Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 82

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Fist and fist crossed. If each other’s arm lengths were the same, a beautiful cross counter could have been completed, but Eugene and Moron’s arm lengths differed so much.

Eugene It means that he was beaten with his own fist. Fortunately, Moron did not hit her with his fist, but only blocked Eugene’s way. On the contrary, Eugene aimed at Moron’s chin and swung his fist with all her might, but couldn’t reach it because of the unavoidable difference in length.

“… … Kkeuk.”

Moron’s fist is as big as Eugene’s skull. So, rather than being blocked by his fist, it looked like he was slamming his face into a large rock.

“oh my god… … .”

A surprise right before the answer. didn’t even succeed. Eugene’s speed rather became a counter and stuck in his face. She was so exhausted that she couldn’t escape.

Eugene stumbled backwards, spurting nosebleeds like a fountain, and Mer let out a deep sigh without realizing it.

“I can’t be that ugly… … !”

Fortunately, Eugene did not hear Mer’s sighs. It was because the moment her head fell back, her head spun and her consciousness was cut off.

How long have you been fainting?

Eugene came to his senses, but he couldn’t open his eyes right away. It was because the events right before she passed out were messing around in her head… … .

Blood ran rampant all the way to the top of his head. Now that her excitement had subsided, Eugene was clearly aware of how ugly she was.

“… … .”

When I opened my eyes, I was afraid of what kind of teasing and stares I would receive. That wasn’t the only reason I couldn’t open my eyes. It’s just that my eyelids are heavy. I have no strength in my body… … . And sick! I literally couldn’t lift a finger.

“I know you’re sober. Why are you pretending to faint?”

The devil’s whisper tickled my ear. Eugene tried not to react. But the devil didn’t let Eugene ignore him.

Woo-wook… … The devil’s fingers pressed gently against Eugene’s pectoral muscles.

“Turn it off… … !”

Eugene was good at enduring pain. However, right now I wasn’t in a situation where I had to endure pain, and the fingertips that pinpointed the texture of the ruptured muscle and pushed it all the way to the inside were so merciless.

“Open your eyes.”

Anise opened her eyes and looked down at Eugene. He felt something like exhilarating ecstasy when he saw Eugene, who crumpled his forehead as much as he could and let out a groan between his teeth.

“You are… … .”

“No way, Hamel. Did you expect me to completely heal your body while you passed out in comfort?”

I was looking forward to it. But if I answered like that now, Anis would definitely scold me.


So Eugene spat out the right thing to say in this situation.

… … Originally, Anise’s anger could not be resolved with a single apology. But now, Anis wasn’t so angry. Hamel received the full price for his rampage. And, Hamel’s actions were for Moron.

“Where would you like me to treat you first?”

Anise loved Hamel’s kindness. Seeing her in pain gave her a thrill, but more than that, it hurt her heart. Anise smiled and tilted her head towards her Eugene.

“Tell me with your own words at the time, Hamel. Where is the most painful wound? What pain do you want me to relieve you of?”

“… … Can’t I just remove the finger that is poking my chest… … .”

I forgot. Anis quickly removed his fingers and cleared his expression.

… … where does it hurt the most It was a very difficult question for Eugene now. It seems that there are more broken bones than unbroken bones. All the muscles were torn and the intestines were also damaged. It wouldn’t be strange if he died like this, but he didn’t die… … It was because Anise would not let Eugene die.

‘If you’re going to prolong life, I’ll treat you. Because I have a bad personality… … .’

“… … How do you do it from the inside out?”

“body… … not?”

“It’s built-in. In the chest or in the stomach… … .”

“You mean, Hamel, do you want me to look after you deep inside?”

“uh… … .”

“A shameless and foolish person… … !”

What the hell is Anis talking about? Eugene couldn’t understand Anis’ mind. Anise dyed both cheeks red and carefully caressed Eugene’s body.

It was Christina, not Anis, who was leading the body now. She had not forgotten her promise to Christina earlier.

Christina carefully ran Eugene’s chest muscles with her fingertips. The shredded and torn muscle fibers began to heal.

“… … Uhm… … next… … Where can I be treated?”

“Why did you change from Anise to you?”


Is there such a difference in tone? Cristina looked back at Eugene’s face, startled.

“There is a difference in the touch.”

“yes… … ?”

“It’s hard to explain, but… … It’s not like the atmosphere. Your hand and Anise’s are different. The body is the same, but should I say it’s the way I move my fingers… … .”

In fact, Eugene did not receive much treatment from Cristina to remember each and every touch. But she definitely remembered Anise’s touch.

Only the mind changes in the same body, but whenever that happens, Eugene immediately distinguishes between Christina and Anise. Eugene said with a face that she didn’t care, but those nonchalant words made the naive Christina pound. It was because Eugene seemed to recognize herself as ‘Christina Logaris’.

“So why did you change it? Wasn’t Anise curing?”

“Ah… … oh… … that… … .”

“ah… … I’m going to test your divine magic, what is this? Anis also has a nasty personality. Why should I be the test subject at a time like this… … .”

“… … Uhm. We can’t always leave Eugene-nim’s treatment to Anis-nim. I am also a saint like Anis-sama. So, you should get used to taking care of Eugene’s wounds.”

Cristina healed Eugene’s wounds, talking nonsense that even she couldn’t understand.

… … The cloak, which had been scattered on the floor, swayed and approached. The cloak snapped to the side of her body, and Mer poked her head out.

Eugene didn’t understand why Mer’s stare at him was so cold. Still, as if it was natural, he put his chin on his stomach, so he stroked Mer’s head with trembling fingers.

“Be still. The treatment of the hand is not over yet.”

Cristina turned into Anise. As her light enveloped her hand, her broken bones clung together and her muscles and nerves connected. Her Eugene twisted Mer’s hair with her more comfortable hand.

“… … Where did Moron go?”

I asked him about it later. I don’t know how long she fainted, but it didn’t seem like very long. He wasn’t even kicked out. Yet they were behind Rehein Yar.

“I went to catch Nur.”


“It seems that Noor appeared from ‘outside’ before you awoke.”

“I see.”

Eugene replied in a low voice. Anise blinked at that answer. She tilted her head toward Eugene with a grumpy smile.



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“Aren’t you worried about Moron? He may have gone insane again after holding that asshole, Nur, and is harming himself somewhere.”

“I would have been worried earlier. He would have said something to you as well, asking why he sent Moron alone and why he didn’t go with him. But now you don’t have to.”

