Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 14

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Episode 14

an unexpected talent

The area around Unhu’s residence was crowded with numerous Taoist monks.

He was a great adult and spiritual leader of Kunlun. There was no one who did not receive his care and no one who did not depend on him, so all disciples gathered together.

“Master. “What should I do with this?”

As the young master Jeong Ja-bae shed tears, his master, Master Heo Ja-bae, also sighed in regret.

“We were too indifferent. “I should have at least continued to interrogate him.”

Another middle-aged Taoist comforted him.

“Priests. Don’t worry too much. “You will shake it off and wake up soon.”

“I believe so too.”

The young Taoist’s eyes sparkled.

“Is that so? “The Four Hundred Birds will definitely say that, right?”

“cancer. “Of course.”

Heo Ja-bae was also full of worries, but he tried to pretend to be calm and gave hope to Jeong Ja-bae’s disciples.

But old Unza Bae was different.

‘Muryangsubul. You are leaving after all.’

‘haha. I thought he would be like a fable, but it seems like even the death penalty was a human being in the end.’

Since it was time to go, I had no choice but to let it go like this.

Because Unhu’s dantian was broken, he was worse than an old man who did not know martial arts. Wasn’t it thanks to his extreme Tao that he was able to live so far in such a body?

They, too, will soon follow in his footsteps, so they mutter to themselves with a bitter face… … .

“Please get out of the way! “It’s urgent!”

Someone’s shout broke the atmosphere of anxiety and sadness.

Everyone turned their heads in surprise and saw Heo Cheong holding Jeong Gwang’s wrist and running like crazy.

Heat bloomed in the eyes of Jeong Ja-bae and Heo Ja-bae.

The hope was that if it was Jeong Gwang, if it was Jeong Gwang who was changing Kunlun, he might be able to save Unhu.

Only Cunja Bae shook his head inwardly.

‘It’s not something that can be called a concentrate.’

‘Even if you use the Taegeuk Rejuvenation New Technique as an expedient method, the death penalty will be of no use as the dantian will be destroyed.’

Heo Cheong and Jeong Gwang ran between them and entered Unhu’s quarters.

There were three people in a small, simple room.

It was Un-hu lying with a pale face without any blood, Un-yeon holding his wrist and feeling exhausted, and Jang Mun-in quietly closing his eyes and reciting the Dogyeong.


Heo Cheong shouted, but Un-yeon and Jang Mun-in showed no particular reaction.

Only Unhu smiled.

“It’s late at night, why did you come?”

“The disciple brought Jeong Gwang. If it’s concentration, Master… … .”

“haha. I just did my best. “It’s just following nature.”

“How can you say that? “Master, you will soon wake up with a rectified body.”

“guy. Why is a Taoist so greedy? … Cough. Cough.”

Jeong Gwang stared at Unhu, who was coughing bitterly.

I wasn’t this weak.

It seems like just yesterday that you were holding me and walking around the vast Kunlun area and talking about various things.

It felt a little strange because it was so different from the happy image I had seen in my dream.

‘But the look in your eyes is still the same.’

There was no fear, only kindness.

Jeong Gwang’s father, who was the most generous person in the world, was afraid at the last moment.

Even the strongest spirit in the world died with a sad heart.

But Unhu was different.

I can’t believe he was this aloof until the very end.

It was really like him… … .

‘It doesn’t suit me.’

If that’s the case, shouldn’t it be at least a fable?

At that time, Unhu’s mouth opened.

“Jeong Gwang-ah.”

“yes. Sajo.”

“It’s about time, so don’t be sad.”

“I’m not sad.”

“ha ha ha. okay. That’s how you are. Hehehe. Cough. Cough.”

Unyeon and Jang Mun-in instilled genuine energy into him who was in pain while laughing.

He then sent a message to Heo Cheong and Jeong Gwang.

-The death penalty cannot be held for long.

-If you don’t want to leave behind regrets, say what you have to say quickly.

Heo Qing opened his mouth with red eyes. Unless it had to do with his student Jeong Gwang, he was calm, but he could not speak properly.

“I have a lot to say to Master… … The disciple was indifferent and said… … ”

“haha. I thought he was all grown up, but he still looks like a kid. You have nothing to worry about. “You have grown well and will continue to do well.”

