Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 560

I saw Noir’s face standing in front of the swaying dusk. Backed by the setting sun, Noir’s face was shadowed and dark, but the expression she was making was clearly visible even in the shadows.

There is no smile on Noir’s lips. Now Noir didn’t feel the slightest bit of playfulness.

“In this dream, we can die and kill forever.”

Noir whispered.

“Death here is what I hope for the rest of my life. It’s different from the death I wanted to know. With you, I can give up on that.”

Noir’s hand was slowly lifted up. The ring on her ring finger glowed faintly in the twilight. Noir whispered as he caressed his neck with his left hand.

“You can do a lot of other things besides dying and killing. In this dream, we can have many dreams besides nightmares. Hamel, if you’ve had a few dreams, you’ll know that I’m not lying or bluffing.”

Of course I know. Without the awareness of ‘dream’, this world is no different from reality. Rather better than reality. If you don’t wish for nightmares. If you wish for a pleasant and happy dream. This world will make all of Eugene’s dreams come true.

“We can do anything here.”


Noir’s hand wrapped around his neck. When she felt a thumping pulse, she spoke up.

“We can dream forever, never ending dreams here. If you wish, ahaha, Hamel, if you really wish. I’m willing to be an aria. With the face of Arya, with the voice of Arya, I will serve you as my god.”

“… … .”

“But if possible, I would like it to be ‘me’ rather than Aria. It’s okay if she doesn’t love her. It’s okay even if you kill me hundreds of thousands of times. If you want ‘me’, I’m good enough.”

Eugene closed his eyes once without saying a word. She didn’t want to see the ring on Noir’s finger. She didn’t want to see her neck, her necklace, her ring, which she wrapped around her.


Noir’s words were not over. She continued to speak, staring at her Eugene with her unwavering eyes.

“I said ‘forever’. That’s not a lie.”

The time that flows in a dream is different from the time in reality. If Noir wants, she can turn her dream year into a real day.

“Of course, I cannot achieve this eternity alone. Because this is a dream for me and you, both of us. But if you accept, we can really have eternity in this dream.”

Hwaaak! The shape of the shaking dream has changed.

Green grass and colorful flowers bloomed in the wilderness where corpses were lined up. A lake with a beautifully sparkling water surface appeared. A small mansion stood tall in a landscape that seemed like something out of a fairy tale book.

“In that eternity, we will never be bored. You can enjoy a new day every day.”

The meadow became a brick sidewalk. The lake became a huge castle, and the flowers became buildings. Before anyone knew it, Eugene and Noir were in the middle of a small city.

“If you are tired of leisurely days, it makes a splendid city. I know, Hamel. Human desire wants more and more. No problem. I am Noir Jebella, Queen of Dreams. I have seen millions of desires and created millions of dreams. All of that will color our eternity.”

I opened my closed eyes

“… … I know, Hamel.”

Noir whispered.

“You have a mission and a destiny. what you wished for And someone else entrusted it.”

The old gods who voluntarily entered the mouth of the giant. A giant who ate all the gods and became light. A wise man who became a world tree. Vermouth who reincarnated Hamel. A ghost who wanted to save the world.

“I know that you are a person who does not turn away from your mission and destiny. Even though you grumble that you don’t like it, in the end you don’t give up on your expectations and wishes. I can’t let go.”

“… … .”

“Kill the demon king of confinement, kill the demon king of destruction. They wouldn’t care if that was possible.”

Noir smiled and let go of his hand wrapped around his neck.

“But Hamel. Not everyone can be like you. Not everyone, like you, will be able to move forward. Some people would prefer a thin and long daily life rather than an honorable and noble death. Some people would rather be happy until destruction rather than a war in which victory or defeat is unknown.”

The laughter that followed was quiet.

“Even such weakness I can bear. It invites everyone you know, who doesn’t wish to die, to happy dreams. Until the end of the world, we will be able to enjoy eternity in our dreams.”

Noir’s words paused for a moment. Through a brief silence, she sorted out her emotions and held on to the center of the shaky dream.

“… … The ones I really hate, Senya Merdane, Anise Slywood, and Cristina Logaris too. Hamel, if you wish… … I invite you to my dreams. If need be, I’ll even swear not to control their emotions. I mean, I will guarantee your freedom.”

