Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 20

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Episode 20

Great Kunlun’s wings flapping

Ten months.

We had to start quickly because we roughly estimated how long Unhu could last.

A huge cauldron was prepared, the horn of the pitiless dragon was placed in it, and it was filled with clean water.

Yunyeon, who was watching with sharp eyes, gave instructions to Heo Qing.


“Yes, Sasuk.”

Heo Cheong filled the bottom of the pot with firewood and lit it. The embers quickly grew and burned brightly.

Soon the water began to boil.

“okay. It has to boil like this. “It won’t work if we don’t have enough firewood.”

“Don’t worry, Sasuk. “The magistrates have gone out to cut wood and will be back soon.”

At that time, I saw Jeonggwang carrying something.

“oh. “Are you here?”

“yes. But what are you doing?”

“What are you doing? “I’m boiling the water like you said.”

“It’s lukewarm?”

“… … “What?”

“If this continues, it won’t last even a hundred years.”

Jeong Gwang put down what he was carrying.

It was a bellows.

Jeong Gwang raised his inner strength while the Taoist monks who were doing the woodwork were also watching.

His two hands holding the bellows moved at dazzling speed.

phut! phut! phut! phut!

The flames grew like crazy and even began to change color.

From red to orange.

From orange to yellow.

From yellow to off-white.

From off-white to white.

Only after it turned white like this did Jeong Gwang nod his head.

“This should be enough. “It’s been ten months like this.”

“… … !”

The faces of everyone gathered turned white.

‘All the firewood has already burned down! ‘How much wood do you have to bring in?’

‘If I were to raise the flame that much, I wouldn’t be able to last long even if I used my strength!’

Jeong-gwang dipped his finger into the boiling water, tasted it, and asked Un-yeon.

“Mr. Sasukjo. “What kind of water is this?”

“I thought clear water would be best, so I tried using spring water from Chuunbong Peak. “Can’t you?”

“No, it’s just fine. “If the water boils down by more than half, you have to add that much more and boil it, but you can use cold bong water.”

We also have to keep fetching water.

That too from the spring on the next peak.

When everyone looked devastated, Heo Qing came out in a determined manner.

If we leave it like this, morale will only drop.

I had to show them that no matter how difficult it seems, it is not that big of a deal if you actually do it.

“Let me try.”

After receiving the bellows from Jeong Gwang, he moved his arms with all his energy.

phut. phut. phut. phut.

As if it wasn’t enough, the fire changed from white to yellow-white in an instant.

“Master! “You can’t flutter around!”


He Qing gritted his teeth.

The secret, Oksim Gwiilgong (玉心歸一功)!

My energy soared powerfully from the Danjeon!


phut! phut! phut! phut!

Along with the spirit, the quality of the bellows changed.

The growing wind turned the yellow-white flame back to white.

“Yes. “That’s it.”

“ha ha ha! “It’s no big deal!”

Contrary to his boastful words, thick drops of sweat were dripping from his forehead.

And after half a meal, Heo Cheong handed over the bellows to the priest, Heo Wook, and sat down.

He lifted his arm to wipe the sweat from his forehead and smiled brightly when he felt the gaze of those around him.

“Wow. After sweating a little because of the heat, I felt very refreshed. ha ha ha.”

What is refreshing.

Looking at the way my arms were shaking, it was clear that I wouldn’t be able to use chopsticks tomorrow.

Yunxiang, the leader of the five commanders in charge of the Kunlun Mountains, also stopped by for a moment to watch, but then slowly retreated and disappeared into the mountains again.

Jang Moon-in, who tried to quietly retreat, was caught by Jeong Gwang.

“Where are you going?”


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“… … Shouldn’t we help the disciples who are struggling on the mountain?”

“Jangmun’s private residence team should be in charge of this place.”

“… … this place? “You mean the text?”

I couldn’t believe it, but it was still the same.

“No, a pot. You have to keep the light white. Even if it turns yellowish-white, it should not last more than half an hour per day.”

The explanation continued.

To put it simply, if someone spreads and there is no one to replace him, Jang Moon-in has to endure with his strong endurance.

“Huh. Hehehe. “It’s a big problem because we don’t have enough people.”

“Joe, who came back, can help. How many groups came?”

“does not exist. “There isn’t even any news yet.”


Jeong Gwang, who was dumbfounded, realized one thing.

The majority of people here are Kunlun sects, Taoist monks who have little or no regard for flexibility.

It was not a matter of military merit or inferiority.

A task that is not that difficult in his way becomes very difficult if you do it in the way of a Taoist.

