Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 130

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Episode 130


The gambling hall was in a quiet place.

It looked like an ordinary old house, but the cold-looking warriors guarding the door were impressive.

They were not embarrassed when they saw Jeong Gwang and his group.

Even though it was the common people who were following far behind, warriors wearing white military uniforms symbolizing Shakyamuni came in droves.

It was the exact opposite of Baek Seung-moo’s expectations.

‘Aren’t you surprised? Moreover, there are soldiers of that level guarding a gambling house… … .’

After thinking about it for a moment, I was able to guess the reason.

‘There was an uproar all over Taewon, so it’s natural that they knew we would come here. ‘They are warriors from Sima Lian.’

It was just as he thought.

The middle-aged man standing at the head of Sima Lian’s group shouted loudly.

“Precious people, what brought you here? “You seem to have taken the wrong route.”

“You came to the right place.”

Of course it was concentrate.

The middle-aged man had been keeping an eye on him since a while ago, as his appearance stood out among the crowd of people.

“… … “You are the True Jade Dragon of Kunlun who is reigning supreme these days.”


“… … indeed. “It is a masterpiece.”

“Daehyup… … No. “Who is that?”

The middle-aged man was not excited.

Instead, he spoke clearly, one word at a time.

“My name is Song Hun, and I am in charge of the Shanxi branch of Sima Lian.”

The people of Shijiazhuang were not surprised.

Because I already knew.

Still, a considerable amount of tension rose as he, an expert known as a double sword blood demon, took a strong stance.

The same goes for Shaolin monks.

I had heard of Song Hoon’s nickname before, so I made up my mind.

Only Jeong Gwang was calm.

How could he know the name of this middle-aged man who was neither Sima Lianju nor Bu Lianju?

Even if you knew, there would be no reason to be upset.

“yes. hello.”

“… … Hello.”

“Not really.”

“… … me too.”

“Then go in and rest. “I’ll go to work quickly too.”

Song Hoon calmed down his anger with superhuman patience.

And I calculated it calmly.

‘A lot of the Shigajang guys came here.’

Seok Woo-wan, the head of the Shakya family, got angry and told everyone to gather together, but that was not possible.

The personnel to guard the place were left behind.

‘Furthermore, the Shaolin monks, including the eighteen Arhats. Today there are more bad days than good times.’

Still, it wasn’t too bad.

Even during the confrontation, people were running here and there.

It was the result of adding not only the masters of the Sima Lian Commandery, but also the Safa people who had been operating secretly in the central plains, as well as those originally from Shanxi Province.

The number of Sima Lian increased in an instant.

At that time, Song Hoon looked at Shakyamuni Buddha’s hardened face and sneered.

Jeong Gwang urged.

“Aren’t you going?”

Okay, I forgot about this crazy guy for a moment.

I heard a lot of rumors about the concentrate, but I felt like it wasn’t enough.

‘… … Well, it’s just an exceptional review index.’

In Song Hoon’s opinion, that was exactly the extent of it.

A joint battle between three of the Ten Zones?

It must mean that you have great qualities.

I didn’t even believe the rumor that they quickly made their enlightenment their own.

‘No technology can overcome the wall of time.’

Jeong Gwang’s words and actions continue to irritate me, but I can just endure it.

Song Hoon had something else to worry about right now.

‘Where on earth is Buryeonju and what are you doing?’

It has been a long time since I heard that Bu Lianju led the Cheonrangdae into Shanxi Province for some kind of business.

But at some point, contact was suddenly lost.

This was a very serious problem.

‘Have you been harmed by someone?’

No way.

Isn’t Bu Ryeonju a member of the Eight Evils, the strongest members of the Sapa martial arts group?

Moreover, he is a Taoist.

To Song Hoon, who used the same Tao, Buryeonju was like an idol.


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‘Something is definitely happening in Shanxi Province. You don’t know who is doing what or for what reason. Now is the time to conserve power.’

In any case, an all-out war was not what Sima Lianju wanted.

Song Hoon, who was in charge of Shanxi Castle and understood Ryonju’s feelings, decided to end this matter appropriately.

So I asked what I knew clearly.

“What is your purpose in coming here?”

Jeong Gwang was thinking of punching Song Hoon in the mouth, but decided against it.

For this matter, I had to establish a justification.

‘But it’s too troublesome to explain it one by one.’

I asked Zhao.

“Zhao. “Can you please explain?”

Although Zhao flinched, he took a step forward.

He knew full well how vicious a master Song Hoon was, but Jeong Gwang’s orders took precedence over everything.

“actually… … .”

His mouth opened and a tirade poured out.

It was a very long story, but it didn’t leave out the main points, so much so that even the grassroots people who followed along without knowing much about this incident nodded in admiration.

