Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 9

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“What’s going on in the morning?”

Gilreid greeted Eugene with a bright face as he entered the room. Eugene didn’t say the main point for the first time, and bowed his head first.

“I came because I have something to report to you as well as a greeting.”


Even as he tilts his head, his eyes shine with curiosity. Gilreid expected what the two would surprise him with this time. 

“This morning, Baek Yeom-sik has reached 3 stars.”

Eugene sat down on the sofa and lucked out. At those words, Gilade jumped up from his chair without realizing it.

“Is that true?”


Guillaid approaches with hasty steps. Eugene made the star around his heart resonate accordingly. White flames wrapped around Eugene’s body, and Guilade held his breath.

“…huh… heh heh.”

After adopting Eugene, he went through so many different things that he was not surprised by anything. But Gilreid couldn’t help but be surprised this time too. Baek Yeom-sik’s 3 stars at the age of 17? Among the ancestors, there was no one who reached 3 stars at such a young age as Eugene. Gilreid sat down in front of Yujin and shook her head. 

“…Adopting you into my family… is probably the best thing I’ve ever done since I was born.”

“Thanks to the support of the family head.”

Eugene replied with a thin smile. It’s been four years since he became an adopted son, but Eugene doesn’t call Gilreid his father. The only thing he calls father was his biological father, Jehad. 

Guillaid was not offended by it. Rather, he thought that Eugene’s filial piety toward his father was admirable and proud. But I do feel a bit of regret. If that amazing child was his own child… No one would object to Eugene becoming the next family head. Rather, everyone would have agreed that Eugene should become the head of the household.

‘…I don’t think so.’

Guillaid shook his head and shook his thoughts. These thoughts may lead to a bloody scene. For the sake of the family, of course, Guilade didn’t want to make those little kids put knives at each other.

“…Support… I didn’t do anything great. Its achievement is entirely the result of your hard work.”

“It was thanks to the support of the head of the family that I was able to work so hard.”

Gilreid looked at Eugene’s smiling face and let out a big smile. 

“Looks like you want something.”

“I want to learn magic.”

Eugene answered without hesitation. She used to be conscious of acting like a child when dealing with Gil Reid, but she didn’t have to do that anymore. Eugene has grown quite old, and Gilreid has gotten used to Eugene’s boldness over the past four years.


But the words were so familiar that I couldn’t get past them. The embarrassment Guilade felt was the same as Xian’s. Suddenly magic? He hadn’t shown a single desire for magic in four years. 

“…Are you serious?”


“why? At your age, there was no one in the previous generations who reached the 3rd rank of Baek Yeom-sik. If I keep working hard like I am now, maybe I can reach 4 stars before I become an adult.”

“Effort can be made while learning magic.”

Eugene did not speak vaguely. It could be considered arrogant, but Eugene himself thought it was okay to say that. 

“My lord. In the four years since I became the adopted son of my parents, I have never left the arms of my family.”

Eugene straightened his back and stared at Gilade. 

“I realized it when I reached 3 stars today. I don’t think I can grow any further if I remain at my home and practice as I have done so far.”


“I have an overwhelming lack of experience.”

Eugene’s voice was calm, but Gilade felt the blood befitting his young age. Her voice was full of sincerity and desire. 

“I want to learn more. Magic. I know it’s something I haven’t learned yet, but it’s a study that uses mana. I don’t know yet if I have great talent for magic, but if I get into magic, I’ll be able to see mana from a different perspective than I’ve ever seen.”


“Even if there is no great progress, just learning a new subject will be a great experience for me. I’m sure none of that is pointless. That is why I dare to ask you.”

Eugene stopped talking there and stared at Gilreid with sparkling eyes. He put both hands on his knees and bowed his head.



Guillaid laughed again. He shook his head excitedly and spoke.

“Raise your head. Isn’t it something you have to bow down and ask for?”

“My lord.”

“Even though I may be the head of household, how can I pour cold water on the desire to learn? Eugene, I understand what you mean. If you want to learn magic… you have to learn it.”

Yujin lowered her head and smiled. Of course, when she lifted her head, there was no trace of her smile on Eugene’s face.

“so. How are you going to learn magic?”


“You came to me and asked me, so you must have thought about it beforehand.”

“I want to go to Arot.”

I expected it, but I couldn’t accept it with a comfortable mind. Arot, the kingdom of magic. If you want to learn magic, it’s best to go to Arot. … If only his eldest son, Iod, had not been in Alot, Gilreid would not have felt much agitation at those words.


“I won’t ask for anything other than your permission.”

Eugene spoke quickly. From here on, you have to be careful with your words. Iod is Gilreid’s sore finger. 

Although he is the eldest son, he does not have great talent in martial arts, and he has been interested in magic since childhood, so he does not stand out in magic either. 

The son who has been in Arrot since 4 years ago, but instead of gaining the reputation of Lionheart, he only made people laugh at him by saying that he only relied on all kinds of connections.

