Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 593

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I tried to get up, but I couldn’t. On the way, my legs lost strength, so I sat down again. His vision fluctuates wildly and his sense of balance is not right.

Is your brain broken? Or some other agency? Reason still remains… … .

‘It’s difficult.’

Even the thoughts in my head do not come out of my mouth. The demon king of confinement lay down on the floor for a while to catch his breath.

… … you mean tidying up? I thought so, but my wildly active breathing was not controlled as I wished. My heart aches every time I try to breathe. Instead of breathing, only dead blood and fragments of crumbled intestines dripped from his parted lips.

‘It’s really difficult.’

Got a hole in your chest? Did the shattered ribs tear through the lungs? Is your heart okay? There is so much to think about with the current state of injury, and the results that have been drawn are mostly negative.

‘Are you barely alive?’

Even if you want to die, the body that cannot die, the first chain made by the demon king of confinement is still connected. The chain that binds destruction… … Didn’t break. As long as this remains, the demon king of confinement will never die.

Not very helpful in the current situation. It wouldn’t be strange if he died right away, but he’s just barely hanging on to his chains to keep his life alive.

Is this enough?

I had a sudden thought. In this battle, the demon king of confinement does not die. No matter how much Eugene and his colleagues cry out for death, the demon king of confinement will never die. In this fight, death ends in defeat only for Eugene and his comrades. The defeat of the demon king of confinement.

it will break your heart

Just when I thought there was no need to test Eugene and the others. When the demon king of confinement is no longer obsessed with ‘next’. When you put hope in the present world without thinking about the possible or impossible.

“… … haha.”

Finally, the laughter came out as intended. The demon king of confinement let out a low laugh and grabbed the floor with his hands.

The test of ‘strength’… … I decided that was enough. Eugene and his colleagues used all means to drive the demon king of confinement. To the point where I couldn’t back off any longer. Although this is a variable that the demon king of confinement could not assume, the betrayal of Balzac Rudbez… … Even with the help of the remnants of Noir Jebela.

The demon king of confinement loves variables. A variable that did not exist in the eons he sent. He loves the variable that shakes fate that only converges to destruction. The more fatal the variable is to the demon king of confinement, the more he resists fate.

That’s why the current era was wonderful and beautiful. The will to save the world against the demon lord is strong. They didn’t give up on anyone, and they steadfastly advanced in the face of overwhelming power that would deprive them of their will to resist.

recommended several times. It showed a power that could never be defeated and forced despair. He also told me to give up and that we could go on to the next thing together and enjoy glory and happiness.

But no one accepted. No one hesitated or betrayed a comrade for fear of death.

I can’t give you the despair you wished for Checked the strength. They did not give up their greed to save even vermouth.

If so, wouldn’t it be nice to end it like this?

“your majesty!”

The demons approached the demon king who was prostrated in confinement. They are the second generation of the Demon Army remaining in Pandaemonium. At that voice and footsteps, the demon king in confinement slowly raised his head. Only then did the demon king of confinement know where he had fallen.

Helmud’s capital, Pandemonium. After winning the war, the battle fortress, which was remodeled to bombard the continent indiscriminately, completely lost its function. The attack that crashed the demon king of confinement swept away Pandaemonium, but Pandaemonium had been in ruins before that. It is because Melkis, who followed Eugene’s words and invaded Pandemonium alone, ran amok at his will.

“Wow, are you okay… … ?”

The approaching demons- had few wounds. The demon king of confinement was able to infer the reason without difficulty.

They did not oppose the invading Melchis. The demons with such a platform have already gone to the battlefield. The demons left here are only lowly ones who only intend to satisfy their desires by invading the continent after victory. That is why the second party hid without confronting Melchis. He watched from behind as Melchis’s Omega Force destroyed missile batteries and other weapons.

“… … .”

The demon king in confinement stared at the demons without saying anything.

The demon king read anxiety and fear in their eyes. And I also read the desire that spreads smoothly.

