Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 120

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Episode 120

funny thought

It had been a long time since I had sweated properly, but my excitement had cooled down due to the fight ending pointlessly.

Even though I gained quite a bit, I still have seventeen shiny bald heads left!

But when Hyeon-oh said he was waiting, his excitement returned.

“Are you trying to tell me about Anti-Maju?”

“haha. It’s urgent. “Umm.”

Hyeonoh sat up completely and frowned.

Because of my age, my back was stiff.

Jeong Gwang quickly clung to him and interrogated him.

After collapsing from exhaustion, he received it from the Buddha, but as the touch of Jeonggwang was added, the color on Hyeonoh’s face deepened.

“stop. “Enough is enough.”


“Jeong Gwang-ah. thanks.”

“What. “It’s a give and take.”

“haha. “For that to be the case, what I have received from you is too great.”

When Jeong-gwang looked blank, as if wondering what he was talking about, Hyeon-oh smiled a little.

And then he cleared his voice.

“ah. ah.”

Jeong Gwang’s expression changed.

“… … “You’re not trying to pretend you have a chronic disease again, are you?”

“What? “Hehehe.”

Hyeon-oh laughed as if it was funny even when he thought about it, but then opened his mouth with a serious face.

“A long time ago, in the Kingdom of the Great Moon Clan, the great monks of the Heavenly Kingdom, Kasyup Ma-deung and Chu Beop-ran, who were preaching the teachings of Buddha, received the request of an envoy sent by Emperor Ming of the Later Han Dynasty. He accepted it, loaded the 42 Tripitaka Koreana and a Buddha statue on a white horse and entered the central plains.”

They reached Luoyang and built Baekmasa Temple, the first temple in the Central Plains.

It is said that they were full of motivation as they stayed there and translated the Forty-Two Tripitaka Koreana into Chinese.

I will spread the words of Buddha throughout this wide land and make the world a better place.

“Buddhism was first introduced to the Central Plains a long time ago, but it spread actively thanks to two great monks. This may have been due to the fact that the common people were looking for someone to rely on due to the repeated chaos in the world.”

“Hey, Master. So what about Anti-Maju?”

“Heulheul.” “It’s coming out soon.”

The number of Buddhist believers increased explosively in Luoyang, where the White Horse Temple was built.

Encouraged by this, Kasyup Ma Deng and Chuk Beop-ran headed to Shanxi Province to build a second temple.

However, it was very different from Luoyang, the imperial capital.

“It is said that the lives of the common people they saw on their way from the Daeyue clan to Luoyang were not that good, but Shanxi Province, where there was strife with nomads from the north and plunder was rampant, was said to be miserable.”

It is said that evil was sprouting in people’s hearts, there were many evil people who harmed others for profit, and many cults were not only weak, but also overflowing with witchcraft and healing.

It is truly the land of evil devils.

Eventually, they arrived at Odaesan Mountain and while building Hyeontongsa Temple, the two great monks are said to have created Dharma Treasures to protect themselves and purify evil.

It was an anti-demon spell.

‘Is this something so grand?’

Jeong Gwang tilted his head as he looked at the anti-dry gun on his wrist.

I thought it could only erase morale and demonic energy to a certain extent, but what kind of purification comes out?

Hyeon-oh, who was watching Jeong-gwang look puzzled, added.

“I didn’t make just one. It is said that several were made and given to monks who spread the Buddhist mind. But now it may be all you have left.”

“Still, it purifies evil. “It’s very grand.”

“It is written that way in a book written by someone who observed the movements of the two great monks, but it is not certain. There is even a book that says it is not about purifying, but subjugating. “Isn’t it true that even when looking at the same thing, each person perceives it differently and sometimes exaggerates it?”

“That’s right.”

It may be a made-up statement to highlight the miraculous abilities of the two ancient monks.

However, Jeong Gwang was already aware of the other effects of anti-cancer liquor, so his interest was piqued.

