Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 25

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Episode 25

Do you have any proof?

Gongpa (崆峒派)!

Like the Kunlun faction, it is a prestigious political faction that is one of the pillars of the old faction.

The loser of Gansu Province that everyone recognizes!

But for Jeong Gwang… … .

“Those guys who use martial arts more vicious than the evil faction on the topic of political faction?”

“Ugh, Eunkong. It’s the same old file room, but you’re saying that… … .”


Heo Yeo-min had nothing to say.

In fact, isn’t the Gongpa faction a notorious faction with vicious hands that are not typical of a political faction?

“Is this information you got from that Sejak guy who confessed in the desert?”

“That’s right. “I was sold for money, so I didn’t know much, but as I continued to search, I ended up at the Gonggamu Gate of the Communal Sect.”

“Where is it?”

“This is the head of the Zhou family.”

Zhu Jang, who made his fortune through businesses such as guesthouses, juru, and banjeom in Gansu Province, was a famous shaman who boasted that his military was the best in the joint family.

Although Baekga Sangdan has grown a lot, it is an incomparably strong organization!

Jeong Gwang repeated with a surprised face.

“The head of the state!”

“That’s right. Their power is truly amazing… … .”

“Were there any kids like that in Gangho?”

“… … .”

“It means that there is a connection with the Blood Death Wind.”

“It’s possible… … .”

“Should I just erase everything?”

“… … !”

Heo Yeo-min felt afraid.

I vividly remembered the massacre that Jeong Gwang had committed at Tapgeukrabmagan.

‘Heo Yeo-min! Wake!’

He told her, who was afraid, ‘I don’t do that to my people.’

I had to believe that.


As I took a deep breath, I felt at ease.

“No. Things are getting too big.”

“Then it will be enough to kill him in moderation. Did these guys called Zhu Jang come to Cheonghae Province and start a business? Accept the thieves as unmanned people.”

“Eungong, are you in my head?”

“It’s obvious. “What is that business?”

Heo Yeo-min was about to answer when a loud shout was heard from outside.

“Lord Budan! We’re in big trouble! “Come out now!”

As she hurriedly opened the door, she saw Jang Han rushing towards her.

“No businessman! Is there a problem?”

“This Confucius, who went to the comic shop to buy necessary supplies, got into an argument with the Juyeon Pyo-guk guys!”

“How dare they! So what happened? How many casualties are there?”

“There was a standoff until I left to deliver the news, but I don’t know now. What should I do?”

Now that Baek Jin-hwan was away, Heo Yeo-min was the top decision maker at Baekga Sangdan.

She shouted as she took the sword.

“Three groups of White Dragons are going! “I’ll go first, so hurry up!”

“yes! “Breakfast!”

Noh Sangdu ran to gather people.

Heo Yeo-min apologized to Jeong Gwang.

“I’m sorry, Eunkong. I think something urgent has come up and I have to go. “I’ll be back soon, so please rest comfortably.”

“Is this Confucius the second son of the nanny?”

“That’s right.”

“Then we should go.”

Jeong Gwang lifted Heo Yeo-min and sat her on his left shoulder.

“oh! Silver ball! “What are you doing?”

“Don’t we have to go quickly?”

“Yes, but… … .”

“Please guide me.”

“thank you. First, to the castle… … “Aaaah!”

In the blink of an eye, their new model disappeared.



Baek Seung-moo could barely suppress his rising anger.

He counted to ten in his mind and asked the stubble beak in front of him once again.

“Why do you keep arguing?”

“A fight? “Because it’s not.”

“You keep besieging us, right?”


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“Uh huh. What if I misconstrue the idea of ​​building friendships like that? Are you ignoring us because we come from outside? “This is not normal territoriality.”

“What is territoriality! “Don’t make things up that don’t exist!”

“what? Now even a threat? “You see, this Confucius from the White House appears like this. What should we do?”

Tubseokburi’s subordinates took out their weapons and shouted.

“You have to fight to survive!”

“The Baek Family Sangdan started a fight first, so you can’t just sit down and die!”

Tubseokburi looked at Baek Seungmu and shrugged his shoulders.

“This sad month happened because you threatened us.”


“ruler! ruler! Did everyone hear clearly? What did Baekga Sangdan do to us innocent people! “You who are watching will have to become witnesses!”

He glared at the surroundings, making a request-like threat.

Onlookers avoided his gaze with frightened faces.

Baek Seung-moo, who had been holding back, exploded.

“Are we good? “What’s wrong with these guys who are just banditry and banditry?”

“you! You’re crossing the line! We, who have dreamed of becoming Pisa since we were young, are now thieves! Is there any evidence? there is?”

“Even if there is nothing like that, everyone in Cheonghae Province knows! “Juyeon Pyo-guk is a group of thieves!”

“Haaah. Are you persecuting us without any evidence? Guys! “Show us proof that we are good citizens!”