Eugene didn’t want to get involved with Iod. The reason he wants to go to Alot is to learn magic. And to trace Senya’s traces. 

However, when people say ‘Arrot’ in their home, everyone thinks of Iod. So you just have to be careful. Eugene didn’t want to cause any misunderstanding. 

“…if you wish, I’ll let you go. Please tell Loberian-sama.”

“Thank you, but I don’t want to get too much support.”

Eugene paused for a moment and looked at Gilreid’s expression.

“…to be honest… it’s also burdensome. Loverian-sama must be busy too. If possible, I would like to learn on my own without the help of Mr. Loberian.”

“That is difficult.”

Guillaid couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

“Even if you leave your home, you are a lion heart. When you arrive in Arot, many of Arot’s wizards will take notice of you. Even if you don’t want to, many people who want to have a relationship with Lionheart will come to you.”

“I’m not going to reach out to them first.”



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“…Your intention is admirable.”

How nice it would be if the eldest son did that. Gilreid shook his head as he came up with an idea not to.

“…Eugene, promise me at least this one thing.”

“What is?”

“Do not get involved with black magic.”

There is a black mage tower where black magicians gather in Arot. There are no disturbing rumors appropriate to their nature, and, unlike in the distant past, perception is not very bad. However, Lionheart is the family of the great Vermouth. Among the collateral branches of the family, there are families that specialize in magic, but black magic is excluded as an unwritten rule. 

“I don’t like black magic either.”

Eugene answered without hesitation.

“If you promise me that, I will use my hand so that I can leave for Arot whenever I want. Don’t even talk to Loberian. …meaning you don’t have to go through the trouble of doing it yourself like you did with the iodine. Is there anything else you want?”

“Just give me plenty of pocket money.”

“How long do you plan to stay in Arot?”

“I’ll have to go and learn, but I wonder if I’ll come back before I’m an adult.”

“You mean you’re going to be gone for a few years.”

“So you can learn anything.”

Eugene smiled and accepted the words.

“Um, sure. Magic is a completely different discipline from what you’ve learned so far… You won’t be able to do it if you don’t do it clumsily.”

I’ve never learned magic in my previous life. That’s why Eugene didn’t have a hasty confidence. 

After talking with Guilade, I left the room. As I was walking down the hallway, I heard a knocking sound coming from inside the tightly closed door.


Eugene stopped walking without panic. I know where that room is. One of Ciel’s several rooms. Going through her tumultuous adolescence, she has been using one of the rooms in her mansion as her training room, not leaving her gym for months.

“Are you really going to Arot?”

Ciel didn’t open the door. Instead, her voice came through the crack in the door.

“What did Xian say?”

“huh. He also told me that you got a 3-star rating.”

“I heard everything.”

“Are you really going to Arot?”

“The head of the household also allowed it.”

“Why are you going?”

smart. Ciel knocked on the door again. Yujin smiled and knocked on the door a couple of times.

“I want to learn magic.”

“Then you don’t have to go to Arot. Invite a wizard from the capital.”

“Isn’t it worse than the magician of Arot?”

“Father will also call a court wizard if you ask.”

“I don’t think that court wizard will teach you better than the wizard in Arot’s Mage Tower.”

“If you are a court mage, your skills are certain.”

“What I want is not a wizard with good skills, but a wizard who can teach well.”

“Do I really need to learn magic?”

Ciel’s voice becomes blunt. She opened her door slightly and stuck her head out. The 17-year-old Ciel has little left of her youthful past and her playfulness. It was only her appearance. Eugene was well aware of how cunning that girl was.

“You don’t have to learn it.”

“There is nothing wrong with learning.”

“It’s magic, isn’t it possible to do it with spirit magic? And while you’re gone, me and my brother can catch up to you.”

blatant provocation. But Eugene only giggled.

“Then it’s fine for me.”

“…What do you like?”

“The power of the family is growing. Sparring with you would be fun too. Ah, it’s been a while since I had a fight with you.”

“If I give you sparring in the future, won’t you go to Arrot?”

“No, I will go.”

“bad guy.”

Ciel pursed his lips and slightly pulled his head back. He had been engrossed in training until just now, so his hair is dirty and his body is drenched in sweat. Ciel didn’t like to show that kind of image to anyone or to give off his own body odor.

“…How long will you be there?”

“You have to go, you know.”

“I don’t know the rough way.”

“It will last at least a year.”

“What have you been up to for so long? If you leave the house, you’ll be a high school student, what will Jehard do?”

Maybe it’s because they’re twins, so they talk about the same thing as my older brother. 

“My father will be fine without me.”

“…Uncle Gion will be disappointed.”

“It could be.”

Sparring with Gion was fun for Eugene as well. 

“You guys play with me as much as I don’t have.”

“What about my brother?”

“Why is Xian here?”

“Your brother likes sparring with you too.”

“Your brother is kind of weird if he likes getting beaten up by me.”

“Anyway, oppa is sad without you. While talking to me earlier, she subtly showed that she didn’t want you to go.”

“Are you still going?”

