Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 57

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Hamel and everyone’s faces went blank at Vermouth’s sudden words.

“I don’t think you’ve eaten yet, let’s have a meal together.”

Saying that, Vermouth turned around.



I didn’t even answer, but I just left on my own. Given Hamel’s personality, it wouldn’t be strange if he slapped him in the back of the head, but the unique atmosphere conveyed from Vermouth suppressed Hamel’s violent nature.

Hamel was well aware of what it felt like. I dare not touch it. If you fight, you will always be defeated. If possible, do not get involved.


And Hamel felt annoyed at himself being swayed by such things. They did not show hostility, nor did they meet on the battlefield. Just on the street, no, that guy came unilaterally. And then I go to eat rice.


So who are you? Hamel Diners. uh, yes that’s my name Why don’t you f*cking introduce yourself? What are you two doing, coming down from the sky and staring at me with those thick, thick eyes, and why is that big, muscular bastard with twinkling eyes that doesn’t match his face?


A stone got caught in Hamel’s foot. As if the sky had foretold it, the stone was in a perfect position to kick. Isn’t it inevitable that there are stones in a place like this? Hamel glared at the back of Vermouth’s head, who was slowly moving away, and at the backs of Senya and Anis, who were following him while exuding an air of disapproval.

Moron was still with Hamel. He looked down at Hamel with a hearty smile and realized that his body had been developed solely through struggle. When the battle started, he imagined how flexible and irregular his body would move, and that imagination naturally became a ‘confrontation’ in Moron’s head.

‘It’s strong, but I won.’

won, not won. Moron had already come to a conclusion in his head, and nodded his head loudly. A brave warrior of the northern Bayar tribe, the son of Snowfield. He approached Hamel, his new ally, and stretched out his hand.

“Let’s go together.”

It’s sudden, so I’m confused. Moron said she wanted to establish a wonderful, manly friendship with Hamel, her future colleague, so she tried to pat Hamel on the shoulder as an early friendship.

That moment.

Hamel suddenly kicked the stone away. What he was aiming for, of course, was the back of Vermouth’s head. If hit, his head was kicked hard enough to explode.

can’t be right

Before kicking and after kicking. Hamel thought so. And he did. The stone that Hamel had kicked—- after flying just one step away, it disappeared as if it had never existed in the first place.


Hamel saw the scene clearly. The flying stones were entwined in the elaborately manipulated mana and disappeared. The process was so fast that it seemed as if the stone had never flown in the first place.


While walking as far ahead as me, he manipulated mana without any warning. It is an extravagant skill to block even a single stone. The practical joke was immediately intercepted, but Hamel was more interested than humiliated. Hamel had been confident in mana manipulation from before, but she wasn’t sure that she could do it secretly and sophisticatedly like Vermouth had just shown.

I didn’t want to follow the words of having a meal right away, but the fact that he didn’t look back after doing that made Hamel stretch his steps.


Vermouth still didn’t look back. He opened his lips and called Senya’s name in a small voice.

“don’t do it.”

“What kind of bastard do you have?”

Senya clicked her tongue and scattered the magic. Then the sharp blade in front of her turned into mana and disappeared.

“I know that mercenaries are ignorant, but that bastard seems to be one of the few ignorant among them? Vermouth, do you know? That bastard tried to break your head off.”

“That didn’t happen.”

“You are good. I didn’t have to do anything, I knew it and blocked it well. however? I don’t like that bastard, so I want to throw him to the ground. Is that my freedom?”


“Okay, I got it.”

Senya no longer complained, instead pouting her lips. Then, he glanced at Anis walking beside him. Anis looked straight ahead with a calm expression, but Senya remembered the slight twitching of the corners of Anis’s mouth.

‘…Because I’m the only normal person.’

Usually, Anis served Vermut by attaching the word “nim” to him, but deep down, it seemed that he expected Vermut to be hit by a stone Hamel kicked.

The place where Vermouth guided Hamel was an ordinary restaurant that could be found anywhere. There are usually a few mercenaries drinking from daytime in a restaurant on a street like this, and in fact, tough mercenaries were sitting together and having a noisy drinking party in the restaurant.

Maybe that’s why the restaurant was occupied by the mercenary group. Why would you go to a restaurant like this? Senya couldn’t understand and glanced at Vermouth, but he soon realized why he had chosen this restaurant.

The mercenaries who had been whistling while watching Senya and Anis with dark eyes turned pale as if they had confronted a demon the moment they saw Hamel’s face following them. Hamel didn’t say a word or even look at them, but the mercenaries quietly put down their drinking bottles and stood up immediately.

“Do the math and go.”

Hamel threw words at the mercenaries who were about to leave the restaurant.

“Because of you, I gave the owner of the daytime business Jojin a generous tip.”

“Yes, yes…”

“I would really appreciate it if you would give me more money and calculate in advance the cost of the food I will be eating from now on.”

“All right…”

In the end, the mercenaries had no choice but to leave the entire money bag on the checkout counter. Before Hamel sat down, Hamel first picked an empty seat for Vermouth and put his ass on his butt.

“Are you trash?”

Senya was still dissatisfied with Hamel. She tilted her head and glared at Hamel.

“You are a mercenary and they are also mercenaries, so aren’t they partners?”

“Because business partners have a bond, they pay each other for meals. Won’t I be able to pay for those bastards someday?”

“I’m sure you will.”

“Aren’t you being too rude to someone you just met today, no, for the first time? Oh, and I’ve been wondering since before… Why did you dye your hair purple? Do you mean to ask me to recognize you well on the battlefield?”

“It’s not dyed!”

Senya took off her hat, furrowing her eyes. She bowed her head, showing the roots of the hair on the top of her head.

“I’ve had purple hair since I was little! You stupid mercenary don’t know, but beings like me who are loved by mana and magic, that grace melts into their constitution!”

“The grace of mana turns your hair purple… What a trivial grace.”

to kill? Senya lit twin wicks in her eyes and glared at Hamel.

“You have a very rough mouth.”

Anis opened her eyes thinly and stared at Hamel. An old, worn-out cloak. scars on the face. In an appearance that does not exist at all as ‘neat’, even the words that are spit out are harsh.

“Vermouth. Do you really have to be that mercenary?”

“I should have said it earlier.”

“Hamel is weaker than me, but strong. I’m sure he’ll compete in person, but I don’t want to hurt his pride by competing with Hamel, who will still be awkward. A warrior must respect his fellow warriors.”

