Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 108

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Episode 108

Soshinseon (小神仙)

His age seemed odd, but the Daedong gurus who saw him exclaimed in exclamation.

“iced coffee! “You’ve finally arrived!”

“A divine monk has arrived from Shaolin!”

Jung bowed politely and opened his mouth.

Unlike the loud Lion’s Hood from earlier, it was a quiet voice.

“Amitabha Buddha. A new monk. It’s called Gongwoo. Forgive me for being late.”

The eyes of the Daedong disciples who heard the name of the Dharma widened.

“… … Go, Gongwoo?”

“… … “A high dragon competing for the top spot among Gu and Guryongsabong peaks!”

After a moment of silence, people cheered.

“I didn’t know who would come, but the ancient dragon is coming!”

“Shaolin remembers the text! “I couldn’t be more honored!”

The founder of Daedongmun, a native of Daedong County, was from the Shaolin family.

He had a deep devotion to Buddhism, so he opened the Great East Gate and protected the worshipers entering and exiting the Yungang Grottoes.

It was to prevent the black sword sects who often commit evil in scenic spots.

Fortunately, his martial arts level was not low, so he was able to gather many disciples.

The disciples were also people with deep Buddhist devotion and protected Daedonghyeon and Yungang Grottoes for a long time from generation to generation.

However, a problem arose due to the blood marriage group being pushed out by emerging powers in the southern region.

Those who came here tried to push out the Daedong Gate and swallow up Daedong County.

Daedongmun, who realized that it was a serious mistake, asked for salvation at Hyeontongsa Temple on Mt. Odaesan, where he had a connection.

Although Hyeontongsa Temple is not a military gate, there are military guards, so I was wondering if I could at least lend a hand from them.

And Daedongmun was excited by the news they received.

At the moment, monks from Shaolin Temple are coming to Hyeontongsa Temple, and when they arrive, they want to earnestly ask for a favor!

The roots of Daedongmun were Shaolin Sokism.

Naturally, they couldn’t help but have expectations.

Even with the fear of being rejected.

‘But I never thought you would come like this!’

‘That’s also the ancient dragon monk Gongwu, whose fame spread throughout the central plains!’

Unlike the enthusiastic Daedongmundos, Baek Seungmoo and Zhao had calm expressions.

It was inevitable that the family that had recently left had not only the modern Kowloon but also the former Kowloon.

As if that were not enough, there is no reason to be surprised by the nickname of Elder Dragon, as they have even had a sickle with the Crown Prince.

Gongwoo felt puzzled by their reaction.

‘They are unusual donors.’

It wasn’t that I felt bad or anything.

Because fame is vain and vain.

There was something else more important than that.

He implicitly rebuked Baek Seung-moo and Zhao.

“The city owners are having too much trouble with their hands.”

“… … ?”

“If you had that much inaction, you would have been able to resolve the matter more smoothly.”

Baek Seung-moo and Zhao, who were walking away, raised their fingers and pointed at themselves.

“Are you talking to me?”

“Did you tell me?”

Gongwoo responded by becoming class president.

A ridiculous emotion appeared in Baek Seung-moo and Zhao’s eyes.

‘Is it too much for your hands?’


There are only a few cuts here and there and a few breaks here and there, so what!

Seungmoo Baek refuted.

“It’s excessive. “I have enough things in my hands.”

“Too much blood has been shed for that.”

Zhao also countered.

“No one I have defeated has shed blood.”

“Instead, a bone joint was broken.”

Baek Seung-mu, who was about to refute again, realized a fact he had forgotten.

‘Unbelievable. They say it’s Geunmukjaheuk (近墨者黑)… … .’

After spending time with Jeong Gwang, I came to feel that this was no big deal!

Of course, Zhao, who used his hand more lightly than before following the concentrate, did not realize anything and only felt aggrieved.

So I boldly argued.

Stretch out your chest!

“I just used a light touch for the sake of Daedongmun Gate, which is a political faction, and good worshipers. “If that’s a mistake, I apologize.”

Gongwu still answered in a calm voice.

“So the problem is that you didn’t use your hand lightly.”

“I did it lightly, but why do you keep doing this!”

“The city owner’s hands were clearly heavy.”

Zhao, unable to bear it any longer, became angry.


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“How can I lighten it up? “Let’s take a look!”

“It’s not that difficult.”

Gongwoo’s new form has disappeared.

Appearing in front of the blood swords that had not yet been defeated, he pointed at the blood swords with flash-like hand movements.

The blood blend swords that had been touched by demonic blood froze.

“This is how we do it.”

“… … .”

Zhao had nothing to say.

It’s really light, isn’t it?

As a person from Sima Lian, it was something he couldn’t even imagine.

