huh. “You came from Shaanxi Province. What will the Kangho-dong disciples say if you send them here?”

“It’s obvious that you’re going to point fingers at us, so I’d appreciate it if you could save face.”

Unhak laughed inwardly.

‘You’re trying to convince me by looking at this and that. Also look at the history of the text.’

The intention was obvious, but since it wasn’t wrong, I had no choice but to agree.

Above all, Unhak was confident that he could deal with them no matter how they came out.

“Then I will be indebted to you.”

“ha ha ha. Thank you. “Come on, let’s go.”

* * *

Baek Seungmu looked out the window and sighed.

“There are disciples of the Hwasan faction and the Jongnam faction standing around the guesthouse. “It’s like they’re watching us.”


“Doesn’t the death penalty bother you?”

“not really.”

Baek Seung-moo shook his head as he looked at Jeong-gwang lying peacefully on the bed.

“It seems like they are planning something. How can you be so calm?”

“Because it’s not that big of a deal.”

“yes? “How do you do that?”

Jeong Gwang clicked his tongue as he looked at Baek Seung-mu.

I thought he was pretty smart, but it turned out to be complete nonsense.

“What the priest said was that it looked like two factions that normally didn’t get along well were meeting up. This means they’re trying to do something big, right?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“huh. no.”

“yes? why?”

“If it’s something important, it should be done secretly. Do you want to meet in a crowded city?”

“If you want to hide a tree, don’t you hide it in the forest, and if you want to hide a person, you hide it in the people?”

Jeong Gwang shook his head while lying down.

“That’s nonsense. “If you want to hide someone, you have to cut them into small pieces and bury them separately.”

“… … “Didn’t you hear me clearly?”

“Anyway, the fact that they met in Xi’an means that it doesn’t matter if other people see it.”

“That means… … ?”

“It means the work is already finished.”

Perhaps it will be about electing a leader.


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The reason they captured the Kunlun faction was to show off their power and force them to switch ships.

At the very least, it was obvious that the intention was to show Kunlun that it was a difficult fight to win, so that he would not do his best to support the Hebei Peng family.

‘There’s no way the private camp can get over it.’

Jeong Gwang chuckled, remembering Unhak, and then stood up.

“Oops. This isn’t important right now. “Let’s change clothes.”

“What are those ordinary uniforms?”

“If you want to go out and have fun, this is what you have to do.”

“You’re having fun! “But if you want to change your uniform, wear plain clothes. Why do you wear uniforms?”

“ha. In this life… … No, since I only wore uniforms my whole life, I couldn’t wear any other clothes. Now that I think about it, it’s unfair. “You wear it too.”

When Jeong Gwang forced him to wear a gi, Baek Seung-mu struggled and opened his mouth.

“It’s not possible! Where do you go in this situation? “The Hwasan faction and the Jongnam faction are watching.”

“What is that? “Has the priest already forgotten my teachings?”

Baek Seung-moo had a headache.

‘You taught me? what?’

No matter how much I thought about it, all I could think of was fraud, extortion, and threats.

“What are you talking about… … ?”

Baek Seung-moo let go of everything in response to Jeong Gwang’s subsequent answer.

“As long as you don’t get caught.”

* * *

Baek Seung-mu looked blankly at the three-story building in front of him.

I was impressed by the large signboard that said ‘One Taste of West An’.

“Are you disappointed because it wasn’t a courtesan? “Let’s go there for dinner and have lunch first.”

“… … “It’s because I don’t know how I got here.”

“I ran carrying the priest.”

“… … That means I don’t know that.”

As soon as I got on Jeong Gwang’s back, my vision expanded. The world rushed at him at a crazy speed and he ended up losing his mind.

Jeong Gwang slapped me on the cheek and I opened my eyes to find myself in this place.

“What are you doing? “Let’s go in.”

Jeomsoi, who was standing in front of the door, bowed politely and greeted me.

“Welcome to Seoan Ilmi.”

