Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 74

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“I am saying this not to confirm that Eugene-sama really is the owner of the holy sword. I’m not really interested in that. However, it is true that he has goodwill towards Eugene-sama… … I just want to give you a warning.”

Balzac looked into Eugene’s silent gaze and continued.

“Actually, I can’t even call it a warning. If two dukes want to make their own moves, what can he do? Also, if they want to meet Eugene… … How can Eugene avoid them?”

“You must kill me.”

“As long as the demon king of confinement does not change his mind to maintain peace, he will not kill the dukes, Eugene. But isn’t it burdensome just to be noticed by beings like that?”

“It is, but I think it is unavoidable. If I didn’t really want to be noticed, I would have had to live like I was dying instead of showing up, but I don’t want to do that.”

I think it’s the difference between late and fast. If it were not known that he was the owner of the holy sword and a warrior, he would not have been noticed as quickly as he is now by the dukes in Helmud.

“however. How did you know?”

This question is to admit that Eugene is the owner of the holy sword, but what should he hide when he is already receiving attention? Eugene asked confidently.

“I don’t even know how, but Edmund Codlet, the staff of confinement, seems to have told the dukes about Eugene.”

“I have never met him.”

“Of course you would. Edmund doesn’t leave Helmud. However, it is true that Edmund told about Eugene, and because of that, the dukes are paying attention to Eugene.”

Balzac smiled bitterly when he said that.

He is one of the Samma of Confinement, and belongs to Royalty, a cult that is entangled with Helmud’s Three Kingdoms. As he became the Black Tower lord of Alot, he never attended the regular gatherings of royalty, but he still exchanges letters occasionally with Edmund Codlet, a fellow warlock.

But, in Balzac’s opinion, there was no camaraderie enough to be called friends in that relationship. To put it bluntly, the feeling of camaraderie between partners… … or business relationship. Relationships are by no means light, and if you want something, you must pay for it.

So Edmund did not ask Balzac much about Eugene. This time alone, he leaked the story about Eugene from a regular meeting of the Royalty, but he didn’t ask for anything else about it.

Balzac knows why. He had no interest in what was being discussed at the Royalty meeting. Nevertheless, the reason Edmund insisted on informing about the content of the meeting first was that Balzac, who had a relationship with Eugene earlier in Alot, intended to vomit something out.

“Did you sell information about me?”

“There is no information that can be sold, right?”

“What if I had it?”

“hmm. You’ll have to think about it then… … As for me, I have no greed or expectations for the price Edmund will pay. More than that, I have more interest and expectations for Eugene.”

“You are a strange person.”

“I have a fair amount of liking and curiosity for Eugene, but it is not purely out of liking and curiosity that I have decided not to accept the deal Edmund is asking me to do. To some extent, my greed is mixed in.”


“I don’t want to reveal the desires of the bottom of my heart. What I can say for sure is that the reason I have warned and shown favor to Eugene-nim is not only because of good feelings.”

Balzac laughed and drank his tea. Eugene couldn’t read even the youthful emotions in those relaxed eyes, but he could sense that Balzac was circling the center of Helmud.

‘Otherwise, there’s no reason to come all the way to Arot and practice the Black Tower Master.’

Eugene thought for a moment. Balzac has a purpose, and because of that, he warns Eugene of danger several times. At least right now, Balzac is not Eugene’s enemy.

“You asked about the turmoil in the Black Lion Castle earlier.”

He didn’t even show the recipe. Instead, he told me what Iod had wished for, and what he had done. The unnecessary thing to say was abbreviated, so the story wasn’t very long.


Balzac, who had been silent throughout the story, burst into admiration.

“The reconstruction of the soul and the creation of the body… … Although it is regarded as a taboo in terms of magic, it is a research direction pursued by many black magicians.”

“Is Balzac like that too?”

“It’s not a topic that interests me very much. Reconstruction of the soul is eventually transforming my soul into something else, and the creation of the body is also changing the vessel I have been living in since I was born… … In other words, it changes the essence, doesn’t it? I don’t want that kind of magic.”

After Balzac answered, he was silent for a moment. The more he concentrated, the more Balzac’s eyebrows furrowed.

“… … It is the remnant of the Demon King that urged and manipulated Iod Lionheart. That’s quite possible. The demonic spear and crushing weight that Lionheart had were the devil’s favorite soldiers. I think it’s possible that the remnant turned into a dark spirit. Primal spirits are not much different from mana, and they change depending on the environment.”

Balzac’s thoughts were also like those of Loberian or Melchis. The answer was obvious because I couldn’t see the spell that Iod had drawn, and I had to infer from what Eugene had figured out.

“The escape of Hector Lionheart is amazing.”

Perhaps because of Eugene’s intention, Balzac was also interested in Hector’s escape.

In fact, it had to be. Loberian and Melchis, who had been examining the forest, had no guesses as to Hector’s method of escape. The same was true of Inquisitor Atarax, who was the first to detect that Hector had escaped. The bastard saw through Hector’s escape, but he couldn’t figure out how.

“You said he had a rare artifact. Do you remember which artifact it was?”


A necklace containing 17 magics. Even if Eugene couldn’t remember the shape of the necklace, he certainly remembered how the enchantments were arranged. She had previously reproduced the array of magic spells built into the artifacts for Loberian and Melkis as well.

It was quite impossible to engrave that much magic into a single artifact, even a necklace that wasn’t very large. However, since the capacity to engrave magic varies depending on how such handicrafts were made, there was no saying that it was unconditionally impossible.

There are many excellent alchemists in the White Mage Tower of Melchis Elhere. So, Melchis showed the alchemists the development of the Artifact’s spell that Eugene had given him, but they only replied that they could not reproduce it.

“… … hmm… … .”

Balzac stroked his chin and looked to the side. One wall of this large room was filled with magic spells drawn by Eugene in the air.

“Are you saying that this complicated, complicated, and lengthy spell was contained in a single necklace?”

“yes. I’m sure you understood it as Akasha.”

“But there is no magic related to space movement in this technique.”

“So it is a question. Is it possible for humans to use ultra-long-distance movement magic that isn’t even Blink in the first place? Even if it was possible, how did you embed it into the artifact?”

It was hard for Eugene to understand that. Loverian and Melchis were of the same opinion. Even a great mage uses a warp gate to move long distances, but it is impossible to warp her body using her own magic. However, Hector succeeded in escaping from the forest where the moonlight sword and magic clashed, deceiving all eyes. You wouldn’t know if he was a great wizard, but as Eugene fought and felt, Hector was not a wizard.

“This is interesting.”

