Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 102

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Episode 102

a familiar energy

As Jeong Gwang was shocked, Sang So-un’s eyes lit up.

He misunderstood that he had hit the nail on the head.

“indeed. You have to be a left and right messenger of light to be able to break the Great Law of Reverse Heaven, Return, Return and Extinction. “How many people in the world can do that?”

Jeong Gwang shook his head.

As for the name.

It’s a very difficult situation.

It was quite usable, but I guess it was just a hex or an illusion.

“Is this the Great Law that violates the laws of heaven and causes the soul to return to its original state and destroy it?”

“exactly. It’s about making the memories of difficult things you’ve experienced in life that you don’t want to recall appear in reality. And it is a great law that destroys not only the soul but also the body.”

Jeong Gwang let out a laugh.

‘What can I do with my soul and body with just that?’

To truly destroy Jeonggwang, it was impossible based on the memories of the Heavenly Demon Church.

I was wondering if I could sum up all the times I spent reading the Tao Classics in Kunlun, but what kind of nonsense would this be?

Jeong Gwang had an immovable mind that could not be shaken to that extent.

‘Well, seeing that guy’s face was a bit of a blow.’

Jeong Gwang shook his head vigorously and brushed away the face of his father that he had seen earlier.

Sang So-un, who saw this, was inwardly conflicted.

It was misunderstood that Jeong Gwang was holding back after being hit and then couldn’t bear it and revealed it.

‘Should I hit it?’

The conflict was short.

Even if Jeong Gwang was hit, I wasn’t sure I could beat him.

Instead of raising his sword, Sang So-un continued speaking slowly.

“How far on earth is your school reaching?”


“I met someone from your school at the Cheolhyeoljang. The subordinate who was watching said that he was the True Jade Dragon of Kunlun. “Isn’t the reason you recognized my way because you heard about it from him?”

Why all this nonsense?

It must be an illusion because Jeong-gwang is performing a reverse magic technique that does not allow him to sense demonic energy.

And it wasn’t just that.

“It’s been a long time since I lost contact with the subordinate who was watching Jinokryong. “He must have been discovered and eliminated.”

If it’s Zao, he was eating it like crazy just a little while ago, so what’s the point of getting rid of it?

Sang So-un’s misunderstanding did not stop there.

“It’s surprising that you have permeated Kunlun, but I never thought there would be a demon like you who had a relationship with not only the Feng family but also the Crown Prince… … “I can’t help but admire your abilities.”

“Is that your will?”

“… … Can you tell us what you aim for at your school? I will tell Master and try to avoid collisions as much as possible. “Is there no reason for your school and the original school to fight?”

It was said that Simalian would make concessions so as not to interfere with the actions of the Heavenly Demon Church.

“What do you think? “Not a bad offer, is it?”

In response to Sang So-woon’s detailed words, Jeong Gwang briefly asked back.

“So, you want me to live?”

“… … .”

“Honestly, why is your tongue so long?”

“… … Are you willing to do that?”

Jeong Gwang chuckled.

“Do you have the power to persuade Ryonju?”

“… … “Of course.”

“under. Well, that aside. “You don’t know much about magic.”

“… … ?”

“A true demon creates enemies that didn’t exist before and fights with them. He doesn’t make such compromises.”

“… … !”

Moreover, in this life, Jeong Gwang was a disciple of Kunlun, not a member of the Heavenly Demon God Church.

But there is no need to tell you this. Jeong Gwang rubbed his palms.

“Are you ready to die?”

“… … I am quite a useful person. He is the second disciple of Sima Lianzhu… … .”

“Then what do you do? “I’m worse than the youngest.”

“… … Do you know Priest Hu?”

“a little.”

“… … I can’t be surprised anymore. But I’m not worse than him… … ”

“You’re slightly stronger, but other than that, he’s better. “The nickname ‘Ok Kirin’ is nonsense.”

It really was.

If Ok Kirin had been Sang So-un, she would have rushed at Jeong Gwang as soon as she broke the spell.

Immediate life after death.

Sang So-un did not have the courage to risk his life.

Instead, there was quite a lot of talk.

“Whew. I will admit that I am lacking. “But I was prepared just in case, so how on earth did you come after me?”


“Could you tell me more details? “That’s because I’m really curious.”

Jeong Gwang chuckled.


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“Stop it.”

“… … Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

“You took enough time to waste time. “I even got a seat.”

“… … !”

“It’s you again this time. “You really like the number four, don’t you?”

In an instant, Sang So-woon’s momentum changed.

The look of fear disappeared and evil energy poured out.

“It started like this a long time ago.”


Sang So-un’s nine swords split the air.

