Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 137

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Episode 137

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Song Hoon’s doubts were natural.

They put the other Simalian warriors in a convoy carriage and left him alone to ride in such an expensive carriage.

That too along with the concentrate.

‘Political faction bastards. ‘What kind of trick are you trying to pull?’

But Jeong Gwang answered with an indifferent expression.

“I have a lot of baggage.”

“… … ?”

“If Saje, Zao, and I were all riding together, there wouldn’t be any room to breathe.”

“… … .”

It was only after a while that Song Hoon understood Jeong Gwang’s words.

“… … What I’m saying is that this carriage was too cramped to fit the money I had won at the local gambling establishments. So, did you put those two in different carriages with their wealth?”

“I’m going to steal it. “These are things that were earned fairly.”

Song Hoon glared at Jeong Gwang and opened his mouth.

“Then you can ride alone, why me?”

“It’s a courtesy.”

“… … “Honey?”

“You are the head of the Shanxi branch. He is the highest ranking of the Sima Lian warriors captured by the Murim League, but if you treat him vainly and talk about it, your political faction will lose face… … “You know, right?”

“… … “It was not your will, but Shakyamuni Buddha’s will.”

One corner of Song Hoon’s mouth rose.

It was because I was disgusted by the hypocrisy of political factions.

And there was also a mixture of ridicule towards Jeong Gwang.

“You are watching me.”


“ha ha ha. Considering your unruly nature, you would probably reject me because it’s annoying, but you’re following along well. Did Lord Shakyamuni even give you a gold orchid treasure?”

Jeong Gwang denied it with a straight face.

“no. “It’s a slip.”

“… … .”

“I’m already having trouble because my luggage is heavy, so why do I accept gold wonbo? “You seem to have poor judgment.”

“… … .”

Song Hoon didn’t even sigh.

I just closed my eyes because I didn’t want to deal with it anymore.

Jeong Gwang looked at him and laughed.

“No matter how many slips they gave me, I would have refused them if I didn’t want them.”

“… … No matter how much you gave me?”

“Let’s skip over the little things. “Now shall we talk about something important?”

Song Hoon opened his closed eyes.

A light colder than ice flashed in his eyes.

“No amount of torture in the world can open my mouth.”

Jeong Gwang also admitted it.

To some extent.

“I can open it, but I think it will take a while.”

“Try whatever you want.”

“no. “Why take the troublesome route instead of the easy route?”

“… … “The easy way?”


“… … “Are you trying to appease me now?”

Jeong Gwang gave an odd answer to Song Hoon’s angry question.

“Samalian (邪魔聯) is an organization created by the evil black men (邪黑盟) by gathering demons from the central plains.”

“… … ?”

“The Four Black Men (邪黑盟) were created by the Ssangsamun (雙邪門) by merging the forces of other four factions.”

“… … .”

“The core of Sima Lian is the Shusangsa Gate. “The current Lianjudo is the head of the Ssangsamun Gate.”

“Why are you talking about something that everyone knows?”

“Everyone knows what’s really important, but they’re missing it.”

Song Hoon closed his mouth and crossed his arms.

It means to say it once.

Jeong Gwang did not decline.

“The Sima Lian will disappear as soon as the Shuang Shi Gate is destroyed.

“… … “That’s a funny thing to say.”

“There’s no need to go all the way to Ssangsamun. “It would be okay if the strings disappeared.”

“… … “On what basis did you make that judgment?”

“Well, I heard it here and there, and I also heard it from Zhao.”

“… … It gets funnier. “Tell me in detail.”

“ah. It’s a bit of a long story. “Maybe Zhao should have just burned it.”

Jeong Gwang made a sad expression and continued speaking.

“Saheukmaeng was created by Hyeon Ryeonju’s father. The current Lianju inherited it and raised it as Sima Lian. His disciples… … It’s getting too long, so I’m going to skip this. Anyway, a bloodline that is a union of numerous sects rules from generation to generation? “Isn’t this a little strange?”


