Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 617

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Bolaño, the frontier of the Kiel Empire.

Ariartel’s house is in this quiet countryside. Of course, Bolaño’s neighbors do not know that Ariartel is a dragon. The neighbors know Ariartel as an aristocrat who has gone home, and they don’t care about other facts.

It is normal for country people to be curious about their neighbors, especially young people living alone without a family, but that did not apply to Ariartel.

because of magic Naturally, Ari Artel didn’t want to socialize with her human neighbours, so she had long since cast a deterrence spell on herself and her mansion, which made her mansion very quiet and peaceful.

For Eugene and his party, who had been moving from place to place for nearly a month, there was no better place than this to stay comfortably. In the past, they had stayed in Moron’s Cave in Reheinyar, but since Nur no longer appeared, there was no reason to stay in the mountains.

“… … .”

Ariartel stood in the middle of the living room without a word.

A warm light shines, Ariartel’s favorite scent always lingers around, and sometimes I enjoy reading with coffee or tea… … Or a space for Ariartel’s hobbies, where you can see the daily life of Rio Dragonic, who has now fully grown.

a story of a time. After hosting her hideous and rude guests into her mansion, Ari Artel’s beloved living room – no, her mansion she lived in – was completely ruined. In this mansion, the only place that can be said to be Ariartel’s own place is now only her bedroom.

“… … .”

Ariartel swallowed the bitter sorrow. He clenched his fists instead of grabbing something or throwing it away.

If you shed even tears in sadness, it’s ugliness uncharacteristic of a dragon, and if you break or throw something – you don’t have the confidence to handle the aftermath. So the wise dragon let out a long sigh and shook his head.

The living room is a mess.

On the sofa that Ariartel used to use, a woman with disheveled blonde hair was strewn about. A muscular giant with a shaggy beard is lying on his beloved rug. In the armchair where she enjoyed reading with her coffee, the sorceress with her bottle on her lap is soundly asleep. Between the sofa and the armchair is a man who can be said to be the root of all evil.

Where did it go wrong?

Ariartel was buried in the feeling of ‘regret’ as she cleaned up the bottles and leftover snacks that were rolling around the living room with magic.

The war between the demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction that took place about a month ago.

Ariartel did not participate in the war. for the sake of the world… … The desire to dedicate oneself to the cause was like a chimney, but I couldn’t. A dragon cannot break a promise, and Ariartel has a promise to protect the cradle.

If the worst comes. If the demon king wins. Ari Artel’s job is to ensure that the legacy of her dragons, which she protects, does not pass over to the demon king.

That promise is because he was ignorant of the purpose of the Demon King of Confinement and the Demon King of Destruction… … . If they knew that the purpose of the two demon lords was not to reign over the world, but to completely destroy it, the dragons would never have left such a promise. Ariartel would also have dedicated himself to the battlefield for the cause.

In other words, Ariartel did not hide out of fear of war.

but. The aggressor’s monster, who had fallen asleep curled up in a pitiful appearance, did not consider Ariartel’s circumstances.

-Anyway, you didn’t come.

Ariartel was the first to visit them.

The Demon Kings were defeated. Now, there are no more Demon Kings left in the world. There are still many demons left in Helmud, but their ferocity is bound by the chain held by the hero.

Absolute victory. worthy of being blessed.

Ariartel, as the dragon’s representative, left to find Eugene’s group. After the war ended, they wandered the continent, but it wasn’t too difficult to find them. It was because he only needed to find his own people who were with them.

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Hear all kinds of sarcasm.

I gave up the room to ask for it.

“I shouldn’t have… … .”

Ariartel let out a deep sigh and continued tidying up. The number of sake bottles collected on one side is dozens. All those bottles were Ariartel’s treasured possessions, and were emptied overnight.

What if I regret it now? After cleaning, when I put a blanket over the bodies of four idiots who fell asleep without covering a single blanket.

“Uhm… … .”

A coughing sound was heard from behind. Ariartel was startled and straightened her back. The swiftly unfolding magic covered Ariartel’s face with a light make-up. Ariartel’s prepared face did not show the despair of a moment ago.

