Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 59

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…you won’t be able to teach anything with a stupid mindset. In order to teach that absurd genius, Alchester must also reveal his resources.

Alchester was willing to do so. It seems that the emperor is dissatisfied with both the Lionheart family and Eugene, who is in the spotlight. As a knight and senior, Alchester wanted to interact with Eugene while guiding him. And he hoped that his one and only son would admire and resemble that young man.

“…It’s nice to know that Princess Raksha has gone abroad.”

Alchester muttered as he put down his teacup.

“I never thought she would… move around in the back of the wagon.”

Everyone would have. The opponent is a legend who lived 300 years ago. Frenzied foster daughter. The original Dark Elf, and the only one in the world with the power to corrupt elves. It’s Raksha Princess Iris.

…For a being like that to move hiding behind a shabby wagon that doesn’t even belong to me…

“…in terms of being caught off guard… yes…”

Eugene was also flustered after hearing Iris’ story. Either she steals the warp gates of any city… or she thinks she’ll use something more plausible, dignified and dignified. Hiding behind a wagon, moving to the carriage road, sneaking into a merchant ship in a port city, and getting caught at the baggage inspection.

“…But you succeeded in the end, didn’t you? That’s because they took an entire ship and set sail.”

I don’t know what purpose Iris set sail for.

But I heard about what happened in Helmud. The disturbance that Iris caused in Seiris, the capital city. It was because, before he even raised a problem with Helmud, Helmud informed that Iris had been defeated and expelled from the Territory War.

‘…I don’t know if he was really banished, but he doesn’t want to take responsibility for Iris’s problems.’

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella. Eugene remembered the damn succubus. Just as Iris has grown stronger after 300 years, Noir Jebella must have gotten stronger too.


It is rapidly narrowing down to the point of reaching the previous life. Knowing that it was not enough, I supplemented the things I couldn’t get my hands on in my previous life. So don’t doubt yourself. The seeds sown are already bearing fruit. when it is fully bloomed.

Eugene was convinced that he would surpass Hamel.


The reason why she came to the Dragonic family was to get in touch with the dragon that Carmen must have had a relationship with decades ago. I don’t know who that dragon is, but dragons are a race so advanced that they are called magic pilots.

Their dragon magic ‘creates’ even magic that is impossible for humans and has never existed in the world. What happens as a phenomenon immediately after uttering words is the magic of dragon words. The magic doesn’t follow the normal magic system, and it doesn’t require any spells. It is a magic that only dragons can use in the world.

…Then, can a non-dragon mage never surpass them? no. Eugene knows a wizard who is human but has surpassed a dragon.

Senya Merdane. Even with her dying body, she exiled the black dragon Ryzakia to the dimensional rift.

‘…It’s unreasonable to search for gaps in dimensions with my level of magic.’

It is too risky to invade Helmud’s dragon castle and find traces of Ryzakia.

So, Eugene had something to see the dragon. Exploring the dimensional gap was impossible even for the owner of the Red Magic Tower, Loberian. In the first place, such magic does not exist in the world. But if it’s a dragon, she might be able to find Rizakia in the dimensional rift.

[Will the dragon really cooperate?]

Mer did not stick her head out of her cloak. She quite likes to walk on her own, but it was also nice to move comfortably through the cracks in her cloak, looking outside. She continued her words, twitching her Eugene’s fingers.

[Senya-sama hasn’t talked much about dragons, but I know about them quite well. Aren’t they a greedy, arrogant race?]

‘The reason dragons are arrogant is because they are aware that they are a great race. If that’s all it is, they’re just unlucky lizards… but the reason why dragons are respected because they are dragons is because they don’t avoid the time to act.’

[What does that mean?]

‘It’s literally. Do you know what noblesse oblige is?’

[Don’t ignore me. On the contrary, I am astonished that Eugene uses such a word.]

‘What the hell do you think of me?’

Eugene pinched the back of Mer’s hand, who was flicking her fingers.

‘I’ve been educated a lot since I was young. Anyway, dragons usually ignore humans and other races as lesser than themselves, but the moment the world is about to go to shit, they always go first.’

It was the same 300 years ago. When people are paralyzed by a sudden invasion. The dragons first flew to Helmud and started fighting the demon king.

‘…Dragon and demon king… compatibility is very bad.’

Just as elves are corrupted by magi, dragons are also affected by magi. So, the dragons were defeated by the demon king of confinement and slain by the demon king of destruction.

‘Dragons have learned that it is difficult for their race to win against the demon lord. So in the war 300 years ago, dragons couldn’t play a leading role. However, if you ask for help with the problem with the demon lord, I won’t refuse.’

[…but… you don’t know how to contact them?]

The problem is this. I know that Carmen met the dragon at Dragonic’s mansion, but he didn’t hear how.

Somewhere in Dragonic Mansion.

A place you can’t get into.

This is the only amount of information I’ve heard, as long as I don’t fall for the promise of the dragon. It was said that it was a place that ordinary visitors could not enter… Is there a special place like Lionheart’s spirit vein in Dragonic’s mansion?

The search was not without confidence. Eugene has Akasha. This wand makes even hidden magics visible and understandable. If you use search magic as well, you will be able to easily find the hidden place in the mansion.

‘…Actually, the simplest way to summon a dragon is to destroy Akasha.’

The Akasha is a wand made from the hearts of dead people. The dragons came to the elf’s territory and presented Senya with a wand.

If that kind of Akasha’s dragon heart is shattered. An angry dragon might come.

‘…It’s a waste to destroy it by calling out a dragon… There’s no guarantee that he’ll find it, and it’s unlikely that he’ll come and cooperate.’

“This is it.”

Alchester’s steps stopped. He pointed to the closed door and turned to Eugene.

“Rio will be inside.”

“Would you like to come in with me?”