“I was passing by and saw the signboard. “Are you sure you cook the best food in Xi’an?”

“The price is a bit expensive, but we are proud that the taste is the best.”

“I’m looking forward to it. “Here first.”

When Jeong Gwang took out the slip and held it out, Baek Seung-moo, who was lost, snatched it like a ghost.

“execution! “It’s too much!”

“huh? is it?”

“Haaah. I will spend the money. “If it’s like a death sentence, you’ll end up on the street in no time.”

“Okay, then.”

Baek Seung-moo took out the silver ruler and placed it in Jeom So-i’s hand.

“Please guide me.”

Jeomsoy, who was shocked by the amount written on the slip, barely came to his senses.

‘The god of wealth has arrived!’

The true identity is revealed through a slip. He was wearing an ordinary uniform and a shabby banglip, but he was not an ordinary customer.

Jeomsoi guided them with utmost politeness.

“thank you. Please come this way. “It’s early and there are very few customers on the third floor, so you’ll be able to enjoy it comfortably.”

After a while, Jeong Gwang and Baek Seung-mu went up to the third floor and sat at the window with a nice view. There was a group of customers a little distance away, and among them, a handsome young man who was so eye-popping was glaring at Jeong Gwang.

Jeong Gwang tilted his head.

‘What is that ugly thing? ‘That guy is the one with the gloomy atmosphere.’

I didn’t want to make a fuss, so I was about to say, ‘Keep your eyes down, you idiot,’ when I heard Jeomsoy’s voice.

“I’d like to ask you guys. “How can I prepare it?”

“A few of my favorite dishes… … .”

“Priest, I will order. Sampisa (三皮絲), Naetanggwajafish (奶湯鍋子魚), Horogye (葫蘆鷄), Gugi Don-euni (枸杞炖銀耳), Yanggeumjeon Balchae (釀金錢發菜), Sujeong Yeonchaebyeong (水晶)蓮菜餠), please give it to me like this. The alcohol is a bottle of Seobongju (西鳳酒). “That’s the most expensive one, right?”

“… … !”

After a moment of silence, Jeomsoi rubbed his hands and bowed.

“As expected, you are a great person. You know all about Xi’an’s representative dishes and famous wines. “I will tell Suksu to cook something special and delicious.”

Even though Baek Seung-moo was out of his mind, he gave Jeom So-i a silver medal. As the excited Jeomsoy disappeared like the wind, his eyes returned to focus.

“execution! “How on earth do you know so many things?”

“I saw it in a book.”

“Just hearing the name makes it full of meat! And it’s alcohol!”

-Shh. There are other people too, so I have to speak in full voice.

-ah. sorry. I made a mistake… … Please answer anyway!

-A priest is not a guru yet. Eat and drink comfortably.

-… … What about the death penalty?

-I should have fun too.

-… … I don’t know anymore either.

The dish was delicious.

The drinks were also very good.

As Jeong-gwang continued to empty his glass with a satisfied expression, Baek Seung-mu looked worried.

-execution. You must not get drunk.

-I’m not drunk.

-What kind of Taoist even counts alcohol? What are you going to do about the smell of alcohol?

-Just blow it all away.

-yes? Is that possible?

-Jijiksi Gong (酒卽是空). There is a new skill where alcohol becomes a skill. I can feel intoxicated and intoxicated. I taught it to my brother-in-law before, but would you like to learn it too?

-… … As a priest, I cannot ignore the precious teachings of the death penalty. How do you do it?

Jeong Gwang told me the Gugyeol and told me to try my luck.

-… … I tried it, but I’m not sure. Does it really work?

-You have to do it after drinking.

-ah! My thoughts were short.

After drinking a few drinks, Baek Seung-moo performed fortune-telling as instructed by Jeong Gwang.

“omg! “It really works!”

-Electrical sound! So you thought it was a lie?

-Oh, no. That’s because it’s amazing.