Eugene did not put the slightest doubt or worry into his words. She spoke dryly, as if reciting something extremely obvious. A fight that didn’t last long. As she was swung around by Moron’s ignorant power and fist—- she felt Moron.


The ground shook up and down. Moron, who had fallen from the sky, was carrying the corpse of a huge wild boar over his head. Although it was already a dead monster, I could instinctively feel that it wasn’t a huge beast, monster, or monster.

“Hey… … .”

Mer shrugged her shoulders and ran away inside her cloak. Eugene wrapped her cloak around her body, barely raising her head from her floor and staring at her moron. Moron, who was holding a noor the size of her mansion with one hand, met Eugene’s gaze, revealing that she was healthy, and she smiled.

“Hamel! You woke up!”

When Nur was decapitated in the Great Hammer Rift. And there was none of the madness he had when he hit his head on the floor.

“Anise said it was fine, but honestly I was worried. Because you fell down and your injuries were so bad.”

“It’s because of you.”

“It’s because of me, that’s wrong, Hamel. It was you who attacked me when I didn’t want to fight.”

It’s a fact that can’t be refuted… … I wanted to refute somehow. Eugene twitched his lips and thought about what to say in response. However, no matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t think of anything other than personal attacks.


Eugene began to carefully select the swear words to pour out, but Moron smiled and called out to Eugene.

“This corpse. I’m going to drop it over there, will you come with me?”


I never thought Moron would say that first. So, Eugene honestly let out a surprised sound. He looked at Morron for a moment, then smiled and nodded at her.

“Of course I want to go, but my body isn’t moving the way I want right now.”

He healed all of his injuries, but even Anise’s divine magic couldn’t heal until Ignition’s recoil. So right now, Eugene couldn’t move his body properly.

Of course, Moron knew about Ignition’s recoil.

“Then I guess I’ll have to help you like before.”

Moron tossed the gigantic Noor all the way to the top. Eugene saw Noor’s corpse flying away and opened her mouth.

“… … Why do you insist on carrying something that can be thrown away like that and go all the way to the top?”

“It doesn’t make any sense. Even if it’s not normal, I’m throwing it away everywhere. If you want too many, you can even knock down a mountain once. Then it will be fine and tidy in no time.”

Moron chuckled and pointed around proudly. The mountain collapsed entirely due to the fight between Eugene and Moron, but now there are no traces of the battle left. There is still no snow, but the bizarre scenery that reminded me of the demonic scene hundreds of years ago has changed to a rather ordinary-looking mountain scenery.

This is because the mountain that was eroded by miasma collapsed and was rebuilt.

“Then let’s go together!”

Moron had a cheerful expression. There seemed to be no sediment left in her breasts. However, it is unknown when she will be eroded by madness again. What has already collapsed once will one day collapse again.

At least it won’t collapse now. Moron raised Eugene and supported him. And he stretched out his big arm to Anis as well. Anis smiled and clung to Moron’s arm.

Moron’s foot kicked the ground. Jumped high into the sky with a single leap. Eugene and Anis clung to Moron’s arms and looked down.

Limited mountain scenery. The other side of Rehein Yar. The mountain where Eugene was just now collapsed and was restored, so it looked like a ‘mountain’, but other places were not like that. A landscape similar to the Magician. Noor’s corpse was left everywhere. And Moron’s self-harm traces.

“There it is.”

Moron whispered. Eugene and Anise raised their heads.

They were already higher than the top of the mountain. Beyond that north—the end of the world. Raguryaran was seen. That landscape will be different from the outside. However, Eugene realized why Laguryaran, which he sees here, is called ‘the land that should not be crossed’ and ‘the end of the world’.

There really was nothing there. Gray land, gray sky, gray air. Everything was gray and empty. However, it was not actually empty. Under the mountain, the land connected to Laguryaran. Countless corpses of Noor were piled up there.

“Once upon a time, Noor’s corpse was thrown over there.”


Morron’s feet touched the ground. He put Anise and Eugene down for a moment, then picked up the Boar of Noor he had thrown earlier.

“I don’t know where Nur comes from. I don’t even know what noor is. However, Vermouth said that Noor comes from the end. So, even the killed Nur should be thrown at the end. That’s what I thought.”

Noor’s corpse flew through the sky. The huge corpse tumbled over several mountain peaks and fell into Laguryaran.

“I haven’t done that since sometime.”

Anis supported Eugene. Moron was looking at Raguryaran without looking back.

“Hamel. anise. I hated coming to the top. From some time ago, I was afraid to climb to the top of this place. I didn’t want to see Raguryaran. Laguryaran seen here is different from Laguryaran seen from the outside. It’s the same everywhere. I, Raguryaran, did not want to see the end.”

Eugene approached Moron with the support of Anis.

“I was afraid of the end of what Vermouth said. Noor’s presence was frightening. When I went completely crazy. I was afraid of what would happen if I couldn’t stop Noor. As I was staring at the end, I was afraid that my mind might be consumed by the end and disappear.”


“I was strong but lonely. Years have weakened my warrior soul. But Hamel, it’s okay now. You didn’t tell me the reason in detail, but I’m in your fist for me… … .”

“Fight is null and void.”

Morron’s words suddenly stopped at the words he spat out.

“Think back 300 years ago, Moron. You had a great body, so you were good at punching, but I honestly wasn’t good at punching. Even when we were both in our prime, if we fought only with our fists, I wouldn’t have beaten you.”

What is to be acknowledged must be acknowledged. So, Eugene spoke quickly. He had no intention of giving Moron any room for rebuttal.

“But what if I had a real weapon in my hand? I’ve been an expert in all kinds of weapons since my previous life. Me with my bare hands, me with a weapon, there is no comparison. Which one is the real me? The real me is when I hold a weapon right away. In particular, now I also have a holy sword, a moonlight sword, a demonic spear, and a crushing weight. I also have Vermouth’s Storm Sword, Devouring Sword, Thunder Crossbow, and Dragon Spear. I have to use all of them to be my real skill. You can show your skills with a single, crude axe, but I can’t show my skills without the right weapon.”

It’s not a lie.

“If I had even a crudely made knife in my hand, I wouldn’t have known the outcome. Dealing with your ignorant fist with my bare body and draining it with a sword are completely different burdens on me. With my skillful skill, I would have been able to parry all of your attacks without damaging the teeth of the blade, and in the end I would have cut your body. Do you understand what I’m trying to say? The fight just now wasn’t fair. I’m not yours So the fight is invalid… … .”

“That’s not Hamel.”