The fearsome officers took out the tablets from their arms and held them high.

“Look at this Confucius. Since you were born into a wealthy family, you know how to read, right? “What is written on those flags?”

Baek Seung-moo’s body trembled.

If you give a government official some money, you can engrave the phrase you want and have it issued on the same day!

Just as he was about to attack again, the warrior who was guarding Baek Seung-moo sent a message.

– This Confucius. There are too many opponents.

-I know.

-Time is running out for Noh Sangdu to bring reinforcements. That’s it for now.

Seungmoo Baek let out a deep sigh.

The anger in his eyes slowly disappeared.

It was a remarkable display of composure for someone of such an age that he had barely entered any medical terms.

Tubseokburi, who was watching quietly, clicked his tongue inwardly.

‘Tsk tsk. Even if you do this, you won’t get over it? We need to cut off the brat’s arm and start an all-out war. I guess I’ll have to finish it quickly, even if I have to force it.’

When Tubseokbeak glanced at him, the young man across from him rushed at Baek Seung-moo.

“Aaaah! How dare you slander a good citizen like me! You bastard! “Better kill me!”

“What nonsense are you saying! uh?”

When Baek Seung-moo pushed him away with his hand, the young man vomited blood and rolled over.

Baek Seung-moo, who was confused for a moment because he didn’t use even a penny of effort, shouted in anger.

“What kind of trick is this!”

“Oh my! I’m dying! “This Confucius from the White House is killing innocent civilians!”

It was obvious to anyone who knows martial arts that it was self-harm.

But the civilians watching had no way of knowing.

That was enough for Tubseokburi.

“Baek Seung-moo used a male and a female! Everyone protect yourselves!”


Not fitting with the word ‘protection’, the group of Juyeonpyo-guk attacked the Baekga Sangdan warriors.

Since the number of people was several times different, the Baekga Sangdan had no choice but to be pushed back.

I fought with fighting spirit, but as time passed, my defeat deepened.

Baek Seungmu gritted his teeth.

‘Is it only this far?’

I’ve dreamed of this since I was a child and first held a sword.

I said I would go to Gupailbang and learn Shingongjeolhak (神功絶學).

And it will become a great association that runs through the rivers and carries out cooperation.

When I reached a certain age, I begged my parents to go to a communal school.

He asked to become a lay disciple, but received a cold rejection.

Although he was confident in his qualifications, there were numerous other qualifications that were just as good.

They all come from prestigious families.

These were people who could make huge donations to the communal faction.

Baek Seung-moo returned home and screamed inwardly.

‘Why wasn’t I born into a prestigious family?’

‘Why did heaven give me such mediocre qualities!’

After locking himself in his room for several days, he left home feeling so frustrated that his heart felt like it was going to explode.

As he was walking around the castle, he was soon shocked.

I saw many people who couldn’t even afford to eat properly.

After returning home, he silently practiced Gajeon martial arts.

He showed that he was okay with the parents who were fidgeting with apologies.

Time passed quickly.

He had become a posthumous figure on people’s lips.

It was a name that was only known within the outskirts of Cheonghae Castle, but it was still something.

‘okay. ‘Where is it?’

My head definitely thought so.

Something rose in my chest.

‘I can’t believe this is all I can think about right now when I’m about to be killed by thieves!’

This was not a life I had lived with the intention of dying.

I wanted to die in a big way.

I squeezed out my strength in the almost dried Danjeon.

“I’ll open the way, so everyone avoid it!”

White flowers bloomed from the tip of his sword.

It was the home appliance season, 100 Flowers and 18 Swords.


“Damn it! “Do you still have strength left?”

Four warriors fell.

Baek Seung-moo continued to move forward and swung his sword.

The siege was broken and a thin path was opened.

His eyes sparkled.

“Now! “Run now!”

“How dare you!”

The body of the stubble beak, who had been watching from afar, leapt up.

An iron club as dull as his face fell on Baek Seung-moo’s head.



The sword that Baek Seung-moo hurriedly raised was shattered by the iron club of the stubby beak.

That wasn’t the end.

Baek Seung-moo, who was urgently countering Tubseokburi’s repeated attacks with his opponent’s empty fist, ended up getting hit on the shoulder.



Baek Seung-moo, who had fallen, quickly tried to stand up, but an iron club with a stubble beak was aimed at his head.

“You Confucius!”

“stop! If you move even one step, this guy will die!”

The Baekga Sangdan warriors who tried to rush in were frozen by the threat of Tubseokbeori.

Baek Seung-mu, who was laughing, glared at the stubbly beak and spoke as if chewing.

“Kill it.”

“Uh huh. What kind of horrible things are you saying? You just have to take responsibility for hurting my child. “Your shoulder still looks fine, so let’s just break it and be done with it.”

Tubseokbeak raised his iron club.

Baek Seung-moo was glaring into his eyes without even blinking.

