Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 585

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kill but don’t die

I’ve met so many times that it’s hard to count. Even the middle-ranking demons have considerable immortality, and the high-ranking demons are even harder to kill. When it comes to the demon king, I wonder if that bastard really dies.

But if you kill it, you can kill it in the end. Up until now, Eugene had killed enemies like that many times over. The demon of slaughter, the demon of misery, the demon of madness, Iris, Raizakia, Gavid Lindman, and Noir Jebel.

I could kill him in the end. But now… … The demon king of confinement… … .

“… … Mr. X.”

There is no lie in the answer of the demon king of confinement. In fact, I didn’t even need to hear that answer. Eugene could feel it instinctively. In the new sword that pierced his body but couldn’t go all the way, she felt a life that would ‘never’ end.

a few more times

Even if you cut dozens, hundreds, thousands of times. The demon king of confinement cannot be killed. That terrible immortality is like a curse, no matter how hard you attack, you can’t kill it.


It can’t be. Even if it is immortality like a curse, if it attacks beyond the curse, it will be able to kill it. Eugene took control of his shaking heart.

This confusion breeds despair.

Eugene had no intention of despairing.

Vermouth cannot kill the demon lord in captivity. The magic of destruction can never kill the demon king of confinement. But right now Eugene is not using the magic of destruction. The power of the moonlight sword was intentionally blocked.

  • Hwareuk. The flame of the new sword burned fiercely. Even though the new sword dug into his body emitted flames, the expression of the demon king in confinement did not change. He still held his accusation and stretched out his hand toward Eugene.

“Are you thinking of giving up?”

Magical power covered his vision. At the same time, the feathers of Prominence shone. Perong! The moment the magic exploded, Eugene grabbed Moron and jumped backwards.

“Kreuk… … .”

Moron, who came to his senses, stood up while wiping his bloody lips.

“Have I failed?”

“No, I failed.”

I was prepared to die and told him to hold on to make a gap, but Eugene’s attack did not stick properly.

Yujin squeezed and opened her stiff hands and glared at the demon king in confinement. The new sword embedded in his body was still burning, but the flame went out the moment the demon king of confinement took a step.

Cheolguk… … .

The chain oscillates. Duduk. The demon king of confinement lightly broke his neck. The body that had been torn apart is now clinging to itself. Eugene and Moron felt eerie at the calm face that even the accusations had disappeared.

Great King.

presence is different. Just standing face to face like this makes me feel like I’m going to be weighed down by the pressure. Eugene and Moron looked at each other at the same time.

“… … Pooh.”

No matter who said it first, he burst into laughter. Fighting together is the first time in 300 years. I never thought I’d feel this way after being in a situation like this for the first time in 300 years. Anis looked at the two suddenly laughing with a tired face.

Senya sighed deeply and shook her head. Christina was the only one puzzled because she didn’t feel the same way as the others.

[Christina, from now on… … I need to focus more.]


[In the old days, Vermut-nim would have coordinated the battle while maintaining the balance. Because Vermut-nim isn’t there right now.]

[Sister, what are you saying… … ?]

[The two of them get along well in battle.]

Anis said so with a sigh.

[From now on, those two will fight regardless of injuries.]

[yes… … ?]

[I know it’s a dead line, but I’m going to run. It’s good though, 300 years ago I had to hold on to those idiots by myself so they wouldn’t die… … For now, Christina, I can count on your help.]

While the saints were having such a conversation, Eugene and Moron’s bodies got lower and lower. Two new swords were held in both hands of Eugene, who had come down to the point where she touched the ground. But Moron did not take up her weapon. For she had thrown away his ax earlier.

ㅡPughak! Prominence scattered sparks in a dark red explosion. Thousands of sparks exploded on the demon king of confinement like a memorization. Some of the sparks fired in that way became the springboard for the leap. Eugene became a line of lightning and pierced the flame.

The two swords moved in opposite directions. The eyes of the demon king of confinement did not dare to follow the trail of the sword.