“…Rio grew up with a lot of love from me… If I went in with her, her education wouldn’t work properly.”

Alchester took a few steps back with an embarrassing expression on his face.

“So, I’ll go back to the office for now.”

“Just in case, I asked, is it okay to scold?”

“Don’t worry about that. Liu is such a good kid that he has no place to scold.”


“Still, if you need a scolding… don’t mind me, it’s okay to punish me harshly.”


After confirming that Alchester had gone, Eugene knocked on Liu’s door.

No reaction. quiet. However, I could feel the presence of something inside. I tapped once more, but still no response. Eugene kicked her tongue and opened the door.

So I went into the room and closed the door. Large room, neatly arranged. I saw a bed that was too big for a 10-year-old boy to use.

under the bed.

A stream of water was shot at Eugene.

“You’re a rotten bastard.”

Eugene quickly gave an evaluation of Rio Dragonic.



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Rio Dragonic


A stream of water hit the bridge of the nose. Water droplets splashed in her eyes, ran down her cheeks, and dripped from her chin. Thanks to that, the hair on her collar and cloak was wet, but Eugene let it go for now.

I didn’t deliberately avoid it and hit it. Mer, who was inside her cloak, opened her mouth, not knowing why.


drop, drop.

Eugene stood still, tasting the water between his lips. Sour taste… that rotten bastard. It looks like vinegar mixed with water. The sourness in the mouth and the dampness of the face! Yujin turned her head and spat.


Loud laughter erupted from under the bed. Without even wiping the water off his face, Eugene looked at the little boy crawling out of bed.

Liu Dragonic.

The 10-year-old boy had red hair and blue eyes similar to his father. His body was uncharacteristic of a child, and his face was left with helpless breast meat.

That, with a mischievous smile in the middle of his round face. He is aiming the water gun he is holding in one hand at Eugene.


Naturally, Liu never apologized. If I had enough concept to apologize, I wouldn’t have fired a water gun, and vinegar water at that. Eugene nodded her head and let out a laugh.


Liu fired one more water gun. This time, Eugene did not avoid the stream of water. Chew! The stream of water, slightly stronger than the first time it hit, hit Eugene’s lips. That bastard who was going to grind, aimed precisely at the gap between her closed lips and pushed vinegar water into her mouth.

“Can’t you avoid that too?”

Liu giggled as he waved his water gun. A face with no worries about the future. I guess so. This is Dragonic’s mansion, the family head is Al Chester Dragonic, and the bastard he’s going to shoot in front of him with a water gun is Liu Dragonic. The only people who can scold Liu in this mansion are his parents, but Alchester can’t stand the love of his son whom he saw at a late age.

Yujin smiled and waved her finger. hug! Wet Eugene’s face and clothes, the water droplets that fell on the floor began to rise to the top one by one.


Liu let out an innocent exclamation at the sight.

“Is that magic? Me too, I’ve heard a lot about Mr. You say you’re a great knight and a great wizard?”

After shouting that, Liu lowered the water pistol. He had a face that said that he himself was not very trustworthy. Liu murmured while looking alternately between the lowered water gun, Yujin, and the water droplets floating in front of him.

“…But why can’t you dodge this water gun?”


Eugene laughed and snapped his fingers at Liu.

“이러려고, 개새끼야.”

Perong! In an instant, a drop of water flew into Liu’s face and exploded. It didn’t just explode. Eugene elaborately manipulated mana and pushed all the scattered water droplets into Liu’s nose and mouth.


There was no way a 10-year-old could have been prepared for an attack like this. Liu rolled on the ground as the sourness filled his nostrils and mouth. Water droplets flowed from his nostrils to his mouth, and Liu struggled and let out a gasp.

“Wow! Khehehe!”

Eugene moved closer to the struggling Liu. Liu, who rubbed his nose briskly and spat out water, raised his head. Anger filled his young eyes.

“Are you crazy?! What are you doing to me!”

“Did you go crazy and do that to me?”

“I… I knew you would avoid it…!”

“If you knew how to avoid it, is it okay to shoot a water gun in the first place? And since I didn’t dodge and got hit by the water, isn’t it self-defense for me to do this to you?”

“That’s… that’s… you’re an adult…!”

“Age is not important when it comes to taking responsibility for my actions and not acting like an asshole. I feel like taking this as an insult and I want to slash you with a knife.”

He spoke, and let his life slip away. Then Liu’s complexion turned white. He couldn’t argue any longer, and he lowered his eyes and shrugged his shoulders.

“…Looking at your father, Lord Alchester, I will not draw my sword.”


“Aren’t you going to answer me?”

“Yes, yes…”

“You mean sorry?”


Liu cried and shook his head.

…Mer watched it all from within the cloak. Mer pondered what to think of Hamel, the great hero of 300 years ago, who created such a nasty atmosphere against his only 10-year-old kid, and oppressed Eugene.

[…Yujin-nim is really… thorough.]

‘A child’s beard must be plucked and fixed when he is at least one year younger. The reason why Xian and Ciel are doing their job properly right now is because I nudged them when they were young.’

[…Yes… You’re amazing.]

Mer said no more.

Eugene pulled a nearby chair and sat in front of Liu. Liu was still terrified and lowered his eyes. On the topic that filled my eyes with tears, I desperately endured it without pouring it down.

“Did Sir Alchester ask me to sharpen the water gun?”


“then? Did someone else in the mansion tell you to spray vinegar on that thick mug of Eugene Ryanhart?”

“no. I just wanted to shoot you.”

“If you call me uncle one more time.”

Eugene didn’t speak until the end and crossed his legs. Liu trembled at the action.

“…Now I’m going to do something even more terrifying than you imagined.”

“Yes, yes, bro.”

“so. Why did you want to shoot me with a water gun?”

