Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 565

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Cheek, cheek, cheek, cheek… … .

Loud music lingering in my ears.


, the beating of the heart devoured the music. The lights of the Jebela Face, which turned the night sky into various colors, were consumed by a brighter, brighter light.

“iced coffee.”

from now on Noir laughed as he grabbed his necklace. The dream that I hoped would never end is over. Even on nights that will never dawn, the time has arrived for some kind of ending. I felt death. I became desperate as I wished.

As Noir did, so did Hamel. ignition. Noir loved that. Runaway, only for now, without thinking about the future. The essence of murderous intent that unconditionally seeks to kill the opponent while oxidizing his own life.

kill. kill unconditionally. Even if I die, you kill. She felt that will from Hamel, who lowered her head. The pounding heart beat gradually accelerated to match the music.

Crunchy, Crunchy! The flames around Eugene burned more intensely, and a black-red current flew out.

Prominence soared high. The wings of light resonating with the saints also soared.

[Ahhh… … !]

The saints screamed the same way. The divine power that amplified in a runaway, the endless explosions, all of that was painful for the saints. However, Eugene did not tell the saints to hold on.

[I have to endure… … do… … !]

Rather, those words were shouted by the saints. Now the saints are deeply resonating with Eugene. As soon as they felt the pain of the ignition, they realized that the pain they were feeling now was only a small part.

Ignition now is different from before. It has gone beyond the categories of overrunning the core, overrunning the universe, and overrunning the divinity. Eugene’s longing and miracle wished for more than that.

I’ve seen using ignition a few times so far.

A suicide device that destroys my body. To be honest, I’ve never liked Eugene using Ignition. I hate to have to use this lunatic technique. Wouldn’t it be better to retreat instead of using ignition? He thought several times.

I know the truth. There was no ‘situation’ of retreating without using ignition. If you don’t use it, you can’t even retreat. If you don’t use it now, you’ll never win again.

Even now, yes. As the ignition accelerates, the saints are gradually ‘realizing’ it. Noir Jebela, which felt so distant. An evil god who overwhelms everyone with just his presence, destroys cities just by standing still, destroys even continents if he decides to fly up, and even competes with the demon king in captivity.

It’s getting closer and closer. It’s not as far-fetched as before. It’s not as overwhelming as before. The sense of defeat that I can never win is shaking. if you don’t move on now. if you retreat I don’t think I’ll ever get to this situation again.


There may not be. Both Anis and Cristina once thought so. No matter how much she longed for it, she couldn’t hear the voice of God. She didn’t save the world even though she prayed so much.

But now I don’t think so. The indifferent and heartless light finally existed. Light pursued the salvation of the world itself, even if it gave up the hopes of the followers who served it.

to save the world somehow. An existence to defeat all demon lords and go against the already decided destruction.

The gods of Anise and Christina are here. Now the saints felt the presence of God closer than ever.

The divinity runs wild. prestige expands still not enough bowl is small You can’t break this situation with the current bowl. I longed for more. He longed for a miracle and made a miracle happen. The divine power responded. Infinite divine power filled Eugene’s body and the universe.

I saw the distant sea. A boundary that does not allow the footsteps of living beings. The light that has existed there for a long, long world. In the distant past, the giant whom I thought of as a friend. The old gods who were eaten by the giants themselves on the verge of destruction. the light they carried on.

‘Not enough.’

Eugene didn’t have all that divine power. I just use the Levantine as a terminal and pull it out. But even that isn’t enough. This sword will never break, but Eugene’s body can’t withstand too much divine power.

I can bear it now.

I heard Levantine. There is a blade of glass in the flame. Eugene turned the Levantein’s blade without hesitation.

Roaring! Levantein dug into Eugene’s chest. The glass blade melted into flame and light and flowed into Eugene.

so it was done The divinity of light itself became one with Eugene. The bowl, which had been expanding to the point of breaking, shattered. However, the light that filled it did not pour out and mixed with Eugene.


Noir groaned as she grabbed the necklace. She felt the power to destroy each other. The only miracle Hamel wants now is to kill Noir.

Same goes for Noir. All she wants is to kill Hamel. If she doesn’t kill, she herself dies. One way or another she is bound to die.

“Come, Hamel.”

He stretched out his hand that was caressing the necklace. The left hand with the ring engraved with Hamel’s name on it faced forward.

“Come to kill me.”

Eugene’s body leaned forward. The fluttering wings lay together. His hands gripped the ground.

A simple power of crushing weight. It pushes away what it touches and breaks it. explode It unfolded through Eugene’s hand.

