Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 550

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tweet… … .

Early moning. The chirping of birds by the window woke Christina up. She opened her eyes feeling refreshed as if she had just woken up from a deep sleep.


The sound of splashing water. Christina shrugged her shoulders instead of straightening herself up.

Then I remembered what had happened before I passed out. Baptism of Eugene. The water in the bathtub was still warm, but there was no ‘light’ like the first time.

[Did you wake up?]

Anise’s voice was heard. Cristina, unsurprised, nodded her head.

‘Did you wake up first?’

[I just woke up too.]

The mind is not languid. It was uncomfortable to have wet clothes sticking to the body, but other than that, there was no discomfort. It wasn’t a level that wasn’t there, but it was so good that it couldn’t be better. I’d never thought of my body as heavy, but now it’s more than that, and it feels like a feather.

[Although it is morning now, we did not spend a single dawn. He must have been unconscious for a few days.]

But there was no hunger. Cristina lifted herself up, feeling the fullness fill her body. Chew! As she stood up from her seat, all the water in her bathtub evaporated.

‘Have you not seen Eugene?’

[It’s true that I woke up before you, but even so, the gap is only about 10 minutes. From then on, Hamel was not in the room.]

After saying that, Anis let out a short sigh.

[Rather, that makes me anxious. Given Hamel’s personality, there’s no way he would have left us alone in the room. Hamel is not in the room because there must be a reason.]

‘Could it be that something happened to Eugene-nim? You shed a lot of blood for us… … .’

[Are you serious? Cristina, I can no longer imagine Hamel losing her mind from an overdose.]

‘But Sister is worried about Eugene’s safety right now… … .’

[Yes, I am worried. I’m afraid that evil things may have seduced Hamel during the time we lost our minds. Cristina, don’t you remember the circumstances before your baptism? It wasn’t just us and Hamel who were in this room.]

Hearing that, Christina’s expression couldn’t help but harden. She may have been there for a few days, but Ciel was also in this room at that time. Ciel, who took a clean bath and even sprayed perfume.

[Only Ciel should not be overlooked. Even though he met him after a year, he didn’t do anything to him, so Senya that girl must have had a venom in her heart.]

‘Huh… … .’

[Maybe we used our sleep as an opportunity to do some tricks. Forcing Hamel who doesn’t like it… … .]

“How dare you sympathize with Lord Hamel!”

Christina yelled out loud. At that cry, Anis was speechless for a moment. What she thought would come next after her ‘forced’ was a date or a hug, because it was such a big jump in her talking level with Christina.

[…] … .]

From that cry, Anise couldn’t help but feel a complicated question for a moment.

Is the word sympathy right for Hamel? As Anise knew, Hamel had quite a few sexual experiences as a mercenary. In those days and now, mercenaries were usually like that, so Anise didn’t pay much attention, but wasn’t Hamel a virgin anyway?

‘What are you talking about? sister. Right now Eugene-sama is not Hamel-sama, but Eugene-sama.’


‘Different bodies, different names. And love didn’t exist in the mercenary days of playing with fire.’

[yes… … ?]

‘Eugene’s mind and body are pure. That’s why it’s all the more valuable and must be protected.’

Cristina spat that out and immediately threw off her clothes.

why are you undressing? Because your clothes are wet. Do you have clothes to change into? there is. On the bed with a clean blanket, clothes for the saints were prepared. He must have prepared a change of clothes in advance for when he comes to his senses one day.

“… … .”

But Christina didn’t pay attention to the clothes. She hesitated for a moment, but then she made up her mind and walked across the room naked. This is Eugene’s room. On one side of the large room, there is a separate door leading to the dressing room.

[My God, my God… … !]

Anise was stunned by the devilish and shameless thoughts Christina had now come up with, and the courage to take action that quickly dispelled any hesitation about them.

A forbidden place where Cristina, Senya, and even Ciel, who lived in the same mansion as Eugene from 10 years ago, could not set foot. Eugene is breaking into the dressing room where she has been in and out since childhood, wearing nothing. The women who broke into this room were the first saints… … .

‘… … .’

Probably not the first time. I don’t know if it’s another attendant, but Nina, who has been exclusive to Eugene since she was a child, must have visited many times. But her job forced her to come and go, and Christina quickly erased Nina’s name from her mind.

[My God, my God, my God… … !]

Anise gasped. Cristina took off her wet clothes without regret, and put Eugene’s shirt over her pure white naked body. The hem of her shirt came down to her thighs, for the difference in her height was quite large.

[No way, no way… … !]

Anise’s voice trembled.

Right now, Anis was having lewd and demonic fantasies that a clergyman should never do, and even a saint should never do. If you put down one more layer of human duty in this rude outfit, it becomes a holy figure in a different sense. The saintess will become a saint other than the saintess.

“… … .”

Fortunately, Christina had a bit of reason left. She let her stern thoughts go through her head, and she quietly buttoned up her shirt and went outside. Then she put on her underwear and pants folded up on the bed.

