Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 149

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Episode 149

Then it won’t work

It was not a short distance from Nanyang, Henan Province, where the Murim Alliance was located, to Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi Province.

Even though it took a long time to go, it was more than a thousand miles, but Jeong Gwang had a leisurely pace.

No, it was overflowing.

When he got tired of walking and looking at the surrounding scenery, he lay down on the roof of the carriage carrying his wealth.

He slowly takes out the beef jerky and chews it, and it looks so natural.

In the meantime, he didn’t forget to hit Baek Seung-mu, who was driving the carriage.

“Priests. What if the son of a man at the top can’t even drive a carriage properly? “It shakes too much.”

“I was mainly responsible for riding inside… … .”

“ah. You’ve grown up beautifully. “It looks like you pampered her in a way that’s not typical of a nanny.”

Baek Seung-moo laughed.

How long have you been with Jeong Gwang? I knew he was doing this because he was bored.

So I sent a message.

-execution. I think you’re bored. Would you like a bottle of alcohol?

-After all, he is a priest. When you become a member of a caravan, you should understand people’s feelings and not worry about trivial things like carriages.

At that time, Jeongwoo, who was walking next to me, intervened.

“Priests. It seems like it’s going too slowly. “Shouldn’t we hurry up a bit?”

“I don’t know about other places, but Shaanxi is okay.”

“Because the two sides are not actually fighting, but are fighting for interests while protecting legal lines?”


“Since Maeng sent a message in advance, he will be waiting for you in Hwasan and Jongnam.”

“You probably don’t expect much from us.”

“… … “I guess so.”

It was Hwasan and Jongnam who had maintained the position of the Old Daemun faction for hundreds of years.

At a time when they are struggling too, what on earth could they expect from a dozen later leaders coming as reinforcements?

No, everything the leader of the reinforcements did was a passion that caused a storm, so he might have felt better not to have come.

“okay. “Do as you wish.”

“But what you said is also true.”

“… … ?”

“Don’t just play around and do what you have to do. Tskcha.”

Jeong Gwang jumped off the roof of the carriage.

He got down to the floor and continued speaking with a serious face.

“Speaking of which, I guess I should get started soon. “Zhao.”

“Yes, Jinokryong.”

“Please scout for me. “So that we can reach Xi’an in the best possible condition.”

“All right.”

“Jeonghyeon’s death penalty.”

“huh? me?”

Jeong Gwang gave the puzzled man a mission.

“yes. “Please take charge of scouting with Zhao.”

“… … !”

The Bloodless members looked at Jeong Hyeon with pitiful eyes.

Scouting with Zao.

Is that what people do?

But Jeonghyeon was different.

To him, who was very curious, Zhao was a very interesting person.

Both my background and my experience.

He is a storyteller who can tell a lot of interesting stories as long as he interrupts the conversation.

“good. “It will be fun.”

“… … !”

All of the Bloodless members were surprised.

In particular, Zhao was beyond surprised and was heartbroken.

“… … Jeonghyeon Dojang. thanks… … .”

“haha. It’s a seal. “Please just call me Jeonghyeon.”

“but… … .”

“ruler. “Let’s go now.”

“Oh, I understand.”

The two people used light techniques and disappeared in an instant.

Yu Jeongpung, who was watching the scene, muttered in admiration.

“Speaking of the Zao Grand Gorge. “Kunlun’s light engineering techniques are truly unrivaled.”

At that moment, Zheng Guang, also a disciple of Kunlun, unfolded the divine law and climbed onto the roof of the carriage.

And then I lay down again.

“… … cadet. “What should we do?”

Jeong Gwang responded to Yoo Jeong-pung’s words.

“Just walk, eat, and sleep.”

I asked what he meant.

The bloodless group really ended up doing that.


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After walking for a while, when I got hungry, Zhao and Jeonghyeon were waiting for me at the most reputable spot in the area.

It’s a great place to enjoy a meal and walk around.

When I woke up and walked, I ended up going to another delicious spot.

‘Isn’t this going too comfortably?’

Did he know the hearts of the Bloodless members?

Jeong Gwang gave me a chance to make a little effort.

They punished gangsters who often misbehaved in the market or other places.

It was a bonus to give well wishes to grateful grassroots people.

In this way, the bloodless group crossed Henan Province and entered Shaanxi Province.

Their reputation among the grassroots grew.

It is said that rumors travel faster than a horse.

When they finally arrived in Xi’an, Hwasan and Jongnam were not the only ones who greeted the bloodless group.

Many grassroots people gathered to welcome them.

* * *

Volcanic Sect disciple Sangwon gaped.

‘I can’t believe so many people gathered together…’ … .’

Don’t many people, regardless of gender or age, welcome the Bloodless Group?

In particular, the cheers for Jeong Gwang were overwhelming.

When I saw that, I felt bitter.

