Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 555

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It’s not that I didn’t feel any emotion in the series of dreams. However, this feeling belongs to Eugene. Even if this place is in the middle of a dream dominated by Noir, Eugene’s emotions are not controlled by Noir.

Likewise, Eugene’s existence is not controlled by Noir, even if he exists in a dream. Everything exists only as a background and situation. Eugene’s initiative lies with himself.

‘But the dream itself is not subject to my interference.’

Tried several times but couldn’t. Even if you realize that a dream is a dream, the dream itself is held by Noir. Their dominance over their dreams is incomparable. In the end, in order to overcome the current situation, you have to try something simple and ignorant.

I’m not sure this is the right answer, but the best thing Eugene can do right now is to destroy the dream itself.

Quarrrrr! The flame wrapped around the glass blade trembled violently. Eugene tightened her fingers on her sword hilt and glared at the sky. The shaking night sky. Turning his back against the distorted moon, Noir smiled bewitchingly.

“For now, I mean. I’m really curious too, so there are a few things I’d like to ask you.”

Noir’s appearance did not change from the mansion earlier.

She wore a fancy dress that was hardly suited for ‘battle’. Her skirt, which came down to her ankles, was richly ruffled. Her arms were covered with long white gloves that reached up to her forearms, and in her left hand she held a folded fan.


The slowly raised fan stood in front of Noir’s face.

“Do you really think you can beat me?”

Chew. Debt unfolded. A fan as colorful as the dress covered Noir’s mouth. But the eyes didn’t cover it. Her curved eyes shone in the shade created by the moon.

“Do you really think you can beat me in this dream?”

It’s a question not worth answering. Eugene pulled the Levantine by her side. The blade pointed toward the sky, and the rolling flames licked her tongue as if to swallow the moon. Crunchy, crunchy… … The flame of the white flame resonated with the Levantine.

“Can you win?”

It’s a question not worth answering. Eugene opened her mouth to answer.

“I don’t know.”

It was an honest answer.

“I did not come here to be defeated and killed by you. I’m not here to match your crazy obsession. I am.”

The spreading flames changed the shaking of the dream more violently. The resonance between Levantein and Baek Yeom-shik definitely influenced the dream.

– Hwareuk. The fluttering sparks gathered on Eugene’s back and became wings of flame. In the darkness of the dream night, the black flame of Prominence took on a distinctly different color.

“I’m here to kill you.”

There was no hesitation in saying those words. shouldn’t have been Noir felt a chilling bliss. She put a hand on her quivering shoulder, drawing a smile on her mouth hidden by her fan.

“Yeah, I know.”

I felt Hamel’s will in that expression, emotion, answer, everything. That will is resolute and desperate. But too many emotions are buried.

Noir felt that the current Hamel resembled the Levantine. That transparent and beautiful blade of glass looks fragile as if it would break with just a light tap, but it never breaks. The fragile-looking blade of glass has scares that could burn the entire world.

“I know how much you have been determined to come here.”

damn… … ! Cracks in the distorted full moon.

“Hamel. You say you’ve come to kill me, but that’s not all. You came prepared to die for me.”

The cracks in the full moon widened. Fragments and crumbs from the fissure flew from behind Noir.

“This is a dream I create and rule. Admit it, Hamel. I have no control over your presence and emotions in this dream. But I can see your emotions and memories. my hamel. You left a will.”

The collapse of the full moon accelerated. Now, behind Noir was no longer the full moon. Fragments of the shattered moon circled behind Noir.

“But I don’t like the content of the will. Hamel, you know? After you die, can Moron Luhar become the master of the Levantine instead of you? You are what the demon king of confinement considers ‘special’ and gives you a chance. If it’s not you, the demon king of confinement won’t even give you a chance.”

The stars responded to the wide-spreading fragments of the moon. All the stars in the sky, freed from the rocking darkness of the night, gathered around Noir.

“Really, can Lionheart stand before the Demon King of Destruction on your behalf? Gilade Lionheart? Gion Lionheart? Carmen Lionheart? Ahaha, do you really believe that the young and weak twins can stand against the demon lord of destruction?”

“I don’t know.”

Eugene exhaled.