Balzac, who had been looking at the ceremony for a while, burst into laughter.

“Come on, Eugene. From the archmage’s point of view, even the greatest mage cannot teleport over long distances. What makes warp gates possible for long-distance movement is that the coordinates are fixed by the gates connected to each other. However, it is impossible to directly unfold the warp. The only thing in this world that allows for such teleportation is the dragon’s teleport.”

“I know that.”

“Of course you would. So Hector did not escape by teleportation.”

“Then what?”

“Didn’t the Heretic Questioner who was there tell you? Long-distance teleport without going through a gate. To be precise, the heretic inquisitor couldn’t explain the magic Hector used to escape. It has to be. The space movement magic used to escape Hector is correct, but it is not teleportation.”

Balzac stared at Eugene’s frustrated expression as if he was having fun. When Eugene couldn’t stand it and tried to speak again, Balzac quickly struck him.

“Hector is dead.”


“I don’t know what kind of fight took place there, but Hector did not escape. Even the artifacts he possessed could not protect Hector.”

By that point, even Eugene could guess what Balzac was talking about. Yujin’s expression went cold.

“The body dies and perishes, but the soul remains. Normally, he would leave this world, but if he was bound by a contract. The sovereignty of the soul must follow the orders of the ‘master’ with whom the contract was made, not one’s own.”

“… … Asmodians?”

“Or the Warlock.”



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Balzac laughed.

“Either way, it is someone from Helmud who instigated Hector. If it’s a soul, not a body. And if you hold that soul as a contract. You can call it anywhere in the world. Actually, I can’t say for sure because I haven’t seen it myself… … Looking at the development of the artifact, I am convinced.”

“What do you mean?”

“Eugene. Helmud’s magic engineering skills are beyond your imagination. I admit that the alchemists of the White Mage Tower are excellent craftsmen, but if it’s not alchemy, it’s a ‘skill’, you won’t be able to catch up with Helmud.”

“… … .”

“I feel sorry for the dwarves who are forced to work in the mine district of Yongma Castle, but they are the property of the Duke of Raizakia, so I can’t help it… … Aside from them, Helmud is the country with the largest number of dwarves on the continent.”

With the craftsmanship of a skilled Dwarven artisan and Helmud’s skill, it was possible to create an artifact by compressing that much development.

“Does anyone expect to go?”

“There are many warlocks and demons in Helmud. It’s hard to pinpoint who it is. and… … Wasn’t Hector Lionheart previously an honorary knight of the Royal Knights of Ruhar, the White Fang?”

Originally, Ruhar strictly prohibited Helmud and demons from entering, but 5 years ago, the door was opened and numerous demons entered Luhar. The possibility that one of those demons contacted Hector and made a contract was plentiful.

“… … It’s not certain, but if Hector had seen the spell drawn by Iod Lionheart. It may have been taken as a soul and informed the owner about the ceremony.”

“… … .”

“Of course, the magic formula uses the remnants of the demon king and the spirits of darkness, so it won’t be possible to reproduce it, but it might be possible to imitate it if you follow the gist of the formula.”

“I don’t care about that.”

Yujin twisted the corner of her mouth and smiled, then crossed her arms.

“As the Black Tower Lord said, unless there are remnants of the demon king and no dark spirits, the spell won’t function properly. Even if you take the outline and imitate it, it won’t be more dangerous than reviving the remnants of the demon king.”

“I will.”

“As long as I don’t know who Hector’s owner is and I can’t guess, it’s none of my business what he got for. If it blocks my way or annoys me, then I can slit my throat.”

“Don’t you need my help?”

Balzac tilted his head with a deep smile.

“If Eugene-sama could share with me the spells he saw, I might be able to guess how those spells might be imitated in black magic. Also, since I have a solid position in Helmud, I will help Eugene-sama in the search for Hector’s owner.”

“That sounds quite appetizing, but Lord of the Dark Tower. As the owner of Hector, I am suspicious of the confinement Samma. Of course, the Lord of the Black Tower is also in that doubt. You’re talking to me like this right now, but in fact, couldn’t all of this be a tactic designed by the Lord of the Black Tower to avoid suspicion?”

“I mean?”

“It may be overthinking, but anyway. I don’t think the Black Tower Lord is a good warlock, but I think he’s a decent warlock. However, I have no intention of trusting the Lord of the Black Tower and doing anything together.”

Yujin said that and got up from the sofa.

“Couldn’t you be saying something like a moth, telling me not to take this research book, just because I rejected the Black Tower Lord’s offer?”

“Take it.”

“also. The Black Tower Lord is the best among the black magicians I have ever seen.”

Eugene smiled and opened the cloak. After collecting research books like that, she bowed her head toward Balzac.

“Thank you for your warning. In fact, even if I heard that warning, I wouldn’t be able to prepare for anything, but I’ll try to be conscious.”

“Can I ask you one more question?”

Balzac tilted his head as he got up to see him off.

“What’s the difference between being the best warlock and being a good warlock?”

“It’s the difference between a person and a corpse.”


“In my standards, the only good warlocks are dead warlocks. Oh, and the ‘dead warlock’ excludes the lich from this statement. Richie is a sissy who needs to be torn limb from limb.”

In his previous life, Hamel was killed by the lich. That’s why Eugene hated Richie. No, she hated the undead itself. It’s pissing that he was killed by the lich, because Hamel’s corpse turned into a Death Knight.

“There is no need to see you off.”

Eugene said, striding towards the window. Balzac, who had been stunned by Eugene’s words, came to his senses belatedly and looked at the window.

“Let’s see each other sometime in the future. It’s okay not to see it at all.”

To the subject who received all he deserved, was warned, and even voiced his opinion about Hector. Eugene spat that out.

And without hearing Balzac’s greeting, he jumped out the window.

“… … her.”

I heard the screams of the lovers watching the rose garden outside. Balzac poked his head out the window, and Eugene, who had landed on the floor without a sound, strode across the garden. Balzac looked back and laughed.

“Because you’re a fun person.”

Balzac muttered that and returned to his chair and sat down.

And I was lost in thought for a while.

In most of my conversations with Eugene, I told the truth, but I did tell one lie.

Balzac guessed who Hector’s owner was.

‘… … Right.’

A conclusion has been drawn. Balzac smiled as he reconsidered the thoughts that had entered his head.


As expected, the creation of the signature also took a long time.

Eugene turned 21 in Arot. She lived a familiar, monotonous day. He almost lived in the research wing of the Red Magic Tower, and occasionally went to Akreon.

got a lot of help

The teacher, Loberian, put all personal matters aside and stuck to Eugene, and Melchis, who came to visit occasionally, no, often, actively looked at Eugene’s signature and gave advice on the composition of the spell.

