Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 541

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300 years ago. It is Vermouth who reincarnated Hamel, who died in Babel, the demonic castle of confinement.

However, Vermouth was not involved in reincarnating Agaroth into Hamel.

“Because Agaroth was the only one.”

Eugene looked at the distant sea and murmured.

“Even though I couldn’t defeat the demon king of destruction, I left a scar deep inside. Unlike other gods, he held the demon king of destruction for several days.”

There weren’t many gods who challenged it, but of those who did, only Agaroth managed to do that. – Because Agaroth is strong? Eugene denied it. It is true that Agaroth was a strong god. It is also true that he is a god who has killed several demon lords.

but. Among the gods of the Age of Mythology, Agaroth was not the strongest. Among the old gods who did not go to war, there were several gods with divine powers greater than that of Agaroth. What made Agaroth special was that she did not stop the war, befitting the ‘war’ she made her god name.

‘Gavid Lindman cut Agaroth right away.’

However, there are some things you have to bear with. In any form, the Agaroth fought by Gavid is not ‘real’. It’s probably like an illusion created by the demon king of confinement based on what he saw and remembered. If the god of war casts out poisonous spirit and murderous intent and only makes combat possible, that will inevitably be different from the ‘real’ Agaroth.

The reason why Agaroth was able to hold on to the demon king of destruction was because of his venom and murderous intent. The strength and character of divine power did not work on the demon king of destruction from the beginning. I heard the voices of the believers. All the new soldiers died before my eyes. Saint Aria’s last wish was to break her neck.

So Agaroth was able to block the demon lord of destruction. He endured for five days in the midst of destruction with the vehemence and murderous intention to kill the demon king of destruction by any means.

“In the opinion of the old gods, believing in the people of the next age was too baseless an adventure. Yes, maybe – among the people of the next era, expecting a human being born who can handle the holy sword perfectly, is strong enough to be second only to a god, fights well, and goes beyond the demon lord of confinement to the demon lord of destruction. I decided it would be better to reincarnate Agaroth.”

“… … .”

“It didn’t go as well as I thought.”

Eugene laughed and murmured.

The arrangement of the gods was only half successful. The Demon King of Confinement invaded the continent just like in the Age of Mythology. The exact reason is unknown, but it seems that the silence of the demon king of confinement starting a war is like a signal that the ‘end’ is approaching.

“Senya, Anis, Moron. Did you guys imagine that I, 300 years ago, would be a grandiose existence like the old god of war or something?”

The three of them looked at each other’s expressions without answering right away. Naturally, I remembered my first meeting with Hamel. Biting a rag in his mouth, squeaks, his way of speaking is ferocious, rumors aren’t very good, and whenever he has a chance, he picks a fight with vermouth… … .

“I don’t know the god of war, I thought he was an idiot.”

Anis answered honestly.

“It’s not necessarily strong enough to be accepted as a companion, but I thought it wasn’t a very bad villain.”

Moron also answered honestly.

“I am… … I am… … uh… … It’s true that you’re an asshole and weak, but, uh, I thought it wasn’t to the point of being overlooked.”

Senya, who had been evaluated as ‘pretty’ by Hamel during their first meeting, answered in a stuttering voice.

“You guys are really bad assholes.”

underestimated beyond imagination. Eugene sighed and let out a sigh.

“Anyway, uh, that was the problem. The reincarnation of Agaroth, which the ancient gods expected, would have been someone who conquered the human battlefield and cut the heads of high-ranking demons and demon kings as soon as he was reincarnated, but the reincarnated me was the one who never came.”

“… … but what… … Hamel, were you not strong enough?”

“Being strong enough wasn’t enough.”

Yujin clicked her tongue and shook her head.

“It was ‘time’ that ruined half of the arrangement. It’s been too long since the present world began and Agaroth was reincarnated.”

