Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 126

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Episode 126


Seungmoo Baek, Zhao, and Gongwu did not refuse Jeong Gwang’s request.

Jeong-gwang fought alone, so why couldn’t he do something like that?

Above all, it was such a passionate thought that I thought, ‘Why am I telling you this now?’ It was to the point where I even thought about it.

‘Umm… … .’

‘… … .’

‘Amitabha Buddha… … .’

Removing pearls and jewels from a corpse was not a very pleasant experience.

Still, it was better to leave the body as it was, as it was not the right thing to do.

The three people who used their hands for a while were inwardly impressed.

‘As expected, it’s the death penalty.’

‘As expected, you are my lord.’

‘As expected, it is the True Jade Dragon.’

How on earth did they inject energy into pearls and jewels?

It was in very good condition, having been used to deflect hard weapons or pierce trained people.

The three people shook their heads and looked at Jeong Gwang in shock.

Jeong Gwang was standing there in a daze, looking at the bodies with blank eyes.


Baek Seungmu sighed inwardly.

‘Normally, he would have scolded me to do it quickly, but the death penalty seems to have hit him hard mentally.’

Zhao was similar.

‘No matter how much of a true jade dragon he is, a Taoist is still a Taoist. It must be difficult to maintain one’s sanity after such a massacre. This is all to save me. You must remain loyal until the day you die.’

The same goes for Gongwoo.

‘Are you holding a ancestral rite by reciting the Taoist scriptures in your heart? I guess I opened the flesh box too wide. Amitabha Buddha… … .’

Zheng Guang was just thinking about how to punish Sima Lian, but the three people accepted it in their own way.

And I had similar concerns.

It was that I was too lacking in myself.

This was especially true for Seungmoo Baek.

‘Even though I’ve only received help from my brother-in-law so far, I can’t be of any help at this really important moment. If I work hard, I may become a great leader one day, but what can I do if I become a burden to the death penalty right now?’

He was always protected and only fought against easy opponents.

Previously, I had escaped the threat with the base of the death penalty, but I could see what would happen if I met the right people again.

‘I wish you didn’t care about me… … .’

Did he tell me to just close my eyes because I would take revenge when I die?

It was clear that he only did it so that his enemies would not feel the need to take action, but his true feelings must have been different.

Jeong Gwang was harsh-talking, spiteful, and had an unpredictable personality, but he was not a great man who would abandon his people.

‘I need to increase my strength. First of all, practice harder even if it is a passing technique. ‘I’ll have to consult with Zhao Grand Council as soon as I have time.’

The same was true for Zhao.

‘I need to talk to Prince Baek.’

This is when they decided to take Jeonggwang as their lord.

Martial arts is something that is difficult to improve rapidly in a short period of time, so I thought it was right to put out the urgent fire right away by linking up with Baek Seung-mu.

Meanwhile, Gongwu had more complicated thoughts than the two.

The shame of his own vain reputation as an ancient dragon could not even be a part of it.

‘When you meet a truly strong enemy and feel the threat of your life, the mercy you always cried out for disappears and only fear and murder rises… … .’

I had a hard time running around with such a narrow mind.

The things I had vaguely inferred through Jeong Gwang’s words and actions were painfully felt when I experienced them firsthand.

‘Jinokryong is kind to the powerless common people, but he treats those who have learned martial arts equally regardless of whether they are weak or strong. No matter how others evaluate him, he moves with a firm standard. He is indeed admirable… … .’

Jeong Gwang, standing alone, looked so lonely.

‘hmm? ‘When did you sit down?’

I glanced at him and saw that he was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed.

Gongwoo nodded without realizing it.

‘It must be painful as expected. ‘Are you meditating?’

They said the internal injuries were fully healed, so there should be no problem.

Even though they are enemies, they must be suffering because they killed so many people.

‘rather… … .’

Gongwu sent telegrams to Zhao and Baek Seungmu respectively.

-How about collecting the bodies and burying them?

The two agreed right away.

It would be better if you couldn’t see it.

By burying the body, you will feel a little more at ease.

The three people took all the pearls and jewels and found a suitable place.

Just then, not far away, I saw an empty lot bathed in warm sunlight.

They had a very busy time moving the body and digging the ground.