[ruler… … Well done.]

There are many things that distinguish humans from animals, but Anis thought that clothing was one of them. However, I felt a little regretful. If Christina had really fallen by abandoning reason and duty. And I was a little curious about how Hamel would react if he saw it.

“Let’s go find Eugene.”

The reason Christina didn’t let go of reason was because this was Lionheart’s mansion. If this was only Eugene and Cristina’s home, Cristina would have acted without hesitation. That’s what she should do regardless of reason and duty.

But this is Lionheart’s mansion. Besides Eugene, other people also live there. It’s fine if it’s only shown to Eugene, but you can’t show it to others.

Just an hour ago, Eugene had waited in his room for the saints to wake up, but now he was in Lionheart’s conference room.

Christina’s judgment was perfectly correct. The atmosphere in the conference room after knocking on the door was unusual. If she had walked into the conference room dressed as Christina had initially thought of her, her situation would have been very embarrassing.

“Woke up… … .”

Eugene, who was sitting with a serious face, was speechless. In fact, he knew right away that Christina had come to her senses. Christina is Eugene’s saintess. She can tell without having to feel the presence.

The reason why I was speechless was, first of all, because of Christina’s ‘change’. Her blue eyes deepened even more. However, there was a more blatant change than that for Christina now.

Now, a soft aura of light hovered around Christina. and overhead. There was a ring of light, just like when Anis first materialized as an angel. But the ring was faint and hard to see.

“… … .”

It is not only because of the aura and the ring of light that Eugene is speechless. He obviously left his clothes on the bed to change into. If he saw that he was wearing bottoms, he probably couldn’t find them. But why are you wearing a shirt like that as a top?

“What’s that, a bundle of clothes?”

Senya, who was sitting next to Eugene, asked with her eyebrows furrowed. Naturally, Senya knew that the shirt belonged to Eugene.

“The clothes you prepared are a bit small for me.”

Cristina rolled up her sleeves that fell below her fingers and lied without changing her expression.



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“Small? Can’t it be small?”

“It was small.”

“Where and how did you say it was small?”

“Senya-sama is really mischievous. Forcing me to give an embarrassing answer with my own mouth.”

Senya’s lips twitched at that bold answer.

“How long have I been unconscious?”

Cristina did not allow Senja to ask another question. In response to the question that quickly hit the player, Eugene straightened his expression.

“three days.”

“oh my god. You’ve been asleep for a long time.”

“He wasn’t asleep, he was passed out.”

Senya pursed her lips and muttered. He decided it was a question not worth answering. So Cristina asked something else.

“What happened to the forest elves?”

“There was a remission.”

“It means that a cure is impossible.”

“The horseman’s hospital is magic.”

Senya clicked her tongue and shook her head.

“However, I have confirmed that the magical power does not belong to the demon lord in captivity. That’s why even the demon king in confinement couldn’t reap the horsemen. The magician’s hospital is the magic of destruction. maybe… … I think horsemen, like Nur, are a sign of destruction.”

300 years ago, when the war started, horse disease broke out among the elves. At the time, I thought the war itself was because of the demon king’s ambition in confinement, but now I know the truth about war. In the first place, the world should have perished around that time. The war itself was the beginning of destruction.

“Well, if you kill the demon king of destruction, the horsemen will also disappear.”

Eugene muttered. Christina gave her a slight nod of her head and sat down next to Eugene. Senya, who was sitting across from her, glanced at Cristina, who was sitting close to her Eugene, and opened her mouth.

“Sit down a bit… … .”

“Didn’t you say there was a remission? What kind of relief was there? The progress of the cavalry itself would have been stopped right away.”

This time, Cristina ignored Senya’s words and asked her own question first.

“uh… … Uh, um, I extracted the magic of destruction from the elves who were afflicted with horse disease.”

“Is it impossible to cure even though you’ve pulled out your mana?”

“Still, it’s enough to make a critically ill patient who is having a hard time getting his body back to normal. If you go outside, the magician will proceed again. But you sit too close… … .”

“But why are you two in the conference room? The atmosphere I felt after I came in was very heavy, but did the two of you ever fight?”

“What do I have to fight with him?”

Having given up on arguing with a sense of distance, Senya let out a deep sigh.

“I got an invitation.”

Eugene replied. He clicked his tongue and pulled out an envelope from his chest.

“… … Noir Jebela.”

The wax seal was torn, but the letters on the envelope were clear. The name of Noir Jebela… … Christina’s expression couldn’t help but harden the same way.

“If it’s an invitation… … .”

“It’s faster to see for yourself.”

Yujin muttered that and opened the envelope and took out a letter. Only one piece of stationery. It wasn’t even densely written.

“… … ?”

Christina’s eyes widened.

They saw the enchanting red kiss mark engraved in the center of the letter paper. A kiss mark left by Noir Jebela with her lips covered with lipstick. There was no room to say anything disgusting about it.