Naturally, my face became curious.

Hyeon-oh, who saw that, spoke with a humble expression on his face.

“At first, it was not easy to bring up the story about Anti-Maju because I misunderstood you. “If it is really possible to purify or surrender to evil, wouldn’t it be possible to stand above all evil people if it falls into the hands of evil people?”

Is this a trick from heaven?

Such a thing came into the hands of Jincheonma, who was called the source of all evil, and Jeong Gwang, who was born as a Taoist monk in this life.

I had no intention of playing into the sky’s pranks, but I couldn’t help but feel curious.

This was because I knew very well that evil is not something that can be easily dealt with.

‘You’ll understand when you try. If it turns out to be true, it would be fun to write it to the Simalian bastards. ah. Should I try writing it to Zhao first?’

Jeong Gwang shook his head and asked.

“So how do you use this?”

Hyeon-oh shook his head.

“I do not know.”

“… … yes?”

“That’s all I know.”

This is ridiculous.

Hyeon-oh laughed, looking at Jeong-gwang who looked dumbfounded.

“Heulheul.” Still, I know where I can find out more.”

“Where is it?”

“Isn’t it obvious? The place where Hangmaju was made. “I heard that there are more records left at Hyeontongsa Temple on Mt. Odaes.”

“hmm. That makes sense.”


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Jeong Gwang’s face relaxed.

I happened to be there once, so I knew the route and the distance wasn’t far.

Anyway, all that is left is time.

What’s the big deal if it’s just a little effort?

While you’re on your way, you can try some more wine.

Jeong Gwang stood up from his seat.

Hyeon-oh realized that he was about to say goodbye.

“… … “This will be the last time.”

It’s not that Jeong Gwang won’t come back to Shaolin, it’s that Hyeon Oh said this because his life was running out.

Jeong Gwang also understood the meaning because he had seen him closely.

“I’ll see you again in paradise. “I’ll probably go slowly.”

“Heulheul.” “I hope it’s not hell.”

“Well, no matter where… … .”

Jeong Gwang grinned.


Hyeon-oh also smiled, wrinkled his eyes.


Say goodbye to those who leave.

I wished the remaining person well.

Jeong Gwang turned around without any regrets.

* * *

Jeong Gwang came out of the hermitage with a happy face.

Baek Seung-moo and Zhao, who were waiting, looked curious.

But I didn’t bother to ask.

If you ask Jeong-gwang why he is making that kind of expression, you will end up getting caught up in something strange.

Instead, the monk who guided us here spoke to us.

“Amitabha Buddha. You seem to be in a good mood. “Did you have a good conversation?”


“Before you leave, Sasukjo said he would like to meet you.”

“Who are you?”

“This is Hyeongang Sasukjo, who is called Buddha in the Gangho.”

“ah. Are you far away?”

“no. “He is just a stone’s throw away.”

“Okay, then.”

The monk asked Baek Seung-moo and Zhao for their understanding.

“Excuse me, but I asked you to bring only the True Jade Dragon, so could you please wait a moment?”

There was no reason or justification for the two to refuse.

After immediately agreeing, the monk guided Jeong Gwang and arrived at the Buddha’s abode.

“Please come in.”


When I opened the door and went in, I found it was a small room similar to the room where Jeong Gwang stayed.

It felt even more cramped because of the huge body of the sitting Buddha.

“Did you find it?”

“Okay, sit down.”

When Jeonggwang sat down, the Buddha first expressed his gratitude.

“I am grateful in many ways.”


“Do you really know what I’m thankful for?”


“Ha ha ha ha ha.”

Buddha, who was laughing so loudly that the small room rang, spoke.

“okay. That must be you. Anyway, since I received your help, I would like to give you something small in return. Uh huh. “It’s not like a slip, so don’t make your eyes shine so much.”

“Then is it Daehwandan (大還丹)? Or several summons?”

“… … There’s one thing I’ve realized recently. “What do you think energy is?”

