Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 114

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Episode 114

Sabah World

Hyeon-oh came to his senses after being immersed in his work.

‘Huh. ‘You drooled too.’

I cautiously rolled my eyes and saw no one.

He couldn’t help but laugh as he wiped the drool with his sleeve.

‘What kind of strategy is this at this age?’

Still, it was good.

I never thought it would be this good to act without worrying about what anyone else thinks.

Lately, I have regretted it sometimes.

‘If I had known in advance… … .’

Hyeon-oh immediately shook his head.

‘Amitabha Buddha. ‘I’ve never felt this much fun.’

There was just a little bit of regret, but I didn’t regret my past life.

There isn’t much left to live.

Whenever you’re bored, pretending to be sick and experiencing freedom will be enough.

‘But where have you gone?’

Hyeon-oh thought of the Buddha.

It was a death sentence that made a pitiful expression every time he acted as if his illness had cured him.

Even though he had some idea that it was a fake cure, he was considerate without showing any signs of it.

‘Oh my goodness. ‘You can’t believe you’re doing this even though you both assume that the other person knows.’

Same thing today.

I could feel the brother’s concern for his health and heart.

‘Thank you, death penalty. ‘Let’s just say that the incident in my childhood when I was confined in Chamhoe-dong (懺悔洞) for telling my elders about my drawing of chunhwa has disappeared.’

It was clearly his fault.

The death penalty was only meant to correct that.

‘Heulheul. ‘I resented it a lot back then.’

My brother-in-law was sweating hard trying to comfort him.

It was something that became a memory as time went by, but the executioner felt sorry every time the story came up.

‘It doesn’t work anymore… … .’

The executioner was a very kind person.

‘… … On the other hand, that guy… … ‘

Did you say it was a true jade dragon?

A very handsome Taoist guy.

His appearance and clothes were the same, but his mentality was unpredictable.

Who would have thought that a guy like that would come to Shaolin wearing an anti-majuu.

At first, I thought it was a guest brought by my brother-in-law, but I was just going to tell him.

After chatting for a while, I started to wonder if I could tell him.

It’s not that I doubt the executioner’s insight, but isn’t Anti-Maju a dangerous treasure?

So, Hyeon-oh pretended to have a medical condition and decided to watch for a few more days.

‘Anyway, what happened?’

Hyeonoh’s concentration was unrivaled.

Because I was immersed in Chunhwa, I had no idea what happened next.

‘Is Sahyeong taking him out and comforting him?’

At that time, the door opened and Sang-hyeong and Jin Ok-ryong came in.

‘I guess it wasn’t a matter of appeasing him and putting him to sleep.’

The executioner’s expression was uneasy, and the guy named Jin Ok-ryong seemed dissatisfied with something.

‘What did we talk about?’

Buljon answered Hyeonoh’s curiosity.

“Priests. “Please come get some air for a moment.”

“… … ?”

Hyeon-oh was pretending to have a medical condition, so he couldn’t ask questions even if he was curious.

“Jinokryong… … I guess they keep calling me byeol-name. This child’s Taoho is Jeong Gwang. “I will help you.”

“… … !”

What kind of unexpected words are there?

It’s nice to get some air, but what about that guy?

Hyeon-oh’s absurdity grew even greater.

Jeong Gwang carried him on his back.

“Elder, I will come back then.”

“Be sure to keep in mind what I said earlier.”

“Okay then!”

Hyeon-oh closed his eyes tightly from the sudden storm.

‘Wow, what a sudden wind!’

The wind was so strong that it was difficult to breathe.

But for some reason, it stops before I even realize it.

‘… … Is it over?’

Hyeon-oh gently opened his eyes, checked the surrounding scenery and opened his mouth.

‘This is where worshipers live… … ‘How on earth did they get here?’


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Hyeonoh’s hermitage and this place were quite far away.

But after one hit of wind, you have arrived?

‘This guy named Jeong Gwang. ‘You’re a great expert.’

Jeong Gwang spoke loudly while carrying Hyeon Oh.

“Priest, Zhao. “Please come out.”

The door opened and a handsome nobleman and an ordinary middle-aged man came out.

They paused upon discovering Hyeon-oh, but each showed different reactions.

“Fine, death penalty. Who is the person carrying it? … .”

“Jinokryong. Little Zhao, I came out just as you ordered.”

Jeong Gwang looked at them and continued.

“He is a high priest of Shaolin, but he came to the temple when he was too young and never saw the world. “He was born with a weak condition, so he never did it once in his life.”

