Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 124

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Episode 124

Thank you for your hard work coming.

Jeong Gwang slowly looked around.

Before he knew it, expressionless-looking warriors were surrounding his group.

‘Are we going to fight?’

This is the energy of Sima Lotharan, which I have been familiar with.

And that’s at a really decent level.

Moreover, there are old people who are at a level that is well beyond their means.

To sum up, there are plenty of guys that you can beat as much as you want and that you can feel good about.

‘It’s nothing bad, though.’

That’s not good either.

Even if that were the case, his group was not someone who could handle it.

‘Shall I hit first?’

A must-win for the athlete.

It’s not always the case, but it’s a maxim that you can’t lose much.

I’m just about to make up my mind and make a move.

The old man who ran slower than his subordinates opened his mouth.

“Are you the True Jade Dragon?”


“I am Ga-gyun, the vice-reliant master of Sima-ryan.”

Jeong Gwang’s eyes widened slightly.

I thought it was a block of ice because it was so strong and strong.

He introduced himself and said he was a more polite old man than he looked.

“yes. “Nice to meet you.”

“… … nice to meet?”

“Then should I say it’s unpleasant?”

“… … .”

Ga-gyun looked at Jeong-gwang in silence.

‘It’s natural to be surprised when you hear my identity. But are you able to regain your composure quickly? And you even provoked me?’

As rumored, he was truly an unpredictable person.

Of course, Jeong Gwang also thought that Ga-gyun was an old man who could not understand anything.

‘Why are you keeping quiet when you surround everyone as if they’re going to fight?’

Jeong Gwang did not have much patience.

Of course, it was Jeong Gwang who spoke first.

“But what’s going on?”

“… … .”

“Infinite Buddha. Your reply is late. Think about it slowly. “I’ll stop.”

As Jeong Gwang put his hands together and started to walk, Ga Gyun asked.

In full voice, not voice voice.

-Are you a demon?


In his previous life, he was a demon among demons, but now he is just a guru.

So he answered confidently, and Gagyun’s mind became confused.

‘Mine is very proud and does not deny that he is a devil… … .’

If so, you might have learned it by accident.

-Have you learned magic?


It wasn’t a lie.

Because Jeonggwang’s soul itself contained a demon, whether he was eating or sleeping.

Ga-gyun also believed that it wasn’t a lie.

In fact, his question itself was nonsense.

‘You can’t annihilate the elites of the original clan with the magic skills you picked up and learned.’

Above all, Jeong Gwang did not feel any demonic energy at all.

In the first place, isn’t it impossible for a disciple of Kunlun, a famous political sect, to use magic arts?

However, this did not completely erase the doubts about Jeonggwang.

Gagyun was a cautious and smart person who knew that there were quite a few things in the world that could not be judged with common sense.

‘I guess I’ll have to stab the other side.’

He pointed to Zhao, who was standing still with shaking eyes.

“Zhao belongs to the original organization. “I will take you.”

Zhao’s eyes shook greatly.

On the other hand, Jeong Gwang’s eyes were sunken.



“Zhao is mine.”

“This is the original guy.”

“I made a fortune a long time ago. Zhao, right?”

As soon as Jeong Gwang’s eyes met, Zhao’s shaking eyes became stable.

As soon as he saw Bu Lian-ju and his subordinates, he knew what his fate would be, and although he didn’t know if he had reformed himself, there was something about Jeong Gwang’s words ‘my person’ that filled his heart.


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He forced his lips to open and spoke in a wet voice.

“… … As Jin Yulong said, I am not a person of Sima Lian, but a person of Jinyulong.”

Unlike Baek Seung-moo, who had a nervous look on his face and was wary of all directions while patting Zhao on the shoulder, Gong-woo looked very surprised.

‘Even if it’s not now, he was from Sima Lian… … .’

But I soon shook my head and shook off the negative thoughts.

Gongwu himself was different from the past.

It would be more different in the future.

‘Amitabha Buddha. If I do it, others can do it, and if I want to do it, others can also want to do it. ‘Why do you try to see yourself and others differently?’

The standards you apply to yourself must also be applied to others.

Only then can you accept others without denying yourself.