A hand came down from his neck and went up to his chest. Noir pressed his pounding chest tightly.

“I hate them. Of course they hate me too. But if it can’t be helped, Hamel, if it’s to have an eternal dream with you. I’m willing to give in anyway. Maybe, ahaha, just in case. Spending eternity in a dream, can we get to know each other a bit?”

I said it myself, but I thought it was impossible. But, if those three know the subject and quietly act as fountains. Noir will gladly grant Hamel the right to love him.

“Maybe, maybe… … We’ve become quite close, chatting leisurely, yes, Hamel, with you. Maybe you can travel your dreams. Sitting at the same table, eating, bathing in the same bathtub, lying in the same bed. Ahaha, it’s hard even for me to imagine, but surprisingly, it might not be bad if you actually try it. and… … .”


“And, and. Sometimes, we may talk about real problems, not dreams. How much time has passed outside. Maybe the demon king of confinement will interfere with our happy eternity. Then together we-”

“Noir Jebela.”

A low but firm voice interrupted Noir’s words.

“That is your name.”

said Eugene.

I felt the shaking getting stronger.

“Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella.”

The shaking that was felt from afar keeps getting closer.

“The sweet dreams you speak of can never come true.”

I heard a voice. A faint, small voice. But it’s not a whisper. The saints desperately call Eugene by name.


Noir smiled slowly.

“Do you really want to end this dream?”


A dream is just a dream. Everything Noir said is a fantasy that can never become reality. It is a delusion full of contradictions that denies the relationship and feelings between Noir and Eugene from the ground up.

In order to make that sweet and happy dream last forever, Noir and Eugene all have to throw away a lot of emotions.

Eugene must abandon his murderous intent against Noir. She should only see her as Arya’s reincarnation, not her noir Jebella.

Noir should forget all the reasons why he fell in love with Hamel. She has to let go of her longing for her death, which she has longed for all her life.

“Do you really want to go out in reality, not in a dream?”

Despite knowing all of that, Noir asked one last time.


Knowing all of that, Eugene replied. There should be no other answer other than that. I didn’t even think about it. It was a quiet, unwavering response.

Through dreams repeated many times, through pleas and appeals heard many times, through much confusion, agitation, hesitation.

Eugene said a clear conclusion.

“There is no such thing as an eternal dream.”

A low but steady voice. Eugene’s eyes lit up. Eugene lifted her Levante, drenched in her own blood, beside her.

“Dreams are bound to wake up one day.”

A spark appeared from the inside of the bloody blade. The flame that burned in an instant evaporated the blood.

ㅡFire up! The flame was the clearest and brightest of all the sparks I had ever created in my dreams. A dream in which the scenery changed many times. The only unchanging red light in the twilight was pushed away by the light emitted by Levantein’s flame.


Noir gave a short voice. It sounded like an exclamation, and sometimes it sounded like a sigh.

Noir suppressed his beating heart even more. She felt the beating of her heart, of excitement, sadness, joy, and love, with her ring-clad left hand.

Noir’s smile changed. She no longer laughed like Arya. She didn’t smile sadly. She didn’t smile sadly.

Noir Jebella, she had a smile like the ‘queen of dream horses’ that Eugene had seen from 300 years ago.


Kwadeuk! Her fingers pierced the fabric and dug into her chest. Bright red blood filled Noir’s palms. The ring is stained with blood. She felt a more lively heartbeat.

“I suffered from this moment. I confused the existence of you and myself. I was shaken by memories and feelings that didn’t belong to me. I felt love and hate. I was lost in contradiction.”

Noir strode forward. The red color of the twilight, as if it would fall into the world at any moment and swallow everything, followed Noir.

“I can swear, Hamel. Every word I whispered in my dream is true. If you want with me I would have been with you as I begged.”


Prominence soared high. Eugene’s myth shone brilliantly in the red color of the twilight that filled his dreams.

Noir felt the beauty in that figure. He felt a scarred murderous intent that had finally lifted up what had been about to collapse over and over again.

I felt love.

It was so cute I couldn’t stand it.

“Come, Hamel.”

Noir whispered.

“Come, kill me in my dreams. with your sword. Burn all the dreams that could last forever.”