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Most warriors have strong pride.

It means that you don’t want someone else standing on your head.

“Just look at the political factions that claim to have a family-like atmosphere. “A narrow-minded person cannot stand the idea of ​​his older brother or younger brother surpassing him and becoming the head of the family or the head of the family when it comes to execution, priesthood, or family.”

Examples include Yeongchuja of the Gongong faction and Peng Gangung of the Hebei Paeng family.

“But the four sects that have come together to take what belongs to others, and that kind of thing continues in the Four Horsemen formed by the four sects gathered together. There is a strong possibility that this will happen in the future.”

Song Hoon, who had been listening silently, said something.

“Sapa doesn’t just take things from others.”

“Are you talking about places like the Ghost Sword Society, a Buddhist monastic order, or the Zhejiang Song family, the branch leader’s family? yes. Still, they said it was better. But that’s what makes it even more of a problem.”

Sapa is largely divided into two categories.

A place where people who want to take what belongs to others gather together and form a place to protect their own interests.

In the latter case, there was no choice but to harm others to protect one’s own interests, but there was a clear difference from the former.

Here, the former was Ssangsamun, and the latter was Guidohoe and Zhejiang Songga.

“It makes no sense to live together when our personalities are so different. But do you do it from generation to generation? There must be so many complaints on both sides. ah. They even dragged in the demons, so there are three of them.”

In Song Hoon’s eyes, Lee Chae was young.

“Do the three groups look that different to you?”

“of course.”

“… … That’s fun. “All political factions see it the same way.”

“They… … That’s the problem with political factions. Why do I always have to take 50 steps and 100 steps? “The difference is almost twice that.”

“… … .”

“Anyway, the current leader would have had no choice but to engage in a fight with the political faction to vent internal discontent. “He may have his own ambitions, but it would be good to use up his enlarged power and take advantage of it.”

“Anyone with a brain knows this.”

When Song Hoon shook his head, Jeong Gwang shrugged his shoulders.

“Everyone knows this, but they’re missing something that’s really important.”

“As I said earlier, if you kill Yeonju, you can tear the original group apart, right?”

“no. Even if you have a little more brains, you know that. “There is a reason why I couldn’t do it, even though the branch leader and assistant leader knew about it.”

“… … .”

“first. “I don’t have the confidence to play the strings.”

Song Hoon looked displeased, but did not deny it.

Jeong Gwang smiled as if he knew that would happen.

“As expected, you have strong pride. Don’t tell lies that make you miserable. But did you really sell all the gambling halls?”

“… … .”

“You’re not.”

“… … !”

“yes. yes. Let’s skip that. second. If Ryeonju dies, there will be chaos, but it will be sorted out in the end, right? “Someone will get greedy.”

“… … .”

Those who want to take advantage of the alliance will unite by cajoling like-minded factions, and those who reject this will also form a group to fight back.

And no matter which side wins, they have no choice but to absorb the other party or their sphere of influence and become one again.

Then, as time goes by and internal dissatisfaction grows, you have to express your strength externally.

A vicious cycle continues.

Song Hoon opened his mouth with deeper eyes than before.

“What you’re saying doesn’t make sense at all. You said earlier that you could get rid of Sima Lian by just killing Lianju, but now it’s still the same? “What on earth do you want to say?”

“Same but different.”

“… … ?”

“I told you about 50 steps, 100 steps, right?”

“… … “Why is that?”

“We can’t destroy all the four factions in the world, so we have to choose the next best option. By killing Lian Ju, we will erase the current Sima Lian. “So that a new Sima Lian can be created.”

Song Hoon sighed.

I was very disappointed.

“… … “In the end, what I’m saying is to betray Ryeon.”

“When am I?”

“Isn’t that what you meant?”

Jeong Gwang protested with an absurd expression on his face.

“I’m going to kill you.”

“… … !”

“That’s why I’m asking you to do your best to clean things up.”

Song Hoon, who had his eyes wide open for a while, shook his head.

