Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 36

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Episode 36

Strange move

Jeong Gwang came out of Seongju’s office and sat down with Hwang Woong.

“Didn’t you drink? “You’re fine.”

“… … “You said that if you drink it, it will kill you.”

“I thought I would drink even if I died.”

“… … “Okay.”

“The conversation went well. You are the leader of the volunteer army. Simply volunteer sobriety.”

“… … “Is it as short as one year, as long as two years?”

“huh. If that’s the case, the central government won’t hold back. Because it is important that a volunteer army was formed.”

Hwang Woong looked dissatisfied and then opened his mouth.

“When I see you again, I’ll be sure to teach you martial arts, Master.”



“Is this crazy? what? “Master?”

“Ugh. Well, then what should I call you? ah! Master? “Ahh!”

Jeong Gwang beat Hwang Woong for a while before shaking his hands.

“I just threw away my taste. “If you say something like that again, I will cut you down with a sword.”


“Don’t get into trouble and sharpen the martial arts skills I taught you. “I can use it to my heart’s content because no one else will see it and be suspicious.”

“Oh, I understand.”

“If you just use it without thinking about your strength, it will stretch out quickly. “If you come to me as a ghost, I can’t teach you martial arts.”

“joy. “Do you think I’ll be harmed by those barbarians?”

“What? This looks at the battlefield in a funny way. Are the Mongolian cavalry any good? “You’ll soon become an arrow skewer.”

“… … “Is it that strong?”

“If you die, practice.” “That’s how you live.”

Hwang Woong’s expression became serious.

Jeong Gwang was a no-nonsense expert.

The fact that he said this meant that the Mongolian army was really strong.

‘Well, it’s probably nothing compared to this person. ‘You know everything about political factions and magic.’

I was curious why, but I had no intention of asking.

‘If you do that, you’ll die. If you speak out, you will suffer worse than death.’

No matter how dull Hwang Woong was, he knew that much.

‘There is no other way anyway.’

It might be his destiny to learn martial arts from Jeong Gwang and become stronger.

“I will do my best.”

Jeong Gwang believed that.

Martial arts is more addictive and valuable than anything else. Hwang Woong was already in Jeong Gwang’s palm.

That was the reason why he gave martial arts to several people, including Hapmil Oga, in his past life.

“good. Gather the kids.”

After a while, the Murim volunteer army gathered.

Everyone was full of dissatisfaction, but in front of Jeonggwang, they were trying to keep a calm expression.

“Everyone wants to run away, right?”

“… … .”

“what? Is that really true?”

As Jeong Gwang touched his hands, screams of disapproval erupted from everywhere.

“It’s okay to run away. I can visit later for a pleasure trip. “I’ll see you then.”

Everyone gaped.

How big is the world? What’s wrong?

There are a thousand of us. How?

“The volunteer army will be called the Volunteer Corps. It is different from the government army in many ways, so it was organized as a separate unit. “I will explain the organization.”

The Danju was Hwang Ung, the military was Seo Dohan, and the Budanju were Ssangdobiho and Jijaewon.

About a thousand people were divided into ten hundreds, and each hundred was divided into ten tens.

“The people I will address from now on are Chief Baek.”

Jeong Gwang looked at the ten people and called out their names. They came forward with puzzled faces.

“Next is the Ten Seals.”

Jeong Gwang looked at the hundred people and called out their names. They came forward with shocked faces.

‘Why are there all these monsters?’

‘How do you know all the faces and names, not just one or two?’

That wasn’t the end.

Jeong Gwang looked at the faces of the remaining people one by one and called their names. There were so many people that we had to stop midway, but everyone was so frozen that they couldn’t even make a sound.

“It would take too long to tell you about your origins or hometown, so I’ll just end here.”

“… … !”

You memorize everything, not just faces and names?

If someone else had said that, they would have scoffed, but Jeong Gwang was a monster who could have done that.

“You have enlisted in the military, albeit temporarily. This means that everything is recorded in the coffin. What if you deserted, or just ran away from battle?”

Everyone’s uvula moved greatly.

“It is joint responsibility. The teens and whites to which that person belongs are responsible. “You want to know what I’m going to do?”


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I never wanted to know.


“Can I trust you guys?”

Everyone shouted in unison.

“Please believe me!”

“We haven’t built up that much trust. “How long has it been since we met?”

Everyone paused, but Ji Jae-won, who had been suffering from confinement the longest, shouted as if he was coughing up blood.

“I am old!”

The Ssangdo Protector jumped in like a protector.

“In terms of years, I’m proud to say I’m the oldest!”

Next was the quick-witted Seo Do-han.

“Trust is built with the heart, not with time!”

Shouts erupted from everywhere.

They were telling me to trust them and that I would never betray their expectations.

Jeong Gwang smiled and put both his hands together.

“I wish you all the best.”

* * *

Seongju was astonished.

They were a volunteer army, and they looked like they could go on a rampage at any time, but in a short period of time, they showed the sharpness of a soldier who had been trained for ten years!

“This is enough, right?”

“That’s great!”