Naturally, Moron, who sat next to Hamel, spread his chest wide and said. At that sudden statement, everyone looked at Moron.

“…why is this ignorant-looking fellow suddenly saying something like an asshole?”



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“hey! Who are you to say that you are an asshole by looking at Moron?”

Senya wanted to take a chance and immediately reprimanded him. In the meantime, he subtly revealed mana to put pressure on Hamel, and even held the magic wand Akasha under the robe. If Hamel made a sudden attack like before, he was thinking of fixing her quirk and making her realize the relationship between her superiors and subordinates.

“It has nothing to do with being a double-headed man… No, wait. Moron? Vermouth?”

Hamel belatedly realized the name and quickly turned his head. Although he heard her asshole several times, Moron was not displeased and was staring at her kitchen. His only concern now was when the dish he ordered would be served.

“…Moron Luhar. Son of Snow.”

“Do you know my bravery?”

At Hamel’s muttering, Moron turned his head away with his eyes shining. However, Hamel had already taken her eyes off Moron and was looking at Vermouth opposite her.

“…There’s vermouth… vermouth lionheart? The owner of the holy sword, the warrior of light?”

“That’s what they’re called.”

Vermouth replied with a gentle expression. At that point, Hamel had no choice but to laugh and shake her head. why didn’t she recognize it? these four people. Even if you take a look at each person, aren’t they unique and unmatched?

A beautiful, voluptuous blonde priest. A benevolent face that always seems to be smiling. Unsuitable for such an appearance, he had a heavy mace hanging from his waist. In this era, armed priests are not uncommon, but clerics who insist on clerical uniforms without wearing armor and proudly wear a mace are not common.

‘…Saint of light, Anis Slywood.’

A witch who has been arguing with tick ticks since before. A cheeky face that blatantly reveals her feelings that she doesn’t like her without thinking about hiding it. Purple hair that was not dyed, but was changed by powerful mana. Green eyes reminiscent of a forest.

‘The Archmage, Senya Merdein.’

All of them are famous people.

Moron Luhar. He is the son of the war chief of the Baar tribe, which is famous for its fighting tribes among the natives living in the cold northern land.

Anise Slewood. A saint of light that the Holy Empire, Yuras, did not reveal to the world. He said that the light emitted by Anis alone was more intense and brighter than the light emitted by dozens of priests gathered together. Her divine magic, which she conjures, is called Miracle Realization, raises her crippled, brightens her blind eyes, and glues even her fallen limbs together in an instant.

Senya Merdane. A young witch raised as a human by elves. She suddenly left the Great Forest of Samar and descended to the battlefield where monsters and demons raged. She was like a genius incarnate, and thunderbolts, storms, and sparks swept across the ground whenever her staff emitted light.

…Vermouth Lionheart.

A survivor of the Northern Kingdom of Ashal. Became a prisoner of demons at the age of 15, while being transported to Helmud, the demon world… A monster that rescued slaves with a sword and annihilated the demons in the vicinity along with Moron. After that, he crossed over to the Holy Empire, and became a champion of light who was recognized by the Holy Sword.

“…This is true.”

Hamel twitched and smiled. Famous heroes that everyone has heard of many times. Rumors abounded, but this was the first time we had met in person.

“The famous warrior of light and his colleagues… why did you come looking for this insignificant mercenary?”

“You have a clear understanding of the subject. I really don’t like you, but I think I’ll like you a little if you know the subject and know how to bow.”

Senya smiled and said. Shall I hit you… can I hit you? Hamel opened and closed his fist under her table and glared at Senya.

“Stop criticizing each other.”

Vermouth opened his mouth.

That voice calmed the table atmosphere that was about to boil in an instant.

“Because the food is coming out soon.”

“Oh oh.”

Morron jumped up from his seat. Then, he grabbed the entire table and hurriedly ran to the kitchen. It would be more comfortable to move the entire table as a tray rather than carrying the plates one by one and moving them to the table.

“You’re crazy…”

“Moron is kind.”

Anise opened her mouth. She opened the cap of the holy water, shook it lightly, and brought her nose to the scent of her spout rising from her spigot.

“Does he really think he is hearing your assholes because he is a asshole? If Moron had a savage personality like you, do you think he would have laughed quietly when he was called an asshole?”

“then? Did you even smash my head?”

“Find the answer for yourself. If you’re not an idiot, you’d know…”

Kwaduk! I heard that from behind. Looking at what happened, it was the sound of the table being crushed because it could not withstand Moron’s grip. The dishes that had been on the table fell down, but Moron took her plates one by one with agility that was not befitting the giant, and threw them away.

Plates that flew through the air went up to the table next to us. …cooung! And the building shook lightly. Moron’s violent movements left several deep footprints on the floor.

“Su… Vermouth will pay for the repairs.”

“…It’s like a two-headed man…!”

Anise sighed and shook her head.

“It seems like you hear the sound of a double head because it’s really a double head.”

“…Even so, Hamel, you have no right to call Moron a dummies. The only ones who can say that Moron is an asshole are Moron’s friends and colleagues.”

“that’s right! Who are you to keep calling me an asshole looking at Moron? Even if Morron is a double-headed man, you shouldn’t call Moron a double-headed man. okay?”

“What did you guys want to do that brought me here?”

Hamel didn’t quite understand, so he asked. There was no change in Vermouth’s expression as he listened silently to the conversation. When Morron, his shoulders drooping, moved the table next to him to the front.

“Hamel Diners. Could you be my ally?”

sudden words.

Morone seemed unwilling to engage in conversation. He set the table down in the middle of his party and immediately reached for the large hind leg of the pig on the table. Then Senya, who was next to him, slapped Morron on the back of his hand.

Moron was startled, but then nodded as if in agreement. Moron’s large hands stretched out in front of her. Then Senya wiggled her fingers in a circle, and Moron’s hands were wrapped in bubbling foam and water.

After washing his hands like that, Moron reached out to the hind leg of the pig again. Damn! This time, Anis slapped Morron on the cheek. The sudden blow made Morron look bewildered. Anise glared at her mother with wide-eyed eyes, unfolded the napkin, and placed it on her lap. Then he picked up a knife and fork and spread them out to Moron.


