Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 134

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Episode 134

great clash

Jeong Gwang was banned from entering wherever he went.

Of course, all of those places had their operations suspended.

Baek Seung-moo and Zhao’s faces turned black as they went around Taewon and surrounding areas and shut down gambling establishments.

‘What the hell is this?’

‘Don’t think about it, Zhao. ‘Never think about it.’

But how can something not happen if you don’t try to think about it?

Anyone can see that he is making a fuss with Sima Lian.

‘But I don’t think about it. There is no benefit in finding out in advance. ‘I never think about it!’

Unlike Zhao, who was so experienced, Baek Seungmu still lacked experience.

All sorts of thoughts filled my head.

‘Is this also part of the big picture you mentioned before?’

When they beat up market thugs and punished those who played with money, it was considered a minor act of cooperation.

But how impressed I was to see him attract Shakyamuni and Shaolin.

But as I headed toward the gambling den, I felt something a little strange.

Suspicion arose as to whether this was an excuse to rob a gambling house.

just as expected.

Because of Song Hoon’s sharp response, he couldn’t blame Simaryan, but he definitely robbed the gambling house.

That too, not by using strength, but by gambling!

Not by being criticized by the grassroots, but by being praised!

He became a charlatan who punished Sima Lian through gambling!

‘I thought that was the big picture… … .’

Now, they are destroying all the gambling houses and provoking the Simalyun.

‘Is the death penalty still drawing?’

While Baek Seung-moo was running to another gambling house, he couldn’t hold back and asked.

“execution. Why gambling places… … .”

“It’s already here.”

“… … yes?”

“But it’s only on one side.”

Baek Seung-moo, who was puzzled because he didn’t know what was being said, only found out after running further.

Aren’t there a lot of people standing at the gambling hall they were aiming for, radiating sharp energy?

These were the warriors of Sima-ryeon, including Song Hun.


“… … !”

At Jeong Gwang’s shout, they turned their heads so violently that I was worried that their necks would break.

“Are you all here to gamble?”

“… … !”

“If not, I’ll go in first. what? “It also says no entry here.”

Jeong Gwang sighed and raised his inner strength.

“Then what about business suspension?”

Just when he was about to hit the wall of the gambling hall.

Song Hoon shouted in anger.

“for a moment!”


Jeong Gwang looked back at Song Hoon with a puzzled face.

But his fist was still hitting the wall.



The wall of the gambling hall exploded and collapsed.

Jeong Gwang asked Song Hoon with his fist outstretched.

“Branch manager, why?”

“… … .”

“Didn’t you call me?”

“… … .”

The Simalian warriors could not say anything until the people who were gambling at the gambling house jumped out in surprise.

“I’ll go then.”

“… … no.”


“… … “You can’t go anywhere.”


Song Hoon pulled out the sword he was wearing around his waist.


As the sword came out of the sword armor, it made a bone-chilling sound.

At the same time, a colder voice came out of Song Hoon’s mouth.

“Because I will die here.”

“Did I do something wrong?”

Blood spurted out from Song Hoon’s hand as he held the sword.


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But he answered Jeong Gwang’s words.

It was to inform the gamblers who came out of the gambling house and the onlookers watching from afar at least the facts.

“You attacked places protected by the original alliance.”

“The gambling establishments responded by breaking the law. But are you sure you really sold it?”

“The reputation of the original organization has been lost.”

“My heart was hurt.”

“… … “Because our positions are conflicting, we have no choice but to fight.”

“Oh oh. Iknow, right.”

Song Hoon could not back down.

No matter what Lianju’s stomach was or whether Bu Lianju’s whereabouts were unknown, he could not ignore such a provocation.

A situation in which Sima Lian was ignored in the middle-human vision.

Jeong Gwang had to be killed.

Song Hoon’s eyes sank deeply, and Jeong Gwang’s eyes shined.

Each situation has its own justification.