Hyridus and Trempel could not even ask for advice on the contents of the ceremony from Eugene. No matter how friendly the two were, the spells that made up the signature had to be kept secret.

Balzac’s research was also helpful. Before digging into his material, he first showed it to his teacher, Loberian, and it was also verified. The material was probably Balzac’s research before he became the archmage, and since Balzac’s own personality was frighteningly meticulous when it came to magic, I was able to receive many inspirations from reading it.

Mer Merdin.

Until now, there were not many opportunities to be active, but originally, Mer was in charge of the Hall of Senya in Akryon. She can use various magics herself, but what helped her a lot in this case was the interpretation and coordination of her spells.

Mer calculated what kind of result magic would be derived from different linked spells, and what variables would affect the spell with different spells, without the need to create magic in the spell.

“Do you know that I was created as an administrator of Acreon from the beginning? I am a familiar that was created to assist Senya-sama in her magic calculations.”

Mer was delighted and proud that he could play for the first time in a long time.

And Eugene even has Akasha. This wand helps to ‘understand’ magic. The first time she held Akasha. The techniques Eugene had learned and knew were naturally reconstructed into the optimal form through Akasha.

Akasha’s authority was able to be used while creating the signature. Spells that would not be linked were smoothly linked by modifying them back and forth with Akasha. Even magic that doesn’t mesh can be connected by using Akasha, so the range of choices has greatly expanded. The formula that was put together was reviewed by Mer.

21 year old summer.

I made a signature, albeit imperfectly. There is no problem in drawing out the magic formula and unfolding the phenomenon. There is no possibility of failure due to variables. However, it was not yet complete, so the ‘scope’ was smaller than the original idea.

There is nothing wrong with using it though. Eugene closed his eyes and enjoyed the pride.

“wow… … .”

Mer, who was watching from afar, had a disgusted face. Standing next to her, Christina’s expression was the complete opposite of Mer’s. Deeply moved, she put her hands together in front of her chest.

“How beautiful and noble I am… … !”

[Christina, I think about this sometimes. You have not received much love since childhood. An unfortunate childhood and suppressed innocence gave you a bad idea.]

Anise clicked her tongue, but Cristina made no reply. To her, Eugene, now in her life, seemed beautiful and noble.

Loberian, who was watching from the other side, had a happy face.

When I first heard the idea of ​​Signature, I honestly didn’t think it would work. Eugene’s signature is different from that of other archmages. That’s magic, but not magic for magic’s sake. It is a magic that only focuses on assisting Eugene.

Even so, that signature did not have a low status as magic. Layer upon layer of magic is causing a completely different phenomenon. It was impossible for Loberian himself to imitate that intricate technique.

“… … Is it different from magic?”

“You taught me that magic is what makes me do what I can’t do.”

Loberian smiled and looked at Melchis. Melkiss was looking at Eugene with his eyebrows furrowed.

Even Melchis knew the signature formula. But I don’t know the original that pierces the core. No, even if I knew it, I couldn’t answer the question of how those techniques caused such a phenomenon.

“And the signature must be mixed with the archmage’s unique abilities. My Pantheon is a signature because there are summons I have created and collected, and your Trinity Force requires a contract with the Earth Spirit King and the Lightning Spirit King. They are antecedents that cannot be imitated, and are our unique abilities.”

“… … what is it?”

“That signature is the same. So it is difficult to deal with.”

In particular, the tricky thing about Eugene’s signature is that it shouldn’t be treated as magic. Since that is to assist Eugene himself, its power continues to grow according to Eugene’s capabilities. There is no guarantee that what you understand now will be the same next time.

“… … More than I thought, I think Carmen-sama will like it.”

Purple sparks flew. Then, like a fire, it died down and disappeared. Mer spoke to Eugene while putting on her complex expression.

“Quiet. Did you know that I made this because I wanted to do it? What if this is the optimal form?”

“Is it really optimal? If I wanted to do it, I think other forms would have been possible… … .”

“you… … You’re putting a strange frame on me. There’s nothing special about this shape. uh? Even if it’s just magic, how many spells like this are there?”

“That’s true, but Eugene-sama has a precedent.”

“Be quiet, Mermer.”

“My name is not Mermer. It means mer merdein. Eugene-nim, you want to draw attention to your bizarre sense by making fun of my name, right?”

“You really die after that, Mermer Mermer Dein.”

“You’re childish, really.”

Mer clicked her tongue and burrowed into Eugene’s arms. Eugene lightly squeezed Mer’s head as he was carrying her casually, then opened her cape so that he could enter her cape.

The final verification has also been completed. Even if it’s still incomplete, it’s not to the point of being unfinished, and the lacking part could be supplemented even after leaving Arot.

To tell the truth, there was no room for Eugene anymore.

The Night March held in the territory of Luhar Kingdom is the very next month. The location of the Night March was a change during the Luhar change without a warp gate, so if you calculated the travel time, you had to leave Arot right away, even today.

So I decided to leave today.

“No big deal, but always be careful.”

The people who helped create the signature had already been greeted yesterday, and it was only Loverian and Melchis that came out to see them off at the warp gate.

Trempel Wizador, the leader of Arot’s Court Magic Division, participates in the Night March along with Crown Prince Honein, but the Mage Tower Master does not belong to the Magic Corps of Arot, so he does not participate in the Night March.

“Is there anything to watch out for? They say that the place where the Night March takes place is Lehain. It’s a famous hot spring area in Luhar as well. A place where you can’t go even with money!”

“Of course I can’t go without paying. The horses are of the highest quality, right under the snowy mountains of Rehein Yar, where monsters are infested.”

“It’s true that the facilities are top-notch!”

“That’s it… … It’s a facility for the snow mountain rangers who stand guard in Lehein Yar and the knights who come for training regularly. If you want to enjoy Jeong Lehain, then the White Pagoda Lord should also apply for Luhar’s White Fang. Perhaps they will welcome you with open arms.”

“I’m crazy? What are the white fangs… … Umm, Trempel, if you ask that man, maybe he’ll take you… … .”

“If you transfer to the magic corps, I will gladly take you.”

“Then I won’t go. It’s a hot spring. You can make it yourself and enjoy it. If the groundwater is hot, it’s a hot spring, isn’t it?”

Melchis flirted with Eugene and opened his arms wide.

“Congratulations anyway, kid. Yes, don’t forget that the signature has the help of Mr. Melchis Elhaire. Later, when you write your autobiography, be sure to write down what a good and kind person I was.”

“I won’t write an autobiography, but yes.”

