Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 106

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Episode 106

unexpected qualities

Jeong Gwang carried his luggage and left the room with Paeng Kang Woong.

Many people were waiting outside.

“Why did you gather like this?”

Panmanso responded as a representative.

“Your group was out carrying luggage. “Shouldn’t we say hello before we leave?”

Jeong Gwang first sent a message to Pan Manso.

-It worked out well, so talk to the Archduke later.

Pang Man-so, who saw that Peng Kang-woong’s complexion was noticeably different from before, nodded with an uncharacteristically grateful expression.

Until I heard Jeonggwang’s electric sound again.

-But no matter what the circumstances are, why are you so soft-spoken?

“… … .”

-I won’t talk to the elderly anymore.

After giving a warning to Paeng Man-so, Jeong Gwang turned his attention to Paeng Gang-hwi.

“I ate well and had fun.”

“haha. “Thank goodness.”

“I’ll just leave.”

“Please stop by often. I’ll be waiting. No, I will go to Gangho.”

“Well, that’s good too.”

Next was Pang Soobin.

“Disciple. I’m doing well in training. See you next.”

“Yes, Master. however… … “Can I ask you one favor?”


“… … “I want to see Master’s true face.”

“ah. “I almost forgot.”

Jeong Gwang raised his fingers and stabbed several parts of his face.

Then, her original, dazzlingly beautiful face returned.


“… … yes.”

“Why is the reaction so shocking? “Don’t you like it?”

Peng Su-bin, who hesitated, answered cautiously.

He seemed somewhat disappointed.

“… … A little more than a rumor… … .”

a little?

A little bad?

What kind of absurd thing is this?

‘Aren’t his eyes a little strange?’

Jeong Gwang even released Baek Seung-moo and Zhao’s role next to him.

They returned with the faces of a handsome rich boy and an ordinary middle-aged man, respectively.

“How does it compare to this one?”

“… … .”

“Why are you hesitating?”

“… … .”

Now I’m completely shocked.

Looking at the reaction, doesn’t that mean that they are better?

“… … “Disciple.”

“yes. “Master.”

“Who is the most handsome among all the people here?”

Peng Su-bin glanced at the two people.

These were his brothers, Paeng Kang-woong and Paeng Kang-hwi.

Jeong Gwang sighed inwardly.

‘I guess my aesthetic sense has been ruined since I grew up watching only bandits.’

Even though he is a master, he cannot even correct your tastes.

After giving up completely, I looked at Hwang Tae-son.

“Lowering. Please be considerate.”

“haha. “I couldn’t bear to see your true face.”

“Oh my. cheer up. “I can’t be a high-ranking criminal.”

“Hahaha. I guess I’ll have to try. “I believe you will keep your promise.”

“That’s it.”

Jeong Gwang lowered his gaze.

It was towards the shadow of the Crown Prince.

– Eungsam. Do the job right.

-… … I understand.

-Hey. I made this but it’s perfect. Eungsam, Eungsam. It just sticks in your mouth.

-… … .

After saying hello to everyone, Jeong Gwang took a look around the hall and gave a thumbs up.

Everyone put their hands together and thanked Jeong Gwang for his good luck… … I prayed that there would be no accident.


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“let’s go!”


Jeong Gwang set out with Baek Seung-moo and Zhao.

Their destination was Shanxi Province.

* * *

There was a good reason why Jeong Gwang and his party headed to Shanxi Province.

First, it was right next to Hebei Province, where they were located.

Second, there were many scenic spots of Buddhism, a close friend of Taoism and Taoism, among the herbs that Jeong Gwang claimed.

Although it was a journey that Jeong Gwang decided on alone, Baek Seung-mu had high expectations.

As if to prove it, he took a step forward and spoke in an excited voice.

“Among the four famous mountains of Buddhism, Odaesan, Amisan, Botasan, and Guhwasan, I got to go to Odaesan, where Manju Bodhisattva resides. Just thinking about it makes me happy. Isn’t that right, Zhao Daji?”

What an obvious thing to say.

When would Zhao, who was born in Guizhou Province at the bottom and worked in Sima Lian, ever go to a place like that?