‘I can’t tell whether this is Shaanxi or Qinghai.’

Shaanxi Province is the homeland of the Huashan faction.

The grassroots have never reacted like that to a volcanic wave.

At least that’s what the Senate knew.

‘But it’s still cheap.’

Although he was often criticized for being insensitive, I knew what he knew.

Hwasan was not acting like a Taoist, but rather like a Bangpa pursuing worldly gain.

Why would the grassroots welcome them like that?

‘but… … .’

I felt that way when I met him before, but Kunlun was different.

‘It truly deserved to be called the Tao Gate.’

A monk who does not strive for his own advancement, but embraces the difficulties of the world.

The countless rumors I heard proved that fact.

And among them, Jinokryong was a special being.

‘He is a Taoist who acts cooperatively without caring about his own reputation… … .’

From the distant Qinghai Province to the nearby Shanxi Province.

The things Jeong Gwang did while traveling through those places were being talked about even in Shaanxi Province.

‘But I don’t think about getting close to him and I don’t know what he’s doing.’

It was a volcano that drank water while pushing Namgunghwain as the leader of the Murim.

Everyone knew that Jeong Gwang contributed greatly to Peng Su-gwan’s rise to the leader position.

The elders of Hwasan, who did not like the concentrate, had box ships like him welcome the bloodless group.

There were other reasons for the poor treatment, but no one spoke out loud.

And of course, no one came forward from the box boat.

Except for one senator who is both dirty and clueless.

As always, these unprofitable tasks were his job.

‘I didn’t say anything wrong… … .’

Even though the distribution was the same, I was criticized for saying that it would be rude to welcome someone who came to help with a double share of food.

As I thought about the past, tears came to my eyes from sadness.

‘Damn it. Sangwon, you can’t cry. ‘They’re really old people like that.’

Anyway, it’s all in the past.

I had to say hello.

When I turned my head, I saw Wooman, who was representing Jongnam, clearly looking reluctant.

‘Then I too… … .’

As I was trying to approach Jeong Gwang, something unexpected happened.

Jeong Gwang, who had been talking about something with the grassroots earlier, began to move his steps.

The bloodless group followed suit.

The same was true for the grassroots.

‘… … ‘Where are we going?’

There are too many people to approach Jeong Gwang.

The Senate followed them, leading the priests.

While suppressing my growing curiosity.

And the place we arrived at was a decent-sized market.

‘… … ‘Why here?’

Suddenly, some of the rumors I had heard so far came to mind.

‘Seo, really?’

It was right.

The bloodless group began to beat up men who appeared to be delinquent.

They were all black thieves who harassed market merchants.

“What all of a sudden!”

Bewildered by the unexpected situation, Wooman of the Jongnam faction raised his strength and shouted.

“Jinokryong! “What are you doing now?”

Jeong Gwang answered as if asking why he was asking such an obvious question.

“Many people have asked me to do this together.”

“Stop right now!”


“Yeah… … .”

Uman barely swallowed his words.

It was because the atmosphere was unusual.

The common people were looking at him with cold eyes.

Even whispering sounds!

“Why are you stopping someone who is collaborating?”

“Why would that be? “It’s Jongnam’s sphere of influence, so don’t step forward.”

“Wow. Then, would they cooperate directly?”

“Yekki. “I wonder if precious people would even care about a place like this.”

As Uman’s face turned red, the people who were whispering were stung.

Jeong Gwang, who saw that, asked with a puzzled expression on his face.

“hey. Jongnam Dou (道友).”

“… … “Tell me.”

“Why are you scaring innocent and good people?”

“… … When did I… … .”

“I guess. “You’re still doing that now.”

“… … Whoa… … .”

Uman sighed and unconsciously released his clenched fists.

“Infinite Buddha. “Surely I would do that?”

“uh? You were clearly angry, weren’t you? “Everyone saw it, right?”

Uman rolled his eyes and scanned people’s faces.

Everyone seemed to agree that what Jeong Gwang had said was correct.

‘What is it?’

Saying no would only end up looking ridiculous.

Uman responded with a moment of wit.

“Actually, it’s true that I’m angry.”


“But don’t misunderstand the subject. “The only thing that happened was that he was angry at the black thieves who were harassing innocent people.”

“ah. is it so?”


“then… … .”

Wooman’s face, who had been satisfied with giving a reasonable answer to Jeong Gwang’s next words, turned white.

“Let’s catch it together.”

“… … !”

“Immense Buddha! Could everyone please clear the way! Jongnam’s charlatan says he will beat up the evildoers!”

How can one escape from a situation like this?

It was Uman who was already on the back of the tiger.

In order for this to happen, it was necessary to show Jongnam’s agreement to the grassroots.

‘It’s different from the Shanxi branch of Sima Lian. Those guys from the Shaanxi branch don’t touch the black island. ‘If you catch a few bad guys, there won’t be any problems.’