“And buy some souvenirs from Lehain. I don’t know if they sell souvenirs there, but I heard that a stone called fire crystal is mined in the hot spring there? They are sometimes found at the bottom of the hot springs, so bring one with you.”

“It’s a stone with a spark. Where does Melchis-sama write it?”

“Where to write? Use it as a catalyst to seduce the flame spirit king.”

Even though he signed a contract with the two spirit kings, it seems he is still not satisfied. Eugene left Melchis, who laughed, and exchanged greetings with Loberian.

“But you don’t have to go together, do you?”

Cristina quietly threw a check ball. Of course, Eugene did not think of her check phrase as a check phrase, and answered with her calm face.

“They say everyone else has already left, and they’re already waiting.”

“Sian understands. But isn’t Ciel a member of the 3rd division of the Black Lion Knights? Why are you waiting to go with Eugene-sama instead of going with Carmen-sama and his fellow knights?”

“They are siblings.”

“siblings… … ! What does that matter?”

“In this Night March, Lionheart has no choice but to get attention. Because there are so many things that have happened recently. And that attention will go to Xian, Ciel, and me, who will succeed Lionheart.”

Eugene paid the warp gate fee while answering with a sad face.

“The journey from the capital of Ruhar to Lehain will not be easy. It will take a good month, and the frontier snow fields are full of monsters. Knights training is what they always do, but isn’t it rare to build a bond between brother and sister overcoming rough terrain? In particular, I am a brother with them, but I am also at a high level of Baek Yeom-sik, so it must have been intended that I be positively stimulated and influenced by crossing the snowy field together.”

Having said that, Cristina had nothing to say. Rather, she thinks Eugene was right.

So the moment you feel self-reflection and recite a prayer for repentance.

[What is a positive stimulus? I don’t know about that little boy, Ciel, but that cunning girl, Ciel, must have been full of greed and stubbornness to go with Hamel.]

‘… … .’

[Christina. If you’re having a hard time dealing with that girl, leave it to me, Sister. I’ll fix the habit so you don’t do anything cunning again.]

‘… … it’s okay… … .’

It wasn’t that I didn’t have that feeling, but I didn’t want to ask Anis to do that… … .

“Shouldn’t you change your clothes and go?”

Mer stuck her head out from under the cloak.

“Ruhar Kingdom is a place where it is winter all year round. As usual, Anicilla-nim sent me some new winter clothes. Would you like to see Eugene? I’ve already changed.”

“Look at what? You showed it as soon as you received it, and you showed it yesterday too.”

“Honestly, I think I’m pretty cute in a fur coat. Isn’t it cute no matter how many times I see it?”

I couldn’t deny that, but Mer’s face looking up at me with a proud smile was very nasty. Eugene shook her head as she tugged at her cheeks.

“Don’t pinch. Eugene-sama, won’t you change?”

“I’m okay. This cloak is your winter coat.”

“How about Christina?”

“My robe also has a cold protection function.”

“How! How can everyone be like that? Do you only wear clothes to tell you not to be cold? It’s also fun to wear new clothes that are different from before!”

“Clothes should be warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s hot, and easy to move around.”

[That little familiar has never wandered around Helmud, so he’s full.]

Eugene grumbled, and Anise agreed. But Christina, to some extent, agreed with Mer’s words and felt her little impulse. Come to think of it, she had never worn anything other than a nun’s uniform and a priest’s uniform.

“… … Uhm… … These robes will keep you out of the cold, but won’t even keep you from raging snow. So I think it would be okay to buy at least one coat.”

Cristina convinced herself that way and walked out to the warp gate.

Eugene followed Christina and remembered Moron.

It wasn’t the first time I went to the northern snowfield. To enter Helmud, they had to cross a snowfield. At that time, most of the northern land was occupied by demons and demons, so the cold land had a lot of demons and demons, if not as much as Helmud.

Moron was furious with such a snow field. Although he had never been to the Bayar tribe where he was born and raised, or to the snowfield where that tribe was based. The Bayar tribe say they are the children of the north, of the snowfields. Even if the snowy field that Hamel and Hamel crossed 300 years ago was not the territory of the Bayar tribe, the land was a snowy field with a blizzard.

Moron used a great hammer and an ax as weapons.

When Moron struck the hammer, an avalanche broke out, and when he swung his axe, the blizzard split.

When that ignorant attack was directed at demons and monsters. Moron’s enemies did not even leave proper corpses and were crushed or exploded, staining the snowfield with blood of various colors.

The snow flurries don’t stop. It continues to pour profusely. Even if the mangled corpses are strewn about and the entire snowfield is stained with blood. After a while, the corpses and the blood-stained earth turned pure white.

Moron loved the snowfield.

‘… … A hot river.’

A hot river flows near the Bayar tribe. 300 years ago, when Anise first spoke of the Fountain of Light. Moron also spoke of a hot river.

At that time, Hamel and Senya did not believe Moron’s words and laughed at them. How can a river be hot? Even more so, the Bayar tribe is in the northernmost part where it snows heavily. I thought it was nonsense that a hot river could flow when a cold river would have frozen and could not flow.

‘It’s a hot spring.’

Morone did not lie. A kingdom built in the middle of a snowy field, the famous tourist product in Luhar Kingdom is a hot spring.

– When the war is over, we can all go together. At that time, I will be the chieftain of Bayar. If I ask them to empty the river for their friend, the tribe members will gladly give it to them.

At that time, Moron had said that with a big smile.

But that word didn’t come true. The war ended unsatisfactorily, and Hamel died. So it was impossible to go to the hot river with everyone.

Moron, however, became chieftain of the Bayar tribe and raised the kingdom that bears his name.

“Moron is the most successful.”

Eugene passed through the warp gate with a bitter smile.

Senya was praised while serving as a mage lord in Arrot, but was fatally wounded by Vermouth’s attack for no reason. After that, he was cursed by Lyzakia’s attack and sealed in the World Tree.

Anis tried to retire by going on a pilgrimage, but at the end of the day, a whim happened and she took her own life. Her body never rested, and she was used as a sacrifice for Yuras as her next candidate for her holy maiden.

Vermut served as a grand duke in Kiel and created Lionheart, one of the most prestigious families. However, Vermouth also did not find rest in his later years, and disguised his death and disappeared.

But Moron lived happily ever after. it is so known

He founded the Kingdom of Ruhar in the snow fields that had been trampled by Helmud. He gathered countless refugees who had lost their country and made them the people of the kingdom. The kingdom of Ruhar became the most powerful country in the north 300 years after its founding, and it alone exerted more influence than the Anti-Horse Alliance, a coalition of small and medium-sized countries near Helmud.