Kwagwagwang! The sword bounced as the space rang. A series of hits that were cut off at high speed without being caught in sight. The demon king of confinement straightened his knees instead of retracting his fists.

My toes shot out like spears. Wow! With a heavy blow, Moron’s arm was ripped off and flew away. Her left arm disappeared in an instant, but Moron did not utter a single groan and dug deeper into the confined demon king.

A light shone from Anise and Christina. The flying arm connected with the light, and immediately clung to the cutting edge. Insufficient flesh and bones were regenerated at high speed. Moron turned her neatly attached arms into her fists.

Both arms are blocking the rampage of twin swords. The knee that was kicked once does not come down and is still standing upright. Moron didn’t hesitate and landed her fist on her knee.

blah blah

The tip of his toe, which moved so fast that it was invisible to the eye, hit Moron’s chin. It would not be strange if the neck bone was pulled out and the head exploded, but none of that happened. Moron’s will refused to die, her body followed her will, and the divine power she gained from becoming an incarnation also responded to her resolve. However, the impact from the tip of his chin cut off Moron’s consciousness.

Consciousness was interrupted for a moment, but the body did not stop.

  • Kwak! The fist that flew in hastily pushed the body of the demon king who was in captivity. Kreuk. The first blood flowed from the mouth of the confined demon king. He laughed at the unbelievable strength and weight of a human being.


The colleagues chosen by Vermouth 300 years ago are all special. Not only Hamel, but also Anise, Senya, and Moron. I mean, everything is like a miracle.

Among them, Moron was born with the power to be said to be the best among all beings in the world. Unfortunately, being born as a human was a limitation of Moron. The human body cannot handle Moron’s innate strength. If Moron had been born as a giant instead of a human, he would have reached the power to crush even the demon king.

“The status of incarnation suits your innate strength well. My body is handling the force.”

The blessings of the saints revealed the consciousness. Moron’s consciousness returned with a shudder.

Even though he woke up from fainting briefly, Moron did not hesitate. He let out a beastly roar and kicked the ground. His fist went in. The feel of the blow lingers on his fist.

Curl! The ax that had flown beyond the darkness returned, tearing her magical powers apart at Moron’s call. Moron grabbed the flying ax with both hands.

Eugene turned the tattered twin swords into flames. Once again, the flames flared up and changed shape into a great hammer.

The ax and hammer were swung at the same time. The tremendous power with acceleration was concentrated on the demon king of confinement.

Kirik… … ! The chains connected to the back of the demon king of confinement were locked in space all at once. After fixing my existence like that, I raised both arms and stretched them forward.

The attack was rammed, it wasn’t pushed back, but the black magic that had melted before had disappeared. The light brought in by the prayers of the saints brightened the palace. At the same time, the magic created by Senya’s Merry entered the illusionary eye and changed reality.

The space bound by the chain changed, and the demon king of confinement exclaimed. The space has changed and the chain is spinning. At that moment, the ax and hammer moved again. The attack is close to fixing the existence again.


The demon king of confinement flew away. He glared at his eyes as he coughed up blood.

Eugene let go of the hammer and grabbed the spear with both hands. Moron raised her ax over her head. Kirik. The chain, which moved like a living snake, headed in front of the demon king of confinement.

‘It’s not something that never dies.’

Thought. If it was truly immortal, there would be no need to block the attack. However, the demon king of confinement continues to respond to the attack. If I kill, can I kill? or not.


Numerous chains connected to the demon king in confinement. A memory from 300 years ago. Vermut, who could never kill the demon king of confinement, tried to press the demon king of confinement by saying he would break the chain. That would mean that breaking those chains would not be very pleasant to the demon king in captivity.

‘little… … Did it decrease?’

It dealt a significant blow. It’s still hard to imagine killing the demon king in captivity, but I don’t think the attacks so far have been futile.



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The ax held high fell first. A heavy slash that cuts the entire space in both directions attacked the demon king in confinement.


The moment I was about to respond, I heard laughter. Next to the attacking slash, I saw a faint existence. At the same time, time in the world stopped. I felt stopped. The moment they met, fantasy invaded their minds.

