Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 19

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Episode 19

Like boiling beef bones

Jeong Gwang chuckled and struck the Mugak Serpent with his sword.

“Are you crazy? it’s crazy? “Are you crazy?”

bang! Quang! Kwazijic!


The Shamanless Dragon let out a miserable scream and regretted it belatedly.

What a foolish thing!

You’re attacking this monster!

As Jeong Gwang said, it was clear that he went crazy for a while!

But wait a minute.

Is it better than before?


The swordless dragon fought back bravely.

But the concentration was too fast.

It was flashing here and there, leaving afterimages, but I couldn’t catch it.

“It’s loud, man. whatever.”

Jeong Gwang chopped up the Armless Snake Dragon with his sword.

The armless snake, which had been stubbornly resisting for nearly a day, could not stand it anymore and coiled itself.


As the spiritual power was raised, the scales grew and thickly covered the huge body.

Truly the strongest defense machine in spiritual logistics!

Jeong Gwang put his sword into its scabbard with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

“Then you think it won’t hurt?”

I started beating with both hands.

Instead of a metallic sound like when struck with a sword, a dull sound rang out.

Boom! Tooung! Throw in!


The faceless snake was on the verge of going crazy.

Thanks to the hard scales, the sword was able to withstand, but the penetrating force that penetrated the scales was truly unbearable.

I’m racking my brain because I don’t think I’ll be able to go long if I keep going like this.

“Oh, it’s hard.”

Jeong Gwang jumped back and sat cross-legged.

And then I went to have a fortune-telling breakfast.

The Shamanless Dragon watched for a while without letting his guard down.

Jeong Gwang was just breathing, not moving at all.


The shapeless snake quickly unwound its coils and attacked Jeong Gwang.

If you are an ordinary warrior, you have no choice but to get into a situation because you are in the middle of a bad luck situation. Even if you stop in a hurry, you are bound to suffer severe internal injuries.

But who was Jeong Gwang?

It is a state of martial arts that begins when the will is made and can be stopped when the heart desires.

His body disappeared.

A little while later, he was sitting somewhere else, eating his fortune-telling breakfast.

The Mugak Death Dragon chased after it again, but Jeong Gwang kept avoiding it, using his fortune to get the chance.

And once my strength was restored to some extent,

Papa pap papang!


I started defeating the Armless Dragon again.

Jeong Gwang was skilled.

When you get tired of hitting, you get lucky, and when you get attacked, dodge and gather strength, and then fight again.

This type of battle was repeated.

The faceless dragon’s eyes were bloodshot.

This guy is clearly out of energy!

Just this once!

Papa pap papang!


Just this once!



The faceless snake was on the verge of going crazy.

All you have to do is brush your teeth!

Then you can melt it with poison!

why! why! why!

… … Isn’t it grazing?

Even if Jeong Gwang allowed other attacks, he was dodging the fangs like a ghost.

Another day passed like this.

In the end, the Mugak Death Dragon, whose body and mind were completely ruined, knelt down… … There was no way to try, so I put his head down on the sand.



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Complete obedience.

This was the attitude taken by Jeong Gwang in the past.

“It will happen a long time ago. “You just sweated for no reason.”

Jeong Gwang increased his internal strength.

I will turn your brain into mush using the method of the mountain tau.

I slowly extend my hand,


I saw blood dripping from my hand.

‘… … Do I bleed? ‘You’re hurt?’

How long has it been since this happened?

When I looked at my body, I saw that my clothes had long since become tattered, and that it was full of tears, cuts, and black bruises.

Jeong Gwang felt a feeling of ‘embarrassment’ that he had forgotten for a long time.

‘This really doesn’t feel like the old days.’

This is what happens when you catch a snake.

What if you meet the right warrior?

By his standards, there weren’t many proper warriors, but there were some anyway.

I felt a little cold.

‘But I don’t want to be stuck in Kunlun until I complete my martial arts skills.’

There was a way.

Right in front of you.

The knowledge in my head came to mind.

‘It would be more effective if it was taken out alive.’

Jeong Gwang made up his mind.

“You don’t want to die, right?”

“… … “Kyuunung.”

“crazy. “How can this be so cute?”

“… … .”

Jeong Gwang drew his sword again.

Internal energy formed in the sword body and gave off a cold light.

“If you want to live, stick out your chest.”

“… … ?”

“Please take my inner dan (內丹). “Just half.”