“You can’t kill him.”


“It’s no use telling me that. “I don’t have the capacity to do that.”

“Are you telling me to tell Bu Lianju directly? “I’m going to kill him too.”

“… … “I don’t know how you defeated him, but it seems so easy.”

“You will know that in the future. “You’re not going to tell the Murim Alliance about Yan’s information, are you?”

“Of course.”

“Please. “I don’t want to be ostracized by the Safa people when I organize the relationship later.”

Song Hoon closed his eyes without responding.

Because those words were so absurd.

‘If that’s really possible… … .’

These were absurdly outrageous words, but the person who said them was also absurdly strong.

As my mind became complicated, my forehead wrinkled.

Jeong Gwang looked at the wrinkles and then looked out the window.

As the carriage went faster, the scenery passed by as quickly.

‘Once the seed has been planted.’

The ways in which Song Hoon could be used were endless.

Since he was quite smart, he was easier to deal with.

‘Anyway, there’s a lot to do.’

With my current concentration, I can’t attack the Sima Lian Commandery and cut off Lian Zhou’s head.

In order to bring out Lian Zhou, the branches of Sima Lian had to be destroyed.

On top of that, I get to see nice places and eat delicious food.

A small smile appeared on Jeong Gwang’s lips.

* * *

As soon as Jeong Gwang arrived at the Murim Alliance, he heard a cruel nagging from Heo Cheong.

Of course, it was a nagging thought full of worry.

“I heard that you fought with that vicious man. “Are you really not hurt?”

No matter how vicious Gagyun is, there is no way he could be more vicious than Jeong Gwang.

“I heard you attacked Cheonrangdae? “They seem like vicious bastards, attacking one person in droves?”

In terms of viciousness, Jeonggwang was several steps ahead.

Heo Cheong sat Jeong Gwang and Baek Seung Moo down and made a fuss before asking them what else had happened.

Heo Qing’s mouth opened wider as he heard the two disciples’ answers.

“… … Disciple. Because of you, I don’t think this master will live long.”

As Heo Cheong spoke while clutching his chest, Jeong Gwang reprimanded Baek Seung Moo.

“Priests. You have to behave properly. “Master is having a hard time.”

“… … sorry.”

“Master. Did you hear? “Please just forgive me.”

He Qing looked at Jeong Gwang with a dumbfounded expression and sighed.

“Whoa. “I’m talking to you, not to the crew.”


“okay. “I didn’t do anything that went against moral principles, but it went too far.”

“Infinite Buddha. It was not against the law. “Wouldn’t that be enough?”

“I said there wasn’t much of a difference.”

“Wouldn’t it be okay to overlook small things?”

He Qing glared at Zheng Guang and then laughed.

“Still, since you are the death penalty, you have improved the reputation of Seungmu.”

“That’s the affection between priests.”

“But I heard a strange rumor. “I heard that the face of the man who accompanied the Golden Sword Association when it moved from the Murim Alliance to Hebei Province was not the most handsome man in the world.”

“Because everyone has different eyes.”

“Hey, you guy. “Didn’t you do it to make it easier to eat and drink?”

“Master. I have someone to introduce to you. They say Zao… … .”

“Because the wind is blowing, the sails are still turning. “Yeah, I guess I should meet him too.”

Zhao, who was outside, came in.

After exchanging greetings, He Qing looked at him with clear eyes.

“Zhao Grand Gorge. Tell it like it is. Only then can I help you.”

It was a mistake.

It was only after a long time had passed that Heo Qing was able to nod his head with a tired face.

“… … I understand everything. ah! It shouldn’t be like this. “Everyone must go see the leader.”

He Qing led his two disciples and Zhao to Peng Shuguan’s office.

Peng Su-gwan laughed and listened to Jeong Gwang and Baek Seung-moo’s story.

However, when he heard Zhao’s story, his complexion turned as white as He Qing.

“… … I understand perfectly. “There is no need to say any more.”

