Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 621

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– Push it away.

This is what Eugene said while looking down at Pandaemonium. However, even after a month, Pandaemonium was not pushed back. There are many reasons for that, but the biggest reason is ‘historical value’.

Today’s Helmud can no longer be called an ’empire’, but Pandemonium was the capital of the most powerful empire on the continent until just half a year ago. The empire collapsed, and Pandaemonium was pulled out of its original location and fell into the neutral regions of Euras and Helmud. The darkness and concrete buildings that once symbolized Pandemonium have also disappeared.

“I think it would have been better to just push it away.”

Eugene floated above Pandemonium and looked down.

collapsed wall. Most of the buildings also collapsed. Most of the destruction was caused by Melchis, and those that survived were almost all destroyed due to the coming of the demon king of destruction and subsequent battles.

“how is it. Do you know anything?”

Vermouth, who was standing beside him, opened his closed eyes at the sudden question. He looked down at Pandaemonium for a moment, then nodded slowly.

“You turned the other side.”


“The original city is on the other side of this space.”

As Vermouth’s fingers traced the air, a different landscape could be seen through the gap in the slightly opened space.

A tall concrete building. It was the scenery of Pandaemonium that Eugene had seen before.

“I thought I threw everything away and made a new one.”

Eugene crossed his arms and thought for a moment.

After few candidates, Pandaemonium was chosen as the new home for Lionheart. A minor problem is that this huge land mass is far from Kiel’s territory… … I have already negotiated with the emperor about it.

The greedy emperor suggested that the head of Lionheart be given the title of grand duke of Kiel and make Pandaemonium, which no one currently claims ownership of, the grand duke’s territory. The goal is to make Pandaemonium into the ‘Lionheart Principality’. In that case, the Kiel Empire can still keep the lion heart in its arms, and it gains various other benefits.

Currently, Pandaemonium is located on the border of Helmud, on the border of Euras. If Pandemonium becomes the Principality of Lionheart, the Kiel royal family will be able to interfere with the internal affairs of Helmud, which is being transformed into a republic, while keeping watch on Euras very simply.

-What are you so greedy for?

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as the emperor wished.

As a result, Lionheart refused the Grand Duke title, and this huge land mass became Lionheart’s land entirely.

What we need to think about from now on is what to fill this huge land mass with.

“Existing cities are too much.”

Helmud’s capital, Pandaemonium, was able to exist as a forest of buildings in the wild because of the enormous magical power of the demon king of confinement. Of course, with Eugene’s power, he could cover all of Helmud but not one Pandemonium, but Eugene didn’t want to do that.

Pandaemonium was a deformed city. All of that knowledge was accumulated over and over again by the demon king in captivity. Eugene doesn’t have that kind of knowledge, so even if he restores and maintains the city, he’ll run into limitations sooner or later.

“I can design the city.”

At the sound of a chuckle mixed with laughter, Yujin glanced back.

There was Noir standing there with his arms crossed. As Senya said, the doll’s body changed to fit Noir’s soul.

perhaps… … I thought it might be the figure of the Twilight Witch, Aria. The body of the doll was the same as when Noir was alive.

She died not as Arya, the Twilight Witch, but as Noir Jebela, Queen of Dreams.

“If you have the magic eye of fantasy, you can raise a building in an instant. Of course, that will require the cooperation of Senya Merdein.”

Noir smiled bashfully and leaned toward Eugene.

“You remember Jebela City too, right? It’s all made by me. When I was making Jebela City, my skills and mystic eyes were still lacking, so I used to command the scene myself. But now… … .”

“… … .”

Eugene looked at Noir with a sullen face.

If you push away all the ruins below, only the wasteland remains. If you want to build a new city, you can borrow manpower anywhere. Dwarves who were eager to create something new. In addition, if Arot wizards and manpower are supported from all over the continent-

… … How long will it take? I honestly couldn’t even guess. Eugene had no experience with ‘this kind of thing’. However, considering the size of the territory, it seemed that it would take several years no matter how small it was.

“You know that I can’t do anything bad now, right? In the first place, I cannot rebel against you and Senya Merdein.”

Noticing that Eugene was worried, Noir whispered in a quiet voice.

“My soul is yours. I also want to enjoy the present, the fact that it has already happened.”

“I know you can’t do nonsense, but I… … I can’t trust my senses.”