“I don’t want you to go either.”

“I’m still going.”


Ciel’s expression crumpled. Eugene is the only one at the family home who can hear Ciel’s words like that. She glared at Eugene and slammed her door shut.

“…When are you leaving?”


“Why are you going so fast?”

“Do you have any reason to be late? Since you’ve been given permission, it’s not a waste of time to go right away.”

“A heartless bastard. Shouldn’t we have a farewell party?”

“What kind of a farewell party is this?”

Eugene slammed the door and walked down the hallway again. It was only after Eugene went farther away that Ciel opened the door.

“Are you really going tomorrow?”

A voice from behind. Eugene only shook his hand without looking back. 

Since he asked for permission from Gilreid, Eugene’s actions did not hesitate. He returned to the annex and knocked on Jehard’s door.

“Go away.”

It was abrupt to say that he would go to Arot tomorrow, but Jehard did not give it a long thought. 

It’s not that I don’t care about my son, but I don’t want to suppress his freedom as he’s grown up like me. 

“Go and don’t hang out with the mean kids. Do not neglect learning.”

“Don’t do bad things without my father, and don’t neglect exercising.”

Jehard burst into laughter at the reply that came back. During the four years at his home, Jehard became clear. He has lost a lot of weight and has gained quite a bit of muscle. This is thanks to the fact that he regularly went hunting with the heads of collateral households and enjoyed taking walks in the wide forest of his main family.

“And if anyone tries to ignore me without me, send me a letter right away. Don’t get sick alone.”

“The head of the family will take care of it.”

“Still, wouldn’t it feel better to have a son take care of you rather than the head of the household?”

Jehard smiled silently and patted Eugene on the shoulder. This proud son was Jehard’s pride and treasure. If he hadn’t had a son… Jehad nodded his head, recalling the scenery of Gidoll, where he lived a few years ago.

“I don’t want to get in your way.”

“What is the hindrance? Don’t talk like that. I never thought of him as a hindrance.”

Eugene replied curtly and pinched Jehard’s side. 

“Anyway, I’m leaving tomorrow. I’m going to go and stay healthy, so please stay healthy too. Did you know?”

“Yes, yes.”

Eugene was now taller than Jehard. Jehard smiled heartily at his wonderful eldest son. 

That night, the family members of the main family including Eugene and Jehard sat together at a large table. Ciel, who doesn’t show her face for a while, also sat down at the table dressed neatly.

It wasn’t a grandiose farewell party, but there was no choice but to prepare a place to celebrate the future of Eugene, who will be leaving for a few years. 

Various blessings and sumptuous dishes are served on the table. 

“Learning magic in Arrot, how can you… Since you have great talent in martial arts, you should be able to learn magic well as well.”

The story that Eugene had risen to Baek Yeom-sik’s third star made Anicilla chew on her lips, but it made her very happy that that monster-like child would leave her home for the time being.  

“I’m jealous of Jehard for having such a wonderful son.”

“Heh heh, that’s an overstatement.”

For four years, Anicilla’s attitude had not changed much. She didn’t try to form a hostile relationship with Jehard, let alone Eugene. She rather smiled in front of her and stretched out her hand, and she made friendly relations with Eugene and Jehard. 

Such an attitude was the complete opposite of Theonis, the royal family. 

Dark circles under the eyes and thin cheeks create a desolate impression. Theonis had hardly left his family’s mansion for several years, and reacted nervously to the slightest mistake of his attendants, raising his eyebrows.

It had to be. Theonis was increasingly cornered. Iod did not become Loberian’s apprentice as she had hoped, nor did she make connections with Arot’s high-ranking mages. Even Gilford and his wife, who had been friendly to Theonis, had left the home a few years ago, so Theonis’ current home had no allies.

‘It’s because he did the damn thing.’

Eugene cut Theonis’ intense gaze and cut the meat. Guilade does not discriminate against Theonis. He didn’t even forcefully summon Iod. Rather, it is providing support as much as the iodine is lacking. 

Theonis himself sharpened his blade and scratched around.


towards the end of the meal.

Theonis opened his mouth at once. Anicilla treats Eugene warmly whenever she sees her, but this was the first time this year that the nervous hostess called Eugene by name. It wasn’t that we hadn’t talked often before that.

“When you go to Arot, take care of your brother, Iod.”


Eugene blinked his eyes, unable to answer.

“I must have been lonely since I was alone in Arot for several years. …I didn’t get along with you as a brother, but Iod is still your brother.”


“Quantum, you are Iod’s brother. So, like a younger brother.”

Theonis’ eyes slide. She glared at Cian and Ciel, who sat a little further away, as she continued her words.

“…Take care of my brother. This can be happen?”

“…I’ll try.”

“Oh, my sister too. Eugene will do just fine.”

Anicilla laughed and protected Xian and Ciel from Theonis’ gaze. Theonis glared at her Anissilla with her narrow eyes and then stood up, pulling back her chair.

“You are tired. I’ll go in first and rest.”


Guillaid nodded with a confused look on his face.