After sending Baek Seungmu and Zhao out, Peng Shuguan looked at Zheng Guang and He Qing in turn and said.

“I tell you to prepare a seat in the Senate immediately. He insisted on interrogating Song Hoon first. “I tried to postpone it for a little while, but there were too many people talking.”

Heo Qing nodded and Jeong Gwang smoothed his fists.

Peng Su-gwan and Heo Cheong were shocked when they saw this.


“yes? What?”

When Jeong Gwang asked curiously, the two people shouted at the same time.

“No way!”

The two people, who had been nagging for a while, pleaded with firm faces.

“Even if I look like this, I’m still a lord. “I’ll take care of it, so just be patient.”

“What the lord said is correct. Almost all the heads of each sect and family returned to their home base. “There is no such thing as a very difficult opponent.”

“Speaking of me, what about Zao?”

Peng Shuguan and He Qing looked at each other and nodded at the same time.

“I don’t think there will be any problem as expected.”

“That’s my opinion too.”

“yes. “Then I will.”

Peng Shu-gwan stood up and asked as if he remembered Heo-cheong.

“But I can’t see the Zhuge soldier.”

“ah. “Yesterday, something urgent came up and I went to Luoyang.”

“Huh. Is something big going on?”

“Not to that extent. “I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Thank goodness.”

Peng Shu-gwan and He Qing took Zheng Guang, Baek Seung-mu, and Zhao to the Senate.

The big hall was full of people.

Jeong Gwang read the mood of the crowd in an instant.

‘It’s about one-third each.’

One-third was friendly, one-third was hostile, and the rest was neither.

Of course, the hostile energy was from the Namgung family and the forces on their side.

As soon as they saw the concentrate, they questioned it.

The first thing that came out was his unbecoming Taoist behavior and rough hands, but there was no need for the sects who were friendly towards Jeong Gwang to help him.

It was neatly organized along the lines of heocheong.

“Jeong Gwang-eun is a disciple of the main text. “We will determine right from wrong in light of the text’s rules and then punish them.”

“But it’s not too bad! Rob bandits and rob gambling houses! “There are no such thing as thieves!”

Namgung Segaju’s younger brother Namgung Shin-geon stepped forward, but he was not Heo Cheong’s opponent.

“If you rob a thief, are you a thief? So, if you punish a wicked person, does that mean he is a wicked person?”

“… … Such sophistry… … .”

“What a sophistry. Even if you see something wrong, when will you cooperate if you consider how it will affect your reputation? Jeong Gwang came forward for the common people. Their praises prove that fact. “The only people who criticize Jeong Gwang are those who committed evil deeds and were punished, but since Nangong Daehyeop takes their side, does Daehyeop become a villain too?”

“Your words are harsh!”

“I will return it as is.”

“… … How could a disciple of a prestigious sect do something like that? … .”

“That is correct.”

“… … ?”

“It is a pity that among the numerous disciples of the prestigious political sect, there is no one who has done as much collaboration as my disciple.”

Some of those who were hostile to Jeong Gwang came forward again, but were crushed by Heo Cheong’s calm response.

“Whether what Jeong Gwang did is right or wrong is for the people, not us, to judge.”

“but… … .”

“Still, just in case, we will judge and dispose of the disciple’s behavior according to the written rules in the text. Why are you so nosy? Are you really interfering with what’s going on inside the text?”

If we did that, we would be crossing Kunlun and the river of no return.

People who were silent began to disparage the incredible feat that Jeong Gwang had accomplished.

This time, the pendulum came out.

“There are a lot of people who don’t believe it. As the leader, I will arrange a meeting for you. Who will compete with the True Jade Dragon first?”

“… … .”

It was a concentrate that boasted an undefeated record despite fighting numerous people.

Moreover, it is a joint battle between three of the Ten Zones.

Who would dare to fight when there are rumors going around that the strongest members of the martial arts faction not only call him the greatest genius of all time but also say that he is worthy of beating Ga Kyun?

Those who were silent turned their arrows on the easygoing Zhao.

