Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 136

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Episode 136

I say this because I have experienced it myself.

Gagyun entered the huge hall.

The place was already filled with many people.

They are all people who hold important positions in Sima Lian.

Some of them greeted me with their eyes, but many of them didn’t even try to make eye contact.

It was something I expected, but my heart felt heavy.

‘It’s gone quite a bit.’

Because I failed this time.

Ga-gyun walked between them with a calm face.

High platform visible from the front.

A gorgeous chair placed entirely on top of it.

A middle-aged man buried there was looking at him with an expressionless face.

How many more steps did I walk?

Middle-aged Sa Ji-hwan’s lips opened slightly.

“I see you’re back.”

It’s like a greeting, but it means to stop.

It was closer than the distance allowed so far.

Gagyun stood there and bowed his tall body.

“I’m back, Ryeonju.”

The interrogation started before I even straightened my back.

“I would have told you to bring the guy who tricked my second son to me.”

“… … .”

“At least with a corpse torn to shreds.”

Gagyun slowly straightened his back.

He straightened up and admitted his failure.

“I wasn’t able to find the chest because of my lack of ability.”

“I couldn’t even find it… … .”

One corner of Sa Ji-Hwan’s mouth rose.

“No matter how much it was done to save time, that’s all I got out of it in return for making the Hebuk branch’s subordinates look like that and annihilating the Cheonrangdae that I personally raised.”

“That’s right.”

“The mourning sword, the cold wind sword, was also taken away.”

“That’s right.”

“I left behind three fingers.”

“That’s right.”

This is a series of reprimands I received in a gathering of many people.

Gakyun’s expression was still calm.

On the other hand, the corners of Sa Ji-Hwan’s mouth went up even more.

“Well, let’s find out what else happened besides the report that Bu Ryeonju sent me earlier. No, put it all together and say it yourself.”

“… … “Then I’ll tell you.”

Jia Gyun described in detail what had happened from Hebei Province to Shanxi Province.

Sa Ji-Hwan nodded, frowned at times, and muttered as if he was talking to himself.

“That means that Zhao, the second subordinate, might know something.”

“Why did you defect and join Kunlun’s True Jade Dragon? “I have something to eat.”

“The second child was too greedy. It’s a good thing, but are you targeting the Crown Prince? “What a fool.”

“yes. It could be that he is not a member of the Demonic Cult who is waging a self-destructive war on the outskirts, but rather a person from the imperial family. “It’s plausible because it’s a yellow bird that has been linked to xie jiao from its roots.”

As time passed and Ga-gyun finished talking, Sa Ji-hwan spoke as if to conclude.

“It’s difficult to interrogate the imperial family right now, so aren’t you saying that you followed that guy Zhao to Shanxi? “It is not a valid judgment.”

“… … .”

“But why did you get attacked by a kid named Jinokryong?”

“He was stronger than me.”

“… … “Are you saying that the young bastard from Kunlun is stronger than you, the Taoist of the Eight Masters and the original vice-trainer?”

“That’s right.”

“Isn’t it because you were caught off guard because the Lord of Iron Blood was the one with the divine sword that he made himself? But what kind of guy is this guy that the arrogant Cheolhyeoljangju made him a sword?”

Ga-gyun’s expression did not move, but the brain inside his head was spinning at an incredible speed.

‘Everyone who knew that the youngest Confucius had given Jin Yuryong something to kill was killed. ‘I’m just going to float the strings.’

I thought about it several times in the blink of an eye, but the answer was the same.

Since he directly controlled the information of the Hebuk branch, there was no way that Lianju would know about it.

“It was an unusual sword just by looking at it, but I didn’t know it was from the Iron Blood Field. “I also don’t know why the Iron Blood Lord made him a sword.”

“Hmm. So, Bu Lian-ju let his guard down, no?”

“I did. But he was strong too.”

“Then yes. “Even if he destroyed the Shanxi branch by joining forces with the Shijiazhuang bastards and the Shaolin monks, he can’t possibly be that much of an expert.”

“… … .”

“Anyway, it’s really amazing.”

Sa Ji-hwan lightly hit the armrest of the chair and argued in an angry voice.

“Thanks to Buryeonju, the original family became a laughing stock. The Murim Alliance demanded a public apology from Bu Ryeon-ju. How do you plan to take responsibility?”

Gagyun slowly put his hands together.

He expressed his respect and answered in a heavy voice.


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“I will follow Ryeonju’s wishes.”

“… … .”

“I will stay on probation until the decision is made.”

“… … .”

Sa Ji-Hwan looked at Ga-Gyun and then laughed.

“ha ha ha. “It’s refreshing, after all.”

“… … .”