Moron answered with a straight face, which was rare.

brave moron

The three looked at Raguryaran from the top for a while. Although he had been standing for quite a long time, Eugene could not sense the ‘end’ coming from Laguryaran. In Eugene’s eyes, Laguryaran was just a dull and foggy fog.

Not here, but outside Lagurya. It is not a special or mysterious place either.

The great snowfield where the weather was terrible. harsh land. It is not the land where things with special value, such as underground resources, are buried. Mana is also very scarce, so it is difficult to use magic. No one lives in Laguryaran because it is a place full of factors that cannot live.

Beyond that land is a vast ice sea. All seas are eventually connected, and it is said that if you cross the ice sea of ​​Laguryaran, you can reach the far-off South Sea… … But why would you do anything worthless?

In any case, the Laguryaran that Eugene knew was not as bizarre and terrifying as Vermouth had warned him about.

… … But Noor actually appeared 100 years ago. Moron has been blocking Noor here for 100 years of his long life. So that the ends that came from Raguryaran would not cross Rehein Yar and attack the world. His whole body is blocking it.


Even after looking at it for a long time, nothing appeared on the other side of Ragurya. As with Rehein Yar, the sun never rises in this world, the other side.

This is the world Moron has seen for 100 years. Even if you break it, even if you break it, it comes back intact. As Noor’s corpses pile up, the scenery turns grotesque. There are only two changes taking place.

“What are you going to do next?”

I had to ask. The fight with Moron, in Eugene’s opinion, could not be called a fight. He was just an embarrassing and ugly struggle to think of himself. Because the opponent was Moron, he struggled like that. If Moron wasn’t the opponent, wouldn’t he have no reason to do such a thing.

“Are you still waiting here?”

This question, this conversation, was all created by struggling. It would have been impossible to have a conversation like this if it was Moron from earlier. There wouldn’t be a difference of half a day between then and now, but Eugene was sure of Moron’s change.

“… … I am.”

Moron did not turn his head. His hollow eyes were still looking at Raghuryaran, the end of the distant and hazy world.

“I will wait.”

The answer is the same as before. If I had asked Moron earlier, he would have given the same answer as now. Eugene knew that too.

In the first place, Eugene had no intention of changing Moron’s answer. What can I do to change it? 100 years here. Vermouth’s request. All of that was Moron’s conviction and mission.

Eugene did not want to deny his friend’s beliefs and mission.

“It’s not because it’s Vermouth’s request. Because I saw Noor. It was because he knew that Noor was an ominous being. I am the founder of Ruhar, and the brave Moron who saved the world. So I have to keep this place.”

It’s not just Moron. If Eugene had not died and was here, he would have acted the same as Moron. Senya, Anis, everyone would have been like that.

“until when.”

Eugene looked at Moron and asked.

“You’ve been waiting for 100 years. … … How many years are you going to keep here?”

“It will be like that until I die.”

“It’s a double-headed answer.”

Moron laughed a little at Eugene’s grumbling. Moron took her gaze away from Lagur Yaran and looked down at Eugene.

“Hamel. You are worried about me.”

“Of course I don’t worry.”

“So I didn’t want to show my weakness.”

“Moron. Listen carefully.”

Eugene moved his clumsy fingers and clenched his fists.

“If you get weird again. I will come to fight you.”

Moron opened his eyes wide and looked at Eugene.

“I will come for you.”

This time I fought embarrassingly and ugly, and lost in a mess.

“Fight you, I will come to win.”

If you lose again, then you can try again. No matter how many times he loses, Eugene will continue to challenge.

“Every time you get weird, whenever you get sick and go crazy. I’ll call you a ‘dummy’ and follow you.”

Where does Nur come from. why are you coming I don’t know. Vermouth didn’t say ‘until’. Without commitment, he made it guard this place for over 100 years.

“Moron. you are not lonely didn’t get weak Why? I beat you to death That alone proves your strength. You are still a brave and strong fighter.”

It was a clumsy and clumsy consolation. Even Moron felt it. It was the same with Eugene, who was spitting out. However, Eugene did not know how to offer any other consolation other than this one.

If you had fought Moron and won, the lines from earlier would have changed a little.

You are really weak, asshole. But the opponent was just bad. I was stronger than you in my previous life. So, just because you lost to me doesn’t mean you’re weak. i just count too much Don’t be too heartbroken, the opponent is me.


hold on a little longer I am stronger than you

“… … Neither you nor I know when this mission will end.”

Eugene raised his fist, which was still clenched, to the side.

“That’s why you were suffering and lonely. I don’t know when this damn mission will end. I think your mind is getting weaker. The people you knew die one by one at the end of their lives, but only you remain.”

Morone was speechless. He stared at Eugene’s fist with blank eyes. Those fists were childishly small compared to Moron’s. It was a light fist that did not hurt even after several hits.

“But now I have it, and Anise has it too. There is also Senya. … … So you are not lonely We remember what you do here and why. If you’re having trouble not knowing how long you’ll have to stay here, I’ll go and ask.”

“… … to whom?”

“You bastard, why are you asking the obvious? Vermouth is the one who asked you this f*cking favor. Coincidentally, I also have a lot of things I want to ask that bastard Vermouth. I will also ask you about your mission.”

Moron did not laugh, but Eugene grinned.


Eugene held out his raised fist to Moron.

“… … So, just a little more. Protect this place a little longer.”

In the end, I had no choice but to say so. … … After all, who else could protect this place besides Morron? Who the hell could stand in the way of those ominous monsters for over 100 years?

“… … haha!”

Morron also burst into laughter.

“You are really cruel, Hamel.”

Moron laughed and shook his head.

“The request of Vermouth alone made me endure for 150 years. Your request has been added, and it has become a request for two people.”

“Why are you ignoring me?”

Anis, who was listening from the side, smiled and opened her mouth.

“Did you think I wouldn’t do a favor Hamel does? Moron, I think only you can fulfill this mission. … … If we were all alive, if we had to ask someone for a favor. Not only Vermouth-sama, we would have asked you too.”

“is it.”

Moron muttered that and raised his head.

“Hamel, Anise. With the two of you, it became a three-person request. And Anis, you said it was something only I could do. Hamel, you told me I was still brave and strong.”

Like Eugene, Moron clenched his fists. He brought his clenched fist close to Eugene’s.

“Then there is no choice but to do it.”


Their fists lightly touched each other.


Moron looked straight at Eugene. Her body has changed. However, what was inside was unmistakably Hamel.

ㅡIsn’t it the same for me too? Moron smiled. It has been worn out by the wind and waves of 300 years, but no matter how worn out, a moron is a moron. He is still strong and brave.