“Are you awake?”

Ariartel gracefully turned around and smiled.

At the entrance to the living room stood a clean-looking vermouth. Unlike the crazy four, Vermouth was asleep in his room. In the first place, he had escaped halfway through a drinking party to kill everyone else except himself, which was unfolding in this living room.

“I’m sorry.”

Vermouth bowed his head. Seeing the living room with no survivors, he thought it was fortunate that he had fled to his room early in the morning.

“No, great vermouth. You don’t have to be sorry.”

Alas, great vermouth. Sweet honey filled Ariartel’s eyes. She had been reading children’s books since Hetzling’s day, and like most people, she was fascinated by the great Vermouth.

The stupid Hamel, the wise Saenya, the brave Moron, and the faithful Anise… … More or less, Ariartel’s illusions were shattered, but he wasn’t a great Vermouth. She was a man who seemed to have moved Ariartel’s image exactly as he had imagined it.

“Don’t talk like that, Ariartel. I’m grateful that you gave me the mansion, but I’ve been using it like this for several days… … .”

“I know now that they do not listen to you.”

Actually it was. Vermouth had said several times that it would be good for him to refrain from drinking and singing, but his colleagues would not listen. Rather, they enjoyed grabbing Vermouth by the limbs and pouring liquor into his mouth.

“I don’t think we need to wake them up… … How is it? great vermouth. together… … What about going out?”

Ariartel mustered up the courage to whisper.

I wanted to hear about the legends he achieved while drinking fragrant black tea in the garden flower bed… … You never know when those demons will wake up and come out to the garden scratching their stomachs. If you don’t want to suffer like that, you’d better get out of the mansion altogether.

“I appreciate the recommendation, but there are preparations to be made… … .”

Ariartel has clear favors. It’s something I’m grateful for, but Vermouth found it very burdensome… … .

The reason is that Ariartel is a dragon. A dragon that lost its parents to the demon king of destruction.

“preparation… … ? What preparation are you talking about? I would have provided everything you needed.”

“Haven’t you been living here for a week already?”

Vermouth replied with a wry smile.

“If you stay any longer, Ariartel, you will empty all your favorite liquor. So, we are leaving the mansion today.”

Ariartel’s face showed mixed emotions in response.

I can finally get those demons out. That way, Ariartel will be able to return to her nostalgic daily life. It was very desperate and welcome that the demons were leaving – but I felt regretful that even the great Vermouth was leaving.

“iced coffee… … That’s right, great vermouth. Are you going back to Lionheart?”


“Sorry… … . I have so many stories I want to share with you. If the voices of those noisy ones had been lowered, I would have been able to talk to you a little longer.”

“This won’t be an eternal farewell. If you wish, I will come and talk to you.”

Ariartel felt a stabbing pain in her chest at the words he spoke with a soft smile.

What is this feeling? It was difficult for Ariartel to clearly define what emotions he was feeling right now, but there was one thing he desperately needed the moment he heard those words.

“hey… … promise.”

“promise… … ?”

“I-I am a dragon. As you know, great vermouth, dragons take promises very seriously.”

“ah… … Yes, I know.”



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Vermouth is sick of the word ‘promise’. If possible, I don’t want to make a promise for the rest of my life.

However, the opponent is a dragon who lost his parents to the demon king of destruction. With such a partner, he can make even a promise he never wanted to make.

“Ariartel. The promise I made with you will be the last promise in my life.”

Vermouth said with a smile.

And Ariartel stumbled, feeling the impact of being hit with a hammer in her head, chest, and soul.

‘Last Promise’. Contrary to Vermouth’s intention, those words shook Ariartel’s mind and body. It’s the last promise! That means… … .

“Ooh, my head… … .”

Before Ariartel, who was out of breath, could say anything, Eugene came to his senses. He twisted and bent his aching back and neck as he writhed between the sofa and the armchair.

“what? Why are you doing this?”

“It is already late.”

Why did Ariartel sit down? Vermut felt suspicious about that, but seeing Eugene, who was less sober and pressing his forehead, couldn’t care less about Ariartel.