“iced coffee. Such a sad thing… … .”

“Order anything, Jinokryong.”

Jeong Gwang muttered with a truly pitiful expression.

“You must have dreamed so much about the worldly life that you would paint a spring painting even while you were sick.”

“… … !”

“That’s right before you crossed the Three Paths.”

“… … !”

“ah. Don’t criticize me for being a douchebag. Let’s understand with a broad mind.”

At that moment, Hyun-oh was about to hit Jeong-gwang on the back of the head, but barely held back.

It was because of the people looking at me as if it was absurd or as if I was going crazy out of pity.

“The Buddha asked me to take you on a tour of the world. If we’re going to do this, we’ll have to do it properly for a few days, right? “Let’s work together.”

“I will prepare right away.”

Baek Seung-moo answered with a determined face.

Zhao had already run into the room and was carrying his luggage.

“Priest, be quick too.”

“Ah, I understand, death penalty.”

Baek Seung-mu also quickly packed his luggage.

Hyeon-oh, who was riding on Jeong-gwang’s back, was so dumbfounded that he had no choice but to remain still.

Well, I was pretending to have a medical condition anyway, so I couldn’t react.

Jeong Gwang declared.

“You have to serve the best.”

“Yes, death penalty.”

“Of course, Jinokryong.”

Baek Seung-moo and Zhao responded vigorously, then unfolded the divine law and disappeared.

“good. “I have to do my job too.”

Jeong Gwang went into the room and put Hyeon Oh down on the chair.

Hyeon-oh became curious about the unexpected situation.

‘… … ‘What on earth are you going to do?’

It was really unexpected.

Jeong Gwang lay down on the bed and tried to sleep.

It wasn’t a pretense.

I even wonder if I’m having a pleasant dream.

‘… … Is there such an absurd person in the world? … .’

Si-jin was so dumbfounded that he just watched quietly.

Jeong Gwang opened his eyes.

“Hmm. “I guess it’s all done by now.”

He got down from the bed, packed his belongings, and put them on Hyeon-oh’s shoulders.

‘… … ‘What is this again?’

And then he carried Hyeonoh on his back.

“Then let’s go.”


At that moment, the crazy wind that I had experienced earlier blew up.

Hyeon-oh closed his eyes tightly and trembled slightly.

‘What the hell is going on?’

It spun so fast that my closed eyes rolled back.

The wind became stronger, which meant that the concentrate was traveling faster.

Hyeon-oh was so out of breath that he almost passed out.

‘No more, no more! Buy, save… … .’

There wasn’t even a word asking for help.

That moment when I felt like I was about to enter a miserable nirvana and started crying!

My butt felt warm.

‘… … This?’

Jeong-gwang, who was carrying him, was pushing his inner balls with both hands that were supporting his hips.

‘… … It’s warm… … .’

My mother, who died at the age of three and can’t even remember her face, was able to use her skills… … Was the hand like this?

The warmth that started in his buttocks spread throughout his body.

Jeonggwang’s inner energy touched his energy and veins and made him feel at ease.

Naturally, even breathing becomes easier.

Hyeon-oh opened his eyes without realizing it.

An amazing sight filled his eyes.


It wasn’t going down the mountain path.

Hyeon-oh was jumping down between the cliffs with Jeong-gwang on his back.

Run to open a new path, not a path made by others!

Hyeon-oh looked at the back of Jeong-gwang’s head with surprised eyes.

‘… … He’s a better expert than I thought! I heard he was called by the ridiculous nickname Jinokryong, and indeed! To reach this level at this age… … .’

Is it possible for Buddha, the highest prisoner and executioner of Shaolin Temple?

I wasn’t sure.

Although Hyeon-oh did not learn martial arts, he had an eye for seeing.

‘This is ridiculous… … .’

The Shaolin monks were known to be bookworms who only studied Buddhist scriptures, but the reality was different.

They theoretically explored Shaolin martial arts based on knowledge gained from Buddhist scriptures.

Thanks to the hard work of such scholars, Shaolin martial arts developed systematically.

Hyeon-oh felt a strong suspicion because he was outstanding among those monks.

‘… … This is against reason. ‘It wouldn’t be something that would be considered a genius.’

Everyone thought the same thing when they saw Jeong-gwang, but Hyeon-oh thought a little differently.

‘There must be a good reason why heaven sent down someone like this. What on earth is going to happen… … .’

Hyeonoh’s dazed eyes sank deeply.