‘Huh. The young guy is very powerful. ‘Good thing I caught it quickly.’

A part of my heart that was secretly admiring was shaken.

As instructed, he had to turn Baek Seung-moo into an asshole, but he did not want to take on the resentment of the Baek family, which was famous for its poisonous bells.

Tubseokburi stepped back and ordered his subordinate.

“Break your shoulder.”

“Well, me?”

As I glared at him in silence, the subordinate who was pointed out quickly raised his mace.

At that time, he was cursing in his mind and was about to strike down the mace!

“Eun-gong! “This is my child!”

“I’m glad you look like a nanny and not an uncle.”

“Yes? Oops! You can’t kill him more than that!”

“ha. “The nanny is really picky.”

A blinding flash of light erupted along with an unknown conversation.



The world was divided.


Baek Seung-mu opened his eyes, unable to overcome the glare.

In front of him stood a young Taoist monk with a dazzling appearance.

With my mother sitting on my broad shoulders.

“Uh, mother?”

“Seungmu. Are you okay?”

“yes. But how do we get here… … What about this person?”

Only then did Heo Yeo-min realize her situation and ask Jeong Gwang for a favor.

“Eun-gong. Please get off now.”


Jeong Gwang, who had put Heo Yeo-min down, tilted his head.

“nurse. “It’s heavier than I thought?”

“Eun-gong! “Only the good points!”

“ah. “Thanks to the heavy weight, I didn’t have to step on the stepping stone, which was nice.”

“Haaa. Thank you for the compliment.”

Heo Yeo-min let out a short sigh and then looked at the condition of Baek Seung-mu and the top dancers.

Representatives of Juyeon Pyo, whose limbs’ tendons had been severed, were writhing on the floor, but she, who had experienced worse things in the desert, remained calm.

But not others.

“Huh! “What, what!”

“The ambassadors have become assholes!”

“How on earth? No, who?”

I could barely calm my pounding heart.

‘If I hadn’t stepped back at that moment… … .’

He too would have ended up in the same situation as those who fell to the floor.

His gaze passed Heo Yeo-min and settled on Jeong-gwang.

‘That bitch, Heo Yeo-min, can’t show off her status like this. I’m saying that that guru did it… … uh?’

Young Taoist.

A handsome man with no taxes.

Tax-saving martial arts.

Isn’t this someone you’ve heard a lot about somewhere?

‘Oh, the True Jade Dragon of the Kunlun Sect?’

Tubseokburi was sure.

There was no way there could be another person like that in the world.

‘Let’s stay calm. calm down. First, we must get out of here and make this known.’

Tubseokburi put his hands together and bowed politely.

“Nice to meet you, Jinokryong. “I am Ji Jae-won, the leader of Juyeon Pyo-guk.”


“That’s right.”

“What appeared was a bandit?”

How did know?

Ji Jae-won, who had paused, tried to calmly ask back.

“Huh. “What kind of rudeness is this in your first meeting?”

“Just looking at it, there are bandits over there, there are bandits over there, and there are black islands over here.”

“… … How could a Taoist judge a person based on their appearance? “Having admired your high reputation, he is frankly a little disappointed.”

Jeong Gwang asked back as if it were rather absurd.

“Who would want to live like that?”

Jaewon Ji felt like he had been hit in the chest with a mace.

Could it be that he wanted to look like a bandit?

Thanks to his appearance, he was easy to rob, but it made him angry that he looked like that.

‘Whew. Let’s be patient. Don’t attack that monster. Since he is a member of a political faction, he must be concerned about face. ‘We have to proceed logically.’

Ji Jae-won said while swallowing the rising curses.

“That’s enough. Someone else was seriously injured. “What on earth are you going to do with this?”

Jeong Gwang started to get annoyed.

I can’t believe I have to have such a useless conversation with a bandit.

I got into the habit of answering politely, but it was a waste to even use polite language.

‘Should I just kill them all?’

Seeing his eyes turn cold, Heo Yeo-min hurriedly sent a warning message.

-Eun Gong. There are too many eyes to see.

-After all, it’s a nanny. Okay, kill them all.

-no! That’s not what I mean! Eungong is a disciple of the Kunlun Sect, a prestigious political sect! Many people are watching, so you have to be logical!

Jeong Gwang shook his head.

What was so complicated? The political factions were truly unknown.

‘It’s so annoying. Let’s finish it quickly.’

Jeong Gwang’s mouth opened and words that everyone could admire flowed out.

“I hurt them? “Do you have any proof?”

“… … “Then whose fault is this tragedy?”

“How do I know? “When I arrived, I saw that they were falling down on their own.”

“Nonsense! There was a flash of light as you appeared. “Isn’t it clear that you are a swordsman?”

Jeong Gwang snorted.

“What is black light? “It’s the stinging sunlight.”

Everyone looked at the sky.

It was full of dark clouds.

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