Moron nodded and placed the napkin on her lap, as Anise had done. Her mother’s thighs were so thick that she couldn’t even cover one of her legs with a napkin. And her large hands pick up her knife and fork. She was hardly big enough to hold in her hand, and had to use her fingers like her tongs to hold the fork and knife.


Moron started slicing the meat with a knife with sad eyes. The old table creaked as he moved the knife. A clumsy knife. Senya and Anis, who are devoted to teaching Moron ‘manners’, exchanged glances with happy faces.

…while the three of them do it.

Hamel thought about Vermouth’s words. You want to be… a colleague? I understand what that means. Vermouth, Senya, Anise, Morone. Those four are currently the most famous heroes on the continent, and it was a party with the fighting power to fight against the great army of demons.

Hamel is.

Through this port, he was thinking of going over to Helmud. Most of the wars in Turas have come to an end. The demons and monsters withdrew to Helmud, and the monsters were wiped out to such an extent that they could no longer form an army. There was no battlefield for Hamel to participate in this land anymore.

But it’s not enough. Hamel wanted to kill more monsters, monsters, and demons. If possible, I want to completely eradicate it from this world. For world peace? There was no fancy sense of mission. just because i hate it want to kill I don’t even want to see you. That’s why I want to kill all monsters, demons, and demon lords.

That extremely personal reason made Hamel’s heart turn to Helmud. There is a constant battle every day. Reinforcements are arriving from all over the continent, but Helmud’s forces pile up a mountain of human corpses every day.

Hamel has always attributed his survival to several factors. One is just strong. Another one is genius. The other one is, by luck. Maybe if you go to Helmud, you won’t be lucky anymore. Even if you’re strong and a genius… you might inevitably die.

Anyway, I thought it didn’t matter. A life that should have died long ago anyway. I was lucky enough to survive, and rather than being grateful for it, I wanted to turn my eyes to revenge and hatred and live according to my desires. Even if he died in Helmud, he seemed to be able to be satisfied if he killed as many demons and monsters as possible.

“…a colleague.”

Hamel twitched the corners of his mouth and smiled.

If I could become an ally of that famous hero, Vermouth.

You will be able to survive longer in Helmud. That alone made Hamel willing to become Vermouth’s companion.

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t want to listen to the words of a sucker than me, do you?”

What I don’t like.

The attitude of the four people in front of them, all of them. It’s like you don’t need anything. Even that Moron is convinced that he is stronger than Hamel. Senya and Anis don’t understand why Hamel should be a teammate.

Hamel didn’t like all of that. If you’re good enough, how good are you? Do I look like a d!ck?

‘Go back.’


Senya, who was cutting the meat, burst into laughter.

“What did that bastard just say? Joe, Jojo, f*ck you? Vermouth, did I mention you? right? Ah, ahaha, ahaha!”

“Se… Se-nya, smile, please don’t laugh too much, please stop laughing. Laughing like that in the face… Uh-huh… Uh-huh, uh-huh…! Smile is…! Big, Poetry, Sisihihi… Excuse me…”

“As expected, you are a warrior!”

Morron also looked at Hamel with a big smile.

ㅡCoooung! Hamel tilted his chair back and put his feet on the table. Then, the laughter of Senya and Anis suddenly stopped.



Small embers appeared around Senya.

“You’re a mercenary bastard who will be everywhere. But do you have any reason to take him with you?”

“…it seems so lacking in dignity. Mr Vermouth. There are countless warriors better than those wild dog-like mercenaries. The only son of the knight commander of the Kiel Empire said that his looks and personality were excellent as well as his skills… Why don’t you go to Kiel instead?”

“I heard that the warriors of the Sea Kingdom are very brave men. I want to compete with them.”

Moron said something else alone in the chilling atmosphere.

“…hey. Everyone but you seems to hate me? I don’t want to hang out with bastards who don’t like me either. Just like that bad-tempered saint over there said, are you going to find another baby and take it with you?”


Vermouth opened his mouth.

The spark that Senya had started was extinguished. The light that hovered beneath Anise’s feet disappeared. Vermouth continued as she poured alcohol into her glass with graceful hand movements.

“It has to be you.”

It was an incomprehensible word.

“If I need to check my skills. How about finishing your meal first?”


“Eating food, drinking a drink, filling your stomach like that, and about the time your stomach goes out in moderation.”

Vermouth shook his glass and smiled.

“Let’s compete then.”


When I asked to rent the backyard of the restaurant, the owner readily gave it to me. Junk piled up in the corner and the floor was overgrown with weeds, but it was wide enough for a sword fight.

Hamel and Vermouth stood facing each other. Hamel didn’t like Vermouth’s calm face, as if he wasn’t nervous at all.

warrior of light.

I’ve heard that name many times. What did that mean? Hamel removed her cloak as he clicked her tongue.

Thin leather armor that wasn’t too heavy and didn’t get in the way of movement. On top of that, chain armor was added avoiding the joints, and various types of weapons were worn. Hamel put them down one by one and even took off his chain armor.

“How much lighter do you feel when you take it off?”

Senya, who had been watching with her back against the wall, smirked. In her eyes as a sorceress, all of that was nothing but ignorance. If your body and equipment are heavy, you don’t have to take them off, just lighten them with magic.

“Can’t you keep your mouth open?”

“Are you talking about me?”

“You’re the only one teasing me right now. Of course I’m talking to you, right?”

“Vermouth, can’t I just fight for you?”

Senya’s eyes widened at the smirk that returned and looked back at Vermouth.

“You were the first to quarrel, right?”

“Is it really that important who started the fight first? I don’t like that kid, so I want to beat him.”

“You spoke well. Because I hear a lot of garbage here and there and eat it? Do you know what that means? I mean, even f*cking girls are just f*cking good. If you’re confident, come out, bury that pretty face in the ground, and I’ll make you a pitiful face.”

Hamel spat out with a ferocious expression. He expected Senya to huff and run, but Senya didn’t react as he thought and stared at Hamel with his eyes wide open. Then, after blinking his eyes a few times, he cleared his throat and turned his head slightly to the side.

“…that… um… you also… don’t have an ugly face.”

“What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“No… Uh… Thank you for saying I’m pretty. Contrary to how it looks, my eyesight is quite… right. which is normal That’s it, so I’ll look at it.”