“… … You said you would kill the Demon King.”


“maybe… … I won’t be able to go with you to kill the Demon King. I have a mission to stop this place.”


If you kill all the demon lords, you might not need to be wary of the end that will come from Raguryaran.

“If one day you know that everything is over and I don’t have to be tied down to a mission. If we meet the disappeared vermouth again. then… … Come here and let me know.”


“If I ever get weird again. Having beaten it with your own hands, the mission is over. Tell me you are free.”

Moron thought that after today, he wouldn’t go crazy. The fists she shared with Hamel, the conversations, no, the memories of these days with Hamel, Anis, and her past companions. The memory of those few days was heavier and clearer than the 100 years Moron had kept this place.

Even so, what he said was that he could wait for even the distant times that he didn’t know when they would come. It was a determination to protect this place without taking one’s own life or being killed by someone else.


Eugene smiled and lowered his fist.

“At that time, I will also bring vermouth. … … Maybe even Senya.”

Shame on you now Anis, who had been listening quietly, swallowed her laughter in Christina’s head. Hamel was clumsy with kind subjects and didn’t express himself well.

‘… … That gap is good.’


‘Eugene’s usual behavior is very harsh. He’s a great hero, he’s incredibly talkative and curses a lot.’

[That’s the least bit better, Cristina. At first, Hamel really had a rag in her mouth. So whenever Hamel cursed at her, she put a real rag in her mouth to correct me.]

How low was Hamel’s position when he first joined the party 300 years ago? Christina thought for a moment.

‘… … Although Eugene is such a rough person, there are times when he shows an unconscious nature. Or accurately distinguish between sister and me. When eating, they put the tableware in front of me first as if it was natural, or when they walk together, they make me walk from the inside, or when a monster appears, they naturally step out and stand in front of me… … .’

[Do you remember them all?]

‘anyway… … Sister anyway. isn’t it? Her mouth pours out harsh words, but in her heart she is worried about her comrade-in-arms and friend Moron… … While she was covered in blood and half-dead, Moron-sama did not change and expressed her strength… … ! Just like when you saved me… … .’

[Indeed, Christina, you are attracted to the same things as me, perhaps because you are my soul sister. You’re right, Hamel was like that 300 years ago. Is she crispy on the outside and moist on the inside…? … . She had such a gap that she bewitched me and Senya.]

‘Senya-sama too… … !’

Cristina had never met Senja in person yet, but she had heard about Senya many times through Eugene and Anis, and was familiar with him. After hearing such words, a sympathy was formed with Senya, whom he had not yet met.

[Don’t forget one, Cristina. In the end, Senya, that shy girl will be your enemy and mine. Mer Merdein, that cheeky little boy will flatter us right now, but if Senya is released from the seal, he will stick to Senya’s side and talk about what happened in the past.]

‘Then what should we do? Sister, I don’t think we did anything wrong.’

[Segna is a savage girl whose words speak louder than I thought, and fists speak louder than words. We haven’t done anything wrong, but Senya will drop fireballs on our heads just because she’s in a bad mood. To counter him, Christina, you must not neglect your divine magic. The two of us should hold hands and join forces.]

‘I’ve been holding Sister’s hand since the beginning.’

Anis and Christina’s sisterly love grew stronger.

“Then shall we go back?”

Fain! Moron’s big hand hit Eugene’s back. —-I almost flew to Raguryaran. The reason why she didn’t fly away was because Eugene quickly applied her magic and put a brake on her body.

but. Even if she hadn’t been blown away, her whole body hurt as if she would be crushed. While receiving the recoil of the ignition, the whole body sensation, especially the pain, becomes very sensitive. In that state, he was hit on the back by Morron’s large hand.

“Turn it off… … !”

“This asshole. Have you forgotten that Hamel’s Ignition is a suicide device that destroys my body?”

“Wasn’t the recoil less painful because my body got better?”

“The blades of the bone marrow have decreased compared to the previous life, but it seems to be painful. I’ve been warned of danger many times since my previous life… … To use a suicide plan for Moron and Dejab. No matter how much I think about it, you, Hamel, are more of an asshole than Moron.”

“That is how strong I am. Hamel tried with all his might to defeat me, but in the end he couldn’t.”

“Again, it wasn’t power. He didn’t use weapons and didn’t use skills, so what’s his power… … !”

“Isn’t ignition a skill? That prominence too… … .”

“No, that… … The technology I’m talking about… … that… … .”

Yujin struggled with the tingling sensation on her back and struggled while contemplating whether or not to let out the things she didn’t want to say out of her mouth.

“Sura light! Right. Hamel, you didn’t use the sura beam. But it’s strange, even though you didn’t use Sura’s light beam, you were like Sura when you fought me… … Did you become a Sura yourself by reaching the extreme of Sura Light?”

There is no malice towards Moron. Moron has been such a guy since his previous life. I know that, but hearing that from someone else’s mouth made me want to jump down there and die right now.

“… … But Moron. You mean this barrier, did you open it?”

Eugene desperately changed the topic.

“Didn’t you open it and come in?”

Moron, who had spat out without malice, immediately responded to Eugene’s words.

“As expected, the moonlight sword opened it.”

It was natural. The topic has completely changed. Anis, who was looking this way, and Mer in the cloak seemed to be laughing at each other. Eugene tried hard not to notice him.

“The moonlight sword was Vermouth’s favorite sword. It was left neither in Lionheart nor in history, so Vermouth must have held it until the end. Even your reincarnation was planned by Vermouth, and my mission was based on Vermouth’s request.”

And the moonlight sword was in Hamel’s grave. Vermouth in the dark room taught me how to find a tomb hidden in the desert. In the end, the moonlight sword had no choice but to be connected to Yujin one day.

‘Did you use the moonlight sword as a key in case Moron is trapped in this barrier… … .’

Thinking so, Yujin touched the moonlight sword inside the cloak.

‘… … Actually, Vermouth in the darkroom didn’t talk about Moron.’

In a way, it was natural. At the time Vermouth left the video in the darkroom, both Senya and Anis were alive and well. It was about 150 years ago that Vermouth conveyed the request in Morron’s dream.

About 50 years after Vermouth’s death.

During those 50 years, what did Vermouth go through?

Eugene felt bitter and let go of the moonlight sword.

brave moron

Eugene, who left for Rehein Yar to take the test, came back after a full day, unable to control himself.

The treatment of the injury was perfect. Only the recoil of the ignition remains. In any case, it was true that he had no choice but to be supported by Moron and Anise because he couldn’t keep his body steady, and Eugene’s appearance made the people of the fortress nod their heads.