Gongwoo’s eyes deepened at this small realization.

Of course, it wasn’t bacteria.

“That’s fun. “What use is there to that guy, calling him my person?”


“okay. “Isn’t it because it’s useful?”

“hmm… … Zhao is good at finding delicious restaurants and good accommodations.”

Gakyun admitted it in his heart.

The same was true for his subordinates.

But that wasn’t enough.

There is no way that Qin Yulong, a disciple of Kunlun, a renowned political sect, and a rising divinity in the central plains, could become the warrior of Sima Lian for just such a reason.

“Is that all?”

“There’s a lot of talk.”

“… … .”

“ah. “Is that a disadvantage?”

Jeong Gwang shrugged his shoulders and then asked.

“If you don’t hand over Zhao now, I won’t let you go, right?”


Then we have no choice but to fight.

At that time, Zhao’s voice was heard.

-Jinokryong. Don’t think about fighting. You must run away.


-Buryeonju is a great expert. The same goes for his direct subordinates, Cheonrangdae (天狼隊).


-As expected, you know. They are as great as the name Cheonrangdae… … .

-and. Aren’t you embarrassed? How do you come up with a name like that?

-… … I didn’t make it. In fact, opinions are divided even within Sima Lian. I think… … .

Zheng Guang organized the situation by listening to Zhao’s message through one ear.

‘He’s a demon and a magician, and seeing as he’s asking, it’s true that he came after that pig.’

Of course, there would be no evidence, and the intention would be to capture Zhao and interrogate him.

‘The standard is high. Seeing that the stain was good, I followed him after eating properly and resting. These guys know how to stay in top condition. It’s going to be quite a troublesome fight.’

It was all thanks to Zhao.

-… … It’s like that. Did you understand? Jinyukryong, you must escape.

At that moment, Zhao’s sermon ended.

His expression was full of concern for Jeong Gwang.

But is there any way for Jeong Gwang to run away?

He said while looking directly at Ga-gyun.

“I’m going.”

“Can not be done.”

“Then we’ll have to fight.”


Gagyun gave orders to his subordinates.

“Capture Zhao alive.”


The subordinates, who were trying to fly up with their clothes flapping, stopped.

Before I knew it, Zheng Guang was standing in front of Zhao and placing his hand on his danjeon.

Gagyun’s eyebrows twitched.

“Are you trying to destroy Danjeon and turn it into a ruin?”

“No way.”

Zheng Guang answered without turning around and then asked Zhao.

“Tomorrow is the day to cancel the medicine, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right, but… … .”

“Let’s take a bite.”

“… … yes?”

Zheng Guang pushed his inner energy into Zhao’s Danjeon.

Then, it spread throughout the body’s veins, triggering the miasma of chronic poison hidden throughout the body.

Zhao screamed and rolled around on the floor.


It was a tragedy of blind people.

It is so painful that the viewer feels pain.

Gakyun, who was watching this in silence, asked.

“What are you doing?”

Jeong Gwang’s answer was concise.

“It triggered a chronic poison.”

“… … why?”

“I don’t want Lord Buryeon to take me away.”

Jeong Gwang’s knowledge and resistance to poison were so great that they were recognized by the world’s four heavenly leaders.

It was a rumor that had already spread throughout Gangho, so Ga-gyun also knew about it.

“… … “If you don’t cancel the contract, there’s no use arresting it.”


“fun. Very fun. “What about the other two?”

The other two, Baek Seung-moo and Gong-woo, were very nervous.

Doesn’t this mean that if necessary, he will be held hostage and restrict Jeong Gwang’s actions?

‘That’s funny. ‘I don’t think you’ll be treated so gently.’

‘Amitabha Buddha. I guess I have to open the world of death.’

Baek Seung-moo caught the black cow with fighting spirit, and Gong-woo rolled up his sleeves and increased his strength.

Jeong Gwang looked at the two people and gave them a good word.

“Infinite Buddha. Priest, I will avenge you when I die, so just close your eyes. The same goes for monks.”

“… … .”

Jeong Gwang glared at Ga Kyun and warned him.

“Those two people. Can you see that he was prepared to die? “You won’t be able to kill him easily.”

“… … “I think you’re being taken aback.”