Have you been drunk since you drank a little earlier? Hamel thought so, and she glanced at Senya. Senya, of course, she was sober. Every day, she secretly steals and drinks Anise’s holy water, and sometimes she trains herself by drinking with Anise until morning. She couldn’t get drunk on just a few drinks.

Senya was not used to being praised for her appearance. Inevitably, she was abandoned as an infant in the Great Forest of Samar and raised by elves. The tribe praised as the most beautiful in the world was Senya’s family and her neighbors. Beauty was something that was taken for granted by the elves, so there was no such thing as complimenting each other’s beauty.

‘…also. I’m pretty enough, right?’

Senya cleared her throat and caressed my face for no reason. Having seen hundreds of elves since I was young, it was difficult to have confidence in my appearance.

“Will you come first?”

Vermouth opened his mouth. He stood comfortably with his bare hands that had not even drawn his sword. Then, when he said such a thing, Hamel’s face couldn’t help but wrinkle.

“Didn’t you pull out the holy sword?”

“You are neither a demon nor a monster.”

“Then draw another sword. If you don’t like the sword, pick up another weapon.”

Hamel recalled the rumors about vermouth. Vermouth Lionheart. His magic has also reached a high level comparable to that of the Archmage. He is the owner of the Holy Sword, but he handles various weapons besides the Holy Sword, and he keeps them in a sub-space created by space magic.


Vermouth pondered for a moment, then stretched out his hand. Then the space shuddered, and the hilt of the sword suddenly protruded from the air.

…It’s an ordinary sword. I don’t feel any suspicious disposition, and it’s not that I don’t have a unique appearance. Just a long, straight sword.


Hamel clenched his teeth and lowered himself. Vermouth’s brief agony. Hamel could feel what was bothering him.

You don’t even need to hold a weapon.

such confidence. However, the sword was drawn out of consideration for the opponent.

‘Be very kind.’

A warrior admired by all. It’s natural confidence. Even so, Hamel was not intimidated. The mana manipulation that Vermouth had shown earlier was amazing. It was impossible for Hamel to manipulate elaborate mana targeting a space far away from his body.

However, if you target yourself.

Mana overflowed from the core. Mana spread throughout the body in an instant. At that moment, Hamel had already kicked off the ground and dug into Vermouth.


Senya’s eyes sparkled. In that moment, the young archmage saw how explosively the mana that Hamel had manipulated had been fired, and how sophisticated it was, far from being ignorant.

‘The total amount of mana is not great. It’s not even pure It’s just a matter of mana, but the core is creaking.’

What that meant was clear. The poor mana training method itself. I don’t know when the hell he started training mana, but the way that mercenary guy trained mana wasn’t as sophisticated as his skills.

‘…A poorly developed core… But how did it reach that level?’

No matter how hard you train like garbage, you will only become a little better garbage. But… Senya couldn’t think of that mercenary’s movements as trash. He was only a mercenary, but his movements and mana control were smoother than any other knights he had ever seen.

Anis also focused and stared at the clash between Hamel and Vermouth. It was now understandable why Vermouth insisted on accepting Hamel as his ally.


Hamel had a different possibility from Senya, Anis, and Moron. That mercenary has never been properly taught. I survived through countless battlefields and trained myself that way. Incomplete flow of mana. He tuned the turbid current only with his innate senses, and focused exclusively on the movements of his body instead of causing a sword movement.

What if you could correct that imperfection?

Hamel twisted his body and swung his sword. A slash pierced his side. The moment they approached, the sword shook. One slash split into dozens, and attacked Vermouth’s body as if it were about to be hacked to pieces.

Vermouth’s body moved to respond to the slash. The sword that approached like flowing water touched Hamel’s sword. ㅡjjuh! Each other’s mana collided first, and a sound exploded.

Mana flowed backwards. one crash. Sword steel was destroyed with just that. Hamel energized his tingling hands and grabbed the mana that scattered and regurgitated. So I raised my sword again. The blade of mana covering her sword showed a change.

The blade became a flame. The flames ran out of control as if they had been doused with oil. The flame, which grew huge in an instant, tried to swallow the vermouth.

the moment you saw it Senya shook her head.

‘it’s over.’

Anis let out a short sigh. She prepared her recovery magic in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Morron watched her to the end with her eyes wide open as she stood tall.


Extreme concentration lengthens consciousness.

I saw pure white flames wrapping around Vermouth’s body. Scattering embers fluttered from Vermouth’s shoulders like a lion’s mane. Vermouth’s sword didn’t move, but the pure white flame he raised consumed Hamel’s flame.


Hamel desperately held on to his consciousness. Mana didn’t even flow back. She just, she burned and disappeared. Even so, Hamel’s body moved. He has gone through hundreds of battlefields and he has survived more deaths and crossed countless lines of fire. He resisted the crushing defeat of his body, which had been with him in all the struggles.

A dagger hidden under the wrist. If I couldn’t win with a sword, I thought I’d stab him in the dug-out street…


Flames swept across the ground. Hamel was blown backwards by the impact, and he was unable to even perform his fall and landed face-first on the ground.

“…a little… isn’t that harsh?”

Senya shook her head and murmured. Isn’t it enough to use healing magic? Anis judged that and lowered her outstretched hand.

“If you don’t show a clear gap, that mercenary will try again and again.”


Moron shouted in a loud voice. Senya and Anise looked back at Moron in surprise at the cry that erupted right next to them.

“That spirit of not giving up until the end was truly like a warrior!”

before being blown away by the flames. I saw Hamel throw a dagger. Vermouth was confident of his victory, and hadn’t expected that tiny dagger to pierce his own flame.

In fact, the dagger didn’t do any damage to Vermouth’s body. However, he brushed his collar just before he was completely burned.

Vermouth stared in amazement at the scarred sleeve. I hope it’s a veil There were no wounds on his body, but the fact that his sleeve was cut by an opponent with such a gap made Vermouth shaken.

“…I am stronger than you.”

The agitation made Vermouth laugh. He approached Hamel with a thin smile and stretched out his hand.

…my face hurt. My nose felt like it had cracked, and dirt chewed up in my mouth. The body that was hit by the flames is also creaking.

lost. It was a crushing defeat that could not be excused. I don’t know how many times I’ve been defeated so helplessly. Oh my god… can a guy like this exist? How?

“…shut up.”

Fighting again won’t change the outcome. However, Hamel could not admit defeat. Hamel held on to his dizzy consciousness and glared at Vermouth.