Eugene Lionheart, recognized as a hero in the present age. All of the strong people who met him acknowledged Yujin’s genius. He is only 21 years old, but the strength he has achieved at such a young age is not enough to compare with those who are at the cutting edge of the times.

However, he did not reach the great hero of 300 years ago. It was a very natural thing. Although secluded for hundreds of years, Moron Ruhar was a brave Moron.

“No matter how much you are treated as a child by Moron-nim, don’t you?”

Several people came to Eugene, who had to take care of the bed. Xian twitched the corners of his mouth and secretly or openly added the medicine.

“What can you do? Moron-nim is a great hero who fought alongside our ancestors, and what are you… … It’s true that he’s a great genius, but you haven’t fought in that era, have you?”

You fought, son of a bitch. Eugene barely swallowed the answer that soared to his throat.

“Moron-nim has been at the forefront of many battlefields and has been victorious. So don’t break it down too much. No matter how smart you are, in Moron-sama’s eyes, you’re a far-off descendant of a friend, so it’s natural for you to be treated like a child.”

“Will you not shut up?”

“Are you unable to understand my heart full of worries about my brother? But you are great too. what is it… … . Ignition? was it You used that technique again and got sick. It’s obvious if you don’t look at it, did you insist on trying to defeat Moron somehow? It’s because my pride is hurt. is not it?”

“go away!”

“No, I am really worried. Don’t worry, lie down and rest… … .”

Eugene didn’t listen anymore and grabbed an apple from the fruit basket next to the bed. He was going to throw it at Xian as it is, but at that moment, too much force was put in his grip, and the apple was crushed and turned into juice.

“I think it’s pretty cool to try to show off without admitting defeat.”

Xian immediately changed his words and stood up.

It was Ciel who came next. She sat close to Eugene, fresh from her bath.

“I know that? The hot spring here is said to help relieve fatigue and recover muscles. If your ignorant technique is something close to severe muscle pain, wouldn’t recovery be faster if you were in a hot spring?”

“It’s hard to control your body. What kind of hot spring bath is that?”

“Can I help you?”

“Are you crazy?”

“You don’t think it’s strange, do you? There is also a family bath. It’s not like going in naked, it’s for treatment and recovery. I don’t care, if you ask.”

He smiled and said, but Ciel was sure that Eugene would not accept his proposal. What if you accept it? It may take a lot of mental preparation, but… … Ciel cleared his throat and glanced at Eugene.

“… … I’m kidding, of course. Do you know?”

“Did you think I was serious when I said I was crazy?”

I asked to open it up a bit, but the answer that came back immediately was a bit disappointing.

“I don’t feel well because there are no wounds. How many times have you been beaten by Moron-nim?”

“It didn’t quite fit.”


“You know that. The reason why I’m lying here right now is Moron… … Not because you hit me, but because of the recoil of my technique.”

1 year ago. When Iod ran rampant in the castle of the Black Lion. He used Ignition when fighting the remnants of the demon king who used his body as a host. At that time, as now, he had been in bed for several days, so Ciel knew well why Eugene collapsed.

“If you used that skill, that means you were cornered enough to have no choice but to use it.”

“… … not really? Weren’t you curious? Did I just write because I wanted to?”

Ciel opened his eyes and looked at Eugene. Eugene couldn’t bear to meet his eyes, so he looked elsewhere for no reason.

“… … But, well, you’re not the only one going through that.”

“What do you mean?”

“If you want to challenge yourself or engage in sparring, feel free to come and find me, because Moron-nim said so. Just today, my father, Carmen-nim, and the other captains of the Black Lion Castle said they would challenge Moron-nim.”

To be honest, I’m not ashamed of myself. For now, I think it’s only natural to lose to Moron.

But, but, isn’t it a very, very different matter that Eugene is so convinced of—and going up and down in other people’s mouths? You said you lost to Morron? this speech. Because Eugene is both Eugene and Hamel, if he hears such words from others, he will inevitably become angry.

‘If I’d known it would be like this, I’d come back after the recoil is over.’

It’s too late to regret. Hopefully, Moron is a junior, and I hope he beats him up without touching his hands. can never win I wish I could show the difference that I can’t help but feel like that… … .

“Indeed, Moron-nim was Moron-nim.”


“yes. I tried with all my might, but I couldn’t hurt Moron-nim.”

“What about the others?”

“Sir Carmen’s skills were admired even by Morron. However, Sir Carmen’s deadly combination only made Moron take a few steps back, but he could not hurt Moron. It was the same with the head of the household.”

Yujin grabbed the corner of her mouth that was about to twitch.

Genos Lionheart. The captain of the 1st division of the Black Lion Knights, the successor to the Hamel style passed down through Vermouth, and the one who knows the truth that Eugene is Hamel’s reincarnation.

He was sitting in front of Eugene with bandages wrapped around his limbs. At least, it was thanks to divine magic that the bandage ended, but originally, the limbs were broken.

“But even that Moron was weaker than me.”

“It is truly Hamel.”

“Now that I’m barely close to my peak, it’s only natural that I lose… … Oh, don’t get me wrong. 300 years ago, when we were in our prime, I was stronger than Moron, but unlike me, Moron did not die and practiced. So, it is only natural that Moron is stronger than I am now.”

“I felt Morron’s unmatchable strength with my own body.”

Genos sincerely respects Hamel.

“Moron-nim was worthy of a great hero not only in strength but also in personality. He personally lifted me up from his broken limbs… … .”

“Are you saying that my strength and character are not worthy of a great hero?”


“If Moron really had a personality worthy of a great hero, wouldn’t he have broken your limbs?”

“yes… … I hear and see.”

“Rather, while recognizing you as my successor, complementing the Hamel style that I don’t want to recall, and improving your red salt style to suit the Hamel style, am I not the owner of a personality worthy of a great hero?”

“As expected, Hamel-nim is a great hero.”

Because he respected him, he did not refute Eugene’s words. And it was true that he received a lot of help from Eugene. After the death of Doines, the former Senator, Lionheart went through many changes.

However, the white salt diet is still only for the main family, and the daughters are learning the red salt diet. It is the basis for maintaining the balance of this huge lion heart, so it cannot be changed hastily. No matter how much Eugene goes out, he can’t teach Genos, who is a sidekick, how to cook white salt.

So, besides Baek Yeom Sik, he taught me several other things. The Hamel method and the red salt method that had been handed down in Genos’s family were harmonized, and the insufficient parts of the red salt method were supplemented. It was only natural that Genos respected Hamel even more since he had given him that kind of grace.