The nine rings on the back of the sword made a loud noise, and the red-colored gun tightened the focus.

A technique that confuses one’s sense of balance with a clever pitch and even blocks one’s vision with an evil hex!

At the same time, the ground around Jeonggwang exploded and four masked people jumped out.

The unmanned soldiers who came from hiding and occupied all directions opened fire!


There was a considerable level of targeting of blood vessels, blocking even the direction of avoidance.

But this time the opponent was bad.

Jeong Gwang gave strength to the hand holding the cloud dragon with a relaxed expression.


A dazzling golden light burst out.

The cloud dragon became a golden dragon and took flight!


The majestic Changryonghu shook the manor.

The golden dragon swept the world with its unstoppable force along with its sound.

* * *

Jeong Gwang looked at his clothes and sighed.

“Whew. What is this? “You’re still too weak.”

Sang So-un was stuck against the wall and had a blank expression.

‘… … Too weak? ‘With only a few clothes torn?’

Surrounding him were the bodies of four older people who had just died and four middle-aged people who had just died.

Guhwan Island is badly distorted.

‘… … Nonsense. How can the four evil spirits and the four secret evil spirits die like this… … .’

With their combined efforts, they could easily kill at least a few of the elders of the nine factions.

Even among the recognized masters of the Simalian who conquered the Sapa martial forest, they were defeated by just one person.

Jeong Gwang, who committed such a ridiculous act, approached Sang So-woon.

And crouched down in front of him.

“I’ve played all my cards. “What are you going to do now?”

“… … Please save me. “As I said before, I am very useful.”


Sang So-un licked his lips with hopeful eyes.

“Peng Kang-ung is not the only one I planted evil spells on. There are many other Baekdo clans as well. “If you spare me, I will tell you who they are.”

“Use them by threatening them?”

“That’s right.”

Jeong Gwang was dumbfounded.

“Why bother?”

“… … Oh, or I will help you by manipulating their fraud.”

“Are you going to have someone of high rank killed like they did in the Paeng family?”

“That’s it.”

“You spread that poor mentality here and there to cause such trouble, right?”

“… … .”

Sang So-woon silently agreed.

Jeong Gwang stroked his chin and thought of the Murim Alliance.

‘Looking at this guy’s expression, I can see he’s not lying. Then there must be a few in Maeng too.’

When I looked at it from the panga, it was a pretty good hex.

But then what do you do? It has nothing to do with Concentration.

Kunlun’s way of thinking was sincere, and Zheng Guang had worked on it, so there was no one in Kunlun who could be swayed by such temptation.

In addition, the gymnastics techniques taught to the Murim League contained Kunlun’s spirit.

It was clear that if you practiced it consistently, you would not be swayed by such fraudulent mental techniques, and even if you had already learned it, you would be able to escape it.

‘There’s no need to take care of those who can’t learn anything.’

Moreover, it was difficult to control someone who had learned the mind technique using ordinary techniques.

There are only a few people in Sima Lian who can use such techniques.

‘I killed the old men, I just need to kill this one.’

When Jeong Gwang smiled, Sang So-woon had a hunch.

‘This guy is finally trying to kill me.’

What is the use of saying more in this situation?

Sang So-un opened his chest.

“Kill me.”

“Before that, hold out your left arm.”

“… … ?”

“Do you want more?”

“… … !”

It was Sang So-woon who was beaten to the point of being beaten to death by Jeong-gwang.

He started the fight thinking he was going to get hit more and quickly put out his left arm.


I thought there was a flash of light, and my arms became lighter.


A moment later, blood spurted from the severed arm.


He let out a scream and raised his right hand to apply blood to the cut area.

The bleeding gradually stopped, but there was no pain.

Sang So-un suppressed a moan and glared at Jeong Gwang.

“What on earth are you doing…?” … ah!”

Jeong Gwang was removing the stuff that was stuffed into Sang So-un’s severed arm.

It was a single pearl with thirty-six beads strung on it.

The beads were not plain, but each one had the images of a ghost and a Buddha alternately engraved on them.

Jeong Gwang, who was looking at Danju closely, suddenly asked.

“Isn’t this a device that hides your fraud? What is your name?”

Sang So-un gritted his teeth.

Why cut off my arm when I could just solve it!

Naturally, the poison soared.

“You think I’m going to tell you!”


When Jeong Gwang poked several places with his finger, Sang So-un’s eyes suddenly bulged.

It was because of pain I had never experienced in my life.


“uh? Instead of an answer, a scream comes first. Were you weak?”

Is that possible?

Sang So-un shouted desperately.

“The Four Buddhas! Give me four bucks! “Hehehe!”

“Deceitful Buddha beads? “Who came up with that name?”

