Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 121

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Episode 121


This Confucius of Sima Lian, Sang Shao-yun, was so intelligent that he planned to strike a blow to political factions using the method of ignorance.

It was not just a plan, but also had the ability to execute to the extent that it showed results, and a grand plan to take the first step was planned to be held in Hebei Paengga.

And on the day of the death, he went to Paengga and disappeared.

With the elite warriors of the general corps he dragged along.

When news from him stopped, soldiers from the Hebei branch came forward.

They went to the safe house where Sang So-un and the military officers of the General Order were staying, but what greeted them was a ruined manor.

All that remains are the shattered remains of the palace, a fat left hand, and miserable corpses.

It belonged to Sang So-un and Chongdan military personnel.

The Hebei branch was in an uproar.

We quickly contacted the headquarters and took care of the safe house.

But Sang So-un was alive.

Having been overpowered by magic, he ran without stopping and appeared at the headquarters.

And after delivering a warning to Sima Lianju about a person presumed to be a member of the Heavenly Demon Church, he was murdered.

‘Hmm. ‘There is no difference.’

Ga-gyun, the leader of Sima-ryeon, was cool-headed and very smart.

Therefore, before leaving the headquarters, I checked all information related to Sangsoun once more.

Now that I was in Hebei Province, I was leaving aside whether the hypothesis I had made based on the information was correct and checking whether the information was trustworthy.

Sarah. Sarah.

The sound of books turning page after page filled the wide hall.

The warriors of the Hebuk branch, standing in an unmoving posture, felt as if their hearts were sinking every time that sound rang out.

From Gagyun’s mouth, ‘… … hmm?’ It was because they thought that if they even made a questionable sound, the soldiers surrounding them would stab them.

But fortunately, that didn’t happen.

Ga-gyun muttered as he pushed numerous books and pieces of paper to one side of the table.

“It’s clean.”

“… … !”

This means that the documents from the Hebei branch and the information sent by the Hebei branch to the headquarters are consistent.

The warriors tried to breathe a sigh of relief, but were shocked.

He wasn’t finished talking yet.

“It’s so clean. Should I say this is Confucius-like?”

“… … !”

A fearful light appeared in the warriors’ eyes.

I couldn’t figure out what he meant, but I felt it didn’t mean anything good.

Gagyun tapped the clean table with his fingers.

Talk. Talk. Talk.

A steady beat, neither fast nor slow.

The warriors’ hearts pounded in time with the sound.

How much time has passed?

His pointing slowed.

My thoughts were organizing.

‘Among those who gathered at the Feng family’s banquet, there is no expert who can wipe out this Confucius and the military commanders.’

He turned his gaze and saw the bodies lying on the floor.

Even though it was heavily salted to prevent spoilage, a foul odor was lingering in the air.

‘Anyone can see that it is a sign of being hit by a great magic attack. Did a demon from the Heavenly Demon Church attend the banquet? or not… … .’

Ga-gyun paid attention to Hwang Tae-son, who suddenly appeared in the pen house.

There was no way that none of the imperial masters guarding him would be skilled in magic.

Isn’t the current imperial dynasty intertwined with xie jiao since the founding of the nation?

This is also a tribe that broke away from the Heavenly Demon Church a long time ago.

‘The original plan was to manipulate Grand Prince Peng Kang-ung and slaughter the notables who attended the banquet… … .’

If things had proceeded as is, there would be no way that the royal master would have wiped out not only Sangsoun but also the warriors in the safe house.

Isn’t their mission to protect the Crown Prince?

What if something unholy happened in the presence of the Crown Prince?

First of all, it is right to return to the imperial palace while protecting the crown prince.

‘… … This Confucius may have been greedy.’

The assumption is that he tried to manipulate Peng Kang-woong to assassinate Emperor Huangdi.

If you succeed, you will have made a greater contribution than anyone else.

Not only will the angry imperial family not leave the Hebei Paeng family alone, but they will also take action against the Wulin Alliance.

‘But it’s too greedy. Why all of a sudden?’

Everyone tends to elevate merit and lower merit, but Sang So-un did not lie about merit.

It wasn’t because he was honest.

It was because he was afraid of escaping from the suspicious eyes of Sima Lianju.

‘I was so impatient that I became overly greedy when the Crown Prince appeared.’

Sang So-un was Ryeon Ju’s illegitimate son.

So, Lianju tended to trust Sangsoun more than other disciples with whom he was not related by blood, but the situation has changed in recent years.

The rear guard, who had always been treated coldly by Ryeonju, was making strides and gaining ground little by little.

‘Now I really need to check.’

As Sang So-un is very careful, there are probably a lot of things he has buried.


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Even though he died, those who were his hands and feet remained.

