Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 101

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Episode 101

a faint memory

Jeong Gwang had no intention of entering the palace.

It’s obvious that several guys are hiding and will attack you, so what’s the point of doing that?

It was not suited to my constitution to complain in a narrow space.

‘Let me see.’

Jeong Gwang took a look around the hall and pulled out a cloud dragon.

The dark red sword body of the cloud serpent came out into the world and reflected the sunlight.


As I pushed inside, the guy cried, spitting out brilliant golden light.


Jeong Gwang smiled at the pleasant vibration he felt in his hand.

And he swung the cloud serpent.


There was a sound of something being cut.

Jeong Gwang took a step forward and repeated the same action.

Saaaak- Saaaak-

Before I knew it, Jeong Gwang, who had put the cloud serpent in his sword sheath, stepped back.

‘I guess this is enough.’

Jeong Gwang, who stopped walking backwards, lifted one foot and took a strong step forward.


The ground, startled by the impact, trembled.

The vibration rushed forward and shook the palace hall.

Gigi Geek-

Then, several of the huge pillars supporting the temple moved.

Those cut diagonally deviated from side to side, and the façade, which had lost its bearing capacity, began to slowly tilt.

Cuckoo cuckoo-

And soon after, he collapsed with a loud noise.


‘ah. Noisy.’

The temple collapsed, sending a huge amount of dust flying in all directions.

Some of them hit Seong-gwang, but when Jeong-gwang, who had been preparing in advance, waved his sleeve, they were completely destroyed.

‘There’s more dust than I thought. As expected, the architectural style of Jungwon is different.’

Jeong Gwang, who was comparing his experience from his previous life, took a step to the side.


A poisonous, shiny dagger passed by my face.

Was that a signal?

The warriors who came out of the collapsing pavilion rushed at Jeong Gwang.

“and. “Thank you.”

It was sincere, not a provocation.

There is no longer a need to run around chasing enemies.

Moreover, these guys were much stronger than the previous enemies.

Just looking at the drop in morale is enough to make you feel appetizing.

“thank you for this food.”

Jeong Gwang moved his body with a grateful heart.

Magical treasure!

It was broad daylight and the sun was shining, but Jeong Gwang’s new model shook like a ghost.

When the enemy’s baton struck, they were pushed back as if they had been pushed by the wind, and when the enemy’s baton struck them, they were scattered as if they had been cut by the blade.

Of course, it wasn’t just avoidance.

A dazzlingly shining golden dragon protruded from Jeong Gwang’s waist.


The golden dragon, which unleashed its ferocious Changryonghu, swept around the surrounding area.

It didn’t matter whether it was weapons or people.

The golden dragon tore apart everything that threatened Jeonggwang.

The eyes of the enemies who attacked without backing down were filled with fear.

Their enemies were not people.

It was a demon, itself.

“Back, back… … “Kwaak!”

The head of the warrior who was trying to push back his subordinates rose into the air.

He, who was still conscious, looked down at his body lying on its side with its head cut off.

‘Demon, demon god… … .’

That was it.

As his spirit dispersed, he was unable to see not only his own death but also the slaughter of his subordinates.

This was the same for his subordinates.

They died at a rapid rate due to the golden dragon under Jeonggwang’s control.

Only fear was engraved in their eyes, which could not close even after death.

The fear was also contagious to the living, and one warrior who could not bear it cried out.

“Ah, evil spirit! “It’s an evil god!”


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“omg! Uh, when?”

The warrior was astonished.

Isn’t Jeong Gwang, who was running wild in the distance, right in front of his nose?

But what really shocked me was the concentration.

‘I can’t believe I was called evil not by anyone else but by Sapa.’

How on earth does this make any sense?

Jeong Gwang hated Sapa since his previous life.

More than political factions.

‘for a moment. Even the political faction kids are ridiculous.’

They treated both magicians and apostles as a group of people who would commit persecution against human beings.

‘There is a clear difference.’

In the case of the Heavenly Demon Religion, one trains one’s soul to embrace the devil and trains magic skills based on that.

In the meantime, there are some people who lose their minds and commit evil deeds… … It’s a bit much, but isn’t that what happens in the world?

But it wasn’t Sapa.

There were many people who practiced martial arts through evil expedients that extorted the lives and souls of others.

In particular, in the case of Sang So-un, he was so evil that you could tell just by smelling him.

‘Of course, there are exceptions in Sapa.’

Ok Qilin and Zhao were like that.

If they had harbored evil energy like the ones here, our relationship would have been very different from what it is now.

