Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 542

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It was the first knightly appointment as Eugene Lionheart, but nothing grandiose was done. Of course, there is no podium, and only two people, one dead soul, one familiar, and one dragon are present.

Of course, if you look at the side, the story is different. One person is the best wizard of this era and a goddess of preliminary magic who has recently reached divine status, and the other is a saint. Her dead soul is a real exhaust archangel. familiar?

‘It’s fine as long as it’s cute.’

In fact, from the beginning, Mer did not feel like a familiar. It’s enough that a dragon is just a dragon. Because in this era, no knight was appointed while receiving the dragon’s blessing.


I could have made a podium if I really needed it, but I didn’t have to. Because Eugene can fly. He stood a little higher than Morron, who did not kneel and stood upright.

“Moron Luhar.”

The name of the person being appointed. Brave, Morron Luhar. The legendary dragon king who founded the country looked up at Yujin.

“you… … uh… … therefore… … .”

I made up my mind to become a paladin, but what should I do with this?

Eugene couldn’t help but fall into serious trouble for a moment. Because he had never made anyone a knight in his life. Even Aman, who was harvested in the desert in the past, was not appointed as a knight, but was simply thrown into the mansion.

“Hey, how are you doing?”

After thinking about it for a while, Eugene asked Moron. Moron, who had been waiting with her serious and solemn face, became as stupid as she used to be and blinked her eyes.

“Are you asking me about that?”

“You’ve been king too, so you must have done a lot of seoim in the past.”

“Yes, Hamel. It reminds me of the first time I built a village in this harsh snowfield. That village became Ruhar’s city, Hameln. As you know, the name of the capital of this country is Hamelin, in honor of you.”

“… … .”

“The first Hameln was not a big city like it is now. The warriors who follow me and their families. Also, refugees who lost their home in Helmud… … . At the time, materials were also in short supply, so we built houses using snow as bricks.”

“… … .”

“So, for the first time, I made a village in the snowfield, and I declared it as a ‘kingdom’. The kingdom of Ruhar is named after me. At that time, in the middle of the snowfield, I gave the position of knight to hundreds of warriors… … .”

Why is this bastard boasting all of a sudden? Eugene’s eyebrows twitched. To the twisted Eugene, those words sounded like boasting, ‘I have hired hundreds of knights’. And why are you talking about the founding of Luhar in the first place?

“Don’t talk bullshit, how are you doing your appointment?”

“You can do whatever you want.”

“I didn’t listen to your bullshit just to hear such an easy story… … .”

“The ordination ceremony is different for each knight. A beating, a few slaps, or an all-night prayer with a sword were used as ordination ceremonies. If you will, Hamel, I will punch you every few days.”

“My fist hurts more, so why are you doing that?”

“I have another question, Hamel. As I said, the name of the Luhar capital was Hamelin in honor of you. But now that you’re reincarnated like this, is there any more need to honor you now that everyone in the world knows about your reincarnation? Hameln’s name no longer needs to be Hameln?”

“hey! Even if I’m reincarnated now, it doesn’t mean that Hamel’s death didn’t exist. But what do you need to celebrate?”

Eugene held up the Levantein high as he fired at it. Hwareuk! The clear glass blade caught fire. Moron was startled by the burning flame and took a step back.

“Why are you setting the knife on fire?”

“I will hit you on the shoulder once in a while with this knife.”

“Is it your duty to leave the burns of the holy fire on my skin?”

“It burns just by looking at it, but it’s not very hot.”

I heard that, but Moron’s eyes could not help but tremble slightly.

Levantine. It was because it hadn’t been long since I’d seen that fiery sword slash Gavid with terrible power.

But his name is ‘Brave Moron’. He took a short breath and straightened his shoulders in front of Yujin.

“Moron Luhar.”

Eugene also lowered his voice. The Levantine, wrapped in flames, slowly cut through the air and landed on Morron’s right shoulder.

“You are my first paladin.”

the moment you said that. The color of the flame has changed. The dark red and vicious color became a brilliant white.

“I will appoint you as the most trusted and cherished warrior.”

The Levantine moved again and touched Moron’s left shoulder.

– Hwaaaaaagh! The flame that swelled from the blade once covered Morron’s body. It was as Eugene said. Flames wrapped around his body, but Moron did not feel the slightest heat.

Moron involuntarily swallowed his breath. A blazing flame flowed into Moron with his breath. beating, beating… … The beating of the heart imbued with flame felt different than usual.

Moron reached for the ax that had been placed next to him. The moment a big, strong hand grabbed the handle.

Roaring! The same flame as Eugene’s wrapped around the axe. Moron exclaimed and raised the ax upwards. She let go of her wry smile as she sensed the divine power within herself.

“I can’t believe it.”

Moron’s lifelong mana was added to his divine power. Even with that alone, Moron was able to create a myth. Holy knights and great warriors appointed by God himself. Even the target of such appointment was Moron, the strongest among humans.