“I heard you are called Da-seol-beom-hyeop (多舌凡俠), indeed.”

“There is a reason why Da-seol is placed in front of Beom-hyeop.”

Song Hun, who had known Zhao since Sima Lian, frowned and listened, then cut off his words.

“stop. “I understood everything.”

“yes? “It starts now.”

“… … no. it’s over. So, aren’t you saying that we were instigating a small gang of black thieves? “When we punished them and returned the money to the people, some of them came here with the money.”

Zhao tried to add something more.

Like a master, Song Hoon recognized the presence and quickly looked away.

There was Seok Woo-wan, Lord of Shakyamuni.

“Seok Jangju. Let me ask you something. “Do you believe it’s true that those black thieves spilled the beans?”

Seok Woo-wan proudly stepped forward with his chest out.

Even though things went this way because of Zheng Guang, isn’t he the owner of Shanxi Province?

He had to solve it.

“That’s right. There are many witnesses, so speak if you wish. “I will cross-examine you.”

“No need.”

“… … ?”

“I don’t believe it.”


There is clear evidence!

Seok Woo-wan was about to yell, but Song Hoon spoke faster.

“Don’t you know why?”

“… … “Tell me.”

“Hand over those black thieves to me. Just one tip is enough. “I am confident that I will make them confess that they were harassing the common people under the orders of Shakyamuni.”

“… … !”

“It is easy to beat someone and get them to frame someone. But you brought that as evidence. Is this really how Shakyamuni does things? “What a disappointment.”

“… … “It seems like the chief would commit such an outrageous act!”

“How can you be so sure that we would have committed such an outrageous act? Is it because it’s Sapa? In that case, the places where the original alliance is based, such as Guizhou, Honam, Gangseo, and Zhejiang, would be no different from royalty hell.”

“… … .”

“No, is that so?”

Seok Woo-wan had nothing to say.

Even though Sapa is vicious, he is not stupid.

In the home base, a certain line must be maintained.

It was meant to be sucked for a long time by inserting a tube, but that’s what it looked like on the outside.

“… … “Do you believe that Sima Lian has nothing to do with this?”

“I have to say what I have to say, whether Shakyamuni has even dragged Shaolin into persecution against us. “That’s right.”

“But… … .”

“Seok Jangju. Since our opinions are so different, it is useless to say any more. “Do you really want to ask the government to decide between right and wrong?”

Neither side wanted to bring in the coffin.

Gwan and Moorim do not interfere with each other.

The war between the martial arts factions had to end in martial arts.

“… … Branch manager. In the end, we will have to find a solution through our own efforts.”

When Seok Woo-wan spoke while stroking the sword, Song Hoon shook his head.

“There is a better way.”

“… … ?”

“The reason the association came to Shanxi Province was to guarantee a better life for the people here. “Shouldn’t this be resolved peacefully?”

“… … haha… … .”

Seok Woo-wan laughed in bewilderment, but Song Hoon continued speaking without paying attention.

“I will give away the people who came here to steal my family’s money.”

“… … !”

“Before that, I need to make sure.”

Song Hoon looked around at the surprised people and spoke with a relaxed face.

“If I had known that they had committed such an outrageous act, I would never have set foot here. I’m not saying you’re doing this out of fear. So, accept the person and leave.”


Song Hoon’s voice reached the angry Seok Woo-wan’s ears.

-Look, Seokjangju. Why do you keep wanting to see blood? Are you trying to cover up what your self-in-laws have done?

-… … Don’t falsify facts! Even though he made a mistake, he came back several times to repay the money. It wasn’t you who avoided it every time!

-Do you have any proof? Is there any evidence that we escaped? I think the mason lied and didn’t come because he didn’t want to pay.

-this… … this… … .

-We have evidence. Not only the mason’s handwriting but also his handwriting is stamped on the loan certificate. Shall I show you again?

Seok Woo-wan glared at Song Hoon as if he were going to kill him, then sighed.

He had no reason to start a fight.

* * *

Jeong Gwang, who had been listening quietly, looked around.

Both Shakyamuni and Shaolin were embarrassed.

More than anything, the expression on Seok Woo-wan’s face was astounding, as if he had been threatened with a warning about what happened to that bastard Seok Yong-cheon.

‘What with something like that? ‘This is why political factions can’t be formed like this.’

The next day was also clearly pictured.

Those who will be dragged out after a while will blame Sima Lian.

Other customers at the gambling establishment will also be dissatisfied.

It was only natural that they had set a precedent where they had to give up themselves when someone asked them to do so.

‘Okay, let’s see. Where else will they go to gamble?’

Any gambling house in Shanxi Province has been preyed upon by Sima Lian.

It’s the same no matter where you go, so you have no choice but to come to this place nearby.

