Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 598

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I remembered our first meeting. The first time he heard that Vermouth asked him to be his teammate. I competed to check his skills-

lost. I lost so neatly that I couldn’t even put an excuse. It was overwhelming. Barely, really barely, I only had to cut one collar, and in return, I hit my head on the ground.

“I am.”

It wasn’t even just one time.

“I’ve never beaten Vermouth before.”

After becoming a colleague of Vermouth. In the early days, whenever he had a chance, he asked for sparring with Vermouth.

I didn’t ask for sparring because I could win. I just wanted to win. If you think about it calmly, you know, of course, that you will lose. Become friends and fight together. Even if I didn’t want to feel it, I had to feel it.


Vermouth was strong enough to be reduced. Hamel had never thought of himself as inferior to others in a single fight in his entire life, but Vermouth was different. Even after training and gaining experience, the distance with Vermouth hardly narrowed.

“When I think about it now, it’s only natural that I didn’t win. You bastard vermouth, you’ve been hiding too many things in your back pocket.”

“If anyone sees it, you’ll know you’re not hiding it.”

Senya raised her finger and grumbled. As the glittering light wrapped around Senya’s body once, the rags of her robes were wiped clean, and her blood and sweat-soaked body was cleansed.

“You’ve been hiding a lot in your back pocket, haven’t you?”

Seeing her stare at her, Senya cleared her throat and moved her fingers.

“It is. It was just me and Moron who were proud with nothing in our back pockets.”

Anise, now in her clerical attire and tidied up, grinned with a clear expression.

“what? Why me! I had nothing.”

“There is nothing. The sage of the world tree said that, Senya. You are said to have been guided to the great forest by the favor of mana and magic.”

“That’s not to say I’ve been kicking myself in my previous life like some idiot!”

“yes. It’s different from an idiot who died like an idiot with a brilliant past life. But isn’t it true that you also have full back pockets?”

“that… … Are you? Neither do you!”

“oh my god!”

Anis, who had been lying down, flinched and raised her arms to the ceiling.

“You are truly cruel, Senya! Are you saying that, knowing that my birth was a terrible tragedy!”

“ah… … no… … I don’t mean that… … .”

“You know that I didn’t want to be born like this! My God, my God… … Unlike you, born of magical grace, my birth was stained with ugly fanaticism and blood… … .”

Anis shouted in a voice full of sorrow as she struggled with her arms raised toward the ceiling. The more she shouted, the more sweat dripped from Senya’s forehead.

“mi… … Sorry… … I misunderstood… … .”

“Your voice is too low.”

In the end, Senya lost again this time. Senya sneaked up to her and grabbed Anis by the shoulder and shook her gently.

“Sorry… … ! It’s my fault… … .”

“There is nothing I can do about apologizing so much. I am generous and will forgive you.”

Naturally, Anise was neither angry nor sad. He was just teasing Senya. Anis has often used and sold her unfortunate past from before, and she knew it, but she had no choice but to suffer.

“I have nothing.”

thick voice. Morron, who was lying face down, raised her head.

“I have been bare-handed since I was born. Also, my hometown, the snowfield, is a harsh land, so there really was nothing there.”

“Is the Great Forest the same?”

“different. Senya, didn’t you grow up with kind elves?”

“Do you think there are only elves in the Great Grove? There are many monsters and many natives. How many cannibals were there 300 years ago… … !”

“So Senya, did you grow up with monsters and cannibals?”

Moron’s question on the subject of dying and reviving was very sharp.

“that… … that… … No.”

“Just because they are remote areas doesn’t mean they are all the same, Senya. I grew up hunting monsters in a blizzard every day.”

Moron barely lifted his head and remembered the past. Eugene, who was watching such a conversation pitifully, grumbled as she sat down on her mother’s back.

“What are you guys arguing about?”

“You who grew up in an inland city don’t understand.”

“You are also inland.”

“I was out of a monastery for most of my childhood, and I have no parents.”

“Who was there? And what a city! My hometown was the village of Turas. How many monsters were there in the forest next door? It was a country where it was normal for children to be eaten by goblins or orcs.”

