Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 594

The demon king of confinement knelt down.

However, Eugene was unable to approach the demon king who was imprisoned. His knees have been bent several times so far. He’s even been knocked down a few times so he can’t stand up.

Every time that happened, the demon king of confinement rose again. It wouldn’t be strange if he died, no, even though he had been attacked with no choice but to die. The Great Demon King, who was cursed with immortality, stood up again and again and blocked the way.


Gasping for breath, I glared at the demon king in captivity.

please don’t stand up Eugene sincerely thought so. It was because Eugene was the same way that he overstepped his limit. His whole body creaked, his eyes were dizzy, and his head was also hazy. It seemed that it would be difficult to fight any longer.

Of course, Yujin just thought it was difficult, but didn’t let go of her sword. I hoped it wouldn’t happen, but this time again, if the demon king of confinement gets up and throws it away. Well, if you can’t even recover and start walking again by clenching your tattered fists. Of course, Eugene would also face him and wield his sword.

“… … Whoa… … .”

A long sigh flowed from the demon king of confinement on his knees. Eugene chewed his lips and took a step forward.

ㅡHurt… … ! The flame of the new sword with the spirit of ‘victory’ burned.

“You may lower the sword.”

I heard the voice of the demon king of confinement. Yujin flinched and stopped in her seat. On the other side of the destroyed castle wall, the new army stopped and chanted the name of Eugene Lionheart. Yujin opened her mouth after giving Shin a glance.

“… … What happened to your men?”


The demon king of confinement giggled, changed his posture, and sat down on the floor. He stood with his arms on his raised knees and stared at Eugene.

“Loyalty plucked out of fear, not trust, trained through ignorance and negligence. Babel collapses… … At the point of defeat for me, I was not their master. In the first place, I never considered them subordinates.”

“… … .”

“Of course not everyone is like that. Some of the demons must have been truly loyal to me and sacrificed their lives for me. However, I have no feelings about it.”

The demon king of confinement said with a dry smile. The only exception was Gavid Lindman, but he was already dead. Being defeated and being annihilated by the Demon Army was not something that the demon king in confinement would care about.

“So I got it.”

“… … Did you say that?”

“The magical power I gave you… … I reaped the magic they possessed. I decided it was necessary to fight more.”

Eugene didn’t answer and glared at the demon king in captivity.

“But it happened like this. I made a rude choice and struggled, but in the end, I was the one who knelt down.”

“He didn’t die.”

On the day of his return, the demon king of confinement smiled at the good answer.

“I hate to say the same thing over and over again, Eugene Ryanhart. I am a body that cannot die even if I want to die. When I die… … The madness inside me completely regurgitated and I gave up everything. Or, in exchange for my life, the possibility of killing the demon king of destruction… … It is only when I am possessed.”

The demon king of confinement put his hand on his chest while saying that.

ㅡ Iron gruck. A dark chain protruded from the bloody chest. That chain is ‘old’ enough to be said to be unique among all the chains that the demon king of confinement has seen so far. oldest chain. The first chain that gave the name ‘confinement’ to the demon king for the first time.

Yujin felt it and swallowed in a gulp.

“This chain… … It is connected to the demon lord of destruction. As long as the chains are not broken, I will not die. However, just because I die does not mean that the demon king of destruction will die.”

“… … .”

“However, through this chain, you can get close to the source of the demon lord of destruction. I am… … I can’t, but Eugene Ryanhart. Maybe you can.”

Eugene’s eyes widened at the answer that followed.

“That means… … ?”

“Do you want a definitive answer?”

The demon king of confinement chuckled and put the chain back into his chest.

“This battle is my defeat.”

little voice. However, that declaration overpowered all the voices in the chants and resonated throughout the battlefield.

“This war is Helmud’s defeat.”

The demon king of confinement spoke again. Those words made all the Demon Army still alive despair. Having lost most of their strength, they threw their heads to the ground and cried out.

Whether or not the Demon Army admitted defeat, it didn’t matter at all on this battlefield. Even if the Demon Army breaks out, the outcome of the Demon Army’s madness, which has lost most of its mana, will never change.

“I, the Demon King of Confinement, will admit all defeats. Even if I want to die, I can’t offer my neck yet because I can’t die, but someday, Eugene Lionheart. When you want to achieve your goal… … I will gladly offer my neck and open the door with my blood.”