Since as many pits were needed as there were bodies, the work could only be completed after exhaustion.

Gongwu comforted the bodies by reciting Buddhist sutras.

Baek Seung-moo and Zhao stood by his side with serious faces.

The hearts of the three people wrapped around the grave, which had neither a mound nor a tombstone.

“… … Amitabha Buddha. “Please leave.”


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“Thank you for your effort.”

“Thank you for your hard work.”

They felt like they were a little closer than before.

When they approached Jeong Gwang, they could not bear to say anything.

It was because his tattered uniform was painful to the eyes.

The three waited silently, thinking about various things.

Time passed quietly.

There was still no one passing by in Guando, because they were scared by the sound of clashing weapons and cheers from the previous fight and did not approach.

How long has it been like that?

Jeong Gwang slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes were brighter and more energetic than before.

Gongwoo smiled with a solemn expression.

“Amitabha Buddha. “Jin Okryong, congratulations on breaking one eyelid.”

Jeong Gwang was puzzled.

I just woke up, but what did I wake up to?

What was even more absurd was that Baek Seung-moo and Zhao also had happy expressions.

I don’t know what it is, but I can’t help but smile.

And he asked with an expectant face.

“The pearls and jewels aren’t very damaged, are they?”

* * *

Is it worth it to worry about it?

Most of the pearls and jewels were safe.

It was a shame that the Cheonrangdae members had already been buried and their belongings could not be retrieved, but I felt better after taking care of the sword that Gagyun had left behind.

‘If you look closely, it’s a famous sword. If I sell it, it will fetch quite a lot.’

After entrusting the sword to Zhao, Jeong Gwang changed his messed-up uniform into a new one.

And with a light heart, I went to the spot I had visited before.

Because the dish was delicious and a lot of effort was put into it, a lot went into it.

Naturally, the meal time had to get longer, and as we returned to Gwando, people were passing by little by little.

They were all climbing Mt. Odaesan.

Jeong Gwang and his party climbed the mountain faster than them.

Hyeontongsa Temple (顯通寺) is a temple with a long history, so many people visit it.

Most of them were wealthy worshipers, but Jeong Gwang and his group were guided deeper than them.

It was all thanks to Gongwoo.

He was a monk at Shaolin Temple and had a reputation as an ancient dragon. He was also acquainted with the head priest of Hyeontong Temple.

After greeting everyone in the group, the chief priest listened to Gongwu’s request.

The chief priest, who had been listening silently, slowly opened his mouth.

“So, you want to read books related to Anti-Maju?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Why are you looking for that?”

“It’s not me, it’s the donor here.”

The governor’s gaze shifted to Jeong Gwang.

Jeong Gwang quietly looked into the eyes of the chief priest, who was too old and worn out.

‘It’s reasonably clean. There is a reason why temples are doing well.’

As I also felt in Kunlun, if the water is too clear, fish cannot survive.

Since it is just clean enough, Hyeontongsa Temple must have prospered.

‘If you’re a master, you can probably do something like this.’

As I shook my head, thinking about Heo Cheong, the chief priest asked:

“You said it was the True Jade Dragon of Kunlun, right? “Even though I am not a martial artist, I have heard a lot about you.”

“Infinite Buddha. “I don’t know what you heard, but please erase your preconceptions.”

“Is there anything I can do after I erase it and go to sleep? “There are things people don’t know about even after a long time.”

“Oh, you know the Tao like a Zen master.”

“I don’t know much about Tao, but there is one thing I know.”

The chief priest glanced at Gongwoo.

“The leader of Shaolin sent his beloved son to help, so you must be a trustworthy person.”

He was a smart and funny old man.

In short, don’t you place responsibility on Shaolin?

Gongwoo was shocked, but Jeonggwang agreed.

“Cancer. “Of course.”

The governor smiled and continued speaking.

“I’ll send someone over to you, so you can take a look. However, since it is a precious old book, please handle it with care.”

“Sure. “Please just leave it to me.”

Jeong Gwang was led to a small monk’s room.

Baek Seung-moo and the rest of the group said they would wait elsewhere, but they seemed to have something to discuss among themselves.

“Sure, then.”

The three people disappeared with serious faces.

Jeong Gwang, who was left alone, entered the room and looked around.