After answering that, Eugene slapped Moron on the shoulder.

“Are you okay?”

“It hurts, but it’s worth it.”

“Baby, why are you doing something you weren’t told to do? Even if you didn’t block it, I dodged it on my own.”

“Hamel. Even if you didn’t block it, Vermouth would have avoided it on its own.”

The answer that came back made Eugene speechless. Did your brain get better after dying?

“uh… … hmm… … Anyway, thank you.”

Since it was a topic that would only get more teasing if he got angry, Eugene ended the conversation with thanks.

“I was lying down, but I heard the conversation.”

“Gurah, you fainted. How do you listen to the conversation?”

“I didn’t faint. I just closed my eyes and rested.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Vermouth. Can you win?”

At that question, Senya and Anis stared at Eugene. Eugene didn’t answer right away, scratching her chin and thinking about her for a while.

“I think I could beat the vermouth of 300 years ago with one finger… … .”

“The vermouth now is not the vermouth we used to know.”

“yes. It seems that even the demon king in captivity had a hard time with the true nature that he revealed… … .”

“In the first place, does Vermouth have reason right now?”

Senya opened her mouth. A throb was felt from the wound in her chest, which had healed immediately. Senya furrowed her eyebrows and placed her hand on her chest.



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“… … It looked even stranger than when I saw it from the tomb. At least I could see the ‘face’ of Vermouth at that time.”

“I am being manipulated by the demon lord of destruction.”

Eugene, who was sitting on Moron’s back, came down to the floor.

“It is clear that Vermouth has no will to attack us. So, it wasn’t Vermouth that attacked us.”

“Hamel, but… … .”

“know. Perhaps Vermouth’s ego has completely disappeared.”

The appearance of vermouth that I saw earlier. Covered in an ominous color, neither his face nor his figure could be seen. However, it was undoubtedly Vermouth’s ‘body’.

I felt the gaze. I looked straight ahead. But she couldn’t feel Vermouth’s ego in those eyes.

“You didn’t check.”

Yujin waved her hand and grumbled.

“If you get rid of that messy color, maybe even Vermouth will come to his senses. If you can’t come to your senses, that’s… … Let’s think about it then.”

“You can just beat him until he comes to his senses.”

Moron also replied with a grin.

“If I pierce a hole in my chest, I will come to my senses even if I don’t like it.”

“If you still don’t come to your senses, I will pray for your requiem. I think it will be all right to hold a real funeral this time.”

Senya and Anis also exchanged words and laughed.

In the end, not everyone was willing to give up vermouth. The demon king of confinement said it was excessive greed, but what is wrong with being too greedy? As long as he made up his mind to save, he only thinks about saving. It’s not just because it’s vermouth. Whoever they were, they had no intention of abandoning their comrades.

“You rest.”

Eugene staggered and stood up from his seat.

“I’ll meet the family head and talk about the situation.”

“Hamel, aren’t you the one who needs to rest the most?”

“It’s more bearable than Jebela City.”

It’s true that everyone needs a break, but Senya has to keep an eye on Reheinyar’s barrier, and Moron and Anis can’t move yet. At least it was Yujin who was in better condition, and even if it was only his position, Yujin is wearing the feeling of being the commander of the new army.

“If it goes like that, the morale that was trying to rise will also fall into abyss.”

Senya’s finger pointed to Eugene. His sloppy clothes and body were washed clean, and his hair, which was greasy, was soaked in water once and then dried dry. The cloak that had been crumpled and thrown on one side also floated up, then returned to its original form and covered Eugene’s shoulders.

“Let’s talk about it and come back. You have to rest quickly so you can wake up sooner.”

“Isn’t the demon king of confinement struggling as much as we go late? Thinking like that makes me want to go late.”

“Stop talking nonsense and go quickly!”

Eugene, who was pushed outside by the urging of the slapping on the back, had no choice but to stop after walking down the hallway for a while.

“Huh… … uh… … Ugh..”