Eugene didn’t say anything and stared at the demon king in captivity. The joy of victory hadn’t been felt yet. this… … Everything felt unreal.

“Until then, I will humble my head as your prisoner and slave.”

“… … Helmud’s territory and the people of the Empire?”

“Does the winner need to ask the loser for their opinion?”

The demon king of confinement smiled and asked again, then continued talking while slowly shaking his head.

“Having everything of a loser is Helmud’s law. Even if you don’t want it, as a loser, I have no intention of claiming ownership of what I have. So, Eugene Ryanhart. You can do Helmude however you like.”

The hand on the knee turned over. A bundle of chains lay on the open palm.

“This chain binds the souls of all demons who did not come here.”

The contract doesn’t matter. Helmud is the territory of the demon king in captivity, and all the demons who live or were born there eventually belong to the demon king in captivity. The magical power that the demon king of confinement gave to the empire for 300 years has eroded all the demons in the empire.

“As long as you hold this chain, you can dominate all demons. If you order death, all will die; if you order slaves, all will become slaves.”

Eugene bit his lip. He doesn’t like demons. He just can’t like it. Even though the attitude and perception of the demons have changed over the past 300 years, to Eugene, the demons are the ‘enemy’. However, he did not have enough hatred to annihilate all remaining demons in the empire without participating in the war.

“okay. Let me do as I please.”

But the chain did not refuse. Even if you didn’t participate in the war today, you can’t ignore the nature of demons.

So Eugene reached out and took the chain. He has no intention of killing or enslaving, but he decides to take this insurance as a contingency control.

“… … win.”

Putting the chain he received into his bosom, Yujin looked up at the sky.

Little by little, the realization came. won the war Won the battle against the demon king of confinement. Although he couldn’t kill him right away, the demon king of confinement admitted defeat.

This is the victory that Hamel longed for. A victory that even Agaroth hadn’t won. In a world that had ended several times and started anew, he gave defeat to the demon king of confinement who always dominated and moved on to the next.

“under… … .”

An involuntary smile leaked from his bloody lips. He giggled and his legs gave out. Cristina supported Eugene, who was about to stumble and fall. Although her saints were in a state of exhaustion as well, Christina, who moved her body, desperately held on to her spirit and raised her Eugene to her feet.



The saints called out to Eugene with trembling voices. ㅡCoooung! Morron and Senya fell from behind.


Before Moron could stagger and hug Eugene, Senya rushed at him. She embraced Eugene and Cristina, her tears dripping down her cheeks.

“this… … did you win did you win really?”

It was the same with Senya who desperately wanted victory. How long have you been waiting for this moment since Hamel’s death? Moron, who had come closer belatedly, spread her arms wide.

“Hahaha! ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

His voice hoarse from shouting so much, but Moron hugged his comrades with a laugh much louder than his shouts during battle.

The sense of victory that was clearly spreading was passed on to Shingun. Lionheart flags soared high everywhere. Leaders led by Gilade jumped over the vanished wall and ran to Eugene.

“Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurray!”

Melchis, who was hiding in the rubble and crouching with his head covered, jumped out of his seat. She shouted her cheers as she vigorously waved her arms raised high above her head.

[at las… … at las… … !]

The descending Tempest also trembled at the light and storm. The long-awaited northern bee was achieved. I dealt a blow to the demon king of confinement.

Eugene lowered his trembling hand. The flame of the new sword scattered and disappeared. A name chanted everywhere. Victory. Eugene closed his eyes for a moment.

Know. Victory in this war is not the end of everything. The demon lord of destruction still remains. Vermouth must be saved.

After taking enough rest, prepare and march to La Vista. Holding the chain of the demon king of confinement, I will stand before the demon king of destruction. You will meet Vermouth, who sits on the wound left by Agaroth and holds on to destruction.

The demon king of confinement still sat and watched everything. I thought it was unavoidable that Eugene could not purely enjoy victory. Still, the demon king of confinement thought that the wish to kill the demon king of destruction and save Vermouth was excessive greed. To kill destruction is to kill vermouth.

But strangely, I didn’t feel that the wind was a vain hope.