Meanwhile, Jeong Gwang, who was watching from afar, clicked his tongue inwardly.

I was amazed at the method I couldn’t even imagine.

‘Tsk tsk. What are you doing like that? ‘You have to beat it up to at least get a taste of it.’

This wasn’t Jeong Gwang’s first time seeing a Shaolin monk.

I saw it a few times at Murim Alliance.

They always had a dignified attitude, as if they were there or not.

In other words, he didn’t show up.

Master Heo Cheong said it was to protect the monk’s duty… … .

I didn’t understand that either.

‘Then why did you come down and stay stuck on the mountain?’

If you come to the secular world, you must behave according to the secular world.

Unlike Shaolin, Jeong Gwang was confident in that much.

So this means that I crave more meat and alcohol.

‘He’s quite talented, but he’s extremely old-fashioned.’

Judging from the aura he gave off, he was the person with the most outstanding martial arts skills among all the Guryong Sabongs I had ever encountered.

But what should we do then?

I feel so bad in my hands that I can’t even think about using it properly.

‘Anyway, it’s all sorted out, so let’s go quickly.’

Jeong Gwang, who was at the back of the worshipers, asked for understanding from the person in front.

“Infinite Buddha. “I’ll just pass by.”

“ah. I guess so… … “Ugh!”

The man who was carelessly getting out of the way screamed.

I was surprised when I saw the concentrate.

“… … Poetry, fresh?”

The attention of those around him was focused on the man’s muttering to himself.

What is the meaning of immortals in this place, one of the sacred places of Buddhism?




An elegant cloud pattern embroidered with gold thread, and a snow-white gi with a subtle sheen.

A brilliant golden sword with an elaborately engraved cloud pattern that stands out.

And that ridiculously handsome face that makes all of this look shabby!

It is often said that clothes are wings.

This means that people look different depending on the clothes they wear.

But there was something that went far beyond this… … .

The face is god!

If you have a good face, you can even become a deity!

It is highly unlikely that the common people of Shanxi Province, who are not related to the martial arts group, would have heard of the nickname Jinokryong.

In their eyes, Jeonggwang just looked like a hermit!

“It’s true!”

“Poetry, fresh! “It’s Soshinseon!”

The worshipers gathered here had one characteristic: most of them were older.

There are no young handsome men and women in the scenic spot?

Anyone who didn’t know this would have this question, but looking at the circumstances, it was inevitable.

Yungang Grottoes were famous for the large and small Buddha statues carved into the cliffs and over 10,000 grottoes.

When you go to a temple in the first place, you feel a sense of reverence, so how would you feel when you see such a spectacle?


Even a man with boiling blood becomes a Buddha.

The same goes for women.

The lover who went there together was immersed in piety for a while and did not make much progress.

This is why no man would bring Sojeo, whom he loves.

Anyway, for one reason or another, the worshipers who came here were older.

Of course, my body was in a lot of pain and my attachment to life was strong.

As Jeong Gwang preached to Baek Seung-mu not long ago, the majority of people would not choose either Buddhism or Taoism as long as they could receive blessings.

“oh my! Soshinseon! Please give me your blessings!”

“Bad things keep happening because the house is on a bad foundation! “Would it be okay for you to perform the ritual at least briefly?”

The popularity of Taoism exploded in this sacred place of Buddhism.

Jeong Gwang, who was accustomed to such things, responded calmly.

If you don’t have the mindset that ‘I could just unfold the new law and overcome it’, it’s a lie, but hasn’t it already happened?

Then I had to do it right.

As instructed by Unhu, the founder of thought.

‘Everything else is fine. However, please do not refuse requests from people in need. Anyway, aren’t you a Taoist?’

It wasn’t about giving money or acting like a charlatan.

It meant not ignoring their desire to receive blessings.

‘This is it.’

It was something worth doing compared to reading the damn Tao Classic.

‘Let’s get it over with quickly.’

Jeong Gwang put his hands together and shouted.

“Immense Buddha! “Get in line!”

Due to the circumstances, it is not possible to stay until the end.

A quick blessing followed.

Because Jeong Gwang’s attitude was serious and polite, the worshipers accepted him with joy.

There were some strange people, too.

“yes? Amulet? “The text doesn’t deal with that.”

“I don’t know anything about Taoism. “If you knew how to do that, I wouldn’t be here.”

“yes? You want me to show you how to fly? “I can’t fly for very long.”

People who cry because they are moved, people who laugh because they are having fun.

A warm atmosphere spread throughout the hall.

Those who received blessings presented the things they had brought.

These were some of the items to be donated to Yeongamsa Temple and Ungang Grottoes.

Corn, flour, various fruits, and even chickens that flap with their legs tied.

It was to the point where I really didn’t have anything… … .

Jeong Gwang refused them all.

