Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 132

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Episode 132

gambling house laws


It is six.

It is not the hemp that Jeong Gwang leisurely spoke of, but the six!

The older man, who had the proud title of Kwaesu (快手), was dumbfounded.

They said he was a master.

He ran towards the upper limit as if there was something there, but what is this?

Even though it was said in terms of dots, not up and down, which has a high probability!

At that moment, an electric sound was heard.

It belonged to Song Hoon, who was not in charge here.

-Don’t let your guard down. It started like this earlier.

-Ji, branch manager. I can’t understand what you’re saying… … .

-Even if I found out, it would only be a burden. Do your best.

-Oh, I understand!

After taking the stake, Gwaesu rolled the dice with a cautious expression.

“What do you want to do?”

The same slip as before came up.

“A stain.”

“… … “It’s dead center.”

Still, I knew there was something there.

The same flow was repeated several times.

‘what? ‘What the hell is this guy?’

Even though he keeps losing a lot of money, his expression doesn’t change at all.

‘Am I crazy?’

No way.

There is no way Song Hoon, the head of the Shanxi branch of Sima Lian, would be this wary of a guy like that.

Moreover, speaking of Jinokryong, isn’t he a new expert with a reputation in the world?

Kwaesu never let down his guard.

After carefully rolling the dice, I asked Jeong Gwang.

“What do you want to do?”

The slip comes up.

Jeong Gwang’s mouth opened.

“This is an advantage.”

“… … .”

Gwaesu slowly lifted the container.

The numbers on the dice indicated this.

“… … Congratulations.”


Victory for the first time in ten times.

Jeong Gwang was still calm.

The nobleman and the ordinary middle-aged man standing behind him were the same.

Gwaesu pushed the stake and shook his head inwardly.

‘It’s the first time in 10 times… … .’

The upper and lower points were a difficult gamble to play.

A good gambler could get the desired number to come up when he threw the dice by hand, but this was not possible by putting the dice in a bucket, rolling it around, and then flipping it on the floor.

To put it simply, it is a gambling game where the upper and lower points are entirely dependent on luck.

But isn’t Jeong Gwang not even that lucky?

Kwaesu gathered his strength.

‘In terms of probability, I have an overwhelming advantage. You just have to be wary of trickery.’

In fact, there was no need for that.

Jeong Gwang was leaning leisurely in his chair and only moving his mouth.

Gwaesu carefully rolled the dice and then asked Jeong Gwang.

“What do you want to do?”

The slip comes up.

Jeong Gwang’s mouth opened.

“A stain.”

“… … .”

Gwaesu slowly lifted the container.

His pupils got bigger.

The number on the die was five.

“… … Congratulations.”


It was from this time.

Jeong Gwang never lost and kept winning.

Beads of sweat flowed from Gwaesu’s forehead.

Baek Seung-moo continued to post bills, and Zhao scooped up the extra money.

Jeong Gwang just continued to say numbers while leaning in his chair.


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The upper and lower points are simple and do not take much time.

Dozens of rounds passed in an instant.

The blood drained from Kuesu’s face as much as the number of vouchers being sucked into the bag containing Zhao.

‘No way! ‘How could this happen!’

He wasn’t the only one who was shocked.

Everyone in the gambling hall, including Seok Woo-wan and Won Hong, as well as Song Hoon, who had heard from his subordinates about how the gambling house was robbed the other day, was left with their jaws hanging open.

“Three, I can’t count. “How long is your winning streak?”

“Am I crazy? “Is that possible at the top and bottom points?”

Gamblers who enjoyed gambling more than life threw down their cards and slowly approached Jeonggwang’s table.

And it stopped at some distance.

Trying to keep my breathing quiet.

It was a courtesy to Jeong Gwang, who is leading a legend-like situation.

“Don’t you?”

Gwaesu came to his senses at Jeong Gwang’s words.

“S-sorry. Now, please wait a moment.”

He wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve and turned his eyes to the side.

When our eyes met, Song Hoon nodded with a heavy face.

Jeon Eum was also there.

-It must be some kind of trick. Be sure to find out.