Gray hair and golden eyes. The bastard was in front of Hamel, still clad in white flames. The approaching hand… What, you mean a handshake? Instead of shaking hands, Hamel raised his hand and grabbed my nose. Pudeuk! He grabbed his nose and twisted it to stop the bleeding.

The sword in the right hand… the blade is missing. That white flame shattered the sword. Can mana explode in an instant like that? No, not just mana. The first time swords collided with each other. Hamel’s swordsmanship was detected and destroyed right before it touched.

The class is different.

Hamel is no fool. He knew there was a huge gap between himself and Vermouth. Even after fighting hundreds and thousands of times, Hamel had no confidence to defeat Vermouth.

Hamel just didn’t want to admit that fact. The moment he acknowledged him, he seemed to understand that he could never defeat Vermouth.

“…f*ck. again. let’s do it again I didn’t lose…!”

Hamel hates defeat. He had been accustomed to defeat since childhood, but it was a disgusting and unpleasant thing that he was not accustomed to. He lost everything at a young age and lived as a mercenary. He had to fight well in order to live. He wasn’t good at fighting from the start. He had accumulated defeats, and from one day on, more victories were accumulated.

Don’t get used to losing. Since childhood, Hamel has believed in it blindly.

“If you don’t understand.”

Vermouth nodded and raised his hand. He took a few steps back like that, and he stared at Hamel. Hamel lowered his broken sword to the ground and clenched his fists. If it’s not a sword… Fisting? I have confidence. Before he became a mercenary, he had quite a few fist fights with the village children, and after he became a mercenary, he wielded his fists even more.

Hamel is.

I used to think of myself as a genius. He did have the talent to do so. He did not feel much difficulty in learning new things from a young age, and his skills improved faster than others.

Even after becoming a mercenary, my belief in myself has not changed. On the contrary, he built up his confidence outside of himself.

I’ve never seen a kid who can use a knife as well as you.

You already felt the mana?

sword? Nonsense!

All the mercenaries who saw young Hamel were shocked. Some of them were jealous of Hamel’s talent and tried to destroy it. Jealousy of genius. Hamel was always on the side of being jealous.

He was accustomed to hearing surprises and… geniuses around him, but he was not infatuated with arrogance. He did not neglect hard work and training.

It is a skill that has been cultivated like that. The opponent is the hero Vermouth Lionheart. yes, you can lose In fact, winning is nonsense. But you shouldn’t lose like this. You can’t even attack properly, and you shouldn’t lose while feeling such an overwhelming gap. Even if it is not an equal fight, several attacks must be divided. Even if you fight hundreds of times and lose hundreds of times, you have to think that you can win once or twice.


I didn’t even have the strength to get up.

I fought again twice and lost both times. I couldn’t even brush my collar like the first time. It wasn’t even that pure white flame. He was also completely defeated in taijutsu. Hamel’s confidence and confidence in the technique, none of which worked on Vermouth.

“…I’m much weaker than you. Why do you want to make me your ally?”

Hamel couldn’t possibly accept the reason. There is a difference in rank so far. Even if they became colleagues, it was clear that they would hold on to their ankles. Hamel doesn’t know how to use magic. Of course, I don’t know how to use divine magic. It’s not so big that it’s ignorant like Moron.

So I couldn’t quite understand it. am i strong weak. Are you a genius? no. what can i do Why did this monstrous guy come to me and fight me 3 times to be my ally?

“Because I need you.”

“…Then why the f*ck do you need it…! You are stronger than me!”

Vermouth’s answer sounded like a joke. Hamel roared and punched the ground with his fists. he lost he never wins He fought 3 times and that had cut him down, and it became a rage against himself.

“If you win, you become a teammate. Didn’t you promise that?”

“That’s because I don’t understand! If you tell me to be your teammate, there won’t be one or two bastards who will be flattered. Why the hell are you doing this to me?!”

Hamel raised his head and glared at Vermouth.

Vermouth did not answer right away, but gazed at Hamel with calm eyes. that gaze. Hamel involuntarily swallowed his saliva. Those golden shining eyes were unwaveringly calm, but intense, as if penetrating everything they saw and revealing their hearts.

“You are the last.”

Vermouth’s lips opened.

“Let’s go together. Hamel.”

Vermouth’s hand approached.

Hamel couldn’t get his hand right away. Since I lost, I have to follow. Thinking like that would make it a little easier, but Hamel needed another reason to do that.

“…a rotten child.”

I picked up my shattered pride and collected it. I firmly accepted that I was not a genius. After that, I looked at the vermouth.

“…you… what are you planning to do?”

“Cross the sea, go to Helmud.”

“…The ship to Helmud does not depart from this port.”

“If I say go with you, I will set sail.”

I guess so. Hamel let out a devastated laugh. The reason the merchant ships going to Helmud do not depart is because the sea is too dangerous. In the sea, violent monsters and monsters are infested, and warlocks and undead ghost ships float on the sea.

A sufficient escort force would allow it to depart, but the city had suffered a major battle only a few days before. The only ones full of energy were clumsy knights who filled the void left by the dead, and among the surviving knights and mercenaries, Hamel was the only one who dared to go to that hellish Helmud.

but. Speaking of Vermouth and his companions getting on board. Knights who are blinded by the legend of the mighty hero will also come together. Even if they don’t add up, if Vermouth agrees to board the ship, the merchant ship will set sail for Helmud.

“…in Helmud… what are you going to do?”

“Kill the Demon King.”

Vermouth answered without hesitation.

“First, kill the demon king of slaughter. After that, he kills the demon king of misery, and then kills the demon king of madness. And kill the demon king of confinement, and kill the demon king of destruction.”

Vermouth did not withdraw his outstretched hand.

“Your strength is needed to kill all demon lords. Hamel Diners. Without you, I… We cannot kill all demon lords.”

It was an absurd sound. Are you going to kill all demon lords? It could be because he is a hero who has been recognized by the holy sword. But what the hell does it mean that you can’t kill the demon lord just because there’s no Hamel?

“…then there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Are you appeasing the losers? Probably. …Is there any reason to do that? Hamel didn’t want to think about it anymore. The more I think about it, the more my heart hurts.

“…I just wanted to cross the sea too.”

Hamel excused himself and held Vermouth’s hand.

“Pride in form.”