“so. What did the Moron who broke your limbs say to you?”

“He said that he felt Hamel-sama in his combat methods, including my fighting spirit and swordsmanship.”

Genos said with a proud expression. For him who respected Hamel, Moron’s words were the highest praise and evaluation.

But Eugene couldn’t help but feel a subtle feeling… … . Even though Eugene acknowledged that Genos’ skill was quite good, he did not feel like Hamel to Genos even when he thought about it after giving additional points.

There was a sense that he shouldn’t let such thoughts out of his mouth, but Yujin didn’t show it and kept his mouth shut.

* * *

Five days later, my body felt fine.

He was wary of attacks by the likes of Amelia Merwin or Hemoria, taking advantage of the weakness of his body. It was something that could never have happened if you thought about it rationally, but the two of them were quite high-ranking among the idiots Eugene had met in his entire life.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

“The descendants of Vermouth are strong.”

tower of the fortress. Moron opened her mouth as the wind blew.

“For a descendant of Vermouth, he is weak.”

Eugene, wrapped in a cloak beside him, answered with a snort. It’s not that Lionheart is weak. Strong enough to claim to be the best martial artist on the continent.

Carmen, the elder of the highest distribution, could be proud of being the best in the continent in Eugene’s eyes. If she had her skills, she would be able to fight single-handedly against the high-ranking demons in Helmud, except for Samgong. That alone is a great thing. Originally, the High Demons were not opponents that humans could stand against alone.

The owner of the house, Guillaid. The youngest brother, Gion. Since the second, Gion, has let go of the sword from the very beginning, those two must be the masters of distribution next to Carmen in the Lionheart family. To put it bluntly, the two’s skills are several steps behind Carmen’s. However, like Carmen, there was plenty of room for growth.

“The vermouth I remember in his prime was much younger than those three. And yet he was incredibly strong.”

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella.

The Sword of Confinement, by Gavid Lindman.

From 300 years ago, they were considered to be the strongest among demons excluding the demon king. In that era, Vermouth was the only one who could stand alone against those two demons.

“Just because you’re a descendant of Vermouth doesn’t mean you have to be as strong as Vermouth. Hamel. Aren’t my descendants like that?”

“They are similar in size.”

“But the difference is big. I think Aman is a descendant of my blood, but Aman’s power is far less than my power you know.”

Morron said proudly, sticking out his chest.

“But Aman has the potential to become stronger. I think everyone who inherits my blood, no, everyone living in this era is like that. Lion Heart of Vermouth. They have gray hair and golden eyes like vermouth.”

It is the only property that is not thinned. Dozens of generations have come down and blood has been mixed, but these gray hair and eyes are inherited as they are. Even at the end of the collateral, golden eyes and gray hair, which were the symbol of Vermouth, were born.

… … It is as if a strong will has been dissolved in blood. No matter how much it is mixed and mixed, it seems to insist that this blood is Lionheart’s, Vermouth’s blood.

Because vermouth blood is special? Or, did vermouth make my blood special?

For what?

‘… … .’

Hamel’s reincarnation. It’s only speculation, but Eugene shook his head feeling a little creepy.

“And you too, Hamel.”

A large fist approached Eugene.

A greeting with fist-to-fist bumps. Moron seemed to like this quite a bit. He was supported by Anise the other day, but now his Eugene is standing on his own two feet. So he proudly spread his shoulders and punched Moron.

“You were born as a descendant of Vermouth, so you are a member of Lionheart. Then, after all, isn’t Vermouth’s descendants as strong as Vermouth?”

At those words, Eugene couldn’t help but feel a subtle joy. To be honest, it’s uncomfortable to be born as a descendant of the bastard as Vermouth intended. However, what Moron said, ‘being as strong as vermouth’ made Eugene’s cheeks twitch.

After all, isn’t that what Morron thought Hamel was as strong as Vermouth?

“It might be as strong as Vermouth-sama, I guess.”

Anise, who was sitting on the railing and drinking gulps, said. Her face was turned away, so I couldn’t see her expression, but Eugene could easily imagine what kind of expression she was making. A sullen expression with puckered lips. She couldn’t help it.

She was officially recognized as a saint, flapping her wings and screaming that she had received a revelation. Because of that, Anise received envy from the clergy of Jurass, and spent busy days showing miracle manuals and conducting worship services.

Of course, all of that was conducted by Cristina, not Anise. Anise was only given a few words of advice in the corner of the ceremony or grumbled about when the ceremony would end.

Even so, it was true that he was too busy during the day to hang out with Eugene or Moron, so it was only natural that Anise would be upset.

Morone was busy as well. He finished the confrontation with most of the knights in the fortress in these few days, and even digested the role of the knights’ training opponent. Occasionally, when Noor appeared, he would quickly return to Le Hein Yar.

The Night March ends in two days.

“I am fine.”

Anis said in a sullen voice.

“However, Moron is a little worried. Now that we’re together like this, you, too, have interacted with descendants and other knights, but… … After all, aren’t you going back to Rehein Yar?”

“I will. Coming and going while staying here is cumbersome, and it will dull me over time.”

“I’m not afraid you’ll go crazy again. but… … .”

Are you really okay?

Anise paused for a moment as a thought came to her mind.

I don’t want to express myself. It’s just that the feelings that are buried deep in the heart are conscious. Anis knows all too well what loss is. However, Moron would know the loss better than Anise. After all, the only one who has survived so far is Moron.

“Are you worried that we won’t see each other again?”

Moron asked with a smile. Anis couldn’t easily admit that. he didn’t want to He turned his words around, but Anis’ true intention was as Morron said.

She feared that this meeting might be their last. She feared that next time she might not see her again. She didn’t want to accept that she had been annoyed for no reason, and that the reason she didn’t like the taste of the alcohol she was drinking was because she was sad and afraid of parting. The moment she accepted it, she feared and hated that she would continue to be conscious of that feeling.

“Haven’t we already shared a promise about that?”

“… … promise?”

“If I go crazy, didn’t Hamel say he would come after me?”

“… … ah.”

“Hamel, Anis, you two asked me. Just a little longer, please stay here. I will never forget that request for the rest of my life. Until you return with Vermouth and Senya. I won’t change, I’ll keep this place.”

“This asshole. What are you asking for? Hamel, who talked at will, and I did not agree with each other.”

Anis put down her drink and turned her head.

she was always strong She didn’t want to appear weak, and she did. Because ‘Annis Slewood’ was a saint. Because she was the protector and healer of all her weaklings, she couldn’t reveal her own weakness to anyone.

