Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 609

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Vermouth Lionheart

It is impossible to wake up and stay awake in this place where nothing can exist. This place is no different from a trash can where madness and filth have accumulated for a very long time.

The fact that an existence was born from the belly of destruction filled with emptiness, where nothing could ever be born – truly something that can only be called a miracle.

lang syne. Vermouth was born here.

Right after he was born, he didn’t even know the name ‘Vermut Lionheart’, and he had almost no personality. The existence of him was very heterogeneous even in the belly of destruction, but the demon king of destruction, who did not have reason, did not recognize the being born in his belly.

I couldn’t recognize it. A stomach full of everything. This is because beings that were born but could not wriggle were no different from the cells in their bodies.

for a long time.

He curled up in his stomach. This was the place where he was born, but he had never felt it as a comfortable place like his mother’s womb or cradle. He was made up of the magic of destruction to the extent that he could only be defined as Sephora, but strangely, as his ego became clearer, he felt uncomfortable in this place.

Who am I and why was I born here? And where is this place? At one point he had such questions.

After a long thought, I found the answer.

A huge wound left in a place where nothing could exist. A deep wound that cannot be healed even after a long time. Everything in this stomach became more and more painful to him, but oddly enough, that wound didn’t feel painful. Rather, I felt comfortable and missed there.

Awareness of the wound awakened his existence. He had a clear personality in him who did not feel anything other than doubt. As he became self-aware like that, memories permeated one by one.

who made that scar


In the blinding darkness, Vermouth thought.

Vermouth was born from the wounds of destruction. His existence was the product of a miracle caused by the new sword that cut his wounds, but Vermouth couldn’t quite confirm his existence. Even though he was born as a miracle, the fact that Vermouth is the alter ego of destruction has not changed.

Memories awakened by acquiring self. history of destruction. My name is Vermouth Lionheart. The decisive difference between vermouth and destruction was the presence or absence of reason. Unlike the demon king, who only had his true nature and destroyed the world, Vermouth thought about who he was, what he had to do, and what he could do in this terribly disgusting stomach.

He could have lived as an alter ego of destruction. She was fine with doing nothing. But Vermouth couldn’t do that.

Because the beginning of his existence was a miracle. There was a glimmer of light in the first pages of the memories I went back to. There was a dying ember right before it went out. There was a man who had barely scratched the surface and sat down on his seat, cursing instead of despair. Faced with his own death and a world that would eventually perish, the man died with only intent to kill.

There was a man who was possessed by desire, betrayed, and eventually was eaten by desire, leaving abominable regrets. If he knew it would be like this, he wouldn’t have done it. if you can turn it around The name of the man who was swept away and devoured with such regret was Vermouth Lionheart.

So vermouth came out into the world. In order to inherit the miracle that gave birth to that being. To be different from the old vermouth that died leaving ugly and hateful regrets.

Because I felt that a man who died with the intent to kill leaving behind a curse was born into this world.

It was unknown how long it had been since his death, but Vermouth was certain that Agaroth had been reincarnated into this world. Born from the wounds and miracles left by Agaroth, Vermouth felt Agaroth as fate.

“I am… … .”

In the middle of the dull, damp, sticky darkness, Vermouth opened his mouth.

“It is the alter ego of destruction.”

born of a miracle But in the end, it is the alter ego of destruction. Maybe everything went wrong because the existence of the country was born and intervened in fate.

If I, if I hadn’t been born If I hadn’t imitated a warrior. perhaps… … Maybe then everything would have gone smoothly.

For 300 years, Vermouth has thought of that hundreds of thousands of times. He thought that everything he had enjoyed as a hero should in fact be given to Hamel.

I kept thinking about why I had no choice but to leave. I am strong. I know about the demon lord of destruction. You can negotiate with the Demon King of Confinement. It won’t be helpful in killing the demon lord of destruction, but it can be very useful in killing other demon lords.

Hamel is still weak. He has not awakened to divinity. He is famous in the mercenary world, but the current Hamel will not be able to survive the battle against the high-ranking demons.

The world needs warriors. I had to force myself to hold the holy sword and become a hero. That’s how the world should have hope.

need a colleague A comrade who will fight the demon king together. A colleague who can help Hamel.

So I, inevitably.

everything is an excuse Vermouth knows what her primal desires are, which she has been ignoring all along.

The first Vermouth Lionheart wanted to become a hero himself, not a hero’s companion.

Born from a miracle, Vermouth Lionheart wanted to save the world with Hamel.

“I am the alter ego of destruction, and I have no choice but to die.”

Vermouth put her hand on her chest. I could feel the faint beating of my heart.

“I am neither a hero nor a human.”

My heart beat was getting faster and faster. The flame that bloomed in his chest gradually spread and became a star.

“You just called me vermouth.”

A bright white flame lit up the darkness. A bright light flashed in his dull eyes. It was no longer dark here.

Vermouth looked around with golden eyes. thump, thump, thump. huge sound. It was not the sound of Vermouth’s heart, but the echo of his assimilated heart. Vermouth held out his hand as he breathed in.

thump, thump, thump, thump… … .

