Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 618

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After the war, the Lionheart family of the Kiel Empire had a very busy day.

The elders of the family, such as the head of the Senate, Gilade, and Carmen, could not return to the mansion until a few days ago because they were working hard to deal with the war with the rulers of each country.

In such a situation, the person responsible for everything in the family is Gamo Anicilla.

victory in war. death of all demons. And the return of the great vermouth. All of that would have been an eternal honor for the continent, but it created a situation where Anicilla was forced to suffer from neurosis.

Information guild members and reporters from all over the continent. As if they couldn’t bear knocking on the door of the imperial palace, they camped in front of Lionheart’s mansion. In addition, followers came from all over the place. When the crowd, including the followers of the returned Vermouth, filled the walls of the mansion, Anicilla wore armor instead of a dress and held a sword instead of a fan to open the mansion’s door.

go away!

I wanted to shout like that, but I couldn’t. What her Annie Silla had to show on the spot was Ryan Hart’s spirit befitting a mother, who would enjoy her infinite glory, and a benevolent lady who cared for her family inside and out. So she, Anicilla, kicked her sword but did not draw it, and spoke quietly, accompanied by her knights.

To summarize the contents of the speech, it meant that this place was Lionheart’s private property, so please don’t be annoying and noisy.

The Lionheart family, which will have a greater stature than the emperor, no, the sum of all the leaders of the continent. The mother of the place and the mother of the next head of household is Anicilla.

How could she refuse to go back when she came out wearing the armor herself and said very commonsense things to get out of the property? At that moment, the knights, elves, and dwarves that Anicilla placed behind them, the strange objects created by the dwarves, and the furnace spewing smoke from afar gave little power to Anicilla’s remarks, and the private land was illegally occupied. The people who were doing it eventually had no choice but to back down.

Next, Anicilla controlled the atmosphere of the collateral, which was bound to be bustling. Several powerful families in the collateral have sent claims that since the great Vermouth has also returned, how about Lionheart becoming independent from the Empire and becoming a single nation? Or, even if it was a duchy that the great Vermouth rejected 300 years ago, there was an argument to establish it this time.

Even Anisil was quite interested in those arguments, but no matter how much her parents were, she could not have the right to decide on such issues. Anicilla had known for decades that Hamel, no, Eugene’s temper was very nasty.

A month after an irresponsible sleepover. The probation to share at the table is almost over, and now there are only things left to do. The plain where the war took place will become a national neutral protector, and several facilities will be built along with a huge memorial.

And the Ryan Hart family is preparing to move.

The war is over. The cavalry that harassed the Elves also disappeared. In other words, there was no reason for elves to live in Lionheart’s home anymore.

Elf hunters and slave traders? As much as Lionheart’s name is God, no, God is in Lionheart. Who would dare to touch the elves protected by Lionheart and wise Senya?

There is no reason not to go back to Samar Great Forest, the home of the elves. Zoran, with Ivatar as Warchief, has complete control over the Great Forest and respects the Elves. Owning or trying to harm elves on the continent now has become an enormous taboo incomparable to the past.

However, the elves in Lionheart’s home forest are not thinking of leaving… … . It is no exaggeration to say that Lionheart’s forest and the elves are one body beyond symbiosis.

Anicilla also understands. The saplings of the world tree planted earlier are also saplings, but the elves have harmonized with the spirits, and now the forest is full of vitality and mana. This is a solid foundation for raising Lionheart’s knights in the future.

But why didn’t the dwarves leave?

The war is over. Instead of withdrawing from the workshop near Lionheart’s mansion, the dwarves are constantly expanding and expanding, boiling molten iron in the furnace. Since they have already demanded Kiel’s citizenship as a merit in the war, even the repatriation order from Simuin is of no avail. In the first place, the King of Simuin couldn’t even think of calling the dwarves because he was paying attention to Lionheart… … .

However, Anicilla could not take the lead in driving out the dwarves. Whatever the case may be, having dozens of Dwarf masters on the family property is a huge privilege. She won’t hold me if she goes out on her own, but that means I can’t push her back to leave.

The ever-expanding forest and workshop. The lot of the mansion is reduced by that much… … . I don’t know right now, but if this phenomenon continues for decades, Lionheart will change from a knight family to a forest keeper or blacksmith family.

Anicilla made a decision.

The founder, the great Vermouth, has returned, and the war is over. So leave the home that has been strong for 300 years and go to a new place.

Kiel’s, no, the continent’s most prestigious family. Where will Lionheart move his home?

I decided to move, but Anicilla hadn’t decided on a location.

The person who decides the location must be the father-in-law and Eugene, who ran away from all responsibility.

“They say that the wise Senya has returned to Arot.”

Anicilla sat in the phytoncide-filled garden and drank tea while gazing at the fumes from a little distance away.

The workshop, which has already become larger than the mansion, emits heat and smoke without skipping a beat. The good news is that the soot is purified in the air thanks to the purification magic that the wizards painstakingly worked on – but the visible smoke is clear.