“Noir Jebela.”

In a world that had stopped and seemed to have stopped, the demon king of confinement opened his mouth. He smiled and looked behind him. An image of himself was seen raising his arm towards his axe. A situation in which the body and mind are separated. The demon king of confinement laughed once more.

“I would have died. What lingering feelings do you have that remain in the world?”

[It’s regrettable, so I didn’t leave anything like that. I died very, very satisfied. I had no lingering feelings or regrets about my death.]

Noir giggled and lay down in the sky. She looked down at her imprisoned demon lord, supporting her chin with one of her hands.

[The reason I remained like this is because of the grumpiness of the nasty, nasty witch hag. Seriously, blaspheming the dead has its limits.]

“If you don’t like your current situation, I will take it. How is it?”

[Hehe, it’s a pretty sweet suggestion… … I would like to refuse It also happened like this. I hope Hamel survives. fulfilling the wish. Because I want to win from you.]

“Do you think it is possible?”

The demon king of confinement asked with a smile. At that question, Noir’s smile wavered a little.

“You peered into my abyss with Senya Merdein. So you will know.”

[…] … Your abyss… … .]

After a brief sigh, Noir shook his head.

[Unexpected… … It was. I was really surprised. I am… … No, no one could have imagined it.]

The phantom demon’s eye succeeded in drawing out the agitation of the demon king in captivity. The great demon king who has lived through eternity. He knew what the trauma was sleeping in his abyss, and showed it as a fantasy.

The demon king confined to trauma did not feel fear? That in itself is not surprising. Just as Noir had not imagined her own death until she met her end, she could not imagine the horror of her imprisoned demon lord. Little commotion. She thought that was enough.

However, Noir and Senya felt more agitation than the agitation felt by the demon king in captivity. That’s how deep the abyss of the demon king of confinement was, and the darkness at the bottom was thick. Despair and despair, and now even despair as a friend.

“Do you sympathize with me?”

The demon king of confinement asked with a smile. Noir delayed answering and gave a complicated gaze. Soon she shook her head with a short sigh.

[no. The Demon King of Confinement. To feel pity would be an insult to you. I don’t sympathize with you Instead, I feel awe.]

Seriously. Noir had never shown sincere reverence to the imprisoned demon lord in his entire life, but now that he peered into his abyss, he couldn’t help but feel awe.


The demon king of confinement chuckled and closed his eyes. As the stopped time passed again, the separated consciousness returned to the body. And Moron’s ax fell on the demon king of confinement.

Kwaddeuk! With a terrible sound, the body of the confined demon king was broken. Knees that could not withstand the force properly collapsed. He narrowly avoided being cut in the head, but Moron’s ax tore the left shoulder of the demon king in captivity and split it to the waist. For the first time, the body of the demon king in captivity was cut in two.

After that, Eugene shot the spear. The tip of the spear that flew along with the ringing sound pierced the chest of the demon king in captivity.

  • Pooh! Blood spurted out along with magic power. Eugene’s spear pierced the chest of the confined demon king.

“… … Whoa… … .”

The demon king of confinement let out a long breath. The blood spilled over her lips and dyed her chin and chest red.

… … thump. The spear through his chest spun as he shattered his ribs. The myth burning with rotation began to burn the demon king in captivity from the center.

“Ask me again.”

The lower half of the body cut off by the ax collapsed. His tattered upper body was pierced by a spear and burning. The lips continued to vomit blood, but there was no such thing as pain on the face of the demon king in captivity. He gazed at Eugene calmly with sunken eyes.

“Are you thinking of giving up?”

Words that do not suit the current situation.

“Are you thinking of killing yourself?”

In the burning myth, the demon king of confinement asked. Chains swayed in the increasingly violent flames.

“I’m dying.”

Eugene spat out without letting go of the spear. At that answer, the demon king of confinement smiled bitterly.


The demon king of confinement closed his eyes.

The world is covered in darkness.

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