They thought that this war was definitely Helmud’s victory. He had no doubts about the Demon King’s victory. But, behold, the demon king whom I thought was absolute-had fallen into such a miserable form that it wouldn’t be strange if he died right away.

Anxiety and fear of defeat.

Greed for the neck of the demon king of confinement.

That base greed took many forms. Someone was greedy to decapitate the demon king and offer it. If you do that, you will be able to gain glory even after defeat. Someone else coveted the throne of the demon king. Without thinking about Helmud’s defeat, he thought that he would become the demon king and run away.


The demon king confined to such a desire did not feel the slightest disappointment. Rather, in the current situation, it is ridiculous that they are willing to sacrifice their lives for the glory of Helmud and the demon king.

The demon king of confinement has no affection for the empire he founded. The reason why he founded the Helmud Empire was to pursue optimal efficiency during the 300 years given as a grace period. Developing Helmud and actively accepting human immigrants? Of course, the demon king in captivity never regretted or considered the war he caused wrong. A human-friendly policy is to supply and demand human souls without going to war.

Such a goal worked well. As a result, many humans migrated to Helmud and died. The soul, which was mortgaged under the contract of post-mortem labor, eventually circulated within Helmud and became a commodity for the ‘next’.

It is in the same context that they prepared weapons that transcended civilization in this war. After bombing the capitals of major countries on the continent, the purpose of the demon king of confinement was to grind up the lives that came after being voluntarily captured and used as goods for the next.

I came to a conclusion by moving on to the next several times. As long as you end up alone, recognition will only wear you out. So, the demon king of confinement always kept the relationship to a minimum. His eyes always looked up, never looked down or stretched out his hand.

The relationships that were kept to a minimum are all dead in this era. The demon army mobilized for this war also had no concept of people or subordinates to the demon king in captivity. That’s why the demon king of confinement did not feel any disappointment in the feelings directed towards him now.

“go away.”

The moment he whispered, the bodies of the demons turned to ashes and collapsed. The magical powers bestowed on them became sparks and caused genocide. The demon king of confinement staggered to his feet with a dry laugh.

… … okay. You can still use this method. The demon king giggled and put his hand on his knee.

“What I gave you still remains.”

The magic that had been spread in Helmud had already been reaped. However, the magical power bestowed upon the Demon Army on this battlefield has not been reaped yet. That magic doesn’t account for a large share compared to the magic that the demon lord in captivity possessed.

it was needed now Without that, you can’t fight ‘more’. In other words, the demon king of confinement came to a conclusion.

He decided to fight more. It’s not because he didn’t despair. The demon king of confinement has been in despair for a long time. The reason he thought he would fight more wasn’t because he thought the test was lacking. At the point of this fall, the test is already meaningless.

Even so, to continue fighting ugly even while recovering mana.


The demon king of confinement raised his head and looked at the sky.

“Despair would have been enough. I would have understood.”

Eugene is standing in the sky that is no longer dark. He was also not in good shape. The divine power that Ignition has run amok is also slowly coming to an end. The pain that does not go away even if the body is treated prevents the perfect body from moving.

Even so, Eugene’s situation is much better than that of the demon king in captivity. In his hand, he still has a huge divine sword of light. Tempest, wrapped in light, also flashes his eyes behind Eugene. Morondo, who barely saved her life, is being supported by Senya, and the eyes of the demon king in confinement have even seen the saints. The two exhausted saints do not support each other, but instead support Eugene’s back.

“Maybe I’m jealous of you who are different from me.”


“Maybe I just enjoy this fight.”

Even if Eugene kneels in front of the demon king of confinement, even if he can no longer fight.

The current demon king of confinement will never be able to kill Eugene. Even if the demon king of confinement has the will to kill, everyone who came with Eugene will block the will of the demon king of confinement. If they had to do that, the saints would give their lives in front of them, and Moron would stand up and become a shield to protect Eugene, as he had done until now. Senya’s magic will desperately block the confined demon lord from realizing his will.

