Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 599

Executives were already gathered in the meeting room that Melchis entered. The executives, who were talking with serious faces, stood up from their chairs as soon as they saw Eugene open the door and enter.

“You must all be tired. What are you up for?”

Eugene waved his hand and crossed the conference room. The smell of blood and drugs mixed in the conference room. Although they were the highest-ranking officials in the new army, they were not without a wound. Eugene glanced at Carmen’s hands wrapped in bandages.

Blood seeping from the bandages. It seems that the bandages were not put on just for fashion.

“How come I was alive to see it?”

I went up to the table in the middle of the conference room, sat down, and looked around at the audience. Each had a wound or two, but none were more than serious. The most serious injury would be Melchis, who was unable to summon the Spirit King and suffered internal injuries.

“Then why do they look dead?”

Yujin smiled and asked. Of course, the expressions of the executives were not good. It was the same when I opened the conference room door, and it is the same now.

“It’s not a situation to celebrate victory, is it?”

Loberian opened his mouth with a sigh.

“Helmud… … He won the battle against the demon king of confinement. If that was over, we would have been laughing and toasting by now. But it didn’t end there.”

* * *

Carmen, who opened and closed her bandaged finger, looked at Eugene.

“We know what ‘it’ is, but we don’t know why it appeared here. I don’t know why the demon king of confinement blocked it, and why he allowed us to escape.”


Pudeuk. Raphael spat while grinding his teeth.

“I can’t believe I was saved by the demon lord in captivity… … !”

“You’re not the only one who was saved, so don’t be too hot.”

“But, Eugene-sama… … !”

“Well, don’t get angry. After all, shouldn’t I be more humiliated? Anyway, I won the battle, but after that, I survived thanks to the demon king of confinement.”

When Eugene answered with a furrowed brow, Raphael could not speak any more and kept his lips tightly shut. Looking at Raphael like that, Eugene let out a deep sigh.

“Anyway, I’m glad everyone is safe.”

At the end of those words, the meeting room fell into silence. No one was able to open their mouth in haste and looked at Yujin’s expression. Even Melchis, who came in with him, was oppressed by the atmosphere and kept quiet.

“that… … .”

It was Gilreid who broke the silence. He closed his eyes, clasping both of his hands.

“Demon King of Destruction… … Is this right?”


“This means… … I myself think it’s very strange, Eugene. I am… … That is, when the demon king of destruction approaches. Oddly enough… … I felt like the blood inside me was drawn.”

At those words, Gion and Carmen’s expressions changed. They chewed their lips without saying anything, and Eugene nodded his head.

“Yeah, it was vermouth that appeared earlier.”

Everyone held their breath at the words he spat out as if it was not a big deal.

“Vermouth… … ?”

“Great Vermouth, are you talking about yourself?”

A rumble began.

The hero who made a promise 300 years ago and brought peace, the great Vermouth, appeared as the demon king of destruction. If the story spreads outside, the world will literally turn upside down.

“Vermouth didn’t attack us because he wanted to. It’s just that I’ve been sealing the demon lord of destruction for too long… … His head is spinning a little bit. He’ll probably come to his senses once he’s been beaten up.”

Eugene waved his hand and said.

“Of course I will beat him up. He was also the guy I wanted to beat from a long time ago. Now, this body is a descendant of Vermouth… … what… … For various reasons.”

The true identity of the demon king of destruction. And should I tell you now about the demon king of confinement?

Eugene pondered for a while and came to a conclusion. I wouldn’t wish for each other. The demon king of confinement could always reveal who he was and what he had done for this world. However, the demon king of confinement had never revealed it even once in the world he had repeated.

The demon king of confinement, like his name, just wanted to become the demon king. Now that the past and the story are known, and because of that, the name is left in history or recognized. The demon king of confinement would not want it.

‘I want to do more because I don’t want it.’

I suddenly had such a mean thought, but it was just a thought. Of course, this is Eugene’s guess. In fact, the demon king of confinement may want his truth to be revealed… … .