The Holy Sword Altair is a sword for Agaroth. The old gods hoped that the reincarnated Agaroth and Altair would block the demon lord of destruction before the current era came to an end. Even if Agaroth’s power was insufficient, the divine power extracted using Altair as a medium was the essence of the faith of the entire continent, so it was judged that it could reach the demon lord of destruction.

However, over a long period of time, Agaroth’s divinity was forgotten. ‘Hamel’ was strong as a human being, but he fell far short of the strength the old gods expected. Even if Hamel becomes the owner of the holy sword Altair, it is impossible to draw out Altair’s power unless he has a divinity.

In order to break the forgotten divinity, an opportunity was needed. Wandering the battlefield, repeating the war, killing the demons, killing the demon king… … .

Will the demon king of destruction wait for it? No, it’s not just the demon lord of destruction. The demon king of confinement has already started a war and is silent in Babel.

However, other demon kings and demons are not silent. As they desire, they leave the demonic realm and advance to the continent, repeating the massacre. If this continues, humanity will be destroyed by the demons and the demon king before the demon king of destruction appears.


I needed someone. Someone who will buy Agaroth time until she realizes her forgotten divinity. Someone who will stop other demon lords and demons from destroying mankind. Someone who will be my hope and not let the world feel defeated and hopeless.

know how You need to have a ‘warrior’. An existence that will voluntarily lead humans to the battlefield in order to become the center of humanity, create hope for ‘victory’, and become the cornerstone of that hope.

that’s just a warrior Should I give a revelation and foretell the warrior? who the hell Light, a faint ego emerged from the selfless divinity. If you go on like this, everything will become futile. If someone has to buy time until Agaroth awakens, who should he choose? In this age of despair, who the hell can act as a warrior?

There are saints. Aside from whether or not she could be technically called a ‘saint’, her ‘light’ did not deny her status as a saint. It’s because I thought that such an existence was ‘necessary’.

However, the saintess could not be given the warrior’s karma. It wasn’t because he felt sorry for the created saintess, it was simply a matter of efficiency.

So should I choose between the Paladins? There is no person who stands out. Once you become a hero, you must not be defeated. A warrior should be a symbol of hope. You must be a being who can hope for hope and victory.

If the hero who had the fortune was defeated and died by another demon king, let alone the demon king of confinement. Maybe, maybe the worst thing happens- if I die from a demon who is not even the demon king.

It creates irreversible despair. ‘Light’ with many names is now the only god in the world. If the hero is defeated, people will no longer believe in God. Even if Agaroth succeeds in awakening, if the world is covered in despair… … Altair cannot be used as a sword for Agaroth.

“You know.”

Eugene said while lifting the bottle.

“Who appeared, grabbed the holy sword, and became a hero?”

northern snowfields.

There were prisoners who were being transported to the Devil’s Nest. If it had been planned, they would have died as sacrifices for the black magician or as toys for the demons. It would be if a miraculous thing had not happened in which a boy among the captives, whom no one was wary of, took the sword and slaughtered all the demons and black magicians on the spot.

“… … Vermouth.”

Moron answered with a deep groan.

Vermouth Lionheart. Moron still couldn’t forget the moment he first met Vermouth.

A snowfield where the Bayar tribe stayed. The vermouth I encountered there did not remind me of a ‘lion’ like its name. Tousled gray hair. Golden eyes that emit demonic energy in a snowstorm. The vermouth he first met looked like a starving wolf in the snow.

Vermouth didn’t go to grab the holy sword from the beginning. Vermouth first started by making his name known. He pacified the snow fields with the Moron and Bayar tribes. He destroyed the camp of the demons, collapsed the dungeon of the warlock, and freed the prisoners being transported. There were many people hiding from the demons in the wide and harsh snowfield. Vermouth even took them all in and took care of them.

So, even without Vermouth, rumors had no choice but to be made. A rumor about a young hero appearing in the snowfield. The impatient people clamored that the young hero would be the hero bestowed by ‘Light’ for the sake of the world.

