Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 128

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Episode 128

Big picture

The place Jeonggwang headed to was a small market.

There were a bunch of shabby street stalls, and even though it was early, there were quite a few people.

Baek Seung-moo, who was dragged in without knowing why, asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“execution. Why are you here?

“I have someone to meet.”

“Do you know anyone here?”

“I have to look for it now.”


Jeong Gwang scanned the market without further explanation.

“ah. “It’s over there.”

Perhaps because he saw this person he was very happy to see, he walked with great strides.

Soon, we came near a young man who was pointing a point at an old man who had put up a shabby stall.

The grumpy-looking young man was not only pointing, but also growling in a low voice.

“Hey, old man. “If you don’t pay the protection fee, you shouldn’t even think about doing business.”

The old man begged with a pitiful face.

“What if I walk further than Daehobang (大虎幇)? Look, Myeongil. Please take a look at the situation. “Don’t you know that my income isn’t very good these days?”

“what? Hey, is this Myeongil? “Young man, do you know me?”

“Oh, no. Didn’t I give you some snacks when you were young? “For consideration of our past, please consider the situation.”

“It sounds like old times. Did you set up Yeomwangchae (閻王債)? “Why are you now trying to say how great the thing I gave you back then was?”

“Well, that’s not what I meant… … .”

“It’s noisy. Have it ready by tomorrow. See you again.”

“Oh my. What if I go like this? “Listen to me.”

When the young man turned around, the startled old man urgently grabbed his arm.

The young man’s eyes sparkled.

“How dare this crazy old man lay his hands on someone!”


The young man raised his fist and swung it towards the old man’s face.

For some reason, Baek Seung-moo, who was examining the situation, wiggled his eyebrows.

“What are you doing to the old man?”

I’m yelling loudly and trying to stop him.

Concentrate was faster.



The young man’s head turned to the left.



The young man’s head turned to the right.



The young man’s head turned frantically from side to side.

Jeong Gwang asked, rubbing the palm that had slapped the young man on his uniform.

“How can people be so vicious?”

The young man, whose face suddenly swelled up, barely managed to open his mouth.

“Who, who… … ?”

“A person passing by.”

“Why on earth… … ?”

“That’s because you did something bad.”

The young man’s face was so swollen that he could not even open his mouth.

Instead, he ran away and cursed incoherently.

“Two, we’ll see!”

“Have a safe trip.”

Jeong Gwang even waved his hand and then looked at the old man.

“Are you okay?”

From the fear of almost being assaulted to the surprise of seeing Jeong Gwang’s dazzling appearance.

The old man, who was standing blankly, was only able to answer after a while.

“… … ah! yes yes Thank you, Soshin-seon.”

Although he was out of danger, the old man’s complexion was not so good.

It was because I was afraid of retaliation.

Jeong Gwang reassured the old man.

“Do not worry. “I will make you feel better.”

“… … yes?”

“But can I ask you a few questions?”

“Well, of course I will. “Please speak.”

“From what I heard earlier, it seems like this place was originally managed by a place called Daehobang, but they were kicked out by Simalyeon, right? “After that, an organization named Myeong-il came in and took over this place.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“That organization is probably made up of evil people like that person.”


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“… … How to do that? “Are you really Shinseonnim?”

“no. “A Taoist monk.”

Jeong Gwang told the old man to stay among the people who were talking and watching from a distance.

When the old man asked the reason, he answered simply.

“That person from earlier. “I’m going to bring my gang.”


“Bad kids move as they are supposed to.”

I didn’t even say that I had cast a light spirit spell.

However, when the old man heard that a gang would come, he repeatedly bowed and went into the crowd of people.

Jeong Gwang looked in the direction where the young man had disappeared with a relaxed expression.

Baek Seung-moo, who had been holding back his curiosity earlier, asked vaguely.

“execution. “Is the person you’re meeting a black thief?”


“What are you doing?”

Jeong Gwang answered as if it were obvious.

“To cooperate.”

“… … !”

“Why are you so surprised? “It’s natural as a political activist.”

I was surprised because it was so natural.

At the same time, my curiosity grew.

“… … “Why are you doing that here?”

“You heard it earlier. “They are ripping things off more viciously than the previous Black Island faction.”

“I did.”

“So I need some help.”

“… … “That is correct.”

It was an extremely correct thing to say, but there must be a bigger reason.