‘ah. ‘This is not the time to think like this.’

Jeong Gwang cut the waist of the warrior in front of him in two and swung the cloud dragon towards the attacking weapons.


Numerous weapons and people split apart with an eerily quiet sound.



Jeong Gwang danced a sword dance to the rhythm of the screams coming from all over the place.

A brilliantly shining golden dragon roamed the air, making fun of the warriors.

As a result, they ended their lives by vomiting death.

Truly a one-sided slaughter!

The warriors looked at Jeong Gwang with tired faces.

How can you keep a calm expression even though you are doing something like the greatest devil in the world!

That brought about even greater fear.

“Oh, no! “No more!”

“Hehehehe. It’s an evil spirit! “We have to run away!”

Soldiers who lost their senses fled in all directions.

Then Jeong Gwang’s face, which had been calm until now, became distorted.

“Oh really. “Why do the elites of Sapa have so much fighting spirit?”

In short, it was annoying.

However, I can’t send it away like this.

Jeong Gwang kicked the lost weapons scattered everywhere.

Wedge- swoosh.


The sword flew at incredible speed and pierced the fleeing warrior.

Buuuuung- Kwajik!


Weapons that did not have pointed ends like the Taoist Rod smashed the backs of the warriors’ heads.

“ah. “My feet hurt.”

After repeating this a few times, there were no more people to kill.

Except five people.

Jeong Gwang touched his toes and nodded.

“Wow. “It ended very well.”

Four old men and Sang So-un were seen scattered around him.

They were sitting on the floor at regular intervals, muttering unintelligible words.

“… … … … .”

“what. “Where?”

Jeong Gwang and Sang So-un’s eyes met.

Shang Xiaoyun, with his original bloated body, emitted a creepy light from his small eyes.

It was about living and confidence.

“Hoo. wait for a sec. “I’ll guess.”

Jeong Gwang put the cloud serpent in her sword sheath and picked out the fingers of each hand one by one.

“The unclean energy moves along the five elements… … .”

“… … .”

“what? It changes to reverse five elements and even reverse eight trigrams are added? “The sixty-four trigrams change places and the yin and yang are also distorted.”

“… … !”

“It’s fun. “What is the name of that technique?”

Sang So-woon opened his small eyes and made a vicious expression.

Instead of answering, he completed the spell with the four old men.

“… … ꀠꠀꠠꠠꠠꠠꠠꠠꠠꠠꠠꠧꠠꠠꠠꠠꠠꠠꠠꠠꠠꠠꠠꠠꠠꠠꠠꠠɪɪ..!”

“oh. “Is this just the beginning?”

The moment when Jeong Gwang makes an interesting expression.

The world turned into deep darkness.

And a new world emerged.

* * *

Jeong Gwang looked around for a moment and took a deep breath.


The corners of his mouth curved slightly.

The air I remembered was that of Hundred Thousand Mountains.

‘It’s very clear, but… … .’

It is comparable to that of Kunlun.

‘There’s something else mixed in.’

It was none other than the smell of blood.

When I recognized this, the numerous mountain peaks surrounding me turned into people.

They were all familiar faces.

Those who had been in trouble in the past were approaching, clutching weapons dripping with blood.

‘That’s right.’

This is Xinjiang, not Hebei Province.

Among them, it was the Church of the Heavenly Demon on Mount Hundred Thousand Thousand Islands.

Jeong Gwang grinned and pulled out his sword.

It wasn’t a cloud serpent.

It was the sword I used in my previous life just before I passed the military service, and the sword I used for the 43rd time since I was born.

At that moment, the enemy’s attack began.

The fearsome magicians were aiming for the concentrate.

It was so powerful that it would be difficult to compare it to the warriors of Sima Lian.

Of course, Jeonggwang couldn’t help but be excited.

‘I wonder how long it’s been since I played with guys of this level.’

When I breathed true energy into the sword, black magic energy poured out.

And he swung it around and looked in all directions.

Cut the flesh and grind the bones.

A scream pierced my ears and blood fog mixed in with every breath.

It was the same life he lived when he was Jincheonma in his previous life.

No, it was very similar.


Jeong Gwang, who was catching his breath after pushing away his enemies, lowered his head.

A dagger was seen stuck to his side, all the way to the hilt.

When I raised my head, I saw the face of the woman holding the dagger.

In her previous life, Jeong Gwang had been the wife of a husband who had served her for nearly twenty years since she was a baby.

‘He’s like this here too.’