“I remember.”

Anise murmured.

“At the time, Yuras was making various attempts to somehow pull out the holy sword. I also tried to pull out the holy sword, but failed, and many priests and paladins besides me. Among the believers, all known for their devout faith stood in front of the holy sword.”

But no one could pull out the holy sword. At that point, rumors about vermouth were heard.

It was not a situation to question whether he had faith in the light or not. In any form, the world needed a hero and hope.

“In the end, the pope of the time personally issued a statement, and Vermut-sama and Moron came to Yuras.”

Like Morone, Anis remembers that moment.

The appearance of Vermouth who walked confidently into the Vatican. The figure with his gray hair neatly down and a pure white cloak hanging on it. Golden eyes that radiate a soft light. At the time, Anise was soaked with resentment and skepticism about the light, but the moment she saw Vermouth—he thought about it involuntarily.

That man is the incarnation of the light that has come to the world. He is a man who can only be a warrior. To think so, Vermouth’s appearance looked holy and holy. The gold glittering in those eyes felt like a beacon of hope.

“The light spoke.”

Eugene poured all the remaining alcohol into his mouth.

“At first, I had no intention of making Vermouth a hero. I felt it the moment I first saw it. That vermouth was never human.”



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“… … .”

“But I couldn’t resist. Vermouth grabbed the holy sword and ‘forced’ it out.”

Eugene knows. The holy sword never allowed Vermouth to be its master. Still, Vermouth used the holy sword. He sealed the light of the Holy Sword in order to use it. The light that Vermouth pulled out was nothing more than a faint afterglow that had passed through the seal. Because the blade was broken during the battle with the ghost, the holy sword regained its original light.

“Light did not acknowledge Vermouth until the end, but had no choice but to compromise. Even if he wasn’t human, he wasn’t even an enemy. Vermut acted like a warrior with a holy sword, found me, and killed the demon king.”

What the hell is this guy doing? What on earth did he know that he had discovered ‘Hamel’?

“I don’t know the identity, but I decided that what I wanted was the same. so i let it go someday, someday… … Hoping for me to awaken my divinity.”

However, Hamel did not awaken to his divinity until the very end. As a result, he did not get Agaroth’s ring to be used on, and he could not climb the barbell alive.


What is the difference between the life of Eugene Ryanhart and the life of Hamel Diners? Eugene knows. ‘Agaroth’s Ring’ was destined to be given to Eugene in some way. As long as Eugene is Agaroth’s reincarnation, even if he has forgotten his divinity, he must have met Agaroth’s ring in some way.

But in Hamel’s life, he never met Agaroth’s ring.

“The light spoke.”

Eugene put down the empty bottle and smiled.

“Because I met Vermouth, my fate as Agaroth may have changed.”

The light has never arranged the existence of vermouth. Perhaps, in the fate of this world, ‘Vermut Lionheart’ may have been an existence that should not exist. Even if the world was put on hold by Vermouth, Vermouth was ultimately an irrational being.

“… … Why didn’t Light say something beforehand?”

Moron said with a hard face.

“The Light eventually knew most of the truth about you. It is said that it is a deity of no self, but at the moment of need, it is possible to float the minimum ego. Then couldn’t I have told you or Anis the truth?”

“Climb up.”

Eugene giggled and said.

“When the bastard called light suddenly tells me, you are actually the reincarnation of an ancient god of war. Is it that I am a child, that I was in fact a god! Would you have believed it?”

“… … hmm… … .”

“Of course I would have dismissed it as bullshit. Yes, let’s say I made a lot of concessions and believed. But what do you believe?”

Knowing the truth in advance doesn’t change anything. Without Agaroth’s ring and without reaching the abyss of the South Sea – he would not have been able to awaken the forgotten divinity.

“That’s why I couldn’t say anything. Both vermouth and light. Until I realize my own divinity.”

