Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 127

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Episode 127

Well, that’s the situation there.

In the next chapter of Gammongubeopseol (感夢求法說), there was a passage that described the reaction of warriors who saw the scene, although there was no way to manifest the power of anti-demon spells.

“… … Many warriors who observed the monks’ status were amazed. It was a big difference from the martial arts they had learned. It was a purer energy than anything else, and it literally felt like the power of Buddha itself… … .”

After this, there was nothing but useless talk.

‘What is the power of Buddha? I think you’re talking about a nature keeper.’

It is the home of Buddhist martial arts in the Central Plains, and even the Shaolin martial arts created by the famous Bodhidharma is only one branch of the martial arts of Jeong.

Kasyup Ma-deung and Chuk Beop-ran, who are said to have created the anti-dry horse drink, were people who lived 500 years before Bodhidharma.

At that time, martial arts used the same natural technique, but did descendants modify it to make it more efficient?

As the example of Kunlun shows, it is not an absurd hypothesis.

A smile appeared on Jeonggwang’s lips.

‘That’s fun.’

If someone else had seen it, they would have laughed and said it was a plausible story.

However, it was a very interesting story for Jeong Gwang, who was given the topic of whether the nature keeper could be used as is from the Buddha.

‘Hmm. Is this the end?’

After turning the last page, Jeong Gwang put down the Gammonggu Dharma Theory.

Although I couldn’t figure out how to use anti-demon liquor properly, it didn’t mean I didn’t have any income.

Anyway, I was going to try to become a natural keeper, so if I went down that path, I would naturally be able to use anti-demon liquor as well.

Jeong Gwang looked back on his future plans and shook his head.

‘I’m feeling motivated, but not yet.’

I felt it again while fighting against the bacteria, but there was a long way to go before I could reach the level of my previous life.

First, climb up there.

After that, you can play with new toys.

I was confident that if it was really possible, I would definitely achieve it.

Because concentrate was concentrate.

* * *

After expressing gratitude to the abbot, he left Hyeontongsa Temple.

Gong Yu quietly followed Zheng Guang and thought.

‘This is a really big event. But is there anyone who believes?’

Ga Gyun, a Daoist (刀邪) among the Eight Masters (八邪) and the second-in-command of Sima Lian (刀邪), the strongest men of the Four Sect Warriors, attacked Kunlun’s young disciple along with the elite and famous Cheon Rang-dae.

This alone is surprising, but only Gagyun managed to escape, leaving behind numerous corpses?

If Gongwoo hadn’t seen it in person, he would have laughed and said it was nonsense.

Even though Jinokryong was the rising divinity of the martial arts world, it was clear that most martial arts people would not believe it.

‘no. When you see Gagyun’s cold wind sword, you have no choice but to believe it.’

Gongwu glanced sideways.

Ga-gyun’s famous favorite bottle was wrapped in cloth and strapped to Zhao’s back.

‘But why?’

While Jeong Gwang was looking at the books, Gong Woo had many conversations with Baek Seungmu and Zhao.

Although they reflected on their own insufficient training, Gongwu’s greatest interest was Zhao.

After staying in Sima-ryeon, he entrusted himself to a disciple of a famous sect.

This was by no means common.

Unable to contain his curiosity, he asked, and Zhao chatted excitedly.

‘He was caught watching Jin Yulong under the orders of Sima Lianzhu’s second disciple, and Jin Yulong was said to be taking him back and rehabilitating him.’

It seemed like Zhao was the only person in the world who was so excited about his own rehabilitation.

In any case, there is no way that Sima-ryeon would remain silent if he knew this. They must have searched the entire central plain to catch the traitor.

Yes, I understood that they wanted to take Zhao because he was from Sima Lian and betrayed Lian.

But Bu Ryeonju came forward himself, not anyone else?

‘There must be something more.’

But Zhao, who is very talkative, ended his conversation there.

‘You can’t forcefully ask.’

No, even if I could, I didn’t feel like it.

Zhao, whom I had seen on his way from Henan Province to Shanxi Province, was a great warrior who helped the common people even before Jeong Gwang spoke.

He said that he was in the process of being rehabilitated, but in Gongwu’s opinion, he was already a great charlatan.

If you don’t know about Zhao’s past, any warrior from the political faction would see it that way.

When my thoughts reached this point, something that had been curled up in my chest melted.

‘He’s changed too, so why can’t I change?’

Gongwoo shook off his doubts.

About Zhao and about yourself.

The day will come when you will know what is ahead, and what is behind you, you have to believe in yourself and work hard.

Gong-woo, who was looking at the future rather than the past, thought of Jeong-gwang, who gave him this opportunity.

‘Judging by the expression on his face, it looks like he’s gained something from the Anti-Demon Lord… … .’

If so, the purpose of returning to Shanxi Province would have been achieved.

Because he was so unpredictable, I couldn’t guess his next move.

‘There is one thing that comes to mind.’

As soon as Gong Yu came down from Odaesan Mountain, he asked Jeong Gwang.

“Where are you going now?”


“… … “I see.”


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Gongwu smiled slightly without answering.

It was because his prediction was correct.