ㅡQuaaaang! The ground was pushed. It’s broken. It exploded and turned over. It all became a violent impetus. In this way, Eugene became a ray of light. A dark red line cut through the darkness.

Kwak Kwa Kwak! Noir and Eugene collided. His kindly outstretched hand was crushed. Blood and entrails spurted from Noir’s mouth in such a shock as if he had collided with the whole world.

“Aha, ah! Ahahaha!”

Pain as if consciousness would fly away. But Noir laughed madly. She grabbed her broken body with magic and bent her back.

“Jim, it’s like Seung!”

Noir laughed and shouted.

Cheer up! Magical power wrapped around her long stretched legs. A vortex of black magic exploded with a kick. A flash of light blocked the vortex’s path. The power that was spread with the touch was Changlim. However, Changrim did not emit sparks like before.

Weapons of all kinds rained down. Each one was a weapon forged with divine power, with flame and light. Noir’s magical power was blocked by numerous divine powers.

Noir kicked the darkness and leaped backwards. Two magic eyes shone. The chain of confinement seized the space. The phantom magic eye reproduced Eugene’s attack. Kwajangchang! The entangled weapons were shattered, and divine power and magic were mixed.

Geomgwang severed all of that. She backed off, but cut shallowly. The black dress split and a line was drawn on Noir’s white belly. No blood was spilled. Noir giggled and restored his dress.

“it hurts!”

The stomach scars do not go away. Noir laughed even louder at the bitter pain. At the same time, he slammed his raised hand down.

Kwakjik! Eugene’s knees bent. still heavy He gritted his teeth and swallowed his blood. He straightened his bent knees again.

Jjoong! I don’t know if it’s the ground or the sky that my feet stepped on, but I pushed it and bounced forward.


The saints screamed. Even the heat of the heat they felt became a flame and amplified Eugene’s divine power. Eugene’s hand swept the air.

Cheer up! Wherever the hand went, the darkness was erased and light and flame appeared. Hundreds of new swords that appeared there were fired at Noir all at once.

The ground, the darkness, no, space itself turned into fragments and turned upside down. A part of the world completely blocked the baptism of the divine sword. The chains of confinement bound it all together, and the demonic eyes of illusion let the dream flow, turning part of the world into a dream and closing it. That series of processes took place in the blink of an eye.

A white hand gracefully tapped the darkness. What followed was by no means elegant. Ignorant violence overtook Eugene. Eugene did not bother to figure out what type of attack it was.

vision is too bright My head is too bright. You didn’t have to look and judge with your own eyes to give an answer. The intuition that became foresight itself saw through the attack, and the divine intuition responded correctly.

“… … .”

Senja stood staggering and watched it all.

Divinity is not equivalent. At this moment, Senya couldn’t help but realize it. As Senya now, she could never intervene in that battle. No matter how infinite possibilities her magic has become, it will only disappear infinitely in front of the power that collides there.

‘like… … .’

Senya gulped and looked at Eugene. Right now Eugene is not wielding the Levantein. However, countless swords were created from his gestures. The new sword that defeated Iris, who became the demon king of madness, and the specter who became the incarnation of destruction, is born and broken again and again like a cheap sword.

It’s not just the sword. Now, Eugene was making and using all the weapons he had used since Hamel’s days. It looked like war itself.

At the same time, Eugene was a light. War, light, illuminates the night made by noir. It was an unmistakably mythical battlefield.



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Senya unknowingly grabbed her chest. He felt defeated, helpless, and otherwise. His current wooden sword itself broadened Senya’s horizons. He made the magic Senya desired and the infinity she sought colorful.

“I think I know.”

Senya muttered in a low voice. Eugene has said this before. The war belongs to Agaroth, and the light is transferred. What is the divinity of ‘Eugene Lionheart’ that is separate from that?

– I’m making it.

Eugene just said that. It didn’t even tell me what divinity was.

I felt like I knew it without having to hear it. What is Eugene Lionheart’s divinity, which is neither light nor war. What is it that he pours out all that, and burns his own life for?


It’s not far anymore. not too shallow close. If you stretch out your hand, you will reach it. It is not enough to reach. You have to dig deep.

cooong! Eugene’s left foot pressed against the floor. His outstretched right foot fell hard and broke the floor. Pudeudeuk. The divine power compressed to the limit made a sound that seemed to crush the body. Eugene twisted his waist and lifted her arms. A hand that did not hold anything grabbed the light and flame that wrapped around her body.


I thought again. Close to Noir Jebela. At the same time close to death. Which one’s death? which one will die first Still, I’m vague about it. But the feeling was clear.

Whoa! The flame and light that Eugene grabbed became a huge sword.