Senya, who was leaning her back against the wall, spat out as if to listen. Standing beside her, Moron was watching Hamel and Vermouth with her thick tears dripping. Then, with her arms wide open, she drew closer to Vermouth and Hamel.

“Different warriors walk together with the same will! We are now colleagues, and although our birth days may be different, the day we achieve our cause will be the same!”

Moron shed hot tears and embraced Hamel and Vermouth.

“…Are you done?”

Anise immediately lifted the empty holy water bottle upside down and poured the remaining drops of holy water into her mouth.

“Hamel, I couldn’t even hold a service this evening because I couldn’t match your stubbornness. How are you going to take responsibility for this?”

“…what are you going to do?”

“I’ll tell you. Anise wants to drink. Do you know what I’m talking about? I mean, go buy a drink.”

Senya chuckled and waved her finger. A gust of wind blew away the dust from Hamel’s body.

“hmm. I have to baptize a new colleague… Even God will forgive me for skipping worship today.”

“… you… what? Why are you suddenly friendly? Do you like me or hate me?”

“Hamel, even though I said I didn’t like you, I never said I was a d!ck. If you have to say it’s shitty, but who in the world can love everyone else? As long as I’m human, I can think of other people as shit, and as a saint, I am no exception.”

As Anis said, she stared at Hamel with narrow eyes.

“So, while people suck at each other, they have to get to know and understand each other so that they can be a little less f*cked. In particular, since we will fight together in the future and live and die together, we must know each other more deeply than anyone else.”

“Uh… uh uh.”

“There is nothing like alcohol to truly understand each other. The reason why alcohol makes people intoxicated is to reveal myself truthfully without deceiving others, and by getting drunk, we can understand each other more deeply. That is why alcohol is holy water.”

“I’m buying expensive and good alcohol.”

Senya helped from the side.

“…or not. Don’t you want to drink with us? Do I hate you like before?”

“It’s suspicious that your attitude has changed so quickly.”

“I thought you were a slob with no skills, but I really liked it when I saw you fighting Vermouth.”

“It was good to be persistent.”

“His eyes that burned hot until the end were very warrior-like.”

weird guys.

While Hamel thought about that, he got out of Morron’s arms.

“…do you like alcohol?”

I glanced at the vermouth. He had a smile on his face from earlier, probably because he was so happy.

“It’s not that I hate it.”

“That is an ambiguous answer.”

“Even though you say that, Vermouth-sama has never refused to drink.”

“Then let’s go and have a drink.”

Did you eat?

have a meal together

Recalling what Vermouth had said earlier, Hamel said so. Then, as Vermouth had done, he turned around and walked out in the lead.

‘…That bastard. Wouldn’t it be kicking stones?’

He was worried that a stone might be flying at the back of his head, but Vermouth didn’t kick the stone right away like Hamel did.


Instead, laughter came from behind.


Ryan Hart’s home has undergone minor changes.

First of all, the head of the household, who had been away from home for several years, returned. Gilreid was as emaciated as when they parted from the Black Lion Castle, and Annie Cilla, forgetting her dignity at the sight of her husband, cried profusely.

Ciel, who had attended several funerals with Guilade, also returned, and Cian, who had been trained by the captains of the Black Lion Castle, also returned. Annie Cilla cried out, praying not only for her husband to return, but also for the return of her children who had been out of her arms for so long.

The 3rd Division of the Black Lion Knights led by Carmen.

They did not leave their home as planned. It was because of the request of Gilreid and Klein, who had just become the head of the Senate.

The gist of the request was simple.

The drill of the head family of the White Lion Knights.

Although the Knights of the White Lions are already excellent enough to argue that they are the best on the continent, the civil war caused by Iod was enough to shake the loyalty of the White Lions, who were filled with pride in serving ‘Lionheart’.

So you’ll have to build your dignity again… What does it take to draw respect from knights and make them look up to Lionheart? An excellent article without a doubt. A knight who does not discriminate against his subordinates and is generous in teaching.

…It was Carmen Lionheart, said to be the strongest of Lionhearts, who was pointed out for the role. Thanks to this, she did not return to the Black Lion Castle, but remained at her home and served as a mentor for the White Lion Knights.

As a result, the accommodation of the White Lion Knights, which was next to the main house gymnasium, was greatly expanded. Next to the White Lion Knight Commander’s office on the first floor, Carmen’s office was built, and overall the facility was much more luxurious than before. All of that was Anicilla’s plan to fill the hearts of the knights with gratitude and pride. Originally, the environment of the White Lion Knights was so excellent that there was no room for complaint, but the large-scale construction promoted by Anicilla filled the pockets of the White Lion Knights to overflowing.

In the process of expanding the knights quarters, the outbuildings were also demolished. Anicilla attached the annex where Eugene lived next to the main house, saying that a family should be a family, even if they are not related by blood. Although the building itself is separate, it is possible to easily come and go between the main house and the outbuilding through the passageway connected by floor.

In addition, a large number of training equipment at the gymnasium were added, and a forest where saplings of world trees were fully established was also developed.

I was worried that the elves might oppose the development, but the elves were clearly aware of the reality that they were being protected by Lionheart. Maybe that’s why the elves brought their own shovels and axes and helped develop the forest.

“…I think it’s a bit excessive.”

Carmen’s office.

She filled this space with her own taste.

A whiskey display case on one wall. Of course, Carmen doesn’t like the smell or taste of whiskey. Rather than drinking that bitter, wood-sucked drink, I preferred to drink sweet drinks, warm milk, and calming tea.

Next to it is a wine cellar.

As with the whiskey showcase, all of the liquor showcases that Carmen placed as ‘interiors’ are of the highest quality. Artifacts that use the finest wood and ore, craft and decorate jewels, and give each liquor the optimal temperature and humidity environment for storage. These are the showcases that only wealthy drinkers who are full of rotten money have, but Carmen did not save money when it came to her taste.

Because of this, all the wines in the wine display case were luxury drinks of the highest price. Whiskey and wine tend to get more expensive the longer they age, and if you add up the ages of the drinks in Carmen’s display case, it will match Hamel’s age as well as that of quite a few high-ranking horses.

Of course, Carmen doesn’t even drink wine. It’s not that I don’t drink very much. I enjoyed sweet ice wine, sweet wine, and cool sparkling wine. other wines? It’s red, white, and nabal, and isn’t it better to drink grape juice or apple juice than drink those things?