“…because my brother is a great knight… he knows how to avoid…”

“Of course I could have avoided it. You didn’t avoid it on purpose.”

Yujin said that and snapped her fingers. Then Liu’s body, which had been shrunk, stretched out wide. Liu was very flustered and looked back and forth between himself and Yujin.

“Bah, what was that? mana? Did you make me move with mana?”

what Yujin raised her eyebrows and stared at Liu. Alchester’s words about his son’s qualities are quite good, but he honestly spilled them… It seems that the best knight in the empire has enough qualities to be proud of.

“…wow… whoa…!”

Liu felt a little bit of mana touching his body. It is common for children born into prestigious samurai families to be initiated into mana from a young age, and it is also common for them to feel mana from such a young age. Right away, Ciel and Xian also entered Mana at a younger age than Liu.

but. Liu felt mana much better than Eugene thought. The mana touching Liu right now is so feeble that even most knights can’t feel it clearly, but Liu is moving her body around, recognizing him bit by bit, even though he’s not perfect.

‘This is fun.’

I came to contact the dragon, but Liu’s qualities were quite interesting. Eugene held Akasha inside the cloak. And in her mind, she recalled a magic formula. Without having to chant it out of her mouth, the will became a magical boot.


Eugene’s view changed slightly. Yujin focused her consciousness and looked at her Liu. A high-level insight magic. Eugene tried to see Rio’s core and mana flow through him, but

Didn’t see. I used the insight magic, but I couldn’t see the flow of core and mana.


Mer also tilted her head, feeling suspicious about it. Having excellent mana aptitude at a young age is not something that would be unconvincing to those who were born and educated in a prestigious samurai family.

However, resistance to magic is a different story. The Catch Eye used by Eugene is the magic of the 6th circle. A kid who wasn’t born into a family of wizards, but into a family of knights. There are no artifacts with resistance magic, and you don’t have that kind of magic, but you refuse to see through?

[…This… is not magic resistance.]

‘I know.’

If so, he would have resisted when I pushed water into his nostrils and mouth earlier. Eugene recalled the technique again, and this time Mer also assisted.

ㅡkeying! My eyes focused again. But again, Liu’s core was nowhere to be seen. As Mer said. No matter how strong the magic resistance is, it cannot be seen even dimly. What magic protects you? It’s not even visible.

‘…not consciously… no. If a 10-year-old can cheat magic like this, then this bastard must be the reincarnation of Vermouth.’

“Do you like Vermouth-sama or Hamel-sama?”


“Which of the two is better?”

“…I… I like Oryx Dragonic.”

There’s no way Vermouth would say such nonsense.

“You come and see.”

At the sudden gesture, Liu creeps closer. Yujin quickly reached out and grabbed Liu’s wrist.

“What, what is it?”

“Stay still. I think I need to see how to teach you.”

As I looked around, mana flowed through my wrist. Mana circulated through Liu’s body without stopping. Yujin opened her eyes thinly and peered into Liu’s face. Liu didn’t understand what Eugene was doing now, only blinking his eyes.

“…something is coming up from my wrist… from my arm. Is your brother doing it?”

There was no resistance to the flow of mana into the body, even though it was invisible to the detection magic. It’s hard to believe, but am I just born with absurd magic resistance? Eugene couldn’t believe that fact, so he used the detection magic once again.

That moment.

Eugene unknowingly let go of Liu’s hand. A chill that came over him suddenly hardened Yujin’s expression. that she once felt. where was she Eugene took a step back, stroking her goose bumps on her forearm.


It wasn’t just Eugene who felt that. Mer, who was observing Rio’s singularity with Eugene in her cloak, let out her screams. Mer, frightened by her strange and foreign coercion, moved her body inside her cloak and buried her head in Eugene’s chest.


Even with the remnants of the demon king and the hostility Iris exuded, Mer had never shown such a reaction. Only then did Eugene realize what he had just felt. This is not hostility or intent to kill. A presence that stiffens and scatters mana, like the roar of a beast that causes muscle cramps.

‘…Dragon Fear.’

The unique presence of the dragon that Raizakia exuded. That arrogant race dissipates magic and stiffens mana just by showing their momentum.

“Why… why is that?”

Liu looked at Eugene in bewilderment. Liu saw Eugene’s cape wriggling wildly, and purple hair slightly sticking out between the capes. And the little scream from before. Liu was eager to ask about it, but Yujin’s expression was so serious that she shut her mouth for now.

‘…unconsciously spewing out dragon fear, and you don’t even feel it yourself?’

Eugene thought about what triggered the flow of Dragon Fear. Was it an instinctive reaction to the different types of mana shed inside her body?



“How is your son?”

“Alchester seemed to be proud of it.”

Dragonic family’s training room. This is a dome-type building that uses the entire building apart from the mansion. Eugene continued by examining the magic on every wall of the building.

“Especially, the mana aptitude was very good. To the extent that she truly believes that she is a blood relative of the dragon.”

Saying that, Eugene looked at Alchester’s expression. I wondered if something would be revealed, but Alchester only smiled at his son’s praise.

“…That’s why I was curious.”

“What kind of curiosity?”

“Everyone in the Empire of Kiel knows that Oryx Dragonic, the founder of the Dragonic family, was a half-man, half-dragon. Among them, Alchester, who was called the best knight in the empire at the time… and his son, Liu, can be said to have inherited that blood ‘thickly’?”

Eugene continued while observing Alchester’s reaction.

“…You say thank you and I’m happy.”

Alchester nodded with a look of great emotion on his face.

“300 years since the founder. Our Dragonic family was born in the same era as Lionheart, and we have inherited the name until now. It’s something I can’t be proud of myself… but I’ve been trying to be like the ancestor who defended Kiel during the war.”

I don’t want to hear that.