-… … Ah, I understand, branch manager.

I answered, but is it possible?

How can Jeong-gwang, who is leaning on a chair and just talking, do anything?

‘no. You can’t win like this without doing something. As the branch leader said, we will definitely find it!’

Gwaesu wiped all the sweat from his forehead and lowered his sleeves.

His exposed eyes were shining with determination.

“Let’s start again.”

“… … .”

“… … Daein?”

“Ah yes.”

Jeong Gwang, who seemed to be thinking about something, nodded.

Gwaesu put the dice in the container and rolled them.

With a slightly irregular rhyme that is different from before.

And then he turned it over and put it down on the table.

His mouth opened slowly.

The words I had repeated dozens of times came out again.

“… … “What are you going to do?”

* * *

Jeong Gwang’s past life was not full of fatigue.

A fairly long period of time, corresponding to the last years of the life of a leader of a small religion that lasted for over a hundred years.

During those years, no one even dared to attack him.

It’s all because of his overwhelming inaction.

All followers of the Church of the Heavenly Demon, regardless of their status, became completely obedient.

But where does the innate nature go?

To begin with, there were many people who were not in their right mind, and there were also people who fought back because they could not control the demonic power they possessed.

In the meantime, perhaps because his life was a waste, he resorted to means other than martial arts.

One of them was gambling.

He wanted to break Jeong Gwang at least with that kind of trick.

They attacked us using all kinds of tactics.

They were guys who could be called experts in their own way, so if gamblers saw them, they were full of things that would make them even more amazed and thrilled.

But who is Jeong Gwang?

‘I was bored so it turned out great.’

They all saw through it and destroyed it.

The demons of the Heavenly Demon Church were astonished at the perfection of Jeonggwang.

At that time, there was someone who came forward in anger.

It was the Surama Army (修羅魔君) who had been fighting on Jeonggwang’s side for a long time.

It was very unexpected for Jeong Gwang.

‘Have you been lucky enough to live long and be treated as an elder, so life has become a hassle?’

‘Is that possible? I’m trying to hit a wall like this that I respect deeply, but couldn’t break through.’

It was his desire to win as a warrior.

Since there was absolutely no answer through martial arts, I turned to gambling, but I did it anyway.

‘That’s fun. try.’

‘You can’t subdue your intelligence with demon spirit soul magic or use divine techniques such as emptiness. ‘I’m doing it fairly.’

‘Fair and fair? Have you switched to the Murim Alliance?’

‘… … Huh. Well, that’s not it… … .’

‘Have I ever used something like that in this game? Demon, you lived a long time and your tongue also got longer.’

‘Okay, then I’ll go.’

What Surama Army brought out was the upper and lower points.

It was obvious that his prank would be detected, so he decided to bet on luck.

This strategy was major.

Although fifty games were promised, the Surama army won by a narrow margin.

‘… … you. ‘You’re lucky.’

‘Hehehe. That’s right. Thanks to you, I earned a lot of money. Hahaha!’

Suramagun could not stand it anymore and burst into laughter.

Instead of killing him, Jeong Gwang soon created a martial art.

And with that, he destroyed the Surama army.

The Surama army, which had been holding on by relying on credit instead of insufficient money, eventually collapsed.

‘… … Uh, how… … ?’

Jeong Gwang’s answer was obvious.

‘I can do it.’

‘… … Well, of course it is, but… … .’

‘What about the money?’

‘If you give me time, I will prepare it…’ … .’

‘Just get hit that much.’


When I thought about it, it was a pretty fun memory.

In his current life, Jeong Gwang was sitting in a gambling room, recalling memories from the past.

At that time, someone’s voice was heard.

“Let’s start again.”

“… … .”

“… … Daein?”

“Ah yes.”

Gwaesu put the dice in the container and rolled them.

The dice hit the barrel and spun around, making a loud noise.


Jeong Gwang’s eyes lit up.

‘It’s different than before.’

Well, let’s see.

Jeong Gwang raised the energy of his Danjeon and gathered it into both ears.

Of the five senses, hearing has become extremely sensitive.