“That’s right, Prince Baek. How about the Yungang Grottoes, which you will visit first? “Isn’t it an incredible place, one of the three great grottoes, along with the Longmen Grottoes in Henan Province and the Mogao Grottoes in Gansu Province?”

Only Jeong Gwang was calm.

He instructed what had to be done immediately.

“Zhao. “I will give you a mission.”

Zhao, who was unusually excited, immediately took on a cautious expression.

It was a mission that was given to me as soon as I left Panga.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s probably something important.

“Just say the word, Jinokryong.”

“Use Zao’s organs to scout out the path ahead.”

“All right. “Is there anything I should pay attention to?”


Zhao looked at Zheng Guang’s mouth with deeply sunken eyes.

To hear what group movements to watch for and what information to gather.

Jeong Gwang’s mouth slowly opened.

“Find out the famous spots, stops, and bases on our route, and decide on a suitable place and do your homework in advance.”

“… … yes?”

“Don’t waste your money and go to the best place… … No, don’t forget to mow as much as you can. “In a normal way.”

“… … yes?”

Zheng Guang added to Zhao, who was puzzled.

“It would be better to leave the decision somewhere in secret. There is that thing. “It’s used by high-ranking people.”

Zhao barely came to his senses.

“… … What are you going to do if you see it and come to visit me? … .”

“We have to hit him and get rid of him.”

“… … “I’ll just go.”

Zhao, who had lost his mind again, tried to leave in a hurry, but Jeong Gwang was a meticulous man.

“ah. You may not be able to see the secret language. “You can tie a knot with a black cloth at the entrance of the chosen place.”

“… … Why is it a black cloth?”

“Because Zhao is wearing black clothes.”

“… … .”

To put it simply, it meant tearing it apart and tying it into a knot.

Zhao didn’t have the strength to respond anymore, so he bowed and left.

It was an amazing new method that clearly showed the skills that had been improved so far.

As Jeong Gwang looked at him and nodded, Baek Seung Moo bowed his waist.

“execution. See you later then.”

“huh? “Where are you going?”

“Aren’t you going to tell me to follow you and cut it properly?”

Jeong Gwang made an absurd expression.

“Priests. “After all the time we’ve had, would I really use a priest like that?”

“… … execution.”

Baek Seung-moo’s emotions were shattered by Jeong Gwang’s next words.

“What time does a priest have for that? I have to think about what I can do to raise more money. “Everyone has to do what’s right for them.”

“… … Even if I say so, what are you going to do with the death penalty?”

“me? “I’m wondering what to do with the money the priest earned?”

“… … “Have a hard time.”

This is how the three men’s journey began, but it was not smooth.

It was all because of Zhao.

“No, is this what you shaved?”

“… … Well, I did my best… … .”

“What good is the best? “I have to do my best.”

“… … “Huh.”

Zhao is from Sapa.

After meeting Jeong Gwang, I became enlightened… … Definitely not, he turned to the good side, but how can he negotiate properly when he has always taken what others have?

After being subjected to long-term beatings and threats, he did not have the talent to withstand the flashy remarks made by experts in banjeom, gaekjan, and base running.

Naturally, Zhao’s heart became more and more devastated day by day.

‘I am a being hiding in the dark, what on earth am I doing?’

I hoped that at least bandits would show up to relieve the anger building up in my heart, but all that came to them were numerous women.

“Oh my, my God. “How can someone be so handsome?”

“Haaa. “It’s an elegant robe, a flashy sword, and it matches her face perfectly.”

Of course, these words were criticizing Jeong Guang, not Zhao.

Jeonggwang, who did not use force, was worthy of such praise.

“It’s even better because I’m a Taoist! “It’s like a forbidden entity that I wouldn’t dare touch!”

“I know yeah! “My heart is shaking and I can’t even get close!”

In fact, the women could not even come near the concentrate.

All they could do was stand at a distance, put their hands together, and express their admiration.

‘No matter what, this isn’t real!’

To this extent, Zhao was different from Baek Seung-moo, whom he was familiar with.

Tired of the women’s shouting, he pleaded with Jeong Gwang.