“Don’t worry, it will continue to be that way. If there is a problem, please send a letter to the Murim Alliance.”

“Thank you! thank you so much!”

“What. “You have to calculate now, right?”

“… … .”

“Shall we go to another castle?”

“haha! “As expected, my nephew is as refreshing as a hero!”

“Why am I your nephew?”

“Cheonghae Castle Lord, that friend is my friend! So, he’s my nephew too.”

“What are you saying? But there is no excuse.”

“Huh… … .”

Zheng Guang and the Kunlun sect monks left the city gate receiving a grand sendoff. They were all riding horses, and they had been robbed by Jeonggwang, saying it was a performance bonus.

Thanks to this, they were able to move quickly enough to make up for wasted time.

“Huh. “It’s already Shaanxi Province.”

“It’s good that it came quickly, but it still hurts.”

“Is this the same for priests? haha. “I can’t get used to it either.”

The Kunlun sect preferred to walk like a Taoist. To be more honest, he had no money to raise or rent a horse.

Among the group, the only people who knew how to ride a horse were Jeong Gwang and Baek Seung-moo. Jeonggwang had also ridden in his previous life, so his groin was chafed and painful.

‘It would have been nice if this part had been made with lizard underwear as well.’

When I thought of the Shamanless Dragon, Baek Jin-hwan and his wife came to mind, and then the Gongpa faction came to mind.

Since they were passing through their front yard, it was natural for them to show up and make a fuss, but they didn’t seem that stupid.

The Kunlun Sect was now attracting everyone’s attention. It was clear to him that if he continued his work, it would grow out of control.

‘It’s not like we broke up after a fight over a justifiable cause, and what a shame it would be to bring it up at home base. I think they’ll attack me by finding fault with the Murim Alliance or something else.’

There will definitely be some who take the side of the communal faction.

‘The more the better.’

It was a day I was looking forward to.

“execution. “What are you thinking that makes you smile so much?”

“Did I laugh?”

“yes. “It’s so rare.”

“Hmm. “I guess I’ve accumulated a lot.”

“Stacking up?”

“There is such a thing.”

Baek Seung-moo’s expression became strange.

Jeong Gwang immediately hit the back of the head.



“Priests. A Taoist shouldn’t think like that.”

“What do you think I was thinking?”

Jeong Gwang sent a message to Baek Seung-moo, who protested with a red face.

-What I said before. Should I try it?

“… … !”

He said he wanted to give it a try because he was curious about what punishment would be imposed if he violated the code of conduct.

-… … Are you trying to kill me?

-The priest doesn’t even have a sword yet.

To receive Tao Ho, he had to return to Kunlun and perform a proper ceremony.

-The priest is now an ordinary person. Although he is a Jinsan disciple, he is not yet a Taoist master. I understand?

-Even though… … .

-You’re not saying you really hate it, are you?

-Absolutely not! I am excommunicated!

-You have to try it to know.


Jeong Gwang clicked his tongue inwardly.

‘It’s because the company doesn’t have distribution like this.’

It’s pathetic, but what can I do? Being a priest.

The only thing that could be done by the person who was executed was to increase distribution.

‘I guess I’ll have to give him a drink.’

When I think of alcohol, meat comes to mind.

‘What does Shaanxi cuisine taste like?’

In my previous life, I reigned like a god in Xinjiang Province, but I have never been to the central plains.

In this life, I planned to taste all the famous dishes from all over the world.

Meanwhile, the old monks who noticed Jeong Gwang and Baek Seung-mu sharing a message smiled.

It was because they misunderstood that Jeong Gwang, who had been the youngest member for 19 years, was getting along closely with the new priest.

Upon arriving at the guesthouse, the monks Unja Bae and Heo Ja Bae gathered together.

When the discussion about the future schedule was over, Unhak opened his mouth.

“Now that the urgent work has been roughly finished, let’s talk about the work we’ve been putting off.”

It was a story about Baek Seung-moo.

“Sangjae is excellent, but it has little to do with the main text, so I’ll leave it aside. “What I’ve observed so far is that although they are a bit inflexible, they seem to be consensual and sincere.”

The Taoists all nodded.

“Since he is old, it would be better to have him learn martial arts before it is too late. “Is there anyone who wants it?”

The eight Heo Ja-bae masters thought of Baek Seung-mu. As Unhak said, he was a child with a good heart, but he was bothered by his inferiority compared to other students.

‘I joined too late. ‘I don’t have the confidence to lead you properly.’

When no one answered, Unhak asked Heojik.

“Huh. “How about you?”

“omg! “Is that what you mean?”

“okay. There is a similarity in mentality. “I’m just saying that I think you would raise him well.”

Heo Jik’s expression became complicated. I already felt sorry for my sister, so I thought about it, but there was a big problem.

“Seungmu is my successor.”

“You have broken ties with the world, so what’s the problem?”

“I don’t have the confidence to treat that child fairly due to my lack of discipline.”

“Hmm. “If that’s the case, there’s nothing we can do.”

The monks shaking their heads.

I am worried that Heo Jik will realize his own shortcomings and show favoritism towards the child with whom he is related by blood, but what more can I say?