The reason why the kingdom of Ruhar was able to grow so drastically was because there was a ‘brave Moron’ behind the kingdom of Ruhar just 100 years ago. Moron passed the throne to his son after serving as king for about 50 years after the founding of the country, but he did not live in seclusion and kept the Kingdom of Luhar as the previous king.

However, the Moron suddenly disappeared about 100 years ago.

‘These bastards are all the same. Moron also retired, Senya retired, Anise made a pilgrimage. Everyone just disappeared without revealing it properly. That bastard, Vermouth, pretended to be dead.’

Yujin raised her head and looked ahead. The warp gate had already passed, but the temperature did not change drastically. Rather, the air was warm.

The capital of the Kingdom of Luhar.


Mer, inside the cloak, smiled and looked up at Eugene.

“You know Eugene, right? The reason why this city is called Hamelon is because the first king, Moron Ruhar, commemorates the deceased comrades.”

“… … know.”

“In the square in front of the palace, there are statues of Moron and Hamel together. Are you sure you want to watch it?”


“Why don’t you like it? They say it’s so well made that it’s magnificent.”

“I think it would make me feel weird to see it.”

“I want to see you, but… … .”

Christina quietly opened her mouth. Inside her head, Anise giggled.

[I’ve seen it once, but I recommend not watching it very much.]

‘Sister, why?’

[Moron mourned his dead colleague too much. What can I say about the statue of Hamel standing there… … It’s a statue of Hamel, but it doesn’t look like Hamel. greatly… … I made it noble. Just like the statues of Euras.]

‘It’s noble… … I’m not sure what you mean.’

[Moron set up a statue of the moment Hamel died. For the people of Ruhar to mourn that noble sacrifice… … It is a statue of Hamel with a hole in his chest lying down and Moron holding the corpse. I remember it clearly. Hamel’s corpse was returned to the demon king of confinement, and when Moron carried the corpse in his arms… … .]

Anise let out a sad laugh as she recalled the distant past.

Eugene couldn’t hear the conversation between Cristina and Anise, but he really didn’t want to see the statue in the square.

It was for a simple reason. Looking at her, it seems that she will inevitably feel depressed and shed tears, but she didn’t want Anis to see that… … .

“… … Still, Eugene. Wouldn’t it be better to go and see it?”

Cristina cautiously recommended Eugene. The moment Eugene opened his mouth to answer.


Someone called Eugene in a loud voice. When Eugene turned his head, Ciel, who ran from not far away, hugged Eugene without losing his momentum.

“long time no see!”

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it in almost half a year. Ciel threw back her furry hoodie and looked up at her Eugene, and she laughed.

“You didn’t want to see me?”

“Were you waiting here?”

“You said you would arrive today. That’s why I was with you beforehand.”

Ciel smiled brightly and glanced at Christina.

[Christina. Wouldn’t it be better to exchange with me?]

Anise whispered like a demon in my head.

Christina’s lips twitched.


It was a complicated feeling. A statue said to have been erected by Moron. To be honest, I want to see it, but when I see it, I feel like I will be overwhelmed with emotions. If he had come to Luhar Kingdom by himself, he would have sneaked in and looked at it, but he couldn’t do that now.

“How is it?”

An elbow pricked his side. A strangely awkward smile hung over Christina’s face as she whispered as she subtly tilted her head. Just from that expression, Eugene could tell who was moving Christina’s body.

It was just Christina. However, it seemed that I myself had given interest and immersion in the impulsiveness of the anise in my head.

Eugene cleared his throat and lifted his head.

“… … Well done.”

That was my honest impression.

I’ve seen quite a few statues like this so far. Right now, in Lionheart’s garden, there is a statue of Hamel brought by Eugene. There is a statue of Vermouth in Kiel’s capital and Black Lion Castle, and a statue of Senya in Arrot’s Merdein Square. And in the plaza of the sun in Yuras, there are statues of Anise flying in the sky… … .

Among them, by far, the best thing was the statue in front of me. The statues Eugene had seen before were also wonderful. In particular, the statue of Anise was decorated with precious jewels and was beautiful.


The statue in front of you now is very large. In that way, it felt like a Moron. A statue taller than any other building. Even Moron’s bulging muscles are reproduced as they are.

… … A scarred Morron is holding the dead Hamel in his arms. It didn’t materialize until the other colleagues, but around the statue, the ruins created by the tough battle were embodied as they were.

“… … It’s kind of sad.”

No tears were shed. endured I cried too much in this situation, and it was obvious that Anise would tease me enough to make me want to kill her, so I suppressed my emotions.


Eugene endured, but Mer did not. Mer, still with only her face sticking out through the cracks in her cloak, sniffled her tears. Christina was also wearing an awkward mischievous smile, as if imitating Anise, but her eyes were watery.

“Is there a scene like that in a children’s book?”

“A children’s book is just a children’s book. I don’t even know who wrote it, so maybe it was adapted quite a bit?”

“Still, I quite liked the romance between stupid Hamel and wise Senya.”

Ciel and Xian were also impressed by the statue. Ciel laughed at her brother’s murmur and shook her head.

“I don’t know what brother. What struck me subtly in that storybook was not the romance between stupid Hamel and wise Senya.”

“Then what is it? Friendship of colleagues?”

“That’s great too, but I liked the relationship between the faithful Anise and the dumb Hamel.”

“… … Why are those two? In the children’s book, Hamel liked Senya.”

“Even though I confess like that at the end. The mood of Hamel and Anise that is subtly revealed in the children’s book is very interesting. Would you say it stimulates your imagination? There are also a few scenes that are alluded to.”

“I don’t know… … .”

“Segna and Hamel feel more like close friends than lovers, but Anise and Hamel respect each other… … Hey, tell me what are you doing?”

Ciel shook his head as if mocking Cian. Yujin, who had been listening to the story in silence, quietly shut her mouth as if she had been stripped of all the clothes she was wearing.

[That cutie knows something.]

‘… … Is that so?’

[I couldn’t write the story of my stigma in a children’s book. Senya That selfish girl showed ugliness by unleashing her own desires, but I didn’t. plain and pure. I told the story of Hamel and I for the few who have great sensitivity who will feel something like that cutie.]

Anise had called Ciel a cunning bitch before, but the title changed to cutie before she knew it.

“… … But in the end, only Lord Hamel died.”

“Hamel-sama didn’t die because he was weak. You bravely and beautifully sacrificed my life for the sake of my fellow comrades.”

Xian muttered.

Eugene replied.