“You can’t call such a mindset special. All the previous Dragonic family heads wanted to protect Kiel. Isn’t Ryan Hart like that too? Respect the great hero, the great Vermut, and his descendants must have practiced to become like Vermut…”


“I want my son to grow up like that too. I follow chivalry, serve the Emperor as my only lord, and hope to defend the Empire. One day… when my son succeeded me as his majesty’s guardian knight. A close relationship with your Lionheart…”

“I am not a candidate for California State.”

“…Um, it was. I made a mistake. But wouldn’t you be a Lionheart even then? So in the future, protect my son and Kiel together…”

“Can you use Dragon Fear?”

I just thought it would be better to ask outright.


“Dragon Fear.”

Oryx is not a half-man, half-dragon.

I was lucky enough to get the dragon heart.

Oryx’s descendants did not have dragon blood.

But how do you use Dragon Fear? No, even if you can use it once in a while, is it possible for a 10-year-old to exhale dragon fear?

“Dragon Fear… is that… you’re talking about the intimidating feeling that the dragon exudes?”


“How do people exhale dragon fear?”

“…but Alchester…isn’t he a descendant of the half-human, half-dragon, Oryx-sama?”

“That’s true, but among all the family heads of the past, including me, there’s not a single person who has ever breathed out Dragon Fear.”


“You… um… You have a little bit of a resemblance to Carmen-sama.”


“No no, don’t get me wrong. I know that you are not related by blood to Carmen-sama, and that you are related by degrees. It’s just that… personalities seem to be similar.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Eugene held back the swear words that tried to come out without realizing it. Doesn’t she look like a girl of her age, shameless, with bizarre hobbies and senses that she only enjoyed in her adolescence?

“…A long time ago, Carmen-sama also… asked me about that in this mansion.”

“…what do you mean?”

“You asked if you could breathe.”


“They said that he was hiding his dragon wings behind his back and his tail behind his buttocks… A black flame dragon on his right arm…”

“It’s a very rude thing for me to say, but Lady Carmen is out of her mind.”

“…I think he is very consistent.”

Alchester coughed and took a few steps back.

“And as a knight, as a warrior, I respect you.”

“…Anyway, you can’t use Dragon Fear?”

“I don’t know how to write.”

It didn’t sound like a lie. If he had such a talent in the first place, there was no way he wouldn’t be known around him.

“…Stop talking about Dragonfear, I want to tell you why I called you here…”

Alchester cleared his throat and straightened his posture.

“…Lionheart’s white and red salt ceremony is very famous, but I know that it is strictly forbidden to pass it on to outsiders of the family.”


“Of course, I don’t want you to teach Liu how to cook white or red salt. The swordsmanship you showed me is coveted, but it must be difficult for Liu to accept it now.”

“I’ll try, but…”

“no no. You don’t have to be too conscious of teaching Liu. As I said before, I want you to maintain your friendship with Liu and… the Dragonic family into the distant future.”

“But can’t you not teach anything?”


Alchester spat out a short word and smiled.

“I want you to teach my son how to handle mana.”

At those words, Eugene changed his mind about Alchester. As Carmen said, he might be a weak and gentle man from Alchester. However, he certainly had enough insight to be called the best knight in the empire.

“For example, what is the best way to distribute mana in composing a sword skill? How to bind mana to change sword skill into sword steel. What kind of flow is intended in the circulation of mana through the core, and which way is given priority when mana flows into the body.”

Liu’s mana aptitude is genius. In the eyes of others, Eugene will look that way too. similar talents. Eugene has made him bloom, and Alchester wants the trick.

“…it’s not hard to teach the tricks, but…”

“Of course, I’m not just asking you to teach me.”

Alchester said so and put his hand on the sword at his waist.

“I will also teach you the martial arts of Dragonic, that mysterious group.”

-I was a martial arts instructor in Alchester. Ever since I was young, I didn’t like weapons like swords or spears, so what I taught Alchester was martial arts like fists and kicks. The Dragonic family head at the time taught me the martial arts of the family… but it didn’t help much.


Eugene remembered Carmen’s words and bowed his head.

“i look forward to.”

I hadn’t learned it yet, but somehow I felt like I was losing money.

…I thought so until Alchester drew his sword.


A sword drawn slowly. Her posture didn’t change much, but Eugene felt a completely different presence from Alchester. In front of Eugene’s eyes now, his spirit was still calm, but he didn’t feel the usual weakness at all.

It was sharp only. His presence with the sword was rare even in his previous life.

‘…In terms of sharpness alone, it’s worse than Gilreid.’

Swords usually change their temperament according to their innate nature. That’s why Alchester’s sharpness was even more unexpected.

“…The great Vermut-sama was called an all-master, so he handled a variety of weapons and magic. But Oryx Dragonic-sama only handled one sword.”

Alchester stared at the drawn sword and continued.

“Then 300 years. The Dragonic family has developed the swordsmanship left by their ancestor. …Although I am only a distant descendant, I understand that the hardships of my ancestors were serious.”

“What grievance are you talking about?”

“The half-human, half-dragon power that Orix Dragonic-sama possessed. It is not passed on to future generations.”

Alchester shook his head with a bitter smile.

“It is said that Oryx-sama radiated a sword as high as a mountain peak and as wide as a castle wall, but later generations could not. My ancestors, including me, didn’t have huge mana like Oryx-sama, and didn’t have the half-human, half-dragon mana aptitude.”

No wonder. Oryx is not half-human, half-dragon, and his power is the power he obtained by taking a whole dragon heart. Eugene also shared the dragon heart with her colleagues in her previous life, so she knew how much mana was contained in the dragon heart.

“…but the ancestors didn’t give up.”

Alchester stretched out his sword. ㅡWoe! The blue sword steel wrapped around the sword. There was nothing special up to that point, but the changes that followed surprised Eugene.