Now was the time to communicate with weapons, not mouths.

Song Hoon pointed his sword at Jeong Gwang and shouted.



The Simalian warriors rushed towards Jeong Gwang.

Jeong Gwang pulled out a cloud dragon and shouted at them.



Baek Seung-mu and Zhao launched a light attack and ran away.

Song Hoon twitched his eyebrows and then launched himself towards Jeong Gwang.

Zhao had to be caught and held accountable, but the most urgent thing right now was to kill Jeong Guang.

The number of subordinates surrounding Jeonggwang from all sides and firing weapons expanded.

‘No reaction? He was nothing special… … .’


In an instant, a dazzling golden light burst out and a terrible scream pierced my ears.


“… … !”

The four subordinates who were attacking Jeong Gwang fell down, spouting blood.

“How dare this guy!”

Song Hoon let out a roar and lowered his sword.

It was a terrifying attack that cut Jeong Gwang from the top of his head to his groin.

But Jeong Gwang was not there.

He unfolded his dragon-shaped bow and moved to the side, bent the arm holding the sword and swung his elbow.



Song Hoon quickly bent down to avoid it.

The tingling sensation in my head felt like my hair had been cut by Jeong Gwang’s elbow.

‘That’s about it.’

He took a half step forward and hit Jeong Gwang in the stomach with his shoulder.

It was the commonly called solar plexus or Geogweolhyeol (巨闕穴).

It was a powerful blow that could crush even a thick iron wall, but Jeong Gwang’s hand received it as gently as a cotton ball.


“… … !”

Jeong Gwang moved his hand to the left.

It was a very gentle hand movement, but Song Hoon was unable to control his strength and was dragged along.

It was the art of Saryangbalcheongeun (四量發千斤), which unleashes the power of a thousand geun with the power of four nyang.

‘Such a concise Saryangbal Cheongeun!’

The vegetarian meal was simple, but the timing was perfect.

Song Hoon was thrilled by Jeong Gwang’s single move.

Jeong Gwang greeted Song Hoon, who was passing by him, by shouting a cloud dragon at the back of his head.



Song Hoon already felt like the back of his head had been pierced.

However, he is an expert with not only a cool-headed mind but also strong martial arts skills.

The forward force was doubled and the divine law was unleashed.

His body stretched out, leaving an afterimage.

Still, I felt a tingling sensation in the back of my head.

Song Hoon, who ran a long way without paying attention, stopped Shin Hyeong and quickly turned around.

Jeong Gwang was surrounded by his subordinates and looked surprised.

“uh? You didn’t go? Was it a little shallow?”

Song Hoon gritted his teeth and touched the back of his head.

There was a small wound on the back of Jeong Gwang’s bare head where he had been cut by his elbow.

It must be a trace of being stabbed by the tip of Jeong Gwang’s sword.

‘… … He’s a master.’

He wasn’t just an expert.

He was a true expert that even he, who was treated to a certain degree in Sima Lian, could not compete with.

‘… … Still, we have to fight.’

It was he who started the fight first.

If you run away, you may be able to survive for now, but someday you will be killed by Sima Lianju.

Besides, he didn’t necessarily think he would lose.

‘Life and death are not determined by martial arts alone.’

Jeong Gwang began to use his hands again to strengthen his resolve.

The weapons were broken into pieces.

Song Hoon’s men died in a spray of blood without even being able to fight back.

In fact, he has a great sword and great martial arts skills.

Above all, he has such a strong mind that it’s hard to believe he’s a Taoist!

‘… … Goes!’

Just as he was about to launch himself, the sound of weapons clashing was heard from the other side.

When I turned my head, I saw Baek Seung-moo, who had run away, appear and attack the subordinate on the outskirts.

‘Why did you come back?’

Just a moment of doubt.

A dagger was stuck in the side of Suha, who was fighting with Baek Seung-mu.



It was Zhao who tore through space.

