Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 600

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I woke up but didn’t open my eyes.

Sleeping too deeply and sweetly? Is the bed too soft? both fit Since my body was exhausted, I would have been able to get a good night’s sleep no matter where I fell on the cold bare floor.

The bed on which Eugene was lying now was soft and warm, and even had a faint scent.

“… … .”

I woke up and couldn’t open my eyes because I was afraid to open them.

“… … .”

Step by step, I recalled the memories.

how did it happen Why am I sleeping like this At what moment did you fall asleep?

before sleeping. I drank with Moron, Senya, Anise, and Cristina. Liquor that Gavid made himself. Alcohol received as a gift after winning a duel with him. After defeating the demon king of confinement, he replied that he would drink it over his corpse.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see the corpse of the demon king in captivity, but I won the battle, so I should be able to drink. And he thought that there might not be a moment to drink afterwards but now.

Some of my colleagues die, or Eugene himself dies… … I didn’t really want to think about it, but I couldn’t help but think about it. Due to the sudden appearance of the demon king of destruction, he was unable to properly share the joy of victory, and he strengthened his resolve and determination. So, what is needed now is self-congratulation for winning the battle against the demon lord in captivity… … .

I drank it with that thought in mind, and it tasted great. Eugene had never thoroughly examined the taste of alcohol in his previous life, so he couldn’t give a general opinion – Judging by Christina, who had awakened to the taste of alcohol someday, and Anise, who was originally an alcoholic drink, took turns drinking and sipping, it was quite well made. I wanted to be drunk.

But there were a few problems.

Warriors and wizards who have reached the point of perfect control over their bodies are hard to get drunk. If you don’t drink with the consciousness of ‘getting drunk’ at all, no matter how strong alcohol is, it is immediately detoxified as long as it enters the body.

A drink that started drinking for a toast. Even the one and only liquor in the world left behind by the dead Gavid. It is nonsense to shake off such alcohol without even getting drunk. So, from the beginning, everyone drank with the thought of ‘getting drunk’.

‘I’m going to get drunk and sleep for a few days anyway… … .’

The mental and physical fatigue and damage was considerable, so everyone thought so.

And the next problem arose. It’s a natural problem if it’s obvious, but humans and demons have different bodies. Even if it’s a moderate amount per week, even if it’s a highly skilled solo drink that can get drunk in just a few drinks, it’s enough for the demons to drink.

Gavid’s liquor was strong.

Everyone drank that kind of alcohol without thinking about controlling their drunkenness. By the time the drink was finished, all that was left was beasts unable to make rational judgments.

And the first wounded beast fell. Moron. The guy who had never been sober before had his head on the floor and collapsed by the time he finished his drink.

But no one took care of Moron. At that point, it was difficult for Eugene to make a normal judgment. Fortunately, it is a bottle of alcohol. Even though it was only half, and even that, I was drinking all of it, but-

-The five of us shared a half-bottle. Whose nose would you put this on?

– Bring more!

when the bottle is empty. The beasts howled in imitation of human language.

I couldn’t hope for human understanding from them. Eugene gave all the alcohol inside her cloak to the officers, so she said, why don’t she go to sleep? The saintess stood up, saying that if there was no alcohol, she could bring something new, and the wizard shamefully grabbed the god of victory by the collar. And the wounded warrior was abandoned in the room… … .

after that.

The next problem came. As has been said many times, not everyone is in good shape. Just as Moron collapsed from drunkenness and fatigue without being able to exert half of his usual amount of alcohol, all of them were the same. Everyone is supporting their bodies, which have already far exceeded their limits, with only their mental strength.

so… … So, I couldn’t remember.

Senya grabbed me by the collar and dragged me out of the room. he went somewhere someone else’s room. Probably from Senna or Anise… … Maybe Eugene’s room. Anyway, after being held there, either Anise or Christina brought more wine.

I had alcohol, so I drank more. Drinking more and more… … Her head and reason melted. Mixed up. To the point where I don’t know what I’m talking about, what I’m thinking, or what I’m doing. Laughter and… … Talking nonsense and jokes… … and… … .

Passed out.

I can’t really remember if it was the floor or the bed at that moment, but where I’m lying now… … once in bed I passed out from a lot of alcohol, but I didn’t feel the smell of alcohol that was unique to that time in my mouth. clothes… … I must have washed my clothes with magic and washed my body… … .

It’s not that kind of problem. I can’t feel the clothes at all. I mean naked. why? Did you throw off your clothes because it was hot while you were sleeping? Eugene doesn’t usually have that kind of sleeping habit, but it’s normal for people to do things they wouldn’t normally do when they’re drunk.

“… … .”

Yes, I was very drunk… … While sleeping, I took off my clothes and slept. Maybe she took it off before going to sleep. While taking it off, I also erased the smell of alcohol that would remain in my mouth, maybe while I was sleeping… … I erased it while sleeping. Eugene said she prided herself on being very clean, so she thought there was a good chance.

“… … .”