…However, the mere presence of a display case filled with alcohol elevates a person’s dignity and dignity. So thought Carmen, and although he didn’t like wine or whiskey, he loved the sight of himself holding a glass of wine and whiskey.

It was the same with cigars. The magnificent desk in the office, the drawers are lined with cigars that are not even smoked. It’s natural for her, but all the cigars she owns are luxury goods rolled one by one by artisans from famous production areas, and her cases and cutters are also custom-made with black and silver lions engraved on them.

Besides that, the study is full of books that I don’t read but seem to have. On the wall right behind the desk, there are large patterns of lion hearts and black lions, and flags and unused armor stand by the window like ornaments…

…This room was more spacious than any other room Eugene had ever seen. Hearing the word ‘excessive’ from Carmen, who had decorated herself like that, sat on a chair, and had her legs crossed on the desk, felt like her cognition in her head was collapsing.

“…uh… um… is that so?”

“okay. There is no reason to train elves as well.”

“Well, it’s not like I made you do it… they said they wanted to do it.”

Eugene shrugged and replied. As I just said, the elves living in the forest started training. The fact that Revera was helplessly kidnapped by Iris awakened the elves’ awareness and stimulated Sycnad, who had a deep grudge against Iris.

voluntary training. The desire of the elves was added to the development of the forest, and several training facilities were added. Sycnad took up his sword and began to teach the elves, and the White Lion and Black Lion Knights are also contributing to the guidance of the elves.

“…excessive means… so…”

Carmen was speechless and put her cigar on the ashtray. That beautiful ashtray has never contained cigarette ash since it was made, and never will.


Eugene realized what Carmen wanted to say.

“Is it because of the Lord of the White Pagoda?”


Carmen nodded her head with a puzzled expression. In Eugene’s view, the two are very similar in that they are not worthy of their age and are indecisive.

For Eugene, it was a kind of identification and self-loathing. As much as we have similar corners, we are conscious of each other, and it is really unsightly to see ourselves reflected in the eyes of others…

‘…no… rather than hatred… is it competitive…?’

When Melchis wore a mink coat.

Carmen wore a richer mink jacket.

When Carmen wears a leather jacket.

Melchis wore a shiny leather coat.

“…I know that elves have great aptitude for spirits. It is too much for a foreigner, Baektopju, to teach Lionheart’s family.”

“Well… isn’t that what they said they wanted to learn? If you don’t like sword or taijutsu, it’s better to learn elemental arts. Besides, the teacher who teaches is the one who is called the greatest elementalist of all time.”

With the matter of the lightning spark, Melchis was able to enter and leave Lionheart’s forest relatively freely. However, since it was repeated over and over again, he must have noticed that he began to trick the elves in the forest and teach them spiritism. As a result, Melchis would even reside in the forest for days under the pretext of ‘education’.

“…In terms of increasing Lionheart’s power, it’s a wonderful thing… but in terms of his… person’s dignity, isn’t the behavior of the lord of the white tower excessive…”


“…that… um… last night while we were walking, at the artificial lake in the forest… um…”

Carmen was speechless and stammered. He wriggled his fingers as if embarrassed, and slightly averted his gaze.

“…The head of the white pagoda was sitting naked in the middle of the lake.”


“There were no people watching, no, no elves. Baektapju seems to be quite meticulous when it comes to things like that. A barrier that blocks perception… You wouldn’t have been able to look at Baektapju’s eccentricity without having insight as much as I do, but, anyway, seeing it in person is very… demeaning.”


“Sure… well… she didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. At first glance, she panicked and avoided her seat. Her face was serious, and the flow of her mana centered on her was truly beautiful. She’s a meditation on narcissism… She probably thought she was practicing animism.”

After saying that, Carmen coughed again.

“…but… that… normal person… if you know that 100 pagodas are not normal, but anyway, shame.”

Is it morally right for shame to spit out of Carmen’s mouth?

“At the lake under the bright moonlit night sky… sitting naked and practicing ascetic practices… isn’t it something you don’t do? Or is it that I can’t accept it because I’m a knight who is neither a wizard nor a spirit wizard?”


“Is such training universal for wizards and spiritists? Eugene. Do you, as a mage and spiritist, secretly enjoy training like that?”


“If… if that’s the case, do the elves who learn spiritism from the master of the white pagoda also practice like that? It doesn’t matter in Lionheart’s Forest… It doesn’t matter, but if you have a guest at your home, practice like that… Especially… Um… Eugene, I think you have that level of reasoning. If you are ecstatic during meditation and someone else sees you…”

[You must kill the White Pagoda Lord Melchis Elhair.]

Tempest whispered in my head.

[She is a being that reduces the image of a spiritist. Just look at it now Even that bizarre woman feels confused and feels a sense of estrangement from common sense.]


[As I said before, it is nothing more than a groundless superstition that you can achieve higher achievements when you communicate with the spirits naked… How, oh, how a woman intoxicated with superstitions has reached such a level as an elementalist. am…]

“…I am…”

[Why is the spirit magician who contracted with the spirit king of earth and lightning in the first place performing spirit magic on the surface of the lake? Could it be that in the process of forcibly communing with the spirit of incompatibility, he was following the superstition that his original aptitude was further amplified…?]

“…I’ve never practiced naked, and I’ve never thought of doing that.”

[How could that amount of Grand Spirit be like that… No… All beings who transcend the human realm have the madness they deserve… Carmen Lionheart, like she does… Melchis Elhair also has madness. ..]

“Baektap Lord is strange. Other wizards and elementalists don’t do such crazy things. Regarding this matter, I will pay special attention to the elves and warn the Lord of the White Pagoda.”

After hearing the answer, Carmen let out a sigh of relief, then opened the drawer of the desk and took out something.


A black and gold Dupont lighter flicked from Carmen’s fingertips and emitted a clear sound.






Eugene understood Carmen’s intentions and nodded.


“The sound seems clearer than Iris’s.”

“Because it was made to order.”

Only then did Carmen nod her head with a satisfied look on her face. Eugene held on to the mind that was about to become confused. I didn’t come to Carmen early in the morning to have a conversation like this.

“Isn’t it about time you pretended not to win?”

“…I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“No matter how many times you pretend not to know, I will keep asking.”

“…Young blood lion. Can you handle the truth?”

“Take care and sleep. I’ve already gotten used to the word blood lion, and I’m okay with people calling me a blood lion, so I won’t back down even if Carmen talks about a blood lion.”