Suha, who had broken his ribs, was bending over in pain.

Baek Seung-moo made a complicated expression for a moment and swung his sword.



Song Hoon’s subordinate fell.

The male and female were so excellent that Song Hoon was taken aback.

‘A guy who gained the name of the Financial Swordsman Association did something like that?’

Baek Seung-moo’s expression changed.

It was a face with a strong determination not to be shaken any longer.


Zhao went into hiding again and Baek Seung-mu attacked a nearby warrior.

While the two were fighting, Zhao’s male and female shone again.

The second subordinate collapsed.

At this point, other subordinates also began guarding against the two men.

Three minions attacked them.

Baek Seung-mu dodged their attacks and shouted calmly.

“Zhao Great Gorge! “Anti!”

Zhao was already performing a predetermined passing technique.

He appeared after removing his hiding skills, flowing between the three warriors and swinging his double pole.

The warriors quickly raised their weapons and blocked Zhao’s attack.

And the moment you try to counterattack.


Baek Seung-moo’s sword, filled with true energy, moved majestically.

It was an eclipse of the Taecheong sword, boasting powerful force as there was no subtle change.



The subordinate, who urgently raised his half-moon sword to block, let out a suppressed groan.

Baek Seung-moo’s black cow split his chest with Banwoldo.

“It’s a famous sword!”

“be careful!”

Zhao waved his hands as his subordinates exchanged urgent words.

The daggers from his hands pierced their backs.


“100 million!”

The split second they flinched.

The black cow drew an elegant and wonderful arc.

Those who were cut by the arc fell down with a shallow groan.

Baek Seung-moo and Zhao fired their new weapons at another prey again.

Song Hoon bit his lip as he watched their activities.

‘It is a passing technique that can freely switch between master and subordinate… … .’

It seems that Jeong (正) is the main and evil (evil) is supporting, but evil (邪) takes the lead and Jeong (正) supports the back.

With the addition of a flight that would put even Safa to shame, and a sneak attack mixed in, it was showing incredible efficiency.

Song Hoon turned his gaze and glared at Jeong Gwang, who had started slaughtering his subordinates again.

‘Could it be that he made it?’

It was his idea, but it was impossible.

Isn’t this a great passing technique that a great master might have created?

Moreover, it was not an idea that hypocrites from political factions could pull off.

‘for a moment. That guy might be able to come up with an idea like this… … .’

That wasn’t all.

Song Hoon couldn’t even guess how high Jeonggwang’s level would be.

‘It’s something outside of common sense… … if so… … .’

He is already like that at that age. If he goes any further, he will become a huge threat to Sima Lian.

‘Kill it somehow!’

Song Hoon summoned up all his inner strength and ran towards Jeong Gwang.

And he struck down a blow with all his might on Jeong Gwang, who had cut down his subordinates.

Nettle –

Jeong Gwang’s feet intertwined strangely.

He dodged to the side by making a small semicircle and tried to launch the cloud dragon towards Song Hoon’s side.

At that moment, Song Hoon’s eyes sparkled.

‘Eat this!’

A bloody sword protruded from his left sleeve.

He caught it and stabbed it straight into Jeong Gwang’s neck.

It’s the same tactic that Jeong Gwang used before when dealing with Ga Gyun.

Jeong Gwang’s throat was pierced and he was amazed.

“They said it was a double sword blood demon, and the other one was hidden there.”

“… … !”

The afterimage of the concentrated light that had been pierced by the blood-red sword disappeared.

Song Hoon turned around without being embarrassed.

At that moment, a cloud serpent pierced his chest.


In the end, the concentrate was faster than that.

But he was able to do it even if it was late.

No, this is the final tactic that can be used now, and can be said to be the beginning of a life-saving battle!



The blood-red sword he was holding exploded.

They became countless memorizations and overtook Jeong Gwang’s body.

But this time, Jeong Gwang’s new model was not there.