Putting aside things about yourself, what you have to think about now is something else.

first of all… … Where is this place? Whose bed is this? And why next… … Do you feel a different warmth next to you?

The more he thought about it, the more he felt like he was falling into the pit of hell. Eugene was afraid of everything. What’s even more terrifying.

The warmth is not one.

‘what… … Moron?’

Maybe it’s a Moron. Didn’t they often sleep next to moron or vermouth even 300 years ago? I’ve never slept with her naked, but… … Anyway, if it’s better to be next to Moron… … .

‘… … .’

Eugene knew very well that that couldn’t be the case. The softness of the lightly touching skin could never be moron.

okay… … Eugene finally decided to accept the reality. Even if you want to disobey this, it is something you can never disobey.

“… … Uhm… … .”

First, I cleared my throat lightly before opening my eyes. The familiarity felt on both sides became stronger. The left tossed and turned, and the right trembled.

“hmm… … Hmm… … .”

I coughed more. The left side gently pulled the blanket towards itself. The right one held its breath.

That’s all. No one showed any further action.

In fact, isn’t Eugene the same? I am afraid to open my eyes, stand up, open my mouth to say something, and face the reality, so I am waiting for someone else to talk to me, not opening my eyes and clearing my throat.

“… … .”

until when? How long do I have to lie down like this without opening my eyes and wait for someone’s hand, moaning like a pooped puppy?

know what you need now that’s courage The courage to open your eyes and accept what you have done. The courage to face reality and move forward.


The moment you muster up the courage to open your eyes and stand up. Eugene felt a strong sense of incongruity. until when?

No, since when? Both sides of the wide bed. right and left. soft texture. How long has it been since you fell asleep drunk and passed out? Accumulated fatigue and damage are different for each person. Even if you fall down at the same time, it is impossible to open your eyes at the same moment. Someone else would have opened their eyes right away.

But now, there are people on both sides of Eugene. He should have opened his eyes, reacted in some way, and left, but there were still people.

“… … no way… … .”

Eugene opened his eyes and looked to the left. A pure white back without stigmata, a lightly shredded blanket and rich blonde hair. Also Anise and Cristina.

“Did you guys keep pretending to sleep until I woke up?”

looked to the right I saw Senya crouching over her, her shoulders dyed red. As soon as she heard Eugene’s words, she shuddered as if she were convulsing.

“bar… … It just happened.”

A voice came from the left. Slowly, he turned his head toward Yujin. Eyes that rarely come into focus. Anis barely opened her chewed lips.

“That’s it, Hamel, I really woke up now. As you know, I have only my soul left, so I can’t shake the aftermath of the battle… … I was so exhausted that I even drank. So it was hard to come to my senses, and this body, isn’t it mine too? After all, I’m in a position where I can’t go against the original owner, Christina. I, I woke up and Cristina was here… … .”

A hand that moved arbitrarily covered Anis’s mouth. For a moment, two souls fought in one body. Suddenly, his hand, which had been covering his lips, dropped and his panting breath came out.

“Oh, that’s a lie. Absolutely not. I already woke up two days ago, but Sister said she was tired and was lying down longer. Sister even called a servant, had a meal in her room, and lay back on her bed… … !”



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How should I react? Eugene didn’t say anything and just looked at the ceiling.

It would be polite to look at people’s faces when talking to people, but now Eugene couldn’t do that. First of all, I doubted whether the thing in front of me was really a person, and then – simply because I didn’t know where to look.

“Me, I am.”

Right next to her, Senya opened her mouth. Eugene was startled and turned his head away, looking at the ceiling again. Senya didn’t look back and still shrank his body, but the reddish curves of his shoulders and back were frankly embarrassing to look at.

“I woke up about three days ago, but on purpose… … I was lying down on purpose.”

“… … .”

“I wasn’t even able to move right away… … Joe, I needed a little more rest. that… … And, and I mean. When you opened your eyes, I thought I should be by your side… … .”

“that… … .”

Eugene barely opened his mouth. She is faintly recalling her memories. Eugene swallowed her gulp and slowly raised her body.

“Before going to sleep… … .”


It was before I could say anything more. Senya, who had been crouching with her back turned, turned her body around and covered Eugene’s mouth with her hand.

“We, we, nothing happened. okay?”

“Ugh… … .”

“Nothing! No, I just slept in my bed. Because this bed is huge! okay?”

Eugene, who was speechless, couldn’t say anything, but couldn’t understand it, so he looked at Senya’s face. Senya’s face, which he saw while holding back his embarrassment, was, of course, bright red. At the same time, in her eyes was a resolute will that she could never give up.

“Why are you saying nothing happened?”

Neither Anise nor Christina could understand that will. Rather, in this situation, Senya would risk her shame and cling to everything that happened the night before.

If Eugene can’t remember it well, he’ll slap her ears and force him to remember it, and he’ll say ‘take responsibility’ even though it’s childish, obvious, and boring. but nothing happened?

“I am… … .”