‘It’s a f*cking place to go.’

Over the past few years, Eugene has been close to Guillaid. It allowed her to make a clear decision.

Eugene did not want to become a family head.


Guillaid said he would provide an escort, but Eugene flatly refused. Isn’t the horse just annoying chasing after the escort?

“Arot’s security isn’t bad, and I have the skills to protect myself.”

All five magic towers are located in the capital city. It was not a remote village, but living in the crowded capital city, so there was no need to be accompanied by an escort.

“With Eugene’s skills, he wouldn’t need an escort.”

After helping Gion, Gilade nodded as well. The two of them knew very well that Eugene had an incredible level of skill and skill at his age. Besides, since Baek Yeom-sik had risen to 3 stars, she couldn’t treat her like a child anymore. At that age and ability, I should know how to take care of myself.

‘…It’s different from iodine.’

Guillaid swallowed the bitter taste in his mouth with wine. 

next day. Eugene was seen off by everyone and headed to the warp gate on the outskirts of the forest. Jehard, who had been smiling happily the day before, shed tears when he saw Eugene leaving. 

“Don’t skip your meals and eat them whole.”

“Yes.” “If you feel sick, go see a doctor right away.”


“If you are tired and lonely… don’t suffer alone and come back. Understand?”

“I understand.”

Eugene gave a short answer. It’s painful to see Jehad weeping with affection and concern for his son. In the past, I had a vague awareness of being a father, but strangely, as I get older and get reincarnated, I feel that Jehard is my real father.

‘…The real father is right too.’

“Stop crying. Where am I going to die?”

“Don’t say stupid things.”

“I am going to learn magic. I’m going to do a tour of Arot as well.”

“You have lived most of your life in Gidol, and for the last four years you have only lived at your home. I don’t know if you, who don’t know the world, can get along well alone in Arot…”

“You can get along. So stop crying and the attendants will see.”

Eugene took out a handkerchief from her bosom and rubbed Jehard’s cheek briskly.

“Why don’t you take Nina with you at least?”

“It’s the same for you and him to have been in the family since childhood and don’t know the world. And he also told me to go back to my hometown and take this opportunity to rest.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

Nina smiled broadly and nodded. Eugene asked the head of her household to take care of her Nina to go on her vacation. Thanks to her, Nina was able to return to her hometown with her heavy purse and her escort. 

“I’ll go soon.”

Eugene handed the handkerchief wet with tears to Jehard.

“Not often, but when I think about it, I will write a letter. So take care of your father too.”


“Ah, stop crying. Do you think I won’t go because my father cries?”

“I will go…”

“You know that. So, instead of crying, can’t you send your son away smiling?”

Eventually, Jehard stopped crying and smiled. He just said to laugh. Looking at that face, it feels like something like a nail has been driven into my chest. 

Still, Eugene did not change his mind. With her father’s tearful laughter and her family seeing her off, she headed for the warp gate. She didn’t even look back. What she does once she decides to do it hasn’t changed from her previous life. 


The capital of the kingdom of magic, Arot, the Pentagon. The five magic towers draw a pentagram centered on the royal palace. 

Eugene looked down blankly at the scene. He had been to Alot in his previous life, but the scenery he saw then and the one he looked down on now were very different, if any.


A majestic tower of majesty. Those five magic towers stand out even more than the royal palace. It had to be. The symbol and national power of Arot is the Mage Tower. Unlike most kingdoms, in Arot, the king has little or no sovereignty. Arot’s governance is carried out by the chairman and council.


The developed city is very visible. 

The Pentagon’s warp gate is floating in the sky. floating station. Among many kingdoms, Arot is the only one with a warp gate in the sky. The floating station floating in the sky with all sorts of magic is the pride of Arot, who is called the kingdom of magic.

‘There was nothing like this in my previous life.’

They put a piece of land this size in the air, fixed the coordinates to use it as a warp gate… In addition to showing off how good their magic was, they also had convenience and marketability. 

Countless people want to climb the Pentagon’s floating station just because they can see the vast capital at a glance. 

“Isn’t it wonderful?”

whispering voice.

“This scenery can be said to be the cultural property of Arot. There are as many as 15 floating stations in the Pentagon, all of which were created by the wise Senja.”


“To get from Dongmun Station, where Eugene is now, to the palace, it takes half a day by carriage. But just warping from one floating station to another can drastically reduce the travel distance…”

That’s something anyone can understand, as long as they have the right eyes, no, if they know how to think.

“And the aerial carriages deployed at each floating station! If you ride it, even those with warp sickness can comfortably go to their destination while enjoying the view of the Pentagon as if they were lying on their own bed.”

“…was that bitch… no, Senya-sama made that one too?”

“Sure! Oh, don’t worry too much. Although it is a magic technology from hundreds of years ago, through constant supplementation and repair, the annual accident rate is very low.”

I mean zero is not.


The man who chatters and explains is the guide of Dongmun Buyeo Station. As there are many tourists, many guides are prepared at each floating station.