“That’s natural. Cheonrang… … ah. I’m embarrassed to even say it. “Who wouldn’t, when people with that name are surrounding us in droves?”

“… … “What if I capture them and threaten you?”


Jeong Gwang grinned.

“You have to jump out and chase after it and hunt it.”

Gagyun instinctively felt it.

Jeong Gwang was someone who could survive that.

‘It is said that he traveled across the entire Qinghai Province, fought in alliance, and flew like a dragon in Kunlun. Gyeong-gong might be above me.’

Then there is only one answer.

You only need to attack the concentrate.

The thoughts were complex, but the words were simple.

“Catch the True Jade Dragon of Kunlun.”


Jeong Gwang intervened.

“Please open the way. “Let’s leave out the people we don’t need and fight.”

“… … “Open it.”


One area of ​​the siege was suddenly opened.

Baek Seung-moo and Gong-woo walked down that path with angry faces.

Zhao, who was carried by Baek Seung-moo with demonic and evil blood on his back, was in so much pain that there was no time to separate him.

As they left, Ga-gyun’s command continued.

“Watch only four people.”


Four of the Cheonrangdae broke away and surrounded Baek Seung-mu and his group.

In this way, two siege nets, large and small, were completed.

Jeong Gwang shook his head.

“They are not people who will run away. Have you been deceived? “You seem very suspicious.”

“There is only one thing.”

In an instant, Jeonggwang moved.

Ga-gyun drew out his sword as he watched the rapidly expanding concentration.


As Jinki was pushed in, Do cried out loudly.

It was ready to cut down anything in the world.


At the moment when Ga-gyun tried to shake off Tao with the momentum of both sides, Jeong-gwang, who had been running in a straight line, changed direction.

‘… … !’

Jeong Gwang was already colliding with Cheon Rang Daewon.

No, not him, but a golden dragon sticking out of his waist!


The weapons of two Cheonrang members were cut off.

Jeong Gwang’s eyebrows twitched.

‘Just give up weapons and suffer damage? Do you know what kind of cloud serpent it is?’

It tried to cut their bodies in two, but the two warriors rolled backwards to avoid it.

A few members of the Cheonrangdae shouted sharply.

“This is a weapon that the Iron Blood Captain made himself! “It’s a new sword, so be careful!”

It was as Jeong Gwang expected.

And it was as expected that Gakyun attacked from behind.

A terrifying energy was cutting into Jeong Gwang’s waist.

‘As expected, I’m not a fool to leave it to the kids below me.’

Plus, it was strong.

If you get caught up in a wheel-and-wheel battle and continue to be attacked by Ga-gyun, you will inevitably lose.

I had to hit and deal with Cheonrangdae as quickly as possible.

‘I’m going to sweat a lot.’

It wasn’t just sweat, it had to be a lot of effort.

Flying Dragon Festival!

He moved to the side like a sword and dodged it by a narrow margin, then stepped on the dragon-shaped bow and slipped into the crowd of Cheonrangdaewons.

It is natural to be taken aback by the smooth walking method, like a snake jumping over a wall.

The Cheonrang members immediately widened the distance and swung their weapons.

Although it was not a special strategy, it was a movement that allowed each individual to demonstrate their capabilities to the fullest.

Jeong Gwang was slightly impressed.

‘You have a lot of experience!’

Jeong Gwang also had a lot of experience.

The experience of killing people is the best in the world!

I abandoned illusions and used only pleasure to strike in a straight line.

The cloud serpent flew up once again, leading the golden light.


The heads of the three Cheonrangdae members floated in the air.

Meanwhile, four weapons rained down on Jeong Gwang, but he dodged them all by twisting his waist and lowering his head.

However, he was unable to block Ga-gyun’s strike from behind.


Gakyun’s eyes widened.

What divided his mind were three headless corpses.


Jeong Gwang, who had switched places with the three corpses, unfolded a double wand and appeared on the other side of the encirclement.

The cloud serpent in his hand changed thirteen times.

Thirteen cloud dragon swords.

It was a beautiful and wonderful sword dance that Kunlun was proud of and was reborn by Jeong Gwang.