Senya’s lips trembled. His eyebrows, which had been twitching, went up and down diagonally, then went up and down again, and eventually his eyes closed tight as if he couldn’t hold it any longer. Senya covered her face, which had hardly cooled down, with one hand.

“This is… … I hate this.”

“You don’t like it?”

“I’m so tired! Even drunk! I can’t even remember! Not even romantic!”

“… … .”

“Alone… … I wasn’t alone… … ! It smelled like alcohol too! Mo, I wasn’t feeling well! So, so, nothing happened. okay?”

Eugene couldn’t understand why he said that, but the saints didn’t. The two sincerely sympathized with Senya’s words. She also thought it must be.

Christina felt moved and put her hands together, and Anise nodded and said,

“… … Certainly, I don’t want to think of this as the first time.”

Senya and Anis exchanged serious glances. Eugene, caught between the two, was forced to stare at the ceiling with her mouth still shut.

Before long, Anise came down from the bed. She quickly put on her undergarments and clerical robes, which were well folded to one side of her. Soon after, Senya removed her hand from Eugene’s mouth. She jumped off her bed and moved her fingers, her underwear and clothes wrapped around Senya’s body.


After putting on a neat robe and grabbing Merry, Senya looked back at Eugene with a calm face.

“How long will you be sleeping?”

“Leave me alone, Senya. Doesn’t Hamel usually sleep a lot? We came to wake up Hamel today, and even though we shook him several times, he did not wake up.”

Anis made a noise by altering the reality at will without changing a single expression. After watching the two of them for a while, Yujin slowly nodded.

“okay. Nothing happened.”


“Nothing happened… … .”

Senya approached quickly and grabbed Yujin’s shoulder. The closer face, Senya’s eyes that were close to her, trembled, and her tears welled up.

“I… … really?”

“Yes, you said so… … .”

“Even if I think so, you shouldn’t think that way!”

“What bullshit?”

“You said nothing happened, but it really didn’t mean nothing happened!”

“that… … yes.”

“I thought it was a dream… … Oh no, no dreams. Anyway, that’s it. Nothing happened, but it’s not that there really wasn’t, so that you don’t think that there was, even though it did exist… … .”

Senya let go of Eugene’s shoulder while muttering something he couldn’t quite understand. The saints at a distance from her nodded as if they sincerely sympathized with her, but Eugene couldn’t help it.

“If you wake up, don’t be lazy and get up quickly, Hamel.”

“that’s right. We must defeat the Demon King of Destruction.”

“Hearing that makes me feel really complicated. With a decisive battle ahead… … .”

“What are you talking about? Anise, we didn’t do anything. And it’s not that we want to have a decisive battle, that bastard of destruction has come on its own.”

“oh my god! That’s what I heard, Senya.”

The two walked out of the room while giving each other back and forth.

Yujin, who was left alone in the room, blinked blankly, then slowly got down from the bed.

“… … .”

The more I wore the clothes, the more vague memories I couldn’t remember became clearer, and my face became hotter.

“I want to die.”

When I thought about leaving the room like this, I sincerely thought about that. But she can’t stay in her room forever.

Yu-jin opened the door with determination in her heart.

“… … .”

I came out into the hallway and turned my head, and immediately met Moron’s eyes. It seemed that he was just about to come to this room. Moron blinked her eyes for a moment, staring at her Eugene, then stretched her fists toward Eugene, letting out her wry smile.


Two thumbs up.


White teeth gleamed through his shaggy beard. Seeing Moron congratulating him with a big smile, Eugene had no choice but to clenched his fists involuntarily.

What the hell are you celebrating? Stop talking shit and get out. will you follow All sorts of answers floated in her head, but Yujin kept her mouth shut. No matter what she said now, it seemed that Moron’s big smile couldn’t be erased.

“… … How much time has passed?”

“Today is exactly one week.”

“When did you wake up?”

“It happened two days ago.”

“Why didn’t I wake you up?”

“Hamel. No matter how much I am your friend, you can never enter that room. I didn’t even want to go in.”

Eugene’s shoulders trembled at the rational answer that was not like Moron. This time, Eugene closed his lips without continuing the conversation.

Wouldn’t a week be better than half a year of sleeping? There is a saying that even if it rots, it is Junchi, but could it be that the great demon king, the demon king of confinement, collapsed without lasting for a week?

“Where are you going?”

Moron asked at Yujin’s back as she hurriedly moved.

“I’m going to see the situation over there.”

“Then me too… … .”

“Didn’t you see me every day while I was sleeping? It looks like I’ve been watching it just now.”

“Change is… … there was. The seal got bigger, and inside… … .”

“Is there a lot of noor?”


Morron nodded.

“If it explodes, it will pour out… … .”

The voice that had been grumbling in response stopped abruptly. Eugene could no longer walk and stood in place, looking at the end of the hallway.

In the distance, I saw a large bouquet of flowers approaching, swaying.


Among the colorful flowers, Melchis abruptly poked his head out. She waved her hand at Eugene, smiling as brightly as the flower beside her.


I didn’t want to hear any more.

Without hesitation, Eugene opened the side window and jumped out.

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