“It’s not just power. Everything about me feels new.”

Moron muttered that and put down the axe.

The founding king of Ruhar, which has been regarded as a legend since the beginning. He lived for 300 years and was revered, a feat that would have taken a throne in another era. Therefore, the current Seoim gave Moron a big change.

“A year at the latest.”

Eugene stared at Moron with calm eyes.

“In a year, I will challenge the barbell.”

“Aren’t you in too much of a hurry?”

“I have no choice but to hurry. The Demon King of Confinement warned you, there really isn’t much time left.”

Although it is unclear how the promise will end. Eugene didn’t want to see that ‘end’. No matter how much I thought about it, ‘the end’ couldn’t be good.

“Recently, the number of noor has increased a lot here too.”

It is a sign of destruction Now, even if the number has increased, Moron can handle it, but if Nur pours out of control and spreads to the continent like the end of the mythical age- then it can’t be controlled.

“The question is Noir Jebelin.”

Moron muttered with a hard face. He does not know the story of Eugene and Noir. However, even if you don’t know that story- you know that Noir is a strong enemy.

“Hamel. Do you know what state Jebela City is in now?”

“There, it must be as noisy and tasty as always.”

“The taste is there, but… … Things are different in the city than you’ve been before.”

Anise shook her head.

“During your absence, Jebela City was locked down for two months. Millions of tourists in the city did not come out, and new tourists could not enter the city.”

“… … .”

“It lasted for two months. Since the tourists did not return, countries formally protested against Helmud. Why are you holding tourists hostage? I also felt that things were not normal, so I visited Jebela City myself.”



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Despite protesting dozens of times, the demon king of confinement did not open the gates of Jebela City. Even so, the demon king of confinement did not directly defend Noir Jebella.

The demon king of confinement does not get involved in this matter at all. The saints accepted that and took action. I didn’t want to engage in armed conflict with Noir Jebela already – but the number of human lives captured there was too great to be ignored.

There was no Hamel, but I judged that Hamel would have done this. So, the saints mobilized all they could gather. Most of those who participated in the Hauria Liberation War responded to the call of the saints. The pope gave permission, and the emperor of Kiel also supported the will of the saints. Even the demon king in captivity did not interfere even though the army led by the saintess crossed the border of Helmud and passed through the warp gate as if it were a tourist. The demons who were supposed to have seizures easily opened the way as if they had decided to do so.

Anis still had a hard time understanding the bizarre scene of Jebela City at that time. She never stayed in Jebella City, that insane Jebella Park, with Eugene she used to be. A city where night does not exist. A city that has never been quiet.

When I stood at the gates of Jebela City leaving the army behind. Anise couldn’t hear anything in the city. He was so quiet that a city with millions of captives could hardly be felt to be so.

“… … The door is open.”

I tried to break down the tightly closed castle gate. But before he could order it, the gates opened first.

“It was the end of the two-month lockdown. The gates were opened, and the captive tourists were released.”

Moreover, it was bizarre. There were not only saints but also numerous knights, mercenaries, warriors, and wizards. Most of them have keen senses to detect the presence of ants crawling on the other side of the gate.

But no one felt that people were gathering across the gates. The same was true of those who looked inside the walls from the sky. He was clearly looking inside the walls, but all eyes could not see anything in Jebela City.

no. From the beginning, they could not see through the strange veil of Jebela City. The city they saw, the signs they felt, all of that was a distorted fantasy from reality.

“The people who came out of the wide open city gates were so comfortable that they couldn’t believe they had been held captive for two months… … It was a kind face. Just like the face after enjoying a long, clean sleep.”

The tourists who came out of the castle gate stopped walking, bewildered by the army of the saintess who blocked their way.

“After asking the people who came with me to guide the tourists, I tried to enter Jebela City myself. What happened during those two months in that city. Noir Jebela, because I needed to know what GalX did.”

“I couldn’t get in.”

Eugene, who had been silent all along, muttered.


Anis also sighed and nodded.

“It’s ugly and pathetic, but yeah, I couldn’t get in.”

A voice whispering right next to you.

-If you come in.

Words that do not lead to the end. But I could fully imagine what the words would be after that.

I had to make a decision. The power of the saints is at odds with the demons, but the opponent is Noir Jebella. A demon of that level, no, Noir, is an existence that has already surpassed the rank of a demon king.

Can the saintess single-handedly subdue the demon lord? impossible. Even if she pours all of her divine power and pours miracles, the battle with Noir will not be established. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the best of the continent gathered behind the saints. But how long can the battle last even if they protect them? Will the battle take place?

“At the time, I didn’t have the determination and justification to risk everyone’s life.”

“That’s right.”

Eugene replied.

“You did not go to kill Noir Jebela. I went to retrieve the prisoner, and since I succeeded, there is no need to fight.”

“Are you comforting my pathetic and weak points?”

“Think about anything. No matter what I say, the humiliation you felt at that time will not go away. But Anis, I hate you dying.”