In that state, I practiced a mental technique.

It was not the Cheon-i Tong (Heavenly Listening), which means hearing all the sounds in the world, nor the Cheonrijicheongsul (千里地聽術), which is able to pick up sounds from a thousand miles away through the ground.

These are real seasons, not just legends like those.

It was a six-hearing technique that was created in a previous life to distinguish all sounds made in a small, limited space, and to step on the Surama army.

Just in time, Gwaesu turned the container over and placed it on the table.


The sound of a barrel hitting the table.

Cracking. Degurrr-

The sound of dice hitting the barrel and rolling on the table.

… … Tick.

And the sound of the rolling dice rolling over and hitting the table and stopping.

Yukcheongsul accurately captured the sound.

It was the sound made when the side of this die with a specific number on it hit the table.

‘Four yes.’

The sum of the opposite numbers on each side of the dice is seven.

So what about the exposed side?

‘It is three.’

The dice, barrels, and tables used at each gambling house are different.

It was Jeonggwang who remembered the sound that was subtly different from the previous gambling hall after performing Yukcheongjuk in the first ten rounds.

You can never be wrong.

“… … “What are you going to do?”

It was a sound I had heard so many times that I was sick of it.

Unlike him, Baek Seung-moo put up a slip with an excited face.

Jeong Gwang said as he took the yukcheongsul.

“Three points.”

“… … !”

Gwaesu held the container and checked the numbers with a desperate look on his face.

At the same time, the gamblers who were watching cheered for the gambling establishment to leave.

“It’s Taoist!”

“It wasn’t a god, it was a god!”

The plate continued to flow the same way.

It was Jeong Gwang’s winning streak.

Gwaesu’s face is so pale that he looks like a corpse.

If things continued like this, the gambling house was going to be robbed before Gwaesu collapsed.

‘I couldn’t believe it when I heard it… … .’

Song Hoon, who was gritting his teeth, sent a message to the person in charge.

-Take your time. I’ll figure out his method somehow.

No matter how much I watched, I couldn’t reveal the number of concentrates.

Still, I had to find out.

Fraud without being detected is a skill.

There is no reason to stop it.

Song Hoon increased his internal strength even more than before and improved his eyesight and hearing.

With the feeling of grasping at straws.

-Okay, branch manager!

The person in charge approached Jeong Gwang with a smile on his face.

“ha ha ha. The God of Tao has reigned. “It is the glory of three lives.”

“Do you want to give me something in return?”

“… … haha. Of course. “I have some precious tea, so why not take a break and enjoy it?”

“I don’t like tea… … .”

“… … Fragrant rice wine is also available. so… … .”

“It’s not a grain car. “I am a Taoist.”

“… … .”

What if you are already doing something unbecoming of a Taoist?

I wanted to cut him right away, but I was trying to calm him down.

Jeong Gwang asked back.

“Are you sure you’re trying to make it worse?”

“… … haha. “It can’t be.”

He waved both hands in denial, but the atmosphere in the gambling room was different.

The sounds of gamblers whispering could be heard here and there.

“I know. “This is very suspicious.”

“I know yeah. “They’re trying to kick you out because you won a lot.”

“Damn it. You’re doing something that’s against the laws of the gambling establishment. “It’s not a place I can come back to.”

This was a problem so big that it could not be compared to a family member who had been robbed of money coming to them and asking them to give up their people and money.

It’s a gambling place where you get kicked out if you win money.

If you went on an expedition to another castle, what gambler would come back?

Few of the gamblers gathered here won any money.

But everyone believed that they would win big someday.

Although it was impossible, they truly believed that and were angry at the unreasonable treatment Jeong Gwang was receiving.

‘Whoa… … .’

Sensing the atmosphere, the person in charge sighed inwardly.

‘I can’t even take a moment… … .’

When I glanced at Song Hoon, he sent me a message.

-You take action yourself.


-If you keep going like this, it won’t be long before you get sick. Stop him by any means necessary. It means buying time.

-… … All right.

The person in charge approached Gwaesu and patted him on the shoulder.

“Good job. “Go and rest.”