“I-I don’t know! “It was given to me by my teacher because he said my energy was too strong!”

“Hey. “Unlike Ok Kirin, you receive some favor from Master.”

“Uh, anyway, please! Hey, stop killing me now! Argh!”

Sang So-woon earnestly asked, but Jeong Gwang had more important things to do.

“Hmm. What’s the name? I can rename it. “What would be better?”

He thought about a new name.

While receiving Sang So-woon’s prayers and his pleading gaze.

The worries didn’t last long.

“good. “Let’s go to Half Buddha.”

“… … !”

After feeling it!

Sang So-un wanted to curse, but his desire for death was greater.

“Aaaah! Please, please kill me… … ok?”

I thought Jeong-gwang’s hand was fading away, but the pain suddenly stopped.

Sang So-un looked at Jeong Gwang with a bewildered expression.

“W-why suddenly… … .”

“Because it would be a waste to just kill him.”

“… … !”

“I feel like I’ll see your master someday. “I should say hello before that.”

“… … ?”

Jeong Gwang glared at Sang So-un and performed the Demon Spirit Soul Art.

-It’s a pig.

“… … !”

Jeong Gwang’s fearful voice resonated with Sang So-un’s soul.

-Listen carefully to what I say from now on.

Jeong Gwang distracted Sang So-un’s sense with the Demon Spirit Soul Art.

And came to rule.

-… … You understand, right?


-good. Then go carefully. Be sure to say hello.

Sang So-un blinked his cloudy eyes and answered dryly.

“yes. master.”

* * *

After Sang So-un left, Jeong Gwang looked around the manor.

It is literally the Sea of ​​Sisan and Blood.

It may not be a problem right now as it is quite out of the way, but it was obvious that someone would soon find it.

There will definitely be an uproar.

Anyone else would have set a fire to erase the traces, but the concentration was different.

‘It’s going to be a bit of a struggle.’

He was referring to the warriors of Simalian who had lost contact with Sangsoun and would come running to check.

‘Well, that’s it.’

Jeong Gwang looked down at his clothes and clicked his tongue.

‘It was an outfit I liked. Should I just wear a gi and go around?’

Jeong Gwang, who shook his head, smiled happily.

‘Still, I’m glad it wasn’t in vain.’

He put a half-light on his wrist and looked at the shadow under the eaves.

“Can’t you feel the energy?”

There was no answer.

Jeong Gwang unwraps the candle and spoke again.

“I can feel it now.”

There was no answer either.

“This is it.”

Jeong Gwang kicked the half-bulb again and glared at the shadow.

“Come out. “Otherwise I will kill you.”

-… … .

“this. I tried to save him because we were just saying hello. No, I can’t help it.”

-… … .

“Infinite Buddha. “Good luck.”

Jeong Gwang extended his tension towards the shadow.


There was a loud noise and the ground was deeply dug.

“what? “You’re faster than I thought.”

The shadow had already moved far away.

A smile formed on Jeong Gwang’s lips.

“I should have fought there a long time ago.”

In an instant, his new form disappeared.

He followed the shadow and exerted countless amounts of tension.

It was an attack that predicted not only where they were now but also where they would move in the future.


But the shadow disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Jeong Gwang’s gaze turned back.

A beautiful tree caught his eye.

“Are you going to come out like this?”

Jeong Gwang picked the cloud dragon.

As I breathed in my energy, a brilliant golden light flowed out.

“Then I’ll go properly, too.”

Jeonggwang ran away.

The cloud serpent in his hand split not only the trees but also the air.


There was only one sound, but as the wind blew, the tree fell into dozens of pieces.


Jeong Gwang didn’t pay attention to that and let out a soft sigh.


A demonic energy as sticky as blood exploded.

Pacheonhyeolgeom (破天血劍)!

The sword energy that overwhelmed a wide space in an instant created a blood-red illusion and cut down everything.


At that moment, the air split open and a figure fell to the ground.

He was a middle-aged man wearing a black suit.

A face as white as if it had been coated with powder and strangely red lips stood out.

Jeong Gwang looked at him and was amazed.

“As expected, it’s Goushi. “They said all eunuchs were like that, and it was true.”

“… … !”

“But what can I do? “You saw something you shouldn’t see.”

The middle-aged man’s eyes became gloomy when he heard that he would kill and destroy people.

He hesitated for a moment, as if he was thinking about something, and then made a move.

Then a dark energy rose from his body.

It’s dark, but it’s a strange darkness where sunlight penetrates.

Jeong Gwang’s mouth opened wide when he saw that.

‘What is this guy again?’

What was more important than the person was this familiar energy.

‘Why is this coming out here!’

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