Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 34

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Episode 34

External cold and internal temperature

There are also levels of bandits.

There were only a few living quarters where people who learned martial arts gathered, and they were called Nokrim Seventy-two Chae.

Among them, Giryeonchae was considered a low-ranking place in Gansu Province, a border province, but it boasted quite a strong military power.

Above all, Chaeju Hwangung was an expert called Geounghwando (巨熊環刀).

If only I had a good head. No, the public opinion was that if he had been even average, he would have become a master who made a name for himself in the midfield.

His greatest strength was his sharper senses than those of a fielder.

Now that feeling screamed at Hwang Woong.

Bear! I can cut it perfectly!

Hwang Woong shouted, swinging his huge Nine Rings Sword.



The sound of a clean cut made him happy.

‘Heh. It’s not even a single knife away… … What?’

The baby’s body, which had become blurry, became clear again.

‘Lee Hyeong Hwan Wei (移形換位)? Then what was that sound?’

For some reason, my chin felt cool.

Hwang Woong slowly raised one hand and stroked his chin.


Jeong Gwang cut off Hwang Woong’s chestnut-like beard with a single sword and looked satisfied.

“When you cut it, it looks a bit like a person. “I don’t want people to misunderstand that I’m dragging a bear around.”

“… … “You cut off my beard?”


“… … can not believe it!”

“Okay then.”

Concentration didn’t really matter.

Because I liked the bear-like man in front of me.

‘It’s worth using a knife. good. ‘Let’s do it with this guy.’

Running an organization is difficult.

This is especially true if they are trash.

It becomes more difficult if it is an organization that combines several groups, but the easiest way is to make the strongest among them submit.

For Jeong Gwang, Hwang Woong fit the criteria perfectly.

“Let’s go.”


“To the lord of Gansu Castle.”

“crazy! die!”

Gu Hwan-do split the concentrate vertically.

Jeong Gwang’s body became blurred again.

Hwang Woong forcibly pulled the sword that was about to hit the ground and cut it wide horizontally.

Jeong Gwang was already fiddling with his hands a good distance away.

He had an expression full of anticipation.

“It’s powerful.”

“shit! “How can you be so fast!”

“Your body must be strong, right?”

“of course! “Don’t just run away, attack properly!”

Jeong Gwang grinned.


Two fists filled with energy move slowly. A hazy afterimage appeared in the air and took on the shape of a grand, dark cloud.

Kunlun Vision Thundercloud Fist!

Thunderclouds are often accompanied by stinging showers. Jeonggwang’s two fists rained down like a strong shower.

Hwang Woong, with his eyes wide open, blocked it with the drawing of the Nine Hwando.

Blah blah blah!


Gu Hwan-do swayed as if it would break.

Hwang Woong’s body was pushed out.

In the meantime, he shouted excitedly.

“Is this really it?”


Thunder rumbled in the thick clouds.



Hwang Woong, who was hit in the chest, flew through the wall and fell.

Jeong Gwang followed him out and scratched his head. It was because I remembered what happened with Yeongchuja.

“this. I controlled it well and hit it. “You’re weaker than you look.”

“Wow. Ooh, that’s funny!”

“oh! He got up right away. You are naturally strong and have mastered the outer-door qigong technique. “I can hit you harder, right?”

Hwang Woong’s face turned yellow.


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“ah. Those two people there, don’t run away. Then I… … No. Now is your chance. “Run quickly.”

Seo Do-han and Ssangdobiho, who were about to jump, became frozen like ice.

Jeong Gwang gave courage to those who did not even dare to think about moving.

“I won’t kill you, so don’t worry.”

“… … .”

“Go ahead and try it. Ah hurry. There’s a person with a double sword. You ran away once before. “We can do it like we did back then.”

Ssangdobiho answered politely as if he were treating his ancestors.

“How dare I? I know very well that you let it go because it was annoying at the time. “I will not move a single step and await Jinokryong’s disposition.”

Jeong Gwang sighed.

“ha. It’s because I don’t have this much spirit. “Are bandits unavoidable?”

Hwang Woong, a bandit like the Twin Blades, became enraged.

“You said you’d hit harder, right? Come! “I’ll gladly take a beating from your soft bat-like fist!”

“good! Very good!”

“I hate you!”

“That’s even better! Aren’t warriors making a living with that kind of fighting spirit? “Here we go!”

“come! uh? uh? 100 million!”