The sword cavity was greatly swollen. Eugene looked at Alchester’s sword without saying anything, then nodded his head with exclamation.


I want to know how you approached what you were looking for. The sword steel that Alchester had just created could be said to be the pinnacle of efficiency. Raises sword steel with minimal mana and combines mana in the air with sword steel.

If you do that, you can amplify the power of the sword by spending mana. However, it was not necessarily the only advantage. Using raw mana that didn’t go through the core meant that the power of control and solidarity was reduced.

In other words, that sword is not as powerful as it looks. If you collide with the sword steel formed through the white flame ceremony right away, you will be able to destroy it with just a few bumps.

“It’s not as great as it looks.”

Alchester muttered that and moved his sword.

“That’s why they call it Gonggeom. The biggest problem with this sword is that its safety and durability are too poor. It can’t be used properly in places with low mana, and the longer you drag it, the weaker it gets.”


“The ancestors tried various methods to reduce that shortcoming, and they succeeded to some extent.”

“How do you mean?”

Eugene was intrigued and asked. Eugene was also good at mana manipulation from her previous life, and tried various methods to extract the maximum power with the mana she had. What was created in that way was Ignition, which deliberately ransacked the core.

The Ignition formed a core through the White Flame Ceremony and could still be used even after mana was accumulated.

‘Rather, it’s better than my previous life.’

Performance of the body and core, Baek Yeom-sik. Since the conditions were overwhelmingly tighter than in the previous life, the stability and output of the white salt formula increased significantly.

In Eugene’s opinion, it seemed that even that air sword could be applied through the Baek Yeom ceremony.

“like this.”

Alchester raised Mana again. Mana is added on top of the unstable sword. Sword steel and mana do not mix. It just covers the surface thinly. It gradually tightens like that, condensing the unstable sword steel. And again, mana stuck to the surface.

it was repeated Eugene felt pure admiration. Alchester was layering mana and sword steel on top of the actual sword body and coating it.

“…that’s difficult.”

Yujin nodded and murmured. That’s hard. As the coating is repeated, the power is amplified and stabilized, but the coating itself requires an incredibly high mana manipulation power.

“The more you build it, the harder it gets.”

Alchester said that while looking at the sword. A very dark blue sword. The shape of the sword body is not even visible.

“Even for me, stacking 8 times is the limit. …The first time I succeeded in nesting was when I was 21 years old.”

This is the age at which Alchester participated in the Imperial Martial Arts Tournament and won. Alchester smiled and scattered the sword. The bound mana flowed into the air.

“Perhaps you can do better than me. When I was your age… haha. I was weak enough to compare with you.”

“…The air sword is a dragonic technique, isn’t it? Would it be all right if I taught that to Lionheart?”

“Dragonic’s martial arts are not limited to the empty sword.”

The sword returned to its scabbard.

“It is a pleasure for me as the head of the family to have Dragonic’s martial arts added to you, who will be the center of Lionheart. Of course, if you want to learn.”

“Isn’t there any reason to refuse?”

After being reincarnated and learning the White Flame Ceremony, I have never felt a lack of mana.

‘Moonlight Sword. Except when using that ignorant sword.’

The round flame formula grafted with the Eternal Hall amplifies the power of the core to the limit. What if an air sword was added to it? No matter how many days I sprayed sword steel, my mana would not be depleted. It was also interesting to overlap swords.


A week has passed since Eugene stayed at Dragonic’s mansion.

During the morning and afternoon, he guided Liu, and from the evening, he was taught how to use a public sword by Alchester at Dragonic’s training ground.

‘You’re crazy.’

Alchester could not hide his astonishment. Right now, Eugene’s sword was wrapped in grayish-white flames. It is not a sword made purely from white salt. In addition to the technique of the air sword, the mana in the air was put into the fuel of the sword steel, and the surface was covered with sword steel again.

Dark-colored black steel. But little by little the color is clearing. The white flame diet, which burns mana with high output, is burning impurities of unrefined mana.

‘…without compromising the power of Baek Yeom-sik, it formed an air sword.’

Even if there is a foundation accumulated in the past, it was successful in forming it in just a week. Seeing it with my own two eyes, it seemed that part of my common sense was collapsing.

“…if you were a woman, I would have done everything I could to get you engaged to Liu.”

“Don’t say anything terrible.”

Yujin shuddered and stared at the sword. It’s hard to get the balance right. If you give up the output of the white flame formula, the power will decrease, and if you maintain the output, the stability will decrease.

No matter how much Eugene had mastered mana manipulation from his previous life, he couldn’t get used to such a difficult skill right away. This kind of skill requires tremendous proficiency in addition to the senses and qualities that one possesses.

‘…For now, this balance is the best that can be maintained.’

So what about overlap? Eugene connected the core through the round salt ceremony. The five stars rotated together, amplifying mana. ㅡ Hwareuk! The sword shook greatly.

‘Collapsed… No, it does not collapse. I’m adjusting and adapting to the added power right away.’

The mana attached to the flame is a random number. However, Eugene was interpreting and adjusting him right away. That’s how the sword is added once more. 2 overlap. The grayish-white flame burned more intensely, and then gradually began to turn blue.


A sound like space was being crushed began to echo. Alchester looked around in bewilderment. The training ground’s mana is sucked into that flame.

‘It’s only 2 stacks?’

Even the lightning is mixed with the increasingly fierce flames. Cold sweat began to flow on his forehead, but Eugene’s eyes continued to contemplate Mana. She stuck her head through her Merdo cloak and watched the flames.

Black spots appeared on the flames.

Wow! The air swords were scattered. Eugene let out a deep breath and dropped his sword. No, it could no longer be called a sword. Incontinence spread throughout the sword body, and it was shattered the moment it was lowered.