It was because of the stubbornness of the dwarves that if there is no smoke in the studio, the taste of work is not there.

“Coming back to Arot, Senya had a meeting with King Dyndolph Abram and the archmages, and is preparing a speech in the Green Square.”

“Did you not say anything about your future schedule?”

“It has not been confirmed up to that point, but I think there is a high probability that he will come to Lionheart.”

Next to the table is the head of the butler, who is in charge of the internal affairs of the family along with Anicilla.

“And at the same time, the faithful Anis and the divine Cristina returned to Jurass. two… … Boone, too, is scheduled to speak in White Square after a meeting with the Pope and the cardinals at the Vatican.”

A new nickname was given to Saint Christina Rogeris, who was one of the pillars of the subjugation of the demon lord of confinement and the demon lord of destruction.

‘Spiritual Christina’. It’s an ambiguous nickname considering that faithful anise dwells in the body.

Two souls in one body. The Gasols who saw Cristina at the Lionheart Mansion earlier, the more I think about it, the more awkward it is… … ‘ah!’ I couldn’t help but burst into exclamation.

“Likewise, Moron-nim has returned to Luhar. He too… … .”

“In-law… … Umm, after the Aman Luhar phone call and meeting, are you speaking in Hameln Square?”


The butler bowed his head and replied.

“When is that?”

“It was shortly after noon, so about four hours ago.”

“You mean they all returned at the same time?”


“But why aren’t the ancestors and Eugene coming back?”

Anicilla asked, her eyes flashing.

Now she was wearing a dress and holding a fan, but she exuded a sharper spirit than when she stood in front of the trespassers wearing armor and carrying a sword.

“… … Maybe to the imperial palace?”

Gilreid, who had been sitting silently next to him, quietly raised his voice.

It’s been three days since the probation was over and I returned to the mansion. Gilreid also had a busy and hectic day, but at least he had the new army’s executives to share his thoughts and roles with him. That’s why Gilade had no choice but to look at Anicilla, who was alone in the family and coordinated everything.

“I don’t know if it’s the ancestor, but there’s no way that Eugene would go to the imperial palace on her own. If you were that kind of person, Guillaid, I wouldn’t have left everything to you and run away.”

“Madam, running away… … I don’t think so.”

“If that’s not flight, then what is it?”

“Everyone on the battlefield was so excited. I had no choice but to. All the beings called ‘Devil Kings’ who ruled the world for thousands of years are dead, the demons are no longer a threat to mankind, and the heroes the world has heard of and grew up with are now appearing in front of their eyes.”

A month had passed, but Gilade was able to vividly recall the emotion of that moment. He held his trembling hands tightly and continued his words.

“On the contrary, if they had not left, the over-excited crowd numbering in the tens or millions might have caused other problems.”

“another pair of boots? It can’t be, can it? I wasn’t there, but I heard that Eugene’s words put everyone in silence. EUGENE With that child’s ability, a crowd of millions would have calmly obeyed.”

I wanted to protect the heroes somehow, but cheating on my intelligent wife wasn’t easy… … .

“They have done a lot. You were very tired. On the other hand, we were able to overcome our injuries and fatigue with the grace they bestowed upon us. so… … .”

“No matter how tired you are, running away from the spot and sleeping for a month is too much.”

“Um… … ma’am. Eugene Didn’t that kid sleep for half a year last time? Maybe I won’t fall asleep for such a long time this time… … .”

“It disappeared from the battlefield and reappeared all over the continent after a few days, right?”

“to be honest… … To be honest.”

Guillaid let out a deep sigh and said.



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“Even if Eugene stayed and didn’t leave, it wouldn’t have helped much in the matter.”

It was like that even when I was running Shingun. Most of the work was done by the executives, and all Eugene did was make decisions and directly fight the demon king.

“I don’t know about other people… … Eugene… … hmm… … I think so. And in fact, heroes can’t be called experts in politics… … . Isn’t it?”

“Right… … .”

It wasn’t until after being told that it wouldn’t have been helpful that Anicilla was convinced.

“Anyway, I don’t think Eugene went to the imperial palace. And if you had gone to the imperial palace, we would have been contacted right away.”

“I’m afraid the welcome is awkward… … ?”

“You didn’t prepare the banquet with him in mind, did you?”

In Arot, Yuras, and Luhar, large-scale festivals are being prepared for the heroes who have already returned. As soon as the speeches in the capital square are over, the festivities will begin.

Kiel should do the same, but the problem is that Eugene does not enjoy loud banquets and festivals. Also, according to the record, the founder of the Great Vermouth said that he did not enjoy banquets. That’s why Anicilla didn’t even invite people from the imperial palace and collateral, and the atmosphere in Lionheart was no different than usual.

“You never know.”

Gion, who was drinking tea across the street, smiled and opened his mouth.

“Maybe they’ve already sneaked into the mansion.”

“Nonsense cow… … .”

Anicilla, who was about to laugh at Gion’s joke, froze.