‘iced coffee. Did I have to tell you everything as if I was spoon-feeding it to you one by one?’

Jeong Gwang shook off his regrets.

Anyway, I just had to get it over with quickly.

Although I was a little annoyed when I actually tried to go.

“I’ll be back.”

“huh? Where do you mean?”

“Sidalmok Basin, Yellow River, Qinghai Lake, and Dangolab Mountains.”

“… … Yeah, yeah. “Have a hard time.”

The Taoist monks, who were tired of the enormous amount of work, looked at Jeong Gwang with pity.

Slowly, I began to feel a strange sense of relief and fighting spirit.

‘It’s better to chop wood, draw water, and use a bellows!’

‘It will definitely burn brightly! ‘White!’

Zheng Guang left the lively Kunlun and started running.

The first destination was Sidalmok Basin, which was in charge of Iljo.

* * *

Sidalmok Basin was a basin surrounded by mountains about 2,000jang high, and its length and width were enormous.

The northwest was a desert area, so there were fewer places to search, but it was still too wide.

Besides, there were so many green flowers in this area that it usually didn’t take that long.

Even the wet ground was firmly compacted, so it was more difficult because I had to use my strength to pickaxe rather than shovel.

I had to get a colander each of green blood flower and wet rock fungus, but over the past two months I had collected less than a handful.

The morale of the group, which was high when they set out, was declining day by day and was fading away.

‘This isn’t going to work.’

Iljojang Unseong felt that change was necessary.

‘I need to lift the mood.’

at that time,

The sound of laughter was heard from the group members digging up the flowers.

He was delighted and quickly approached her, trying to make his smile even bigger.


It wasn’t the laugh he expected.

“ha ha ha. Hey, priest. Take a look at my nails. “Isn’t it really pretty?”

“Hehehe. “The pink flowers look really pretty.”

“You are green. “It’s not too flashy and has an understated beauty, so it’s very nice to look at.”

“Do you still want it to be pink? “I envy the death penalty.”

Unseong’s face distorted.

Aren’t you out of your mind?

While I was wondering what to do about this, I heard the sound of the disciples making a fuss while working with pickaxes in the distance.

‘okay. This is exactly what I wanted.’

Unseong ran to them.

Their vitality had to be passed on to others.

“Ahh! my back! “It hurts so much it feels like it’s splitting apart!”

“Oh oh. Priests. My back muscles were just torn apart. After all, if you want to grow your back, you have to use a pickaxe.”

“Ugh. Since I always use a pickaxe, I am worried that my chest muscles are relatively weak. What should I do?”

“Hmm. What if you try the pickaxe movement in reverse? Hit her behind the shoulder.”

“Like this? “It’s very uncomfortable, but is your posture okay?”

“That’s right! okay! Gather more hearts! “Keep doing that!”

This one, too, was insane.

Unsung let out a deep sigh as the ground sank.

“Huh. “How could this happen?”

“Did everyone eat something wrong?”

“That’s right. “What the hell, huh?”

When I looked up, Jeong Gwang was standing in front of me.

“W-what about here?”

“I came here because I didn’t know much about it.”

Jeong Gwang, who was looking back and forth between the group digging up flowers and the group using pickaxes, frowned.

“This is why I do it at a certain time.”

“Is that so?”

“Whew. “Can you please gather everyone?”

Unseong took out fireworks for signaling purposes.

When it was lit, a white flame exploded into the sky with a ‘pop’ sound.

After about half an hour, the Kunlun disciples who had been scattered all over the place gathered together.

“Follow me and take a look.”

Jeong Gwang gave a demonstration.

First, Cheonghyeolhwa.

After running for a while, Jeong Gwang found blue flowers and swung his sword without hesitation.

Not only the blue flowers, but everything around them was cut down and floated in the air.

“There is no red essence, right? Then next time.”

The method was the same.

Instead of picking the flowers, I cut them.

All at once, no matter what is around you.

As this was repeated, the surrounding area became desolate in no time.

Unseong, who could no longer bear it, tried to dissuade Jeong Gwang.

“Isn’t it too rough? You should only pick green flowers, why should you pick other things too… … .”

“They grow back anyway.”

“… … “What?”

“The things that are cut will rot and become fertilizer, so it will soon become a thicker green space.”

“ah! “It’s the cycle of life and death!”

Jeong Gwang, who continued to swing his sword regardless of what others realized, was able to obtain a single blue blood flower.

“100 million!”


Unlike the astonished Taoists, Jeong Gwang’s expression was calm.