“sense? oh my god! Hamel, I don’t know anything else, but to hear you say that!”

“What am I?”

“Are you asking because you don’t know? Hamel! You always wear the same clothes! that crimson shirt. and a cloak! Or Lionheart’s uniform!”

“What about that?”

“I am Noir Jebela. The head of the giant Jebella company! Beyond Helmud, he was a person who led the trend of the continent.”

While alive, Noir was the Duke of Helmud and ran several businesses. The three things that made a big name in Jebella, where she was the chairman, were construction, entertainment agencies, and fashion. Noir is dead, but what she left behind in her lifetime still lives on in her Helmud.

“… … .”

Eugene remembered Jebela City. The city was only a city full of pleasures.

“This territory will continue to be ruled by Lionheart. What would the villagers think if there were buildings with your damn taste?”

“You must think that Lionheart’s family song is very exciting.”

Noir pursed his lips and grumbled.

“And by the way, what made Jebela City like that is because the purpose of the city was to be a theme park in the first place. My Jebela construction works well with other normal cities as well. Do you know how many cities I have built in Helmud in 300 years?”

“… … Let’s talk to Senya. So, if so, how long will it take?”

“Let’s see… … . The size of the estate and… … Hmm, what are you going to do over there?”

Noir turned his head. outside the collapsed walls. The battlefield where the new army and Helmud’s demon army clashed, and with the death of the demon king of destruction, countless corpses of Nur disappeared.

“That place is made of Hogukwon. Put up a huge memorial in the center. and what… … I heard that this and that comes in a lot.”

“Anyway, it’s like a war museum. Now that it’s like this, why don’t we connect it to that place?”

Noir smiled with her eyes shining.

“Wouldn’t it be more symbolic to be connected to the city of Lionheart that saved the world? Hero’s Square or Hero’s Square, something like that. Set up your own gods.”

“… … .”

“Hamel, how about building the academy you want to build over there? That’s perfect, put the plaza and memorial on the campus.”

The more he heard the story, the more Eugene’s mind leaned toward entrusting Noir with the design of the city.

“Aren’t you going to make a river?”

Noir, who watched Eugene’s expression change, asked with a smile. It was a remark that would have made her face red and quacked if she had Senya in this seat, but she said that now she had no Senya in this seat.

Currently, Senya is preparing to move the entire forest from Lionheart’s home, and to connect the world tree of Samar Great Forest to the forest that will be moved here.

This is to quickly restore the World Tree, which will fall asleep for a long time in the future. Currently, there are three saplings of the world tree planted in the forest of Lionheart’s home. Compared to the world tree in the great forest, it is quite small, but if the growing saplings are grafted with the world tree by raising the space through magic… … We should be able to wake Vishur much earlier than planned.

“The river is too much.”



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There’s nothing you can’t do, but it’s too much. In response, Noir giggled and nodded his head.

“It is definitely overkill. It is also far from the sea. Anyway, if you work that far… … hmm… … .”

Noir stroked his chin and looked alternately between Pandaemonium and the Plains.

“How much do you think Young Ji-min?”

“I don’t know… … .”

“Really, you have no idea. It’s okay, I’ll think about it. Let’s see… … . The current population of Pandaemonium… … Hmm, if the city is completed, there will be a lot of people from all over the continent wanting to move there. If you think about the future, adjust the population density… … Are you going to fill the territory with only Kiel Empire citizens?”

“uh… … hmm… … no.”

Eugene gave a bewildered answer and glanced at Vermouth.

“Why am I watching?”

“What are you… … Do you have any plans?”

“If this is a problem, Moron will be more helpful than me.”

“Well, I guess so. Vermouth Lionheart. Since you settled in Kiel, you were only focused on having children.”

Vermouth was speechless at Noir’s grin. He stared at Noir with a puzzled face.

To be honest, I didn’t get used to it very well. I can’t imagine having a conversation like this with the dream queen, Noir Jebela… … .

“If you fill it with only Kiel’s empire people, it’s too good for Kjell.”

“great. Hamel, let’s start with this. What is the academy you want to build going to be like? Probably not a place to learn math or anything like that.”

“uh… … I teach kendo… … other weapons… … how to fight It would be nice to learn magic too. And what, other things… … .”

“You want to teach everything you can learn? There are cities where people from all countries can migrate without borders? Why don’t you remove the racial barrier altogether?”