I thought it might be a good idea to ask him about it next time. As long as the demon king of confinement remains sane in that ‘inside’.

“It’s complicated, it’s shitty, and there are circumstances like that… … I can’t say anything. To put it bluntly, it goes like this. Now, the demon king of confinement is sealing the demon king of destruction. I don’t know how long I’ll last, but I said I’ll hold out until I return… … .”

Yujin tilted her head and rubbed her chest several times.

I checked my condition several times. The divine power was sealed, and mana did not work properly. I can barely move my body, but I can’t fight.

“first… … Get some rest, when your body feels fine. I will go directly to the demon lord of destruction. Only the opponent has changed, but everything else is the same. If I win, we can have a festival without any problems, and if I lose… … .”

“The world will perish.”

Carmen was told. she continued as she glared at her bloody knuckles.

“That existence’s name is the Demon King of Destruction.”

“There is nothing different. Even if you were defeated by the demon king of confinement, the world would end.”

Gion also nodded.

“Rather, this time I am more earnest and motivated. This is really the last time, and you can even save the father-in-law. yes?”

Gion looked back at everyone with a bright smile. It’s a situation that can’t be called hopeful by any means, but Gion took the lead and acted cheerfully, causing some to giggle.

“But I won’t force it. If you don’t want to join the battle while I sleep… … .”

“Stop talking nonsense.”

Alchester shook his hand and said.

“If you lose, the world will perish. No one wants that, so everyone has no choice but to fight. And if you win, won’t you leave your name in history and be honored for the rest of your life?”

“what… … I guess so.”

“haha. The really terrible thing is not to die. I was terrified and ran away, but the remaining ones defeat the demon lord of destruction. Seriously, even imagining it, it’s horrific. If that happens, I will end my life for fear of the shame I will experience for the rest of my life.”

“In the first place, Sir Alchester has no intention of running away, is he?”

Ortus said with a grin.

“I was a little stumped, to be honest. The demon lord of destruction was an existence that erased the desire to fight just by looking at it for a moment. But after hearing your story, even if you want to run away, you won’t be able to.”

“That’s great.”

Yujin scratched her head and lifted her cloak.

“I said it clearly. If you don’t want to fight, you don’t have to fight. So, if you die or get hurt this time, don’t hold grudge against me.”

He took out whatever liquor he could find from his cloak and put it on the table.


“We can’t have a loud banquet, but we should still have a toast. Give the soldiers plenty of alcohol too.”

Taking out the bottle from inside the cloak, Eugene laughed. half of the remaining alcohol. It’s the drink you got from Gavid. Yujin shook the bottle and looked around.

“Do you have someone to eat?”

“We don’t deserve to drink that drink.”

Carmen shook her head.

“That drink was obtained after you defeated Gavid Lindman. Brilliant messenger of victory, didn’t you say that then? I will defeat the demon king of confinement and drink that drink.”

From a splendid lion, he became a splendid messenger of victory.

“So the drink should be shared with the real victors, not with us.”

With that last word, I was kicked out of the conference room. After robbing all the alcohol stored in the cloak and holding only half of the alcohol in his hand.

Yujin stood idly in the hallway, shaking the bottle a few times, then turned away with a blank laugh.


Ciel was in the room he returned to. She covered Senya, Anis, and Moron, who were all asleep on the floor, and raised her finger toward Eugene who opened the door and entered.

“Where have you been?”

“meeting room. So what are you doing here?”

“Don’t you see? You’re covering me with a blanket.”

Ciel let out a deep sigh and set the pillows on the floor.

“Why is everyone sleeping here, leaving their rooms alone? Not even on the bed, but on the floor.”

“It’s been a while since I thought about the old days. Originally, after killing the demon king, we slept spread out on the spot.”

“Let’s talk about the old days again.”

Yujin licked her lips at the words she shot with her eyes watering. It was not a small room, but the floor looked very narrow because Morron’s huge body was scattered around.

“Let’s wake up.”

“… … Why? Everyone is sleeping well… … .”

“Everyone was awake until I left. It must have been five minutes since I fell asleep.”