Most of them are young, talentless wizards who cannot even enter the Mage Tower and work as guides to cover living expenses and tuition. 

‘I came wearing these clothes for no reason.’

Yujin wrinkled her expression and looked down at her chest. Ryan Hart’s uniform with a lion pattern engraved on her left chest. Thanks to the uniform he wore casually, the guide stuck with him from the moment he passed the warp gate.

“As for the tourist attractions of the Pentagon…”

“for a moment.”

Eugene cut off the guide and opened the brochure. After checking the tourist spots organized in her brochure for a moment, Eugene nodded her head.

“…I will only be hiring for one day today.”

“If you sign up now, you get a discount on a week’s guide for three days’ price.”

“That’s Okay. First, write the contract.”

There is only one place I want to go to once. After seeing that place, I decided to go straight to the Red Mage Tower to find Loberian. 

As if waiting, the guide takes out the contract. Eugene wrote down her contract with the pen that came with her, then pulled out a check for a million cells from her wallet and handed it to the guide.


“Today’s employment cost plus various expenses.”

“I will definitely see you.”

“First of all… I want to visit the wise Senya’s mansion.”

“An excellent choice.”

The guide grinned. 

“If you come to the Pentagon, you must see the wise Senya’s mansion, the magic tower, and the three night views.”

“The night view is over. I want to look around the mansion alone.”

“Are you talking to yourself?”


“All right.”

The guide bowed his head and stepped back. 

‘…Eugene Lionheart.’

Heading to the warp gate, he remembers the name written on the contract. It’s a famous name. A collateral descendant adopted into Lionheart’s home.  

‘Why did you come to Arot? Are you trying to learn magic like the eldest son? Or are you here to pick up that idiot?’

The name of Iod Lionheart is also quite famous in the Pentagon. Especially among poor young wizards who paid for their living and school expenses by doing odd jobs like guides, Iod’s name was envied.

‘…If you were born in a samurai family, you should learn martial arts. I don’t know why they’re foolish about learning magic without knowing the f*cking subject.’ 

A guy who entered the Magic Tower with only personal connections despite not having much talent. A guy who didn’t become a disciple of the Red Magic Tower Lord, but learns magic from the wizards under his command.

A jerk, an asshole, an asshole. 

“The one down there is the wise Senya-sama’s mansion.”

As the mansion is a famous tourist spot in the Pentagon, there was a floating station named after it. 

While going down in the aerial carriage, the guide kept talking.

“300 years ago, Senya-nim, who came back from the Devil’s Land, became the youngest person in Arot to become the Master of the Magic Tower. There is a bronze statue of Senya-sama in the square of the Green Mage Tower, which reproduces his appearance.”

Eugene didn’t answer and looked at the scenery outside the window. 

“This mansion is where Senya-sama stayed until the end. 200 years ago, Senya-sama left the mansion leaving a letter saying that she would retire.”

“I know that.”

Yujin, who had been listening silently, turned her head.

“It is not known where Senya-sama went after that, right?”

“Yes, it is. Senya-sama thoroughly erased her traces. Alot’s many wizards and Senya’s disciples tracked her whereabouts, but no one could find out where Senya was hiding.”

“Are there any speculations or rumors?”

“There were a lot of false stories. There is a story that he went to the Devil’s Land to kill the Demon King, and there is also a story that he entered the Great Forest of Samar, the home of the elves…”

The guide continued talking while tracing his memory.

“…There are rumors that he got a disease that he had no choice but to go into seclusion to die a quiet death.”


“They are all rumors that I don’t know if they are true or not. What is certain is that Senya has not appeared in the world even once since 200 years ago.”

The guide put on a sad expression and lowered his voice.

“What’s really unfortunate is that the day Senya disappeared was his birthday. What the hell happened to you… did you decide to retire on that blessed birthday? This is my personal opinion, but I think Senya-sama has headed for the Demonic Realm.”


“Two hundred years ago was the hundredth year since Senya-nim returned from the Devil’s Land. It’s been a hundred years since he left behind the corpse of his colleague, stupid Hamel… On the eve of his birthday, Senya-sama remembered a long-dead colleague…”


“I want to avenge Hamel’s enemies… That kind of heart made Senya leave. Do you know Yujin? Hamel said he had a crush on Senya. Like her grumpy little boy, she couldn’t confess her feelings, and throughout her travels she tormented Senja-sama… Hamel, just before her death, confessed her love to Senya-sama. …”

“Don’t f*cking say bullshit.”


“No… uh… um…”


The guide, who blinked for a moment, smiled broadly.

“Eugene-nim seems to dislike Senya-sama and Hamel’s romance.”

“…no what…”

“When I was young, I used to fight a lot with my friends. I’ve always argued that Senya-sama and Hamel’s romance was an affair, but my friend insisted that Senya-sama and the great Vermouth were in love.


“Well, that is a pretty interesting story. Stupid Hamel… Frustrated by Vermouth, deprived of even her love… Even so, in the end, he gave himself up for Vermut and confessed his love to her dying… Great. I also quite like tragedies.”

