Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 614

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The movement of the endlessly pouring Nurdeul stopped at the same time, and after that, everyone started to disappear in the same way.

It didn’t take long for all the noorga that filled the plains and snowy mountains with the corpses to disappear without leaving a single one.

Those who desperately held the front lines, those who were on the verge of death, those who supported the front lines from behind, and those who controlled the sky, the land, and the snowfields so that not a single one escaped were all at the sudden disappearance of Noor. It took some time to understand why.

“… … end?”

someone muttered. The same murmur came from all over the battlefield. In time, the murmur became a loud roar. Everyone who survived cheered.


It’s really over. As the name suggests, the Demon King’s army that appeared to destroy the world has completely disappeared.

Everyone who had been cheering looked towards the Demon King of Destruction. It no longer felt like a grotesque, ominous figure. The colors that disturbed her eyes had faded before she knew it, and she could no longer feel the magical energy that made her feel fear.

“Huh… … omg… … .”

Carmen barely held on to the consciousness that seemed to be cut off. My heart felt like it was about to burst, and my breathing was hardly slowing down.

Heaven Genocide, the symbol of Carmen, was shattered immediately. The same goes for her armor, which gave her the title of her warrior. Her weapon was like that, so even her bare hands were not unscathed. She stretched out her bloodied hands, which she could no longer clenched into fists, and saw her doomed demon lord.

Faint figures were visible in the gradually fading colors. five… … no six? Carmen strained her dizzy eyes to see through the colors, but it didn’t work.

“Why are there six of you?”

Gilreid, who was barely holding on to the broken sword, asked. Alchester, who was coughing up blood, also raised her head and looked ahead.

“… … The demon king of confinement was in there.”

There are four heroes, including Eugene, who went in to kill the demon king of destruction. Eugene Ryanhart, Senya Merdane, Moron Luhar, Christina Rogeris. If you have succeeded in rescuing the great Vermouth as you wished, what you should be standing inside is five people… … .

He can hardly be called a hero, but even the demon king of confinement who sacrificed himself a week ago to temporarily seal the demon king of destruction. Is that why there are six of us?

Gion, who had been calculating in his head, sat down in his seat feeling dizzy. She was so mentally ill that she couldn’t count even single-digit names.

“It’s over, right?”

I desperately wanted Gion, and that was everyone’s wish.

“… … Why is the demon king of confinement so close?”

Loberian, who had descended from the sky, expressed his doubts.

It was a valid question. It continues to fade, but beyond the color, the figures of the heroes have not yet been clearly seen. But even if it was a shaky shadow, I could see ‘how’ they were standing.

“A shoulder to shoulder?”

Ivata, who had already sat down, murmured. shoulder strap? At those words, Raphael jumped off Apollo.

“God has subjugated the demon king!”

Raphael could not stand his overflowing faith and shouted.

Are you subservient? Everyone stared at the shadow with their eyes wide open at the sudden outcry.

I don’t know if one of them is on his knees… … . Of the six shadows immediately visible, none of them knelt. Perhaps Raphael thought that normal thinking was impossible due to pain and fatigue.

‘Those wings must be St. Christina’s… … That giant Morone… … .’

‘Who’s the other one?’

Those who did not know of the existence of Anise went into speculation.

“Maybe you can make friends with the demon lord of confinement inside… … .”

“Stop talking nonsense.”

“What makes no sense? If we fought like this, comradeship could sprout… … .”

Hyridus scolded him, but Melchis, who was lying in bed, rather snorted.

“see… … .”

No more guessing. Because the things you see become clearer.

“Clap clap clap.”

It was Carmen who made the noise.

She realized that her tattered hands couldn’t produce the full amount of applause she wanted, so she opened her mouth to speak. Gilreid was taken aback by Carmen right next to her clapping her mouth with her mouth, but she couldn’t think of it as an eccentricity.

“Carmen… … !”

Rather, Guillaid was moved with a feeling that she was about to burst into tears. The one who feels the most heartbreaking sadness at this moment must be none other than Carmen. You want to clap loud enough to make the world cry, but you can’t. So Gilreid raised her arms for all to see.

Pair, pair, pair!