“Why don’t you do it again? “It would be convenient to eat meat and drink.”

“There’s no need for that. “Maybe it’s because I’ve been eating too much lately, but I’m craving beef and tea these days.”

Zhao was suspicious.

‘Aren’t you secretly enjoying this?’

Is that possible?

Since his reincarnation, he has received even greater cheers every day.

Why would they do that again when they come all the way to the midfield?

He had a deep meaning.

It opened my eyes to a new business.

“Priests. “How much is it today?”

“… … “The more people came than yesterday, the more we received.”

“Oh oh. It sounds cool. “It’s some pocket money.”

Jeong Gwang put his hands together towards the owner of the spot.

“Infinite Buddha. Good luck and may your business prosper.”

The owner of the spot quickly bowed.

He was ready to hit his head on the floor.

“Thank you, Sosin-seon. Please stop by often in the future.”


“Could it be so shameless for a small person to do that? “We will increase the ratio further.”

“I will when the year comes.”

“It is an honour! “I will offer my offerings to King Taesangno and wait for that day!”

Zhao looked at that figure with his mouth wide open.

‘… … W, do you get money from the restaurant owner for the amount of women that come here?’

It was like that.

The women enjoyed drinking and cooking with Jeong Gwang’s face as a snack.

Since Jeong Gwang was the most handsome man in the world, their spending was bound to increase.

In terms of concentration, Zhao was earning more than he could afford.

“Zhao. what are you doing? “You have to leave for the next place.”

“… … yes.”

“Try to make a good deal. Would I want to do this? “I have no choice but to do this because I’m losing money.”

“… … I’ll keep that in mind. “Okay then.”

Zhao gritted his teeth and ran.

I promised myself that I would never lose this time.

Of course it wasn’t easy.

Since then, many defeats have piled up.

It was a long way for a non-expert to beat an expert.

But Zhao did not give in.

‘Am I shooting?’

As time passed, although there were no victories, there were more beautiful defeats.

This means that you are less likely to get caught in the eye.

Meanwhile, Jeong Gwang did not forget to stop by Hangsan Mountain, which is considered the Bukak Mountain among the five peaks, and enjoy the scenery.

Except Zhao.

‘You’re going everywhere you go!’

Zhao, who swallowed his sorrow and fought bravely, achieved his first thrilling victory when he reached Dadong County near the Yungang Grottoes.

I paid for the guesthouse at a slightly lower price than the market price!

Baek Seung-moo was happy and hugged Zhao as if it were his own.

“Zhao Great Gorge! congratulations!”

“Wow. Thank you, Prince Baek.”

Jeong Gwang also did not sit still.

“Hey. “You did a great job.”

“thank you! I will do my best in the future… … No, I will do my best!”

The fire that had been burning in Zhao’s eyes was extinguished by Zheng Guang’s words.

“no. From now on, we will go together.”

“… … yes?”

“Jao always decides everything, so it’s no fun choosing.”

A vein bulged on Zhao’s forehead.

Why are there all these bastards?!

But when I remembered that the other person was Jeong Gwang, the blood in my whole body went cold.

‘no! Don’t get excited! You’re testing me again!’

He immediately regained his cool.

“All right. Do as the Jinokryong wishes.”

“yes. “Let’s go in first.”

Zhao, who misunderstood Zheng Guang’s whim, took the lead and opened the way.

“Please come this way. “I will guide you.”

Jeong Gwang sincerely praised him for that.

“Oh oh. You could get a job here. “You have unexpected qualities.”

“… … That’s right.”

The lodgings that Zhao stayed at were Haenghwachunfeng (杏花春風), one of the most luxurious guesthouses in Shanxi Province, and the most expensive villa there.

This is how the first day in Daedong County began.

“But have you heard any useful rumors?”

“It is said that the Black Island sect that came from other regions is causing friction with the sect that holds hegemony in this region. “The atmosphere is so bad that it looks like a big fight will break out soon.”

“It’s a completely useless rumor.”

“… … That’s right.”

Zheng Guang heard it with one ear, but not Zhao.

It was an opportunity to release the anger that had been building up so far.

To put it simply, it was an expression of anger.

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