“But I will do anything. I do not think that those living in this era are insignificant enough to end in vain just because I die. So I believed and wrote the will. If I die, Moron, Sennaga, and Anis will kill the Demon King of Confinement in my place. If you have the right to stand before the Demon King of Destruction, it is Lionheart’s blood.”


Eugene’s feet lightly pushed the ground. Just like that, Eugene lightly flew up into the sky.

“Fortunately, Ryan Hart has a lot of family members. There are plenty of family members who meet the necessary qualifications.”


Noir shook his shoulders and smiled.

“Hamel, you know that, right? How unlikely that statement is now.”

“Of course you know.”

But I had to leave a note like that.

“So I’m going to live somehow.”

“It won’t be easy.”

“No, it’s easy and simple. Before I die, Noir Jebela, if I kill you, something will work.”

Reckless. less likely So desperate. Prominence flared up even more. The single wing of that flame surrounds Eugene just by revealing itself. -Keying! Eugene’s sanctuary existed in Noir’s dream.

Sanctuary and dreams collide. But to Noir, it was nothing more than a minor rebellion. Noir sneered at him and shook his head.


The left hand wrapped around his shoulder moved. His fingers, wrapped in pure white gloves, pointed to the sky and circled.

“Hamel, what you say is not at all easy or simple. Are you killing me?”

Woo woo! The night howled. The collapse began in earnest. The shattered moon and stars crashed, tearing the darkness of the night to shreds.

“It is very difficult and difficult.”

The endless, high, distant night sky. The moon and stars floating there are so small that you can cover them with your palm and pick them up with your fingers. However, as it fell and came closer, it was no longer small.

Meteor, whom Senya called ‘romance’. The violence that could treat that overwhelming mass of great magic as Meteor ‘something like that’ was concentrated on Eugene.

This is not reality. can never be real. In reality, if so many countless stars and a shattered moon were to fall, the whole world would perish.

So, such absurd violence is possible. Everything is just a moment in a nightmare. Noir’s dream does not end even in the star and moon bombardment that will destroy the whole world.

But Eugene will die. Eugene’s sanctity and intuition sensed the warning.

‘It’s a romance.’

Because it is a dream, violence that is impossible in reality is possible. It is not unconditionally limited to Noir. Other beings would not be able to resist the moment they were dragged into a dream, but Eugene is able to resist.

That’s why prominence unfolded. A sanctuary that is not expanded but thoroughly worn as self-defense and reinforcement. The sanctuary that collided with the dream and got mixed in, realized the ‘dream’ that Eugene wanted.

Quarrrrr! The Levantein’s blade trembled. Eugene swallowed his breath and raised his left hand. Shinhwa (God Fire) moved from the blade wrapped around his left hand.

If this place were real, I would never use ignition already. It is not a phase that will decide the battle, and once used, the divine power will be sealed. But now you don’t have to worry about that.

“oh my god.”



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I never thought I would use my dreams in reverse! Noir sincerely admired it. Regardless of admiration, however, the moon and stars are falling. The cataclysmic violence that came at last filled the night sky. The unreal sight was as if the sky had completely collapsed and become one with the ground.

It didn’t end with just ignition. The sanctuary melted into a dream continued to realize Eugene’s wish.

Levantein increased by one more.

“for a moment.”

Embarrassment appeared for the first time on Noir’s face.


Levantein increased by one more.

“Even though this place is a dream.”

Levantein increased by one more.

“The reason I can do this dream at will is because I have the Mystic Eye of Illusion. In addition, I now have the Mystic Eye of Prestige.”

Levantein increased by one more.

“I am the ruler of this dream. Whatever happens, I can handle it. But not you.”

Levantein increased by one more.

“Like waking up from a nightmare and breaking out in a cold sweat and feeling your heart pounding. Like falling in a dream and feeling the same fall in real life and waking up screaming.”

Levantein increased by one more.

“You don’t know what I mean? What happens in this dream will also affect you in real life. Ignition is fine. That’s because you’ve been through it many times and you’re used to it. But this is different. This, you in real life can’t handle-”

Levantein increased by one more.


Eugene exhaled.

“I can handle it. If your brain explodes due to overload, my saintess will do something for you. If her mind is stuffed in a dream, she, Senya, will do something for her.”