And after a while.

He opened his dazed eyes wide.

Before they knew it, Baek Seung-moo and Zhao, whom they had seen earlier, were standing in front of them with a dignified posture.

With a four-headed carriage that is so luxurious that it is burdensome.

‘… … no way?’

It was as expected.

Seungmoo Baek and Zhao spoke in unison.

“The carriage has been prepared, so please come on in.”

“… … .”

Hyeon-oh was so dumbfounded that he didn’t even need to act out a cure, so he had a blank expression on his face.

‘… … When did you get such an expensive carriage? Come up here?’

Is there such a thing as ridiculous and excessive?

But Jeong Gwang must have been dissatisfied.

“Priests. “I thought a priest would have prepared an eight-headed carriage on his own.”

“I’m sorry, death sentence. “I didn’t have time, so this is all I could prepare.”

“If it’s a priest, that’s probably it. “Sir, it’s a bit narrow, but please bear with it.”

“… … .”

When I went in, it was so narrow.

Isn’t it so wide that it overflows?

A middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance sat in the driver’s seat and drove the carriage.

‘… … ‘Did I tell you to go to sleep?’

The carriage rolled very smoothly, probably because of the experience.

Hyeon-oh, who occupied the four-horse carriage by himself, looked blankly out the window.

Jeong Gwang and Baek Seung-mu, each riding a horse, were escorting the carriage from the front and back.

‘Why such luxury… … .’

However, Hyeon-oh did not know that compared to what would happen in the future, this could not even be considered a luxury.

* * *

Baek Seung-moo and Zhao prepared everything to the best of their ability.

The first place I stopped by was the largest dry goods store in Jeongju County.

As soon as the fancy four-legged carriage stopped, the owner of the dry goods store jumped out as if flying.

It was because I had a intuition that Jae-shin had visited.

“So Shin-seon has come! The glory of three lives comes! This fabric store purchases the best fabrics not only in Jeongju but also in the world, making them the best… … .”

The owner’s words were long, but Jeong Gwang’s spell was short.

“Please do everything from head to toe. “It’s the best.”

The owner’s eyes scanned the light at blinding speed.

“iced coffee. You look amazing just by looking at your current outfit, but it’s a difficult order. But this dry goods store is the best in Jeongju! Be sure to satisfy Sosinseon… … .”

“Not me.”

“… … yes?”

Jeong Gwang turned around.

Then, the bony body of Hyeon-oh, whom he was carrying, was revealed.

“… … ah!”

Jeong Gwang turned around again and asked.

“Gorgeous yet classy. “Is it possible?”

Since ancient times, a businessman is someone who will do anything to make money.

However, he is a skinny and unsightly looking old monk.

How on earth can you decorate something extravagant and elegant?

A sad feeling arose in the owner’s heart.

‘Money is money, but it’s too bad. It looks like he is a Shaolin monk… … .’

Just looking at it, it seemed like it would be done today or tomorrow.

He answered by putting his hands together without realizing it.

“Amita… … Infinite Buddha. Mr. Soshinseon. Soin will try his best, but… … .”

Right then.

A handsome young man held out a slip.

When the owner saw the amount written there, his eyes widened and he quickly spoke.

“… … Of course, I am confident that I will show you good results given the effort I put in. “Please come here.”

The power of money is amazing.

So much so that Hyeon-oh, who seemed to have no answer, is transformed into a wise, wealthy old man.

‘… … Unbelievable.’

Hyeon-oh looked at the old man wearing an elegant silk robe and a silk hat.

It was my own reflection in longing.

‘… … ‘Is this me?’

This was the true beginning.

Jeong Gwang and his party took him around Jeongjuhyeon.

Since what you wore was the best, it is only natural that what you ate would be the best as well.

He ran without hesitation to expensive spots, guest cups, and even base running.

Jeong Gwang said to Baek Seung-moo.

“Priests. “Let me feed the monk.”

“It’s not difficult, but may I offer you meat…” … .”

“I told you about it earlier. “This is what the Buddha asked me to do.”

“ah. “This was something like that.”

Seungmoo Baek was immediately convinced.

Because I had no intention of lying to a helpless old man.

Besides, isn’t this a request from Buddha?

Perhaps there is a mysterious meaning that you are not aware of.

“ruler. monk. I’ll put it in. “Chew thoroughly.”

Hyeon-oh suddenly followed Baek Seung-mu’s words.

‘… … ‘Is this the meat I’ve only heard about?’

It melted in my mouth.