“I don’t know about Senya, but I’m on an equal footing with all races. Elves and dwarves, well, giants are fine, and beastmen… … .”

“What about demons?”

Noir asked with a mischievous smile. Yujin replied, conscious of the chain in his arms.

“If only the ideological verification is certain.”

“As long as the population is satisfied, the industry will somehow run, and the initial budget? Are you going to open Lionheart’s safe?”

“Aid to other countries… … .”

It is not confirmed. But if you ask for it, of course I will give it to you. At Eugene’s answer, Noir clapped his hands.

“The initial budget required to run a new city is covered by subsidies from each country. Perhaps when the industry is stable, funds will circulate and money will increase, right?”

“what… … Could it be… … .”

“to sum it up… … The migrants in Lionheart New Town have no borders or races. Anyone can move and live here, as long as they follow the necessary procedures. In such a multicultural city, tourism alone can earn a lot. There is even an academy where you can learn various studies!”

Noir’s applause grew louder.

“If you use your network, you can fill in any number of teachers. If that doesn’t work, you can stand in the church yourself. Hmm, with just that, the academy would be full of students. Or you could sell your admission ticket. It will be worth calling.”

“That’s a bit… … .”

“Practical weaponry, knight classes, magic, theology, spiritism… … Oh, there are dwarves too? nice, very ideal You are probably the only one who can build a city like this throughout all time.”

“What are you being sarcastic about?”

“You’re sarcastic! I am sincerely admiring it. Your new city of Lionheart will be a much better city than my Jebela City, and I’m the one who built it, right?”

Noir smiled brightly and hugged Eugene’s arm.

“Shall I stand at the church, too? An academy doesn’t have to teach only young students. for adults… … Hmm, I think sex education for younger students would be fine too.”

“Don’t bullshit. So, how long will it take?”

Shaking off the noir that openly pounded his chest, he asked.

“First, call the employees of Jebela Corporation in Helmud. And Senya Merdein too.”

“… … How are you going to use the illusionary eye? By linking dreams and reality, you’re not going to do that, are you?”

“If you don’t do that, it will take a lot of time. Don’t worry, I don’t intend to turn it into a nightmare. Just like in Babel, synchronize with Senya Merdein’s magic and change reality… … However, it is difficult to create something out of nothing… … .”

Noir, who was running calculations in his head, turned around at Vermouth.

“Let’s use the materials of the city behind Pandaemonium. Will it be okay?”

Eugene wasn’t the only one who found it difficult to keep up with the fast-paced conversation. As he said himself, Vermouth was not familiar with these things, so he just nodded his head with a bewildered face.

“one month.”

Noir smiled brightly.

“In a month, these ruins and plains make the most wonderful city on the continent. The harmony of culture and nature of all races, and enjoyment at the same time… … .”


“Do you think it makes sense that a big city like this doesn’t have an entertainment district? Hamel, even if you say no, the people of the city will be eagerly awaiting you.”

“… … No succubus club.”

“Let’s adjust it in a humane line according to the Continental Law.”

Noir snorted and shrugged.

“The cost of time and space, Hamel, is a night with you?”

“Don’t be crazy.”

“Then with a kiss?”

“go away.”

“It’s like a heartless person.”

Noir showed no sign of displeasure even though he heard one rejection after another.

‘Once’, the promised time is 10 years. If we can spend that much time without trying to kill each other and with the hatred fading… … . Noir smiled coquettishly with a bewitching smile.

“… … Take this.”

Eugene said while grabbing the necklace.

Rings received from Noir at the moment Jebela City collapsed. A pair of necklaces engraved with the names of Hamel and Noir. Now that Noir has become like that, there is no need to wear a necklace anymore.

“no, I do not want.”

When Eugene tried to remove the ring from the necklace, Noir quickly shook his head.

“Strictly speaking, I am not alive right now, am I? I can’t even have children.”

“It’s not like he’s dead either.”

“I think I am dead. It only remains as something similar to the undead. So the ring is-”

Noir smiled faintly and raised a finger. Tok. A close finger tapped a pair of rings on the necklace.

“Let you have it. Jung, I want to return the ring to me… … . Fufu, it’s a relationship worth giving a ring to.”

“It sounds terrible.”

Yujin twisted her expression and shook her head.

The necklace ring was not removed.

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