“Because of Hamel-sama’s sacrifice, the ancestor and his colleagues from 300 years ago were able to climb the demonic castle in confinement. Although, because of that dog-like, no, ridiculous children’s book, later generations ridicule Hamel-sama for being stupid. Hamel-nim, who sacrificed himself for the sake of his comrades and was forced to do so for the sake of the world, can be called a true hero.”

Ciel and Xian blinked at Eugene’s long story. Mer, who was looking at her statue with her moved face, could not hear any more, so she hid her head inside her cloak. Cristina opened her eyes and looked at Eugene.

[Are you not ashamed?]

Anise’s murmurs cannot be heard by Eugene. But Eugene could easily imagine what Anise might have muttered… … .

Eugene coughed and shook his head.

“anyway. What is Hamel-sama… … He is a very underrated hero in later generations.”

“uh… … hmm. yes. Eugene. You are the one who personally discovered Hamel’s grave… … . uh… … Because he is also the successor of his progress. You might feel different feelings about that statue than we do.”

Xian made a puzzled expression and nodded his head. Xian was kind enough to understand that the bloodless brothers were overly immersed.

“We never said a word about Hamel-sama being weak.”

It started snowing. Ciel pouted her lips as he put the hood back on her back.

“Who doesn’t know how strong Hamel is? Of course, among the heroes of 300 years ago, the strongest was our ancestor.”

“Of course it is.”

Xian looked back at the statue with a proud face. He was lost in thought for a moment when he saw the statue of Moron, as huge as a mountain.

“… … How strong was Morron?”


“Look at those muscles. It’s a statue, but isn’t it supposed to be more shabby than the real thing? Hamel-sama in Moron-sama’s arms looks like a child.”

Who was the strongest among the heroes 300 years ago? There is no room for worry about it. The great Vermouth who was the owner of the holy sword and a warrior. Everyone in the world considers Vermouth the pinnacle of heroes.

the remaining 4 people. The wise Senya and the faithful Anise are out of the question because they are not warriors, but the dumb Hamel and the brave Moron are warriors. So, who was stronger among the two was a topic of debate that went up and down everywhere.

“Are you an idiot? Bigger muscles don’t make you stronger. Gargis Just looking at that pig, his forearms are thick and his muscles are bulging, but he’s no better than Eugene. You are weaker than me.”

“That’s right. But I wonder if Moron-nim was stronger than Hamel-nim.”

“hmm… … Maybe. Because Hamel-sama was the only one who died 300 years ago.”

Cristina, who was listening to the conversation between the two, glanced at Eugene with an uneasy look. As expected, Eugene’s eyebrows twitched.

“What bullshit. Hamel-nim was stronger than Moron-nim.”

“How do you know that?”

“How do you know! I am… … Hamel is… … You look older than Morron from your face. Can’t you see that scar over there? Of course, Hamel-nim died first, and although he was smaller than Morron-nim. Do you only fight with a big X? Hamel-nim fought better than Moron-nim… … .”

Eugene stopped talking and turned his head. She felt a sudden piercing gaze. The place where I could feel the gaze was quite far from this plaza, but the presence came closer in an instant.


Behind the statue, beyond the plaza. A huge castle surrounded by tall walls. It is the royal palace of Ruhar. The first thing I noticed was the lofty spire with fluttering snow.

But right up there now. Eugene took a few steps back, reflexively pulling Christina, Ciel, and Xian with his magic.

It didn’t have to be. There was no hostility to the approaching presence, and he did not threaten others as he landed here.

A thick cloak fluttered.

Everyone looked up in amazement. It was a huge man who flew from the spire and landed in front of the statue. He straightened up from his bowed body, and roughly brushed the hair that clung to his eyes.


middle-aged man. His beard is roughly trimmed on his messy hair, and his skin is tanned. Eugene noticed the tilted crown on top of the man’s head, as if it would fall at any moment.

“Hey young people.”

The man opened his mouth. He grinned until his gums were exposed and spread his arms.

“Please don’t be too offended by Jim’s intrusion. The young people’s conversation was really cute and enjoyable to listen to, but as a descendant of the Dragon King, I couldn’t just listen.”

Dragon King is a term referring to Moron, the founder of Luhar. In fact, aside from him, there is only one person who can call himself ‘Jim’. Xian was so startled that his hair stood on end, and he immediately knelt down on one knee.

“Ra, Lionheart’s descendant, Xian Lionheart, is meeting His Highness the King of Ruhar.”

Ciel and Cristina also hurriedly knelt down and bowed. Eugene also got down on one knee at first, but the reaction around him was unusual. It was a sudden event by the king of Ruharu, but the people in the plaza only glanced at it, not showing any particular respect.

“Ha ha ha! Young people embarrass Jim. It’s Jim who jumped in first, so there’s no need to be so polite. Aren’t your knees wet from the snow on the floor? If you want to kneel down and pay courtesy to Jim, don’t do it in a place like this, but visit Jim’s castle.”

The current king of the Kingdom of Ruhar. Beast King Aman Ruhar. He let out a hearty laugh and straightened the slanted crown.

“And Jim didn’t come in here to hear the young people say hello. Look, young Lionheart.”

Aman’s eyes, smiling round and round, turned to Eugene.

“You said that Hamel-nim was weaker than the Dragon King, right? I can’t admit that Of course, the great Vermut-nim must have been the strongest, but among the heroes of that era, the strongest next to Vermut-nim was the Dragon King!”

“uh… … hmm… … yes.”

Eugene replied with a puzzled face. As everyone was still on one knee, Aman strode over and grabbed him by the arms and lifted them up from their seats one by one.

“Xian Lionheart! A descendant of the great Vermut. I know very well that you are the next head of Lionheart. It’s not yet decided, but Jim’s daughter might marry you.”

“yes… … yes… … .”

“Actually, Jim doesn’t want to decide to marry his daughter for political reasons. The most important thing is whether Jim’s daughter wants to marry you or not! Alas, of course, my daughter is not yet old enough.”

“Princess Ayla’s age… … that… … I know he’s 11 but… … .”

“If you want to marry your daughter, you will have to work hard to please her from now on. All right, now that it’s all right, I’ll let you in on a secret from her. My daughter, Ayla, prefers rare weapons and armor rather than dolls or bouquets. If you want to impress Ayla, she might as well give her a small dagger as a gift.”

Aman chuckled and patted Xian on the shoulder. It must have been her friendly tapping, but each time the huge hand tapped his shoulder, there was a bang, a bang, and Xian’s body shook.

“Ciel Lion Heart! I heard your story. Indeed, it is as white and beautiful as snowflakes! Carmen Lionheart, a heroine recognized by Jim as strong, is your teacher, right?”