“…ha ha ha…!”

Alchester laughed and shook his head. She felt an incredible amount of power because she only had 2 stacks. The reason she didn’t stack was because her power was too great. Pure ‘strength’ beyond finesse. So Alchester couldn’t help but feel the chills. Among the mighty men who make their name on the continent, how many will be able to receive that sword from the front?


Yujin let out a deep sigh and let go of the hilt.

My fingers are trembling slightly. The mana of the core was not used much. The recoil when the air sword is scattered is also not great. The reason my fingers are trembling is simply because I’m experiencing bliss.

‘It reached.’

It is not an illusion. The moment when black dots were mixed with the sword. The power in his hands at that time was in touch with Hamel’s heyday. That gave Eugene great joy. He thinks he will reach the 6th star of Baek Yeom-shik soon, but Yu-jin is still at 5 star of Baek Yeom-shik.

Even so, he had the power to touch his heyday in his hands. Can’t handle it perfectly? What does it matter. The power that cannot be dealt with immediately can be dealt with later. If proficiency is based on effort, you just have to do as much as you can freely and completely.

‘If you lower the standard of balance, you can increase the overlap. However, the power cannot be explosively amplified as before. First of all, this is the best, and I have no choice but to tune it while performing the details…’

Yujin gathered her thoughts and raised her head. She saw Alchester’s face still admiring it. I haven’t found a clue about the dragon yet, but I’ve reaped the value of the Dragonic family just by acquiring the sword.

“thank you.”

previous black spot.

That intense color did not leave Alchester’s head. Instead of feeling jealous and jealous of the young genius in front of him, he pondered whether he could apply what Eugene had shown him.

‘…Amazing. I’ve been practicing public swordsmanship for decades… I never thought I’d open my eyes.’

That’s why I think it’s more bizarre. The skill that Eugene had just shown was so high that it would be impossible for him to reach the age of 20, even considering that he was a genius. Alchester sensed the skill of a warrior trained for decades in Eugene.

“…I should rather thank you.”

Alchester smiled belatedly and nodded.

“Thanks to you, I think I can learn more at a late age.”

I thought I was close to the limit of what I could reach, but it was an outrageous delusion and arrogance. Alchester continued without erasing the smile on his face.

“I don’t need to look at your sword anymore.”

“It’s an overstatement.”

“no. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. In the first place, your sword… was so perfected that I couldn’t give you any advice. The only advice I could give was tips on how to use a public sword.”

My first thought was that at least a month would advise me on tips. However, Eugene became so proficient that he didn’t need advice in just two days, and now, after a week, he has done up to two stacks on his own.

“…I heard about you from Liu. Liu seemed to like your map very much.”

“Thanks for listening.”

The discipline was set at the first meeting, and he is a kid who has been training mana since then. He also had a very good quality, so Liu quickly understood the tips that Yujin gave. It might be impossible right now, but I wondered if I would be able to develop a level of swordsmanship within a year or so.

“…I have nothing more to teach you, and I’m sorry to keep you in this mansion any longer. You can return to Lionheart whenever you want.”

Alchester thought that was the right thing to do. His son learned the art of Mana from Eugene, and since four days ago he has been out and receiving instruction in taijutsu. The Gasoline Knights were initially dissatisfied with the one and only Bocchan being guided by Lionheart, but after seeing Eugene tutoring Liu, they no longer expressed their dissatisfaction.

It was said that he was tutoring a child, but he acknowledged the body movements hidden from Eugene. No matter how many rumors about Eugene, seeing it with your own eyes is quicker to understand than hearing it from someone else’s mouth.

Liu is learning as much as he is young, but Alchester has nothing more to teach Eugene. He can’t teach secret skills other than the sword, and he can’t even talk about basic skills to a child who is as perfect as me.

“If you say so, we will leave tomorrow.”

Yujin nodded and said.

left the training ground. It was late at night, and the air was cool, perfect for a walk. Eugene didn’t look back at the training ground and went straight across the garden to the mansion.

[It hasn’t been specified yet, has it?]

‘There are a few things that catch my eye.’

When Mer asked with a puzzled expression, Eugene answered with a smile.

A week spent at Dragonic Mansion. Eugene reduced his sleep at night and looked at her mansion during the early morning. He avoided the eyes of many attendants and knights, and did not even go close to Alchester’s floor.

However, the search for that floor was not neglected. During the daytime, when we were relatively free of action, we devoted ourselves to exploring while pretending to be looking at the artworks decorated on the top floor.

No sign of the dragon was found. There wasn’t even a special place in this mansion like Lionheart’s spirit vein.

In the middle of the difficulty, I thought again from the beginning.

‘Dragon Fear.’

If a 10-year-old child unconsciously exhaled dragon fear, there is no way that it would not go unnoticed.

When I used the Perception Magic, I couldn’t look into Liu’s body. It wasn’t that Liu’s body had his magic resistance and refused to see through. If he had that much resistance, he wouldn’t have been able to force the stream of water that Liu shot back into his mouth and nose.

The first time I felt Dragon Fear. While holding Liu’s wrist, I used the Perception Magic. So I thought that Liu had unconsciously resisted the magic, and he had exhaled Dragon Fear.

no. Dragon Fear was just a warning. for what?

Eugene stopped walking after organizing the things he had learned during the week in his head.

Liu’s room. The door is closed. There are no other signs around. From the moment I came to the mansion, I used invisibility magic and hid my presence as much as possible. Eugene put his hand on the doorknob and immediately used his magic.

The door opened without a sound. Eugene slipped into it. I saw Liu sleeping unknowingly on the big bed. Eugene dispelled the invisibility magic and approached Liu.

Interpretation magic. It still doesn’t work for Liu. Eugene kept his magic and looked around his room. Nothing special. Eugene checked him and put his hand inside his cloak.

small dagger.

