Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 125

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Episode 125

secret medicine

Jeong Gwang lightly swung the cloud serpent downward.


The blood he was holding poured out on the floor.

Drops of blood scattered in a row.

But there was no Gyun blood there.

Jeong Gwang slightly lowered his head.

The chest area of ​​the uniform was cut long.

The yellow scales of the hornless snake visible through the gap sparkled in the sunlight.

Jeong Gwang’s eyes were sparkling even brighter.

‘I’m slow on my feet, but I’m fast on my feet.’

His judgment and execution skills are also excellent.

Gagyun deserved to be called a cilantro.

Jeong Gwang confidently lowered his head in the air to dodge the cloud dragon and even counterattacked, so isn’t everything said?

‘ha. What is this… … .’

Jeong Gwang raised his head and looked straight ahead.

Ga-gyun was glaring at him with his archaic sword upright.

“Good boy. “Thanks to you, my life was saved.”

“Only the hem of my clothes was cut. “Wasn’t Bu-ryeon-ju truly dangerous?”

Jeong Gwang pointed at Ga Kyun’s head.

The top of his head, where the cloud serpent had passed over, was bare.

“If your hair grows back, stop.”

“You just need to change your clothes.”

“Consider it a draw.”

“You suddenly talk a lot. “Are you going to ask us to stop here?”

Gakyun just rolled his eyes and looked around.

Many of the Cheonrangdae members had collapsed.

The only ones standing on their feet were the four people who surrounded Baek Seung-moo’s group and the dozen people around him.

“If you stop here, it will be a loss.”

“I happen to be like that too.”

“Why you?”

The corners of Jeong Gwang’s mouth slowly rose and then stopped.

A small voice came out between his thin lips.

“It’s embarrassing.”

“… … “That’s what I’m going to say.”

The two rushed at each other without worrying about who would go first.

Ga-gyun shook off the chilly feeling of pleasure by incorporating the five meanings of the gale-pung-han-do (疾風寒刀), which is the season of the Holy Name.

In comparison, the cloud dragon in Jeong Gwang’s hand moved so slowly that it seemed sluggish.

Unryong, who drew an elegant and clean line according to the principles of Sangcheong Musanggeomdo (上淸無上劍道), swallowed up Gagyun’s sword.

At that moment, Ga-gyun withdrew his courage and retreated.

The goal is to gain victory by exhausting Jeong Gwang’s strength.

Instead of being embarrassed, Jeong Gwang put his left hand in his pocket and took it out.

Then, he closed and unfolded his left hand, which was holding a handful of something.

The poison bottle given to him by the later exponents of the Sichuan Tang Dynasty broke, and poison liquid and poison powder came out into the world.

Jeong Gwang pushed the palm that was protecting the inner cavity.

Several poisons danced and attacked Gagyun and his subordinates.


Ga-gyun shouted briefly, then stopped breathing and swung his sword.

His Tao created a tempest and pushed away the poisonous air.

The subordinates were also the same.

Holding your breath, you swing your weapon or shake your sleeve to try to disperse the poison… … .

“ah. Such a waste.”

Nettle –

Jeong Gwang’s left hand went in and out of his chest again, spreading out memorized words.

Pearls that, unlike the elegant luster on their surface, have a fierce and fierce spirit.

It was old money received from Buddha.

The Cheonrangdae members quickly evaded the attack or raised their weapons to block it.

Pow! Jang! Cheonggang!

There was a hole in my forehead.

The weapon flew away.

Still, there were more people who were safe.

However, when Jeong Gwang lifted up his sleeve, the miasma that had sunk to the floor rose up again and enveloped them.

The method of heaven and earth among the Injicheonsamjae (人地天天三才) learned from Dokjon Tang Hwang.

The Cheonrangdae members quickly tried to escape, but they were already covered in poison.

The transdermal poison mixed with the miasma penetrated their skin.

Did it belong to a young man named Tang Wugeon, who had a gloomy face and a shy smile?

The paralyzing ingredient in his poison disrupted the five senses of the Cheonrangdae members.