Unhu’s gaze turned to Jeong Gwang. He stared for a while and smiled faintly.

“Okay, is there anything uncomfortable?”

Jeong Gwang laughed without realizing it.


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Isn’t it truly Unhu-like to think of others even the moment you leave?

“Not much.”

“haha. yes. “Even if there are things I don’t like, there are a lot of good things about it, so it’s worth staying with.”

“What about Sajo?”

“huh? Huh. This was a hit. “What about me?”

After thinking for a moment, he weakly nodded.

“It’s the same. “I also have some regrets.”

“ha ha ha.”

“Huh. “Why are you smiling again?”

“I know that Master Sajo is ultimately just an ordinary person.”

“this. What have you seen so far? He’s just an old monk. “Hehehe.”

Unhu laughed for a while and stared at Jeong Gwang. His gaze seemed to be looking not at the future, but at the future.

“I also have greed. “I wanted to see dragons flying from Kunlun again.”

“no way. That was it? “If you wait, I can show you.”

“Huh. Damn you, you bastard. “Are you telling me to live a few more decades?”

“It’s not. hmm. “It will take a year.”

Not only Unhu, but everyone in the room looked dumbfounded.

The sight of a flying dragon refers to the divine power shown by the founder of the Gae faction when he exploded the Changryonghu.

No matter how concentrated it is, getting to that level in just one year… … .

wait for a sec.

Everyone tilted their heads.

What is the level of concentration now?

Is this really a high level that can be reached in just a year?

After a while, everyone except Jeong Gwang shook their heads and said the same thing.

“That can’t be possible.”


Unhu spoke on behalf of the group.

“haha. Yes, I’m looking forward to the next year. “You can take care of it yourself, but always respect your body.”

“Is it really possible?”

“Heulheul.” “Yes, yes.”

“Because it’s real.”

“Heulheul.” Yes, I know.”

Jeong Gwang was dumbfounded.

Anyone can see that they are embracing their young grandchildren.

Why doesn’t a person who is quite a Taoist believe what other people say?

What a difficult thing that is.

No, one year may be a little tight, but I really can do it.

“I don’t think you believe me.”

“Huh. Did it look like that?”

His expression and tone seemed like he was worried that Jeong-gwang might have been hurt, but his complexion was truly dangerous.

Jeong Gwang felt a strange feeling.

I felt like something was being taken away from me.

He was a taker, not a taker.

“Just see it with your own eyes.”

“haha. Yes, yes. With your own eyes… … huh?”

Suddenly, Jeong Gwang placed his hands on Unhu’s lower abdomen.

“What are you doing?”

“Well, it’s useless to look at it. “I will send you off in peace.”

Unyeon and Jang Mun-in scolded him, but Jeong Gwang didn’t even listen.

Instead, it infused it with charm.


“Huh… … .”

Unhu’s expression became a little more relaxed.

But it wasn’t his heart.

“There is no need for this. “When the time is right, it is natural to go.”

“It’s natural for me to do what I want.”

“Huh. How can you say such a thing? “That’s a bad idea.”

“That is to do as Master Sajo wished.”

“… … ?”

“Don’t you remember what you said to me on the day I became your disciple and your son-in-law?”

“What on earth are you talking about…?” … ah!”

Unhu’s eyes widened.

The words he muttered a long time ago while holding Jeong Gwang in his arms came back to me clearly.

‘Grow up properly.’

‘haha. Boy, what a surprise. ‘Is this too much to ask?’

‘okay. I was too greedy. ‘Everyone has different standards, but it’s really difficult to be right.’

‘Please correct me. Become a person who sticks to what you believe is right until the end.’


Unhu couldn’t understand.

It happened when you weren’t even 1 year old, but do you remember that?

After listening to what Jeong Gwang said next, it was true.

“As you said, I will do what I believe is right.”

“what… … ?”

“It may be a little painful, but bear with it.”

“Pain? how… … Ugh!”

Zheng Guang’s two hands glowed, and a huge amount of true energy engulfed Unhu’s body.

At the same time, the sound of Jeonggwang was heard in the minds of Unyeon and Jang Munin.