“Don’t just pick and cut green flowers. “If you use your inner energy in detail, you will use up a lot of your mental strength and inner energy.”

“Wouldn’t cutting everything out also use up a lot of energy?”

“It’s different.”

“… … ?”

“I’m going to cut everything down, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

“… … !”

The Taoists’ eyes wavered.

This made me reflect on the basic attitude that a warrior should have, something I had completely forgotten.

“And why are you digging the ground with a pickaxe?”

“Of course it’s for efficiency reasons… … .”

“We are unmanned.”

“… … “That’s true.”

“You all know about the falling flower sword, right?”

I know.

Isn’t this basic swordsmanship that is usually learned within ten years when one enters Kunlun?

“It’s the sixteenth herbivore, flower sprouting.”

Jeong Gwang, standing on the humid ground, jumped high.

“Originally, you just move the sword in the air!”

He used the momentum of his fall to sink his sword into the floor.

“Push it in and swing it around!”


“And Balgyeong (發勁)!”


Clumps of wet dirt flew out as if exploding.

“I remove the dirt with a small electric hand that consumes less energy!”

The left hand, which was not holding the sword, flew away at dazzling speed.

“And repeat!”

As I alternately deployed the Nakhwagum and the Seomjeonsu, a hole as deep as one day was soon dug.

Unfortunately, there were no wet rock bacteria, but all the hard work so far had been worthless as they had been dug out very quickly.

At this point, the monks began to become enthusiastic.

“You can unfold the Falling Flower Sword like that!”

“I made the soil bounce up and hit it with flash water, so there was no need to shovel or move it separately!”

Jeong Gwang added to the Taoists who thought once again about the mindset of martial arts and the application of martial arts techniques.

“It will be easier if you do it as a team. “One with a sword and one with a fist.”

“Right. That would be efficient.”

“It’s like a pincer attack.”

Jeong Gwang led the Taoists and ran through the Sidalmok Basin.

The masters, who felt awkward because it was their first time using the method, became accustomed to it as time went by, and after a few more days, they were able to fully unfold it.

An incomparably large number of green blood and wet rock bacteria gathered here compared to the past two months.

“It’s not difficult, right?”

“of course!”

“You can finish it quickly if I go, right?”

“Of course!”

“Then quickly collect it and return to Kunlun to Ojo…” … .”

Jeong Gwang, who was about to ask Ojo to help, slightly changed his words.

“… … “Boast to Ojo!”


“That’s it!”

“good! let’s go!”

Morale rises to the point where it’s sky high!

They couldn’t even imagine.

All that awaits them in Kunlun is endless labor.

* * *

White fireworks symbolizing the Kunlun Sect were set off in that order: Shidalmu Basin, Yellow River, Qinghai Lake, and Dangolap Mountains.

Every time something amazing happened.

The land in the Sidalmok Basin has been plowed.

Ye Lingcai, the cruelest of the Yellow River Waterway Leagues that ruled the Yellow River, was set on fire.

The heads of the Cheonghae Four Pugs, which were raging at Cheonghae Lake, were blown off.

One day, the road in the Dangorap Mountains, which had been blocked by a landslide, suddenly became clear.

The common people of Cheonghae City were excited and chattering.

“The immortals of the Kunlun sect reclaimed this useless land! Thanks to you, I can get through this year safely!”

“How thankful I am that the bandits who stole tolls on a vain day and stabbed me when I got caught have disappeared!”

“What about those evil thugs from Cheonghae! I heard that the beautiful Soshinseon pierced them all with one sword!”

“Do you know that the road to the Dangorap Mountains has been reopened? “I heard that this was done by the Kunlun Sect immortals!”

Other political factions also punish their enemies or Madu.

However, most of the time, there was no sect that worked so hard for the sake of the reputation of the monks and the monks, and for the common people.

The name of the Kunlun Sect was engraved throughout Qinghai Province.

In the form of a cool, elegant, yet strong knight!

Great Kunlun has begun to flap his wings again!

Meanwhile, the Taoists of the Kunlun Sect were running around the Kunlun Mountains collecting the last of the ingredients.


“It’s all over!”

“We did it!”

Everything is ready.

Jeong Gwang put all of them into the cauldron where the horn of the Shamanless Dragon was boiling.

And another month passed.

The fire that had been burning white for the past ten months was finally extinguished.

“Oh oh! Is this it?”

“What a strange sight!”

Everyone was amazed.

Jeong Gwang also looked into the pot with a satisfied face… … .

I tilted my head.


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