Gagyun slowly opened his mouth.



His subordinates shouted in unison and drew their weapons.

The beating has begun.

The warriors of the Hebei branch were no match for them.

I couldn’t even scream properly and just collapsed.

“… … Oh, why on earth… … ?”

A military officer from the Hebuk branch asked with an aggrieved look on his face, but Gagyun’s subordinates did not give a single answer.

They just tortured him in silence.

“Ugh! W-what do you want!”

Painful screams came from everywhere.

The sound grew louder and louder until it made the palace ring.

The warriors of the Hebuk branch are trying to survive… … No, I said everything I could to die without further torture.

For a long time.

Gagyun’s ears began to hear useful sounds.

He pointed out the person who spoke with his finger, and his men treated him.

The human heart is extremely treacherous.

Those who had been begging for them to just die now have hope that they might be able to live.

And he spewed out that hope with his mouth.

“There is a man named Zhao among this Confucius’ subordinates.”

“I know your face.”

“This Confucius left him in the Iron Blood Field to watch over someone… … .”


“According to the secret language sent by Zhao, it is said to be the True Jade Dragon, which is gaining fame these days.”

“Hmm. “Why is he in the Iron Blood Field?”

“To ask the Iron Blood Lord to make me a sword… … .”

“You have good spirit. “Is that possible?”

“It is said that he was holding a sacred object of Confucius Hu Wei-jin.”

“… … !”

“I was told I was planning to stay at the Iron Blood Center for about two months… … There’s something unusual going on, so I think I’ll have to keep an eye on it for a long time… … .”

“Have you had any contact since then?”

“Yes, that’s right. So, I was planning to investigate the iron blood field soon, but unexpectedly… … .”

When Ga-gyun raised his hand, Mu-in’s mouth stopped.


Ga-gyun touched his hands and was lost in thought.

‘Did Jin Ok-ryong go to Cheolhyeoljang with the youngest Confucius’ sacred object? ‘Why was this hidden again?’

It may be because he was afraid that if he reported it to Sima Lianzhu for no reason, it would be misunderstood as if he was slandering the rear guard, who has been making great achievements recently.

‘Or maybe he wanted to wait and see until he found out more clearly. There might be something so amazing that it’s hard to believe… … .’

His guess was close to the truth.

For that reason, Shang Xiaoyun only told Zhao that Zheng Guang was a demon.

But to Ga-gyun, it was just a guess, and he had to check for himself.

“Is there anything else you want to say?”

The military officer, who had stopped talking because he was stopped, hastily answered.

“Yes, that’s right. “You know that Zao I was talking about earlier?”


“This is a fact I found out a few days ago when I was investigating Paengga. “It is said that someone with a similar look to him came out of his house on the day of the disaster.”

“… … “Didn’t he look very ordinary?”

“yes. yes. Of course I wear it. Still, their builds and facial features are all very similar… … Plus, they say I wasn’t alone.”

“… … ?”

“They say he was with Jinokryong and his priest… … .”

“… … “What?”

“… … They say he left for Shanxi Province.”

Gakyun’s eyebrows were bent into an inverted shape.

‘Due to the timing, the Jinokryong death penalty, which should have been in the Iron Blood Field, was in the Paengga? ‘He also moved with Zhao?’

His head moved quickly.

What on earth is Sang So-un hiding?

Why is Zhao with Jinyulong?

‘A demon and a true jade dragon appeared out of nowhere… … .’

Somehow, a crazy idea occurred to me that the two might have a connection.

‘The person who attacked this Confucius and his subordinates could not have been a demon from the Heavenly Demon Church. If that were the case, they would have told me.’

Gagyun believed in ‘them’.

But I couldn’t be sure because I had doubts.

‘I guess I’ll have to check it out myself.’

When Ga-gyun raised his hand, his subordinates came out.

He killed all those who had been hiding secrets and revealed them.

“let’s go.”


Gagyun and his subordinates left the manor.

Their destination was Shanxi Province.

They opened their guard and ran like a gale, and soon they reached the entrance of a village.

The subordinate who had set off ahead of the scouting team was waiting for Ga-gyun.

Unexpected words flowed from the subordinate’s mouth.

“Lord Buryeon. “The original secret language is engraved on the tree.”


“yes. “That is also a secret word of level B.”

Gakyun’s eyes narrowed.

Level B secret language can only be read and written by someone who holds a significant position in the institute or is a servant of such person.

It wasn’t something common enough to see on a street like this.

‘Could it have been left by Zhao? ‘To whom?’

It occurred to me that Zhao might not be accompanying Jin Yulong of his own accord.

If so, this should be something to inform the people of Sima Lian.

Gakyun’s eyes became cold.

“What is it about?”

Suha read the secret language in a stiff tone.