“The text prohibits receiving compensation when coming down to the secular world to offer blessings or perform ancestral rites. “I’ll just accept your heart.”

“Still, please accept it, Soshinseon. “I’m sorry I can only give you this, but I feel even worse when you refuse.”

“hmm. Let me be honest. I’m pretty rich so I don’t need it. It’s just heavy. “Why not just take it home and enjoy it?”

People misunderstood Jeong Gwang’s words.

‘You said that considering our situation!’

‘And yet you put your mind at ease by making fun of it!’

This positive misunderstanding was, of course, thanks to Jeong Gwang’s appearance.

If Zhao had said this, he would have been called a ‘pseudo-guru who always lies and is dishonest.’

“As expected, Soshinseon! “You are just as you look!”

Jeong Gwang shook his head at the praise of an old man.

“Don’t judge me based on my appearance.”

“… … Then with what?”

“hmm. That’s all I see. “Let’s just go with it.”

From what I heard, I could have thought that he had a very vulgar personality, but Jeong Gwang’s actions blew away those negative thoughts.

He treated everyone equally regardless of age or gender.

It was the same whether rich or poor.

Appearance didn’t matter either.

To the worshipers, Jeonggwang was the spirit itself that treated everyone equally!

‘Sinseon. Don’t just stay in the world of heaven, but come down often.’

‘It is an honor for the family to see Shinseonnim today. I’ll have to tell you this at length.’

Although it received so much praise and even worship, the reality was completely different.

Men and women? What does it matter?

You can kill someone with a knife, but if you get stabbed, you die.

The same goes for age.

Isn’t this Jeong Gwang, who lived for well over a hundred years and was reincarnated as a newborn?

Of course, I have no choice but to worry about age.

The same goes for money and looks.

Jeong Gwang is very rich and the most handsome man in the world.

By his standards, everyone here was similar.

People were being treated equally for completely different reasons!

But there was a problem.

‘It’s taking longer than I thought.’

The speed increased further.

Time passed quickly.

Jeong Gwang was able to reach Baek Seung-mu and Zhao only when the sun passed through the sky and began to come down.

The blessings are all over.

“Whew. “I did it.”

Jeong Gwang wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve and then put his hands together towards the people.

“Infinite Buddha. “I’ll go.”

Numerous voices gathered together and rang loudly in the hall.

“Watch carefully, Soshinseon!”

Although they were going to meet again at Yeongamsa Temple and Yungang Grottoes, people sincerely wished Jeonggwang well in his future endeavors.

Jeong Gwang responded with a grin.

“Priest, let’s go.”

“ah! yes!”

“Zhao, what are you doing? Welcome.”

“Oh, I understand!”

Baek Seung-moo followed Jeong-gwang and shook his head.

It was because I couldn’t find out about his execution.

‘It was the same when I first met him, but he is truly a master when dealing with people who don’t know martial arts.’

In the past, when numerous people flocked to Baekga Sangdan, Jeong Gwang did something similar to today.

‘At that time, the majority of the opponents were women, including the True Jade Dragon Guardians, and the elders in the text were also present, so even so… … .’

It was amazing to see people doing this to the grassroots like today, even though no one was paying attention.

‘The death penalty is strong for the strong and weak for the weak. ‘Isn’t this a conspiracy?’

Unlike Baek Seung-moo, who was pondering the topic carefully, Zhao was feeling thrilled.

‘Is there anyone who is like this incarnation of evil? ‘You completely hide your true nature and charm people with your immortal behavior!’

He was truly an example of a people who hate the world.

Even if a religion were established right away, wouldn’t it quickly sweep across the central plains?

‘this! Don’t show any doubts! ‘You have to take it for granted, naturally!’

As they walked, each with different thoughts, they soon had to stop.

Gongwoo, who had been watching without moving while Jeonggwang wished people, came forward.

“Amitabha Buddha. “It may be rude, but may I ask you a question?”

“Then you just don’t have to ask.”

“… … “So Hyeop is Jin Yuryong, who is gaining fame in Gangho these days?”

“It’s not a small cooperative, but it is Jinokryong.”

“… … It’s a great pleasure to meet you. Theravada is called Gongwu of Shaolin.”

“yes. “I heard it earlier.”

Gong Yu’s eyelids trembled slightly.

It was the first time he had met someone who treated him so rudely.

Still, his morals were not low, so he continued speaking in a calm tone.

“I heard a lot. “You are as unconventional as I heard.”

“yes? “Me?”

When Jeong Gwang looked dumbfounded, Gong Woo asked.

“Then you’re not?”

“You are truly unconventional.”

“… … “Theravada?”

Jeong Gwang nodded.

“yes. “It’s the first time I’ve seen someone as unconventionally tight-lipped as a monk.”

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