He held it close to Liu’s neck. Life doesn’t spill. But he did not hesitate to act. The moment the sharp blade touches Liu’s neck.

ㅡ Creepy.

The same dragon fear attacked Eugene.


don’t harden Eugene immediately twisted his body. Where are you? It was fleeting and shallow then, but long enough to make sense now. Eugene’s eyes quickly scan the room.

closed windows.

Dismissed! Lightning flashed, and Eugene’s body accelerated explosively.


Liu rubbed his sleepy eyes and stood up.

‘I must have heard the sound…?’

There was no one in the room.


A sense of floating where the feet do not touch the ground. It feels like stretching your body all the way and being sucked into somewhere.


The feeling of floating was over in an instant. The ground suddenly appeared, but Eugene got down on his feet without rolling over. He then raised his head, unfazed.

A feeling of oppression all over the body. As if tearing the existence apart, violent dragon fears rained down from the front. Eugene felt the hairs on her body stand on end, but did not flinch her shoulders.

“…what the hell are you?”

in front of the fireplace. A woman with red hair, stronger than a log fire, glared at Eugene. A thick book lay on the lap of the woman sitting in her armchair, as if she had been reading until just before.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

Eugene replied without avoiding her gaze.

“…Do dragons these days have voyeurism?”

I slowly turned my head and looked back. The entire wall on one side was made of glass, and like stained glass, different screens were reflected on each side divided into dozens.

Among them was Liu’s room, the hallway of the mansion, the garden, and the training ground.

“…how did you know?”

The dragon opened its mouth again.

“I couldn’t find the door with your magic. It means that the word itself has been changed so that you cannot peek at it with your intrusive detection magic.”

“You weren’t like that on the first day, were you?”

“…I didn’t expect Akasha’s owner to come and use the Detective Magic.”

The dragon clicked its tongue and murmured. also. The dragon words I first felt toward Liu were not those of Liu himself resisting the Detect Magic. The dragon watching through the glass window warned me that my gaze would be exposed to the detection magic. The reason he didn’t send a warning again after that was because he changed his words to match Eugene’s insight magic.

“…I know there is no dragon blood mixed with Dragonic blood.”

Eugene opened his mouth with a calm face.

“And I have experienced Dragon Fear myself in the past. When you first sent the warning to Dragonfear, I was convinced of the dragon’s existence.”

“…I felt Dragon Fear…”

The dragon fear that oppressed the whole body disappeared. The dragon slightly tilted his head and stared at Eugene’s face.

“…Eugene Ryanhart. A descendant of that Lionheart. Did you hear about me from Carmen Lionheart?”


“I guess so. Her meeting with her was accidental, and she promised it with her own words.”

It seems that even the dragon did not expect that Carmen would be anxious to show off whenever the word dragon was mentioned.

“…To know about Dragon Fear is to have met a dragon. i can’t understand that Eugene Lionheart, there is no way you know dragons.”

“There is no reason to lie. I want a dragon…”

“no. You have never met a dragon.”

The dragon’s eyes thinned.

“My name is Ariartel. A clan of red dragons, and the only dragon with eyes open. I’ve never met you, so when you say you’ve met a dragon…”

“I am Hamel.”

Ariartel froze with her mouth open.


As if time had stopped. Ari Artel froze with her mouth open. Then, belatedly, she shut her mouth and continued her thoughts in her head.


It was an unexpected name, but Ariartel could immediately recall whose name it was.

“…dumb Hamel?”

“Take out the stupid ones.”

“The descendant of Vermouth Lionheart, Eugene Lionheart. Are you that stupid Hamel?”

“Let’s get rid of the stupid ones.”

“…Human. Are you trying to make fun of me?”

Ariartel stared at Eugene, slightly frowning. The bloody Dragon Fear didn’t come out, but even if he didn’t do it, Eugene knew very well that Ari Artel was displeased.

While thinking about how to convince them, I came up with a simple method. Eugene immediately put his hand inside his cloak. Ariartel flinched slightly at the action, but soon watched Eugene with calm eyes.

Eugene couldn’t get his hand out of the cloak right away. It was because Mer, who was crouching and trembling inside, grabbed Eugene’s hand. Eugene frowned at the trembling that came from his hand. He wasn’t frowning because of Mer, and he glared at Ariartel, who had struck the Dragon Fear in the first place.

“The kid was surprised because of you.”


Ariartel asked in a puzzled tone, but Eugene stroked Mer’s head from within the cloak. But the trembling never stopped. Dragon Fear scatters mana. Her familiar, Mer, was more sensitive to dragon fear than people, and in particular, she had a great fear of being destroyed.

Eventually, Eugene pulled Mer out of the cloak.

“…I’m fine.”

At the subject of shivering while shaking her body, Mer said so. yes, yes Yujin said that while holding Mer in her arms. Mer sniffed her nose, buried her face in Eugene’s chest, and handed the We Need to Eugene.

“…it’s not like I’m doing this because I’m scared. Eugene-sama was looking for Winid, so I brought it out.”

“Yes, yes.”

“It gets boring when I’m alone in the cloak, so I want to be with Eugene-nim like this right now.”

“Yes, yes.”

…What the hell are we going to do? Ari Artel squinted his eyes and glanced at Mer. It looks no different from humans, but that is each ministry composed of advanced magic. Even for Ariartel, it was impossible to create a familiar with a level of perfection like mine.

‘…Holding that familiar in his arms like a child…’

“Can’t you just keep your eyes open?”

“…you’re talking about me, right?”

Ariartel’s cheeks twitched. Eugene didn’t answer that and chose Winid.

The wind enveloped the silver-blue blade. Eventually, the wind spirit king, Tempest, was summoned and descended to this place. As if he already understood the situation, Tempest appeared in front of Eugene in the form of a small whirlwind rather than the usual stormy form.