However, 300 years ago, divinity could not be broken until the very end. Destiny had gone too far.

Even Vermouth would have known that. If he had survived and climbed to the top of Babel – would something have changed?

“at last.”

Anise let out a long sigh. She looked at the empty wine bottle with pity. Her heart was blue and bitter, and her thirst for alcohol was.

“Even Light didn’t know about Vermouth-sama, didn’t she?”

“If only the demon king in captivity would know exactly about Vermouth in this world.”

Yujin licked his lips and grumbled.

“But it seemed like I had a vague guess.”

“Did you not hear?”

“I think he would have told me if I asked him, but he didn’t.”


“Because I am not sure.”

The same goes for Eugene. I have a vague idea of ​​Vermouth’s true identity.

He used the moonlight sword. He now found various weapons that were not of the world. He could also use the demon lord’s arms. He knew from the beginning that Hamel was the reincarnation of Agaroth, and he invited him to become his companion.

“The answer will be heard from the demon king of confinement.”

About vermouth. about the promise.

And, how to save vermouth. I intend to put a knife to the neck of the demon king in captivity and ask.

“… … Hamel, this… … It’s just my personal curiosity.”

Anise asked with a cautious look on her face.


Eugene raised his finger and pointed to the sea.

“That place is like heaven.”

“… … yes?”

“All the souls that served God flow there.”

distant sea.

“The second dimension connected to that place is the tomb of the old gods, the sanctuary of the gods, and heaven.”

Reincarnation must happen. Even the demon king of destruction cannot break the bonds of reincarnation. Only the ‘Devil King’ takes away the soul from the bondage of reincarnation and binds it. Among them, the special and unique one is the demon king of confinement. It can confine even souls that have not signed a contract with it by tying them with chains.

“It’s not a great place. It’s just a little while before reincarnating. But heaven is right. Souls that have been corrupted or damaged in this world will be reincarnated after being purified by the light in that heaven.”

You could call it a kind of virtuous cycle. The ultimate goal of the light with many names is to increase its divine power through the faith it gathers from the world. It is the arrangement of the old gods to make the divine power cultivated in that way be thrown into the demon king of destruction through Agaroth.

Even at the moment of death, the soul has a will for a while. If death becomes an empty existence, then there can be no such thing as ghosts or undead. That’s why light made heaven. In order to extract faith from the souls that flowed in to the end.

“… … .”

Anis had no choice but to part her lips. Is it because it is not a heaven based on pure love for humanity?

“iced coffee… … .”

Can you say that the light really has no humanity? What the light wants is to prevent destruction. is to save the world. only hoping for that Even if the Protestant Church of Light separates itself from the world, conducts human experiments, and persecutes and hunts other religions.

As it is necessary to save the world, the Light acquiesced. Light is the monster of humanity.

“If there is a heaven, that is it.”

Anis closed her eyes and whispered.

Anise was relieved of the anxiety and doubts she had harbored for hundreds of years. In the world, there is heaven. The ‘light’ that she once served, and that countless people still serve, is a ‘god’ after all.

“what… … If I go later, I’ll have to tear it down and fix it.”

Eugene murmured and stood up.

“To a slightly more plausible paradise.”

“Hamel, can you do it?”

“If it doesn’t work, don’t beg me to do it. Would you say you don’t like it? They gave me the hard job of reincarnating me at will, killing confinement and destruction, and saving the world.”

That’s why I thought I couldn’t throw away the relationship of the past. There are countless beings who have abandoned themselves to reach the ‘now’. Agaroth, Hamel, Eugene, there are those who have carried on the fire with their own expectations.

“Now let’s do it slowly.”

Eugene pulled the Levantine out of his cloak and looked back at Moron.

“Get down on your knees first.”

“… … Should I kneel?”

Moron asked with a serious face. I wish I could show off my pride like this.

“no… … You don’t have to kneel.”

Eugene also respected Moron’s pride.

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