If you gave me a million cells, wouldn’t it be okay to slap your mouth? Eugene began to think seriously.

“Anyway, I think so. Senya left Arot alone to avenge Hamel and headed for Helmud… but she couldn’t get her revenge… and closed her eyes in Helmud…”

“…You really like tragedies.”

“Arot has many novels related to Senya. If you are interested, I will carefully select and bring them to you.”

“It’s okay… But… Senya-sama went to Helmud. Is that a groundless speculation?”

“It’s not entirely unfounded. It is a well-known story that Senya-sama hated black magic and demons, and she opposed the building of the Black Mage Tower until right before she retired.”

It has been two hundred years since the Black Mage Tower was built in Arot. 

It is after the wise Senya retires.

“..,Some argue that Senya-sama was assassinated by the radical black magicians who were promoting the establishment of the Black Mage Tower…”

“There’s no way a warlock or something like that could assassinate Senya-sama.”

The voice he exhaled was so cold that he couldn’t believe it was his own.

“Even the demon king of madness couldn’t pierce Senya-sama’s magic barrier from the front. How does a black magician pierce magic that even the demon king couldn’t pierce?”

“You know that! Yes, I think so too. Even the Black Mage Tower from two hundred years ago stubbornly denied the assassination rumor.”


A corner of my heart is dyed black. 

Warlocks cannot assassinate Senya. 

But what about the demon king? The two demon kings of Helmud poured enormous support into the establishment of the Black Mage Tower. Yujin turned her head and saw the Black Mage Tower in the distance. The tall tower was lower than the other magic towers, but its luxurious majesty was so blatant that it could be seen from a distance. 

Helmud is still supporting Arot through the Black Mage Tower. That much effort was put into planting black magicians who were limbs in Arot. From the standpoint of the demon lords, he must have been a thorn in the eye of Senya who opposed the establishment of the Black Mage Tower.

enough to want to kill.


The aerial carriage descends to the ground. Eugene got off the carriage and looked at Senya’s mansion.

‘Are you really dead?’

I couldn’t even get wet with sentiment.

The mansion had too many tourists.


It was natural. The wise Senya’s mansion was a sacred place that young magic dreamers would definitely want to see, and it was a standard tour course that even those who had not learned magic could visit at least once when they came to Arot.

“Please… please pass this test so I can enter the Mage Tower…”

“It’s only the 11th drop. Please let me go until the interview…”

The Magic Tower’s public recruitment test, which is held once every half year, boasts a terrible competition rate. There are well over a thousand mages taking the exam, and at most dozens of mages who pass and are hired.

Two months until that terrible public bond test. In front of Senya’s mansion, there are a lot of test takers praying for success.

“You don’t have to worry about them.”

As Eugene looked at her with tired eyes, the guide approached with a smirk. 

“They can’t even go inside because they don’t have money anyway.”

“…is it so?”

“The entrance fee to the mansion alone costs hundreds of thousands of cells. You have to pay that money to go in, but you can only see the garden, and you have to pay several times that amount to go inside.”

“What is the price?”

“Because there were many people who wanted to come inside even after paying that price. There is a superstition that if you pray for passing to Senya-sama’s portrait hanging in the main hall of the mansion, you will pass the Mage Tower public recruitment exam unconditionally.”

“Does that make sense?”

“It doesn’t make sense… I also worked hard to save money and pray for a portrait a few years ago, but it fell.”

The guide’s shoulders droop. 

“…Anyway, isn’t good good? Senya never married, nor did she have children. So the tour fee for this mansion is added to the royal tax.”

Eugene headed for the gate of the mansion with the guide. There were also people standing in line,

Lionheart’s name was powerful. 

‘They told me not to take off my uniform.’

Before getting on the aerial carriage. I tried to change my clothes because my gaze was burdensome. However, she insisted on being a guide and insisted on wearing this at least until she went to Senya’s mansion.

Thanks to that, I didn’t have to wait in line. When the guide told the mansion’s guards what to say, the captain of the guard came out and greeted Eugene. 

“Eugene Ryanhart. Has confirmed.”

ID cards are linked to blood, so counterfeiting is impossible. Even Eugene’s ID card stood out as it had a lion heart pattern engraved on the back as he became an adopted child. 

‘I used to carry a helmet…’

Although it was carried around, it was easily counterfeited, so it was unsuitable for identification purposes. In that era of war, what proved my identity was strength, not something like a coat of arms.  

‘The money turned into some kind of strange paper…’

The unit of cell has not changed, but three hundred years ago coins made of copper, silver and gold were carried. paper money? what is the value of that

‘The world has changed a lot.’

When I was living only in my family, I didn’t really feel it. Coming out into the world, so many things have changed that there is no sense of reality. 

“How would you like to calculate the entrance fee?”

“A full tour of the mansion. Eugene, would you like to pay in cash? Or would you like a card?”

“…ka… with a card.”

