Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 610

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The monster’s gigantic body, which had been rioting as if it had been epileptic and shooting magic power in all directions, trembled and then stopped. He thought that something must have happened to him, but Eugene couldn’t help but be taken aback by the fact that the guy who had just been rampaging had stopped as if the power had been cut off.

Moron, who was out of breath, turned his head and looked at Eugene. It asks whether to attack the stationary monster.

“for a moment.”

Eugene once said so. The monster stopped is an opportunity. But the situation is strange. The state of the monster had been strange since before, and what Eugene felt was strange right now was himself.

heart palpitations.


Eugene said the name without realizing it.

ㅡPughak! As if responding to its name, the monster’s belly split. Magic and color poured out like blood, and countless legs trembled and their joints buckled.

woo woo woo… … !

An echo like a scream vomited from the gaping mouth. The mana and color pouring down like a waterfall did not collect or spread on the floor, but disappeared as soon as they fell.

No, it became ashes. Inside the dark magical power and color, there was a completely different flame and light. Gold glowed in the center of the flame and light burning from within.


Surprised, Senya shouted her name. Moron did not confirm Eugene’s intention this time. He rushed forward without hesitation, and so did Eugene.

Whoops! The magic sent by Senya was sucked into the monster’s jaws and exploded. The monster’s head was knocked back by a series of green flames. Moron slashed the bridges blocking his way with an axe, and Eugene jumped into the open road.

I saw Vermouth in the torrent. The golden eyes shining- It was distinctly different from the vermouth that ‘Eugene’ had seen so far. Vermouth’s eyes that he saw after his reincarnation were always cloudy. For 300 years he did not shine, worn out by madness.

But now, now, Vermouth’s eyes are just like they were 300 years ago. Just like when we fight demon lords together. Just like when we crossed the demon realm together.

It was shining like when I first met and asked to be a colleague.

Eugene reached out to Vermouth without realizing it.

Vermouth saw a hand reaching for him. 300 years ago – when I first met Hamel. Hamel was defeated in a duel and collapsed, and Vermouth-as promised, had reached out to be his ally.


Vermouth smiled and opened his mouth.

“How many times have you reached out to me?”

There is no need for promises now. Vermouth’s hand held Eugene’s hand. Fire! Vermouth’s body escaped from the torrent with the strong pulling force.

“I came out like this, but I’m not going back in, right?”

Vermouth proudly raised his sword at the question asked with a grin. Although the form was completely different, Eugene felt the chain of the demon king of confinement in the sword.

I didn’t ask if I could fight. Eugene grabbed his hand and tossed Vermouth’s body backwards. And he himself was left under the belly of the monster.

The wound on the stomach was visible. She had no internal organs, but felt her heart through the wound. It was still beating irregularly within there. Eugene swallowed his breath and created a myth.

Whoa! The will of light dwelled in Eugene’s myth. Eugene threw the long spear that appeared in his hand into the monster’s stomach. Kwajijik! The spear that was sucked into the stomach pierced the body of the monster, cutting through magic power and color.


Morron jumped up from his seat to greet the vermouth flying this way. He had been inside the monster until just now, and hadn’t been in a good condition since then, so it was to help him at least.

Moron and Vermouth’s gazes met in the air. With that, Moron realized. Vermouth of ‘now’ didn’t need support.

Moron grinned and drew the ax with his one remaining right hand. The flying Vermouth turned around in the air. Vermouth’s feet used Morron’s ax as a stepping stone. Whoo! The ax split the air, and Vermouth’s body soared high.

Just like that, Vermouth jumped up to the top of the monster’s head. The monster, who had been swept away by Senya’s magic and penetrated even by the spear of the myth, was still unable to control itself. Vermut’s golden eyes flashed and he swung the sword in his right hand.

Chew! A slash through the air cut off the monster’s throat. Magic power and color gushed out like a fountain, but before it could fall down, Vermouth’s sword continued to move. A barrage of slashes shattered the monster’s head.

“You must have felt quite comfortable in your stomach. It’s much better than before.”

Senya giggled and flew to Vermouth’s side.

“I’ve been told several times to fight together, but I can’t just watch from behind.”

“Hehe, being motivated is good, but don’t overdo it. Now you are much more than us… … .”

you are weak Senya swallowed what she was about to say.

Didn’t Vermouth chop off the monster’s head just seconds ago? No matter how much the monster couldn’t control its body right now, how much did Senya and Moron struggle to destroy that strong body?

“Why are you so old?”

“As a rule, children’s violence is fatal to their parents.”

The answer that came back was beyond Senya’s imagination. Senya couldn’t say anything and pursed his lips, then managed to catch up and asked again.

“No, are you joking?”


Vermouth chuckled and shook his head.

“I don’t think of that as my parents, but first of all, isn’t it true that I was born from that?”

The power of Eugene, Moron, and Senya is counterbalanced by the magic of destruction. The more you attack, the faster your power wears out. However, Vermouth’s attack was able to cut the magic of destruction without any waste.

“However, the attack only works well. In terms of technique, it is difficult to follow you. And- it will be impossible to end the destruction with my own hands.”

woo woo… … The cross section of the severed neck bubbling and boiling. The spear that pierced his body also disappeared. Magic and color no longer spilled from the monster’s stomach. The joints of the broken legs were also straightened again.

The monster got up.

‘If only now.’

everyone thought

Now, the monster can be defeated. It can destroy the heart of perdition.