“You can’t trust someone from Safa! “I know when I’ll turn around again!”

“What is he hiding that makes Ga-gyun, the assistant manager, chase him? “You have to make them reveal what they are hiding!”

“Neither the leader nor the leader of the Celestial Dragons will step forward this time! “We must hear it ourselves!”

Although I said this with the blood in my neck rising, I was prepared to fight.

Something very unexpected happened.

Heo Cheong, Jeong Gwang, and Baek Seung-moo are going out, except for Peng Su-gwan, whose complexion suddenly looks bad.

“Zhao! Prove your innocence in style!”

Zheng Guang shouted before going out the door, and Zhao nodded with a determined look on his face.


The door was closed.

Zhao turned to the elders, gave them his power, and made a request in a solemn voice.

“Words are inherently short and difficult to express the true meaning of the whole. So many misunderstandings often arise. “I’m going to tell you the truth, so please listen without hanging up.”

The people who were glaring at Zhao with cynicism nodded.

With a face that says if you want to try something, give it a try.

“Then I understand that you have all agreed.”

Zhao put his hands together again to show respect and then slowly opened his mouth.

“Some say people are inherently good, while others say they are born evil. I’m not wise enough to know which of the two is right, but I do know something. People only differ in degree and change depending on the environment. The reason I say this is because I am a living witness. I was born 43 years ago in Jing’an County, Guizhou Province, as the eldest son of three sons and daughters, and at the age of eleven, I was initiated into Pacheonbang, a member of the Four Black Men. Because my family was poor, I had to reduce my mouth at least a little, and since I had a small amount of talent in martial arts, that was the only way. yes. That’s how I became a Safaan. At that young age, how would you know what is positive, what is evil, and what is evil? I was simply forced to make a choice to live and hold on to the strings that fit the situation. But after getting into it, I understood. I was scared, I was afraid. Until then, I thought I had been living a difficult life in a difficult environment, but the reality was something else. The swearing and beatings continued day after day. If you do something wrong, you say you did wrong, and if you do something right, you say you did well. When I failed to meet expectations, both my master and my brother-in-law hated me. When I exceeded my expectations, my master praised me, but my brothers-in-law would not leave me alone. Naturally, venom developed. Before I entered, I thought I might starve to death, but real death was right in front of me. Even though it was unfair, I felt a surge of desire to live. What I am saying is that I definitely wanted to survive. The theory of miasma was not enough. I needed to live. I had to make those who wanted to kill me fear me. Was the sky still indifferent? My qualifications were better than those of my brother-in-law. At some point, I gave in. Okay, that’s enough now. Just keep going like this. I thought this way. Isn’t it usually right to think this way? But no. I didn’t know much about Sapa’s physiology yet. One day, my brother-in-law stabbed me in the back. I managed to kill him by hiding it just in case. Of course, I wasn’t safe either. It was an ambush that occurred when I was not expecting it at all, so I suffered quite a few injuries. At that time, the ambassador appeared. With a surprised face, I tried to inspect my wounds. So, I killed the big brother using the same method I used on the three bad guys. Why did you kill a good man? He secretly took out a poisonous needle while pretending to examine the wound. These are death penalty criminals who kill and kill. Do you understand? What was even more shocking was the teacher. He appeared late and praised me with a warm smile. You are a true disciple. I’ll tell you everything about me. Of course I didn’t believe it. However, he didn’t kill his master either. Because I didn’t have the strength to do that. Instead, after receiving some martial arts training, he ran away. As the General Assembly of Sima Lian. “I thought that even the scary master wouldn’t be able to chase me there.”

Among the people who were tired of seeing Zhao who seemed to be talking without even breathing, Namgung Shingeon came forward as a representative and managed to ask.

“Is it still far?”

Zhao answered with a solemn face.

“We haven’t even started talking in earnest yet. But didn’t you promise not to stop talking?”

“I’m sorry.”

“no. so… … .”

So the sun sets.

Three examinations have passed.

martial arts,

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