There was Melchis sitting proudly in the hallway. She sat down with her back against the wall, then she struggled to look back at her Eugene and smiled thinly.

“… … I’m safe… … thank god… … .”

Blood dripped from Melchis’s nose. Eugene glanced at the roll of tissue paper that had fallen near her hand. She must have just pulled out a tissue that was covering her nose.

“Eugene… … you… … As long as you’re all right, hope leads to the future… … For that I… … Cool.”

Melchis struggled to speak, then turned his head to the side and coughed a few times. Blood did not come out of his mouth as he had hoped. Would you bite your lips or tongue? Melkis seriously thought about that for a moment, but he stopped because he thought it would hurt.

“ha… … ha… … me, i… … I don’t regret stepping out for you… … .”

He stared at Melchis, gasping for breath and uttering a dying voice. After standing like that for a while, Eugene walked towards Melchis.

“you… … light of the world… … it’s a spark To light the flame… … Someone has to be the firewood.”

This speech was good. Melchis himself was thrilled by the words he had just uttered.

Eugene is getting closer. As much as that, Melchis mixed his emotions with his breathing and slowly stretched his head to the side.

“Ah, it’s dazzling… … . I am… … Because I can do it for you… … Relief… … .”


I didn’t stop walking even for a second. He didn’t even give a glance. Eugene walked past Melchis without saying a word.


Melchis also stopped acting at that cold attitude. She yelled and grabbed Eugene’s ankle.

“How could you?!”

“If you are sick, go to the priest. Don’t lie down here, lie down on the bed.”

“Did you feel no emotion from my touching will?”

“He’s not dead. What’s your will?”

“I was going to die for you!”

“That moved me so much, and seeing you here like this really blows my mind.”

Eugene answered and raised Melchis to his feet.

“Now, stop your nosebleed again.”

“Are you really moved?”


“If you’re really impressed, let me do that too.”

The original purpose was not to make such an open request, but the smoke did not work properly, so there was no choice.

“What are you asking me to do?”

“You know what I did to Tempest. light! Isn’t that something you can do to other spirit kings besides Tempest?”

“What nonsense… … .”

“You just! Give grace, baptize! Isn’t that what happens? The Spirit King of Light… … !”

“That is not a spirit. It is divine power.”

“know. Because there is no such thing as a light spirit in the world. But if this Grand Spirit Master pointed it out and said it was a light spirit, wouldn’t it become a light spirit? I decided that.”

“I think you must have hurt your head.”

“I am fine.”

“Yes, you look the same as usual. Anyway, it’s not something I want to do. What is that, the light made the Tempest into a vessel… … .”

“The more bowls, the better.”

Melchis did not give up and followed Eugene and begged him.

“No, I mean, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t? If you want to do it, Melchis-nim joins the Protestant Church of Light and prays hard.”

“For me, the only being I can serve as a god is Senya, the goddess of magic.”

“Then, did you ask Senya to do it for you?”

“Senya-sama can’t do it, so I’m asking you to do it… … !”

“I really want to do you a favor because I’m grateful, but if I can’t, I can’t. No matter how hard you try, you really can’t do it.”


“Why would I lie?”

After hearing the same answer over and over again, Melchis’s shoulders drooped. She licked her lips at her deep regret and her longing.

“How about Tempest and the other Spirit Kings?”

“I am recovering.”

“Does everyone need time? Melchis-nim, too, don’t run around and rest.”

“also… … .”

Melchis put on a tired expression. Before. It’s not about thinking and moving. Just, he thought at the moment he should. That is why they prevented destruction without looking into the aftermath.

Come back now and think again… … I’m honestly afraid. Could it be next time? do i have to fight? Is it possible to fight it in the first place and win?

“Can you win if you fight?”

At the cautious question, Eugene first let out a blank laugh.

“What about the demon king of confinement, did you fight because you thought you could win? I won because I fought.”

“then? If we fight again, do you think we can win?”

“You have to fight to know that.”

“Can I run away?”

“You can go if you want to.”

“I don’t want to go because they told me not to hold on.”

Melchis let out a deep sigh.

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