‘After completing important work, you do not ignore Shakyamuni’s difficulties.’

Should I say that it is really like Jeonggwang?

Jeong Gwang, the person involved, tilted his head and urged.

“We don’t have time, so let’s go quickly.”

Gongwoo’s smile deepened.

It was because he was willing to rush over and try to help with one arm.

“All right.”

Jeonggwang and his party practiced light engineering.

To the south, to the south. The fast sprint continued.

At night, I stayed in the annex of the luxurious guest house I had visited before, and Baek Seung-moo and Zhao went out as a sponsor and practiced passing techniques while sleeping.

Jeong Gwang said, ‘Why are they acting like this all of a sudden?’ I walked away with a confused look on my face and entered the room.

The two worked hard on themselves until they collapsed from exhaustion.

Gongwoo spent valuable time locked in his room and thinking about what he had felt.

And as the day dawned, a richly prepared breakfast welcomed them.

Baek Seung-moo and Zhao chewed and swallowed frantically, blinking their red, bloodshot eyes.

On the other hand, Jeong Gwang, who was eating elegantly, chuckled.

“Priest, Zhao. “I also have a lot of motivation to eat.”

The two shared an awkward smile and continued eating.

As time passed and the meal was over, Jeong Gwang gave advice.

“It seems like you’re suddenly only focusing on passing techniques, but you shouldn’t neglect your actual martial arts skills as well. That’s where real skill comes from.”

Although it was a common saying, the two people looked puzzled.

It sounded very new coming from Jeong Gwang’s mouth.

“uh? “Don’t you believe it?”

“The death penalty, that’s not it… … .”

“Jin Yuryong, no. I am… … .”

Jeong Gwang continued speaking.

“Priests. Two priest-level warriors have mastered the passing technique to the extreme. “Then will you be able to defeat me, who has not yet mastered the art of passing?”

“… … “Isn’t that an example where there is no comparison in the first place?”

“You have to understand the true meaning of what you say. In the end, skill comes from martial arts. “The more you build up your skills, the more powerful your passing skills become.”

It was a very reasonable statement, but isn’t everyone’s situation different?

Zhao, who was looking at Jeong Gwang and Baek Seungmu alternately, intervened.

“The more you learn passing skills, the more visible the results will be. However, this is not the case with the original martial arts, so it is difficult to see the effect quickly. If you want to be of some help to Jinokryong right now, wouldn’t it be right to focus on passing the exam for a while?”


“… … yes?”

Jeong Gwang said with a puzzled face.

“You can do both.”

“… … No, I don’t have the energy to do that… … ah! understand.”

Zhao really understood.

‘It’s only natural for a lord. Rather, you might wonder why we can’t do both at the same time.’

Contrary to his guess, Jeong Gwang was a person with more common sense than he seemed.

“You have to do it even if you don’t have the energy. There is a passing technique that I told you. Should I use that as a basis for new martial arts?”

That wasn’t it.

“It was created so that Priest and Zhao could use their original martial arts skills and use the most effective combination to deal with the enemy. But why do you keep trying to fit yourself into that mold? “It’s a success technique created to fit the mold of the two of you.”

“… … !”

“It’s not okay for customers to be evangelized. Even if you pay more attention at first because your understanding of the passing technique is low, it will be difficult if you continue to do so.”

“… … .”

Baek Seung-moo, who was thinking deeply while listening to Jeong Gwang’s words, asked.

“execution. So, are you saying that an ordinary person like me has to look far and keep going?”

“Why is the priest a criminal?”

“… … “Seo, am I really a genius?”

Jeong Gwang tried to speak according to his own standards but ended up saying it.

“Let’s skip that for now. The path of martial arts is long and long. “Trying to cover the distance in a short period of time is itself ridiculously greedy.”

“… … “It doesn’t really touch my heart to hear a genius like his brother say such things.”

Well, it was a bit like Jeong Gwang himself to say this.

It was true that he was originally a genius, but he was reincarnated with all the memories of his previous life.

Uncharacteristically convinced, Jeong Gwang opened his mouth again.

“I guess that’s true too. Let me explain it easily. “If you want to improve your martial arts skills quickly, you have to do it in harmony.”

Martial arts does not consist of just one thing.

True original energy, internal energy, herbivory, experience, and enlightenment must be balanced and harmonized. Having only one stand out is not only meaningless, it will only cause side effects.

“Let’s say there is a warrior who has a lot of internal strength, but is a poor herbivore. What can we do? “At best, I’ll probably just hold out for a long time and just mess around.”

The same goes for unmanned people who have sophisticated herbivory but poor internal strength. It quickly becomes exhausted and falls without even being able to inflict any significant damage on the enemy.

“Only experience and no enlightenment? I was lucky to have survived until then. How great can a fool become without enlightenment through experience. Have enlightenment but no experience? This cannot be established at all. “What can I understand if I have no experience?”

Baek Seung-moo and Zhao, as well as Gong-woo, who was just listening, nodded.

“Everything works together. But is even one missing? It becomes loose. Is there any way it can run properly? “Is there any need for it to be called ‘heart demon’?”

Each person has different aptitudes and qualities, so it is natural for one to be slightly ahead.