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It was a very subtle difference, but the more advanced you are, the greater the impact.

Their foreheads and hearts were pierced by jewels thrown by Jeong Gwang.


The Cheonrangdae members fell down with a shallow groan.

Of course, Jeong Gwang was not safe either.

There’s no way Gakyun would just watch.



A fierce stab that unfolds again!

Jeong Gwang injected true energy into the cloud dragon and barely managed to block it with his sword face.

However, the blow was too strong to be received on the spot.

Jeong Gwang did not resist the force and threw himself backwards.

Gagyun chased after me.

Jeong Gwang spit out blood rising from within as a sign of welcome.

The gore flew away like a memorization.

Ga-gyun dodged it by just nodding his head and swung his sword sideways.

At that moment, Jeong Gwang slightly laid down the point of the cloud dragon’s sword, touched the ground, and then used its elasticity and magic to fly up into the air.

Ga-gyun’s sword, which cut down the empty space, suddenly changed direction and chased Jeong-gwang.

But Jeong Gwang spread his left arm wide.

The dragon and nine heavens of the eight cloud dragons.

Jeonggwang’s new model changed direction nine times.

The final direction is toward the back of the fungus.

Jeonggwang increased the force of the fall and brought down the cloud serpent.

Among Kunlun’s sword techniques, the Taeheo Dragon Sword (太虛屠龍劍) is considered the best in terms of strength!

It was a powerful and firm blow, like beheading a dragon.

Gakyun must have already sensed that momentum and was retreating again.

This time, Jeong Gwang chased after him.

As soon as he landed, he hit the ground and turned into a shooting star that chased Gagyun.

He didn’t have much time.

There wasn’t much time left, so I had to finish it as quickly as possible.

Ga-gyun, who knew this situation, continued to step back and attack.

Although it was a method of moving backwards rather than forwards, it was still strong and fast.

His whole body was surrounded by so many roads that he couldn’t even be seen.

Jeong Gwang’s eyes lit up.

His eyes caught a tiny crack in the film of a sharp blade.

A point too small to be a gap.

It was a mistake that couldn’t have happened under normal circumstances.

It wasn’t a leisurely situation either.

Jeong Gwang did not hesitate.

I stabbed the cloud serpent towards that point.

It was the first moment of the emptiness yet solemn method of the Oksim Jeongyang Ui Ilgeombeop.

A crack appeared in Ga-gyun’s expression.

I narrowed my forehead and stepped on cold weather.

He slowly moved to Jeong Gwang’s left and tried to retract his sword and unleash a series of attacks.

However, the cloud dragon in Jeong Gwang’s right hand was poking at his chest as if it knew it would do so.


Doubts are just a fleeting moment.

His body moved instinctively.

Fearing that his sword might be damaged, he quickly pushes away the cloud dragon’s sword with his drawing… … .


At that moment, a dagger came out of Jeong Gwang’s left sleeve.

Jeong Gwang grabbed it with his left hand and stabbed it straight away.

Ga-gyun was not embarrassed.

This is because male and female numbers like this were not uncommon in Sapa.

He struck the dagger with his left hand, which was armed with internal energy.

Even if you get cut, it was a cheap business as long as you could destroy the center of the concentrate.



Gagyun’s fingers flew through the air.

Small Cloud Dragon, one of the masterpieces created with great effort by the chief and director of Cheolhyeoljang!

I suffered because I didn’t know how sharp the blade was.

‘I can’t believe there is such a dagger!’

A bit of a surprise.

His face, which had remained unchanged despite the pain of having his fingers cut off, became distorted.

Jeong Gwang, who had spread out his floating cloud and was clinging to it as if it were floating, was flexing his right hand as he let go of the cloud dragon.

It was not an herbivorous diet with some mysterious brilliance.

It was a simple piece that followed the straight line connecting Jeonggwang and Gagyun.


Jeong Gwang’s lower body was twisted without even moving forward.

The force traveled up the waist, through the back and shoulders, and into the arms.

And the fist that touched Gagyun’s chest exploded with internal energy.



