Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 606

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The sword he wielded at super-high speed seemed rather stationary. It’s just how it looks. The two new swords moved dozens or hundreds of times in an instant, and the slashes created in that way filled the space.

A slash made by cutting and slicing does not disappear by swinging it. The flames emitted by the new sword left the slash in a certain form. So you can’t just avoid it. Unless you break it yourself, the flame will only spread and grow.

So the moonlight sword moved. The added magical power emitted pale, ominous moonlight. The sword he wielded himself was familiar to Yujin. He suffered quite a few defeats in his life, most of which came from Vermouth. Whenever that happens, Eugene, Hamel, and he always reflect on the ‘why’ he lost.

How vermouth defeated me. How sharp and high was his swordsmanship. At what point did the pulse of the flow break and lead to defeat?

I remember everything. I drew the battle in my head over and over again. I’ve actually experienced it relatively recently. The specter who fought in Hauria received Vermouth’s memory and used his sword skills.

The rampage didn’t stop. Eugene stopped breathing and poured all his strength into the sword. Flames tangled like a spider’s web pressed destruction. He did not back down and made a frontal breakthrough with the Moonlight Sword. He did not insist on wielding only a sword. The magic power wrapped around his left hand, which was not holding the sword, suppressed the slash and annihilated it.


Eugene’s lips twitched as he continued the light beam.

In the last match I remember, Vermouth did that. Of course, at that time, Vermouth held a sword other than the Moonlight Sword, and also wore a white flame-type flame instead of magical power in his left hand, but except for the difference in degree, now the response to destruction is the same as Vermouth’s.

‘I imitated annoyance and sat down.’


In the end, that’s about it. Simple strength and speed were incomparably stronger than the Vermouth of the past, but I didn’t think that the current destruction was superior to the Vermouth of the past. No matter how strong and fast it is, the important law is how to combine and handle it. Can you say that you are strong if you only respond to what is nothing more than a conditioned reflex?

How difficult is it to break down and eat this simple and ignorant offensive?

So, Eugene distorted his face. Using Vermouth’s body as a vessel and using his experiences and thoughts was a mistake to perish. After all, it is a human body, so its combat methods are limited. Even that limited fighting method is familiar to Eugene.

And Eugene has mastered such interpersonal warfare. Even if Vermut himself came and judged himself and fought, he would not be an opponent to Eugene now, but the current destruction is inferior to Vermut’s own response. growth? If you fight so that you can take it and grow up, yes, you will have a hard time.

Not now. It doesn’t give you time to grow. Hoo-wook. I exhaled and swallowed. My heart ached. The boiling blood accelerated. My eyes wide open. The flames of the two new swords burned fiercely.


I thought only of that. The strong will became a miracle and nestled in the sword.

From then on, destruction did not pursue the slash. The moonlight sword was pushed back helplessly by a series of slashes, and his left hand could no longer contain the flame. It was no longer strange that he did not back down, but instead moved forward.

Little by little, little by little. Destruction had to step back. it was pushed out It had to be. The further you go, the deeper the cut. It cuts deeply even if it is in place. That’s why you have no choice but to back off.

Doesn’t it burn if you step back? Not even that. Slashing pursues tenaciously. Even if you choose the optimal response, your magic power and color will be lost.

At some point, perdition could not even wield the moonlight sword properly. He turned it into a defensive angle by sticking close to his body. But it was not enough. I wanted to stop it, but I couldn’t stop everything.

Pooh! The slashes that slashed at me from all sides made my magic explode like blood. Immediately after that, two new swords were thrust into the front at the same time. The moonlight sword, which had been built as a defense, was shattered by the attack.

“Don’t lift your sword.”

whispered between the slashes. Destruction didn’t understand the words themselves, but it was Vermouth’s thinking that he couldn’t raise a ‘sword’ against it. No opponent with a sword. Even if I grow up enough, I don’t think I should raise the sword. So, destruction hastily created magical powers.

“don’t do it.”

whispered again Kwakjik! A sharp slash slashed his magic. The colors that had been entangled in a mess were scattered in all directions. Eugene brought her hands, which had been moving separately, together. The two new swords became one great sword.

I lifted it over my head and drew it down. The flames that remained entangled like a spider’s web that did not disappear were all connected to the new sword. We, who had no chance to escape, were doomed to destruction.

Roaring! The magic power and color are cut away by the flames. As much as his divine power wears off, Eugene didn’t care. It was faster to lose magic power and color than divine power wears out. He heard the world’s prayers for victory even in the belly of this hideous destruction. Therefore, the bottom of divine power was far away.

The body does not move. I can’t move. The tenacious flame holds on to the color and does not let go. No, not only because of that. Simply put, the body is not moving at will. Muscles are involuntarily rigid, and joints are stiff.

‘Give me.’

I heard that voice in my head.

‘This is my body.’

voice of the bowl. An alter ego that fell away at will from a wound sustained long ago.

‘I am Vermouth Lionheart.’

I know its name. In the beginning, destruction was a human with that name. Now, I have no awareness or appreciation for that name.

‘So I have it.’

thump, thump. The arm, which did not move well, now moved with a different will. What was placed to block attacks from the front was lifted up on its own. So the defense was opened. Quick! As if waiting for it, the body of destruction staggered greatly at the sword plunged into it.


Eugene’s eyes flashed. The movement of destruction just now was obviously strange. It wasn’t just shaking, it was definitely moving for Eugene.

—-It’s vermouth. Its resistance and outbursts had a definite effect on destruction. Yujin grinned and drew back his new sword.

The overlap of the empty sword covered the new sword. The flames burned fiercely. Perish instinctively knew that the sword was dangerous.