“…the spirit king of the wind…”

Ariartel recognized Tempest. She looked back and forth between Tempest and Eugene, then tilted her head.

“…Certainly, you didn’t summon the Spirit King with the intention of fighting me, right?”

“Tempest. Please tell him that I am Hamel.”

Eugene had no intention of fighting Ariartel and the dragon head-on. I just summoned Tempest because I needed a guarantee.

[…young dragon. He is the Hamel Diners, who made a name for themselves 300 years ago. In this era, it is known as stupid Hamel.]


[I understand the confusion, but I, Tempest, will guarantee that Eugene Lionheart is the reincarnation of Hamel. As you know, the spirit king does not lie like this.]


Ariartel muttered with a blank expression. Although it was directly guaranteed by the spirit king, she couldn’t believe it and stared at Eugene’s face.

A hero from 300 years ago has been reincarnated in the modern age. As a descendant of the warrior who was his colleague? Reincarnation of the soul is nothing special. All beings die someday and are reincarnated into other beings.

However, being reincarnated with the memories of the previous life intact was, in Ariartel’s opinion, absolutely impossible by chance. So, did someone intend reincarnation? Is that something that can be done with magic?

“…let me believe it.”

Ariartel nodded slowly. She had legitimate doubts about Eugene’s reincarnation, but at the same time she wondered why Eugene had come to this place.

“…If you were Hamel, you would of course know that the ancestor of Dragonic was not a half-man, half-dragon. You must have lived in the same era.”

“Why is the dragon watching over the dragonic family?”

Yujin turned her head and looked behind her. I don’t know exactly where this place is, but it’s certain that Ariartel has been watching over the Dragonic family for quite some time.

“… Let’s just say it’s a kind of game.”

Ariartel responded by waving her hand. Then the screens that filled the walls went out all at once.

“The name Oryx Dragonic, the founder, revealed as his ‘father’. Pallasquez is my father. … Oryx took my father’s dragon heart, and he lied to the world that he was a half-man, half-dragon whose father was Pallas Kes.”

“…If you considered that an insult to your father, couldn’t you erase the Dragonic family?”

“no. I don’t consider him an insult. His father died when I was an egg, and a dragon does not feel much affection for his parents.”

young dragon.

Tempest said that about Ariartel. Eugene doesn’t know how long a dragon’s lifespan is, and he doesn’t even know how old he is to say ‘young’.

“…How old are you?”

So I asked outright.

“…over 200 years old…”

“You are younger than me.”


Tempest looked back at Eugene with a puzzled face, and Mer, who was burying her face in her arms, raised her head and looked at Eugene. Ariartel was also flustered. She looked at Eugene with round eyes and tilted her head.

“I don’t know if you shot me with Dragon Fear for the first time, but didn’t you think I was going to kill Liu when you shot Dragon Fear in me earlier? I don’t think you’re just watching for fun, right?”

“Isn’t it strange to let them die when they’re clearly watching?”

crooked answer. Eugene patted Mer on her back and snorted.

“Actually, I’m not really curious about the reason. I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter.”

I can’t even guess what the dragon’s family love is like. Still, looking at him like that, it was clear that Ariartel had some sort of attachment to the Dragonic family.

But that’s none of Eugene’s business. Learning the sword gave Alchester a feeling of respect, but the bond between Ariartel and the Dragonic family was several times deeper and deeper than Eugene and Alchester.

Rather than that problem, what Ariartel said earlier was more of a concern.

“…you’re the only dragon with eyes open right now?”

300 years ago, the dragon fought a battle with the demon king of confinement and destruction. After killing five or six dragons, the demon king of confinement retreated from the front line, and the demon king of destruction slaughtered half of the dragons.

in that fight.

Raizakia betrayed her people. The guy ambushed and killed the Lord who was leading the line from behind, took the Lord’s dragon heart, and left the line.

“…Stupid Hamel. You know what kind of battle the dragon fought 300 years ago. In the battle with the demon king of destruction, half of the dragons barely survived, but they were not safe.”

I saw a dragon on the brink of death in Helmud.

“Dragons whose death is imminent have devised a way to use their remaining lives worthwhile.”


“A dead dragon leaves no trace in the world. Bones, scales, blood, heart, everything goes back to mana. Some dragons wanted to leave my heart behind, and my father, Pallasques, was one of them.”

He created a dungeon to test his abilities, and sealed the dragon heart at the end. He hoped that an outstanding adventurer who had broken through the dungeon would take the dragon heart and play an active part in that terrible world. …Although his skills weren’t great, Oryx Dragonic broke through the dungeon like that and got the Dragon Heart.

In the past life, Hamel and his friends had obtained the Dragon Heart like that.

“…Dragons who couldn’t avoid death disappeared from the world like that, and dragons with better circumstances devoted themselves to taking care of their wounds. However, the war ended before the dragons could recover and return to the frontlines.”

A promise made between the great Vermouth and the demon king of confinement.

“…I don’t know the contents of that promise. However, after that promise was made, the dragons went into sleep all at once. As a newborn Hetzling at the time, I remained alone in the world and took on the role of managing the ‘cradle’.”


Eugene glanced at Tempest. However, Tempest showed no reaction. He must have known that the dragon went into sleep, but he was in no position to say it carelessly.

“…isn’t it possible to recover from a wound without sleeping?”

“I don’t know why the other dragons went to sleep all at once. …that should have answered the question well enough. So, stupid Hamel. Did you come because the dragon had something to do with it?”

Ariartel asked, showing off her strength. It was interesting that the opponent was the reincarnation of a hero from 300 years ago, but that was not a reason for Ariartel to bow her head.

“I want to borrow your strength.”

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