It was an unavoidable trend as long as one was addicted to gambling.

Jeong Gwang looked at Song Hoon and nodded.

‘He’s a pretty smart guy.’

The person who committed the crime is handed over.

Moreover, although it was something no one would believe, he declared that he would support the common people.

But the political factions want to keep fighting?

Doesn’t it look that way?

‘As expected.’

I guessed why Song Hoon took a step back by losing face.

Sima Lianzu’s thoughts may be similar.

‘We try to avoid all-out war as much as possible and only create small conflicts. ‘It was a long game.’

The Simalian Dynasty united the Sa and Majin factions of the central plains.

Now that people who were scattered and active freely have come together, various noises are bound to arise.

To vent this, it is natural to create external enemies.

By fighting against the faction’s martial arts faction, they expend their excessive power and gain profits at the same time.

It was an idea that Jeong Gwang could have done even if he were a master of the Four Horsemen.

‘Well, that’s it.’

I had to sort things out here first.

As per the original plan, without going against the cause.

“Hey, branch manager.”

“… … “Why are you doing that again?”

“Too much time has passed. “For those who decided to give it up, please do it quickly.”

Song Hoon glared at Jeong Gwang and shouted.

“Bring him!”


Simalian warriors entered the old house and dragged several men out.

The men, who looked very frightened, had their eyes bulging out as they saw so many people.

Jeong Gwang smiled brightly and welcomed them.


Then he took a plaything from his sleeve and struck down one of them, starting with a young man.



“Does your old mother waste all the money she saved by sewing, stitch by stitch, on gambling?”

“Please save me! “I have committed a mortal sin!”

“Then you can’t ask for my life.”



When her child was beaten, a startled old woman came running.

However, when Jeong Gwang shook his head, he stopped and put his hands together.

‘So, there must be a reason why Soshinseon is like this. You just have to watch.’

Next was a middle-aged man with a red nose.

Jeong Gwang beat him and admonished him.

“My wife stole the money she barely earned doing odd jobs. “How can a person do that?”

phut! Pow!

“Ahh! Ugh! Poetry, Shinseonnim! I am not married! I stole my father’s money… … .”

“ah. It was Uncle Ma, not Uncle Kang. Anyway, take a hit.”



It was so terrifying that it made anyone who saw it flinch, but it was a strange plaything that did not break bones or splatter blood.

After beating all the gamblers who were brought out, Jeong Gwang gracefully put his hands together.

The plaything between my hands was twitching fearfully.

“Infinite Buddha. “You’ve come to your senses, right?”

“yes! yes!”

“No way. “There is still a long way to go.”

“Hey, hey! “Ahh!”

Jeong Gwang beat for a while longer and then put the plaything into his sleeve.

“I’ll be back for a while so you can reflect.”

“of course! “I will!”

Jeong Gwang consoled them with a kind face and then called Baek Seung-moo and Zhao.

When the two people came running, he pointed to the gambling house.

“let’s go.”



Baek Seung-moo was not the only one who was confused.

Song Hoon, in particular, was angry, raising his eyebrows.

“Are you saying you’re going to attack this place now?”


“… … “For what reason?”

Jeong Gwang grinned.

“Do you need a justification for gambling?”

Song Hoon was surprised, but the others were even more surprised.

“Look, Jinokryong! “What are you talking about?”

“Amitabha Buddha. Suddenly gambling with the body of a Taoist… … ?”

Jeong Gwang asked Seok Woo-wan and Won Hong, who were dumbfounded.

“The common people are suffering, but you won’t fight, right? “Because there is not enough justification.”

“… … .”

“I’m willing to fight like this.”

“… … .”

The surroundings became quiet.

The members of the political faction looked embarrassed, while the grassroots looked moved.

Unlike him, Baek Seung-moo, who knew Jeonggwang well, was secretly impressed.

‘Are you trying to gamble proudly in this way? But you’re not worthy of death to go to such trouble for something like this… … .’

Jeong Gwang said it was definitely a big picture.

‘then… … .’

At that time when I felt like I could see something or not.

Song Hoon opened his mouth.

“You want to gamble?”


Song Hoon was dumbfounded by Jeong Gwang’s naturally virtuous answer.

‘It’s a gamble on the topic of Taoism. ‘You’re arrogant on a subject that you’ve probably thrown the dice on a few times.’

It’s just as rumored.

If so, just disgrace them.

“… … Since ancient times, gambling halls are places where anyone can go as long as they have money and don’t play around. “Do as you wish.”


Jeong Gwang entered inside with light steps.

The gambling hall was soon completely destroyed.

“… … “Oh, how!”

As Song Hoon was shocked, Jeong Gwang smiled brightly.

“take care.”

However, this was not the end.

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