The flames that could not be shaken off are still holding on to the body. move… … The gaze of destruction moved. I realized it belatedly. If you could move, you could get out of the flames right away, but you can’t move. it’s vermouth He holds on tight so that his body disappears and does not reappear.


A voice came out from between her forced lips. Eugene laughed as he heard Vermouth’s voice.


The sword went closer to the body of destruction. Quarrrrr! The outpouring magic power and color oxidized along with the flames. I couldn’t push it.

As the sword burned all the colors that blocked it, it gradually approached destruction. Eventually, the flame of the sword completely swallowed up the destruction.

Quarrrrr! The futility was shaken. Destruction struggled in the raging flames. Color and magic continued to pour out of the flames, but they instantly turned to ashes and disappeared. Eugene stretched his hand out in front of him as he caught his breath.

When he clenched his fist, the flames exploded. It didn’t end once. Eugene continued to burst the eclipse, and each time the destruction staggered greatly.

Explosions echoed continuously from behind. But Senya had no time to look back. She had to focus all her attention on attacking her heart, which seldom allowed distance.

I threw magic into my heart several times, but the magic that managed to penetrate inside didn’t cause the destruction I wanted.

But little by little, a response is coming. The pounding of the heart was mixed with an irregular creak, and the outpouring magic power and color were not as strong as the first.

And Moron was also close to the heart. The ax he wielded with a scream crashed into the surface of his heart as if he were cutting down a tree.

thump, thump, thump. My heart fluttered and trembled at the successive strikes of the axe, and mana and color poured out like blood.


When the sound of the explosion behind my back rang louder than before. A voice came through Mary. It was a sudden voice, but Senya was not taken aback.

The ancient sage who became the World Tree, Vishur Raviola. Senya felt the sage’s hand, which was not here, touch her.

What do you mean now? There was a bright light in Senya’s eyes. His infinitely expanded consciousness made him understand even things he hadn’t seen with his eyes.

Vermouth is resisting fiercely. Destruction can no longer control the alter ego that has been separated from itself.

The myths that Eugene continuously explodes are incinerating the destruction that dwells in Vermouth, and all of that has become a direct burden to the heart. The mana, the color, was shaking greatly.

Senya wonders what her magic should do now. He knew what he could do. A long stretch of Mary aimed at her heart.

[Is this really the end of your wish?]

Through Mary, the wise man chuckled. The longing to see the end of destruction has finally reached today.

The power of the World Tree flowed into Mary from the distant Great Forest. Hwaaak! Mary’s vine stretched out like a bow.

Senya hung the string of spiritual power between the vines. Dismissed! The spirits of the world tree that came through Meri gathered together, and Senya’s spiritual power wrapped them in arrows.

Moron felt a shudder run down his spine. He didn’t look back. Just like Senya, Moron didn’t know what to do now. He knew what he could do.




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The ax was raised with a scream. It didn’t grow big, but the ax concentrated the same power as when it opened the way to the heart.

Quarrrrr! Sharp magic power and color poured out. But Moron swung her ax and did not dispel the attack.

Moron still held the ax aloft and deflected the attack with his bare body. He was not yet ready to wield the axe.

put up a protest The green light penetrated the emptiness and rushed toward the heart. And Moron finally lowered her axe.

The repulsive colors and mana were all driven down by the power of the ax that he dutifully pressed down. Crackle! The ax made a huge cut in the outer wall of the heart and shattered it.

An arrow landed in the wound. The spirits of the World Tree, released along with spiritual power, dug into the heart.

Ahahaha! The wise man’s laughter led the spirits. My heart swelled like it was going to explode, and the pounding sound turned into a tearing scream.

“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

Real screams also erupted. The destruction that had not yet escaped the explosion of the Eclipse grabbed his head and rolled on the floor.

The voice belonged to Vermouth, but it wasn’t Vermouth who screamed in pain. The destruction that took over that body was only a response to the pain.

Even so, he didn’t like hearing the screams in Vermouth’s voice that he would never do. Eugene stretched out his hand towards destruction. He was there to keep him from screaming.

“… … ”

He raised his outstretched hand again. It’s because the ‘eyes’ were calmly submerged in the subject of screaming. A faint focus. It was cloudy and faded, but there was still a spark deep in the pupils.


Eugene silently nodded. The myth that burnt to destruction was completely lifted. Then, as if waiting, destruction jumped up. It didn’t attack Eugene, but moved toward his still swelling heart.

Senya, of course, tried to intercept it, but she flinched and withdrew her magic. Moron also hurriedly stepped back without further swinging the axe. It was because he had heard from Eugene that he should let go.

“… … I think it was a mistake.”

The demon king of confinement who watched the battle from a distance shook his head.

“The instinct of destruction is not abandoning Vermouth Lionheart. That means vermouth is also important to the demon lord of destruction.”

“I guess.”

“If you continued to attack, even the demon lord of destruction would have been able to inflict a wound that could not be taken lightly.”

“If you killed Vermouth.”

At the answer that came back, the demon king of confinement smiled bitterly.

“you… … He must have seen some potential in Vermouth. But that’s just a possibility after all. No matter how much Vermouth wishes, he will not be able to resist any longer after being swallowed up like that.”

The finger of the demon king of confinement pointed to the heart. Vermouth’s body, which had reached that place, was being sucked into the heart.


Yujin snorted and glared at his heart. The shape of the swollen heart was changing.

The outpouring mana covered the color and touched the floor. thump, thump. The flesh and bones plucked from the heart became hideous limbs.

“Look, Hamel.”

The demon king of confinement sighed.

“Are you sure you can kill that monster?”

The monster with the heart as its center lifted its head.

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