“It’s not your fault. “How could anyone have endured this much against Daoshin?”

Gwaesu cried quietly and bowed his back.

The gamblers who were watching clapped their hands and encouraged them.

As the person in charge said, it was a message of support to the person who dealt with Dosin.

After sending a congratulatory message, the person in charge asked for Jeong Gwang’s understanding.

“May I be taught?”

“You already sent it.”

“… … sorry.”

“Let’s do it quickly first.”

“… … yes.”

The nickname of the person in charge is Shin Gi-su (神奇賭手).

He was a gambling expert who had the ability to take charge of a single gambling house and was capable of maneuvering both high and low.

He has even robbed people who are worthy of being called experts in martial arts several times!

As such, I didn’t take action right away.

The first three rounds ended with Jeong Gwang’s victory in a row.

And the fourth round.

“What do you want to do?”

“One point.”

“I will check.”

As Shindosu lifted the container, people’s eyes got so big that they seemed like they were going to pop out.


“It’s dead center!”

“Daoshin has been defeated!”

While everyone was shocked, only Jeong Gwang remained calm.

No, I couldn’t keep calm so I smiled to myself.

This is because when Shindosu lifted the barrel, a sound that was foreign to Jeonggwang’s Yukcheongju was heard.

‘Look at this guy. ‘You’re doing something cute.’

Then you will have to repay it.


“… … thank you.”

“Let’s play the next round.”

“… … then… … .”

Shin Gi-su was cautious.

I lost two games in a row.

The gamblers began praising the concentrate again.

“Doshin! Doshin!”

“Was Kunlun Mountain a fairyland where Taoists reside?”

“I must climb Mount Kunlun and offer my prayers!”

Jeong Gwang responded.

“Please give generously!”


And the next edition.

Shin Do-su secretly glanced at Song Hoon.

The face was stiff, and it was as if nothing special could be found at a glance.

‘Whoa…’ … ‘I guess I’ll have to drag it further.’

It was a move that had been played once before, but Jeong-gwang didn’t seem to notice, so it must be okay.

He shook the can and dumped it on the table.

“What do you want to do?”

“A stain.”

“I will check.”

Shin Gi-su lifted the container.

At the same time, the thumb of the hand holding the barrel was slightly lowered to touch the dice.

It was a secret move that no one could notice as it was hidden behind a barrel, invisible and not even soundful.

Except Jeong Gwang.



Shindosu froze in the same position he was in when he lifted the barrel.

The demonic blood was picked up by the wind blowing away.

There was no time for Song Hoon to stop him.

People’s eyes were already focused on Shin Dosu’s hand holding the barrel.

The palm of his hand was touching the dice.

The dice showing the number 5 toward the ceiling was pushed by the ground and fell about a third of the way down.

Shouts erupted as if the gambling hall would explode.

“It’s a scam!”

“The person in charge of this place was caught committing fraud!”

Everyone was angry.

Even Seok Woo-wan and Won Hong.

Jeong Gwang’s clear voice rang through the intense heat.

“Branch manager. What should I do with this?”

Song Hoon walked out with a cold face.

“What do you want me to do?”

Jeong Gwang answered with a look on his face as if asking why he was asking such an obvious question.

“As is customary in gambling halls… … No, you have to deal with it according to strict laws.”

“… … .”

Song Hoon walked up to Shin Do-su.

“Ji, branch manager. Sorry… … .”

Light flashed from Song Hoon’s waist.



A Shingi priest with his wrist cut off let out a terrible scream.

Blood dripped like a waterfall from the cleanly cut wrist.

The startled gamblers backed away in horror.

Song Hoon looked around with an expression on his face and then turned his gaze to Jeong Gwang.

Jeong Gwang glared at Song Hoon and shouted in a shocked voice.

“You cut off your wrists for playing around in gambling!”

Song Hoon glared at me and spoke as if chewing.

“This is the law of the gambling house. why. “Are you afraid?”

Jeong Gwang asked back with a still shocked look on his face.

“It’s only a wrist? “Why don’t you just cut off the shoulders?”

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