Ga-gyun, who was hit on the left side of his chest, was blown away and turned into a ball.

Blood was flowing out of his mouth as he lay on his back.

Jeong Gwang looked at the scene and then looked down at his side.

‘Damn it. ‘You’ve become a rag.’

Just as he laid down the cloud dragon and unfolded his fist, Gagyun unfolded his sheet while laying down his sword.

The side part of the uniform that was hit by the bullet turned into powder and disappeared.

The slightly distorted scales of the hornless snake were visible through the gaping hole.

I felt sick as they caught the sunlight and gave off an eerie glow.


Jeong Gwang coolly coughed up a mouthful of blood and then wiped his mouth with his sleeve.

It was not a small internal injury.

I guess it’s fortunate that his rights were reached first.

If it had been just a little bit later, he would have collapsed too.

Of course, that couldn’t have been the case… … .

‘I have to finish it.’

Jeong Gwang put the small cloud dragon in his arms and picked up the cloud dragon that had fallen on the floor.

And then I approached Gagyun.

The four Cheonrang members who were surrounding Baek Seung-moo’s group were suddenly running towards him and blocking his path.

Baek Seung-moo and Gong Woo, carrying Jao, also stood next to Jeong Gwang.

“Just stay.”

“but… … .”

Gongwoo tried to say something, but Jeonggwang continued walking.

And as I was about to cut down the Cheonrangdae members, I heard an unexpected voice.

“Cool look. “Get out of the way.”

The Cheonrangdae members responded immediately to Gagyun’s command.

Jeong Gwang passed between them and crouched down in front of him.

He looked up at Jeong Gwang and muttered.

“You fight so beautifully. Cool look. Cool look.”

“It’s a bit like that, isn’t it?”

“… … It was very impressive. There were many clever tricks, but the last one was simple. Hehehe.”

The cunning method refers to the use of poison, memorization, and small cloud dragons.

Since Ga-gyun was a member of the Sapa faction, he thought of all of this as skill, and Jeong-gwang did the same.

“You saw it well. Bye.”

Jeong Gwang raised the cloud dragon.

At that time, Gagyun’s voice was heard.

-Do you know the secret contract?


As Jeong Gwang looked puzzled, Ga Kyun’s face twisted.

It was a smile.

-I don’t know. Since the heavens gave us a variable called you, I must have a variable too.

-What do you mean? No, you really want to buy more than that?

The moment Jeong Gwang was about to hit the cloud dragon, Ga Gyun shouted.


The four Cheonrangdae members who were around attacked Jeong Gwang.

Jeong Gwang stood up halfway and spun around, swinging the cloud serpent.


Four corpses fell to the floor.

Jeong Gwang was already slamming the cloud dragon towards Ga Kyun.



The cloud serpent dug into the bare floor.

Gagyun’s body was dispersing as a wisp of red smoke.


Jeong Gwang raised his inner strength with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

The unrivaled energy of the Three Heavenly Unity God’s Power was contained in the cloud dragon and cut down the smoke.


The red smoke disappeared with a bizarre scream.

A handful of smoke cut by the cloud serpent turned into gray hairs and fell to the floor.

It was Gyun’s.

Jeong Gwang looked down at it and laughed.

‘… … ‘You ran away?’

The grin soon turned into a deep smile.

‘… … How dare you from me?’

It was a strange magic trick I had never seen before.

It was incomparable to the Great Law of Reverse Heaven, Reversion, Extermination of Souls, or something else that Sang So-un had practiced.

‘He was definitely not a guy who developed his martial arts skills through expedient means of extorting the lives and souls of others.’

Gagyun’s energy was rough, but he was sober.

This meant that he was not the type of person who could use this kind of magic.

‘Did they use some fancy equipment?’

What was more important was that he started an argument and even ran away.

Without Jeong Gwang’s permission.

‘Not one thing, but two things… … .’

No, there were three.

I even sent a messenger telling him to stay quiet and not fuss with Ryeonju, but didn’t he commit something like this?