Eugene fumbled and took out a card from his wallet. The fact that this wallet is also very awkward. Why are you taking money out of these skinny leather pockets? Aren’t jeondae (纏帶) used these days? card? I was told to use it generously when needed. A black card with the lion heart pattern engraved on it. 

“B… black card.”

The guide who handed over the card swallowed his saliva. Even public banks issue black cards only to those with the highest assets. I wanted to steal it all at once, but I couldn’t use the card even after I stole it. Public bank cards are linked to blood, just like identification cards.


The guard captain politely accepted the card. After the checkout, Eugene and the guide were guided to a quieter door rather than the crowded front door.

“Have a comfortable viewing.”

The captain of the guard bowed his head and said hello. Eugene put his wallet into his bosom, feeling a sense of distance from the common sense of modern times, which is so different from what he knew.

‘I should have used it to know.’

Even when he was in Gidol, the mansion rarely came out. When I went out, it was just a rice field. After being adopted by the family, Nina brought everything she needed, and she was busy with mana and martial arts training.

“How long will it take?”

“An hour or two?”

“Then I’ll be waiting for you here in time.”

The guide smiled and replied. Eugene nodded roughly and turned her body around. At first, she wondered if he even needed a guide, but he was convenient in that he did the troublesome work for her.


Eugene took a deep breath and stretched out his feet.

“Let’s see what this girl has been doing.”

Senya’s mansion is spacious.

A house that has lived for a hundred years. Vermouth had more than ten wives, married a moron who looked like a bastard, and had several children. 

But Senya is not married. She did not even live with three of her immediate predecessors. Only Senya and her attendants lived in this spacious mansion.

‘If I lived for a hundred years, it wouldn’t be strange to get married and have grandchildren.’

Even though Anise did not marry because of her faith. Why Senya? If you’re going to live that long, wouldn’t it be less lonely and better to get married and have children like Vermouth or Moron?

‘Hey, what are you going to do for a living later?’

when was it 

Probably… after killing the 5th place in the hierarchy, the demon of slaughter. In the ruined castle, when everyone fell asleep from exhaustion. 

They stood vigil in order. A night when everyone was tired and asleep. While bandaging the wounds on her body, Senya, who was next in line, opened her eyes. And then, in the first place, I asked a question like that. 

‘Something out of the blue.’

‘Just curious. I’m working hard in this f*cking place at my flowery age, shouldn’t I be happy when it’s all over?’ 

‘I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it.’

‘Of course, that asshole says he will be the king. Isn’t it funny?’

‘Crazy bastard, he’s f*cking. What does a king want to become?’

‘Leave it alone, Ji said he wanted to… You can dream at least.’

‘Have you been drinking? You can dream at least… Can you see this? My hand shriveled up.’

‘Trash kid. At most, people are talking seriously…!’

‘Then what are you going to do for a living? Do you want to be a king like Moron?’ 

‘it’s crazy? Why do such troublesome things?’

‘Can I?’

‘Of course you can. If you kill all the demon lords and go back, would you honor them as kings even if you told them not to? After all, that’s what he’s thinking about becoming king.’

‘So what will I do if I don’t become the king?’

‘I am…’


There, Hamel remembered Senya. Light purple hair that could not help but be noticed even in a crowded crowd. Green eyes as bright as her hair color.

‘…normally… like everyone else… I want to get married, have children, live like that before becoming a grandmother.’

Senya’s wind disturbs my head. Eugene reached for Senya’s portrait without realizing it. 

“You mustn’t touch it.”

‘This shit, I’m just trying to get a little sentimental at best.’

Guards stationed throughout the mansion warn you. All the objects in the mansion are enchanted with preservation, but that doesn’t mean you can touch them.

“I understand that feeling. Senja-sama is very beautiful… Of course, that portrait did not fully capture Senya-sama’s beauty.”

“How do you know if you haven’t actually seen it?”

“As a rule, portraits are inferior to life.”

I don’t think so? Eugene raised her head and glared at the portrait. She thought it was the way she remembered it, but looking back, the portrait seemed more beautiful than the real thing.

‘…That’s awful.’

Looking at the portrait like this, I don’t know more. If the demon king came back without killing him, he would get married, have children, have grandchildren, and grow old peacefully as he wished. Why did you live alone for a hundred years?

‘…I didn’t come to see the portrait.’

I didn’t come here to get wet. I came to find any traces of Senya that I didn’t know about. In Eugene’s opinion, it must have been Senya who brought the necklace to the treasure chest. 

‘…the memory that Loberian read was about a hundred years ago.’

If so, wouldn’t that mean Senya was alive a hundred years ago?

‘No, you can’t think like that unconditionally. It could be painted over with completely different memories… or maybe… it could be something Vermouth brought over.’

thoughts are twisted Eugene let out a deep sigh and caressed her necklace. If she hadn’t noticed this alone, she wouldn’t have had to think about anything complicated.

‘It’s not a surprise gift, what the hell are we going to do? Why did you put this there?’