It may seem frugal to the average person, but compared to Kunlun or Shaolin, there was no separate master bedroom in the prime minister’s house.

‘okay. ‘This is a place where people can live.’

Jeong Gwang nodded and then scratched his head.

It was strange that he was barely satisfied with something like this.

‘Anyway, is everyone okay?’

I thought I wouldn’t think about it much even if I left at any time, but since we spent so much time together, I thought about it sometimes.

Is this what people are talking about?

Time passed quickly as I thought about those in Kunlun and those in the Murim Alliance.

Soon, one of the young men brought books wrapped in a cloth, handed them to Jeong Gwang, and then returned.

When the wrapping cloth was unwrapped, two books were revealed.

Jeonggwang picked up the ones above.

‘Let’s see. ‘It’s a biography of a high monk.’

I thought it was somehow thick.

It was a biography of great monks written by a monk named Hye-gyo during the Liang Dynasty.

Jeong Gwang opened the book, flipped through it, then clicked his tongue.

‘this. ‘That’s what I saw in Shaolin.’

The difference is that not only the cover but also the inside pages are clean.

The picture of Hangmaju was completely drawn, and the text next to it also remained.

But then what do you do?

I heard everything from Hyeon-oh.

‘How ominous is this… … .’

Jeong Gwang put down the ancient scriptures and lifted up a thin book.

‘Gammongu dharma theory (感夢求法說)?’

From the name… … .

There was no need to go beyond a few pages.

It was a written translation of a tale that had been passed down orally, and there were quite a few parts that overlapped with the content of the ancient monk’s biography.

No, it’s similar but different.

Jeong Gwang read the contents of the book.

“… … Emperor Ming of the Later Han Dynasty saw a golden divine being in his dream. He sent people all over the world to search for the Buddha he thought was Buddha, but he could not achieve his goal. Instead, he enshrined the great monks of Cheonchuk, Kasyup Ma, and Chukbeopran from the Daewol Clan (大月氏 country) and spread Buddhism… … .”

Jeong Gwang shook his head.

To put your subjects through a lot of trouble just because of a dream.

It was clear that Myeongje was an emperor who was not only incompetent, but worse than an animal.

What followed was even more shocking.

“… … Thanks to this, we were able to lay the foundation for peace within and outside the country. for a moment. what? “In the distant future, when the world falls into ruin, another golden god will appear, so the world will have to follow Myeongje’s example?”

After praising myself.

How much trouble must Myeongje have had for people to have this tale passed down?

He said he saw a golden god in his dream, and painting his own face with gold was a great proposition.

“This makes people who see it feel embarrassed… … .”

Fortunately, there was some useful content.

“… … The two monks and their disciples worked diligently to spread the words of Buddha. Sometimes, when I encounter evil and am in danger, I put my hands together and look for Buddha in my heart, and every time, Buddha appears in the flesh… … what? One arm of the monks cried majestically and shone brightly. Evil could not bear the sound and light and had no choice but to run away… … .”

Jeong Gwang reread this part several times.

It may have been a tale with a lot of influence from Emperor Myeong, but I didn’t think they would have messed around with the scene of the monks fighting.

“If it’s written as it is, it means that the Anti-Maju shined… … “You said you found Buddha in your heart while putting your hands together?”

Just because he put his hands together doesn’t mean he made a hand seal, and because he said he did it in his mind, it doesn’t mean he muttered a spell.

‘… … no way?’

Jeong Gwang muttered, glaring at the anti-demon spell on his left arm.

“Amitabha Buddha.”


Instead of crying majestically, King Hang Ma-ju cried convulsively.

No, I laughed.

-… … You wanna die?

-Wow! Ugh! Ugh!

Yeok Cheon-gyeong, who had gone crazy for a moment, vehemently denied it and regretted it.

I was intimidated by the massacre that Zheng Guang caused in Hebei Province, and I was nervous again by the massacre that occurred in the morning, but I made a mistake!

Still, it’s Amitabha Buddha.

Isn’t it so funny!

Unfortunately, Yeok Cheon-gyeong got a reward for laughing.

-Hang in there. I’ll feed you plenty of dirty blood.

-Wow! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

-Should I just fold it in half now?

-… … Ugh.

Jeong Gwang gave Yeok Cheongyeong a slap and then moved on to the next chapter.

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