Jeong Gwang, who left the cloud dragon and appeared behind Song Hoon, hit him on the back of the head with his palm.



Song Hoon’s eyes opened with a sound like a large bell ringing.

When Jeong Gwang pulled out the cloud serpent that was pinned to his chest, blood spurted out.

Song Hoon fell down and didn’t even move.

Jeong Gwang looked down at him and shook his head.

‘okay. This number needs to be kept hidden.’

Although it has many unreliable aspects, it was the best of the secret attacks I faced after being reincarnated.

‘That’s it.’

Jeong Gwang turned the new type.

The Simalian warriors were looking at him with astonished faces.

“Priests. Jao. This is the time!”

Jeong Gwang ordered an attack, but the two were so exhausted that they could only breathe heavily.

“no way. “Is it already hard?”

“S-sorry, death sentence. “Gasp.”

“No shame, Jin Ok-ryong. “Huh huh.”

Jeong Gwang, who was dumbfounded, nodded when he saw the two people covered in the blood of their enemies.

‘Still, you worked hard.’

Suddenly a thought occurred to me and I looked down at my uniform.

Because he was covered in blood, he was transformed into a blood cloak.

‘Did I try harder?’

No way.

Except when he was dealing with Song Hoon, he used his hands moderately.

‘Let’s work a little harder and finish it quickly.’

A state where your true energy moves when you put your mind to it.

Brilliant golden light surged from the blood-soaked cloud serpent.

The Simalian warriors, who were looking at the scene with fearful eyes, approached with solemn cries.

“You bastard! Heaven will not forgive you!”

“Madhu is over there.”

At that time, Jeong Gwang was about to swing the cloud dragon.

‘uh? ‘You’re here.’

Numerous figures were seen running along with the majestic lions.


“Amitabha Buddha!”

It was Seok Woo-wan, Won Hong, and their group.

The Simalian warriors, who were embarrassed by the sudden appearance of the enemies, brightened when they heard the shout coming from the other side.


The deputy director of the Shanxi branch of Sima Lian and his subordinates came running.

“Jinokryong! “Come this way!”

“Zhao Great Gorge! Baek Sohyeop too, hurry up!”

Seok Woo-wan and Wen Hong took Zheng Guang and his group behind them.

“Where is the branch manager!”

“You are here!”

Deputy Manager took Song Hoon, who didn’t know if he was dead or passed out, behind him.

The deputy manager looked around at the fallen subordinates and questioned in a sharp voice.

“You’re carrying out this kind of slaughter!”

Seok Woo-wan also got angry and fought back.

“What do you mean when the majority attacks the minority? Look at the clothes of our three! “What hardships you have gone through!”

“What? “Several people on our side are dead!”

“Even after attacking so many people, it’s worth knowing the level!”

“What’s wrong?”

The two people were so excited that they decided to kill themselves.

The murderous spirit quickly became contagious and the atmosphere on both sides became ugly.

And it eventually escalated into a fight.

“Jinokryong! “Wait here!”


“Zhao Great Gorge! Baek Sohyeop! “Don’t step forward and purify yourself!”

“hook. hook. Okay, thank you.”

“omg. omg. Joe, be careful.”

Seok Woo-wan and Wen Hong showed expressions of trust and then launched themselves towards the Sima Lian group.

A fierce fight began.

Jeong Gwang, who was looking at the scene with an absurd expression, shook his head.

‘I felt a little excited, but it cooled down.’

If so, you will have to make it rise again.

Jeong Gwang spoke to Baek Seung-moo and Zhao.

“Let’s go.”


“Uh, where are you talking about?”

Jeong Gwang pointed to a large hole in the wall of the gambling house.

The many lonely hermits and slips inside seemed to be beckoning towards him.

“Infinite Buddha. The emotional wound caused by being unreasonably barred from entering. “We have to collect compensation for the damage.”

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