Eugene, who returned to his colleagues, was convinced of that. Eugene’s divinity of ‘victory’ aimed at the monster. The road to victory won’t be easy, but the victory that was invisible until now is now dimly visible.

-Ah ah ah ah ah!

Dozens of heads soared from the bubbling section. The monster had dozens of heads like a hydra and opened its mouth. The emptiness resounded and mana boiled over. Yujin took a step back, feeling his skin tingle.

“It’s a blast.”

Eugene, who had endured the waves of intense magical energy from the front, spat out.

The released magic power covered the monster’s body. That was a certain destruction that should no longer be called a ‘monster’. Vermouth came to Eugene’s side, who was watching the intertwined colors that made her eyes dizzy.

“You break the heart.”


“I will go with you. I don’t know if you can be satisfied with it now.”

It means staying strong. Eugene snorted at him and nodded his head.

thump, thump, thump… … The vibrations from outside shook the emptiness. The other side is also attacking the demon lord of destruction.

“Can you hear me?”

Eugene asked. Vermouth closed her eyes for a moment and felt the vibration.

“… … Even if I didn’t want to hear it, I had no choice but to listen.”



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great vermouth.

“We will go back together this time.”

Took. Eugene tapped Vermouth on the shoulder once and raised his new sword. Vermouth briefly shook his shoulders and nodded his head.

Dozens of heads opened their mouths in this direction. Magical power and color that were fired immediately covered the front.

Anis and Cristina memorized prayers. Senya stretched out Merry and spread her magic. Quarreureung! A barrier added with a miracle blocked the bombardment of destruction. However, the burden was not light. Senya chewed her lips and swallowed the gushing blood.

[How many times can you stop it?]

A sage’s voice came from Mary. Like the name of the Demon King of Destruction, that power can easily destroy the world. No matter how many times Senya sat on the throne of magic, she couldn’t stop such an attack many times.

‘I have to force myself to stop it.’

It is the hero who suffocates the demon king. Senja understands her role. All she has to do is help her hero’s sword defeat the demon lord.

[It’s a sword forged for him.]

Merry shone with the sage’s whisper. The vines and petals that had withered and withered opened up again. Senya flinched as she felt the power radiating from Mary.

‘Should I hand it over right away!’

[Something only has meaning when handed over at the moment of greatest need. Make a promise, junior. I am… … You won’t wake up for a long time. with you… … This means that you cannot directly see Agaroth end its destruction.]

The sage, Vishur Raviola, became the world tree in order to continue the world from destruction. As a World Tree, what I had hoped for my whole life was the end of destruction.

[I believe in Agaroth. I believe in you, my magic child. I believe in all who are with you. so… … I will go to sleep believing that I will be able to open my eyes again.]

I gave up seeing in person what I had been hoping for my whole life. However, the sage had no fear of the future in which he could not open his eyes.


The Merry held in both hands was too heavy. The life force from the World Tree filled Merry.

“My children will greet you.”

ㅡQuaaaang! Mary radiated light. The light emitted from opening the barrier annihilated magic and color and moved in a straight line. Dozens of heads of perdition, emitting magic and color, were swept away by the light and disappeared. Senya felt her legs loosen up, but she forced her foot forward. She’s still too early to fall.


light from behind. But Eugene didn’t look back. The road opened by Senya and the World Tree. Eugene flew down that road first.

[No, that’s an old name.]

I felt the forest on the path of undisappeared light. The spirits of the World Tree, which cannot exist here, pushed Eugene’s back, and someone grabbed Eugene’s hand and pulled him from the front.

[Hello, Eugene Lionheart.]

I saw the sage disappearing faintly. He didn’t have the lonely smile he had when he first saw Eugene. She still couldn’t forget the man named Agaroth, but she no longer had any attachment to Agaroth. She had more hopes for the future than regrets she had not achieved in the past. Her forlorn smile did not suit the future she hoped for.

“Goodnight, Bishr.”

So, Eugene smiled the same way. With that smile and greeting, Vishur was satisfied. Ahahaha… … My heart thumped at the distant smile.

The light that made a different choice, hoping for the same thing in the face of destruction, called the name of an old friend who had fallen asleep first. She did not pay tribute. For a long time, I just fell asleep. A future that the gods of the past did not see. If there is such a future, we can meet again.


He put his hand on his beating chest. Her fingers dug into her chest. Probably, no, definitely. Eugene thought while holding on to the universe.

This will be the last ignition. Either I die or perish.

Dozens of lost heads staggered and swayed their limbs. Morron screamed and ran forward first. An attack that flew towards Senya and Eugene, who gasped for his breath, cut off Morron’s axe.

Vermouth did not stand still. activation of ignition. It only takes a few seconds for the runaway to reach orbit and explode. During that time, parrying off attacks was familiar to Vermouth and Moron.


A loud noise rang out. A ringing that is different from the ringing from the outside, and the ringing from the heart of destruction. The ringing that determines the end of the liver in any form.

A special move that ends the fight instead of putting a huge burden on itself.

But in the end, it would destroy his body, so Vermouth–I couldn’t really like that technique called Ignition.

But I couldn’t deny this.

Eugene and Hamel have never been defeated while using Ignition.

In battles with high-ranking demons and demon lords, I always used Ignition to win.

It forced Gavid back, who had a gap he could never win.

Even with his broken body, he used Ignition to kill the shield of confinement and the staff of confinement.

Even though Hamel himself died in the end.

‘I won’t die this time.’

Of course, Eugene didn’t think about dying.

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