After putting on the mask of a thief, Uman shook off his anger and stood up.

“Jongnam is a Taoist and a member of a clan that practices tyranny! “I didn’t know the situation here, but now that I know, I will punish the wicked!”

Jeong Gwang, who was watching, laughed to himself.

‘It’s late, man.’

The reaction of the grassroots was cold.

They were people who were as quick-witted as they were powerless.

Why don’t you know that this is happening because Uman pushed his back?

‘I established a cause and took the initiative.’

It was rewarding to travel from Henam Province to here.

Since he has gained the support of the grassroots of Xi’an, whatever he does in the future will be seen as a charlatan act.

Jong-nam, who gave a bad impression to the grassroots, will find it difficult to put a stop to Jeong-gwang’s work.

‘Then let’s try bringing in the volcano as well.’

There was a face I had seen before.

Jeong Gwang shouted to the Senate.

“Will the Volcano Sect helpers also join us?”

“… … !”

The audience’s attention was focused on the Hwasan Sect disciples, including Sangwon.

“uh? no? “Then I’m disappointed.”

Contrary to Jeong Gwang’s words, people’s gazes began to show not only disappointment but even hostility.

The Senate, which had been silent, opened its mouth with difficulty.

“Infinite Buddha. “It’s impossible.”

“… … !”

The common people, Umando, and even Jeonggwang were surprised.


The Senate responded with a gloomy face.

“I’m embarrassed to come forward now about something I’ve been ignoring until now.”

“and. “Aren’t you more ashamed of what you just said?”

“It’s true, but what can I do?”

“… … .”

He threw his arms around Jeong Gwang.

“Hwasan’s disciple Sangwon, thanks to Jinokryong, my eyes were opened. I will clearly see your cooperation and go back and report it to the elders here. “There is a volcano in Shaanxi Province, so why does someone from outside have to cooperate with us?”

After finishing speaking, he let out a deep sigh.

My heart was extremely tight.

‘We should not only seek worldly benefits, but help those in need… … .’

I didn’t climb the volcano for that.

What he wanted was a volcano worthy of a Taoist and a thief.

Meanwhile, Jeong Gwang was becoming interested in Sangwon.

‘He’s a fun guy.’

I wonder if he will become a future charlatan with depression.

It was a type of guy I had never seen before.

‘It’s a hundred times better than those who only act like a cooperative on the outside.’

How about embroidering a plum blossom on your sleeve?

If you have a hot chest, you’re a man.

Jeong Gwang suggested with a satisfied look on his face.

“Let’s eat together.”

“… … rice?”

“yes. “Later.”

Jeong Gwang turned his gaze to Woo Man.

Uman was harmed once by Jeonggwang and twice by Sangwon.

While I was gritting my teeth, I heard Jeong Gwang’s voice.

“Jongnam Do-nim. “Isn’t Jongnam’s power greater in Xi’an?”

Seo-an and Jong-nam had no choice but to do so because they were just a stone’s throw away.

“But why have you pretended not to have seen the Black Island’s actions until now?”

“… … “I never pretended not to see it.”

“ah. “Then you didn’t know because you didn’t have the ability.”

“… … !”

Uman was in a dilemma.

I drank water three times.

The concentration did not stop there.

“no way. It can’t possibly be like that. “He is the best son of the world.”

“… … .”

“what? “Then it doesn’t make sense?”

“… … .”

“Well, let’s put the past aside. “Let’s try our best to cooperate today.”

Unfortunately, Uman didn’t even have that opportunity.

The bloodless group defeated the black thieves at a blinding speed.

Uman and Jongnam’s disciples had a hard time following the bloodless group.

The day Jeong Gwang arrived in Xi’an leading the bloodless group.

In less than half a day, six large and small black swords flew away.

“Jongnam Do-nim. Thanks for your efforts.”

“omg. Wow… … .”

“See you again then.”

“omg. omg. omg… … .”

As Jeong Gwang tried to take a step, Woo Man barely caught his breath and opened his mouth.

“What do you mean? Bloodless group is a guest of the main text and volcano. “I’ve set up a place for you.”

“Where is it?”

“I borrowed a guesthouse nearby.”

Jeong Gwang turned his gaze and looked at Sangwon.

“Is this the place you stayed before? “It is said to be run by the Hwasan clan.”

The Senate’s face became red.

“Well, it’s not there, it’s somewhere else.”

“uh? why?”

“Well, that is…” … .”

“ah. “It looks like it was stolen by Sima Lian.”

“… … “That’s right.”

“Infinite Buddha. I will at least hold a ritual for the guests. But is the place we caught this time better than that one?”

“Rain, it seems similar.”

“Then that won’t work.”

“… … ?”

Jeong Gwang ruled over Sangwon and Uman.

“I have a place in mind in advance. “I will stay there and come visit you when I need you.”

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