Eugene stretched out his feet without a word.

ㅡHwaaaak! Shinhwa pushed Eugene’s body. The Levantine, wrapped in flames, swept the world of dreams.

So far, Noir has tried not to be directly cut by the Levantine. No matter how much it is in a dream, being cut directly to death by that sword is fatal to maintaining the dream. When it seemed impossible to avoid it, I ended my dream myself and started a new one.

Not now. Noir smiled brightly and pulled out his hand from his chest. He stretched out his bloody left hand toward his Eugene. The blood that spurted from her chest and the blood that splattered from her hand turned into flower petals and fluttered.


The lips parted in a thin smile. Blood flowed with the voice. His ringed left hand moved slowly and touched Eugene’s cheek.

“This is the end of my dream.”

Noir did not resist the Levantine. His willingness to open his chest, allowing the Levantine to pierce his body.

Heart exploded. But Noir still heard the heartbeat. I felt the bliss of joy spreading through his body.

“It is past dusk.”

I felt the heat in the hand groping my cheek. felt ring Eugene looked into Noir’s eyes without saying a word. The distance is close. She felt the hot breath. She could smell the thick blood.


Noir whispered.

ㅡQuarrrrrrr! The red wet sky melted. Levantein’s flame seeped into the dream and began to burn everything.

The prayers of the saints were heard clearly and close. A wedge was driven into a deep dream. Senya didn’t miss it. Levantein’s flame burned the inside of the dream, and Senya’s magic shook the outside of the dream and destroyed it.

“The dawn will not come.”

The blood-soaked lips drew a dark curve.

everything collapsed Noir, who had been pierced by Levantine, was swallowed up by flames and turned to ashes. Even his feet collapsed and Eugene fell into the abyss.

I tried to spread prominence and fly up, but it didn’t go as I wanted. It seemed that the concept of flight had disappeared from the world. All Eugene could do was fall into an unknown depth.

That moment. A small light appeared in the distance, illuminating the darkness. Eugene unconsciously reached out her hand toward the light. The light that was far away came closer in an instant. The tiny light took shape.

– Hamel.

– Mr. Eugene.

Two voices were heard. Light stretched out its hand toward Eugene. Eugene took his hand without hesitation.

I opened my eyes.

The feeling was faint. Is this place real? Isn’t it the end of the dream just now and the beginning of a new dream? How long have you been dreaming?

Questions running through my mind. A brief sense of helplessness that came at the same time. Drained. My head was pounding and my heart was throbbing. There was a taste of blood in the mouth.

It’s a reality. All of that made Eugene realize the reality.

the dream is over Woke up. The voices of the saints could no longer be heard from afar or near. I heard it from inside Eugene. I felt their light.

-Kurrureurreung! A huge earthquake shook my body. Eugene gave strength to his staggering legs and looked around.

“You do it ignorantly.”

I had no choice but to say that. Eugene saw the vines infesting the large space of Jebela City, Senya’s magic.

‘Still, he’s less ignorant than Meteor.’

Yujin thought so and pressed her throbbing temples.

“Did you sleep well?”

from far above

A whisper was heard.

“Good morning, no. Good night… … Whoops, not even this.”

I saw a large and colorful casino building. Eugene’s gaze climbed the building and passed the neon signboard that was turned off. Our eyes met the two Jebellafaces that landed on the roof. But there was no noir there.

night sky.

In the dark night sky where even the moon and stars are not visible, Jebella Face is floating.

Above the head of that monstrous flying body. Noir Jebela was there. She sat down in an ornate chair and looked down at her Eugene.

“It’s a wonderful night, Hamel.”

Against the black night sky, Noir looked like a goddess of the night. She opened her red lips, her purple eyes shining.

“Welcome back to the desired reality.”

Noir smiled mischievously and spread his arms.

Cheer la la rock! The light returned to the dark city. Neon signboards glowed colorfully, and the whole city awoke.

“Welcome to my city, Jebela City.”

Noir Jebela, the master of this city, has awakened from a dream and returned to reality. Senya’s magic could no longer shake Jebela City.

“But Hamel, you know what?”


“Even this reality will be a nightmare for you.”

He laughed and said his intent to kill.

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