‘I am.’

what do you want

I wish the death of Noir Jebela. I hope for the end of a long, long, deep relationship that can hardly be called a bad relationship. I wish for the end of this dream, of the night. I wish you a bright dawn. to reach it.

hope for victory

I couldn’t hear anything like loud music from the beginning. The light emitted by Jebella Face, which had become a mirror ball, was swept away by something else and disappeared. Not even the sounds of the battlefield colliding and bursting and breaking were heard. What Eugene now hears are the saints’ painful moans and prayers. and.

It’s just Noir’s laughter.

swung the sword

The night parted.

Laughter cut off. It didn’t change to moans and screams or anything like that. It just stopped laughing. Noir’s body flew through the sky.

It was such a shock that I forgot to even make a sound. Blood spurted from Noir’s mouth. However, it doesn’t make a sound.

I saw the curve of the bloody lips. Eugene laughed the same way.

It was the same with Eugene, whose lips were covered in blood. Wounds are recovering. Still, the blood continues to flow. The pain doesn’t go away either. The soul seems to be oxidized.

As life and life collide, each other’s end is getting closer and closer. Not yet. More can be done. We all laughed equally. They bumped into each other and moved away together, but they rushed at each other the same way.

“under… … evil… … !”

Laughter mingled with his rapid breathing. He let out a laugh that had stopped.

Infinite magical power, eternal nightmare is being denied. The magic-burning light brought the infinite down to the finite. Even the nightmare was shattered and became reality.


It was so cute I couldn’t stand it. This act with Hamel is so lovely. Now I can really imagine. A very certain and close feeling made me draw death.


Even the long night comes to an end. How much more can you do in the future? How much more can we fight

cut several times burned several times The more you do, the closer you get to death.

and Phil.

who dies first.

“You, how are you?”


Noir’s arms were wide open. A miracle has arrived. His mana ran out of control. The blood-stained curve distorted. Light penetrated Noir. But the darkness did not break.

f*ck! Noir’s left eye, the Mystic Eye of Prestige, burst out on its own. Mystic eyes could not withstand the authority that far exceeded its limits.

All of Noir’s mana became a chain. The magic eye of illusion shone alone. The world wrapped in chains embodies the same nightmare of Eugene and Noir. The night that seemed to last forever, and the dawn that would come after it, were denied.

The worst nightmare has returned. The red twilight light filled the world. Noir opened his heart more.

Deuk deuk… … ! The new sword that pierced his chest twisted. A heart that narrowly escaped. The overflowing flames tried to burn my heart, but it didn’t move as I wanted.

“My Hamel.”

Noir whispered. Eugene twisted his pale face.

confined space. A nightmarish twilight. Eugene’s divinity knew what would happen afterwards.

“Do you feel the same death as me?”

Twilight light enveloped everything.


The world surrounded by chains melted into a red light bursting from within. Senya screamed and flew there. Senya knew what Noir had just done.

They created a world of just the two of them so that their power would not be scattered. I concentrated all my remaining mana.

I opened my heart for that ignorant attack.

And it exploded. raging magic power. That’s self-destruction. Even Noir, the master of magic, had no choice but to die.

so? So, to die together? To end up with each other? I knew right away that it was a crazy bitch, but I can’t believe that… … .

“… … !”

Senya, who was approaching urgently, stopped abruptly.

In the melting red light, I saw the figure of Yujin.

ㅡ is alive. Didn’t die. But the condition was miserable. Eugene sat down in his seat, bleeding profusely.

—-Pass! Prominence turned to ashes and crumbled. Even the wings of light left alone are gradually fading.

Eugene barely lifted his trembling hand to the side. Her wings of light completely disappeared, and Christina appeared, who had lost her mind. Her hand, which she barely lifted, caught Cristina, but Eugene’s body couldn’t stand it. Her arm, which she had supported so far, snapped and snapped.


Senya screamed. Blood poured from his broken arm. Eugene looked at his arm with blurry eyes.

“… … How long has it been since your arm was cut off?”

Yujin grinned and muttered.

“well… … take it attach it later.”

“Hey, hey! you… … Gwa, are you okay? Are you okay?”

“I’m not okay… … I am alive.”

Blood poured out once, and Eugene staggered to his feet. —-I almost died. She narrowly slashes the Nightmare and burns her chains. He really would have just died if it wasn’t for the sanctuary and the miracle.

“… … .”

They almost died, and they both didn’t die. Eugene raised his head and looked at the sky.

The black night sky looked as if it would collapse at any moment.

Eugene felt noir somewhere in there.


Yujin grinned and held the wound on her torn left arm.

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