“Everyone should have decided to go home today. Could it be that you forgot?”

“no… … I haven’t forgotten.”

After shaking my throbbing head a few times, the sore and throbbing stomach subsided and the headache disappeared, leaving me clear. Eugene muttered as he licked her mouth.

“I haven’t forgotten, but I don’t want to go back… … .”

“Isn’t your father also in Lionheart’s home?”

“Yes, but my father knows who I am. If I don’t go back for another year, you won’t be very disappointed… … .”

Eugene never doubted that he was a ‘filial son’. What about spending more time outside than at home? That’s because there is a cause called ‘save the world’, so it can’t be helped. His son said he would do something big, but wouldn’t the father, who is the only real blood relative, understand that one thing?

The point of not being able to get in touch with the subject wandering around the outside, let alone get to know her identity properly? That too is unavoidable. My father wouldn’t worry too much about that. Eugene had been ardently telling her father that she was not the kind of person who would go out and get beaten up.

“But ‘Father’ always sheds tears whenever you come back.”

Senya, who was tidying up her messy hair with magic, glanced at Eugene and shot at her. ‘father’… … Eugene felt his soul sink under the force and weight of the words, but she realized now that it was too late for her to point out or care.

“My father has been crying a lot since I was little.”

“I don’t think it was just because of that… … .”

“It could be because of my age. Originally, as men get older, they tend to shed more tears. Look over there, that bastard also sheds a lot of tears every now and then.”

Eugene said while tapping Moron, who was still lying on the floor, with his foot.

“When all my colleagues and friends die, leaving me behind, separated from my descendants and locked in a mountain valley for over 100 years, catching monsters, everyone will shed a lot of tears.”

Moron raised his head and said. Everyone had no choice but to be silent at those words, but Vermouth in particular went beyond silence and his body trembled.

“… … mi… … sorry.”

It was only when Vermouth was about to kneel down from the staggering seat that Moron got up.

“I’m sorry, Vermouth, no more apologies are needed between us. The only thing you could rely on at the time was me, and wasn’t someone else supposed to do it? I have never resented you.”

Moron laughed and patted Vermouth on the shoulder. At those words, Vermouth was moved and looked at Moron’s face.

“By the way, Hamel, when are we going to beat Vermouth?”

Vermouth’s expression disappeared at the sudden question.

“I know. When will you lose?”

It was agreed without disagreement that everyone decided to beat Vermouth. Vermouth’s opinion doesn’t matter.

However, for about a month until today, Eugene and his colleagues had never fanned vermouth. They just wandered around the continent together, drank, chatted, slept, and lived a life like that.

“In my opinion, there is no point in passing here. Isn’t it?”

Anise opened her mouth.

“Isn’t that why you haven’t beaten Vermut-sama up until now? I don’t know what you guys think, but I want to beat Vermouth in public. In front of very, very many people.”

“why… … ?”

“Vermut-sama, are you asking because you don’t know that? If we beat each other when we’re together, isn’t that beating secretly? No one in the world will know that Vermut-sama was beaten by us.”

“that is… … What is the problem?”

When Vermouth asked back with a face that she really didn’t know, Anise pounded her chest in frustration.

“If you fan Vermouth-sama in front of many people, all of them will be witnesses to history. That great vermouth! What a mistake he made in the old days! How much we suffered because of that!”

“Certainly you, Vermut, a hero who just returned to history, a legend who returned, noble… … What do you want me to write about?”

“That’s not allowed. Oh, of course we’re not going to tell you what specifically you did wrong. We’ll just beat you up, and those who see it will leave a lot of guesses as to why you got beaten up. That’s enough.”

Anise, Eugene, and Senya pushed Vermouth with perfect breath.

Vermouth couldn’t even protest. He can’t even ask Moron for help. Now Moron was stroking his beard and contemplating whether to hit Vermouth with a fist, a foot, or an axe.

“… … You don’t intend to kill me, do you?”

Eugene burst into laughter at the cautious question.

“I worked so hard not to kill you, so why are you killing me?”

Wouldn’t it be better to die?

Vermouth thought about that for a moment.

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