‘… … ‘Is there such a strange taste?’

A moment of joy and surprise.

There was no way my stomach, which had only eaten vegetables and beans, could handle the fat of the meat.

It sounds like you have a stomach ache.

‘Ugh… … Oh, no!’

The moment when I, without realizing it, was about to show the end of the cure!

Jeong Gwang came forward to see how he noticed.

As he pushed his powerful inner energy into me, the pain in my stomach went away as if it had been washed away.

‘What on earth is this… … ah! ‘Is that alcohol?’

A thrilling sensation from the fragrant scent.

And the strange intoxication that followed.

I almost became speechless after just a few drinks, but this time, Jeonggwang didn’t stay still.

The internal energy containing the techniques of the instantaneous attack came rushing in again.

Only the scent remains and it is Navillera.

‘iced coffee. ‘It’s just full of scent.’

In this way, Hyeon-oh lived a life that straddles paradise and hell.

No, as time passed, he got used to it and only felt paradise.

‘haha. There is such a life… … .’

It is basic to visit various scenic and historic sites.

It was a bonus to have fun floating a colorful play boat on the lake.

Then, when he got tired, he went back to the expensive guest room and laid down on the silk gold needles.

How many days have passed?

Hyeon-oh woke up and looked around.

The gorgeous room filled his eyes.

‘Amitabha Buddha. It comes into my eyes when I’m awake, disappears when I sleep, and repeats again when I open my eyes.’

Hyeon-oh sighed inwardly and shook his head.

And I thought back carefully about what I had experienced so far.

Above all, the image of Jeong Gwang came to mind first.

‘A person who enjoys luxury and pleasure but does not enjoy it… … .’

Jeong Gwang showed restraint even in front of expensive food and alcohol.

Not only the posture but also the eyes.

He was maintaining his composure.

Baek Seung-mu and Jao, who were in the group, didn’t seem to notice, but Hyeon-oh, who was just watching Jeong-gwang, pretending to be distracted, could tell.

‘… … ‘How is that possible?’

Just like in his previous life, Jeong Gwang just did it instinctively in preparation for the sneak attack and fight that could come at any time.

But this is something Hyeon-oh cannot know. His thoughts deepened.

‘The purpose of staying away from worldly luxuries and pleasures is to prevent one from losing one’s mind by falling into them. Keep yourself strong while keeping them close… … In the end, how much can you control your mind? Does it just depend on that?’

The state of concentration will be like that.

There was no explanation otherwise.

‘haha. It’s a level I can’t even imagine.’

It has been said that the more enlightened a person is, the more eccentric he or she is.

The preconceived notions I had until now were blown away.

If it’s that kind of concentration, there must be a reason for doing something like this.

I had a rough guess.

‘It’s natural that you noticed my trick. ‘It’s not just because he has sympathy for my life, it’s because he wants me to reflect on myself and reflect on myself.’

Hyeon-oh didn’t have much time.

I had to grab this topic and focus on it before I die.

‘haha. I received a gift that was too burdensome.’

At that time, the door opened and light came in.

“Elder. The day has dawned. Let’s go.”

Hyeon-oh’s blank eyes returned to their original state.

It had sparkling eyes filled with firearms.

“It is now.”


Hyeonoh grinned.

“Making sick is over. Let’s stop and go back. “There’s so much to think about.”

Jeong Gwang showed no signs of embarrassment despite the sudden confession.

However, it was a somewhat subtle expression.

I wonder if it’s really okay like this.

As it seemed clear that he had noticed the feigning illness, Hyeon-oh was confident that his guess was correct and was able to smile warmly.

“You should feel more of the sweet taste of the Sabah world… … .”

“I have had enough.”

“No, but the expression on his face is like that of an accomplished monk. Don’t you regret your past life? I wish I had lived like this a long time ago, things like this. Right?”


Hyeon-oh laughed out loud and then coughed.

His eyes were rounded.

“guy. “Seeing how embarrassed you are, I guess you’re just like me.”


“I know you’re doing this because you’re afraid I’ll feel sorry for helping you so much.”


Pretending not to know until the end.

Hyeon-oh looked at Jeong-gwang with profound eyes and put his hands together.

“Amitabha Buddha… … thanks. “Thanks to you, I learned a lot.”

Jeong Gwang, looking at him, was dumbfounded.

‘No, you were only satisfied with this much?’

Hyeonoh gestured with deepened eyes.

“Sit down for a moment. “I have something to talk to you about.”

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