“You are saying too much.”

“Is it too much? You mean Jim complimented your looks? Too much, haha! For your beauty, humility is a luxury. No, no. Aren’t you glad that you, the descendant of Lionheart, are being praised for your looks? I am very curious to see how sharp your sword will be.”

Ciel couldn’t be treated as an exception from Aman’s big hand. It was only after Aman passed by that Ciel was able to caress her aching shoulder while creasing her expression.

“And you… … Oh oh! Candidate of Euras, Christina Rogeris. I do not worship the god of light, but I am in awe of the miracles performed by the followers of light. Among them, the miracle of your adoptive father, Cardinal Sergius, was great.”

“It is an honor to meet you here.”

“Jim shouldn’t talk carelessly about his adoptive father’s pity. May the light protect you.”

Aman didn’t bang on Christina. She instead reached out her large hand to shake her hand, and Christina bowed her head and took Aman’s hand with both of her hands.

“… … Eugene Ryanhart.”

Finally, Aman looked back at Eugene. He strode forward and looked down at Eugene with a hearty smile.

“Adopted family. The Second Coming of the Great Vermouth. The wise Senya’s successor… … It seems that wasn’t the only thing.”

“Did you hear our story from that distance?”

“Don’t think I stole it. Jim’s ears are so bright, he hears them even when he doesn’t want to hear them. But I must apologize for this.”

Aman lifted the crown he was wearing on his head with his hand and slightly lowered his head.

“From the moment you came to this plaza, I’ve been watching you with interest. I have confirmed that Lionheart’s youth entered Ruhar through the warp gate.”

“I am not offended by that fact. Aren’t His Majesty the king of this country?”

“Ha ha ha! There is no law saying that a king can observe and observe all the people. At least there is no such law in this country.”

Aman’s big hand tapped Eugene’s shoulder. bang, bang. The sound was loud, but Eugene’s body did not shake like Xian and Ciel. Aman’s eyes widened at the sight.

“so. Eugene Lionhart, what is your opinion?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you really not know what Jim is asking? They said that Hamel is stronger than the Dragon King. However, Jim doesn’t think so.”

Aman’s body lowered.

Eugene knew why he was called the Beast King. And I also understood that Aman’s ancestor was the Moron.

Aman’s eyes, staring at Eugene, were as clear as Morron’s, but were wriggling with the same aspirations as Moron’s. However, like Morron, she did not dampen her impulsive desire just by being a ‘colleague’. In Aman’s eyes, apart from being the king of a country, a wild beast-like spirit was wriggling.

“If you claim Hamel-sama’s supremacy, I will convince you as a descendant of the Dragon King. Don’t you think it’s fun to cross swords for goodwill?”

“… … How could I cross swords with Your Majesty?”

“Ha ha ha! There seems to be a law in Kiel that says you must not share the sword with the emperor, right? However, it doesn’t matter here. Whoever wishes can share the burden and the sword.”

Aman laughed loudly and lifted his bent body. Then she looked around the square proudly. Indeed, the people of Ruhar who were out in the square were watching this side with joy and curiosity.

“… … I will decline.”

To be honest, I wanted to compete with Moron’s descendants. However, he did not want to face off in the middle of a plaza full of eyes, one day after entering Luhar.

“is it? I can’t help it. Because today is not the only day.”

When Eugene refused, Aman didn’t offer any more. He patted Eugene’s shoulder once again and grinned.

“It’s fine even in the middle of the Night March, so if you want to compete with Jim, come visit us anytime. I’m not saying this to you, Eugene. Sian Lionheart, Ciel Lionheart. Come if you want too. I will happily show you the martial arts handed down from the Dragon King.”

“… … Can I ask you something?”

Yujin cleared her throat and looked up at Aman.

“Mr Morron… … No, did the Dragon King himself say that? He said he was stronger than Lord Hamel.”

“Ha ha ha! You didn’t talk like that. It’s not even on record. Of course, he often mentioned Hamel. He is a dear colleague and friend. He said he really wanted to compete once, but he couldn’t compete because the opportunity didn’t work out… … .”

Aman, who said that, smiled. He leaned slightly towards Eugene and whispered.

“but. This story is written in the Annals of Ruhar. The Dragon King said that 300 years ago, after the great Vermouth, the strongest person was himself. Then, of course, isn’t the Dragon King stronger than Hamel-nim?”

is this a provocation?

Eugene barely smiled and nodded.


“Ha ha ha! what is normal Just by looking at that statue, you can tell that Yongwang-nim is stronger than Hamel-nim. But what will you guys do from now on? I’ve heard reports that you’re not with Lionheart’s main force, but are heading to Rehain independently.”

“yes. I am going to leave for Lehein from now on.”

“It’s time to start. If you are unprepared or anxious about the journey, why not go with your luggage? Rest well at the palace, and leave for Lehain with Jim and the Knights of Luhar.”

“Thank you for your words… … I will decline. But is His Majesty not leaving yet?”

“Because the state affairs are not finished yet. Jim and the Knights of Luhar will probably be able to leave next week.”

Aman blinked for a moment. Then, oops, he patted her forehead with a groan.

“Jim was not careful. Hector Lionheart, who participated in the upheaval of the Black Lion Castle last year… … Was he an honorary knight of White Fang?”

“I know that the matter has already been discussed. Even if Hector was an honorary knight of White Fang, White Fang is not to be held accountable for what he did in the Black Lion Castle.”

“But isn’t it my mistake to make an immoral man an honorary knight? So Jim wants to do something to help you on your journey.”

Eugene really didn’t think it was necessary, but Aman stood there for a while, lost in thought. Then she smiled, then looked back at Eugene with a nod of her head.

“Wait here for a while.”


ㅡQuaang! Ahman kicked off the ground and jumped up. He jumped over the distance with a single leap and flew to the spire of the palace from which he first flew.

“… … What is it?”

Xian still couldn’t come to his senses and was dumbfounded.

As Aman said, it only took a little while for him to come back. He leaped from the palace and landed in the plaza as at the beginning, but he did not come alone as at first.

“Let Jim go with his dog.”

It wasn’t a cute puppy to be called a pet dog. Aman was also a huge figure, but he had a wolf that was bigger than himself on his shoulder.

“They say her name is Evil. It is a descendant of the Snowfield Wolf, which was bred by the Bayar tribe from long ago and was raised in the royal palace after the founding of the country. This guy doesn’t get lost in a blizzard or a snowfield that’s white and flat. With Evil, you will be able to reach Lehain without getting lost.”