“I want to immediately dispose of him, but since Bu Ryeon-ju has made a contribution, I will have to think about it.”

“All right.”

“Stop leaving. “You worked hard, so enjoy your day.”


Gagyun turned around and left the palace.

His expression was still calm, but blood was leaking from between his lips.

It was the result of Sa Ji-hwan’s insulting words added to the internal injuries that had not yet fully healed.

‘You’re urging me to hit you by going to a distance that I wouldn’t normally allow.’

Of course, Ga-gyun was not one to fall for such provocation.

Ryeonju knew that too, so he made fun of it.

‘As expected, this is it.’

Sa Ji-hwan’s reaction was as expected.

‘It would be good if I succeeded, and it wouldn’t be bad if I failed.’

Rather, it was an opportunity for Sa Ji-hwan to blame and punish Ga-gyun, whom he had always felt uncomfortable with.

However, given Sima Lian’s power structure, there would be more harm than good in going that far, so they only gave him a lot of insults and reduced his room for maneuver.

The problem is that he probably knew that this was what he expected.

‘They’re going to pull out some unexpected numbers, but I can’t guess.’

But he also had variables.

The first is the relationship between Ok Qilin Hu Wei Jin and Zheng Guang.

Hu Wei-jin would not have given his sacred object to Jeong-gwang without any particular reason.

‘These are young people who represent politics and society. If we figure out the connection between the two, maybe we can both move a little bit. No, that Jinyulong won’t budge no matter what method you use, so even if only the youngest Confucius and his family can move, it is worth hiding from Lian Zhou.’

The second is Jeong Gwang’s true martial arts state.

‘No matter what the rumors are, no one will believe them. There will be errors in Ryeonju’s judgment.’

The strength of Concentration can only be known to those who have faced it directly.

No, you can at least guess.

It’s all due to prejudice regarding age.

He let his guard down and spilled the news that he got hit by a sword, so it seemed like Yeonju believed him too.

‘I may have my doubts, but it won’t deviate too much from my thoughts.’

Lastly, Mine’s identity was a big variable.

‘Jinokryong is not a demon. There is no way the demon of the Heavenly Demon Church could have hit the second Confucius. Then who?’

As Sa Ji-hwan said, he may be a person of the imperial family.

I even led him to make that judgment in the first place.

‘It’s not bad so far… … .’

The future is the problem.

They gave them the equipment that allowed them to escape from Jeong Gwang.

Even if the Heavenly Demon Church is said to be the strongest single force in the world, they are not the ones who have not been able to sort it out yet.

‘That would mean that another powerful force doesn’t have the energy to plot things at the same time.’

According to Gagyun’s prediction, the only force that could be as powerful as this was the imperial family.

‘I guess I’ll have to hope that Ryeonju gives me a good massage.’

If you’re lucky, you might discover what they were hiding.

‘no. All you have to do is open a gap.’

Ga-gyun didn’t trust either Ryeon-ju or them.

In order to protect myself and move forward, I had to find a gap on both sides.

‘From now on, it’s a battle of patience.’

All you have to do is contact them, explain your reduced position, and wait.

You will have to sharpen your sword while watching how they and the strings move.

“Whoa… … .”

Without realizing it, a loud sigh came out.

As I was organizing the thoughts I had been thinking about while running from Shanxi Province to here, I felt a sudden sense of fatigue.

Moreover, Song Hoon, whom I always cared about, was captured alive.

That wasn’t all.

‘Is it because they aren’t there?’

Cheonrangdae, which we shared deep trust with, as we personally selected and raised it.

When I thought of them, a part of my heart felt sad.

‘Still, I’m glad I was able to feed him well and sleep well for a while.’

I was told to just enjoy the day, but I didn’t feel like doing that at all.

Someday, I will go to places as good as the one I visited with Cheonrangdae, but I don’t think I will ever feel the joy of that time again.

* * *

“ruler. ruler. Enjoy, enjoy.”

“… … .”

“Uh huh. What are you doing? “Without gulping it all down.”

Jeong Gwang wanted to punch Seok Woo-wan, who was urging him to continue enjoying himself.

How does it even make sense to fill a glass with tea and enjoy it?

Jeong Gwang sighed inwardly.

‘I opened up my clogged head. This side is still blocked.’

Just looking at the dishes in front of me was like that.

grass. grass. grass.

I wonder how I can enjoy myself while eating something like this.

Jeong Gwang made a decision as he poured tea into his mouth.

‘I should go out as soon as the sun rises tomorrow.’

I must have traveled all over Shanxi Province and made a decent amount of money. I also received a lot of money, so there was no reason to stay any longer.

Did you read his thoughts?

Seok Woo-wan asked about his future steps.