“Even though you were awake five minutes ago, you are sleeping well now.”

“What is it?”

puck! Morron’s body shook at the kick. With one kick, Moron did not rise. However, after being kicked about 10 times, Moron’s heavy eyelids trembled.

“Do I really need to wake you up?”

“Whether you shake it with your hands or with your feet, that’s it.”

“Trash child… … .”

I even thought that I was stupid for thinking like a human being.

Even while Ciel shook his head excitedly, Eugene diligently moved. He yanked off the covers from Senja and Cristina, pinched Senya’s cheeks and pulled them back, and stabbed Cristina’s side with her hand opposite her.

“Ah… … .”


With conflicting moans, the two opened their eyes. Senya, her jelly-cheeked cheeks, stared at her Eugene, squinting her sleepy eyes, and Christina caressing her stabbed side with her hands, twisting her body.

“radish… … What, what are you doing?”

“wake up.”

“He told us to rest… … !”

“I told you to rest, I didn’t say sleep.”

“Hamel, why are you acting mean?”

Moron stood up, rubbing his tingling shoulder, and asked.


Yujin shook the bottle in her hand and sat down.

“There is only one drink in the world. The liquor said to be brewed by Gavid Lindman himself. I was going to drink alone, but I thought of you and brought it… … .”

“Put it out!”

Consciousness changed in an instant. Anis, who jumped up from her seat, hurriedly approached Eugene and snatched the bottle. She wiggled her bottle around before uncorking her, watching the movement of the liquor down her insides.

“Even if I can’t do it, isn’t it a drink that has been aged for 300 years and has a grandiose meaning? Huhu, it can’t be tasteless.”

Senya and Moron, who were angry at waking up, also sneaked up. In the end, the four of them put the bottle in the middle, wrapped themselves in blankets, and sat together. Anise smiled and set a glass in front of everyone.

“Well then… … .”

opened the bottle

Boo… … .

woo woo… … .

The wind that couldn’t go out whirled around and made a gloomy sound.

An empty center wrapped around a chain. Outside of it, countless monsters are entangled. Their flesh clung to each other and mixed between the double chains, and although they were indistinguishable from each other, their eyes were as bright as they were. It was as if only hundreds of thousands of pupils were rolling against the wall made of flesh.

Boo… … .

The wall of that terrible monster is the outside of the inner chain wall. Inside, where the wind roars and cries.

The man raised his head. his head… … It was stuffy. The consciousness that I barely regained seems to be cut off again. His hands trembled. He groped for vague memories.

What happened? What did you do?

‘Did I do it?’

questioned. No need to agonize, you already know the answer. Faint memories were linked. She recalled the gazes that were looking at her.

“haha… … .”

Vermouth sighed and sat down in his seat.

A sensation as if the inside of the brain were being scratched with a fingernail. It seems that black lumps form on the scars from scratching like that, and spread gradually. It does not tolerate the ego called vermouth. Even now, again, he is pressing down on Vermouth’s ego and trying to steal his body.

It’s not about lusting after the body. It doesn’t want a bowl. There is no such desire. The reason it wants to take away the body is simply because this body has been torn away from it.

“… … .”

Really? Vermouth chewed his lips. In that, the demon king of destruction has no ego… … . It might have existed at first, but it collapsed immediately. This is simply a catastrophe that only wants destruction.

Then why did they attack Senya 300 years ago? at that time. Vermouth went to seal the moonlight sword. He was thinking of getting the necklace by talking to Senya, who would come after recognizing the intruder.

Consciousness clouded. After she came to her senses, it was already after she fatally wounded Senya.

‘This time too.’

Unable to withstand the seal, his body was stolen by perdition. And he came back Attack everyone, and again… … I came to my senses.

All of this frightened Vermouth.

If destruction has no self. Attacking Senya 300 years ago, and attacking everyone here today.

Who the hell is it that wants it?


Vermouth groaned, clutching his head.

“That means I am not.”

In the chain cage without one answering, Vermouth sobbed silently.

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