“Then what… … ah!”

Unhak’s eyes turned to Heo Cheong.

“You take care of it.”

“yes? “Do you mean me?”

“okay. Even though you were a big brother, didn’t you only collect one person? And that too later than the priests.”

“That’s true, but… … .”

“I think you can teach that child well. And it will be of great help to you too. “How is it?”

While Heo Cheong was thinking, he heard Jeong Gwang’s voice.

-Master, please accept it.

-Huh. Were you eavesdropping?

-That’s not important now. Please accept it. yes?

He Qing laughed inwardly.

He was a student who didn’t know that it was a favor other than asking him to teach him martial arts when he was young. Seeing a guy like that do this, he seemed to have a close relationship with Baek Seung-moo.

‘You might want to stay closer. Well, what can I not do for you?’

The intention was to get closer to him and take care of him properly, but there was no way Heo Cheong could know.

“I will follow your instructions.”

“good. “Someone go out and bring a crew member.”

After a while, Baek Seung-mu offered nine bows to Heo Cheong.

Heo Cheong spoke softly to Baek Seung-moo, who was moved to tears.

“Only after a long time will you return to your hometown and receive protection. But you are already a disciple of the text. “I hope you become someone who is not ashamed of Kunlun and yourself.”

“I will definitely do that! “Master!”

He was a disciple who became initiated nearly twenty years after Jeong Gwang. Smiles bloomed on everyone’s faces.

In particular, Jeong Ja-bae’s disciples were so excited that they formed a conspiracy.

“The ambassador type. “I’ve got such a smart priest, but isn’t it a long time since I have to run?”

“Shh. Kill the sound. I knew what the priests were thinking. “Let’s give it a try.”

The young monks internally cheered at the declaration of Jeong-woo, a great ambassador who was respected for his dependable character and sincerity.

“In this regard, Priest Jeong Hyeon is the expert. Priest, is there a way?”

In the past, Jeong Hyeon was caught eating meat and alcohol and was imprisoned in Chamhoe-dong for half a year. After that, I used to vomit just by smelling it, but now it seems to be okay.

‘This is an opportunity to restore honor! ‘You must do it!’

Jeonghyun, who thought for a moment, smiled brightly.

“This is Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi Province. When we arrive there, we will invite elders from various samurai houses. “That’s your chance.”

“What if you ask us to come with you?”

“Hehe. “There is a way.”

Jeong Hyeon’s eyes turned to Jeong Gwang.

“the youngest… … No. Priest, you must step forward.”

Jeong Gwang, who had been quiet as he was busy organizing things that would involve Baek Seung-moo, asked back.

“Me? how?”

“I tell you that when you arrive in Xi’an, you need to practice the martial arts you have been neglecting. Elderly people will think it’s too hot and run away. How do you feel? “Isn’t it perfect?”

Everyone admired Jeong Hyeon’s fine hair.

Except Jeong Gwang.

“what. Now that I think about it, I took a break from training for too long.”

“… … !”

“Let’s do it right now.”

“Yes, priest! Priest! “Why are you like this!”

The hellish training began again.

Baek Seung-mu fell ill with body aches less than an hour later. Others were sweating heavily, resenting their bodies to which they had become somewhat accustomed.

And a few days later, they arrived in Xi’an.

Jeong Gwang was covering his face with a mask. Perhaps because they arrived on horseback, the rumor of the Kunlun Sect and the True Jade Dragon did not seem to have spread to Xi’an yet.

“ha ha ha. “We will have to continue to move in this way from now on.”

“That’s right. “It may be a little uncomfortable, but I’m glad we can avoid the fuss.”

While the older Taoist monks were wasting away, Jeong Gwang and Jeong Ja-bae’s disciples were busy looking around.

Gansu Province was not much different from Qinghai Province, but the Xi’an of Shaanxi Province was a huge metropolis.

‘good. ‘It’s a good thing you came out as expected.’

Jeong Gwang, who was nodding his head, looked to one side. Buddhist monks wearing blue robes were coming out of their rooms.

The eyes of the Unja Bae monks who discovered them belatedly lit up.

A long sword with a blue thread hanging from it.

Red plum blossoms embroidered on the sleeves.

The name of a sect came to everyone’s mind.

‘Volcanic wave?’

When they saw the Kunlun Sect, they began to emit a blade-like force.

‘The relationship between the volcano and the main text is not that bad, why?’

A sacred site of Taoism located on Hwasan Mountain, the western peak of the five peaks of the central plains.

One of the most prestigious schools in the old file room, always ranked among the top three.

Hwasanpa (華山派) is renowned among the powerful with its seasons, led by Plum Blossom Sword Technique!

Everyone was wondering what the reason was, but Jeong Gwang was secretly admiring it.

‘and. Is that a volcanic wave? I didn’t believe it, but it’s the same as what I heard.’

It was said that the central region was large and that there were many strange people, and that was indeed true.

It was a spectacle you wouldn’t believe if you hadn’t seen it in person.

‘The boys go around embroidering flowers. ‘Aren’t you embarrassed?’

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