“So, when do you plan to leave?”


“As expected, it’s like the wind.”


“Now that you’ve solved the problem here, aren’t you going to go help somewhere else?”


“haha. It’s embarrassing. Let me guess. “You are planning to go to the Murim Alliance, right?”

Jeong Gwang was really surprised.

“… … “How do you do that?”

Seok Woo-wan smiled and looked around the audience.

The warriors of Shijiazhuang and even the Shaolin monks were smiling.

“I thought that if it were the True Jade Dragon, he would go directly to Meng and ask about the difficult place and then rush there. just as expected. “I guess it was just right.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha.”

Everyone laughed, but Jeong Gwang frowned.

It was because their misunderstanding was ridiculous.

‘As shown in the picture, we are trying to use the Murim Alliance to attack Sima Lian, so how can we help a difficult place?’

Regardless of whether you misunderstand or not.

What does it matter as long as it doesn’t interfere with your own actions?

As I shook my head, Seokwoowan continued speaking.

“Shaolin also has to leave for the Murim Alliance, so we can go together.”


“I’m talking about Song Hoon and his subordinates who were captured alive. Ambassador Won Gong and his party decided to escort him to the Murim Alliance.”

“I just… … .”

“There are a lot of people injured so we will have to rent several carriages. “I will prepare something special for you, so come with me.”

Jeong Gwang, who was about to refuse outright, was shaken.

Already, most of the money lost at gambling establishments was silver. Isn’t it so heavy that it’s tiring to carry it?

I was thinking of just exchanging it for a voucher in Shanxi Province, but following Baek Seungmu’s advice, I decided to take it a little farther away.

‘The carriage will be free. There will be a lot of people, so there won’t be anyone attacking me.’

A chance to save money and avoid hassle.

“… … “It would be better to go together rather than separately.”

“ha ha ha. Thank goodness. “Then enjoy it.”

Seok Woo-wan patted Jeong Gwang on the shoulder and then closed his mouth.

Instead, a telegram was sent.

-You can take care of it, but there are a few things I’m worried about.

-yes? What are you talking about?

-If you go to the meeting, many people will be rude. Of course, there will be people sarcastically asking if they have really caught Ga-gyun, and there will also be people questioning and pointing fingers at Zhao Dahyeop. No, they might pressure him to reveal the reason why someone as high as Sima Lian chased him.

-iced coffee. That’s what… … .

-Don’t deal with them one by one.

Of course, I had no intention of dealing with them individually.

If we just beat up a few guys as an example, things will become quiet.

But Seok Woo-wan’s method was different.

-The leader and your master will be your defense. Listen to the words of small people with one ear and let them go with the other. When I find out your true nature in no time, I will bend over backwards and give in to you, so what’s the point of dealing with me?

Seok Woo-wan continued his speech with a humble expression on his face.

-I say this because I met you and experienced it firsthand.

-Wow. You are surprisingly honest.

– Hmm. See you tomorrow then.

He left his admiration behind and headed to his office.

I was so busy that I had to barely eat.

‘Oh my goodness. Even if we cooperate, if we make it too big, it becomes difficult for those around us.’

Thanks to Zheng Guang’s travels throughout Shanxi Province, robbing or shutting down gambling establishments, gamblers in Shanxi Province have nowhere to go.

At this point, it would have been natural to blame and curse Jeonggwang, but they only praised him.

‘It’s worth it.’

Jeonggwang was Doshinseon (賭神仙).

It is their idol.

The gamblers who suddenly had nowhere to go gathered in groups of twos and threes and started gambling.

How big can the stakes be in such a game?

As the dream of making a fortune disappeared, gambling also began to fade.

Seok Woo-wan did not miss the opportunity and opened his arms to them.

Shouting exactly what I said before.

‘Once someone gets addicted to gambling, it is difficult to return to normal life. The chief will collect them and rehabilitate them by paying them an appropriate wage!’

Some of the gamblers headed to Shijiajang.

As time passed, the number was increasing.

Thanks to this, Seokwoo-wan became busy.

It was very annoying, but it was a pleasant hassle.

The more annoying it is, the greater the results will be, and the courage that lies dormant in one’s heart and the fame of Seokgajang will also increase.

‘What else will happen when he goes to the Murim Alliance?’

Seok Woo-wan, who was imagining things for a moment, shook his head vigorously.

All I had to do was hear rumors and laugh, but now it was time to get to work.

* * *

The next morning.

Jeong Gwang boarded a fancy four-legged carriage and set off.

As I was looking at the scenery outside the window, a cold voice struck my ears.

“Why did you bring me here?”

It was Song Hoon with a cloth wrapped around his chest.

The only people in the carriage were him and Jeong Gwang.

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