-Now drink as much as you want. Because I don’t know when I’ll have another opportunity like this.

-yes! execution!

They told me to pour it out and drink it, but Jeomsoy came up with the guests.

There were four young men, and they all looked richly dressed.

‘It’s so excessive that it’s almost vulgar.’

Even the arrogant expression and swaggering gait. Just by looking at them, they are from a family that seems to be acting like idiots.

Baek Seungmu turned his gaze away from them. It was because there was nothing good to be involved with.

But they argued.

“Huh. Xi’an Ilmi is done too. Do you accept such needy monks on the third floor? what? Meat and alcohol? “Isn’t this a complete lie?”

“Hey, Jeomsoy. The food tastes bad, so kick it out quickly. “We will sit there.”

“Yes, Confucius. You can’t do that to your guests. “I’m sorry, but please sit somewhere else.”

“what? “You’re saying it can’t happen now?”

“please. Other places are good too… … “Oh my!”

Jeomsoi was hit by Parakho’s fist and fell to the ground.

The Parakhos stepped on Jeomsoy and swore.

“How dare this bastard talk back to anyone!”

“We are the Four Commanders of Xi’an!”

“I heard lowly things climb up like this!”

“I’m in a bad mood. “Die, you bastard!”

“Here you go! “One more bottle of Seobongju!”

“I know yeah! One more bottle of Seobongju… … what?”

For a moment, my intestines froze.

The Parakho’s gaze turned towards the window. The same was true for Jeomsoi, who was bleeding profusely. Baek Seung-mu also opened his mouth and looked at Jeong-gwang.

“execution! “What are you doing now!”

“huh? “Are you not going to drink any more?”

“That’s not what you said!”

While the death penalty was arguing, Parakhos surrounded the table. Among them, a young man with strong bones glared at Zheng Guang and asked.

“Is that what you just said?”

The moment when Baek Seung-moo sighs and tries to sort out the situation.



Parakhos flew out the window and landed on the street.

“Ugh! “Someone fell!”

“oh! “How can I do this?”

The people who were shocked and embarrassed became quiet as if they were dead when they saw the faces of the Parakhos.

‘It’s the Four Pillars of Xi’an!’

‘Who would have thought that these guys would end up like this when they do nothing but whine!’

A light of joy appeared in people’s eyes.

‘You bastards! ‘It’s ugly!’

‘You behaved so mischievously that you received heavenly punishment!’

‘uh? But why is my mouth full of beans?’

People raised their heads and looked at the third floor of Xi’an Ilmi. There, two men wearing protective clothing were looking down.

But soon they disappeared into the window again.

Baek Seung-moo was pulling Jeong-gwang’s sleeve.

“execution! “When did you stuff the beans again?”

“A disciple of the text must not throw food away carelessly.”

“It’s not that kind of problem! “Just eat some!”

“I don’t like beans! The food is getting cold. “Let’s eat quickly.”

“Is that so? ah!”

Baek Seung-moo, who was caught up in Jeong-gwang and lost consciousness for a moment, opened his eyes wide.

“What are you going to do now?”

“What should I do? I just took care of the bad guys. “Everyone likes it.”

“No, that’s true, but… … .”

“don’t worry. “I take responsibility for what I did.”

Jeong Gwang stopped the bleeding by pressing on the acupuncture points of Jeom Soi, who was still lying down. After applying the Geumchang medicine I made myself, the swelling went down quickly.

Jeomsoy fell to the floor and cried.

“Great man! Since they are like that, the family members will come out and cause an uproar! Now maybe I’m good? “Please save me!”

“If you have any complaints, come to me.”

“… … yes?”

“Okay then?”

Jeomsoi swallowed his saliva and then asked carefully.

“Excuse me, but who are you?” … ?”

Jeong Gwang smiled and answered.

“Infinite Buddha. Do you know the old file room?”

Jeomsoy’s eyes widened as if torn.

The eyes of the handsome young man who was watching were filled with curiosity.

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