-Please keep adding excitement.

They were about to open their mouths in surprise, but nodded at Jeong Gwang’s serious expression.

I don’t know what happened, but I felt like I had to follow his words.


Jeong Gwang’s brows narrowed.

When I checked, I found that Unhu’s physical condition was worse than expected.

Even if the dantian was broken, the energy and energy of the whole body was damaged and the vitality was draining away.

Jeong Gwang quickly went through the knowledge in his head.

First of all, we need to keep Unhu’s spirit in check. I massaged my brain with a magic trick… … .


That’s something that controls people by distracting them from their senses, so you won’t be impressed at all if you see me becoming a dragon.

okay. Unhu is a Taoist among Taoist masters with high discipline, so he must be able to hold on to his spirit somehow.

Then, you have to trap the vitality in your body that is escaping… … .


Instead of trying to hold on to vitality that will disappear anyway, let’s get rid of it altogether.

I’m going to the Dark Soul Gangsi Refining Great Law.

There may be a little dirt on your soul, but that’s the extent of it, as you live in this world, it’s natural… … .

“Jeong Gwang-ah.”


“I want to go clean. “Stop letting go.”

“… … .”

Jeong Gwang sighed inwardly.

What kind of order is so difficult?

First of all, magic is excluded.

Then all that remains is Kunlun martial arts.

Jeong Gwang slowly used his true energy and observed the inside of Unhu.

“I heard you were a top expert in Kunlun a long time ago, so you were really strong?”

“What? Hehehe. Yes, I was a bit strong.”

“If you hadn’t broken your dantian, you would have been able to become a Taegeuk sword master.”

“this. How can you compare me to that old man? How dare I… … But what do you do with him?”

Jeong Gwang did not answer but was lost in thought.

Unhu had qualifications.

If he was treated cleanly and learned new Kunlun martial arts, he might one day become as strong as Taegeuk Swordsman.

Then, Jeong Gwang will be able to leave Kunlun without looking back with a peaceful mind.

good. It is to protect Kunlun for a long time.

For a very, very long time.

It would be better to become an immortal ghost and stick to Kunlun.

After making up his mind, Jeong Gwang forced Unhu to sit up.

Those who tried to dissuade him could not bear to say anything when they saw his confident eyes.

In fact, Jeong Gwang had no confidence.

‘Is it going to work? ‘You’ll find out when you try.’

There was a possibility that Unhu might die, but I didn’t care.

If things don’t go well and Unhu goes to the other world, wouldn’t he be able to boast that he was killed by Jincheonma when he meets Wonsei Cheonjon?

By pressing down with my hands, I put Unhu in a cross-legged position.

Then I looked into his eyes and spoke strongly.

“Don’t lose your mind.”

“What are you trying to do all of a sudden?”

“Please promise me first.”

Unhu couldn’t ignore Jeong Gwang’s hot eyes and heavy voice.

“Huh. “Yeah, sure.”

Jeong Gwang’s eyes turned to Unyeon and Jang Munin.

“You two, please show your true spirit to Sajo like before.”

“Ah, I understand.”

“You mean like this?”

“yes. “It’s just right.”

As things progressed unusually, Heo Cheong, who had been restless from earlier, intervened.

“Jeez, my disciple. I am?”

“Master, please just stay.”

“Ah, I understand.”

“ruler! “I’m leaving now!”

“… … what?”

While everyone was puzzled, Jeong Gwang stood in front of Unhu with his legs spread wide.

His clenched fist rose toward the ceiling.

People who saw it recalled similar scenes.

It was a demolition demonstration performed by medicine sellers on the market floor, stacking tiles.


‘No way.’

‘It doesn’t make sense.’



Jeonggwang’s fist, engulfed in hazy energy, struck Unhu’s Heavenly Spirit Gae with tremendous force.

To be precise, it was a vital point among vital points, the Baekhoehyeol (百匯穴) located in the center of the crown.


Woon-yeon, Jang Mun-in, and Heo-cheong, who were watching in despair, screamed as if they were torn apart,


Jeong Gwang’s fist hit Unhu’s Baekhoehyeol and was obscured by the huge explosion that erupted.

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