“… … !”

It was something that could not be accepted by the Armless Death Dragon.

How did you cultivate it through training?

Does it make any sense to put that out there?

No, it wasn’t some kind of dumpling, and if I cut it in half, I might die!

The hornless snake resisted fiercely,

Of course, it was crushed violently.

“don’t worry. “I’m not going to die, so just stay still.”

“Stick… … .”

Jeong Gwang put all his strength into his sword and cut the body of the Mugak Death Dragon as if sawing it.

The hornless snake let out a terrible scream, but it had no power to move, so its body was torn apart.

“what? “Isn’t it here?”

It wasn’t Jeong Gwang’s fault.

How would you know where the chest is on such a long snake’s body?

After several attempts, Jeong Gwang finally succeeded in cutting open the chest.

To be precise, when I split it open, it was a chest.

Without hesitation, Jeong Gwang cut the inner bundle, which was the size of a child’s head, in half and took it out.


“good. “It’s fresh.”

Jeong Gwang, who was turning the inner altar around, smiled in satisfaction.

It was of no use to him in his previous life, but he needs it now. We now have an internal injury medicine that is one of the most valuable medicines in the world.

At this time, the Mugak Death Dragon was rolling around on the floor and screaming, and Jeong Gwang’s eyes widened slightly when he saw that.

“uh? “Are you really not dead?”

“… … !”

The hornless dragon’s screams suddenly stopped.

what? Are you really not dead?

Doesn’t that mean he thought he would die if he cut off the inner hem?

I felt sad rather than angry.

What on earth did I do wrong to have to end up like this?

I was just shedding tears, but Jeong Gwang gave me a good word.

“Cultivate diligently and grow your inner circle. That way, I can take it again later.”

What a vicious guy!

“ah. How many hundreds of years will have to pass? Should I just kill him?”

This bastard is real!

The Shamanless Dragon responded coolly.

He cut off his own tail with blinding speed. She held it in her mouth and held it out politely.

It was as if the evildoers of the black society were swearing loyalty by cutting off their own fingers.

“Oh oh. Could you have cut it yourself? “It’s a lizard, not a snake?”

Even though he had to get angry at people disparaging him as a mere creature, a spirit among spirits, the Mugak Death Dragon was still polite.

It was because I keenly felt Jeong Gwang’s shitty personality.

I knew it.

“But is it too short?”

The Shamanless Dragon swallowed his tears and cut off another piece.

It was an action quick enough for anyone to recognize his sincerity.

Except Jeong Gwang.

“If you cut it down, it will grow back.”

The Armless Death Dragon shouted with his soul.

Since I don’t have hands or feet, there’s no other place to cut them!

Please trust me and I will be loyal!

Jeong Gwang thought for a moment.

Is there any use for this guy?

‘Should I move him to Kunlun and have him guard Iljumun?’


There is no way that a guy who lived in the hot desert taking sand baths could withstand the bitter cold of Kunlun.

‘Are you telling me to make money?’


Is there any way something like that is possible?

Jeong Gwang shook his head.

‘Well, there are all these useless people.’

It would be best to leave it alone and then take it out again.

‘To do that… … .’

It would be foolish to let it go like this. He looked into the armless dragon’s yellow eyes. His will entered his mind through his eyes.

Demonic soul magic!

Although it was not enough to subdue the spirit of the spirit creature, the Horned Dragon, it was enough to warn him.


The hornless snake trembled and hit its head on the ground.

Jeong Gwang looked at that and smiled whitely.

-Good luck in the future.

* * *

Because the battle had been fierce for a long time, Jeong Gwang’s fortune was long.

It was only after a full day that he regained his original strength and opened his eyes.

The Baekga Sangdan warriors passing by on the street formed a circle around him, keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings.

It was meaningless, but I felt my heart for him.

Jeong Gwang, who already knew, slowly stood up and shook his butt.

Heo Yeo-min and Baek Jin-hwan, who saw this, rushed over.


“Are you okay?”


The couple looked relieved.

“iced coffee. thank god.”

“however… … “What is that?”

Jeong Gwang saw Baek Jin-Hwan pointing carefully.

They were two huge tails left behind by a hornless snake.

“ah. “A lizard’s tail.”

“… … lizard?”


Baek Jin-hwan hesitated, then swallowed his saliva and asked.

“It’s that size in this desert. “I think it’s the tail of the legendary two-headed dragon.”