Disappointed, Jeong Gwang gave a simple answer.

In fact, it was so obvious that I couldn’t give a long answer.

“It is the power that allows heaven and earth to move.”

“okay. right.”

“Are you sure you realized that?”

“… … The energy is divided into the natural energy created in nature and the innate energy that humans and animals are born with. “Things in nature are infinite, but things in humans are innate and have limits.”

So, warriors use the Naegongsimbeop to accept the natural energy and accumulate it in the Danjeon.

That was the inner strength.

“Natural energy changes into true attack, magic attack, and evil spirit depending on the internal energy and mind method that a person accepts. And depending on which of the three you have learned, you can only use that one.”

Jeong Gwang was dumbfounded.


It’s not?

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Even Yeok Cheon-gyeong, who had been lying dead in his arms, cried, asking what he was talking about.

Even while Jeong Gwang and Yeok Cheon-gyeong were perplexed, Buddha’s words continued.

“But suddenly a question arose.”

Well then.

Still, it’s surprising that a man worth ten coins is finally realizing that.

Jeong Gwang, who was looking at the Buddha with a pitiful face, slightly widened his eyes.

It was because of the words of Buddha.

“Qi, purer than anything else in the world, is the guardian of nature. Even though Jeonggong is the most correct of the three, it was processed by people anyway. Wouldn’t it be possible to use the nature guide as is? “Then what will happen?”

“… … .”

“To the extent that it is pure, it may be able to overpower other forces. This may be the surest way to become a Buddha in Buddhism or a immortal in Taoism. Of course, it could be an old man’s delusion. Still, unlike my weakening body, looking at nature, which is always unchanging, made me think that might be the case.”

“… … .”

Jeong Gwang was lost in thought.

Although much of Buddha’s theory was wrong, the question of whether the natural guardian could be used as is sounded quite plausible.

‘I didn’t even think about it. Is it because you read a lot of Buddhist scriptures that you have a lot of things in your mind? ‘That’s a fun idea.’

It was clear that this life would also be very long.

It was worth a try every time I got bored.

Jeong Gwang stood up and put his hands together politely.

“Infinite Buddha. thank you.”

“haha. “Did you realize something?”

“no. “I’ll have to play with it in the future.”

A big smile appeared on the Buddha’s lips.

“okay. That’s how you covet the Tao. “By the way, this is the first time I’ve seen you act so politely.”

Buljon became one of the few people who reminded Jeong Gwang of something he was unaware of.

He deserved to be treated like this.

Of course, just for now.

“I’m going. “Goodbye.”

“okay. “Don’t go far.”

“ah. I said you had to go to alms-table, right? Poor city owners. “Don’t give it too much trouble.”

“… … okay. “Keep that in mind.”

Buddha shook his head, then took out a Buddhist sutra and began to read.

Jeong Gwang smiled and left the room.

The cool mountain breeze welcomed him.


I stuffed it into my chest.

Since I would soon descend into the turbid world of Saba, I wanted to feel pure and clear energy one last time.

‘ah. She almost forgot.’

Jeong Gwang asked a monk who was waiting.

“Can I see the manager?”

“It will be possible. “Please go.”

“Before that, I have to stop by that hermitage earlier. We need to bring a priest too. ah. “I guess I’ll have to take Zhao with me on my way.”

Jeong Gwang went to Hyeon Oh’s hermitage and explained everything to Baek Seung Mu.

Then, Baek Seung-moo, whose face was blue, and Zhao, who was trying to keep a calm expression, met with the Shaolin master.

“You haven’t gone yet. “What’s going on?”

When the room manager asked with bulging eyes, Jeong Gwang answered.

“The priest will tell you.”

“… … ?”

Baek Seung-mu barely opened his mouth with his face still blue.

“… … tongue… … tongue… … .”

“… … tongue? “Is there something wrong with my tongue?”

Is that possible?

Baek Seung-mu closed his eyes tightly and said.