“… … uh?”

Cristina jumped up from her seat, startled.

The act itself was meaningless. Because she wasn’t sitting in her chair in the first place. Suddenly, even the space changed. Right before seeing the kiss mark, Christina was in the conference room inside Lionhart’s mansion. But where Christina stands now is-

It was before the red twilight.

Cristina flinched and took a step back. Then, startled, she looked back at her. It was because she could hear the sound of water ‘slapping’ under her feet.

The scene unfolding behind her was something Christina knew well. fountain of light. The fountain of light that Eugene had personally destroyed in Euras existed behind Christina in an intact state. But the spring wasn’t quite the same as Christina’s memories.

Rather, it was even more horrifying. The color of the spring water, which had been emitting a soft light, changed. Gradually, it gradually changed to blood red.

Cristina looked at the things under the fountain. That was a myriad of white bones. Relic for the Fountain of Light. Remains of the saints of successive generations. That pure white bone was all looking at Christina.


The white bones snapped their jaw joints and clashed their teeth. There were no pupils, so a faint ghostly energy shimmered in the hollow eye sockets.


-Why only you… … .

A voice filled with despair and bitterness was heard. Cristina involuntarily covered her mouth. Her heart ached at her chilling goosebumps. A pile of white bones that had sunk in the spring stirred. Under the gurgling foam, someone lifted their head.

-nice… … chris… … tea… … me… … .

A rotten, disfigured face. But Christina remembered that face and voice. Sergio Rogeris. Christina’s adoptive father.

-I… … how… … what’s wrong… … .

Cristina covered her mouth with her hand and looked at her adoptive father.

I never thought of him as a father. Sergio has never had fatherly love for Cristina either. For Christina, her adoptive father was the object of her resentment and a symbol of oppression and fear. To Sergio, she was Cristina, she was just a saint to be made and perfected.

-you… … you… … If not… … .

That’s all, that look terrified Christina. Feelings about his adoptive father, who should have been completely shaken off, crawled up the bottom of his chest.

Normally, this wouldn’t be the case. Because Sergio’s death didn’t really affect Cristina at all. Her hopeless childhood and the many feelings and obligations planted in her making as a saint were wiped away in the fireworks she saw with Eugene and in the journey that followed.


No matter how she brushed it off, Cristina is human. A sight like this recreates just a little bit of emotion.

Despair and bitterness vomited by the ashes of saints of successive generations. The curse of a rotten adoptive father. The resulting small emotion was amplified against Christina’s will. Thus, Christina’s mind was seized by a fleeting nightmare.

“Oh my goodness.”

A voice came from beyond the twilight.

“I expected it to look like this, but your nightmare is so obvious and boring.”

A chuckle was heard. Cristina was taken aback and turned her head away.

I saw the appearance of Noir Jebela. With her twilight as her back, Noir stood with her arms crossed and smiled.

“ah. Don’t feel too ashamed. You’re not the only one having nightmares. My Hamel, Senya Merdein, who saw the invitation first, and… … .”

Noir’s smile deepened.

“Anis Slewood, who is mixed with you, also had a nightmare. Everyone has a different nightmare.”


A voice came from Christina’s side. Before I knew it, Anis was standing next to Christina. She strained her wobbly legs and stood up straight, glaring at Noir.

“Gal X… … !”

“It’s nice to hear it in person and it’s special. Long time no see, Anise.”

“this… … What are you doing? Why Hamel… … .”

“Did I show you an invitation?”

Noir said with a wicked smile. Those were the words Christina hadn’t uttered. This nasty nightmare is by invitation. There was no need to show it.

“You thought I didn’t know you?”

Noir asked with a chuckle.

“Oh yeah. I’ll be honest. I didn’t even know until I saw you guys in the arena. I had a certain amount of anxiety, but I wasn’t sure. But at the arena, I knew right away from the report. I mean, you guys are a complicated mix.”

“… … .”

“And the reason this invitation is in this form, hehe, is because of my kind consideration.”


Anise sighed with a twist on her face.

“That’s right, considerate.”

The smile disappeared from Noir’s face, which had been wearing a mischievous smile until just now.

“It’s not like 300 years ago, Anise Slewood. Back then I was insignificant and weak. I’ve shown you nightmares several times, but I haven’t been able to bring you down and break your spirit.”

Noir took a step. woo woo… … ! An ominous sound flowed from her twilight as she turned her back.

“But not now. I can show you a nightmare that will never end. No matter how perfect you and Cristina Rogeris are as saints, or how Senya Merdein has transcended humanity, it means nothing to me right now.”

“… … What do you want to say?”

“It’s simple.”

The twilight distorted. An overflowing red color covered the sky.

“If you don’t want to die, don’t come to my estate.”

Noir’s figure blended with the red background.

“Don’t come to interfere with Hamel and me.”

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