The applause that they hit with their arms wide open rang the sky over the battlefield. Then, Gion, Guilford, and all of Lionheart began to clap.

The applause that started like that spread to everyone on the battlefield in an instant. Everyone on the battlefield clapped and cheered as they approached the demon of extinction.


The names circling in the shouts were not unified. Some called Eugene Ryanhart, some Senya Merdane, some Moron Luhar, some Cristina Rogeris. Among the names shouted out was the name of Vermouth Lionheart.

The heroes were revealed amid applause and cheers.

Wow… … .

clap clap clap… … .

The applause and cheers gradually stopped.

Enough to do so, the appearance of the heroes who appeared was shocking. Even children will see and think of the heroes now.

Why are you doing that?

Wow… … !

clap clap… … !

But no one could ask about it. This is because the emotion was much greater than the doubt and bewilderment. The applause and cheers, which had gradually stopped, gained strength again.

“… … that… … stop.”

It was rather Eugene who couldn’t stand it any longer. He erased his stiff smile and lowered the arms that were resting on either side of him. Then, as if he had been waiting, Vermouth stepped aside.

But Senya did not back down. She stubbornly hugged Eugene’s shoulders, and so did Christina and Anise, who had her Senya between them. The three of them wanted to clearly declare this relationship in front of everyone, no, in a photo that would be passed on for the next thousand years.

“Hey little.”

“Why are you refusing to do it after Ji said to do it?”

“When did I do this?”

“Are we ashamed?”

“No, what bullshit? Can’t you see their faces?”

“I can only see Eugene’s face.”

Christina whispered, blushing slightly.

It’s definitely a sweet word, but why is my body so creepy? Yujin moved away from her, shaking her body.



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“Kuhm… … .”

The cheers and applause stopped thanks to the word ‘stop’. However, more than I could hear, I felt heavy gazes. None of the cadres nearby are in good health.

However, they did not think to take care of their wounds and stared at Eugene and his colleagues. And many people who were tightly packed in all directions were eagerly looking this way.

There are bound to be many things I want to ask. Is the Demon King of Perdition really dead? Will it never appear again? and many more… … Eugene moved his gaze slightly.

Everyone in Lionheart looked like they were about to cry right away, no, more than half of them were already shedding tears. As they watched Eugene and Vermouth, they swallowed the sobs that were about to burst out.

“… … hey.”

Eugene glanced to the side. I was going to ask him to say something, but I didn’t have to. More than words, Vermouth’s expression was sincere. Tears were already glistening in his golden eyes, and a soft smile hung on his lips.

How do you feel?

For Vermouth, the ‘Lionheart Family’ was created out of necessity. I’ve never felt happy with the names ‘Hero’ or ‘Great Vermouth’.

However, in the black heart of destruction, Vermouth was able to not lose himself – it wasn’t just because of the conversation with his colleagues. Because all of them called out Vermouth’s name.

“… … I am Vermouth Lionheart.”

Vermouth opened his mouth and said so.

300 years ago.

After making an agreement to end the war, ‘Great Vermouth’, who returned to the Kiel Empire, did not enjoy banquets or social gatherings at all, just like his other colleagues.

Although he married quickly and took many concubines, there was no scandal at all outside the ‘family’. The grand duke of Kiel who raised his family like an obsession, built a black lion castle on Mount Uklas, and glared at the border. Little is said about what kind of person the man called ‘Vermut Lionheart’, who was not the great Vermouth, was.

A man who fits the word iron-blooded.

It is known that way in the world, and so is Lionheart. That- Vermouth Lionheart, in a trembling voice… … Saying his name in front of his distant descendants.


Vermouth struggled to speak and closed his eyes. Shimmering tears flowed down his cheeks.

“For not forgetting… … Thank you.”

How can you forget? But she did not dare to ask.

Carmen burst into tears and put her hand on her left chest. A pattern symbolizing the Lionheart family, started by Vermouth. And everyone put their hands on the pattern on their chests in the same way and bowed to Vermouth.

Should I follow everyone and put my hand on my chest? Eugene pondered for a moment, then placed his hand on Vermouth’s shoulder instead of his chest.

“and… … Let’s see… … .”

What should I say? Eugene muffled her words as she organized her thoughts in her head.