At first it was. He became a colleague of Vermouth, meeting Morron, Senya, and Hamel. The saintess became a human named Anise. She got her allies to show her weakness. Even so, he did not always reveal his true feelings. Hiding their faces with laughter, sarcastic, teasing.

Very occasionally, when I felt like I was about to cry a little, I honestly shed tears. Because I knew it would happen.

“… … It will end much sooner than the 100 years you have been waiting for.”

Didn’t cry much. Only a single tear was shed. But those tears were enough to make Eugene and Moron frightened. What Anis had said a few days ago about her disappearance came to mind clearly in Eugene’s memory.

“Well, then of course you will be with me too, Anis.”

Eugene jumped up and landed next to Anis.

“Without anise, I will not go down the Great Hammer Gorge.”

Moron also spread his thick arms wide and said. He meant to hold her in her arms and cry to his heart’s content, but Anise had no intention of doing that. She still didn’t understand why Eugene and Moron were making a fuss all of a sudden.

‘Christina. Why are those two heads acting like that all of a sudden?’

[Because I love my sister very much.]

Cristina answered in a pleased voice.

brave moron

The Night March is over.

Just as there was no opening ceremony, there was no closing ceremony. The gates of Lehein Fortress were wide open at dawn, and the kings and knights of each country began to leave the fortress.

It was the Sultan of Nahama who passed the gate first in the morning. He left the snowy field escorted by Nahama warriors, sand scorpions, and dungeon wizards.


Amelia Merwin was also in the procession. She looked behind her as she pulled the chain around Hemoria’s neck. I saw a brave Moron standing on top of a high castle wall.

That human-like strong body made Amelia’s heart flutter. If only I could reap that body as her corpse. It was a thought I had dozens and hundreds of times during the ten days or so in the fortress, but I couldn’t bear to put it into practice.

But someday. Amelia smacked her lips, imagining a future that was far, no, she was not too far away.

this night march. Her collaborator, the Sultan, felt various anxiety about the appearance of a hero and a saint, and even a reclusive Moron—- Amelia didn’t care about that.

Rather, the fact that Eugene Ryanhart, whom she promised to kill next time, is a hero, Amelia felt something destined. no problem. If the hero and the saint are beings who inherit the lineage of legends, and if the brave Moron is a living legend.

Amelia Merwin. She owns the legends that are already dead but not gone. Dumb Hamel’s corpse. It is the best among Amelia’s treasured possessions. It’s not a good soul to put in, but it’s not that big of a problem.

And Hamel’s corpse isn’t the only treasure Amelia has.

‘Eugene Ryanhart in Brave Moron… … It would be the best if I could even collect the saintess’s corpse, but that would be difficult.’

Amelia hid a laugh and turned her head away. With a bone between her teeth, Hemoria could no longer make the sound of grinding her teeth.

Despite being severely disciplined, Hemoria never abandoned her enmity towards Amelia. she couldn’t It was only hatred that sustained her now Hemoria. Hatred of Amelia Merwin. Hatred of Eugene Ryanhart. And hatred for the god who did not save the faithful one.

Hemoria glared at Amelia’s back with dull, dead eyes.

After Nahama, the procession continued. Some rows were smaller than when they first came, and some rows were increased. Most of the mercenaries that arrived separately were hired by the state. Transfers between knights will be carried out after returning to the country and clearing things up.

Ryan Hart.

No mercenaries or other knights were reaped. It is enough that Lionheart is Lionheart. They have done well enough in this Night March.

I saw the sword of confinement.

saw the devil

And he competed with the brave Moron. That alone can make Lionheart stronger. The knights bearing that name are descendants of the great Vermouth. The knights of the White Lion Knights, who do not inherit Lionheart’s blood, were also fascinated by the legend that began with its name.

If it was Ryan Hart, of course it was. I want to experience the legend. I hope to continue the legend. Moron satisfied that longing.

Eugene could intensely feel the resulting change. Hundreds of unrefined, rather seething fighting spirit. and longing. The one-sided defeat suffered by Moron ignited a huge fire in his spirit of improvement.

“The descendants of Vermouth.”

When seeing off other nations, Moron did not come down from the wall.

However, when seeing Lionheart off, he came down from the wall. He laughed as he patted each of the knights on the shoulder.

“You will be strong. Moron, who was Vermouth’s colleague, vouches for it.”

How to become strong, Morron did not explain such things. It was only uttered with confident eyes and a steady voice.

But it was enough to trigger it. Didn’t Anise say that in the snowy field? Surprisingly, people adapt and change quickly.

A few occasions that can’t be called trivial. willingness to do. The confrontation with Moron was enough to become such an opportunity. And those words that assured me that I would become stronger bolstered my will.

“… … Eugene Ryanhart.”

I was worried that he might be called Hamel. Fortunately for her, she wasn’t that much of a retard, but she was close to a retard, seeing as she hesitated for a moment before spitting out her name.

“I never forget my promise.”

As with the other Gasols, he didn’t pat him on the shoulder. Moron smiled and held out her big fist to Yujin. Yujin looked at the fist for a moment, then smiled and reached out her hand on the other side.

“I will not forget my promise either.”

There were a lot of people watching, so I couldn’t speak comfortably. Eugene, feeling helplessly embarrassed about it, spread her outstretched hand wide.

“Please, stay bye until the next time we meet.”

Moron, who was holding out his fist, burst into laughter when he saw Eugene’s open hand. Her huge fists were wide open.

A large hand gripped Yujin’s hand. The hoepo was untied all night the night before. That said, I didn’t have anything I wanted to say or say right away.

For example, how big is Morron’s palm? Why are you secretly trying to compete with your grip? Such an insignificant question. such a story.

I didn’t spit it out directly. She didn’t think it was necessary. If there’s something we haven’t talked about now, we can do it next time we meet.


Moron thought so too. He let go of Eugene’s hand. However, the thoughts in his head and the desires of his heart at the moment did not match. Moron spread his arms wide and hugged Eugene tightly.

“See you next.”

… … It didn’t go through the crisis of suffocation like when it was first held. Eugene struggled with his feet while being lifted up in the air, then sighed deeply and hugged Moron. And he whispered in a low voice.

“Let go, kid.”

After being cursed at, Moron laughed loudly and put Eugene down.

The greeting ended with that. Morron stood in front of the gate until Lionheart’s ranks left the gate and crossed the snowfield.