Baek Seung-moo, recalling the conversation between Jeong Gwang and the old man, remembered the name ‘Sama-ryeon’.

“execution. Why did Sima Lian just drive out the black people here and not take over?”

“Because I have face.”


“Priests. Do you really think Sapa doesn’t lose face? What is Simajeon? It’s a union between the central Safa and the Majin. “They have their own prestige, and they are not idle enough to covet such a small place.”

That’s exactly what I heard.

But isn’t Jeong Gwang saying something strange again?

“But there are times when I’m greedy.”

“yes? “Isn’t what you’re saying different?”

“They say priests are too naive. “Can Zhao speak for me?”

Zhao bowed politely and opened his mouth.

“Prince Baek. It is as Jinokryong said. A large-scale Sapa does not pay much attention to small details within its sphere of influence for the sake of its reputation. However, it is a different story in the territory of a hostile opponent. Especially if you’re going to eat there.”

“Why is that?”

Zhao’s answers continued endlessly.

To put it roughly, it was to obtain information and money and lower the reputation of a hostile opponent.

“… … So, since it is an unfamiliar place, you need proper information, and the most convenient way to do that is to hire a native of the area. “They are like the villains called Myeong-il earlier.”

“That’s right. It is about giving wings to those who have been engaging in petty activities. Then they turn on their eyes and start extorting money from the powerless.”

“But wouldn’t that lower Sima Lian’s reputation?”

“There are things that are visible and things that are not visible.”

A large group of black thieves engage in business that walks a fine line between legality and illegality.

Naturally, it is bound to look large and is managed directly by Sima Lian.

However, people stay away from things like human trafficking or cherry blossoms that can make a lot of money but are dangerous.

The same goes for trivial things like interests in these small markets.

Touch it, but make it invisible.

“It will come in quite nicely.”

“… … So, are you saying that the gang that Akso belonged to earlier also belongs to Sima Lian?”

“Someone who is more of a leader than a member of the organization is probably offering information and money.”

“… … What do you mean by discrediting Shakyamuni?”

“The conflict between Shijiazhuang and the Shanxi branch of Sima Lian will only be seen by the grassroots as a fight over food. Still, isn’t an old school a prestigious school? Since Shakyamuni is a political faction, he must be soft and cheering them on… … “This is the problem.”

On the surface, new black leaders unrelated to Sima Lian are appearing and being established.

However, Shakyamuni is just watching.

The resentment of the grassroots against Shakyamuni will inevitably grow.

“… … “Is it because Shijiazhuang doesn’t know?”

“You may have a mental illness, but no physical evidence. “If you try to dig it up, it will only cause a lot of trouble.”

It was the bare face that most political factions covered.

“… … understand.”

Baek Seung-moo shook his head and then looked at Jeong-gwang.

“execution. “How on earth do you know this?”

“That’s where everyone lives.”

The black islands were all there too.

In the distance, I saw about a dozen men rushing towards me.

People in the market murmured.

“Do, it’s a poisonous snake!”

“Oh my gosh. “I think they all came running?”

Jeong Gwang sighed.

‘The Doksa faction was also in Seonyeong, Cheonghae Province.’

Is it only there?

If we shake off the central field, several carts will come out.

This is something I always feel, but black people name their organizations very intuitively.

Eyes shining like snakes on an inverted face.

As soon as I saw the guy in the lead, I thought, ‘Ah. It got to the point where I thought, ‘The name of these people has to be Poisonous Snake File.’

The Doksapa ran hard and arrived in front of Jeong Gwang-i.

The large-looking guy’s eyes widened when he saw the light.

‘Why are there so many handsome Taoist monks?’

That’s it.

“omg. omg. “Did you touch my child?”

Just by hearing his heavy breathing, he was a guy who didn’t even have any inner strength.

Maybe that’s why there is no more fear.

Jeong Gwang corrected the guy’s words.

“I got slapped a few times.”

“… … That’s it! How dare you touch us? “Who are you?”

“Jeong Gwangyo. “What about that one?”

“It’s a poisonous snake!”

“I thought so.”

The viper looked angry and stopped.

‘Concentrate? ‘I think I heard this somewhere?’

I couldn’t continue my thoughts.

The onlookers were making noise.

The poisonous snake turned its head and sneered grimly.

“Everyone is free. “Did you see it?”

“… … .”

“Close your eyes! From now on, anyone who raises their eyes will be plucked out!”

“… … !”