Levantine continued to grow.

“And, that the real me couldn’t handle it? what does that mean to me now What good is reality if you die in this dream?”

Levantein’s flames, which increased to dozens, filled the gap between the sky and the ground.

“Your mind won’t stand it.”

Noir shook his head and said.

“I can hold on.”

Eugene shook his head and replied. It is the spirit that endured even in the center of the demon lord of destruction. There is still work to be done. I hope that the will, which is unsightly and contains only improbable stories, will not be passed on to others.

Eugene held his breath and grabbed the ‘real’ Levantein. Dozens of Levantine spewed fire equally. Cowardice rose in the face of a cataclysm that would destroy the world as a whole.

Even the sound died out. Countless stars were reduced to ashes in Levantine. All fragments of the falling moon were burned. The sky in my dreams was no longer night. Levantein’s flame extinguished even the darkness of the night.

The flame melts in the dark night. The world turned into a twilight-like light. Noir is still covering his mouth with a fan. Noir was not swept away by this colossal destruction. She didn’t take any hits.

However, this twilight color caused a small stir in Noir.

“… … cool.”

Noir smiled and nodded. The absurd thing Hamel did by interfering with the dream in reverse. That certainly baffled Noir. I never thought I would use this overwhelmingly disadvantaged battlefield as an advantage.

“But it’s not enough.”

The scare that erased both the earth and the sky aimed at Noir.

“I can no longer feel death to this extent.”

The fan that covered his mouth folded.

Just like that, one dream collapsed. But the dream never ends. It just turns into the next dream. There was no gap between the ending and the beginning. Dozens of Levantine. The dream that existed as Eugene’s sanctuary was consumed by a bigger dream.

Pop, pop, pop, pop! The terrible scare shook and the heat dissipated as champagne bubbles. The blown cork hit the ceiling and fell. Eugene’s body staggered once.

The world suddenly changed, and Eugene was standing on the ground before he knew it.

This is no longer the mansion Senya dreamed of. It is not a forest where the air is good, the sky is high and blue, and a gentle river flows.

A secluded place where you don’t know where the world is. A place where wagons and carts go instead of warp gates. A rural village where rice fields turn golden in autumn. A small inn that caters to travelers.

“Oh, you.”

After walking out of the open kitchen, Noir turned around. She waved her beer in her hands and smiled.

“Why are you here when you’re not standing at the counter?”

This is Anise’s dream.

“No matter how bad our inn is, if you are the owner, you have to wait for your guests… … .”

didn’t listen to the end Eugene lunged forward and thrust his fist into Noir’s face.

Puff! Noir’s head exploded like a tomato. No, it didn’t end with a metaphor. Noir’s head really became a tomato. The flesh of the burst tomato fell down the iron poodle.

“I told you, Hamel.”

Noir stepped on the flesh on the floor and brought the cup of beer he was holding to his mouth.

“It will be very difficult and difficult.”

The ignition turned on again. Quarrrrr! A storm of flames blew the inn away. Noir, who was sipping beer, was also caught in the flames.

All the intense flames became a typhoon in a teacup. Yujin was startled and took a step back.

He was looking at something completely different. Spinning roulette wheel. Noir, who was looking at the dealer from across the street, smiled briskly as he glanced at the pile of chips.


Kwajik! Eugene’s foot hit the roulette and broke it. Just as he was about to grab Noir by the collar and throw Levantein down. Again, the present dream was folded and became a new dream.

It’s a prom. Other than Noir and Eugene, other people appeared in this dream. Men and women in dresses and tuxedos held each other’s hands and danced around the ballroom. No, not other people. Every woman who dances is noir. The man was Yu-jin, whose face was cleanly erased.

“Isn’t it okay to dance?”

Dozens of noirs whispered to Eugene.

“It reminds me of Mr. I wanted to dance with you back then.”

A real noir without a partner approached Eugene lightly.

“But you, you let me go and danced with Senya Merdein.”

Didn’t spread debt. Instead, he slowly removed the white glove from his hand.

“I was fine at the time. I am angry now.”

Noir threw the removed glove into Eugene’s face.

“So let’s duel.”

Whispers full of laughter.

The thin glove he had just thrown smashed Eugene’s head.

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