I thought it was absolutely impossible… … Why? Was your heart broken by the complete defeat that couldn’t be changed even with all your might? Or, have you been influenced by the unreasonable and egotistical ideals they speak of? To the bonded trust that never betrayed until the very end, to the future to pursue, to hope. Did I end up being possessed?


Really, maybe, you can make your wish come true. The demon lord of destruction who has come to end the world many times—may be able to kill him this time. What the demon king of confinement could not achieve. What they compromised because they couldn’t achieve, they might be able to achieve.

“is it.”

The demon king of confinement giggled and shook his head.

“You are all amazing… … excellent.”

Amidst the song of victory that began to resonate, the demon king in captivity opened his mouth. The current voice did not reach Shin-kun, but was heard only by Eugene and his colleagues right in front of him.

“I thought I would never be shaken. The eons I’ve lived have been so long, and during those eons… … I have confined all the factors that could shake and drive me crazy. I must not be shaken If I waver, despair, give up and hope for death, the world will never meet the next… … .”

Words recited with a thin smile. Yujin opened his closed eyes and stared at the demon king in captivity.

“Your bond is… … And the future you talk about, the hopes you burn for him, have finally knocked me down.”

“Do you have any regrets?”

Eugene spat out, ignoring the trembling in his hands that did not subside.

“You should have killed me right away. That I had to make it unreachable today. Are you regretting it?”

chance to kill? That’s what the demon king of confinement always had. It was like that 300 years ago, and even yesterday, the demon king of confinement would have been able to kill Eugene.

However, the demon king of confinement did not do that. The Demon King waited until the hero was able to defeat him, and eventually fell to his knees.

“Most of my life is full of regrets.”

The demon king of confinement replied with a smile.

“But, Eugene Ryanhart. Now I can say it clearly. I do not regret that this day has come. I do not regret not killing you.”

The demon king of confinement paused for a moment. He listened for a moment to the resounding victory song, then laughed again.

“Even though I was defeated like this, strangely… … I feel relieved.”

“I never thought of wanting to please you. The Demon King of Confinement. I wanted to despair you.”

“Haha, despair… … It’s very difficult to give me that feeling. Please do not be too upset with my satisfaction.”

Eugene didn’t like that comment very much. It’s because I didn’t defeat him to hear that story from the demon king of confinement.

The demon king of confinement continued to speak while feeling displeasure from Yujin.

“at last… … a prayer for you The hope you speak of is stronger than the longing for the next one I want to repeat. I think it’s a pity that I can’t bring all that value to the next one… … If there is no need for the next one, there is no need to be sad.”

“… … son of a bitch.”

“This world is different from the fate I repeated. I don’t know yet if that difference will lead to a different ending, but I… … I will lean toward the hopes and futures you wish for.”

“I know you have many stories and circumstances.”

Eugene raised his eyebrows and said.

“Even so, I will never understand you. To me, you are just a demon king who has ruined the world with destruction many times. you… … Even if you always started the world from scratch, I will never thank you.”

“On the contrary, I appreciate your consistent hatred. If it wasn’t for that hatred, you wouldn’t have reached today.”

“It’s annoying that I can’t kill her right now so I can’t tease her again.”

Eugene gritted his teeth and looked away. He didn’t want to talk to the demon king in captivity any more. However, the demon king of confinement whispered with a smile even though his gaze was withdrawn.

“Please have the same hatred for the demon lord of destruction.”

“… … .”

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

The gaze of the demon king of confinement moved.

“Senya Merdein. Moron Luhar. Anise Slewood. Christina Rogeris.”

After naming the names of all those who had defeated him, the demon king of confinement spoke with sincerity.

“I hope your wishes come true. May the world open up a true future, not the next. Defeat the demon lord of destruction and save Vermouth.”

The shout of the victorious god stopped. The chanting of Eugene Lionheart’s name stopped. The defeated Demon Army’s screams stopped.

The sound has disappeared from the world.

Moron’s hair stood on end as he hugged everyone. Senya opened her eyes without sobbing any more. Anise’s expression hardened as she brushed her pale face. Cristina’s legs gave way as she clutched at her tearful rosario.

Eugene raised the gaze he had turned away from. Even the demon king in captivity felt astonished and turned his head to look behind him.

The color is spreading.

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