“What is the legend? “It’s a lizard.”

Doesn’t that mean it’s a two-headed dragon?

Baek Jin-hwan and Heo Yeo-min looked at each other in shock.

It actually existed!

No, how do you do that?

They were even more surprised by Jeong Gwang’s next words.

“Do you want it?”

of course.

Who would refuse that precious thing?

But even if I wanted it, there was no way I would give it to you… … .

“Then take it. “You had a hard time feeding me in the past.”

“… … yes?”

In addition to the horse, Jeong Gwang threw two chunks of the tail of the razor-sharp dragon at the feet of Baek Jin-hwan and his wife.

Truly amazing!

“I’m going.”

Jeong Gwang’s body disappeared.

Surprised, Baek Jin-hwan and his wife looked around and saw that they had disappeared into a dot in the distance.

Baek Jin-hwan, who was looking at the armless dragon’s tail with trembling eyes, carefully touched its scales.

Surprisingly, it was very thin, but its hardness and coolness made it worthy of being called a piece of heaven.

Several thoughts came and went in his head.

He told it to Heo Yeo-min.

“ah. “That’s a good idea.”

“I’m glad you think the same. With this, we will be able to raise our family to the rock.”

Heo Yeo-min muttered, remembering Jeong-gwang’s wounded body.

“I can give you a gift that will be helpful to you, too.”

“haha. “What a happy day this is.”

“Above… … .”

“ma’am… … .”

The couple looked at each other and smiled.

And held both hands.

The top dancers, who had been surprised by the unexpected surprise, once again lost their expressions.

They were a couple whose love grew over a long period of time.

* * *

Zheng Guang ran towards Kunlun at incredible speed.

But it has to be a bit far.

Even after leaving the desert, the sun and moon changed several times before I was able to arrive at Kunlun Mountain.

Jeonghyeon, who was standing in front of Iljumun, forced his tired face to open, and his eyes widened.

“Oh, you’re the youngest!”

“execution! “How have you been?”

“Yes, yes! how… … huh?”

The light passed him like the wind and disappeared inside.

And while I was on my way to Jang Mun-in’s residence, I ran into Jang Mun-in who was coming out.

“Long sentence Sasukjo!”

“ah! “It’s concentration!”

Jang Moon-in’s eyes, which were happy to see him, wavered.

Sason, whom I cherished and cherished, returned as a beggar.

The countless wounds visible through the tattered clothes broke his heart.

What on earth have you been through?

I was trying to take a quick look, but the concentrate was faster.

“How are you Sajo?”

“Every time he is awake for one hour a day, he is holding on by moving the energy you planted in him.”

“You mean they’re the same?”


“all right. “For now, I’ll get some sleep.”

“… … “What?”

Jeong Gwang’s body was already running towards his place.

When he arrived at his room, he fell flat on his bed.

How could it be this warm and comfortable?

Jeong Gwang fell asleep just like that.

It was a long nap.

Jeong-gwang, who opened his eyes a day later, kicked out the door and ran to Un-yeon.


“ah! “Are you awake?”

Unyeon, who was appreciative, looked at Jeong Gwang’s body.

His expression darkened.

Isn’t it clear that, as I heard from Jangmun, he was covered in scars and had suffered greatly?

When he was about to ask what was going on, Jeong Gwang held out a huge horn.

Unyeon’s eyes widened as if torn.

“This, this!”

“It’s the main ingredient of Banseondan.”

“There really was a bivalve dragon!”

“huh? “You didn’t believe me?”

“Well, it’s more surprising than that… … .”

Unyeon quickly turned her head and came to her senses.

The young Sason had to risk his life to refine the ingredients he brought!

“Good job! “What should I do?”

Jeong Gwang explained to Unyeon who asked solemnly.

“You have to boil it in a big pot and make the soup.”

“… … Gu, soup?”

“yes. “For a long time, like boiling beef bones.”

Unyeon opened her mouth wide.

Does this make any sense?

How can you make soup with the horns of such a spirit creature as if you were boiling beef bones!

But Unyeon was a man worthy of a Taoist monk.

‘Muryangsubul. ‘I still have a long way to go to doubt Jeonggwang.’

He calmed his shaking heart with a strong sense of steadfastness and then asked.

“Okay, how long can I boil it?”

“hmm. “About ten months?”

“… … Hours, ten months?”


Jeong Gwang added.

“It’s boiling water.”

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