Jeong Gwang, excited, waved his hands. It was like a lightning strike, a manual skill, and a perfect technique.

Jump! Sigh! Bye!


Hwang Woong was strong enough not to betray Jeong Gwang’s expectations. Even though he screamed, he never fell.

“Are you holding on to this too? haha.”

“Hehehehe. Oh, it’s nothing!”

“Then take this too!”

“You are worse than the devil!”

Jeong Gwang’s martial arts skills had no end. He developed numerous types of martial arts, going from the general practice Unhakjang (雲鶴掌) to the branch practice Taeheoji (太虛指), and even the individual techniques Unryonggak (雲龍脚).

Even while his whole body was in tatters, Hwang Woong looked for an opportunity with his sharp eyes. That’s how strong and persistent he was.


Is there any chance?

I kept getting beaten up.

To the point where my soul is draining away.

On the contrary, Jeong Gwang was in a very good mood.

How can you hold on so steadfastly?

Isn’t this an admirable level of tenacity?

As Hwang Woong, it felt like death, but it was none of Jeong Gwang’s business. At this moment, the only thing that mattered was the fact that I didn’t collapse even though I was getting hit hard.

As I was doing this, I became greedy.

“I’ll increase my resistance a little more!”

“for a moment! If so… … “Aaaah!”

“haha. I knew she could do it. Then just a little more!”

“no! Please stop… … Wow!”

“Look. You can do it. Then I’ll upload it again! It might be a little dangerous, so take out everything you’re hiding! ah. “Is it because you have eyes to see that you can’t use them?”

“… … what?”

Jeong Gwang disappeared and appeared behind Seo Do-han and Ssangdobiho and hit them on the back of the head.


“100 million!”


Jeong Gwang, who knocked out the two, reappeared in front of Hwang Woong in the blink of an eye.

“That’s enough now, right? ah. “I’m looking forward to it.”

This wasn’t a person.

‘Demon, devil!’

Hwang Woong came to his senses. If he continued like this, he would only die, so he had to follow Jeong Gwang’s words and reveal the season he had been hiding.

‘Inspiration! I’m writing this because I’m about to die! ‘You can’t say anything!’

Hwang Woong remembered the old man who taught him martial arts when he was young. He told me to use it only when his life was in danger, so I wasn’t disobeying his words.

“You damn gisaeng brother! “Eat this!”

“Yes! “That’s the momentum!”

Hwang Woong poured all his energy into the nine swords he was holding. Gu Hwan-do let out a strange sound and was stained with sticky black energy.


I don’t know what it is, but Jeong Gwang, who was expecting it to be fun, made an absurd expression.

Isn’t this a martial arts skill he knows!

‘Why is this coming out here? It’s very clumsy, but is it just the appearance?’

Gu Hwan-do began to vomit out the black energy he had been holding. That energy became a huge net and strangled Jeong Gwang’s body.

‘That’s right! ‘What kind of bastard is this?!’

The fact that it looked clumsy was only because Hwang Woong’s level was low, but it was clearly his martial arts skills.

Jeong Gwang, who had been staring at me in bewilderment, made a tired expression.

‘ah. It’s cozy. ‘Is it because it’s been a while?’

Before long, his entire body was wrapped in sticky black energy.

“Hehehe! “It’s over!”

Hwang Woong raised the nine swords with a triumphant expression. And he just took it down.

The moment when the black energy overflowing from Guhwan Island was about to tear the world apart!


A golden dragon popped out from Jeong Gwang’s waist!

* * *

‘Huh. Huh. ‘Did you see it well?’

‘Wow! It’s really cool! ‘What’s the name of that martial artist?’

‘There is nothing to know. Just learn it.’

‘Tch. You’ve always taught me something dull, but now you’re giving me something that looks strong. ‘Stop doing this already!’

‘Culukkuluk. It was all for you. Keep this in mind. This martial art must never be shown to others.’


‘If anyone recognizes you, your life is in danger. So only use it when you are in danger of dying. ‘Kill all the witnesses.’

‘crazy. ‘It would be better not to use it.’

‘It is as you said. That’s the best.’

‘I just want to write. ‘If they attack you, just kill them all.’

‘… … .’

‘Hi! It’s Nong, Nong!’

‘You saved my life, and I’m doing this because I regret your qualifications. ‘Swear that you will.’

‘… … Wow. With the old man’s eyes. For several years, he was telling me he was going to die soon, but then he lied… … Ugh! all right! ‘I swear!’