Xian, one of the twins, left for Luhar a few hours ago with her fiancé, Princess Ayla. This is because Ayla is a direct descendant of Moron the Brave, and in a few years she will be married to the royal family of Luhar.

But Ciel and Jehard are nowhere to be seen. Lately, Ciel has been focusing on scoring her points by staying in her annex and beating her hard. An hour ago, when Anicilla asked about the intention of the tea time, Ciel was talking about this and that with Jehard, and the two replied, ‘I’ll finish getting ready and go out’.

It wouldn’t be much to call it preparation, but it’s too late.

“… … Where is Nina?”

It’s not just Ciel. Neither Nina, her chambermaid, nor Narisa and Revera, who assist her, are seen.

What the three have in common is that they are Eugene’s exclusive attendants. Ninaya is now the chief chamberlain in charge of the mansion, but when Eugene is in the mansion, he is in charge of Eugene as an exclusive servant rather than chief chamberlain.

“no way.”

Gion, who had said it as a joke, jumped up from his seat.

The hunch was right.

A separate building next to the main house. Eugene was on her knees in front of Zehard who was weeping in tears. Narisa and Revera were passing handkerchiefs next to Jehad, Nina was pouring tea for Vermouth, who was sitting in a chair, and Ciel was sitting on the chair opposite her, confused.

“What is this… … .”

A situation that is hard to understand even though you can see it with your own eyes. The three of them, who came to the annex, approached Vermouth and lowered their posture.

“Poem, Sijo. How are you here?”

“that is… … .”

Vermut couldn’t answer right away and hesitantly glanced at Eugene.

The obvious conclusion was this.

I didn’t want an excessive welcome.

Deceiving the eyes of the sentry was easy for the two of them, and Vermouth didn’t quite understand why he had to climb over the fence like a petty thief to enter Lionheart’s mansion – but anyway, the two secretly climbed over the fence and entered Lionheart.

Before going to find Guillaid and Anicilla. Eugene stopped by the annex first because Jehard’s face shimmered. Jehard and Ciel were about to leave the annex and go to the garden.

Jehard burst into tears as soon as he saw Eugene. As her father shed tears, Eugene had no choice but to kneel before her… … .

“It’s not like my son went to prison for doing something wrong and came back. I killed the demon king and came back to save the world, so why are you crying as soon as you see my face?”

“I was moved and proud and cried.”

Jehard rubbed his swollen eyes and replied.

“I feel sorry for my situation of not being able to go to the battlefield. A son like you was born to me… … hmm… … I had no choice but to be born, but anyway, I’m proud of you and that’s why I cried. and… … .”

His gaze moved cautiously toward Vermouth.

Vermouth did not show any awkward and uncomfortable feelings and maintained a calm expression for the time being, but the descendants of the distant family were standing around him.

“The progenitor of our family. Seeing the great Vermut with my own eyes, how could I not shed tears?”

Tears welled up in Jehard’s eyes again.

father… … Eugene was a little uncomfortable with the attitude of the family towards vermouth. Judging from the genealogy, Eugene Lionheart is a distant descendant of Vermouth.

But doesn’t that mean Eugene can’t treat Vermouth as the progenitor? For Eugene, the only father shedding tears talking about his father-in-law was the same as the family members shedding tears when they saw the friend they brought home.

“That bastard isn’t that great.”

“What is the habit of saying that to the father-in-law?”

“If you look at all these things, I, the father’s son, have a greater foundation than that bastard.”

“Whatever you were in your previous life, you are now my son.”

“Who is what?”

Eugene cleared his throat and stood up from his seat.

“Anyway, yes, I’m back.”

“I know when I see it.”

“I’m tired from coming a long way, so I’ll rest in my room… … .”


It was Anicilla who stopped Eugene, who was sneakily trying to escape to the room. She forced a smile as she gripped her fan.

“Has a lot happened? There are many stories to hear from you, and many stories to share with family members.”

“What is that… … Wouldn’t it be better if you listened to Vermouth instead of me… … ?”

“Can not be done.”

It was Vermouth who opened his mouth this time. If Eugene felt uncomfortable with the twisted and twisted genealogy, Vermouth felt awkward and embarrassed after meeting with his descendants, whom he thought he would never meet.

What if Eugene runs away alone? Vermouth will have a terribly awkward time surrounded by his descendants. Therefore, Eugene must remain here unconditionally and become an orchestrator.

“Oops… … .”

Eugene sighed and shook his head.

“Then let’s eat some rice. Only between the family members.”

“What about Carmen?”

“Are you not there now?”

“Why did you go to the Black Lion Castle today?”

“I think he ate there… … .”

If Carmen comes, I think I’ll be tired in many ways. Wouldn’t it be better not to call? Eugene saw another possibility in the thought he heard in the moment.

“It’s not polite to not call it that, so let’s try inviting it.”

The words are solicitation, there is no way Carmen will refuse. She will accept it unconditionally, and immediately take the warp gate from the Black Lion Castle.

And he will hold on to Vermouth unconditionally and imprint on Vermouth who he is and what kind of madman Lionheart’s blood gave birth to.

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