What Eugene desperately wants right now is to wash clean, lock the door so no one comes in, and sleep soundly in bed. But shouldn’t we finish the story and go to bed?

“As you can see, the Demon King of Destruction has been killed.”

Wow! Of course, it was a declaration that couldn’t help but burst into cheers. Eugene cheered earnestly for a few minutes.

“The Demon King of Confinement is also dead.”

Where did the demon king of confinement go? Eugene declared in advance that the question would not come up later.

“By capturing the demon king of destruction, the demon king of confinement ran out of all his strength… … By the time we got inside, he was already dying. At the end he said thank you and died.”

The death of the confined demon king who had reigned as the Great Demon King for a long time and as the emperor of the Helmud Empire. Even though he had been defeated in the war before and had declared that he would give up his position as emperor and obey the victor. The real ‘death’ of the demon king of confinement made everyone open their mouths.

“And here… … uh… … Some of you may have noticed.”

The sixth, which forced us to speculate about his identity. Eugene pointed to the anis floating behind Christina and continued.

“This is Anise. Anise Slewood.”

“The light sent me.”

A battlefield where applause and cheers stopped. Anise spread her wings in front of everyone. She continued her words, conscious of Raphael and the priests who were too shocked to continue her words.

“I have been watching the world for a long time. And it is only today that I can come down to the world and be with the miracle.”

“Ahhh… … !”

“The reason I, who died a long time ago, came down to the world as an angel is because of your earnest prayers. It is because the faith of Christina Rogeris, who can be called my soul sister, was faithful. And, it is because the friends I met after ‘300 years’ hoped for a miracle.”

Anis smiled benevolently and spoke out a lie.

She never intended to let the world know that she had been with Cristina ever since. So far, through Christina’s body, such as the fanaticism during the Night March and the scandal involving Eugene. She didn’t want to hug them at all.

So, Anise left all the ugliness to Christina, keeping her smile on her face without changing her expression.

“Ah, also… … ! The voice that echoed in my head must have belonged to Anis-sama!”

A situation where you can openly overturn filth with poison. Cristina, who had already grown into a full-fledged snake, had no intention of dying alone.

“I have heard Anis-sama’s voice many times! Ah, yes, yes, it was like that. The reason I had no choice but to do something that wasn’t like me was because everyone was mesmerized by Anis-sama’s voice… … !”

“Bewitched… … ! I have never given you a bewitching revelation.”

“Sir Annis! Do not lead me into temptation. Do not let my lips open involuntarily to speak your revelations.”

“What are you trying to say… … .”

“Whose bed did Anis-nim want to lie on, whose warmth did she want… … Ah ah ah ah ah!”

Cristina stopped talking and put her hands together in prayer, and Anise screamed and went inside her.

“This is the end.”

A murmur spreads to the point where it is difficult to control any longer. Feeling the inevitable confusion, Eugene took a step back.

“It must be hard for everyone, but… … uh… … .”

I had a sudden thought.

“… … .”

It’s only natural that everyone who fought against destruction was having a hard time.

But among them, aren’t we the ones who killed the demon king of destruction the most difficult?

Eugene glanced at the sky. The sun we made earlier is there. And beside it, there were too many people, and there was Lymilia who couldn’t bear to come down.

Eugene glanced at Senya. Our thoughts coincided with each other. After that, Eugene made eye contact with Lymilia and whispered.

“Drop it.”

He was talking about the wizards and priests who burned on his back. Raimirah widened her big eyes, but followed Eugene’s will without hesitating long.

Wizards and priests fell down with screams of surprise. Of course, I couldn’t slam them into the ground, so I gently grabbed those who fell with the magic and magic that followed. At the same time, Eugene released his divine power.

“The emperor, the pope, and other high-ranking people told me to take care of things.”

The divine power poured through the sun caused a miracle of healing. Fire! Senya’s magic moved Eugene and his companions to the top of Raimira.

“Wait a minute! Eugene!”

Gilade stretched out his hand in fright, but Eugene ignored his words.

“let’s go.”

“Oh, where are you going?”

“It’s fine if it’s not here.”

If you sneak back in about a month, the probation will be over. Yujin thought so and lay down.

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