It was not like an old man coughing and vomiting blood on a bad day. The martial arts expert he had only heard of was standing in front of the boy.

But the old man really died not long after.

Hwang Woong kept his promise to the old man.

It was not because he was a faithful person. As he rolled in the river, he was able to guess how dangerous the martial arts he had learned were.

‘Damn it! ‘I wish I hadn’t cooked it!’

I had to run away from an opponent I could have defeated if I only used that martial arts skill.

I had to hide because I was afraid that my martial arts skills would be discovered.

Hwang Woong eventually became a bandit.

My anger rose day by day.

The desire to pour out my all grew as each day passed.

Then, I met Jinokryong, the deity of the Kunlun Sect.

Saying that it was a masterpiece was not enough. Jinyukryong was really strong. He was such a great master that Hwang Woong could not even dare to look at him.

Still, I was confident that if I used that martial arts skill, I would be able to take about one sword… … .

That damn golden dragon!

“Wow! omg. omg.”

Hwang Woong, who had been losing his mind, opened his eyes. When I got up and looked around, I saw Seo Do-han and Ssangdobiho lying down.

‘ah! My Nine Hwando too!’

The old sword was lying on the floor, cleanly cut in two.

The sword pulled from Jinokryong’s waist cut through the net of energy that was binding him and even severed Hwangwoong’s nine swords.

‘I can’t believe there is such a quick sword! Why didn’t you kill me? ‘Where did you go?’

The five senses that had been disturbed gradually returned. The sound of clashing weapons and screams were echoing beyond the wooden fence. Hwang Woong approached there with unsteady steps.

Hwang Woong’s eyes widened as he looked outside the fence.


Taoist monks wearing white robes and sapphire crowns were flying around, swinging their golden swords with their scabbards intact.

The golden clouds embroidered on the fluttering uniform sparkled beautifully in the sunlight.

‘It’s the same outfit as the True Jade Dragon, right?’

I didn’t know it when I saw the concentrate, but when I saw other Taoist monks wearing it, it looked incredibly expensive. Jeong Gwang must have been buried because he was so handsome.

But that wasn’t what mattered now.

‘What’s so strong?’

The subordinates fell like leaves in an autumn wind. Everything Hwang Woong had built was falling apart in front of the Taoists’ wonderful, elegant, yet strong martial arts skills.

‘What on earth are they doing…? … ah!’

It was originally great, but recently a school of great fame came to mind.

“Go, Kunlun faction!”

* * *

Jeong Gwang was busy running around the living quarters. There were so many people trying to escape that I had no choice but to do so.

I had the people I had captured so far surround the mountain, but I did not expect them to fight against the evil Green Forest Islanders.

On the other hand, their thoughts were different. I tried to somehow help Jeong Gwang and stop the Green Forest Islanders.

‘I may be worse than a beast, but I have to repay what is due!’

‘That’s it! ‘This is my chance to test my martial arts skills!’

At first, they were tied tightly with ropes and dragged around, but soon they were able to move freely.

Jeong Gwang taught martial arts to those who were confused. It wasn’t a great season, but he corrected bad habits and taught effective weeding methods.

In addition, there are passing techniques ranging from small to large scale.

Even though they were trash that ate up the world, they were warriors who had learned a little bit of martial arts. Martial arts is more precious than anything else. Who would run away because they are crazy when they give generous teachings?

That alone was enough to turn resentment into liking.

For them who were itching to use their improved martial skills, this fight was a good opportunity.

“Don’t just block, let’s hit!”

“good! “Let’s all go!”

Just when everyone was about to rush in with all their might, Jeong Gwang screamed.

“What are you doing now!”

“I just wanted to be of help, even if just a little… … .”

“Get back now! “You are precious beings who cannot be hurt!”


For a moment, people felt as if the dark clouds had cleared and dazzling sunlight was pouring down.

‘iced coffee! True Jade Dragon!’

‘Us that far!’

‘Outside cold, inside temperature! He was a cold man on the outside but warm on the inside!

As the touched people withdrew, Jeong Gwang nodded.

‘I can’t lose even one person. How did you pick it up and even teach it?’

The same thing applies to Giryeonchae’s green limousines that cannot go bad. The Taoist monks Zheng Guang and Kunlun struck them with their sword sheaths and knocked them out.

Sell ​​as many skilled and talented people as possible to the lord of Gansu Castle… … .

No, it had to be provided.

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