Jeong Gwang, who was sighing, threw out his first punch.


Shibi, whose face was sunken, flew away without even being able to scream.

Jeong Gwang looked at the blood on his fist and shook his head.

‘Come to think of it, I punched him back then too. ‘It’s a faint memory.’

It was the same flow as in my previous life.

However, it wasn’t all like that.

“Ugh. “This hurts a bit.”

A colorfully shining sword body was sticking out of his chest.

Jeong Gwang looked back and opened his eyes wide.

“uh? nurse?”

She was the third nanny in her previous life.

“My nanny died protecting me. “Why is it like this that doesn’t suit me?”

She took out her dagger without answering.

And then he pushed it towards Jeong Gwang’s throat.


Jeong Gwang took the dagger and cut off her head.

A solid red line appeared and red blood poured out.


Jeong Gwang caught her with both hands as she fell like a wooden doll.

“For now, lie down here. “I’ll bury you when I’m done.”

After laying her down and stroking her face, her wide-open eyes closed peacefully, as if in frustration.

It looked like he was having a happy dream.

“okay. “This is how a nanny should behave.”

Jeong Gwang slowly stood up and started exercising.

A demonic energy darker than pitch black spewed out from his body.

‘I was just going to have some fun, but are you trying to cross the line?’

Jeong Gwang was trying to sweep away the enemies who were starting to approach again, but stopped.

‘this. Master told me not to put off work.’

Jeong Gwang unknowingly spread tension on the ground.


A large hole was created due to heavy drinking.

“Good night Nanny.”

He put the nanny in there and swung his sleeves around to cover the dirt.

Jeong Gwang, who had done his job, showed his teeth.

“Once you get here, I’ll kill you all.”

A darkness soared from the sword so thick it could engulf the world.

That’s when Jeong Gwang kicks the ground and tries to throw himself away!

The enemies split left and right and a man walked out.

He was a middle-aged man with a sly smile.

Jeong Gwang’s face was filled with bewilderment.


Still, it was nice to see the people I missed in a vivid way, but I quickly lost my mood.

Even the father came out.

What kind of ridiculous atrocity is this!

‘This pig completely crosses the line.’

This was not the time to complain here.

I had to go back to reality and rip off the pig’s neck.

More than anything, I hated seeing my father approaching with a lifeless smile.

‘Attack me when I’m no match for you.’

However, it is something that cannot be beaten.

Jeong Gwang raised not only his inner strength but also his magic energy and vitality.

The sword that was emitting darkness spewed out black flames.

Jeong Gwang focused his thoughts on that.

It was a will that could cut down anything, even this false world.


Darkness rose into the sky and poured out a stream of black fire.

It tore the world apart as it was swung by Jeonggwang.


A new world has opened.

It was the place where the essence of this life was.

* * *

Jeong Gwang, who returned from breaking the spell, stretched himself.

“Ah. “I feel sore.”

At the same time, four old people were lying down, vomiting blood.

This was because the hex was broken and he suffered a severe blow.


“Cough. Cough.”

The old people, who had been convulsing for a moment, went limp.

Jeong Gwang turned his gaze away from the old men and glared at Sang So-un.

“pig! “Old people died because of you!”

“… … .”

As Jeong Gwang said, Sang So-un, who noticed that the magic was broken, released the magic and took a step back.

The four of them had to deal with the aftermath of the broken spell, and eventually they died.

As Jeong Gwang shook his head and clicked his tongue, Sang So-un took out a weapon.

It was a nine-ringed sword with a long sword body and nine rings attached to the back.

It was by no means unusual to feel a strange sense of anticipation.

Jeong Gwang saw this and clapped his hands.

“ah. That’s the weapon you bought at the Iron Blood Field. “It looks quite useful.”

“… … !”

Sang So-un, whose eyes were wide open, muttered helplessly.

“Now I understand.”


“What I am saying is that the demonic beast of the Heavenly Demon Church has already taken root in the central plains.”

Jeong Gwang’s eyes widened slightly.

‘What a crazy guy. ‘How did you come to that conclusion?’

Sang So-un, who misunderstood his expression, continued speaking with an expression that said that was the case.

“Who are you? “Would you like to sit on one of the left and right messengers?”

Sang So-un spat out the words and trembled slightly.

The Left and Right Light Messengers occupy the second and third positions in the official hierarchy of the Heavenly Demon Church!

Because it literally means the magic of all people!

Jeong Gwang’s eyes grew wider.

It was because I was so shocked.

‘You little pig! ‘You think I’m just like those guys?’

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