The beating of my heart grew stronger and stronger. I could see the outside from the other side of the darkness where the flames were bright and dim. Colleagues facing the monster. It was covered in blood and full of wounds, but no one fell. Although he knew his odds were slim, there was no sign of despair.

All of that, Vermouth knew. i know those eyes Over and over again, I crossed the line of fire with that look in my eyes.

“I… … .”

Vermouth gasped for breath and stretched out his hand a little further.

thump, thump, thump, thump… … The more the vermouth moved, the stronger the beat in the heart, but a creaking cacophony mingled with it. Vermouth’s movements adversely affect the monster and its heart.

“The place to be is… … .”

Hamel, Anis, Senya, and Moron spoke. I mean, let’s fight together.

The young saintess, who had never spoken directly with Vermouth, prayed directly to Vermouth.

Vermouth… … I knew what the eyes of the young saintess who looked just like Anise were. For Vermouth, those eyes were once very familiar and routine.

The eyes of a warrior.

Eyes with hope, believing that they will save the world.

“Not here.”

Vermouth chewed his lips and moved forward. The mana that filled his heart rebelled against the flame of the vermouth. The burnt mana turned to ash and disappeared, but the flame did not fade. The clear awareness of ‘Vermouth Lionheart’ did not put out the flame. The declaration that this was not where he should be originally caused a ripple in his empty heart.

The hand that was moving along with the steps grabbed something.

It was an old chain. A chain bound in the distant past.

[Do you still wish to die with destruction?]

A faint voice came through the chains.


Vermouth smiled lightly and shook his head.

I understood the intent behind that question. The first warrior and demon king who despaired of successive destruction and fate always tested the world and despaired again. However, the question the demon king of confinement now asks is not a test of despair. The demon king of confinement who had lived an eternity of despair – was now longing for hope.

“I want to kill perdition with everyone.”

[haha… … .]

At the answer that came back, the demon king of confinement shed a short laugh.



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[Then pull out the chains, Vermouth Lionheart.]

Vermouth’s hand gripped the chain tightly. ㅡ Pad de de de de deuk! The chain that was embedded deep in the heart was pulled out by Vermouth’s hand. A long stretched chain swayed in the dark.

The fully pulled chain wriggled and wrapped around Vermouth’s arm. Unfazed, Vermouth let go of his chain. thump, thump. The tight chain dug into his arm, but he felt no pain.

[What do you need?]

The voice of the demon king of Yufe rang in my head.


Vermouth answered without hesitation.

At the same time as he answered, a sword appeared from Vermouth’s hand. The chain that bound the heart from the beginning became a sword for Vermouth.

He held the sword with both hands. The flames created by the vermouth repulsed the mana, and the magic of the black heart born from the chain did not devour it.

“haha… … .”

Vermouth smiled involuntarily at the feel of the sword in his hand.

“Nice to meet you.”

How long has it been since you wielded a sword to fight and kill the ‘demon king’? By holding the sword, Vermouth more clearly realized himself.

The realization of being an alter ego of destruction was painful and terrifying. But now, the person holding the sword to kill the Demon King is-


The sword cut through the darkness. He continued to swing his sword as he did on the battlefield hundreds of years ago. The more he wielded it, the more the flames spread. The heart now vomited a sound more like a creaking scream than a beating.


Quarrrrr! Vermouth and his mana poured out from the small open wound. The sweeping torrent did not stop at shaking Vermouth’s spirit, but tried to erode it deeply. The urge and madness that had come many times over the course of 300 years knocked on Vermouth’s reason.

I didn’t let it erode. Vermouth stared beyond the darkness with golden eyes. He heard his own beating heart beat unlike the heart of destruction. There, he felt the heat of the blood spurting out.

– Great vermouth.

A voice was heard from far away. That voice captured Vermouth’s reason more clearly. The urge and madness that were persistently trying to erode were pushed back and disappeared.

– Great, Vermouth.

A voice was heard again. great vermouth. In the midst of the torrent, Vermouth laughed involuntarily.


I’ve never liked the name Great Vermouth. Vermouth had read that fairy tale too. Of course, I also noticed who wrote it. Senya and Anise. That’s why – I couldn’t possibly like that children’s book, the name ‘Great Vermouth’.

unilaterally made a promise. I didn’t say anything to my colleagues who begged me to tell them why.

After returning to Kiel and receiving the title of duke, he chose the woman most likely to give birth to children among numerous candidates and married him.

After the war, Bermut Lionheart’s life was by no means great. After his loveless marriage, he lived only to complete the ‘Lion Hart Family’ and cut ties with his peers.

‘Great vermouth’ to myself. I didn’t ask how Senya and Anis felt when they wrote the children’s book, but I thought about it.


No, definitely. The name Great Vermouth would be a nasty mockery. The real me will never be called great. Not a hero, not a human.

“Why didn’t I think of that?”

Vermouth chuckled and raised his sword.

“That you could never do that.”

– Great vermouth.

A voice was heard again. There was not a hint of ridicule in that voice. Colleagues- not calling.

outside of the stomach. A lot of people are calling that name.

“The great vermouth.”

The monster’s chest split.

“Honestly, it’s embarrassing.”

Vermouth smiled bitterly as he fell.

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