Unlike when I came to the fort, I rode a large sled on the way back. The horse was a sleigh, but it was a form close to a carriage without wheels. Every time the domesticated monsters slammed their eyes, the sleigh slid straight ahead.

Eugene stuck his head out the window and saw Moron getting further and further away. Moron, with her bright eyes, recognized that Eugene had turned her head and shook her hand. Eugene sighed and put his hand out the window. He waved it a few times, then waved his hand to say goodbye.

“Morone seems to like you very much.”

Xian, who was sitting across from him, grumbled.

“In Moron-sama’s senses, we might feel like the grandchildren of a friend. The reason I favor you more is because you resemble the ancestor.”

“Your brother is also quite favored. Why are you pretending you didn’t get it? While riding on Moron-sama’s shoulder.”

Ciel sat next to Eugene as if it were natural. When her sister teased her with a wink in her eyes, Xian couldn’t answer right away and pursed her lips.

“… … hey hey! Why are you talking nonsense? You, too, rode on Moron-sama’s shoulders… … !”

“My brother is shy about weird things. why? Go to Ryanhart’s kick, and you’re no longer a child. Are you ashamed of riding on Moron-sama’s shoulders?”

“I am… … I didn’t really want to ride. Moron-sama forcibly lifted me up… … .”

“How are you? It’s better to be loved than to be uninterested in Moron-sama.”

Ciel giggled and glanced at Eugene.

Right now, Ciel was the only one sitting next to Eugene. That dubious, sometimes creepy assistant bishop… … No, she is not even a saint. He’s not even sitting in another seat. I don’t know what the heck is going on… … .

‘No, that’s normal. Saint Christina is from Euras.’

Christina Rogeris returned with the Priesthood of Jurass. For some reason, Mer, who is talkative and like a bat, moves from place to place, and somehow fits inside Eugene’s cloak.

Therefore, Ciel naturally occupied the seat next to Eugene. Of course, even with Mer and Cristina in this carriage, Ciel will insist that he has the freedom and right to sit wherever he wants.

“Saint Christina. Why did she suddenly go back?”

I was curious as to why. I was a little worried too. She liked her unconditionally, and she didn’t hate Christina enough to giggle. It’s just that she’s in a very good mood.

“He said he has work to do.”

“You don’t know why either?”

“During the Night March meeting, it was said that it was decided within Yurath.”

Eugene said while glancing at Ciel, who smiled strangely. Naturally, Eugene knew why Christina had returned to Euras.

The light priests of Juras. Among them, priests with particularly strong divine power and miracles were carefully selected, and a combat priest’s unit centered on Christina was organized.

When they first heard that from the pope, Cristina and Anise vehemently refused to do it. However, when the saint swore that the pope would have full authority over the troops organized by the pope, Christina and Anis eventually gave up their stubbornness.

Anise said it was insurance for one day.

Cristina said Eugene would be helpful too.

The newly organized combat fuse unit in Euras is the concept of Christina and Anis’ personal guard. If the priests don’t prioritize the saintess over the pope, Anise will take care of her mind and fix it. As if she wanted to be sure of what she had already decided to organize, Anis left the fortress early with the Priests of Yuras, saying that she would carefully select and select them with her own eyes.

After returning to Lionheart.

After Eugene prepared, he planned to leave for Helmud. As for him, he talked with Anise too. He chose to join Anise in Helmud, though he did return to Jurass first.

The final destination is, of course, Yongma Fortress.

Before that, I plan to visit Khazad Hills, where the Moonlight Sword was first discovered and fragments were excavated. Probably, Vermouth destroyed the moonlight sword there.

‘If I find more fragments, the power of the moonlight sword will increase.’

Isn’t it dangerous to go to Helmud? Until now, I had thought so and acted cautiously. Ironically, however, the demon king of confinement ended up protecting Yujin.

Of course, not all demons absolutely follow the demon king’s words like Gavid Lindman. Balzac Rudbesse, the master of the Black Tower, had also spoken about that matter several years ago.

Being a demon king doesn’t mean you have perfect control over all demons. The demon king of confinement is neglecting most of the demons. Among the countless demons, there are demons who defy the will of confinement.

I thought it didn’t matter that much. When I first heard that, I was weak compared to now, so I had to be careful with all the possibilities when I went to Helmud. But now?

‘Gavid doesn’t touch me. That means the Black Mist under Gavid won’t do anything to me. Noir Jevela… … .’

I’m worried about that idiot. There is no end to procrastinating what to do with uncertain worries.

Eugene remembered Senya who was sealed inside the World Tree. I recalled her chest being pierced, intertwined with roots, and barely surviving with the power of the World Tree. She recalled Senya’s teasing laugh,

—-After that, it’s only been 2 years. Senya might have felt that time was a long wait, but Eugene felt it was long enough.

I didn’t want to delay any longer.

[Whoops… … whoop whoop… … .]

Information about Yongmaseong is very scarce. It is not easy to break in. The Dragon Demon Castle continues to wander over Kara Bloom, the territory of Raizakia. It wouldn’t be difficult to find it from the sky, since the Yongma Fortress itself is as big as a decent fortress, but the problem is how to break into the Yongma Fortress.

Raizakia, a terrible human hater, did not allow humans to enter the territory. The law hasn’t changed in the hundreds of years since Raizakia was gone. Kara Bloom, the ground territory, is still inhabited only by demons and demi-humans.

Only Yeongjimin of Kara Bloom is called and allowed to enter Yongma Castle. In order to be called, you must have a title, raise your status as a demon, or possess a lot of property… … . In other words, the territory of Laizakia is no different from a small country.

Those who are called and live up to the Yongma Castle are the aristocratic class called ‘Noblesse’, and the lords living in Kara Bloom, the ground territory, are commoners.

‘It’s difficult for me as a human being to enter Kara Bloom. It is impossible to be called to the Dragon Demon Castle. I don’t know if it’s a country on the continent, but Helmud… … Also, Lionheart’s name cannot be sold in the manor haters’ territory.’

In the first place, Eugene had no intention of informing the family about leaving for Helmud.

Okay. Eugene himself couldn’t guarantee that there would be no problem, and even if he worked hard to persuade him, there was no way that Lionheart’s adults would accept it. If Eugene said he was leaving for hell mood, his father Jehard would grab him by the back of his neck and pass out.

‘If I stick a bribe somewhere in the back hole, will the road open… … No, you don’t even have to. I’m going to go rampage anyway, but just breaking in from the beginning… … .’

[Whoop whoop… … whooping… … .]

I tried hard to find a way to break into the dragon castle, but laughter kept mixing in my head.

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