“I have come to claim the incidental expenses incurred in serving Master Hyeonoh.”

The bewildered room manager burst into laughter after hearing the detailed circumstances.

“That’s right. “How much will it cost?”

Upon hearing Baek Seung-moo’s answer, the smile disappeared from the host’s face.

Anyway, he compensated me for the entire amount.

“If you come again, Shaolin might be shaken.”

Jeong Gwang confidently responded to his sincere joke.

“What. “How rich is Shaolin?”

“So, where do you plan on going?”

“Odaesan Hyeontongsa Temple.”

“Did Priest Hyeonoh say you should go there?”


Jeong Gwang told it like it was without trying to hide it.

The host thought about something for a moment and then made a suggestion.

“If you go alone, it will be difficult to get help. Isn’t this just the first time? Take Gongwoo with you. “It will help.”

“The ancient dragon? “It was a bit frustrating.”

“I know what you mean. But that changed thanks to you. “It won’t be inconvenient.”

Jeong Gwang thought for a moment and then agreed.

It was better to receive Hyeontongsa’s voluntary help rather than his coercion.

“yes. That’s how I do it. “Can we leave now?”

“If possible, how about we go in three days? The eighteen Arhats and some others are already planning to go to Shanxi Province. There may be a split in the middle, but I think we can spar for a while and get help from each other. all. tooth. ji. No. Is. line. “I’m talking about Esau.”

As a concentrate, it wasn’t a bad story.

Even though I stole Na Han-jin to some extent, it was an opportunity to dig into it properly.

How could the head of the house know of Jeong Gwang’s ridiculous abilities?

It was just a suggestion made with the thought that Shaolin’s pride, the Eighteen Nahanjin, was broken by Jeong Gwang’s attack that broke common sense, so he could gain more experience.

In this way, the two people’s opinions coincided.

There were some differences of opinion on the ‘line that does not cause harm’, but it was resolved with Jeong Gwang’s refreshing concession.

The abrasions were okay.

“But for what reason is an elite as many as eighteen Arhats going to Shanxi?”

“There was a request from the Murim Alliance. “I am asking for your help as Shakyamuni Chief of Taiyuan is having a hard time with the branch established by Sima Lian.”

It’s Seokgajang.

It was a name that Jeong Gwang remembered.

A prestigious family belonging to the Three Chapters of the Six Directions and Seven Dans of the Three Chapters.

Did you say that the guy in the Murim League who was beaten by an ordinary warrior who was good at cooking, Jang-i, was the youngest Confucius there?

“It looks like the Murim League was in quite a hurry. “I’m doing my best to keep quiet.”

“It may be inevitable as provocations and even fights are starting throughout the midfield.”

“But can you go like that?”

It was said that there was a misunderstanding that Shaolin was trying to increase its power or seek profits.

“I never thought about it until I met you. But not anymore. Since this is the official office of the Murim Alliance, there is little room for misunderstanding. Of course, there will be doubters, but I will do what I have to do.”

“Are you saying you’re leaving in three days to exchange information with the Murim League?”

“You really don’t have the talent to be defeated. “That’s accurate.”

About three days.

As a concentrate, it was probably a good thing.

No, I would say it is a good thing because Kunlun may have less need to use his power.

“But I have some work to do. “I’ll go down first.”

“What happened… … Nope. “I think it’s better if I just don’t know.”

Indeed, a Shaolin master.

After agreeing where to meet three days later, Jeonggwang and his party went down the mountain.

Of the three, only Jeong Gwang’s face was shining brightly.

* * *

A tall old man appeared at a manor in Hebei Province, leading many people.

The warrior guarding the door bent his back with a surprised look on his face.

“Bu, meet you, Lord Bu-ryeon!”

The old man spoke in a dry voice.

“Open the door.”

“Yes, four!”

“And gather all the branch personnel.”

“Oh, I understand!”

The old man who entered the manor touched his hands.

It was time to do what had to be done.

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