‘Secret medicine?’

I don’t know what promise he was talking about, but it was none of Jeong Gwang’s business.

If you need to know, just find out.

What was important right now was the fact that Sima Lian had offended him.

‘Just do what you need to do first.’

Jeong Gwang looked back at Baek Seung-moo.

“Priests. Zhao, would you like me to put it on the floor?”

“… … Ah, I understand.”

Baek Seung-moo looked at the beam with a dazed look on his face and then came to his senses.

As soon as he put down Zhao, Jeong Gwang came over and took out the aloe vera from his chest.

It wasn’t just one, it was several.

Jeong Gwang shoved them all into Zhao’s mouth and massaged his neck.

Zhao’s neck moved greatly and sent down a sea dragon.

His eyes, which had been moving frantically in pain, gradually calmed down.

Jeong Gwang winked at Baek Seung-mu.

Baek Seung-moo released Zhao’s demonic and evil blood.

Zhao shivered a few times and then let out a long sigh.

“Fuuuuu… … .”

“Good job, Zhao.”

“Oh, no. But they… … .”

Zhao’s eyes widened as he cautiously glanced around.

It was because I saw the antique swords and hair of Buryeonju and Cheonrangdae, which had become a corpse.

“Uh, uh, how…” … .”

I knew the concentration was strong, but I never thought it would be this much!

Cheonrangdae is the elite of the elite, and Buryeonju is the equivalent of the Ten Lords in terms of political faction!

Zhao wasn’t the only one who was shocked.

Baek Seung-moo and Jeong Gwang were in a lot of trouble, so it was a bit less, but Gong-woo’s surprise was even greater than Zhao’s.

‘Amitabha Buddha… … To defeat Sima Lian’s Bu Lianju and Elite by himself… … ‘Is this possible?’

From the perspective of political factions, it was a victory achieved through the use of various forces.

But how can you fight against so many enemies alone?

Gong Yu, who knew this well, was looking at Zheng Guang not with criticism but with pure awe.

But Jeong Gwang did what he had to do without worrying about what others thought.

“Zhao. “Stay still.”

“… … yes? ah. yes.”

Jeong Gwang operated the main attack.

So, I collected the miasma of the chronic poison hidden in Zhao’s body.

Then, after absorbing it, he dropped it into an empty bottle.

‘This is the last poison. I guess I’ll have to meet the Danga kids again.’

As I put the bottle in my arms, Zhao asked with a curious expression.

“Ji, Jinokryong. that… … .”

“ah. “It’s a chronic poison that was in Jao.”

“… … !”

Zhao’s expression changed several times.

In the end, it was established as a face full of loyalty.

“… … thank you “I will make sure that Jinokryong’s expectations are never violated.”


“So, Zhao, in the future, if there is a Daosan Sword Forest, I will take the lead in opening the way, and even if the Sisan Blood Sea awaits, I will willingly sacrifice myself…” … .”

Seungmoo Baek smiled brightly and hugged Zhao.

Gongwoo shook his head as the class president.

Zheng Guang let Zhao’s chatter pass through one ear and took out the inner ring of the Shamanless Dragon and removed a little of it.

The refreshing yet fragrant scent was gone, and a fishy yet damp scent pierced my nose.

After forcefully chewing and swallowing, I performed the Samcheong Hapil Shingong.

Internal injuries that are not serious but not light either.

It wasn’t long before I was able to completely heal.

Jeong Gwang left his chair and stood up.

The three people who were standing guard surrounding him asked with joy.

“execution. Are you okay? if… … .”

“Jinokryong. If you feel any inconvenience, I will do something… … .”

“Amitabha Buddha. Is the bad luck already over? The divine power of the Jinokryong reaches the sky… … .”

All three were noisy.

Jeong Gwang said, walking briskly.

“Let’s quickly go to Odaesan Mountain. “Because I have work to do next.”

And soon after, it stopped.


“… … ?”

Jeong Gwang asked the three people.

“Could you take some pearls and jewels from the body and weapons? “Be careful not to scratch it.”

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