Eugene smiled and hugged Anis. Anis was startled by the sudden hug and jumped up from her seat. However, Eugene’s strong arm held Anise so that she could not move.

“Anise, Cristina. While I was gone, you must have been in a lot of trouble and suffering. I’m glad I met you safely.”

“uh… … uhh… … .”

I’m already dead, so why are you saying ‘I don’t want you to die’ now? Originally, Anis would have made fun of Eugene with a smirk like that.

But now I just couldn’t do that. Eugene’s embrace deprived Anis of his freedom of thought.

[Sister, sister!]

I ignored Christina’s screams in my head. At the same time, Anis desperately seized the initiative of the body. Although Cristina has become much stronger, she has not been able to get her body back from Anis.

[Evil spirit! this evil!]

Christina screamed. How dare an evil spirit dare to the holy spirit who died as a saint and became an angel! But Anis didn’t get angry at that scandalous nonsense.

“yes… … yes, all… … Thank goodness, Hamel, like this… … Because I am alive… … .”

Anise leaned her face against Eugene’s chest with a melting expression she had never seen before 300 years ago.

“Mmmm, mmm, mmm!”

Unlike Moron, who watched with a hearty smile, Senya, who had been watching with her eyes on, coughed in succession.

“So, what happened after that? Tourists released! You run away from Noir!”

“How can you be so unlucky with words?”

“my… … What did I say wrong… … .”

“I apologize, Senya. Now you’ve been talking too much Anise is a priest. Of course, you can’t fight the Demon King alone like we do.”

“yes… … I am poor and weak. yo. this… … warrior’s… … We must be protected by Hamel… … .”

Anise sighed and exhaled.

How pitiful! Senya’s shoulders trembled. 300 years ago, I enjoyed swinging my mace and smashing the heads of high-ranking demons, and even now, I feel pitiful for a battle priest who can turn most demons to blood!

“mi… … mi… … .”

But when you think about it calmly, it is an obvious fact that the fighting power of the saintess is inferior to that of the archmage and the hero. Senya opened her mouth to correct and apologize for what she had just said, but she couldn’t quite finish her words.

“The blockade of Jebela City has been lifted, but the problem comes next.”

Anise didn’t wait for Senya’s apology and spoke first. She had not yet freed herself from Eugene’s arms, leaning her face against her chest and groping her back with her hands.

“mi… … crazy boy! What are you doing!”

“Tourists who came out of the city and returned to their hometown started heading to Jebela City again. Countries tried to control them, but even that didn’t work. Because if they were forcibly caught and locked up, they would commit self-injury, such as banging their heads against a wall or grabbing their necks with their own hands.”

Ignoring Senya’s swearing, Anise whispered. Still she desperately took the initiative to make sure Christina didn’t take her body… … .

“I and the priests tried to purify it, judging it to be mental black magic or the evil hypnosis of Gal X… … It was impossible. It was neither black magic nor hypnosis that was applied to the tourists.”



Anise sighed as she rubbed Eugene’s back.

“For two months, the strong and sweet memories they tasted in the city of Gal X- made them voluntarily go to Jebela City. In order to suppress it, you have to erase the memory or expunge the emotion.”

“You mean there is no way.”

“yes. Because there are limits to self-harm and control and control of the mind. Eventually, most of the tourists went back to Jebela City.”

Still, not as extreme as the first. The gates of Jebela City are wide open. Anyone can enter, and anyone who enters can come out.

Rather, the situation is not so good. The kingdoms themselves forbade their citizens to visit Jebela City. Tourists who returned to Jebela City before that are not coming out on their own.

“Most of the amusement facilities and casinos in Jebela City are still operating – Hamel, but things are different than when we were there. Night did not exist in Jebela City at that time. Day and night, every hour was noisy with banquets. But not now. Tourists in Jebela City now do not enjoy other entertainment. I am in the city only to sleep and dream.”

fantasies enjoyed in dreams. Noir Jebela stands on the blindness of millions.

“That Gal X is crazy.”

Originally crazy, but not to this extent.


Eugene let go of Anise with a wry smile.

“therefore. I have to kill him before he goes crazy.”

Leaving behind Anis’ eyes dripping with regret, Eugene turned her head.

“Shall we go back to Lionheart for now?”

“… … yes.”

Anise collected her emotions and answered.

“Uh-hum, uh-hum, uh-hum… … !”

Senya continued to cough.


Eugene saw Moron for the last time.

“I will call you from Babel, my first paladin and only champion.”

“Of course you should.”

Moron smiled and nodded.

“I look forward to that day with the light you gave me.”

1 year at most.

A very short time compared to the hundreds of hellish years Moron spent on this mountain.

“On that day.”

Moron laughed and stretched out his fist at Yujin.

“We, Hamel, together with you, will defeat the demon king of confinement.”

Eugene also smiled and stretched out his fist.

Took. Their fists lightly touched each other.

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