People lowered their heads with scared faces.

Jeong Gwang, who was watching this, asked the poisonous snake.

“Are they threatening you now?”

“however? why? “Are you picking it?”

“ah. “I don’t want to get my hands dirty.”

Jeong Gwang looked at the stall the old man had left behind and picked up a small norigae made from woven tree branches.

Then he shouted to the old man hiding among the people to listen.

“I’ll give you the money later!”

“What are you doing in front of me!”

The viper, which was angry, was beaten like a dog.

Sigh! puck!

“Ahh! “Kaaaak!”

The Doksa faction, shocked by the sudden assault, attacked Jeong Gwang.

And they, along with their leader, were beaten like dogs.

Bye! thud!


Jeong Gwang played for a while and then stopped his hands.

It was because there was no one to hit or anywhere to hit anymore.

All of the Viper Sect were sprawled out on the floor and groaning.

My entire body, except my mouth, was swollen.

Jeong Gwang asked as he put the plaything into his sleeve.


“… … “Hehehe.”

“Do you want more?”

The nickname ‘viper’ is usually given to someone who has the appearance but also the mentality of a poisonous snake.

This market viper stood up with frightening speed and fell to its knees.

“Kwaek! Oh, no, large!”


“Great, great! No, Shinseonnim! sorry! Because I am illiterate, I don’t know the immortal… … uh? Poetry, fresh?”

The viper opened its mouth and then frowned.

It was because my cheeks were swollen and didn’t open properly.

But Jeong Gwang took it differently.

“Are you dissatisfied?”

“No, absolutely not! Please believe me!”

The fiercely unclean viper asked cautiously.

“I… … Poetry, Shinseonnim. “Aren’t you the True Jade Dragon who came down from Kunlun Mountain?”

“That’s right.”

“… … !”

The viper and his gang, as well as the eyes of the onlookers, grew bigger and bigger.

“Ji, Jinokryong!”

“For some reason, you’re so handsome!”

“So, aren’t you Sosinseon, who is said to have done good deeds together with the great masters of Shaolin!”

People’s eyes also reached Baek Seung-moo and Zhao.

“Then that nobleman is Baek Seung-moo Sohyeop, a wealthy swordsman who rose to prominence in Daedong County?”

“That ordinary-looking person must be Zhao Daxia, who is praised as the Daxuebeomhyo (多舌凡俠)!”

Jeong Gwang thought so.

Baek Seung-moo lowered his head with a red face.

Zhao made a bewildered expression at the strange name he was hearing for the first time.

In fact, they had a considerable reputation among the common people of Shanxi Province.

This was because of the cooperative action carried out in Daedong County in the north and the fair and impartial behavior shown while traveling with Shaolin monks from the south to Taewon.


People cheered with bright expressions, but the Doksapa’s face turned black and died.

My heart has been completely black for a long time.

Still, like a leader, the viper said what he had to say.

“Oh my god, Shinseonnim. My eyes were so blind that I didn’t even notice the immortal… … .”

“That’s it.”


Jeong Gwang held out his palm.

“Give me everything you have.”

* * *

The Doksa faction became broken in several places.

Jeonggwang distributed to the people what they had offered.

Of course, it wasn’t just given to me.

It was distributed fairly by looking at the ledger drawn by the ignorant poisonous sect.

Baek Seung-moo, who almost lost his eyes trying to decipher the password-like letters, sighed.

“Whoa…” … .”

Interestingly enough, although his sigh was deep, there was a smile on his face.

“Priests. Why are you laughing?”

“It’s because I found it rewarding to learn martial arts.”

“The priest just watched.”

As Zhao nodded next to him, Baek Seung-moo laughed as if he couldn’t resist.

“haha. Let’s change it to because it’s rewarding to be a priest of death penalty. But really, why are you doing this all of a sudden?”


“I’m telling you this because I wonder why you didn’t take the money.”

“But you didn’t pay for the playthings.”

“Instead, didn’t the old man get much more money back?”

Jeong Gwang held up one finger and waved it left and right.

“Priests. “You have to look at the big picture and not worry about small amounts.”

Baek Seung-mu was dumbfounded.

This is a valid point, but why the concentration?

What is the big picture?

I was about to ask again, but Jeong Gwang started walking.

“Let’s go.”

“Uh, where do you mean?”

Jeong Gwang grinned.

“There’s a lot of work to do. “I need to draw more.”

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