Elves have good ears.

When Carmen called Eugene a blood lion in front of the warp gate. There were only Black Lions and Levera around, but Carmen’s voice reached all the elves in the forest.

So, Eugene heard the nickname of the blood lion from the elves again, and that nickname spread to the attendants as well as to the White Lion Knights.

No matter how painful Eugene was to hear, for everyone in Lionheart, Eugene’s nickname became a blood lion.

‘…I’d rather be the blood messenger Eugene than the stupid Hamel.’

Eugene clasped his skinny hands tightly and glared at Carmen.

“In the first place, didn’t Carmen-sama send out a signal as if asking for help?”

“…I… I’ve never been like that.”

“What is the mysterious experience Carmen-sama had as a child decades ago?”


“Even on the carriage ride back, whenever Lord Alchester mentioned dragons, he clicked on his pocket watch as if asking to be noticed.”

“…There is a subtle difference between asking to be noticed and actually noticing.”

“I don’t know the subtleties, so I’ll have to listen to Carmen-sama.”

“As I say many times, I cannot speak for myself about my experiences. It’s… an important promise.”

Carmen desperately tried to change the subject, but she couldn’t come up with anything to think about. If I had known this would happen, I would have taken out the DuPont lighter late. In the same situation as now, if I had taken out the DuPont lighter and heard the sound of Pong Pong, I would have been filled with greed to have a DuPont lighter rather than such a question in my head…

“Me too.”

Eugene sighed and buried himself on the sofa. He has been visiting Carmen for several days already, following him around and asking about dragons… Carmen seldom gave an answer.

At that point, I have no choice but to believe Carmen’s words. The promise of dragon words. It must have been certain that Carmen received that … Heaven Genocide from the dragon, but seeing that he couldn’t say for sure himself and shed it vaguely, it was clear that he had made a promise to the dragon.

“…If you can’t say it yourself, can you give me a hint?”

“…that meeting…”

Carmen hesitated for a while, lost in thought. Is it okay to say it or not. It seemed to separate them. She tried to say something several times before closing her mouth and furrowing her eyebrows.

‘It seems to be blocked regardless of the will.’

[The promise made with the dragon and the dragon is absolute.]

‘You don’t have any dragons that the wind spirit king knows?’

[…the dragon knows, but the information about the contractor cannot be leaked, even to the spirit king. So don’t ask me for help in searching for dragons, Hamel.]

Tempest’s excuse sounded pathetic, but it was also unavoidable. Wind exists everywhere in the world, so if it was possible to search for the lower wind spirits with the help of Tempest… Eugene would be able to obtain all the information in this world.

“…I… I stayed with the Dragonic family when I was young.”

Carmen’s lips opened after hesitating for a long time.

“As I said back then, I was a martial arts instructor in Alchester. Ever since I was young, I didn’t like weapons like swords or spears, so what I taught Alchester was martial arts like fists and kicks. The Dragonic family head at the time taught me the family’s martial arts… but it didn’t help much.”

The words I heard on the carriage the other day.

“…Alchester was quick to learn. He was just five years old at the time, and he was incredibly precocious for his age and didn’t complain about my teaching…”

“Did you meet a dragon in the Dragonic family?”

“It’s just that… although precocious, there was a childish side to it. 5-year-old Alchester was a terrible kid who would put the snot I dug out into his mouth…”

I heard information I didn’t want to know about the Empire’s number one knight.

“Then, should I go to the Dragonic family’s mansion…?”

“…Blood Lion Eugene. Why are you interested in dragons?”

“Is there anyone in the world who is not interested in dragons?”

A phantasmagoric species that did not appear 300 years ago. Eugene knows why. Dragons suffered great damage in the war with the demon 300 years ago.

Half of the dragons of the race were killed by the demon king. The demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction were involved in the slaughter of that great race.

No, to be more precise, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the demon king of destruction carried out the massacre alone. In the first conflict, the demon king of confinement killed several dragons, but after that, the demon king of confinement withdrew from the front line with the dragon.

As if to fill that void, the Demon King of Destruction descended.

Half of the dragons are dead. Eugene does not know what the battlefield was like.

While wandering around Helmud… I met a dying dragon. A dragon that escaped after being injured in a battle with the demon lord of destruction. A dragon waiting for death in a poorly made dungeon without being able to escape outside of Helmud.

After the dragon pulled out his dragon heart to Vermouth and his companions, he left a will.

‘I can’t fight against destruction.’

When I saw the demon lord of destruction from afar.

I realized how sincere and heavy the warning was. It was according to the dragon’s will. Even thinking about it now, I can’t recall exactly what shape ‘it’ had. The movement of ‘color’. I don’t know if that is the devil of destruction, but I wonder what else can be called destruction. Overwhelming fear and despair that makes it impossible to resist.

It was the dragon that tried to fight the demon king of destruction. The dragons that survived the war went into seclusion in large numbers, probably to take care of deep wounds and psychological trauma, and did not appear in the world for 300 years.

‘…That Oryx kid wasn’t half-man, half-dragon. Why was there a dragon in Dragonic Mansion?’

Why did this madman come to see it because he wanted something, since he called himself half-human, half-dragon, and was treated as a dragon bloodline for 300 years? It seemed so.

“…Do you have any advice on how to enter the Dragonic family?”

“If you go and ask for a tour of the mansion, the Alchester kid won’t refuse.”

“Can you meet a dragon with just that?”

“…I… uhm… as a drill instructor… staying at Alchester’s mansion…”

“Yes, regular customers are not allowed. So what should I do… I’ll try being a drill instructor like Carmen-sama for a while…”

“…Alchester has a young son. He probably turned 10 this year.”

Carmen straightened her expression and looked at Eugene.

“…If you show off your skills in front of Alchester today, I’ll ask Gilreid to arrange an exchange so that both families can reconcile.”


Eugene smiled and looked back at Carmen.

“You said you would never participate in today’s match… Is that what Carmen meant? Or did the head of the household also add to it?”

“Let’s say it’s Lionheart’s will.”

Carmen chuckled and put a cigar in her mouth.

It started with a small quarrel. The White Dragon Knights, led by Alchester, have been defending Lionheart’s home from beyond the wall for a month, and a dispute has arisen between the White Dragon Knights and the White Lion Knights over that issue.

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