He clears his bubbling stomach and leaves the portrait. There were many things to see in this spacious mansion, but among them, the most remarkable thing was the library that used the entire basement.

Eugene looked at the magic books that were tightly packed on the bookshelf. The copies were made separately two hundred years ago and are being stored, and there is a strong preservation magic, but these books must not be touched. 

‘There must be something left…’

This reincarnation cannot be a coincidence.

The vague guess was confirmed when he obtained the necklace from his previous life. A necklace that has not been registered with the treasure vault’s magic and has even been painted over with memories.

‘The necklace was stuck in the treasure chest, and I happened to see it when I went in?’

It’s nonsense. Reincarnating with memories is absurd, but you also came across items from your previous life by chance?

‘There’s something. Someone messed with my reincarnation. Are you Vermouth? or three? It could be anise. It’s not like he’s an asshole.’

If someone intended to be reincarnated like this.

The front and back fit together. Even after reincarnation, the soul does not change. Tempest recognized Eugene as Hamel at a glance. What if that kind of magic was planted in the necklace of the treasure chest? What if it had not been discovered by anyone for hundreds of years, and then appeared in response to Hamel’s ‘soul’?

If that’s what you intended.

‘I must have left something behind. Something…’

A thought full of loopholes. Why did you use such a cumbersome method? Wouldn’t it be nice if they just made me realize the situation as soon as I got the necklace? If you used such a cumbersome method, there must be a reason.

What is it? 

“I don’t know f*cking…”

I wandered around the library for a while. I wandered through the maze-like bookshelves, looking through the titles of the tightly packed books. But he found nothing.

I leave the library and go upstairs. She looked at Senya’s bedroom and countless other rooms. But nothing stood out.

‘I don’t know, I don’t know.’

Yujin scratched her head and glared at the portrait. 

‘So I’ll figure it out. If there is something you want from me, do you tell me properly, or if I don’t tell you anything, what are you going to do?’

It’s frustrating to be suitable for a trick you don’t know what this is. I really hope for something, and if I’m not dead, I’ll be able to meet you someday. Eugene glanced around. The guards weren’t looking this way. After checking that

Eugene punched Senya’s portrait. 

“If you get screwed, come find me yourself.”

I did the reincarnation in the first place. 

“…if alive.”

Yujin let out a long sigh and turned around. 

Soon the sun had set and the sky was dark. I didn’t even realize the time was passing because I was so focused. 

“Did you wait long?”

“it’s okay.”

He said it would be out in an hour or two. The guide, who had been standing for twice as long, forced a smile.

“I think you enjoyed the tour.”

“Well… I was thinking about this and that. It was also very wide inside.”

“Did you see Senya’s portrait?”

“yes. You are beautiful.”

“With her beautiful appearance and the greatest magical skills in history that even blaspheme the demon king… Senya-sama can truly be said to be the goddess of magic.”

“No, even a goddess…”

I don’t think it was to the extent of blaspheming the demon lord.

“Where shall we take you now? As this is a famous tourist attraction, there are many great restaurants nearby.”

Eugene quietly took out his wallet. The guide’s eyes sparkled when he saw it. 

“This is a tip.”

“thank you!”

“The restaurant is done, let’s go straight to the Red Magic Tower. From there, you don’t need any further guidance.”


The guide’s expression stiffened slightly at Eugene’s words. 

“Yes, I understand.”

Swallow the rising jealousy. Unlike the idiot-like eldest son, those two gave me a lot of money that I couldn’t afford to guide for a few months. 

‘…and has the ability.’

Unlike the eldest son, who was just born in the main family, Eugene was born in a collateral family and was recognized for his ability and became an adopted son. The guide took the lead while soothing the depressed mood.

“Can I ask you something?”

“If there is anything I can answer.”

“Iodine Lionheart.”

An aerial carriage headed for the Red Magic Tower. Eugene slipped the name into her mouth.

“You are my brother, do you know?”

“…Among the young wizards of the Pentagon, there are few wizards who don’t know his name.”

The guide looked at Eugene with nervous eyes and answered. Yujin looked at her expression and smiled warmly.

“It’s nothing else, this time I’ve been taken care of in the Red Magic Tower.”

“…ah… yes.”

“Hasn’t my older brother been here since four years ago? I don’t know if you know the circumstances, but I’m an adopted son, not a descendant of the original family. When I was adopted, brother Iod immediately left his home and came to Arot.”

“It is… yes. It’s a famous story.”

Is it famous enough? Eugene had been living at her parents’ house for several years, so she was ignorant of rumors outside. 

“Thanks to that, I have never met Iod-hyung since I became an adopted son. So, can I hear some rumors about my brother?”

“Uh… well…”

“You just need to tell me the rumors about your brother. ”

Eugene’s eyes narrowed. The soft pressure made the guide’s throat twitch. 

“The rumors of my older brother passed on to me didn’t have much substance. But I’ve heard roughly that it’s not a very good rumor. So, you should know something about your brother so that you won’t make mistakes when you meet him.”

“Yeah… yes…”

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