Even if you kill them all, the demon king of confinement will not be able to kill Eugene.

Shin-kun, who follows Yu-jin, will never betray Yu-jin. No one will covet Eugene’s throne. The flying dragon’s daughter will not hesitate to die for Eugene, who killed her father. All followers of Yuras will become fanatics calling for martyrdom. The continent’s heroes will die giving up the glory they have built up and will enjoy for a lifetime. The descendants of Lionheart, who betrayed their friends long ago, will give their lives without repeating the sins of their ancestors.

“I see.”

The demon king of confinement smiled peacefully and nodded.

In the end, in this battle, the demon king is lonely and becomes the only evil. And the warriors and heroes who stand against the devil will risk their lives against evil. It wasn’t like that in the distant past, but it is now.

The fate of this world is different from the fate that the demon king of confinement has seen.

No, not just this world. The world before it, the world before it, always has been. The demon king of confinement who started the invasion and the beings who faced inevitable destruction always made their destiny with such determination. Don’t despair, don’t give up hope. Not the next one decided by the demon king of confinement… … insisted on a continuing future.



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“Show me.”

The Demon King raised his hand.

ㅡQuaaaaa! The battlefield outside Pandaemonium was shaken. The demons who had stopped fighting screamed. The black mist was the first to kneel and struggle, and the monster collapsed as a mass of dead meat.

“Brilliant light without despair.”

The extracted magical power did not reach the sky. Like a shadow spreading under a too bright light, the magical energy flowed into the demon king who was in captivity while running on the ground. The demon king of confinement giggled and clenched his fists.

“The next closing defeat.”

The sword was raised high. Light set up a pillar in the world. The demon king in captivity shuddered at the sight and whispered.

“A victory that opens up the future.”

Leading the towering pillar, Eugene fell. The demon king of confinement could not stand it and burst into laughter. I no longer listened to the rustling of chains. The demon king of confinement ran toward Eugene descending from the sky.

ㅡQuaaaang! Darkness and light collided. It was the darkness that shattered and scattered. The countless chains led by the demon king of confinement were also shattered. The demon king of confinement stumbled as if he was about to fly away, but he barely managed to fall. He clenched his fists again, coughing up blood with laughter.

The fist he swung again stopped the light. However, that light was too bright for the current demon king of confinement to block it.

Tempest raised a fist from behind Eugene. The storm came again. The wind carried the light, causing a flash of light. The demon king of confinement used chains to hold his body, but the storm of light swallowed all the darkness and broke his chains.

The power spreading from Pandaemonium annihilated the walls. The demon king of confinement, flying in the storm, saw the advance of the new army beyond the destroyed castle wall. Instead of suffocating the demons who had lost their power and collapsed, they were approaching Pandemonium.

Eugene Lionhart.

The name is being chanted. Everyone on the battlefield felt it. Helmud, as for the demons, the defeat of the demon king in captivity is near. The victory between Shin-kun and Eugene Lionheart is close.


Eugene felt it too. I realized. Eugene no longer doubted his identity.

the world’s prayers. A name that resonates on the battlefield.

Now, what is everyone longing for? What are you sure of? What is needed at the end of the war? What is needed to close the next and open the future?

The demon king of confinement said what it was.

And Eugene was sure of him too.


The light of the distant sea whispered. The new sword of light held by Eugene shone brilliantly.


I heard the voices of my colleagues.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

The chanting name is the current one. All the names Eugene had were bound together.


A flame burned. The Levantine who embraced it possessed perfect divinity. Eugene grabbed the new sword with both hands.

The light became a flame. A roaring flame ignited the darkness of the demon king of confinement. The demon king of confinement stretched out his hand to fight the flame, but the darkness was no longer black and the chain could not hold the flame.

“… … .”

In the midst of the flames, the demon king of confinement lowered his fist. He lifted his head once and looked up at the sky, then shook his head with his long sigh.

“He is the god of victory.”

The demon king of confinement giggled and muttered.

“It suits you.”

The demon king knelt down.

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