Several weapons were cut like pieces of paper, and their owners were also cut in two.

In the meantime, the members of the Cheonrangdae did not utter a single groan, but fear began to sprout in their eyes.



The fear was instantly contagious and came out as an unnecessary cry.

Still, his fighting spirit was so great that the cloud dragon in Jeong Gwang’s right hand had to move like crazy.

And a warrior took advantage of that opportunity and stabbed Jeong Gwang in the side.

At that time, when the spear, with its bright blue days, was about to be stuck.

Jeong Gwang’s brow furrowed.

‘Are you a major shareholder? ‘What’s so fast?’

Think for a moment.

Jeong Gwang’s feet moved strangely and released a javelin.

His free left hand stretched out stiffly and struck the warrior’s chest in an elegant arc.

Sangcheongin (上淸印).

Jeong Gwang’s honest Jeongjong inner energy penetrated the warrior’s chest and crushed his heart.


I quickly twisted my chest to get out of the way, but the shock was enormous.

The unmanned person coughed up blood and tried to sit down, but he couldn’t.

Jeong Gwang grabbed his back and turned him backwards.

When Ga-gyun’s sword pierced him, Jeong-gwang’s new form appeared on the other side of the encirclement.

Massacre occurred there too.

Ga-gyun glared at Jeong-gwang with a stern face.

‘They say he is a Taoist with the deadly power of a heavenly killing star… … .’

There is no hesitation in killing people.

That doesn’t mean he’s enjoying it, he’s just doing what he has to do.

Any doubts I had were gone.

‘There’s no reason to learn magic when you show such inaction with regular.’

The family that made no sense in the first place collapsed.

The only way left is to step on the bud that is still shocking.

And then we have to torture Zhao to obtain a cancellation of the contract.

‘But where and how did I get that kind of practical experience?’

There is no way to know that it was from a past life.

The situation was moving too quickly for me to think any further.

‘too fast. If this continues, the damage will only increase.’

Jeong Gwang’s movements were amazing.

It could be said to be a new law, a supplementary law, and a martial arts ritual.

Still, Gakyun was confident.

Because it was clear that he was superior in terms of his history.

Jeong Gwang was overdoing it.

The evidence was the sound of breathing gradually becoming heavier and the sword striking slightly becoming duller.

‘then… … .’

Ga-gyun slowly approached Jeong-gwang and shouted.

“Yoksae (玉碎)!”


The Cheonrangdae members shouted in unison and then gritted their teeth.

Not only the momentum but also the movements have changed.

They rushed at Jeong Gwang without regard for life or death.

Gagyun was confident as he walked forward.

‘I can’t escape this time! If I see an opportunity, I will finish it myself!’

It was as he expected.

Jeong Gwang was trapped by Cheonrangdae and did not know what to do.

No, I loved it so much that I didn’t know what to do.

‘It’s finally coming out like this!’

Yes, Sapa should be like this.

The spirit of cutting down anything that gets in your way, whether it’s an enemy or an ally!

If you keep your distance and giggle, you too will get tired.

There was a limit to my strength, so I had to deal with it quickly, and this was exactly the situation Jeong Gwang wanted.

‘I’ll give it a try.’

Gagyun’s judgment was correct, but he didn’t know one thing.

What does the concentrate have?


For the first time, cheers burst out of Jeong Gwang’s mouth.

At the same time, his body was engulfed in dazzling golden light.

The light became one with the cloud serpent and swept across all directions.

Blood flowed out.

The Cheonrangdae members managed to land a blow even though their limbs were flying off.

but… … .



Everything broke or bounced off.

It was because of the iron blood warrior armor that Jeong Gwang wore under his uniform.

“Bo, Bo’s?”


That was also what Jeong Gwang thought.

“It’s just lizard underwear?”

If it was real, you shouldn’t have been shocked, but I only avoided stab wounds, so it was quite painful.

Although he suffered internal injuries, his limbs did not stop moving.

Jeong Gwang, who had annihilated the nearby Cheonrangdae members in an instant, looked up and smiled.

“Thank you for your hard work coming.”

Gagyun was seen falling down with a distorted face and striking the sword.

The cloud dragon turned into a golden dragon and soared to meet him.


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