The snowfield wolf Aman put down was as big as an ox, but it didn’t look dull at all. Aman smirked as he stroked Evil’s gray fur.

“Evil. Guide these young messengers to Rehain’s training ground.”


“That’s right, good boy.”

Evil let out a loud cry.

“You don’t have to worry about the evil’s food. This clever guy will hunt and eat on his own. If your legs hurt along the way, it’s okay to ride on Evil’s back.”

“yes… … .”

“If you have Evil as your guide, you will have more time to cross the snowfield. Young people, do you like sightseeing?”

“tourism… … You mean?”

“Leheinjar is a dangerous but fascinating place.”

The most dangerous mountain in Luhar, where snow mountain rangers and knights come and go for training.

“If you feel like it, go to the canyon of the Great Hammer.”

“Where else is that?”

“If you want to go, Evil will guide you. You don’t have to talk wolf, this clever guy… … If you tell me you want to go to the Great Hammer Gorge, I will guide you right away.”

Aman laughed, showing his gums.

“That’s where the legend of the royal family descends.”

“… … Legend?”

“It is also a place where descendants of the royal family are reborn as warriors.”

Aman said that and turned around.

“Of course, it’s your choice to go or not.”

With that last word, Aman kicked the ground again. ㅡ Kwak! With a loud noise, Aman flew back to the palace.

“… … greatly… … You are a free-spirited King.”

Xian muttered as he looked at Aman’s back, who had gone away in an instant.


I did feel the need for a guide.

Most of the territory of the Kingdom of Ruharu is a snowfield covered with snowstorms, but if you consider it simply as a land mass, it is huge enough to be comparable to the Kiyel Empire.

However, since most of the population lives in the city, the wide snowfield is the home of the natives who are not mixed in the city. They are not savage like the natives of the Great Forest of Samar, but I heard that they are eccentric enough to not accept civilization and insist on living in the harsh snowfields.

The snowfield is a harsher place than the Great Forest. It is not easy to find food, and if you fall into a crevasse while walking unknowingly, you may die in vain. Snowstorms and avalanches in the mountainous areas. In the Great Forest, all you had to worry about was the invasion of the savage natives and monsters, but in the snowfield, you have to pay more attention to the huge nature.

There is a field of white snow everywhere, so the sense of direction is broken. It’s easy to get lost in the snow, even if you use a map, a compass, or an enchanted guide. That’s why people who want to cross the snowfields often hire the natives living in the land as guides.


Thanks to King Ruhar’s consideration, there was no need to hire a guide. Mer came out of her cloak and approached Evil with her eyes shining brightly.


Mer imitated the barking of the dog once more, but Evil only stared at Mer with her golden eyes twitching. When she seldom gave the reaction she wanted, Mer pouted her lips and crept up to Evil.


Mer finally reached the front of the evil one and stretched out her hand.

Indeed, as Arman said, Evil was clever. Mer smiled broadly as she looked at Evil’s large front paws, which were lightly draped over her tiny hands.

“Can I ride on his back?”

“Wouldn’t it be more comfortable inside my cloak than on the back of a wolf… … .”

“Either way would be more comfortable than walking on my own. Also, it’s not fun to be inside Eugene’s cloak, and I’m sick of it because I’m in it too often.”

Saying that, Mer quickly climbed onto Evil’s back.

Although Mer is a small girl, she is a familiar, so she doesn’t weigh much. Besides, perhaps because of Evil’s size and strength, Evil looked at Eugene with her Mer on her back without hesitation.

“… … .”

It’s not fun and I’m tired. Merya must have said it without much thought, but Eugene felt a little embarrassed. However, if she faced this feeling and expressed it, it seemed that she would feel defeated by that mutt, and Eugene kept her mouth shut.

“I heard that he is a descendant of Moron, but he looks like Moron.”

“I didn’t look like a double-headed man like Moron. Well, if it was a double body, the king wouldn’t be able to eat it.”

“Moron is also a bastard, but he handled state affairs quite well.”

“That’s because Moron is strong. You said you built a kingdom by force alone in that mess 300 years ago? In this snowy polar region, a strong man is going to be king, but who will say what?”

“It is true that the power of Moron was helpful in the founding of the kingdom of Ruhar, but it was not the case that the kingdom was established and governed only by force. Hamel, do you know? Although Moron was a double-headed man, he was kind, and he had a wise corner despite being a double-headed man. 300 years later, the reason why he is called and praised with the grand title of Dragon King is that Moron was a more proper king than your birthplace.”

“Yes, Moron is good. i’m ugly To die first for no reason and hear that you are weaker than SiX and Moron… … .”

As Eugene sighed and grumbled, Anise, who borrowed Christina’s body, laughed.

“Isn’t it true that you were weaker than Morron? He was also weaker than Moron. Hamel, even if you don’t know anyone else, boasting like you’re stronger and stronger in front of me… … Whoops. It feels a little cute.”


“Isn’t it? After each battle, you are more injured than Morron. Who healed the wound?”

“… … count?”

“No, I am. Don’t be cute with useless pride. Without me, Hamel, you would have been cut off from your limbs and left with only your body, rolling around like a ball.”

“Kuhm… … The severed limbs are everywhere alone… … . Moron also had his leg cut off… … .”

“It was done by Moron, who always runs off like a colt with its tail on fire. Well, it was the same for you.”

Eugene couldn’t bear to refute Anis’s ridicule. If it had not been for the miracle of Anise, he might have lost an arm or a leg, if not all his limbs had been amputated.

“… … What are you two talking about so secretly?”

The conversation between Eugene and Anis right now cannot be heard by anyone else. It’s because Eugene hid each other’s voices with magic in order to talk about Moron.

The sight was very, very, very annoying to Ciel. As Ciel approached her with his eyes wide open, Eugene replied with her calm face.

“We are talking about a signature made in Arrot.”

“Why are you telling me that secretly? I’m also curious about your signature.”

“hmm… … It’s shocking and cool to see something like this all of a sudden.”

“Are you hiding it because you want to look good for me?”

“What is it?”

It wasn’t a situation I liked, but I liked that answer. Ciel backed away again with a look that he couldn’t help it.

“Lehein Yar. what do you think about it?”

“Didn’t the descendant of Morron not speak properly, but rather bluntly suggested that you go? Hamel, do you think he set a trap?”

“Could it be?”

“I wonder if there is a trick to set a trap for the descendants of Moron… … .”

“Even among the descendants of Vermouth, there are idiots.”

“No matter how much, if you fall into the trap set by the descendants of Moron… … I am ashamed and will not be able to attain Buddhahood and will become an evil spirit.”

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