However, if other things are neglected, there will be limits to development and problems will arise.

Even if it seems slow right now, we have to pull it all together somehow.

Jeong Gwang gave another easy example.

“There are many techniques in martial arts, such as kwae (快), illusion (幻), transformation (change), yu (柔), strong (强), and jung (重). “There are things that are important to any school or martial arts, but I don’t focus solely on that.”

Baek Seung-mu muttered.

“That’s right. It is often said that concise and fast Chosik is stronger in actual combat, but in the text, Sang-sik defeated Sima-ryeon with elegant and wonderful martial arts. In the end, the martial arts in the text are all harmonized with elegance and coolness.”

“that’s right.”

“Was the reason Gagyun lost to Saeong Sang because he lacked coordination?”

“no. “Because my coordination is better.”

“… … .”

“Anyway, you understood what I said, right?”

Even if it takes a long time, it must be cooked in a balanced way.

In the long run, that’s the quick way.

So don’t make excuses that you don’t have time and just practice until you die.

This is what Jeong Gwang wanted to say.

“Yes, death penalty.”

“That’s right, Jinokryong.”

“Amitabha Buddha. Thank you for teaching me a great lesson.”

Jeong Gwang also did the same and was walking the path of martial arts.

Of course, unlike ordinary people, it won’t take that long.

And in the end, you will walk a new path that others have not walked.

* * *

To express the feelings of Lord Seok Woo-wan, it was absolutely absurd.

Jeong Gwang and his party suddenly returned at night.

‘Could it be that you changed your mind and came to help the chief?’

It may be because of the sincerity contained in the old money.

If that’s the case, then that amount of money has been ripped off. It’s something that can be laughed off.

He spread his arms with a smile on his face.

“haha. After all, it is a true jade dragon. “Has he come to help you?”


“haha. I didn’t know that… … for a moment. “No?”

“hmm. “It might be helpful.”

Jeong Gwang tilted his head and said hello.

“Then good night. “I’ll sleep too.”

“… … “Yeah, that’s right.”

Shakyamuni head gave an argument to lead the way with a sad expression on his face.

As I was walking along with her, I heard Gongwoo’s voice.

-Jinokryong. Would it be okay for me to tell you about what happened with Sima Lian?


-Why not?

-Because it’s embarrassing.

Gongwoo, who was puzzled, smiled.

‘You’ve accomplished such a great thing, but are you embarrassed to let others know and praise you?’

Is that possible?

Jeong Gwang was truly ashamed of the struggles he had suffered from Ga Gyun and his subordinates.

If I had been in my previous life, I would have easily finished it. What kind of shame is this?

But Gongwoo took it differently.

-I know what you mean. Still, shouldn’t the Murim Alliance also know what Sima Lian did and how much damage it suffered? I will describe Jinokryong’s activities as briefly as possible.


-Amitabha Buddha. Please believe in Hinayana.

He spoke so seriously that it became bothersome to say it again.

Jeong Gwang shook his head and entered the room that Sibi had shown him.

And as I lay down on the bed, I recalled the stories I had heard at Shakyamuni.

‘It was said that there was a bit of a fight with the Shanxi branch of Sima Lian because of Shijiazhuangzhu’s idiot youngest son.’

Seok Yong-cheon, who was greatly humiliated by an ordinary martial artist in the Murim League, was immediately summoned to Seokgajang and had to leave the house.

As the time went on, Seok Jang-ju, who was special, allowed him to go out for a while, and Seok Yong-cheon, who was immature, ended up having an accident after drinking.

‘Stupid guy. No matter how drunk you are. A child from a prestigious family crawls into a gambling house run by a black man and gambles?’

If it were just that, it would have been better, but Seok Yong-cheon went one step further.

He lost money and even borrowed money from them.

After getting rid of all that, he completely sobered up.

He immediately returned to Shijiazhuang and pleaded with his mother. After eating a bowl of cursing and taking the money, he went to the gambling house as soon as the sun rose to repay the money he had borrowed.

But the door there was tightly closed.

It was the same the next day and the day after that.

For a while, I was so sick that I went to visit every day, but when the same thing happened over and over again, it started to get annoying.

They said they would give you money, but you won’t take it?

Well then.

What are you going to do with the black sword?

But I never thought this would become a problem.

After a while, someone from Sima Lian came.

Holding an IOU with a huge amount of interest written on it.

It turned out that the gambling hall was taken over by Sima Lian before it opened a branch.

No matter how big the amount is, you can pay it, but there are rumors that Shakyamuni bowed down to Sima Lian’s unfair actions.

There was no way Shijiazhuang would obediently hand over the money.

However, it was impossible to just ignore it because legally, Sima-ryan was right.

To begin with, it was a stone pillar with a small wall.

Moreover, they are pushed out of the cause, so they can’t even think about starting a fight.

‘Well, that’s your situation.’

Jeong Gwang did not come to help Seok Jiajang.

He had come to get some work done.

Jeong Gwang closed his eyes and fell into sleep.

The next morning, after asking various questions to the warrior of Shigajang, he went out the main gate with Baek Seung-mu and Zhao.

While touching both hands.

martial arts,

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