“Manghyang Banjeom (望鄕飯店). The ultimate in cost-effectiveness. “No matter what you choose, it’s a choice you won’t regret.”

“… … .”

Gagyun frowned.

It was because I couldn’t figure out what it meant.

“I’ll give it a go first.”


There was no need to ask anyone to find a place called Manghyang Banjeom.

The fragrant smell of cooking drew them in.

Ga-gyun checked the words written on the signboard and nodded inwardly.

‘Here it is. But why is there a black cloth tied at the entrance?’

I went in first.

As the name of the spot suggests, it was full of a scent that made me miss my hometown.

‘It just looks like a spot… … .’

Jeomsoi, who discovered Gagyun and his group, approached them hesitantly with a frightened expression.

It had to be that way since so many amazing people have come since its inception.

This was only possible because Jeomsoi had developed a sense of courage while dealing with countless people.

“Oh, welcome. Ma, welcome to Manghyang Restaurant.”

After thinking for a moment, Gakyun suddenly opened his mouth.

“The ultimate in cost-effectiveness.”

“… … !”

Jeomsoy looked surprised and answered with a big smile.

“No matter what you choose, it’s a choice you won’t regret!”

“… … !”

Ga-gyun realized that he had come to the right place.

I said this, wondering if it was a secret word, but he responded quickly with a secret word.

But the atmosphere was a bit strange.

“These are seniors who took advantage of this spot! “Sit this way!”

“… … ?”

There was nothing to do here or anything.

Since it wasn’t meal time, there were a lot of empty seats, and because there were a lot of people in Ga-gyun’s group, the place was full.

Jeomsoy asked, twirling.

“Shall I bring it out on my own?”

“… … “Sure.”


Jeomsoy disappeared with flying steps.

As I looked at that, common sense doubts began to arise.

‘Could it be just a phrase to advertise a birthmark?’

No way.

It is impossible to use secret language for such a thing.

Ga-gyun, who happened to be in the market, waited silently.

The same was true for his subordinates.

After some time, Jeomsoi brought numerous dishes to the table.

“Enjoy your meal!”

I tried it first.

‘… … ‘It’s delicious.’

I tried various things.

They say it’s a choice you won’t regret no matter what you choose.

The tips of Gagyun’s eyebrows curved upward.

‘What kind of person would pull a prank like this! Zao is it him!’

However, I didn’t take my anger out on the poor guest.

Isn’t this what someone of Sima Lian’s vice-reliant level would do?

Instead, I called Jeomsoy and asked him a few questions.

Jeomsoy quickly answered.

“yes. yes. you’re right. A middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance stopped by first and paid the price, and then an eye-poppingly handsome Taoist monk and a handsome young master stopped by to eat.”

“… … and?”

“well. “Perhaps he was trying to avoid the crowds of small fish, but he disappeared in the blink of an eye.”

Gagyun thought calmly.

‘Is it true that Zhao betrayed his original family? There might be something more.’

Still, I’m glad I was able to properly chase after Jinokryong and his group.

As soon as I finished eating, I left the place.

Behind him, a subordinate looked surprised while paying the price.

‘They say it’s the ultimate in cost-effectiveness, but really… … .’

After filling their stomachs, Gagyun and his party ran like a gale again.

And I continued to discover hidden words that Zhao left behind.

[Hwanghwaru (黃花樓). A serene scenery with the sweet scent of gabani liquor.]

Sweetness and tranquility.

It was surprisingly a good match.

[Cloud top guest cup. A bed as soft as lying on a cloud.]

Thanks to you, I had a good night’s sleep.

[Jeonchibanjeom (全聚飯店). Yangyangpomak (羊肉泡饃). The soup is amazing.]

It was really awesome.

So much so that there is no need to separate it.

After a day like this, Ga-gyun gave up any further expectations.

Doubt solidified into certainty.

‘It doesn’t mean anything either. Zhao takes the lead and guides Jinyulong and his party.’

It was ridiculous, but not bad.

If you follow this path, you will be able to meet them.

In a situation where I didn’t know what would happen anyway, I had to chase after them while maintaining my best physical condition.

“Where does this hidden language refer to?”

Suha answered.

“This is Hangsan Banjeom (恒山飯店). Various vegetables and various mushrooms… … .”

“done. let’s go.”


Ga-gyun and his subordinates ran like a gale.

The eyes of the subordinates were full of satisfaction.

* * *

The concentrate was also satisfactory.

After coming down from Shaolin, I ate and drank incessantly for three days, so I had no choice but to do so.

As the sun set in the sky, the Shaolin monks looked for him.

Jeong Gwang and his party set out on the road with them.

The destination was Shanxi, the same as Ga Gyun’s group.

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